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Standard League of Legends Keyboard Shortcuts: q,w,e,r - linked to your abilities d,f, - linked to your summoner spells y - locks/unlock

you camera L - shows/hides lifebars spacebar - center's your hero on screen b - back/recall p - opens item shop g - turns mouse to ping click (click anywhere on screen or hero to ping) alt + left click - same as above alt + right click - command pet, like shaco's clone and tibbers, not every summo n can be controlled yorick ghouls i think aren't. s - stops hero movement (prevent hero from moving or autoattacking) h- hold command, the same as stop, but will only prevent movement/attack while i t is held down 1,2,3,4,5,6 - linked to you inventory 1-3 is top 3 items and 4 - 6 is bottom 3 i tems c - brings up character window (shows stats of mana/health regen, armor, mr resi sit etc) tab - brings up score board (number of creeps killed, kill death assist, items o f people since last seen (refreshes once enemy players are visible anywhere on m ap) Standard Chat Shorcuts: enter - opens chat box shift + enter - opens chat box and appends /all (allows you to send message to a ll in the game including enemies) z - expands/open last chat messages Hero Animation: Shift+1 - Joke Shift+2 - Taunt Shift+3 - Dance Shift+4 - laugh Ctrl +q,w,e,r - level up that ability when you have the option to do so, helpful when you level up during a team fight so you dont have to click the plus sign o n top the icons. Smart Cast: Shift + q,w,e,r - essentially cast you abilities wherever you mouse is hovering IF it is castable. EX. instead of clicking annie's q and then clicking on an ene my just press shift + q and it'll cast it over the unit your mouse is hovering. This way its easier to do her combo instead of going R, click on screen, w, clic k on screen, q click on hero, just hover your mouse on a hero and go shift + r,w ,q (no need to let go of shift). Shift + d,f - Smart cast summoner spells (if possible) Self Cast: Alt +q,w,e,r - self-cast. some abilities like morgana's shield can be cast on an ally or yourself. So instead of having to find yourself in the middle of a team fight, you can just press alt+ the corresponding letter to trigger a self cast. Smart cast simply makes it faster to cast a spell. It does not mean you can cast a support spell on an enemy by smart casting it, or damage your self by self-ca sting an offensive spell. Nothing will happen if it is not logical, so hovering your mouse on bush and smart casting annie's q will not work since it needs to t arget a unit. Also If you smart cast on an enemy that is out of range, your hero

will attempt to get in range before casting. You can change key binding by pressing escape during a game and going to keyboar d shortcuts. There is also a new option called Smart self cast (i think, not too sure) but it is unbound, you'll have to set it up if you want. It is a mixture of smart cast and self cast. It works by smart casting a spell if the mouse is h overing over a valid target, but it will self cast if it is not. I have personal ly bound this option over my smart cast (so now my SHIFT + q,w,e,r is all smart self cast.) Example of how this works is kayle's heal (which also increases move speed), If I hover my mouse on an ally hero and press Shift + w, it will heal my ally (as well as speed him up), But if I press Shift + w while im hovering on a n enemy, since an enemy is not a valid target for a heal, it will instead heal m e (as well as speed me up). This makes it easier for me to transition from heali ng to attacking without having to alternate between Shift + w or alt + w. In a t eamfight this makes it easy for me to do some clutch healing or get the killing blow.