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Mikhaela 15th Level Hexagunner/8th Level Adventurer-7th Level Gun Fu Specialist Gestalt

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha

18 18 18 18 18 18

Movement HP (d6) AC Initiative BAB Saves F/R/W Skills

+16/+14/+12 +5/+9/+5

Appraise (Int), Balance (Dex):+22, Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str):+9, Concentration (Con), Craft [Gunsmithing](Int): +22, Diplomacy (Cha), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Gather Information (Cha),Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str):+44*, Open Lock (Dex), Pilot (Dex):+22, Perception (Wis):+22, Sense Motive (Wis), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Stealth (Dex):+22, Swim (Str), Tumble (Dex), Use Rope (Dex)
Curve the Bullet Curve the Bullet: Expend an Action Point to completely ignore any and all cover, and deal normal damage. If attacked by three or more opponents, then, on an automatic kill (Two confirmed criticals), they can opt to hit all of the opponents, but they must first spend another action point and make attack rolls against all of them. The AC of all opponents is raised by two. Nail the Target: Expend two action points or more, target makes a Fortitude save (DC= 10 + their gunslinger level + 1/2 their Int modifier (rounded up) + 3/4 their Dex modifier (rounded up) + 1/2 the number of action points spent) or killed instantly. (can be combined with Curve the Bullet ,action point cost increases by one). Special: if the gunslinger decides to, they can spend extra action points to increase the DC of the fortitude save. Lighting Draw: This ability confers the comparatively simple ability to draw any handgun, long arm, or other form of firearm, regardless of size or position on the body, as a free action. Mikhaela may operate helicopters without penalties to Pilot roles. While charging, lose your Dexterity Bonus to AC for one round, but inflicting an extra d6 of damage. Go all out, add BAB to damage, provokes AoO. Bonus attacks made with -2 instead of -5. Free Intimidate when inflicting damage on foe. Make full attack as a standard action (may move double move and attack fully) The DCs for jumps don't double without a running start, (if you do run, you get a +3 bonus on the check). Hop up (see the Jump skill description) onto anything under your height w/o check. Don't take falling damage (things falling on still do damage) Ignore difficult terrain on your movement speed/skill checks/charging. Dc 40 Jump check gains fly for one round. Each 5 ranks in Jump, increase move by 10 AND increases jump checks. May use Int mod instead of Dex. Add Int mod to critical confirmations with ranged attacks. Study opponent as standard action, gain 1 attack at highest BAB that bypasses any DR except epic/DR X/-. Add Int mod to ranged damage rolls (no function vs creatures immune to crits). Any confirmed crit bypasses any DR. 1 attack with each hand per BAB, as well as allotted AoO. +2 Shield bonus to AC. May feint as a swift action. May add enhancement of either weapon to your shield bonus to AC +3 bonus to critical confirmation. Increase threat range/damage multiplier by 1, (add after any multipliers ). Crits have 50% chance to ignore Fortification and immunity to critical hits, gives +2 morale to hit/damage for 3 rounds. Within 30' of your target, ranged weapons +3 bonus to-hit. Add BAB to damage in first range increment. No AoO on ranged attacks. May make AoO within 30ft. Full attack can whirlwind every foe within first range increment. : Your range increments are 50%/Any benefit of being within 30' is retained out to 60'. +1: Precise Shot - You do not suffer a -4 penalty when firing a ranged weapon into melee and never hit an unintended target in close combats or grapples. +6: Sharp Shooting Your ranged attacks ignore Cover Bonuses (total cover still bones you). +11: Opponents struck by your ranged attacks do not automatically know what square your attack came from, and must attempt to find you normally.

Aircraft Operation[Helicopter] Blitz

Leap of the Heavens

Learned Archery

Two Weapon Fighting Crit Fisher Point Blank Shot Sniper

+16: Any time you hit an opponent with a ranged weapon, it is counted as a critical threat. If your weapon already had a 19-20 threat range, increase its critical multiplier by 1.

Elusive Target**

+2 Dodge bonus to AC. Opponents do not gain flanking/higher ground bonuses against you/no inflict extra damage from Power Attack. As immediate action, may redirect an attack against you to any creature in your threatened range, friend or foe (May NOT redirect to attacker) or make it miss instead.

HEXAGUNNER Class Features Proficient with all simple weapons plus firearms, light armor, but not with shields. Steady Aim: +8d6 (+1d6 per two levels) Full-round action , this extra damage included is not multiplied, useable with two ranged weapons as per two-weapon fighting. Range increments double/stacks with Far Shot, distance enhancements. The gunner cannot be moving or on an unstable surface. May change targets but requires another full round action. Provokes an AoO, may use Concentration check (DC 10+ Damage) Quick Draw: Bonus Feat. A Hexagunner may now draw a weapon as a free action instead of as a move action. They may draw a hidden weapon (see the Sleight of Hand skill) as a move action. Rapid Reload: Bonus Feat. Reload as a free action (for a hand or light crossbow) or a move action (for a heavy crossbow or Hexagun). Reloading provokes an attack of opportunity as per regular. Sidestep Speed Bonus: +50ft to movement. A Hexagunner in armor other than light armor or carrying a medium or heavy load loses this extra speed bonus. Far Shot: Bonus Feat. (Projectile weapons multiply by 1-1/2, thrown weapon x 2) Speed Loader (Ex): May reload as a free action. Burst Shot: Standard Action (1 per round), Cone shaped attack dealing 1d8 per bullet left in magazine to a maximum of 6d8 slashing/piercing. 60ft range. Not affected by Steady Aim. Fightin' Words (Ex): The Hexagunner may select one more every four levels after 5th (extra Fightin' Word at 9th, 13th and 17th). 30ft radius. One active at once, change as a free action. Mind affect. Greenhorn (Ex): All allies within 30 ft excluding himself a bonus to ranged attack rolls equal to the Hexagunner's Charisma bonus. Greenhorn is a mind-affecting ability. Lilly Liver (Ex): Grants all allies within 30 ft including himself a bonus to all saving throws equal to the Hexagunner's Charisma bonus. Lilly Liver is a mind-affect Shot on the Run: Bonus Feat. You may move both before and after the attack, provided that your total distance moved is not greater than your speed. Improved Uncanny Dodge (Ex): Shot From the Hip: Ranged disarm versus opponent within the first range increment of the Hexagunner's ranged weapon. The Hexagunner goes through all the steps as per instructions of disarm. Does Provoke an AoO, unless you have the Improved Disarm feat. Slug Shot: Once per encounter as a standard action, can deal 10d6 piercing damage as a ranged touch attack. (Unaffected by Steady Aim or Burst Shot and may not be used in conjunction with either for the same attack). Gun Slinger: Sheath a weapon as a free action instead of as a move action. Blast Shot: The target takes nonlethal damage from the shot (acts as if blown away). Ground creatures knocked down and roll 1d4x10ft (takes 1d4 nonlethal per 10ft). Fliers blown back 2d6x10 and take 2d6 nonlethal. GUN FU SPECIALIST Class Features Improved Close Combat Shot: Makes attacks with medium/smaller sized firearm without AoO. Treating medium/smaller firearms as melee weapons for threatened squares/extra attacks granted by Improved Trip/armed attacks while grappling/similar effects or abilities. Weapon Finesse: Gains the weapon finesse feat with all medium or smaller firearms for the purpose of making melee attacks Pistol Whip: Medium/smaller firearms can pistol whip for 1d6, 19-20. (considered armed and do not provoke attacks of opportunity.) Clever Shooting: 1/round, medium/smaller firearm damage increases +1d6 within 30 feet. Elusive Target: Bonus feat Improved Dodge: Dodge feat to a number of opponents equal to his class level. Execution Shot: Clever Shooting class applies his dexterity modifier to the damage dealt. Ranged Combat Expertise: Bonus feat

Powers 10pts 20 Enhanced Ability points brings all stats to 18 15pts Attack Combat Mastery- Brings BAB to 16 5pts Katana Space x 5 2pts Jumping Rank 2- +40 to all Jump checks Mind Shield- Rank 3- +6 to all Will saves vs a Mind Control attempt (see page 53), telepathic Mind 3pts Combat (page 123), or a Special Attack with the Mind or Soul Attack Ability (page 65). 5pts 5 feats