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AFSA Chapter 984

January/February 2014, Issue 1

AFSA Chapter 984

CMSAF #6 James M. McCoy Chapter
2014 Chapter 984 Executive Council!
New Executive Council (EC) was installed on 8 January 2014, for new EC see page 10.

Inside this issue:

Presidents Corner Page 2 Ways & Means Membership Legislative Communications Programs Additional Info Awards & Recognition Leadership Page 3 Page 4-5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10

Important Dates:
Jan 2014
Jan 22 Jan 24 Membership Meeting at Patriots Club, 1400 hours Sponsor WCC event at Kisling Hall, 1930 hours

Feb 2014
Feb 3 Feb 18-19 Bingo Night w/ENVH 1830-1930 CMSgt (ret) Lokovic Visit, itinerary on page X General Membership Meeting @ 1130, Bowling Alley Lounge

Chapter 984 Website!

Feb 19

Mar 2014
Mar 3 Mar 12 Bingo Night w/ENVH 1830-1930 General Membership Meeting @ 1130, Bowling Alley Lounge

Mark your calendar: The February General Membership meeting was moved to 19 February 2014 @ 1130 hours at the Bowling Alley Lounge. MSgt (Ret) Merle Spaulding donates pizzas for the meeting, come join us for lunch. Door Prizes will be given away!

AFSA Chapter 984

January/February 2014, Issue 1

Presidents Corner
Four Pillars of AFSA: Well before we get into this months discussion on the FOUR pillars of AFSA, first I want to say thank you for allowing me to serve again as your Chapter President of Chapter 984. Again I am truly honored and humbled to continue to lead this Chapter into the New Year. We went to great in 2013, but in 2014 we promise GREATNESS! As we did a lot of great things this past year, we will continue to do the same in 2014 by utilizing the four pillars of AFSA, which is the foundation of our Association. LEGISLATIVE: AFSA advocates improvements for Amn and their families through lobbying Congress on their behalf. As needs arise in specific areas such as housing, dependent care, pay and benefits, or education, AFSA changes its direction, to meet those demands. In 2014 we will concentrate on issues that affect members of Chapter 984. We are going to build a better Legislative program within the chapter to better suit you and your families. MEMBERSHIP: Without members AFSA would be insignificant on Capitol Hill. AFSA's thrust comes from every member and the more members we have, the more clout our organization has when it is time to lobby for improvements. AFSA has been very successful over the years, but take a moment and think how much more could be done if one of AFSA's lobbyists could tell an elected official that he/she represents 50% or even 75% of the current sitting Air Force enlisted force. Sadly, that isn't the case and where only 17% of the Active Duty force are members of this great association. In 2014, we will work to meet our goals and create new ideas with outside the box thinking. COMMUNICATION: This has been one of our Chapters highlights for 2013 by tremendously improving our communication with our members. We have introduced a new Facebook page, Chapter Website, and Newsletter As I know we can do better and I promise we will do better this year. You all deserve the most up to date information. FRATERNITY: This is our last pillar of the Association. AFSA calls this pillar the organizations bond. There is an old saying that you have civilian friends for an assignment but military friends are for life. Being a member of AFSA allows you to keep in contact with Airmen meeting old and new friends.

New Chapter

Items for Sale! Chapter 984 Coins T-Shirts

Division 3 Trustee Gary Swanson has designed our new chapter 984 t-shirt. You can order these t-shirts in pink, white, gray and many more from his website. Cost is only $10.00 per t-shirt. If you would like to order the new chapter t-shirt go to the following website:!/~/category/id=4468302&off set=0&sort=normal

Another way to help the Chapter to raise funds is purchasing a new Chapter 984 coin. The cost is $10.00 per coin. If you would like a coin please contact MSgt Nicholas Melenka.

AFSA Chapter 984

January/February 2014, Issue 1

Ways & Means: Chair SrA Naomi Colby

First Quarter Fundraisers

Fundraisers & Events!

Cell Phone Recycling Program
We collect old cell phones and turn them in for reprogramming for a womans shelter. We get $1 for each phone we turn in. When we get to 100, we send them in and receive a rebate check of $100. The money we receive we donate to the Bellevue Food Pantry!

There are no fundraisers currently scheduled for the first quarter of 2014. We are looking for two fundraisers to get 2014 started off right! If you have any ideas, or would be willing to lead a fundraiser, please contact SrA Colby at

Ralston Arena & Werner Park

At Ralston Arena and Werner Park AFSA, Chapter 984 works in the concession stands and makes profit on total sales. Usually an event takes 8-14 people to run smoothly. We do not have any scheduled at this time but looking to do a couple in Feb & Mar. Ralston Arena: None Scheduled Werner Park Season Over!

Rebuilding Together Omaha

Chapter 984 & Offutt Elite FOUR is going to team up to make this event for our community a success. Rebuilding Together is a non-profit organization to make a difference in the lives of low-income elderly and permanently disabled Homeowners. The rebuilding day will be 26 April 2014. Co-captains for this event are Amn Rios (AFSA) and A1C Finch (Elite 4). If you would like to be part of their team for this community event contact Amn Evan Rios at

2014 Calendar
Here is a look at the 2014 Chapter Calendar. We have a lot of opportunities for you to lead or volunteer for. If you are interested in leading or volunteering for any of the events below or have any ideas for chapter fundraisers, contact SrA Naomi Colby at Date Event POC Date Event POC

Jan-Mar Feb 18-19 Mar 27-29 Apr 26 May May June

Chapter Fundraiser x2 Chief Lokovic visit Division 3 Conference Rebuilding Together Adopt-a-Highway Softball Tournament Golf Tournament

OPEN Herndon Melenka Rios OPEN Melenka Mishler

Jul-Sep Aug Aug Sep

Chapter Fundraiser x1 Air Show Prgm Sales International PAC POW/MIA Lunch


Oct-Dec Chapter Fundraiser x1 Oct Nov Adopt-a-Highway Thanksgiving Baskets

AFSA Chapter 984

January/February 2014, Issue 1

Membership Trustee: MSgt Wilson

Membership Team Seeks Motivated personnel!
MSgt Wilsons membership committee is looking for a representative from each squadron to join our membership committee team! Come join our membership team to recruit & retain members into the Air Force Sergeants Association. You will be trained how to recruit & retain. Only skill required is MOTIVATION. Contact MSgt Wilson at

Membership Committee Meeting

Come out to our first membership committee meeting of the New Year. The meeting will be held on 22 Jan 14 at 1400 hours at the Patriot Club, Raiders Lounge. Come out to be part of this team to increase our membership in 2014. We need help with new ways to improve and outside of the box ideas. All feedback is welcomed. If you cannot make this meeting, contact MSgt John Wilson to be added to his team.

Membership Challenge
CP Melenka challenged the general membership and his executive council to recruit 14 new members in 2014 to go along with HQAFSA initiative of 14 recruits in 14. If you hit 14 in 14 you will receive a coin from the International President. CP Melenka offered the same incentive to the members who meet this challenge. They will also receive a Chapter Coin when they hit 14 new

Chapter 984 Membership Leaderboard:

MSgt Wilson MSgt Melenka CMSgt (ret) Parente SMSgt (ret) Lutzen 4 1 1

MSgt Melenka SMSgt (ret) Lutzen 11 2

Chick-Fil-A Membership
Chapter 984 teamed up with Chick-fil-A in Bellevue NE, for a monthly membership sponsorship. In 2014, Chick-fil-A will sponsor a free membership for an outstanding E-5 non-AFSA member. They will also provide a free meal to the recipient of this award. Any Chapter 984 member can nominate an individual within their workplace. Take advantage of this free membership

Presidents Drawing
Every month at the general membership meeting if you bring an E-4 below non-member they are entered into the Presidents drawing to win a free $25.00 two-year membership. So bring your Airmen to get them involved

BX Membership Drives!
Come out and help Chapter 984 recruit & retain members. We have no scheduled events coming up!

2014 Chapter 984 Membership Goals

Current stats as of 1 January 2014 Total Members New Members Retained Members

1,643 7 13

Goals for Chapter 984 in 2014 Total Members New Members Retained Members

2,000 500 300

AFSA Chapter 984

January/February 2014, Issue 1

HQ AFSA every year awards our recruiters and retainers to give them a chance to earn some incentives for their hard work in recruiting and retaining members into the Air Force Sergeants Association. These incentives below were just introduce by HQ AFSA for every member that goes above and beyond in recruiting and retaining. These are the first incentives of the first four months. Also, if you become a HighFlier, TwinFlier, or SkyHigher in 2014 you are entered into a drawing to win 1 out of 10 Mini iPads.

Membership Continued

If a recruiter recruits 100 or more members they will be awarded as a SkyHigh member for that year. They will receive recognition at the International Professional Airmans Conference and earn a free registration to the PAC the following year.

If a retainer retains 100 or more current members before they expire will be awarded the HighFlier member for that year. They will receive recognition at the International Professional Airmans Conference and earn a free registration to the PAC the following year.

If a retainer or recruiter, recruits or retains a combined total of 100 or more into AFSA they will be awarded the TwinFlier member for that year. They will receive recognition at the International PAC and earn a free registration to the conference the following year.

AFSA Chapter 984

January/February 2014, Issue 1

Legislative: Trustee TSgt Therrien

Take action now to protect your benefits!!!
Air Force Enlisted Force Reduction Plans.
US Air Force news release: A quality force review board will convene here May 5-16 to consider eligible Airmen for retention, Air Force Personnel Center officials announced recently. The board is one of several fiscal 2014 force management programs that have been or will be implemented to help achieve manpower and force structure goals as the service focuses on 2015 and beyond, said Lt. Col. Rick Garcia, the AFPC retirements and separations branch chief. The board will consider Airmen with fewer than 18 years, or with 20 years or more of service as of Sept. 30, 2014, who have specific negative reporting identifiers, reenlistment eligibility codes, assignment availability codes or grade status reasons. Those identifiers, indicators, codes and reasons include awaiting retraining due to disqualification, awaiting discharge for cause, current referral performance report, grade reduction, rank not commensurate with years of service, five or more days lost time, career field skill level not commensurate with grade, serving a suspended Article 15 punishment, serving on control roster, poor fitness assessment, disqualified Airmen (for cause) returned to duty program and denied reenlistment. Airmen who have 20 or more years of active service who are not selected for retention must retire by Oct. 1, 2014. To read more, go to: 223/Article/467855/enlisted-quality-force-reviewboard-to-be-held-in-may.aspx

Repeal the COLA Cut for ALL Military Retirees:

In mid-January Congress took a small step towards repealing recently passed COLA cuts for military retirees by including language in the Consolidated Appropriations Act (H.R. 3547) that exempts medical (Chapter 61) retirees and survivors from these reductions. President Obama signed H.R. 3547 into law on January 18. This was a welcomed action, but the truth of the matter is less than 80% of those affected were helped by this provision. The remainder of retirees including thousands determined to be severely disabled and/or unemployable by VA continue to see their annual costof-living adjustments reduced. At least a dozen bills have been introduced in Congress that would restore full COLAs for ALL retirees, but lawmakers cannot agree on the manner in which they are paid for. Congress needs to reach a bipartisan solution that fully and immediately repeals the COLA-cutting provision. Use the message on AFSA CapWiz and urge them to revers the COLA cut for ALL retired military members.

Bill that would Repeal COLA cuts:

Bill that Would Repeal COLA Cuts to be Considered when Congress Returns. Congress is now in recess for a week. According to an article in the Washington Post, S. 1950, the Comprehensive Veterans Health and Benefit and Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act of 2014, sponsored by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., will be considered when Congress returns from recess. As we reported in the previous bulletin, among numerous other provisions, this bill would restore military retirement COLAs for those under age 62. To read the Post article on this, go to: 6

Twitter Feed! #Congress in recess through 27 Jan, contact your representatives in their home offices or via AFSA CapWiz:

AFSA Chapter 984

January/February 2014, Issue 1

Communications: Trustee A1C Hernandez

AFSA has a great site for your viewing pleasure. You can see what AFSA is currently fighting, your benefits as a member. To login in you need your member number and register. Go to the following site: Home

HQ AFSA Website

Did you know that your local Chapter has a Facebook page? Click the following link:

Facebook Page Twitter
Did you know that your local Chapter is now on Twitter? Follow us @AFSA984 or click the following link:

Division 3 Website
Check out our Division 3 website. Go to the following site:

AFSA App for Apple and Android users are now available for download. If you have feedback to improve or see something on the application email CP Melenka. To download for Apple use following link:

Our new website has arrived. The website will be If you have any ideas to improve our communications or to join their team contact TSgt Alfredo Davila at

Chapter 984 Website

Programs: Trustee MSgt Mitchell

Quarterly Scholarships
Chapter 984 will continue to give away two $100 quarterly scholarships to their members or family members that are attending college classes. If you are interested in submitting an application, contact Trustee MSgt Don Mitchell. Submissions for 2nd Qtr are due by 31 March and will be awarded to the winners at our April general membership meeting on 9 April 2014 from 1130-1230 at the Offutt Bowling Alley.


Every first Monday of the month Chapter 984 sponsors Bingo night with the veterans at the Eastern Nebraska Veterans Home in Bellevue. The residents always have a great time when we come out and play Bingo. Some of the residents get overprotected of their bingo cards but they sure do love their .50 cents when they win. If you would like to sponsor a Bingo event or any new ideas to bring to the ENVH, make contact with Trustee TSgt Therrien.

Veterans Affairs
We sponsor numerous monthly and quarterly events at the ENVH in Bellevue. If you are interested in volunteering or being part of the VA team contact Trustee MSgt Mitchell @

Next Events at ENVH: 3 Feb 14: Bingo Night/FSS 20 Feb 14: Quarterly Lunch 3 March 14: Bingo Night/Open 7 Apr 14: Bingo Night/Open

AFSA Chapter 984

January/February 2014, Issue 1

Additional Information!
CMSgt (ret) Jim Lokovic to visit!
CMSgt (ret) Lokovic will be coming to Offutt AFB between 17-20 February 2014 to give multiple Legislative briefs to our base. His briefings focus on the source of quality-of-life benefits,
understanding the budget deficit and the national debt and their impact on Airmen, how an annual Defense Bill is produced, understanding the role of private military associations, how Airmen have a great deal of power and influence over their own careers, information about the 113th Congress, how to properly communicate with Congress (and what you can and can't do in this regard), current Administration proposals concerning benefit programs (e.g., compensation, education benefits, retirement, commissaries and exchanges, etc.), how military pay raises and military retiree cost-ofliving adjustments are determined, why private military associations are critical to maintaining your benefits, information about lobbying, testifying before Congress, grassroots support, and coalition action with other military associations; and targets that AFSA and the Military Coalition are currently pursuing on Capitol Hill. The result of these briefings (for enlisted, officers & retired who attend) is a better understanding of military benefit programs and a military career. Please dont miss this!

CMSgt (ret) Jim Lokovic itinerary

Date 18 Feb 18 Feb 18 Feb 18 Feb 18 Feb 18 Feb 18 Feb 19 Feb 19 Feb 19 Feb 19 Feb Time 0530 0730 0930 1130 1330 1530 1730 0530 0730 0900 1130 Location SF Guardmount, Bldg. 160 DFAC with 1st Sgts USSTRATCOM DFAC with Elite 4 Patriots Club Top III @ BLD SF Guardmount, Bldg. 160 SF Guardmount, Bldg. 160 BLD Theatre SNCOPE @ FTAC AFSA Meeting

Division THREE Conference 27-30 March 2014 Hosted by Scott AFB, Chapter 872
Scott AFB, Chapter 872, will host the 2014 Division 3 conference at Drury Inn & Suites in OFallon, Illinois. The dates of the conference will be held from 27 Mar to 30 Mar 2014. If interested in attending the Division 3 conference contact MSgt Melenka. Once the registration form is released it will be e-mailed to all Chapter members. The Conference Manager will be MSgt Amber Callahan, you can contact her at

Division 3 Scholarships:
Each year during the Division Conference the division awards two $500.00 scholarships to a child or grandchild of an AFSA member. To be eligible the applicant must not be on active duty. They must be a child or grandchild of a member of the AFSA and sponsored by a member. If interested in applying contact MSgt Mitchell @ for the Application.

International PAC
The 2014 Professional Airmens Conference will convene 16-20 August in Jacksonville, Florida, at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville River Front.
The AFSA contracted room rate is the prevailing federal per diem (currently $80.00) & AFSA International Convention Registration = $250.00 8

AFSA Chapter 984

January/February 2014, Issue 1

Awards & Recognition!

CMSAF #6 James M. McCoy and Chapter President Nicholas Melenka presents the Chapter Annual Awards for Airman, NCO, Volunteer of the Year and the Chapter 984 Presidents Award for 2014.
Chapter 984, Airman of the Year A1C Jack Finch Chapter 984, NCO of the Year TSgt Amber Saienni

Chapter 984, Volunteer of the Year SrA Naomi Colby

Chapter 984, Presidents Award MSgt (ret) Merle Spaulding

Chapter 984 wishes you all good luck at the Division level, which will be announced on 29 Mar 2014 in OFallon Illinois.

AFSA Chapter 984


January/February 2014, Issue 1

President Vice President Membership Trustee JROTC Trustee Communications Trustee Programs Trustee Legislative Trustee Ways & Means Senior Advisor Treasurer Secretary Airman Activities Sergeant of Arms
Visit us on Facebook @ afsachapter984 twitter @AFSA984

MSgt Nicholas Melenka MSgt Sara Gordon MSgt John Wilson MSgt Jesse Pennington A1C Evelyn Hernandez MSgt Don Mitchell TSgt Stephanie Therrien SrA Naomi Colby TSgt Travis Sidel TSgt Joshua Giles A1C Briana Stanley Amn Evan Rios MSgt David Becker

Presidents Contact Info:

Anytime you need to contact the President of Chapter 984 or provide feedback please use the following info: HP: 210-452-9322 WP: 402-232-2889 Home E-mail: Work e-mail: