A Complete Collection of

Your guide to materials, décor, plant palettes, color palettes, and fabrics for the most popular garden design themes

A Complete Collection of

Table of Contents:
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Mediterranean Design Sheets! !
-Spanish -Tuscan -French -Southwest

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Traditional Design Sheets! !
-Colonial -Saltbox -Townhouse -English -Craftsman

13! Tropical Design Sheets!
! ! ! -South Pacific -Asian -Coastal


17! Country Design Sheets!
! ! ! ! -Farmhouse -Victorian -Ranch -Rustic



22! Modern Design Sheets!
! ! ! ! -Art Deco -Modern -Mid-Century




Southwest. French.A Collection of MEDITERRANEAN LANDSCAPE STYLES Spanish. Tuscan. 2 .

com.sunbrella.studioh-inc.ncma. www.com. DECOR: www. COLORS: www. PLANTS: www. www.landscapingnetwork.knibbdesign.com.landscapingnetwork.canterastonedesign.com. FABRICS: www.com.mcallen.com. Hail to the cavaliers that harbor amongst the bougainvillea and tiered fountains of the hacienda.com.bellacor.com.homeimprovement.com 3 . www.com. www.benjaminmoore.monrovia.org.com/garden-styles DECOR Tiered Spanish Fountains Urns Moorish Lanterns Carved Cantera Forms MATERIALS Plaster Slump Block Saltillo Tiles Cantera Stone PLANT PALETTE Mediterranean Fan Palm Pomegranate Citrus Agave Bougainvillea Cactus FABRICS Kamal Chestnut Pacific Blue PHOTO: www.com. visit: www. MATERIALS: www. www. www. For more garden design ideas.bourgetbros.MEDITERRANEAN: SPANISH LANDSCAPE DESIGN Brilliant Blue Baked Terra Cotta Classic Brown Oxford White The only thing missing on the sunset-colored pavers of a Spanish-styled abode is the clip-clop of a famous black horse and its enduringly handsome masked rider.

visit: www. FABRICS: www.com.com.com . COLORS: www.com.outdoorrooms. DECOR: www. For more garden design ideas. www. enjoying the sweet rewards of your villa. www.com/garden-styles DECOR Hedges Ionic Columns Wall Fountains Armillary MATERIALS Plaster Travertine Pebble Mosaic Ironwork Hinges PLANT P ALETTE Fig Italian Cypress Rosemary Acanthus Boxwood Olive FABRICS Camille Laur el Brass/Black Cherry Classic PHOTO: www. PLANTS: www. www. splashing droplets of fermented grapes into glass goblets.manniz. Imagine yourself under the Tuscan sun.tuscangardenworks.gardenlightsguru.successfulgardendesign.yardenvy.com. MATERIALS: www. www.com.com.sunbrella.com.wroughtirondesigner.monrovia.com.com.jeffreygardens.MEDITERRANEAN: TUSCAN LANDSCAPE DESIGN Olive Moss Tangerine Mist Sunset Boulevard Pink Peach Nothing could be sweeter than a wall fountain that trickled wine. www. www.com.benjaminmoore.amslandscapedesign. among the vines and columns of another era.landscapingnetwork.com.

com. www.com." Much like the gardens of Versailles.com.net.benjaminmoore.MEDITERRANEAN: FRENCH LANDSCAPE DESIGN Nimbus Gray French Lilac Ebony King Stem Green Hemingway once said—"If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man. For more garden design ideas. www.landscapeleadership.com/garden-styles DECOR Concrete Balustrade Topiary Shrubs Cast Iron Seating Concrete Fountain MATERIALS Pea Gravel Porcelain Tiles Marble Decomposed Granite PLANT PALETTE Allium Boxwood French Lavender Pear Thrift Rockrose FABRICS Fiery Blast Twine Line Pool PHOTO: www.com.com.archiexpo.com. and cypress as the table settings. www.interiordesign. that marry the interior with the exterior.net. visit: www.interiordesign.improveyourhomeandgarden.com. it stays with you. for Paris is a moveable feast.tristatematerials. MATERIALS: www. lavender. then wherever you go for the rest of your life.com.sunbrella. PLANTS: www.sissonlandscapes. FABRICS: www.landscapingnetwork. www. www.com 5 .landscapeleadership.monrovia. French-inspired gardens are a feast for the eyes with topiaries. You get the picture. DECOR: www. COLORS: www. www.com.marigoldlane.

www.monrovia.landscapingnetwork. www.sunbrella. DECOR: www. MATERIALS: www. The Southwest style is no different.alibaba. visit: www. it’s hard to tell if you like the cowboys or the Indians. www.artesianlandscaping.creativestoneinc.com.coffmanstone.com/garden-styles DECOR Fountains Native American Fabrics Olla Pottery Native American Art MATERIALS Red Clay Pavers Arizona Flagstone Stacked Stone Plaster PLANT PALETTE Yucca Agave Sage Palo verde Desert Spoon Succulents FABRICS Tan Westfield Salsa PHOTO: www. www. PLANTS: www.com.com. branding irons and spurs. www.com.crownesttrading.com. animal skin rugs.azulverde.MEDITERRANEAN: SOUTHWEST LANDSCAPE DESIGN Minstrel Heart Mother Earth Navajo Red Warm Earth There are certain historical feuds we’ll never forget.com.benjaminmoore. or Al Capone and Bugs Moran. such as the Hatfields and McCoys. With beehive fireplaces. For more garden design ideas. FABRICS: www.com.com.com 6 .southwestideas. www.foxnaturalbuilding.front-porch-ideas-and-more.com. COLORS: www.com.com.

Saltbox. 7 .A Collection of TRADITIONAL LANDSCAPE STYLES Colonial. English. Craftsman. Townhouse.

amslandscapedesign. visit: www.jimco-fence.com. www. The stately columns and stone walls may revolutionize your way of thinking. DECOR: www.strawstickandbricks. MATERIALS: www.sundialstation.TRADITIONAL: COLONIAL LANDSCAPE DESIGN Slate Blue Chalk White Hunter Green Standish White From the balcony of the Colonial estate.sunbrella. For more garden design ideas.landscapingnetwork.com.com. www. It's also not uncommon for white-haired. FABRICS: www.com/garden-styles DECOR Sun Dial Rustic Picket Fence Arbors Antique Mill Stone Fountain MATERIALS Stone walls Stone Pavers Slate Pickets PLANT PALETTE Hydrangea Papyrus Echinacea Phlox Lilac Roses FABRICS Mahogany/Brass Vintage Dupione Henna PHOTO: www.com. www.com. PLANTS: www.com 8 .benjaminmoore. don't be surprised if you hear the call of Paul Revere in the night.realitor.com.com.com. www.Jardinique.cambridge2000.com.kaadesigngroup.simplyarbors. www.com. www. pony-tailed men to arrive at your door by horse and buggy.monrovia.com. COLORS: www.

www.gardenstructure.com. MATERIALS: www.backyardbird. but was welcoming Mary Poppins in on the breeze. The saltbox home is characteristic of charming memories and an occasionally prude but mesmerizing nanny.net.benjaminmoore. www.sunbrella.com.historicalbricks.hookedonhouses.gardenfurniture. www.com/garden-styles DECOR Windowbox Traditional Bird Bath Bird Houses Pergola MATERIALS Brick Clapboar d Pickets Shutters PLANT PALETTE Flax Lily Rosa Rugosa Ornamental Grasses Red Twig Dogwood Virginia Creeper Flowering Crabapple FABRICS Navy/Taupe Fancy Rib Sky Blue PHOTO: www. www. The chirping bird atop the windowbox was not only there for your enjoyment.gardenartisans. FABRICS: www.com.ricksfencing.com.forum.datacad.TRADITIONAL: SALTBOX LANDSCAPE DESIGN Anthenian Blue Blue-Gray Harbor Gray Chalk White Remember your childhood. DECOR: www.com. PLANTS: www. COLORS: www.net.com . and the fluttering white curtains in the bedroom window on midsummer's evening. www.com. www. visit: www. For more garden design ideas.agtrac.landscapingnetwork.monrovia.com.com.com.

.nbphoto.com. www.com.gardenbenches.monrovia.sunbrella. DECOR: www.com.com. For more garden design ideas.elevationsnyc. www. COLORS: www. www. MATERIALS: www.com.com 10 .wrought-iron-crafts. The often wealthy Londoners enjoyed the terraced vistas of the townhouse. PLANTS: www. visit: www.com.net.historicalbricks. www. www.com.landscapingnetwork.betterimprovement.com.com.granitestock.arusticgarden.benjaminmoore. FABRICS: www.TRADITIONAL: TOWNHOUSE LANDSCAPE DESIGN Brick Red Mocha Brown Caramel Latte Standish White The "house in town" was the home of aristocrats during the social season of the year when they relocated from their country houses. Now the vistas are yours to enjoy. www.com.at least while parliament is still in session.tejas-outdoors..com/garden-styles DECOR Wrought Iron Fence Cast Iron Bench Wood Planting Box Cast Iron Urn MATERIALS Brick Iron Granite Brownstone PLANT PALETTE Fountain Grass Hebe Ferns Hosta Dogwood Yew FABRICS Eastland Redwood Mahogany PHOTO: www.

thenewenglandshuttercompany.gardenconsultants.artfire. PLANTS: www. www.com.com. visit: www.com.com.landscapingnetwork. There's always something intriguing. www.benjaminmoore. half-timbering and dark wood paneling make every English style home seem like its gardens are automatically labeled "secret".monrovia.com.deviantart.com.com/garden-styles DECOR Wattle Edging & Panels Bee Skep English Garden Bench English Pots MATERIALS Brick Thatch Limestone Cobblestone PLANT PALETTE Reed Feather Grass Coneflower Daylily Delphinium English Roses Sweet Pea FABRICS Cabaret Blue Haze Grey/Beige Chip Fancy PHOTO: www.com.com. albeit epic to discover.com. such as wardrobes that open to wintry fantasy worlds. DECOR: www. FABRICS: www.sunbrella. For more garden design ideas.kleinslandscaping.com. MATERIALS: www. COLORS: www.com.swelluk. www.custommade.jonesbeecandleandsoapmolds.com 11 .landscapecapecod. www. www.TRADITIONAL: ENGLISH LANDSCAPE DESIGN Gentle Gray Minstrel Heart Chatsworth Cream Olive Moss Heavy chimneys. www.

serenityhealth. www.com.landscapecapecod. visit: www.prowellwoodworks. remember to stop and smell the Magnolia tree and reflect on a time when the hand-made was preferred over the massproduced. it takes a craftsman to build a craftsman.landscapingnetwork.com 12 .benjaminmoore.com.sunbrella.com. www.landscapingnetwork. COLORS: www. www.com/garden-styles DECOR Adirondack Ceramic Pots Hammered Copper Fire Pit Wood Gate MATERIALS Wood Siding Copper Gutters Bronze Hardware Cobblestone PLANT PALETTE Daylily Acanthus Nandina Passionflower Bergenia Eugenia FABRICS Hendrix Clay Weston Ginger PHOTO: www.com.jasdesignbuild. MATERIALS: www. For more garden design ideas.com.prowellwoodworkds. www.com.seasonallivingokc. FABRICS: www. www.monrovia. DECOR: www.com. PLANTS: www.com.adirondackchaironline.com. While you're hand-hammering your copper sink. www.com.landscapingnetwork.TRADITIONAL: CRAFTSMAN LANDSCAPE DESIGN Baked Terra Cotta Bright Gold Fresh Olive Cool Mint The Woodworkers Association concurs.com.

A Collection of TROPICAL LANDSCAPE STYLES South Pacific. Coastal. 13 . Asian.

.TROPICAL: SOUTH PACIFIC LANDSCAPE DESIGN Electric Orange Dearborn Tan Sweet Honeydew Melon Cool Lava It's 1958. teak. visit: www. tiki and wicker are an instant revival. The island is iconic.com. For more garden design ideas. try not to break out into song.com . While you'r e enjoying your umbrella drink.landscapingnetwork.sunbrella.love blooms between a young nurse and a secretive Frenchman. thatch. www.com/garden-styles DECOR Tiki Thatch Umbr ella Terracotta Urns Asian Figures MATERIALS Thatch Teak Planks Bamboo Teak Furniture PLANT P ALETTE Bougainvillea Colocasia Orchid Banana Dracaena Canna FABRICS Dolce Mango Canvas Sunfl ower Yellow PLANTS: www..monrovia. The combination of bamboo.com.landscapingnetwork. FABRICS: www.

Silence.com.com. www. www.com.aguafina.sunbrella. COLORS: www. Think.. If the Oriental style is known to conjure up good health and good vibes. Understanding.why doesn't everyone do this? For more garden design ideas.org.monrovia.bourgetbros.garden-fountains. PLANTS: www. www.com.edu. DECOR: www.benjaminmoore. visit: www. Spirit.ucdavis. Inner peace.landscapingnetwork.gracedesignassociates.kalliopediaries. FABRICS: www.com. MATERIALS: www.com. Breathe.com. www.ventura-stone.com.com 15 . Environment.com/garden-styles DECOR Pagoda Light Bamboo Fencing Bonsai Bamboo Fountain MATERIALS Pea Gravel Decomposed Granite Sand Natural Stone PLANT PALETTE Japanese Maple Weeping Atlas Cedar Azalea Moss Star Magnolia Flowering Cherry Tree FABRICS Kamal Chestnut Dupione Palm PHOTO: www. www.TROPICAL: ASIAN LANDSCAPE DESIGN Baby Fern Champion Cobalt Sundried Tomato Stone Hearth Harmonious.com. Relationship.. www.worldmarket.joebonsai.

com. FABRICS: www.com.com. PLANTS: www. www.calfinder.net. that's just awkward.everythingcoastal. COLORS: www. then well. www.gidesigns.TROPICAL: COASTAL LANDSCAPE DESIGN Painted Sands At Sea Steel Wool Light Blue If you live by the beach. visit: www. DECOR: www. www.barsscornerlumber.landscapingnetwork.com.com. MATERIALS: www.dambraconcrete. www.com 16 .com.benjaminmoore.aldrich-landscapes.southernliving. For more garden design ideas.com.com. Keep the marine artifacts and the hairdos that do well in the marine layer by the marina.com.monrovia. If you just like the look of sea shells and coral in your Nebraska home.sunbrella. you're one of the few and the proud to display teak and rattan. www.starcraftcustombuilders.com.nadiaknows. www.com/garden-styles DECOR Hammock Seagrass Furniture Marine Artifacts Shutters MATERIALS Te ak Clapboard Exposed Aggregate Steel PLANT PALETTE Mexican Feather Grass New Zealand Flax Natal Plum Verbena Fortnight Lily Palms FABRICS Caroline Sunbreeze Dupione Seafoam PHOTO: www.au.

A Collection of COUNTRY LANDSCAPE STYLES Farmhouse. Rustic. Victorian. 17 . Ranch.

benjaminmoore. COLORS: www.fencegatess.sunbrella. www.thebirdhousebarn. FABRICS: www.com. you might hear the soft neigh of a horse. you just might hear John Walton call out. www.COUNTRY: FARMHOUSE LANDSCAPE DESIGN Rust Blanched Almond Soft Sky White Diamond Warm and lovely days." For more garden design ideas.com 18 .com.com.eadsfence.com.rustichomestead.com/garden-styles DECOR Bent Willow Furniture Wicker Wishing Well Birdhouse MATERIALS White Picket Fence Post & Rail White Fence Wood Tiles Painted Wood PLANT PALETTE Hydrangea Butterfly Bush Spiraea Shrub Roses Wisteria Azalea FABRICS Brannon Redwood Rib Sky Blue PHOTO: www.com.landscapingnetwork.com.com. DECOR: www. while you sip spirits on the lightly lit porch.com. "Good night.rklastudio. visit: www.com. lemonade. and picket fences are reminiscent of the country farmhouse. www.directpatiofurniture. PLANTS: www. MATERIALS: www.com.com.plannersguide. John-Boy. If you listen carefully. kaadesigngroup. www.monrovia.detroitgardenworks. www. In the evenings. www.

fencesbycountryestate.com. DECOR: www.monrovia. FABRICS: www.americanclassical.com. visit: www. For more garden design ideas.landscapingnetwork.conestogabuilders.com 19 .com.com.com. lattice.benjaminmoore. All are sure signs of a bygone era when horses and petticoats were more common than cars and telephones. www.com.realestateground.com. www.com. gazebos. www. www.detroitgardenworks.com. and fancy wicker of the Victorian house.net. www.wickerwarehouse. turrets.architecturaliron. PLANTS: www. COLORS: www.com.kindelfurniture.COUNTRY: VICTORIAN LANDSCAPE DESIGN Peony Blue Springs Gardenia Richmond Green Elaborate ornamentation with a touch of whimsy describes the detailed bay windows. MATERIALS: www.historichousecolors.sunbrella. www.com/garden-styles DECOR Gazebo Cast Iron Fountain Wicker Furniture Cast Iron Bench MATERIALS White Aged Wood Carved Wood Columns Lattice Cast Iron PLANT PALETTE Azalea Pittosporum Wisteria Hydrangea Forsythia Spiraea FABRICS Leigh Lemon Marcello Seagrass PHOTO: www. dormers.com.

FABRICS: www. www. www. So who said those cowboys weren't thinkin' when they designed their homes on one level.sunbrella. DECOR: www.monrovia.com. ranch-style home is one story.absolutealuminum.designsbysundown.com. why waste time when there's a perfectly good wagon wheel bench to sit on and a rusting tractor to look at.com.floragrubb.kaboodle. visit: www.landdesigntx.benjaminmoore.com.com. www. PLANTS: www.distinctivelandscape. www. It's hard to walk up stairs after a long day fixin' fences.COUNTRY: RANCH LANDSCAPE DESIGN Merlot Red Cloud Nine Guesthouse Plymouth Brown Nearly every sprawling.com.decorativehardwareinfo. www.com.com.com.landscapingnetwork.com/garden-styles DECOR Wagon Wheel Rustic Truck Tree Swing Pergola MATERIALS Stone Paving Split Rail Fence Flagstone Veneer Rustic Hardware PLANT PALETTE Salvia Pine Honeysuckle Redwood Aspen Oak FABRICS Harwood Crimson Simone Flame PHOTO: www. www.cornerstoneveneers. MATERIALS: www.com 20 . For more garden design ideas.com.bent-grass. Plus.com. COLORS: www.

PLANTS: www.rusticironcreations.landscapingnetwork.monrovia.COUNTRY: RUSTIC LANDSCAPE DESIGN Ferret Brown Alligator Alley Rustic Brick Rusty Nail If you have a rustic-style house. www.buffalo-lumber. For more garden design ideas. www. MATERIALS: www.landdesigntx.com.com. www. forego the fake deer in the front yard.com. FABRICS: www.com.com.com. DECOR:www.com.benjaminmoore.com. bent willow furniture look when you're sipping coffee by your lake. flagstone.com 21 .timberlinefurniture.sunbrella. You probably live in the boonies anyways where deer and sasquatch sightings are a regular occurrence.landdesigntx.com/garden-styles DECOR Fire Pit Bent Willow Furniture Rustic Shade Arbor Twig Fence MATERIALS Redwood Lodgepole Pine Cedar Local Flagstone PLANT PALETTE Deer Grass Pine Bleeding Heart Native Hydrangea Maple Fern FABRICS Dash Redwood Resonance Mahogany PHOTO: www. www.landscapingnetwork.com.terramai. Or maybe you just like the lodgepole. www.com. www.com.woodwardlandscapesupply.deborahsilver. visit: www. COLORS: www.

22 . Modern. Mid-Century.A Collection of MODERN LANDSCAPE STYLES Art Deco.

com..monrovia. www.blogspot. it might get a makeover but it doesn't have to go to rehab. visit: www. DECOR: www.realmenvironments.com.com.net. Luckily when an art deco home needs to be remodeled.landscapingnetwork. www.com.com. www.apptekstucco.com. www.elysianlandscapes..sunbrella. MATERIALS: www.benjaminmoore. www.landscapingnetwork. COLORS: www. www. PLANTS: www.influenced by a lot of people and photographed often.psdgraphics.com/garden-styles DECOR Slate Fountain Gabion Forms Sphere Circular Lighting MATERIALS Poured Concrete Glass Blocks Stainless Steel Stucco PLANT PALETTE New Zealand Flax Orchid Bird of Paradise Citrus Canna Cactus FABRICS Aruba Canvas Coal PHOTO: www.com.shadesofgreenla.MODERN: ART DECO LANDSCAPE DESIGN Festive Orange Snow Cone Green Jet Black Metallic Silver Hollywood isn't the only place associated with elegance and glamour.galleryhomedesign. archithings.com. FABRICS: www. For more garden design ideas. Art deco homes are a lot like celebs.com 23 .com.andrasite.net.

com. DECOR: www. www.com/garden-styles DECOR Art Furniture Modern Sculpture Fire Feature Water Feature MATERIALS Wire Mesh Cable Rail Metal Mesh Panels Wood Siding PLANT PALETTE Deer Grass Yucca Dracaena Palm Succulents Cactus Sago Palm FABRICS Orange Melbourne Parrot PHOTO: www. and streamlined.landscapingnetwork.com.com.com. www.stevemartino.com 24 . characterized by expansive. smooth. www. For more garden design ideas.com. MATERIALS: www.jgsdesigns. www.com.net. unadorned windows that marry the interior with the exterior. Okay.terrasculpture.monrovia.benjaminmoore.stoneforest. COLORS: www.archiexpo.com.sunbrella. You get the picture. visit: www.dwr. www.com.enviromaxlandscape.re-nest. PLANTS: www. a baby's butt. maybe it would be better described as geometrical. FABRICS: www.com.com.MODERN: MODERN LANDSCAPE DESIGN Blue Macaw Electric Orange Metro Gray Neon Lime What does a square.shadesofgreenla. and a windsurfing board have in common? They're the makeup for a modern design. www.

Nonetheless this mid-20th century marvel is recognized by scholars and museums as a significant design movement.dwr.cpiindustries.motiqonline.com. DECOR: www.com.MODERN: MID-CENTURY MODERN LANDSCAPE DESIGN Black Iron Mother Earth Orange Burst Vine Green A mid-century modern home is George Jetson with a dash of Frank Lloyd Wright—a little bit retro mixed with space-age funky.artsparx.plainair.net.com/garden-styles DECOR Portable Lamp Vintage Furniture Wood Bench Contemporary Shade Structure MATERIALS Natural Wood Glulam Beam Poured Concrete Stucco Stainless Steel PLANT PALETTE Yucca Agave Cordyline Horsetail Gazania Black Pine FABRICS Spectrum Kiwi Scavo Autumn PHOTO: www. MATERIALS: www.com.mobilehomedesign. www.com.archithings.com. COLORS: www. visit: www. www.anthonyexter. www.com. FABRICS: www. www.com.com.sunbrella.com. www.landscapingnetwork. PLANTS: www.com.com 25 . The only thing missing is a dog named "Astro. www." For more garden design ideas.monrovia.luxorcorp.benjaminmoore.

and blue in this fountain add a simple elegance to the soothing sound of water. GRAY: www.com. Stability Coordinating colors: BROWN • GREEN A bright and positive entry such as this can’t help but brighten your day.org/Georgia/PDP. When accented by a warm color such as the carmel walls of this house. The color of this wall makes a bold statement creating excitement and intrigue.azulverde.bernardtrainor. At the same time. RED: www. the color green freshens a space.org.artlunagarden.nadra.com. feel-good vibe under a somewhat overwhelming patio cover. Optimistic Coordinating colors: amarillo • ravishing red satchel • The black iron speaks volumes about what this patio is all about. Dramatic. Elegant. PINK: www.com. at-peace feeling of a stroll through this garden is achieved by planting design. • Practical. BLACK: www. Serene Coordinating colors: mystical grape franklin lakes veranda view antique rose The dramatic impact of an entry filled with purple salvia adds a lot of curb appeal.zfreedmandesign. It adds just the right amount of color for this relaxing. Refreshing.com.com 26 . It conjures up a powerful impression in a sophisticated yet fun entertaining area. Natural and rejuvenating.landscapingnetwork. It’s welcoming feel gives visitors a sudden sense of energy and excitement for what lies ahead. BLUE: www.com. Reliable Coordinating colors: GRAY ORANGE Energetic. Contrasting with the bright green tones of the landscape.com. Authority. Romantic Coordinating colors: pink ladies red black iron grey timber wolf These pink cushions bring a playful. Soothing Coordinating colors: PINK • • RED Excitement.tslg. • • The entry way to this residence is bright and inviting. Relaxing Coordinating colors: saddle brown woodland green myan gold adagio The solid. The blue agave and grasses create a serene environment suitable for reflection and relaxation.Using COLOR to Set the Mood in the Landscape By: Renee’ Brown Innocent. Motivating Coordinating colors: PURPLE BLUE Calming. Enthusiastic Coordinating colors: racing orange smoke • burnt carmel • azores The practicality of simple gray tones need not stay muted. The bright fabric and black furniture draw the eye into the soothing seating area.landscapingnetwork. The size and warmth in the varying tones of brown. GREEN: www. the effect is inspiring.com. ORANGE: www.ojb. earthy appeal of brown in a landscape helps bring connection to the garden. mid-century retreat.modelandscape. gold. PURPLE: www. narrow corridor to the courtyard gets visitors excited and optimistic that they won’t be let down once they get to the end. romantic space. the privacy and seclusion it affords are perfect for a secluded. YELLOW: www. Sophisticated Coordinating colors: • black iron BLACK • • • • YELLOW Happy. The calm. BROWN: www. The long. gray offers the reliable basis for nearly any design scheme.html.com BY: Renee’ Brown @ LandscapingNetwork.

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