58 Mesostics for Andy Ingamells

Matthew Lee Knowles September 2009

okAy aNd wanteD saY It aNd happeninG sAying welcoMe timE Long London planS

And gardeN Don't You comIng dowN Good birminghAm Meet Etc aLready probabLy uS

nAture Not talkeD januarY Is suNday lonG reAlly coMposers rEal peopLe possibLe he'S

tAke joiN aDvance You wIll caN niGhts Are tiMe comE Last pubLic Surrounded

eAsier performaNce anD Your pIck oN knowledGe cAn iMportant wE possibLe pLan eventS

A coNtacts alreaDy mY executIoner coughiNg Good bAck Mind stEaling Living Last dayS

hAd aNd woulD staY agaIn aNd niGhts forwArd Meetings usE horribLe maLaysia Sound

lAst aNd slippeD mY eIther aNyways aGain stAy Make likE medievaL pLague Sympathetic

hAd meetiNg toDay nearlY hIm maNly miGht hAve Myspace youtubE Look nyLon Some

A faNtastic useD nearlY dId iN happeninG wAs aM thE bLowjobs significantLy Since

reAlly aNdy enjoyeD Your I've depeNded stranGers blAnche naMed sirE angeLs wrestLing timeS

After jauNts sarDinia malaYsia columbIan aNal searchinG impersonAtion Mother wEll Likes definiteLy commentS

Aside straNgely soliD mY lIke Not imaGe At screaM matthEw diaLs moLe aS

A machiNe arounD especiallY I wereN't biG cAn Make thEm Lithuanian sprinkLer wreStling

wAs goiNg resembleD waY Is wheN forGotten All Managed gEt Loads Later fiShed

And beN sneezeD okaY I'll uNtil Get okAy My mE wiLtshire crickLade Saturday

greAt fuN sounDs guYs lIttle seeiNg sowinG grAss gruMbling himsElf gLad manLy iS

legAl teNder iDeas mY Is thaN Groan Am Meeting hEr pLay scandaLous Speak

Andy assumiNg reaDing funnY straIght optioN spittinG A Massive privatE aLways Long chineSe

And frieNds anD hardlY I've Never Got Any Me quEstions bLack pLaying cymbalS

tAlk aNd Done bY straIght oN swinG Also Me comE wouLd traveL aS

herbAl medicatioN branD You I lawN hiGh teA Marquess duchEss taLked enLightenment induStrial

mAtt's sardiNia lonDon sillY flyIng aNd shoppinG tAsteful rooM wantEd gLad Lets September

lAst seNd prepareD Your mInd sooNer sonG And perforMances soonEst pubLic redeveLopment deSigning

creAting iN mentioneD theY artIst aNd payinG beAr Mind startEd totaL reLax So

cAlling howeeNa scanDalous pennY tIme oN lookinG forwArd Mat turnEd congratuLations marLybone yourSelf

hAd haNds sarDinian staYing In fuN toutinG fAt Men whileE cooL baLcony alSo

hArd desigNer anD todaY I'm blowiNg fabarGe wAnt Messy fingEr Like vaLium Skimpy

hAve augmeNted Definitey moneY copIous porNographic imaGes wAs perforMance rEminds usuaL ridicuLous waS

A sightseeiNg reaD storY whIle iN Get heAd Me nEil coupLe bLock Someone

A gettiNg enD busY vIcar americaN niGht meAn williaMs Etc whoLe aLmost Shall

reAlly beeN Dribs daY notIced sigN eveninG Andy augMented thEn dangLed coLd Stuff

About fashioN anD You collectIvely iN Get Any Meat hopE haggLing detaiLs alSo

mAke aN Drivel theY whIchever aNd alriGht Are welcoMe mE wonderfuL caLms Starting

And oNto anD busY Is graNdmothers biG Am iMprov considEr abLe manLy Strut

hAs maNy anD anYwho dId iN Get Any aM likE amazingLy terribLe haS

mAde miNd Does trYing Into compositioN Generated contrAst harMony likEd aLong toLd Say

bAck Now anD nastY experIence sardiNia larGe wAy soMe orangE horribLe mainLy Semen

Also fuN siDe You In oN Get A Months thE pLay pLace Saturday

thAt guN Don't You dressIng gowN nothinG stAbby Messages nitE aLso worLd juSt

heAds speNt arounD citY makIng Nice cookinG 'twAs harMless mEat resembLes maLta waS

And birmiNgham saturDay You lIke kNow Get And Multitudes prostitutEs Lithuania Like naSty

nenA fiNished saturDay andY greetIngs aNagrams smellinG A froM thE gLad Let encounterS

chArging atheNs anD manY erectIons iN lonG As tiMe lookEd beautifuL apparentLy thiS

All dowN calleD bouncY hIgh isN't hittinG An Mo trEvor Lithium Looking Schedule

snAp Nasty kinD nastY charlIe chapliN wankinG An oMelette wondErful pLace Lucky Start

A thiNg useD familY holIdays Nice havinG A norMal wE speciaLs gLad finiShed

probAbly comiNg Day staYing goIng Next underaGe sAve Me hopEfully maLe femaLe thiS

tAlk aNd granDmother everYthing Is goiNg Geras And Mean who'vE reaLise thoroughLy toyS

hAve aNy stD's theY're overprIced iN talkinG About soMe youngstErs engLish peopLe waS

wAnt aNd granD thursdaY I caN ravaGed And My mEdical hardLy abLe diScern

piAno piaNos knackereD mY whIlst duNlops standinG Around i'M pronouncEd Limp La Stuff

blAckpool faNtastic calleD sYndol lIke porN durinG stAy coMes thE aLthough whoLe coS

A geNder lubeD readY arrIval eNjoy Gone sAm Me somEthing Like Labias vilniuS

wAs oN increDible You It wheN amazinG And adaM ricE materiaLise reaL engliSh

pArt piaNos anD theY wIll caN aGree cAn siMilar largE bootifuL siLent Should

rAcism turNed serveD mY fIve frieNd drinkinG becAuse Me lEft Last sLept Saw

sAy germaNy Drug laboratorY wIth woodeN sayinG plAnk Me stErnly wouLd petroL tSk