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Troubleshooting No Hot Water from a Water Heater

Let us break down the conversation on why one might not have any hot water from the water heater into 2 various parts: having NO hot water and having LIMITE hot water!

No Hot Water
In regards to having no hot water at a""# $ater %eater &epair 'edar &apids suggests that it is most "ike"y since of one of the fo""owing four different possibi"ities (a minimum of it is most "ike"y simp"y one)! *e"ow they are !!! + *ad ,i"ot Light Idea""y this is the case due to the fact that it is the easiest of the - to fi.! /irst check to see that it is sti"" "it! One cou"d need to take a "ook at the owners manua" (sorry men# however occasiona""y we shou"d check out instructions) if you are having a tough time finding where it is "ocated! Manufacturers due have a tendency to concea" them nowadays it seems! +nd# to see what the makers directions are for re"ighting the pi"ot "ight! 0as Line Leak If one has a gas water heater# there might be a "eakage in the "ine! If one has an e"ectric one# certain"y neg"ect this as a possibi"ity! 1ome individua"s have a difficu"t time sme""ing gas# though my mother has an e.traordinary abi"ity to sme"" it I vivid"y remember as a kid! It most "ike"y wi"" have the odor of rotten eggs! If this is the case# a"" 2okes aside# turn the gas "ine off if one knows where it is and ca"" the gas company and3or a p"umbing business if one doesn4t "ive in %ot $ater %eater &epair 'edar &apids4s service area! This is a serious troub"e that re5uires immediate attention6 + *ad Thermostat This can be the concern for both not having any hot water# or 2ust not having enough hot water! To be on the safe side we inc"uded it in this section though! Make sure the thermostat dia" settings have actua""y not been bummed or modified by mishap! Our water heater is "ocated in the garage and the happy fingers of twin chi"dren "ike to go checking out once in a whi"e! If the settings are e.act"y what they typica""y are# turn the setting up some and see if it suffices! The thermostat can be rep"aced for they do wear outperiodica""y! + *ad Thermocoup"e /or gas water heaters# the thermocoup"e works in hand with the pi"ot "ight as a safety device! If the pi"ot "ight is out# it prevents gas from being turned on# so it is sort of crucia"! %owever# simp"e to change if needed! $hen the thermocoup"e starts to wear out# it 7te""s7 the gas va"ve that the pi"ot "ight is out so it shuts off the gas! The gas burner wi"" not "ight then and the pi"ot "ight goes out! /or e"ectric water heaters# it makes use of a heating e"ement inside to conduct the e"ectrica" current heating the water! These can "ikewise wear out and wi"" "ead to minimi8ed hot water!

Not Enough Hot Water

1ediment *ui"dup If one is not in the habit of f"ushing the water heater tank occasiona""y# "ike a minimum of once every coup"e years# sediment from the water wi"" accumu"ate in the bottom of the tank! If one ever hears popping or

banging noises from the storage tank# that is probab"y why! This wi"" u"timate"y reduce the heaters capabi"ity to make enough hot water! &outine f"ushing wi"" norma""y so"ve this issue! If the water in the house is over"y hard# using a water softener wi"" he"p batt"e an e.cess amount of sediment bui"dup too! Other ,ossibi"ities There might be a prob"em with the f"ame from the burner! ,"ease ensure the "ocation around and beneath the water heater remains c"ean from dirt! The water heater draws air up from beneath for the burner! Natura" gas f"ames wi"" burn bright b"ue with a ye""ow tip# whi"e propane are more b"uish green on the body of the f"ame! It cou"d be the case that the tank si8e is 2ust too "itt"e and not ab"e to dea" with the water heating demands# but obvious"y if it is a brand9new prob"em of not near"y enough hot water and ones usage "eve" has actua""y not drastica""y increased# this wi"" not ho"d true! If any current repairs were made on the unit something might be crossed in terms of the e"ectrica" connections or the co"d and hot water connects# however once again# rather un"ike"y from many p"umbing companies! There are other possib"e causes# however for the sake of time be"ow# $ater %eater &epair 'edar &apids I+ simp"y wanted to share the most probab"y ones! o not be re"uctant to "et us know of any support needed6