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_____________________________________________ \ / LANeye 2.3 A Software product from ProPrat \ \ ------------------------------------------- / \ / \ Webb : / \ e-post : contact@proprat.

com / \ / \ Developed by / \ Tomas Lannestedt / \ Stockholm / \ Sweden / \ / \ / \_________________________/ LANeye 2.3 Network intrusion detection and prevention ------------------------------------------------------LANeye detect and prevent unfamiliar computers from gaining access to your network. LANeye detects all computers and other devices on your network. LANeye lists unknown computers and alert you of there presence, block them from accessing your network, let you decide if they are familiar and mark them accordingly. LANeye detects not only computers but all kinds of network devices like printers, modem, routers, WLAN access points and more. LANeye is a Shareware product. Free trial for 30 days. Please read this file prior to install and use LANeye CONTENTS * * * * * * * * * * IMPORTANT LATEST NEWS READ THIS ABOUT LANeye MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS INSTALLATION KNOWN INSTALLATION ISSUES USER LICENSE UNINSTALLING THIS PRODUCT CREDITS LINK REFERENCE /

======================================================= IMPORTANT * BE AWARE THAT YOU RUN AND/OR USE THIS SOFTWARE ON YOUR OWN RISK. ProPrat COULD NEVER BE HELD RESPONCIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE WHAT SO EVER THAT THIS SOFTWARE MAY CAUSE. * Please make sure you have an original installation file to install from. If the file is downloaded from ProPrat webpage, you have a correct file.

* Please make sure you have the latest version. You will find the latest version at: * Please unzip (extract) all files to a temporary folder prior running the setup.exe to install. * Please read the End-User License Agreement (EULA) found in the "license.txt" file in the root folder in the installation file. When installing and running this software you have agreed with this EULA. ======================================================= LATEST NEWS Visit our website: Visit LANeye's support website: ======================================================= READ THIS ABOUT LANeye - LANeye is NOT a Firewall. - LANeye will not protect your network traffic in any way. - LANeye will monitor your network traffic and alert you when unfamiliar computers communicates on your network. - LANeye will monitor your network traffic and alert you when familiar computer behaivs suspicious. - LANeye will try to block unknown and suspicious computers from gaining access to your network. - LANeye will NOT block or stop computers from communicating on your network if they already are logged on to your network. - LANeye will treat all network devices (routers, servers, printers ...) as unknown until you mark them as familiar. - Most of the devices LANeye finds belongs to your network and are familiar. - Be aware that all equipment that is connected to your network will generate network traffic, not only computers. - You are only allowed to use LANeye on Your own private network.

======================================================= MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS --------------------------* * * * * * * Intel Pentium 500 MHz or faster (1GHz recommended) Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 Internet Explorer 5 or higher Ethernet network adapter. Approximate hard disk space: 8-10 Mb SVGA (800x600) or higher resolution monitor Mouse or other pointing device

Memory requirements are mainly driven by the operating system and not by the installed softwares them self. LANeye will run optimal when at least 25-30MB internal memory is availably.

======================================================= INSTALLATION The compressed (".zip") LANeye file must be unpacked to a temporary folder before installed. After finished installation the temporary folder may be deleted. 1. Unpack the ".zip" file. 2. Click on the setup.exe file. 3. Follow the instructions.

======================================================= KNOWN INSTALLATION ISSUES 1. Software firewalls. LANeye's primary function, to monitor network traffic is in general conflict with a firewall primary function. Still LANeye will be able to perform its task due to that LANeye focusing on broadcast packets that all major firewalls in general passes through from the outside. For LANeye to be able to block computers from gaining access to your network you have to allow LANeye to access through your software firewall. If you prevent LANeye from accessing through your firewall LANeye will NOT be able to protect your network. The network driver that LANeye is using may not be compatible with all software firewalls. LANeye have been tested and works properly with the most common software firewalls.

Software firewalls have to be setup to allow file and printer sharing for LANeye to be able to block network access for unfamiliar computers. To make sure LANeye works with your software firewall, please test that LANeye detects and blocks unfamiliar computers. 2. Hardware Firewalls. Hardware firewalls will prevent LANeye from detecting computers on the other side of the firewall. If your hardware firewall "leaks" packages, LANeye will detect that. In that way LANeye also alerts you if your firewall is not setup correctly. 3. Computer CPU capacity. Please to not run LANeye on old slow computers. LANeye may easily overload older computers. Keep an eye on the CPU load indicator on LANeye status bar to make sure your computer can coop with the LANeye load. 4. LANeye is not developed to be used on computers where multiple users logins simultainiously. ======================================================= USER LICENS LANeye is distributed as Shareware. You can evaluate LANeye for free in maximum 30 days. To use LANeye you need to purchase an user license. An user license consists of an order number and a product key. User licenses can be purchased from ProPrats web shop The user license will normally be delivered to you by e-mail. The product key and order number you have to enter in the user license dialog you find in program main menu under Help. ======================================================= UNINSTALLING THIS PRODUCT To 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. uninstall. Open the control panel Click on Add / remove programs. Find LANeye in the list Click on the remove button Follow the instructions

======================================================= CREDITS

Finn Tolderlund Tobias Giesen Jacques Nomssi Nzali, Eric Pedrazzi, JEDI project, Bluecave Software, Chirag Dalal, Maik Porkert, Franois PIETTE, Poul Bak, Troels Jakobsen, Lars Peter Christiansen

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To all of you that have been Alpha and Beta testing. ======================================================= LINK REFERENCE

======================================================= Copyright (c) ProPrat 2003-2013. All rights reserved.