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Diversity Annual Report

Living our Commitment to Diversity
In 2007, Angela Braly became the only woman leading a Fortune 50 company. Within the past year, she was recognized as The Wall Street
Journal’s Number One Woman to Watch; ranked by FORTUNE as one of the Top 50 Most Power ful Women in Business; ranked by FORBES
as one of The World’s Most Power ful Women; and ranked by MODERN HEALTHCARE as one of the 100 Most Power ful People in Healthcare.

Over the last few years our company has made great strides in the area of diversity, and we are increasingly being recognized
in the marketplace for our dedication to build and sustain a diverse and inclusive organization. As we proudly celebrate these
accomplishments, we must acknowledge that we can and must do more.
Diversity is good business. Focusing on diversity helps us better understand and meet the health benefit needs of the many
communities we serve. Strategic diversity management also drives associate engagement and trust, which increases productivity
and operational effectiveness.
I believe diversity is best achieved when it is embedded in our core values and the behaviors that guide every decision we make.
■ Customer First
■ Lead Through Innovation
■ One Company, One Team
■ Personal Accountability for Excellence
■ Integrity

Indeed, the diversity of our associates enables us to better connect with, understand and serve our customers. Diverse
perspectives, experiences and ideas allow us to be more innovative. Our collective strengths working toward a common cause are
a winning formula.
We are a national organization with a focus that remains local. The diversity of our exceptional team of associates better
positions us to reach out to the many different communities in which we live and work, and it strengthens the depth of our local
presence and leadership.
Let’s continue moving in the right direction. The bar is raised higher each year as successful organizations become more
deliberate and effective in their efforts to increase diversity. The complex environment in which we do business demands from
us excellence in attracting, recruiting, retaining and developing a world-class workforce. And we must leverage the talents and
strengths of ALL associates and continue focusing resources on building a diverse leadership pipeline.
Combining good values with good business will help us be successful. Our core values and guiding behaviors – and our vision to
transform health care and become the most valued company in our industry – remain unchanged. With these as our foundation,
our commitment to diversity will allow us to meet the challenges of a changing world.

Angela F. Braly
President and CEO
At WellPoint we find strength in each associate’s individual perspective. We believe that different approaches and views of the
world allow us to be more innovative, more creative and, ultimately, more competitive, as we continually strive towards better
understanding, representation and responsiveness to the diverse needs of our members, customers, providers, stakeholders,
and the communities in which we live and work. Diversity isn’t just a strategic initiative…it’s a 365-days-a-year organizational
The 2007–2008 WellPoint Diversity Annual Report highlights the accomplishments of our diversity initiatives over the past year.
More importantly, the report reminds us that diversity is a journey in which all WellPoint associates share responsibility. Its
purpose is to celebrate our collective efforts and to bring attention to the challenges that still lie ahead as we move forward in
this journey along the diversity continuum.
We often say that people are our greatest asset, and it’s true. As we strengthen our diverse workforce, we will be better
prepared to meet the needs of a multicultural marketplace. We recognize the business case for diversity and are strategically
leveraging our resources to align diversity with our operational goals. We want to provide an environment where all of our
associates contribute to the customer experience and drive our growth. We have a solid foundation to continue building upon.
Several awards received in recognition of our diversity efforts are highlighted in this report. Yet there is so much more to
do. We remain committed to recruiting and retaining a multicultural and multigenerational workforce, as well as developing
a pipeline of strong leaders for the future. Actively pursuing opportunities to do business with diverse suppliers benefits and
empowers the communities in which we live and work, while providing us with additional knowledge and opportunities for
innovation. A socially responsible and profitable organization further motivates each and every one of us to deliver exceptional
customer service experiences.
We are One Company, One Team with a singular vision for success. WellPoint’s mission, vision and values are rooted in
the inherent belief that each individual has unique ideas, skills and talents that will help us to work together to achieve our
business objectives.

Linda Jimenez
Staff Vice President – Chief Diversity & Culture Officer

How Do We Define Diversity?
WellPoint defines diversity as any collective mixture characterized by differences and
similarities and their related tensions and complexities. This definition includes every
one of us and recognizes the myriad of characteristics that make up our workforce,
our markets, our communities and our families.
Differences and similarities are not only based on race, ethnicity, gender,
age and culture, but also on dimensions such as family status, education,
language, job status, geographic location and physical abilities, just to
name a few. Our differences and similarities in all of these aspects of our
lives have a tremendous impact on our perspectives, personal values,
behaviors and interactions.
The Diversity Wheel helps us explain how these dimensions of diversity
are expressed at different levels: At an Internal level – through
characteristics that are inherent in who we are as individuals. In the
Workforce – through the collective differences and similarities that
determine our associate demographics. In the Workplace – the myriad
of roles, functions and locations in which we serve enterprise-wide. And
in the Marketplace – as a result of the role we may play as business
partners, customers, members, providers, and stakeholders. Not one
single layer – or one isolated dimension or characteristic – determines all
of who we are or how we relate to others. Instead, it is the dynamics of the
wheel and the multiple possible combinations of these characteristics that
make us unique individuals with differences AND similarities.

The Dimensions of Diversity

Strategic Diversity Management
and Our Areas of Focus
Strengthening WellPoint’s Employer Brand
and Improving Associate Engagement

Strategic diversity management focuses on all internal

and external diversity mixtures that affect the business.

Workforce Workplace Marketplace What Makes Us WellPoint

“Building a World Class “Creating and Sustaining “Growing our Business” Our Vision
Workforce” a Culture of Inclusion” WellPoint will transform health care and become
the most valued company in our industry.

GOAL: GOAL: GOAL: Our Mission

To attract, retain, develop To foster a culture that To grow our business Improve the lives of the people we serve and the
and advance a world maximizes talent by within our multicultural health of our communities.
class workforce and to be leveraging collective markets through superior
recognized as a premier ideas, perspectives strategies that help Our Differentiating Strategies
Employer of Choice. and experiences for us form, establish and ■ Most trusted choice for consumers
overall organizational maintain relationships ■ Leader in affordable quality care
effectiveness. To with customers, suppliers
provide associates with and the communities in
Our Core Values
■ Customer First
opportunities for personal which we live and work.
■ Lead Through Innovation
and professional growth.
■ One Company, One Team
■ Personal Accountability for Excellence
■ Integrity

Create emotional connections internally and externally, and maximize those experiences. 5
Celebrating WellPoint’s Awards and Recognitions
Within the last 18 months, WellPoint’s strategic diversity management efforts have resulted in numerous external awards and recognitions. Many WellPoint associates who
exemplify our values and our strong commitment to diversity have also earned individual accolades.

2007 Awards 2008 Awards

■ “Best Diversity Company” by Diversity/Careers in Engineering and Information ■ Ranked 42 among the “Top 50 Companies for Diversity” by DiversityInc magazine
Technology magazine ■ Ranked 14 among the “Top 50 Companies for Diverse Managers” by Diversity MBA
■ “Top 25 Most Noteworthy Companies for Diversity” by DiversityInc magazine magazine
■ “Diversity in Practice Corporate Award” presented by Indianapolis Diversity in Practice ■ Received a score of 85 (up by 5 points over last year) on the Human Rights
Conference Campaign’s “Corporate Equality Index,” which rates employers on a scale from 0
■ Profiles in Diversity Journal’s 2007 “International Innovation in Diversity Award of to 100 on their treatment of GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) employees,
Excellence” to our California plan for its case study on “Identifying Performance consumers and investors
Variation and Addressing It Through Collaboration” ■ “Champion of Women in Business Award” by The Women’s Congress
■ National Eagle Leadership Institute (NELI) “Eagle Award Winner,” Ray Morales, M.D., ■ “Corporate Champion of Diversity Award” by Indiana Minority Business magazine
regional vice present, National Medical Director (Southeast) ■ Alena Baquet-Simpson, M.D., staff vice president, Health Care Management,
■ “Best Company for Blacks in Technology Award,” by the Black Data Processing recognized as one of “The Top 25 Most Influential Black Women in Business” by The
Associates (BDPA) and Network Journal
■ Shamla Naidoo, vice president, Security and Compliance, and Lisa Moriyama, vice ■ Tom Foran, director, product and business development, Life and Disability, selected
president, Human Resources, featured as “Women Worth Watching” by Profiles in “Employee of the Year” by Careers and the disABLED magazine
Diversity Journal
■ “Sam H. Jones Award” presented at the 6th Annual Mayor’s Award for Diversity

Disability Employment Awareness Month, the Tony
Tony Coelho Award Coelho Award was presented to Mark Boxer, president
The Americans with Disabilities Act, a landmark
and CEO of Operations, Technology and Government
legislation, was sponsored by Congressman Tony
Services. Mark’s active support on behalf of WellPoint
Coelho of California. This legislation guarantees, among
to employing people with disabilities in competitive
other things, that the more than 50 million Americans
positions and his commitment to influence other
with disabilities have access to the same employment
business and government leaders in furtherance of
opportunities as everyone else. An award bearing
WellPoint’s commitment to diversity contributed to this
his name is presented annually to a senior business
important recognition.
executive or government leader who has demonstrated
a significant commitment to incorporating people with
disabilities into the workplace. Tom Foran: Careers and
WellPoint is committed to building a diverse workforce the disABLED Award
Angela Braly, president and CEO, WellPoint; Mark Boxer, president that includes qualified people of all abilities. To achieve Tom Foran, director, product and business development,
and CEO of Operations, Technology and Government Services; Life and Disability, recently received the Employee
this goal, we have partnered with vendors such
Congressman Tony Coelho, and Joyce Bender, president and CEO,
Bender Consulting. as Bender Consulting, the United States Business of the Year Award, presented by Careers and the
Leadership Network, WrightChoice Consulting, and disABLED magazine. Tom joined WellPoint in 2006 and
the National Organization on Disability, which all help is responsible for WellPoint’s large group and national
WellPoint to secure job opportunities for individuals with accounts disability products and business development.
disabilities. We celebrated our partnership with these He is a virtual manager whose team is located in both
groups when on Oct. 1, 2007, the first day of National Atlanta, Ga., and Worthington, Ohio. Tom’s contribution

For more than three years, WellPoint has

been working with Bender Consulting to
Facts About the Disabled
■ They are the largest American minority group – 53 million, or roughly 1 in 5 (U.S. Census).
increase our hiring of people with disabilities.
■ Almost 38 percent of people with disabilities are employed, compared with almost 80 percent of
Since 2005, we have placed 34 Bender
people without disabilities (Third Annual Disability Status Report, Cornell University).
consultants, more than half of them in
■ When asked to identify groups for equal opportunity hiring, only 2 percent of employers identified the
Information Technology as help desk and
disabled (Atlanta Workforce Study, 2007).
network operations professionals, project
■ The average cost of workplace accommodation is less than $500 per person (U.S. Department of Labor).
managers, administrative assistants and
■ The ranks of those with disabilities is expected to grow rapidly as the general U.S. population ages and
e-Business operations experts. As a result of
baby boomers experience sight, hearing and mobility issues.
this partnership, 19 Bender consultants have
been hired as full-time WellPoint associates.
to our mission to improve As an example, Roderick King, regional vice president,
the lives of the people we
Sam H. Jones Award Medicare Outreach and Education, was named in the
In 2007, WellPoint was honored for the second time
serve is significant. His 2007 list of Who’s Who in Black Indianapolis.
by Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson with the Sam H.
team designs disability A native of Fort Wayne, Ind., King moved to Indianapolis
Jones Award for Diversity at the Sixth Annual Mayor’s
products that bring after receiving a degree in Public Affairs from Indiana
Celebration of Diversity Awards Luncheon. The Sam H.
more resources into the University in Bloomington. He also holds an MBA from
Jones Award is the top award given to an Indianapolis-
disability management Indiana Wesleyan University.
based company or organization with the strongest
process, so we are able
performance in four diversity workplace categories. King is responsible for outreach education and provider
to improve outcomes for
The award was named after the first president of the enrollment, a role that allows him to be directly in touch
employees who acquire a
Indianapolis Urban League. WellPoint also won the with our consumers. He is also responsible for internal
disability while reducing
award in 2003. services and internal training.
an employer’s disability-
Tom Foran named Employee of the
Year by Careers & the disABLED.
related costs. When he was named in the Who’s Who in Black
Tom has more than 25 Who’s Who Publications Indianapolis last year he said, “One of my goals is to
years of volunteer experience in the disability advocacy Several WellPoint associates took the spotlight in the make a difference in the lives of others. I feel I have an
field and many years of volunteer work. He has given prestigious publication Who’s Who, which is published opportunity to utilize this company to find better ways to
public testimony before the United States House of in a number of cities where WellPoint has offices. These do things in this industry. Knowing that I am making a
Representatives Ways and Means Committee and individuals were recognized for demonstrating corporate difference is what really drives me every day.”
conducted speaking engagements at many industry leadership and for their dedication to improving their
conferences. respective communities.

Workforce: Building a World Class Workforce
an employer of choice “best practice” by DiversityInc
Highlights magazine, associate resource groups are considered
As of Dec. 31, 2007:
by many organizations to be a key initiative to attract
■ WellPoint’s overall workforce essentially mirrors
and retain diverse talent, build a culture of inclusion,
the DiversityInc Top 50 benchmark for minority
leverage internal diversity expertise, enhance customer
representation and exceeds the Top 50 benchmark
connections, and provide leadership development
for African American representation.
■ In 2007, women in management at WellPoint far
exceeded the DiversityInc Top 50 benchmark of 36 2008 internal

percent. Recruitment: Reaching Out Women’s History Month

celebration poster
■ Racial diversity of new hires at WellPoint was higher
than the DiversityInc Top 50 benchmark of 40.2
to a Diverse Talent Pool
percent. In 2007, WellPoint was represented at more than 50
recruitment events throughout the country, including
professional organizations and conferences and
Associate Resource Groups selected college and university career fairs. WellPoint
In October 2007, WellPoint launched a key component was again present at the Annual National Black MBA
of its diversity management strategy – the Associate Association (NBMBAA) Conference as a high-level
Resource Groups program. They are grassroots sponsor and at the Annual National Society of Hispanic
groups of associates who come together united by MBA (NSHMBA) Conference as a gold-level sponsor. Our
a common affinity around a dimension of diversity, participation at the International Associates for Black
like race, gender, cultural background, disabilities, Actuaries (IABA), Black Data Processing Associates
sexual orientation, work status, etc. Recognized as (BDPA) and National Society for Hispanic Professionals

Women at WellPoint
Our president and CEO, Angela Braly, leads many talented and motivated women at WellPoint who make outstanding contributions for our
customers and our industry.
■ Dijuana Lewis, president and CEO, Comprehensive Health Solutions, named as one of the Top 15 Women in Business – “The Innovators”
by PINK magazine (2008)
■ Alena Baquet-Simpson, M.D., staff vice president and medical director of enterprise care management strategy and program development,
Health Care Management, named as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Black Women in Business by The Network Journal (2008)
■ Gabrielle Sansone, director of sales, Nevada Large Group, named among Women to Watch by In Business Las Vegas (2008)
■ Lisa Moriyama, vice president, Human Resources, named in a list of Women Worth Watching by Profiles in Diversity Journal (2007)
■ Shamla Naidoo, vice president, Security and Compliance, named in a list of Women Worth Watching by Profiles in Diversity Journal (2007) 9
(NSHP) conferences also gave us access to a broader America and leading business schools with stellar diverse
talent pool including MBA candidates and alumni. In MBA talent. As a patron level sponsor, WellPoint has
addition, last year we attended and became a member early access to an experienced, pre-screened talent pool.
of Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities The WellPoint Foundation awarded The Consortium
(COSD) in an effort to continue reaching out to an a three-year grant totaling $90,000 that will support
untapped source of talent. outstanding diverse students who are pursuing their
As we look for innovative ways to approach MBA graduate degree in business. In WellPoint’s first year as
talent, last year we started using targeted interactive a sponsor, the company also contributed an additional
communications such as video eCards, banner ad $60,000 to The Consortium’s Annual Orientation
placements on and and Leadership Summit video Program and Career Fair, positioning the company at the
college on-campus recruiting efforts. second highest corporate underwriter level. WellPoint
also has a place on The Consortium’s advisory board
In 2007, these recruiting venues helped WellPoint interviewed for a select group of MBA summer intern
through its membership.
bring together top MBA talent, 90 percent of diverse roles and HIPP (Health Insurance Professional Program)
cultural heritage, for a two-day leadership summit at associate roles. In conjunction with its member schools, sponsoring
its corporate headquarters. During the course of this companies, and an elite group of MBA students and
summit these top-tier candidates were exposed to our Establishing Key Partnerships: The Consortium alumni, The Consortium has built a 42-year legacy
leadership, culture and values through exposure to for Graduate Studies in Management of fostering inclusion and changing the ethnic and
WellPoint associates ranging from WellPoint program In 2007, WellPoint established a partnership with The cultural face of American business. Through an annual
managers and Consortium school alumni to top-level Consortium for Graduate Studies in Management, the competition, The Consortium awards merit-based,
executive leadership team members. Candidates country’s premier organization in providing corporate full-tuition fellowships to America’s best and brightest

2007 Diversity Career Events Attended by WellPoint

Indianapolis CareerBuilder Fair Martin Luther King Veterans Job Fair First District Career Fair National Black Nurses Urban League Fall Event
Indianapolis, Ind. — 2/21/07 New York, N.Y. — 4/1/07 West Oxnard, Calif. — 5/17/07 Saint Louis, Mo. — 6/4/07 Association Conference Indianapolis, Ind. — 9/13/07
Atlanta, Ga. — 7/26-28/07
Urban League Job Fair Urban League Spring Event Young Women’s Empowerment J-Town Career Expo (sponsored National Black MBA Association
Connecticut — 3/1/07 Indianapolis, Ind. — 4/12/07 Conference (grades 6-12 geared by Louisville Urban League) Ventura Star Job Fair (NBMBAA) Job Fair
toward Inner-City) Louisville, Ky. — 6/27/07 Westlake Village, Calif. — Orlando, Fla. — 9/13-14/07
Women’s Empowerment Series DOL Job Fair
Columbus, Ohio — 5/18/07 8/16/07
Indianapolis, Ind. — 3/17/07 Albany, N.Y. — 4/26/07 Ventura Star Job Fair Annual Hispanic
NAACP Diversity Job Fair - Mark Ventura Beach, Calif. — 6/28/07 Black Data Processing Heritage Month Fair
The 13th Annual Louisville 2007 Scott Air Force Base Job Fair
Wager sponsored event Association (BDPA) Amsterdam, N.Y. — 9/15/07
Career Expo Scott AFB, Ill. — 5/1/07 Military recruiting job fair
New York, N.Y. — 5/22/07 Washington, D.C. — 8/15-18/07
Louisville, Ky. — 3/21/07 (called TAPS) TAP Program (Military)
AUSA Career Fair
Community Partnership Conference Boston, Mass. — 7/13/07 Black Family Reunion Job Fair Dayton, Ohio — 9/20/07 (every
Higher Education Resources Fort Benning, Ga. — 5/1/07
& Career Fair (by Franklin County Cincinnati, Ohio — 8/17/07 2 months)
Employment/Education Fair Indianapolis Black Expo
Orange County Job Fair Dept of Job and Family Svcs, Veterans
Jeffersontown, Ky. — 3/22/07 Employment Fair IPIC Job Fair Easter Seals Job Fair/Crossroad
Middleton, N.Y. — 5/9/07 First, American Diversity Jobs) Indianapolis, Ind. — 7/19/07 Indianapolis, Ind. — 8/23/07 Indianapolis, Ind. — 9/21/07
Bryant and Straton College Columbus, Ohio — 5/3/07 & 10/07
Richmond Times Dispatch Job Fair
10 Richmond, Va. — 4/1/07 Richmond, Va. — 5/11/07
diverse candidates. Many of these students may not have dimension protected by applicable law. In addition, all facility has an EEO coordinator who is responsible
pursued graduate school without financial assistance. personnel actions such as promotions, compensation, for compliance with applicable regulations regarding
benefits, transfers, staff reductions, terminations, affirmative action. In addition, WellPoint’s EEO/AA
Comprised of 13 top business schools and more than
reinstatement and rehire, company-sponsored training, (Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action)
80 corporate sponsors, The Consortium’s goal is to
education and tuition assistance, and social and program consultants have primary responsibility
expand the pool of exceptional MBAs of color to help
recreational programs will be administered in accordance for coordinating and managing the success of the
alleviate the acute shortage of African Americans,
with the principles of equal employment opportunity. affirmative action program.
Hispanic Americans and Native Americans in business.
In keeping with these principles, WellPoint is committed

EEO / Affirmative Action Report to providing all associates with a work environment that
is free from all forms of harassment based on race,
Our Commitment to Equality
color, religion, sex, gender, age, national origin, sexual If you know someone who is interested in exploring
WellPoint believes that our success in the marketplace
orientation, veteran status, disability, or any other career opportunities with WellPoint, please refer them
relies on our ability to attract the best qualified person for
characteristic protected by applicable law. WellPoint is to or
each position, while making affirmative efforts to broaden
committed to providing reasonable accommodations to WellPoint believes that our associates are one of the
our pool of qualified internal and external candidates.
qualified individuals with disabilities who can perform best vehicles to attract top talent to our organization.
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement the essential functions of the job they hold or desire Our company offers a generous associate referral
WellPoint will recruit, hire, train and promote persons with or without reasonable accommodation. program that includes referral bonuses and quarterly
in all job titles without regard to race, color, religion, WellPoint takes affirmative action to ensure equal drawings, which are designed as a way to say thank
sex, gender, age, national origin, marital status, employment opportunity for females, minorities, you for encouraging top talent to join WellPoint.
sexual orientation, veteran status or disability, or other individuals with disabilities and covered veterans. Each

US Business Leadership Network Mayor’s Committee for the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars)
(USBLN) career fair Disabled, Job Fair Job Fair
Orlando, Fla. — 9/23-26/07 Columbus, Ga. — 10/18/07 Columbus, Ga. — 11/07
Mayor’s Disability Summit on Nursing Careers Today Legal Diversity Career Fair
Inclusive Employment and Job Fair Indianapolis, Ind. — 10/23/07 Indianapolis, Ind. — 12/5/07
Indianapolis, Ind. — 10/2/07 Business Women Forum Event Veterans Job Fair
Schenectady County Job Fair Hartford, Conn. — 10/26/07 Indianapolis, Ind. — 11/07
New York, N.Y. — 10/4/07 Chicago Annual Diversity
NSHMBA (National Society of Employment Day Career Fair “WellPoint encourages people
to express their differences and
Hispanic MBA) Chicago, Ill. — 10/30/07
diverse cultural uniqueness.
Houston, Texas — 10/4-6/07 Indiana Multicultural Job Fair And that creates an empowered
Wilberforce University Career Fair Indianapolis, Ind. — 10/07 workforce that respects and
Wilberforce, Ohio — 10/16/07 HireVetsFirst Job Fair honors our company.”
Greenwood, Ind. — 11/07 Brenda New York 11
“One of the main benefits of WellPoint’s commitment
to diversity is that the workplace becomes a melting
pot. Many different people interact with one another,
which can result in a broader array of ideas.”
Brian Indianapolis

EEO/AA Highlights of 2007 Role of the EEO/AA Consultants

■ This area successfully managed and closed without ■ Management, organization, direction, monitoring and
violation all of the Office of Federal Contract review of WellPoint’s annual and mid-year affirmative
Compliance Programs’ (OFCCP) compliance action plans
evaluations scheduled around the country. ■ Management of WellPoint’s EEO program and RFP
■ The first WellPoint EEO Coordinator Forum was (Request for Proposal) process by reviewing and
held in Indianapolis. More than 30 WellPoint EEO analyzing corporate policies and procedures for
Coordinators from different locations attended this compliance with EEO regulatory requirements.
session that included guest speakers from the legal ■ Provide coaching and technical support to EEO
community and the OFCCP. coordinators
■ WellPoint hosted an Indiana Industry Liaison Group ■ Management of OFCCP’s government audits
(ILG) where federal contractors met to network ■ Conduct statistical analysis to document and
and to discuss EEO/AA compliance. The ILG is an measure success and areas where improvement is
organization that supports EEO and affirmative needed under workforce representation
action and serves to educate and act as a liaison to ■ Conduct statistical analysis and monitoring of
federal contractors, OFCCP, EEOC and other similar compensation as it relates to EEO/AA
agencies on regulations and legislation related to EEO. ■ Guidance and support to management regarding
affirmative action
■ Liaison for enterprise-wide recruiting and monitoring
of disability outreach initiatives
■ Management of the Limited English Proficiency
Program policy

Workplace: Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Inclusion
These are just a few highlights of the many events is wheelchair-bound herself, presented “Why be
Diversity and Workplace Culture championed in 2007 by the DWC ambassadors: Normal? Disability and Daily Life.” More than 400
Ambassadors (DWCA) Program ■ The ambassadors played a key role in the success associates participated in these workshops.
In alignment with our core value of One Company, One of the enterprise-wide Healthy Helpings canned food ■ The St. Louis, Mo., ambassadors and other DWCA
Team, the DWCA program is an innovative approach to drive, held in July 2007. The Diversity, Wellness, teams hosted a women’s panel discussion during
weaving diversity, company values and corporate culture and Workplace Culture departments launched this Women’s History Month.
into the fabric of the organization. The work of the initiative to make a difference in the fight against ■ The North Haven, Conn., team organized an Arts
DWCA focuses on raising awareness and engagement hunger. This effort benefited more than 200 and Crafts Fair to celebrate Native American Indian
among all our associates enterprise-wide. WellPoint regional food banks in our communities, which Heritage Month (November). Local vendors brought
has more than 250 ambassadors nationwide. They normally have a dwindling supply of canned goods native American pottery, linen paintings, leather
represent different business units and job levels, and during the summer months. By working together, work and jewelry.
reflect the diversity of our associate population. WellPoint associates contributed more than 20,848 ■ WellPoint associates participated in Gay Pride

The role of the ambassadors is to be advocates and pounds of food! The Rancho Cordova, Calif., location Festivals in Indianapolis, Ind., Roanoke, Va. and
role models of WellPoint’s values and our commitment received a special recognition for its extraordinary Denver, Colo.
to diversity and inclusion. At the tactical level, they effort. The 200 associates at this site collected an
plan and implement local events and activities in amazing 2,500 pounds of food!
■ The Middletown, N.Y., DWCA team engaged several
Communication and Education
celebration of nationally recognized diversity months Diversity @
and observances. The ambassadors volunteer their local community leaders and experts to participate
In July 2007, WellPoint launched a revamped diversity
time to be champions for creating dialogue, interaction in workshops throughout the year. As an example,
Web site at The site
and engagement around our diversity and workplace Robin Smith, associate professor of Special
highlights our organizational commitment to diversity
culture efforts. Education at S.U.N.Y New Paltz and a person who
from many dimensions, both internally and externally.

This site includes: Diversity @ WorkNet Diversity Posters
■ External diversity resources and links to encourage Our diversity intranet site offers information and These posters are displayed throughout the company
users to increase their understanding and knowledge resources about our diversity and culture initiatives, to create awareness about diversity celebrations and
of the importance of diversity among our workforce including the Diversity and Workplace Culture observances and educate associates on WellPoint’s
■ Our companies’ commitment to improving coverage Ambassadors program; WellPoint’s corporate culture efforts to be an inclusive and welcoming organization.
for diverse markets and to participating in workshops, the associate resource groups and various
community initiatives, programs and partnerships tools and resources. The site also includes a diversity Diversity Hot Topics
also supported by the WellPoint Foundation mailbox for associates to post questions, comments or In 2007, WellPoint launched a new Lunch ‘n’ Learn
■ Testimonials from WellPoint associates reflecting on concerns about diversity and culture. The questions are program for associates called “Diversity Hot Topics.”
the value of diversity in our corporate culture answered by our chief diversity and culture officer. This monthly program provides a forum to highlight
■ Diversity recognition and awards presented to current events or topics of newsworthy interest that
WellPoint external organizations WellPoint Associate Calendar affect our workforce, workplace and marketplace. Our
■ Information about WellPoint’s initiatives for The 2008 WellPoint Associate Calendar is the result of first theme for Hot Topics was “Intent vs. Impact,”
increasing health care awareness and accessibility a collaborative effort among the Diversity, Health and which discussed the controversy created by Don
■ WellPoint’s Supplier Diversity program and initiatives Wellness, and Ethics and Compliance departments. Imus’ remarks about the Rutgers University women’s
The calendar combines a focus on health and wellness basketball team. The series covered other relevant
themes, multicultural celebrations that reflect a variety topics such as disability education and awareness and
Below: 2008 WellPoint Associate Calendar and 2007 internal of ethnic, social, religious and historical events, and a the launch of the Associate Resource Groups program.
celebration posters for Native American Indian Heritage Month
and Black History Month reinforcement of our core value of integrity.

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Marketplace: Growing our Business
Supplier Diversity ■ Launched Corporate Supplier Diversity Champions Community Representation
program in different departments of the organization ■ Sponsor of Indiana Business Diversity Council
WellPoint’s supplier diversity initiative is dedicated to
to involve internal stakeholders as supplier diversity Opportunity Fair
diversifying our supplier base to include certified minority-
advocates ■ Sponsor of Southern California Business Diversity
and women-owned business enterprises (M/WBE). In
■ Established required supplier diversity language in Council Opportunity Fair
2007, we brought increased enterprise-wide awareness
all RFPs ■ Sponsor of Indiana Minority Business Magazine
of the supplier diversity initiative and continued
■ Commissioned vendor data review to ensure Awards Presentations
delivering the message about the alignment between
integrity of data (goods/services) ■ Sponsor of Indiana Black Expo Business Conference
supplier diversity and WellPoint key business objectives.
■ Commissioned vendor data review of provider ■ Brenda Burke, director, Supplier Diversity:
WellPoint’s supplier diversity accomplishments in 2007 vendors (California pilot) • Selected to Board of Indiana
included: ■ Initiated collaboration with national government Business Diversity Council
■ Exceeded supplier diversity tier I goal by $20 million services to leverage the opportunity to share • Selected Membership Chair of
or 36 percent and refer M/WBE suppliers between WellPoint’s NMSDC Healthcare Industry
■ Exceeded the number of tier II businesses reporting commercial and government business sectors Group
goal by more than 160 percent ■ Played key role by ensuring the supplier diversity • Selected as panelist at National
■ Launched information technology/supplier diversity requirements in State Sponsored and National Purchasing Conference
summits in Indianapolis and Connecticut; as a result, Accounts RFPs were met, resulting in awarding of • Selected speaker at 2007 and
we increased supply chain by 15 M/WBE vendors or WellPoint contracts 2008 Indianapolis Women’s
Brenda Burke, director,
71 percent of invited vendors Empowerment Series Supplier Diversity

“WellPoint’s workplace environment

not only welcomes, but encourages
diversity. As a result, our workforce
is truly reflective of the broad
range of communities we serve.”
Ernest California

“In my experience with diversity at other

companies, WellPoint’s focus is number
one. The programs and training confirm
that I work for a company that cares about
its employees and the people we serve.”
Akilah New York 15
According to a study published
in the American Journal of
Public Health, one in five of the
nation’s uninsured was a non-
citizen immigrant, the majority
of whom are Latino. “Diversity in our workforce promotes diversity in
thoughts and ideas. As a result, we are a stronger,
Source: DiversityInc May 2006 issue more dynamic organization – always striving to
meet and exceed our customers’ needs.”
Anand Connecticut

■ Services for the uninsured and underinsured at the ■ Partnership with the states of California and
WellPoint’s Presence in Indiana University Schools of Optometry and Dentistry Wisconsin focusing on enrolling uninsured children
Local Communities ■ Grant to provide medical services to approximately and adults eligible for health coverage
Women’s Empowerment Series 15,000 African immigrants
In 2007 and 2008, WellPoint was the title sponsor ■
of this growing Indianapolis event that annually ■
Indianapolis Urban League Equal Opportunity Day
INROADS educational activities that provide
Reaching Out to Diverse Customers
attracts hundreds of women who come to participate The most recent U.S. Census confirmed that our country
opportunities to promising young people of color
in informational seminars and exhibitions under is becoming more diverse than ever. Our health care
■ Sponsorship of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
the theme of “Self, Wealth and Health.” As part of system reflects this diversity since patients represent a
■ Grant to the Colorado Hospital Association to
the sponsorship, WellPoint associates receive free broad range of social and cultural backgrounds, which
develop a consumer-oriented hospital report card
admission to the event. The event offers a platform shape their perspectives regarding health and well-being.
comparing quality of Colorado hospitals
for WellPoint female leaders to be featured as guest ■ Foundation grants for Miles for Smiles programs in In 2007, WellPoint launched several programs and
speakers. Shamla Naidoo, vice president, Security and Nevada, Colorado and Maine initiatives that enhanced our ability to reach out to
Compliance; Stephanie Moss, pharmacist program ■ Partnership with the California Association of Health diverse audiences in many ways, including: Spanish-
manager; Brenda Burke, director, Supplier Diversity; and Underwriters and the Foundation for Health language Web sites; provider directories, online health
Lisa Moriyama, vice president, Human Resources. ■ Coverage Education to develop “Get Covered,” a information tools; a provider portal with new cultural
campaign to inform Californians about their health tools to make communications easier with patients of
care coverage options
Other Community Events ■ Partnership with the Los Angeles Dodgers Dream
various ethnicities; decision support tools for seniors
considering Part D coverage, and support tools for
WellPoint’s initiatives in local communities are both Foundation to highlight information needed to obtain beginning conversations with younger family members
practical and personal. They include: health coverage and showcase the “Get Covered” about end-of-life care.
■ Anthem Healthy Living Tips on Hispanic station, WIIH campaign
■ Indiana Black Expo

46 million adults of all races and ethnicities in
the United States are uninsured, with another
16 million underinsured (having inadequate
insurance to protect against catastrophic
healthcare expenses), which in total
comprises 21 percent of the U.S. population.
Source: DiversityInc May 2006 issue

Here are some specific accomplishments that help “Kids Center” contains games and animated clips on “This is especially important within the Hispanic
create a more inclusive health care system: how the human body works. More than 600 health- community, where men and women are affected
related articles for parents, teens and kids are disproportionately by several health conditions,
■ Health plan in California launched the Web site called
available. including diabetes and stroke. The health
NuestroBien (“Our Well Being”) to help promote
assessment is an easy-to-use tool that gives our
health and wellness in the state’s Latino community. ■ A new secure health assessment in Spanish helps
members greater control of their health and health
Located at, the site provides enable members to complete a health questionnaire
care,” said Ray Morales, M.D., regional vice present,
educational content that focuses on prevention, and receive a personalized report in Spanish, with
National Medical Director (Southeast).
nutrition and early detection of health issues. recommendations on how to manage their personal
health risks. ■ An innovative Web site just launched by WellPoint
“NuestroBien is an important outreach by our
organization to the Latino community, which has The health assessment helps our members to provides physicians with a comprehensive set of
been historically underserved,” said Charlene Maher, identify and understand their personal risk factors, cultural and linguistic tools for understanding and
vice president and general manager, Individual including family history and lifestyle behaviors. Upon addressing racial and cultural health disparities in
Services. Latinos comprise more than half of the completing the online questionnaire, members their communities. The new site is housed on the
6.6 million Californians who lack health insurance, will receive a personalized, easy-to-understand provider home page of WellPoint health plans and is
even though they constitute only 31 percent of the report that allows them to compare their overall available to all health care professionals.
state’s population. (Source: Insure the Uninsured health status with the national average and with The new resource offers physicians the latest
Project: 2006 Overview of the Uninsured”) their peers. The report also provides personalized research on health care disparities, tools for
Available in both English and Spanish, recommendations to help members effectively communicating with diverse populations, links
contains facts about the leading health care manage, reduce or eliminate personal health risks to training courses, and information on federal
problems for Latinos, tips on improving health, and and embrace healthier lifestyle behaviors -- for guidelines for providing culturally and linguistically
links to the health plan Web site. In addition, a example, enrolling in a smoking cessation program, appropriate services.
exercising regularly and getting preventive screenings.

One of WellPoint’s goals is to significantly reduce a report by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Chinese, as well as materials written specifically for
health disparities among segments of the population Quality revealed other significant findings: low-literacy readers. It also offers resources and tips
by 2010. These new Web tools are designed to for the provision of language translation during an
■ Minorities are more likely to be diagnosed with late-
help us achieve this goal. They also reflect our office visit and links to assessment tools that will help
stage breast cancer and colorectal cancer compared
commitment to work with providers to help ensure physicians better understand the demographics and
with Caucasians.
all members have access to the best care available. psychographics of the populations they serve.
■ Patients of lower socioeconomic status are less
likely to receive recommended diabetes services In addition, to ensure that we support our associates
Culture and Health and more likely to be hospitalized for the condition in providing the best service to our diverse member
Research shows that “socio-cultural” differences and its complications. population, WellPoint launched an enterprise-wide
between patients and their doctors and other health ■ Many racial and ethnic minorities, as well as people training program to help our physicians, nurses
care professionals clearly influence communication of a lower socioeconomic status, are less likely to and other clinical associates learn cross-cultural
and clinical decision-making. In fact, effective provider- receive childhood immunizations, screening and communications skills.
patient communication is directly linked to improved treatment for heart risk factors. The program, called Quality Interactions: A Patient-
patient satisfaction, adherence and, subsequently, ■ Many racial and ethnic groups are more likely to
Based Approach to Cross-Cultural Care, is an online
better health outcomes. report poor communication with their physicians. training that features real cases where associates
This is also an issue among poor and less educated “interact” with members in a virtual clinical setting. The
Research conducted by the U.S. Department of Health
patients. training builds a framework to help WellPoint’s clinical
and Human Services and the Institute of Medicine has
demonstrated that culture and language can affect the WellPoint’s new online resource center will help address associates master how to integrate clinical information
way that patients view illness and disease, as well as these findings. The site includes health education with cross-cultural information from the individual
their attitudes toward health care providers. In addition, and disease-specific materials in both Spanish and patient to improve quality of care and reduce disparities.

Some of the print advertisements that run in various 2007 multicultural marketing campaigns

Looking at 2008 and our Areas of Focus
In 2008 we will continue to improve our strategic focus ■ Launch diversity management and leadership
on diversity and inclusion and enhance our reputation training (e-learning modules and classroom training).
as a leader in strategic diversity management by focusing ■ Implement initiatives to educate associates around
our efforts on the following areas: the different dimensions of diversity: people with
“We judge ourselves by
■ Strengthen partnerships with key diversity sourcing disabilities, cross-cultural understanding, religious what we feel capable
and recruitment organizations and maximize our diversity, etc.
presence at recruitment events targeted at diverse ■ Strengthen the Diversity and Workplace Culture of doing, while others
Ambassadors program through the incorporation
of resources and tools to better equip the
judge us by what we
■ Leverage the impact of associate resource groups
for women in leadership; African Americans; ambassadors to fulfill their important mission. have already done.”
Hispanics; people with disabilities; gay, lesbian,
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
bisexual and transgender (GLBT), and veterans.
Ensure integration of this program to ongoing
company efforts focused on recruitment, retention,
advancement, education and customer relations.
Above left, front row: Linda Jimenez, staff vice president and chief
■ Develop mentoring solutions targeted at women and diversity and culture officer; Monica Frias, diversity program manager.
ethnic minorities with the purpose of strengthening Back row: Cathy Gregg, affirmative action program consultant; Donna
Stout, executive administrative assistant, and Alicia Wallace, EEO
our diverse pipeline. program consultant

At WellPoint we believe that
diverse and talented people,
united by meaningful goals and values,
enabled by their leadership and culture,
committed to making a difference,
CAN and WILL transform health care
and be better for the experience.

The Diversity Team

Linda Jimenez, staff vice president and chief diversity and culture officer
Monica Frias, diversity program manager
Cathy Gregg, affirmative action program consultant
Alicia Wallace, EEO program consultant

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