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Thames a Hudson world of art


a handbook





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Firstpublished in the United Kingdom in I989 byThames & Hudson Ltd, IsIA High Holborn, w\




O r98gThrmes & Hudson Lrd,London

Reprinted 2oor

liveryday life; Fighting; Work and play, public and privatc; l{eligion


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'flrc Gods; Big figlits; Hcraklcs; Thcscus; Thc Trojan

Oyclc; Othcr herocs and cycles; Othcr figurcs




Printed and bound in Sinsapore by C.S.Gnphics






Note s and bibliographies 241

Chapter One

List of illustrations
oJ artists and grou1ts

245 250


dex of mythologitul stbjcctt

Gueral index


llrrs volunrc is thc successor to Athenidn Red Figure Vases: The Arthaic Petiod q,lT5l hcrcabbrcviatcdlRFHI) anditcarriesthesurveyofAtheniandecorated l,(ilt.ry down to thc time when painters finally abandoned thc rcd figurc r, , lrrrrqr-re, during the second halfofthc fourth ccntury BC. A comparable study , i r lr t carlicr, black figure vases appexrcd in ry1 4 (ABFLI1, and, Dalc Trendall has r, , , ntly publishcd a companion volumc on South Italian red figure (RFSIS). In rlr, t lrlicr handbooks some attention was givcn to qucstions oftcchnique but it l,.r\ sccrl)ccl appropriatc to dcvotc a sepaiate chapter to it here. The word I I rssical' suffcrs a grcat variety ofmeanings. In this ritle it means simply postArrh;ric, through thc fourth ccntury; in Chaptcr Thrcc it is rest cted tp It( .r/ley's usc of 'Classic' which means roughly thc pcriod of the Parthenon. I'lrc gcncral schcnrc follows that of the other volumes, dictated by thc ,r , r cssivc groups formcd by thc works ofirrdividual paintcrs and workshops, as rlr, y hrvc bccn dcfincd by SirJohn Bcazlcy in his grcat books, which form the , , nerstoncs of all studies of Athenialr red figure. [n the early editions of his 'r l,,,,rks which listcd rcd figurc paintcrs, in r92J and r94u, Bcazlcy had stopped .l)r)rt ofthe fourth century, 1!n omission he made good in 1963, but without l)( \t()wing upon thc latcr vascs quitc thc samc lovilg detail that he had on the , .r r lrcr: undcrstandably, since the quality is generally lowcr, thoughBcazlcy was r,,, clitist and hc is fullcr in classifying thc worst ofthe fourth century than the 1,, st, for much ofwhich he would (he explailed) haverequircd a closcr study of rlr, lrrtcr vascs in Lcningrad than hc had becn able to give them. Wc start with works ofhigh quality, and standards are generally maintained l,y ()mc paintcrs to thc cnd of thc fifth celtury. Thereafter there is still good rr,,r k to bc found, but in decreasini proportion although thcrc is a divcrsity of ,r rl, jccr mattcr which is highly informative about myth and cult, wholly Athens,,rrrrcd. An important element is the 'Kerch style', reprcscntcd by rathcr li.rrrrboyant vascs which sccm to indicate a new phase ofactivity in the Adlens l,( )ttcrs' quarter. It is debatable, however, whether it is a new phasc rathcr than a rL \urgcncc of intcrcst in stylcs ncvcr rcally abandoncd. The tcrm has perhaps ,,Lrr livcd its uscfulncss, and ncw studics should bc ablc to dcmonstratc continuity rrr,rrc clcarly. 'Iir the er,d, Athenian red figure remained virtually thc only figurc-dccoratcd l)()ftcry in the Greek homeland. Some other parts of Grcccc paid it the

.omplinlcnr ofinritation, irr .l hurnblc rvay: rordr Clrcccc, llocotia, Corinrh, Sprrrr. Irs appcll ovcrscls was r.urdir)rirrisl)ccl, and inclccd its markcts qrcw, rlclibcrltcly or cilsullly. Its clcclinc in qualiry and rhis is nor lr alroscthcr
sutrjcctivcjudgcnrcrlt. as a qlxrlcc throLlirh drt- pictrrrcs irr rhis book shoulcl show h:rs ro bc cxplairrcci irr othcr wxys. In rhc ArcLaic pcriod the rlrawing stylcs prictisccl on potlcry wcrc ls flnc us iD urly other nrcdiunr known ro us, a|d wc nrry lcgitinr:rtcly essunrt: that thc best xrtists cnjoycLl e conlpctcncc also in othcr nrcdi:r ofpairrrint which hevc not survivcd, :urcl pcrhlps rr othcr lrts- Btrr in dtc tirst halfofthc lilih ccrtury ncrv scylcs of 'rndor plintirlil' wcrc irrrroduccd. 'I hosc rtssociltcd u,irh thr'uanrc ofthc nrur:rlisr l)olyeroros ofThasos irtroclLtccd ncrv schcnrcs ofconrpositiorr rvhich rhc vlsc-paintcr coulcl trkc rrp rnd edJusr ro his fic1cl. But thc printing stylcr thar lollowcd introdnccd shrdin!1, chiaroscuro .rnd subtlctics ofcolour which rhc vasc-plrintcr c()Lrld ncvcr hopc to rrltch, lnd incvitrbly rhc:rb1cr h:rnds lvcrc rttractcd au,ty frol)l thc craft b othcr nrcdia. Thc custorrr providccl by thc r,vcll-ro-clo rnay havc dcclincd rr thc sen)L- tr)ra, csPccillly oncc'\,csscls irl prcci()Lls rDctal bcca rc rorc;rcccssiblc (from l)ersi.rD Ioor:rrrd thc pcrqrrisitcs of cnpirc), encl :r grorvinr nrurkct iirr fine pJein black vescs nrct hurnblcr ncccls. llul it would trc wrong to thiDk thrt the Arhcnrars thought much thc lcss ofa cr:rlt in rvhich thcy harl long 1cd thcir,,,"orll. In thc htcr fi1rh ccntLrrv thc Athcniln pocr Clrjriis listcd drc rnost distirgrrishcd proclucts ofvarious s!atcs thclirrDitrrrcof(lhios:rndMilctus,thcgolclcupsand rlccorrrivc bronzcs of F.rrrrrir, thc chariors of Thcbcs, rlrc ulphabcr of the l'hocnicirns, eud lrorn Arhcrrs, rhc victor ofMarlthon tlrc pottcr's u,hecJ and rhc child of cl:ry lnc{ lhc ovcn, rhc fincst portcry, the houschold's blcssirrg. Most ofthc nretcriel hrs bccn scr out hcrc lirllowing Ilctzlcy's attribrrtioDs ft) pxilrtcrs :rnd schools, with nlir)or:rdjultnlcnts to suit prcsctrtrtion. I havc not n;rrrccl rn thc tcxt cvcry p:rintcr r,vhosc work is illustrelccl thcrc arc so rnar:y, ;rncl thosc ornittcd iu thc tcxt r:rtc x pictrrrc cithcr bccausc rhcy or lhc v:rscs showrl dcscrvc llcirhcr nlor-c nor lcss. I)rinciplcs ofattribution wcrc ciiscusscd bricfly in ,'1RFH I p. 8, lnd r firrthcr word nrly not bc arlriss silcc thcrc lrc cloubtcrs.

1,.rr, Ll rlrrrlcrirrgsforanalysis. (Thc siglcd work ofJapencsc p nt-rnakcrs , rr,, rroilc:rr clrtoonists, nci*rcr irrdrrclcccl uruch by'srucly front lifi', ' , ,, lrL r.rlitlity ofrhc tcchniquc ofatrriburiorr.) Thc ncxus ofrcndcrir)gs rn , r r ' \\ ()rk is such rher rcpctitiot ofthcnl il ochcr works elmosr ccrtlinly , , rlrr surnc lrlrrd, ancl ticsh cviclcncc (sonrctinrcs of sigrrccl works) , , ' , .. rr Lrth rrdtcr rharr sanctlfics crror. ADd thcrc is so t11uch more ro it than r r\l ,L I r.rr \tLrdy of rcrrclcring offornrs: conlposition, ornarncnt, favourcd . .LrL)tr.t, go t() coIifirrn a sysrem u.hich is ocarcr ro bcing 'scicntific' thrn rrr ,ut history. Thc opportunity it otfcrs to disccrn in dcraii thc

, L

l,r rr,r rs

ot inclividual cralisnlcrl, drcir intcrrclationships, rhcir


' L, rrLl ( \'cll socill prcl'crcnccs, rhcir rolc tn thc rrading oftlrcir produirs, rs , I , ll, 1,1 in.rntiquiry ur)til thc days of st:rnrpcd llorlan warcs. llcazlcy's I , r rlrr' r'Lrnnoisscurship oi Athcnian vescs hls rcrldcrcd possiblc scrious rr r u,holc rlngc ofncw stlrdics to cnqitgc thc intcrcst ofarchacologrsts I

| I l, , ' '


I ( rntury, is rc:rdily dcfinablc ir tcrrrrs ofclatlbJc sculprurc (scc CSC-'P ,,r rorr tlrc tcnrplc sculptl.rrc lt OlyDlpia, throush thc fairly cJoscJy

(.u) sorlrctinlcs bc dctcctctl on vescs, r,"hich arc thcrctry givcn a l)ti\l qucl]t c.1I., lhc Atltcrla rnd Marsyas of (iS(-'P li.g- (r4, and ntany , r , n( , ( ahocs tll' I)arthcnon figurcs. Thc dcvcloptncnt rs irot so rcadily


l,lrrns of rvork on thc l)erthcnon ilnd othcr nlonllrlcnls. Ilchocs of

[]crzlcy harl rdoprcd a vcrsi{)l ()f rhc Morclliln systcrl of aDalysilrg thc rcnclcrirrg ofclcc;ril, cspccillly anltonricrl, by rvhich a paintcr's 'hlrrclwricing' rDirlht bc clctcctcd, wl)cthcr that rcndcriDg bc ullc(nsciously rcpcatccl bccaLrsc trivill, or corrsciously adoptcd and rhcr sust:rincd.'l hc trivial is olicn rhc nrorc iutirrnrltivc noteblv on thc backs ofthc larecr vascs rvhich rrr'oftcll, it ()ur pcriod, fillcd lvithtlvoorthrcc'nlilrrrlc 6ljurcs' clrepcrl youths,tr)cn orwoilcn skctchcd cluickly by thc p;rirtcr and thcrcforc rclcli)y bcrraying his 'lrarrd'; ct. Ir,t-2, ;4-;1. (This critcrion or] SoLlth Itali.ut rcd figurc is clcrronstrltcd by li cndlll in R|SIS.) In this rnd r)thcr rcspccrs Bcezlcy's n)atcial wils cvcn rnorc lcrdily susccptiblc to strch enalysis th;ur thc drtwings Jrld paintings studicd by M,lrclli; it was slrictly llnclr and so nlorc casily dcflrrablc, nruch of ir wrs rot consciously 'artistic', it did not to rny noreblc dcqrcc rlcpcncl on clrlwiug'fronr liti', u.hilc b:rrc bodics:rnd e lirnircd ranqc il drcss olfc'rcd rrlny more rcliablc

t ' ',t /'/i(r. r77 9) clrrv irirly sinrplc fisurcs- Penarhcrraic prizc vascs c:rn bc , lr,,tlr,,,crrt'romthcrrch()I1'snellrcthatthcycarryinthcforrrthcortury / i i / l, r(,9). l)ul thc black figurc drewing or) thl'rlr is lcss rc:rdilv corrrplraLrlc , ,1 trqrrrc than it had bccn in rhe Archric pcriod, tlrough rt lcast onc;rrrrst , r rl both rcchniqucs rnay bc idcntificd, in thc nrid ccntury. ,, , Lrc sc,,,crel lrchlcologic:rl ditting points or contcxts which cotrflrru our ' , t rlr qcrcrel scqucncc. C;r:lvc aoDtcrlts'prrrificd' fiolt l)cios in 425 wcrc , ,l orr tlrc nclrby isl:rnd of l{hcrci:r nncl incluclc mrlch Arric porcry. Thc r r c lir thc b;rrtlc ofl)c1ion in 4u 4 et Thcspirc cott:rilcd lirtlc dcconrtccl rnd tlnt Bocotian, bur corrprrablc with Atic. l'hc gravc of thc 'r. , , .r,.rn,, in Athcrrs (4: t/:) h:rs black portcry rclltablc to rcd figurc. Th.rr rs , l l r, t brcrk ir inrports to Clun)ilc rn lclly, clcsrroycd in 4:r/o. Hirrrcra in , , "rrr,l Louscs u,ith Artic potcry
,['srr oycrl irnd r.]zcd to thc grould irr 4o9 and scvcral 6fih ccnrury havc bccn cxcavatcd- Therc is elso portcry ,\ t lrcrrs ccructcry lronr thc Ionrb ofrlrc Lacolilrrs (4o3; rclatcd to Scmclc ,Lr \\uli l'j.tintcrs) ind ftom thc presurned torrrb ofDcxilcos (194; mur.,r,

rr l lre tirrrrth ccntLrry, partly bcc)rlsc it i! lcss nrerkcd in works rhrr rrri!lht , , Lrrrl r,r,ith rhc v:rsc-pilinrins ofthc day. llccord-rclicfs datcd ro thc ycar


Lul:tttrrLrutcd vxscs). Kalos i:rscriptions pr;risine handsonrc yotrths who nright bc i,.lcntiliablc arc lcss comrnon but still uscful for suggcsting synchrouisnrs in thc rvork of diffcrcut printcrs, cspccielly arotrnd tlrc nrid ccnlury (see ,4RFH I p. rrl): riotablc erc (ilaukon, son of Lcagros (ibid.) rnd lJuaion, sotr ofthc poct Acsclrylus (born about J2J), bLrt EulioD tnly bc praisccl for his xctins rarher than

Chapter Two

,vouthfirl bloonl; hc is known to havc bccn r pleywright. In thc forrrrh ccntury drc 11ow of Attic porrcry ro Cypnts drics up el abotrr thc tirnc ofthc clc;rth ofEurgoras, king ofSalarnis ancl ally ofAthcns, in 374/3, bur it clocs rrot ccasc cntircly, it sccnrs; thc tuJJ blown 'Kcrch stylc' is ttot rcprcscutcd. C)1ynthus, irr rrorth (ircccc', u,rs clcstroycd by PhiJip of Maccclon irl 3411; thc conlpletc vascs foLllld on i!s Irousc floors:rrc:t goocl indicatioD ofcurrcnt stylcs, ircluding'crrly Kcrch stylc', brrt prrr ofthc sitc was soorr rcoccupied. Thc 'l hcban pipcr Prononros [3,2-3] l:rd thc Sparten Spartc [365] arc unlikcly to havc rppcarccl orr Artic vescs until e fter thc cnd ofhostilitics widr Thcbcs ancl Sparta at thc crd of thc lifrh ccntrrry. Lr south llussia, end to a ntinor clcqrcc clscwhcrc, Actic vascs havc bccn fornrd in tolrbs with cl:rtcd Parrathcnaics (scc abovc) or rvith lcss cusily cllrteblc coins. In soudr l{ussia somc ofthe coins run to thc cnd of rhc lourth ccntLlry a! lclst bur nccd not ctrry thc prodllcliolr date ofthc vascs lnyu,hcrc ncar so 1atc. Alcxtndria was fouDdcd iIr 33 t lncl its carly ccmctcrics h:rvc bccn wcll robbcd but so littlc Atric rcd figurc has bccn found (c.g. [azsl) ther it is dillictlt to cscapc thc conclusion tirlt fincr warc was no lotr{cr in procluction in t)rc j:.os. Ilcportcd 6nds in Athcns ofred 6gurc with Panathcnrics of thc a ros rl)ily rcprcscnt its last appcarancc irr siqnificenr conrcxt. _fhis voJunrc, thcrcforc, covcrs e pcriod rnorc dr:rn twicc as long as rhat rn .'1RFH I, conrprising somc two-thlrclt ofthc vascs in Bcazlcy's rcd figurc lists; bur clcspitc dcclilc in thc quality of thc cL awing ot thc vascs tlrcrc is rt lcast ls rnuch that is handsorlc, rncmorirblc arrd signiEcant to disctlss rlrd illustr:ttc.

L, \ rlrcrrs tl)c sccond clurrrcr ofthc fiflh ccnrury is:r pcriod ofwcalth, a pcriod of ',1,rrL' .rnd of frcqucnt cxpcrlitio:rs ovcrscas, e pcriocl irr rvhich rhc lcw l, ,('.lcy is rcsh:rpcd rnd stabilized end its nrcthocls ofchoosirrg its lcadcrs , Lr, r ilcfnrcrl.'lhc cncl is rnarkcd by pcrcc r,vith Pcrsia, rvhich rnlclc no rnorc rr,,r'i.rl ,rlenrrnds on (lrcck llncls, rnd by thc pl:rnning frrr thc rcbuildrrg of \ r, rr: rrd its tcnrplcs. Wc know littlc ofthc rnajor arts ofAthcns il thcsc yc:rrs, , ,l, , ,l l l)cy wcrc partirlly srillccl b y thc clccision nor ro rebuild strliuht awly thc r r rl,lcs ruincd by thc Pcrsians. thc hurubler crrlt of vasc-pain cin q, howcvcr, ,, rr r trs l glinr psc ofthc cflccts ofothcr erts visiblc in thc city, and continucs to ,, lrrllr 1v inhrrrnative about meny aspccts ofAthcnian lifc ard sociccy, not lerst ,,i ,l,rtionships rnd bchlviour wirhin irs potrcrs' qrrartcr. Alicl rhc brillirncc.rncl varicry ofLatc Archeic vasc-paintine, rhe ncw phirsc ,L\ l() bc cxpllincd partly ls iingcring or sub-erchaic in moocl (wcll , iLrl)oslrltcd by thc so-cl1lcd Manncrists, discusscd irr,4RFHI pp. 179 93 1r r r,\'r'Drcr)t' which corrtinucs: scc Obaptcr Tlrrcc), plrtly itr tcrrrs of thc ,l,.rrcnt influcncc of e diffcrcrrr nrccliunt. Prc'viously, rhcrc is l1o rcAsorl to ,,l,.ct thitt 'nr:rjor peiDtiru' or1 plncl or wall wls r}ruch unlikc vasc-painrIng, , .,.pt thrt it probably dlcl not usc ilcision (Jikc black figurc) arrd prclcrrcd I

, L lr:rckg1611pfl (un)ikc rcd figurc). \Vhlt wc scc and lcarrr eborrt Late Archric ,rrtcll woodcn pancls suggcsts compositiorrs likc thosc on vlscs ancl not
, rr t

ll'/rll I

iculrrly largcr nor of liner quelity than, s:ry, thc drewing of thc Pionccrs ch. :), sonre of whorrr arc likcly llso ro hxvc bccn pencl-painters;
ofpalcl-pairrting nright cvcn lic bchirrd rhc vcry invcnrron

,,lceLl, thc practiccs

,,i llrc rcd figurL'tcchnlaluc. Nor is finer clEraving apptrcDt on meralwork, ' ,,lccrl thcrc scems to hlvc bccn sonrc clcclinc hcrc after thc scvcnth cerltury lr t ri oLrr of nrodcllcd (cast) clccoration. I rorl thc scconcl cluartcr ofdrc filth ccntrrry, howcvcr, wc havc tlcscriptions t tlrc ,,vall-pairrrings of l)olygnoros ofTirasos (working principally it Athcns r ,l l)clphi) rnd ofthc Athcrriiln Mikon. fhcsc paintirgs arc clclriy quite novcl r L Lrrnposition, bcing lrljor friczcs with figr.rrcs at lc:lsr halflifc size ancl clisposcd , l,.rr(1 dowrl thc friczc, which wls itsclf onc-arrd-a-half or two fiqurcs high. I lrcrc wes no qucstion of pcrspcctive in drcsc picturcs, ancl thc uppcr figurcs 'r L lc rot snrallcr or dccnlcd to be fi.lrthcr awty, or cven lcss irllportarrt, b!1t dtc


possibility of, c.g., cuttin!! olFsome figurcs, as bcllind rocks or a hill crest, :rnd of introducing ncw rclationships bctwccn figurcs and within groups, no longcr bound to a singlc ground linc. This opcncd up the possibilitics of ncw corrccptions ofspacc iD figurc compositions. !trc know tllc paintings o Jy l'rorrr clcscriptions by latcr writers, Dotably Pausanias' figure-by-figurc accounl of rhosc at I)clphi; nonc havc survivcd, nor wcrc thcy to drc tastc oflatcr coPyirt\ end collcctors, howcvcr highly tJrc nemc of l)olygrrotos was rrted 1 hc new conrpositiorrs wcrc observcd and inritated by thc vasc-paintcrs froDl rbour 46o on, scldo:r end in a linritcd way, though with irllporlrnt implications for thc composition oflatcr vasc sccllcs. Thc carlicst exanlplc, ancl perhaps tirc oDc !hat corlcs closcst to thc aPpcilrancc ofthc wall liiczcs, is on thc nanlc v:lsc of rhc Niobid l)aintcr [1], whcrc wc scc thc fiiczc' of on c-an d-a-half figurc hcight ud thc cuc-olF figurcs. Somc bclicvc that tlrc ncw paintings also introclucccl lcw poscs for figurcs bur dris is not bornc out by rhc dcscripciorrs, elrhough thc cnlargccl ficld arrd thc ncw pcrception ofspacc ifnot dcpfi which it olfered, probably cncourrgcd somc boldcr foreshortcnings; bur drcrc is no dranratic cbangc. Thc ralhcr oldtashioncd alatonrical dcrail shown fcrr somc figurcs orr this vasc (rhc cnrplutic bclly-pattcrrrs), and on slightly lltcr vascs which also sccm inspircd by wallpainrirres, has bccn thought a fcaturc ofthc major painrings, copicd by thc vascprintcr. If truc, this would bc irltcrcstiDg and surprising sincc thcrc is cvcry rcason to bclicvc th:rt thc vesc-p:rirltcr clid not copy w:t1)-paintings, Ji:rc for linc or figurc by frgurc, Lrut lh:tt thc inllucncc was far nrore gencralizcd and thc ncw stylc clrlstically adrprcd to thc diffcrcnt nrcdium which could offcr long lriczc conrposiriolrs only by rvrapping thc sccncs eroulrd thc largcr crerer

of vrricd

grour)d lincs within thc composition ofi:rcd thc

, r, rr ,,1 .r Lrlc. is no longcr a novclty. Facial expressions cxplore subtletics ,, r, ,l rlri rrrcrc grintace ofpain, and postures abandon the formuiac ofthc

' , ,,,.., l,(x)k, rlrlrorrgh each paintcr will

develop and cxploit his own


L \ , ,r r r ( \. t Irc plintcr contrives 'to includc ilr his art morc ofnaturc's manifold t,1,, r r, , rrrr rr.r t hln bcforc' (Bcazlcy). Colour and pattcrn bccome subordinatcd to

discussed already in,4RFH I ch.4 - fic l\l ,,,,,( ll\r\. sor)c por-pxintcrs, and followers of somc ofthc Late Archaic cupI ,,,r, r, ,rll in varying degrees depcndcnt on the old tradition. Here wc ! !1,,i, rrr.rtc (nr thc tlcw, but the Archaic constantly intrudcs.

, .l,rr'r\t()l) of lnood. ',,,,,,t l,.rir tcrs ofthis pcriod havc bccn


obscssion with pattcrn in arraronry ancl drcss, arrd with ir sonrc ofrhc delictcy of clrluglrtsnrrLnship: 'thc nan who draws oudincs on pors bccotttcs a hulnblcr,

'l'hc carly drawing stylcs of thc [arly Classical soon :rba:rdon thc Archaic

rrorc rncchanical person' (Bcazlcy). Thc moocl is nrorc dignificd, almost irustcrc, and thc perellcl cxprcssion ofit in sculpturc is aptly narrcd thc S.:v.:rc
Stylc (CSCl) ch. 2) typificd by rhc sculpcurcs ofthc Tcmplc ofZctrs at O)ynr pi.r. Athcns h:rs littlc to ollcr in sculpturc u:rtil towards thc middlc of thc ccntury, rvhich is whcn many think thc finc Riecc bronzes wcrc crcatcd (ibid-.f{r. l8 9), in an Athcnian studio. lrr dctail, wc scc thc pattcrn ofclrcss shakcn or-rt itrto looscr, rrorc rcalistic folds: wherc rhcrc arc stacks t>flolds chcsc arc no longcr dcfinccl by zigzag hcrllirrcs bur sirnply grortpcd in plrallcl lines oftcn with a dot Pattcrn

bctwccn. Thc hcavicr woollcrr prplo-,,,^76111 by womcn in prcfcrcnce to tltc looser and nrorc ornatc .l,i/dl abcrs this imprcssion- Ar-ratorny is rcndcred sonrcwhat nrorc intprcssionistically, but still with carcful obscrvttion ofpetlerrl, end a propcr profilc vicw ofthc cyc is gradually achieved, ptrpil to lhc front, Jong uppcr lid. lleal forcshortcrling is attcmptcd lncl the rhrec-quartcr vicw,

I r, Nr()rn) PATNTER [1 8] is thc prime exponent of the new style. We have '1,,,r,.,,,1 his rlanle vase [4] and its demonstration of the influencc of wa1lIL,,,rI)1,,, l)rrr rDust notc that it is so far uniquc in his work and appears late in his , ,, , r A vrricty ofthis composition, with only a slightly rising or fluctuating 1,,r r,,l lirrc. is found in thc work ofhis contcmporarics, c.g. It-2, r3 ], but not (so i r ,,r lris vrscs. It too probably dcrivcs lrom major painting and in its way is ,,,r, , llictivc at suggesting depth offield though almost as restrictive as the old i , , , r r thc lumbcr offigurcs ii can accommodatc. Our paintcr docs, howcvcr, ,,t1, r .,. rr c finc largc-frgurc friczcs on a singlc groundlinc [2, 3 ], often encircling rl,, r .rr'. .rnd pcrhaps also cchoing morc conventional narrativc stylcs on largcr r,, ,, rrr othcr mcdia. Hc likes thc largc vascs for such subjccts volutc, calyx ' ,r,l lrcll cratcrs, with somc of the medium-sized - pelikai, neck-amphorae, l,,,lrrrr lor rnore modcst groups. Anothcr way to answcr thc intcrcst in major tr r, :, s .rrrrl nrany figurcs was to split thc cratcr ficlds into two narrowcr friczcs, a l, r,vc find also in the Niobid Painter's work [5, 6]. ',,, ( )r lris nanle vase the ground lincs lre in white (and so barcly visiblc in Ilr,,r,,rtr.rphs) and this is to be the rulc cxcept whcre paintcrs dispcnsc with thcm ,lL,,r'( (lrcr. Somc modcst floral cmbellishment of the ground may be seen: lrr,lll 'larrdscape' though this too has been attributed to the influence of , ,,1.,, .rpc clcmcnts in major painting, which thc dcscriptions show to havc bccn ,, rrrrrrr.rl. I Iis figurcs havc a finc, solid prcscncc to them, scrupulously drawn and ,' rrlr ,r lor ofdress and armour patterning in the Archaic manncr, although this ',,,,,, probably docs rcflcct thc grcatcr colour and dctail possiblc in mrjor 1,,r'rrnq. He has a 6ne, almost antiquarian eye for the detail ofdrcss, ar,d for



nrorc old-f:rshioncd, but

giants or ccntaurs, as did thc wlll-paintcrs, whilc his smallcr vascs carry divinc pursuits or clcprrturcs of warriors, hcroic, or Adrcnian, or hcroiscd Atherrran. wlrich bcconrc incrcasirrely popular. TIrc hcroic atnrosphcrc ofa dcparturc sccnc such as l7l is applrcrrt whcn lvc contp:rrc it with Hcccor's artnjng for dcparturc by Euthymidcs, fifty ycars crrJicr (,{1?FH I-/ig. -t:, cf.45), and on Lil thc "nd thar nunrbcr of wonrcrr plcscn! hrs suEgcstcd to or)c scholar this should bc, Achillcs prcprring to lcavc rhc llclics ofSkyros lor Troy, encl nor rn Arhcnran subjccr. Thc fornrulac lor such sccncs had bccn long cstablishc'd; when a ltcw one is sought for a myrhological occasiorr, :rs on [t], wc m:ry bc surpriscd by rhc ;rpprrcDt r)aivcty irr showing how Apollo dcflccccd Paris'arrow to Achillcs' lrccl. Ofthc Niobicl Painrcr's conrpaniorls rhc ALTAMURA PATNTF.R lro, r I I is c:r1ntcr,

4:), rrrd this is a quality to which nr,,r. !,.r\u prrntcr.\ will now:rspiic, with verying clcgrccs ofconviction. Hc likcs thc cpic fighting sccncs, of Alnirz()n5,

oftlarrativc- Tlrcrc is a nronurncntality about his work which cscapcd his prcdc'cessors, cxccpr, pcrhaps, thc Klcophr;rdcs Painrer (,4RtH I lr'gs. rz9

,, r,' ..,,lrr, L,l bv thc hish fjclds olli'rccl by sorneshapes. ()therwise the clcsirc r ,, L l,r,,lrlt r.rrr()r) ,rf snrrllcr ligrtrcs on thc largc vlscs, ancl thc narr.rtivc l, I rr, , tlrcv ollcr. is lrrswcrcd by putting two ticrs of Iillures or1 cratcrs, ,,,,,11, \\Lrlr rrrrr,lltcrlstrlrjccts, l clcvicc wc lravc nrcr alrcady wirh thc Niobid l',,,,, 1 ,. r,l Nrrnc ofthcsc variablc groturd-linc or up-ancl-down coDlposi,,', , ,,1 l,, c.rr licr tlrarr about 4_io, and rhcy look apprcciebly latcr rharr rhc ,, ,ll' rrr(r':n;lr)rcv;rsc. lt7] and lrg] offcr odrcr painrcrs' rrcatnrcnts ofthc

',, , ,', rrrrilL lrrczc tn a cr.1tcr. k is clcar that thc friczc, whcthcr or not it rs l. l,,i rlrtiqlrt,h;rsbccorncanrorcimportxntclcDrcnrfornarrativcdisplay L rl , I' rnt l, errd ir is Jikcly *rat drc rrcw stylcs of major pairlting arc rllc
lirr this slrilt of



lir Lrlc-groun

d-1in c

conrpositions, Jnd Ir,9] a djffcrcnt usc ofthc

lot for

drat rcason 1irerally his scnior and only

tcrn pcram cntaJly his'clclcr brorhcr', ls Bcazley c:rlls him. Irrdccd hc decoratcs thc 'ncw' shapc for tllc volutc cratcr, wirh nroulclc'd ncck I ro], which rhc Niobid l):rintcr docs not- Hc dccorrtcs stamnoi too, :t shapc also nrvourcd by thc plrurrrs oflerqc pots (brrr scldonr a lield lor rhc Niobid Painccr), whilc thc old fashioncd
bc11 cratcr wirh 1ug handlcs is not forgortcn Ir r ]. I Ic sccn)s nor to bc r:rkcrr by thc ncw compositions. For thcsc wc turn to e crudc but bold followcr ofthc Niobid I);rintcr, thc PATNTER or rrrE Woolly SATyns. I,zl is a gooci cxamplc ofa conlposition with thc fluctrrating groLlnd linc ancl it ncrtly dcmonstrltcs both onc of thc distirrctivc cut-olF figurcs and a darirrg group of Greck clispatching Anr;rzon in a conrbination ofpostLrrcs unthinkrblc carlicr. Anrazorronrachics arc fivorrrccl for such sccrrcs: a subjcct popular roo on wal]s, scrving ls parablc to A drcus' succcssful dcfeircc:rgainst thc l)crsian invasions. Hjs volurc craccr li3l rl,itlt its sinllle nilrrow friczc aud figurcs on a variablc ground linc offcrs a richcr tcxcrlrc offiEurcs than nlost colrvclltional rccl figurc, and cxp)oits wc11 thc litrc black ofthc vitsc walls, as had mosr black figurc volutc craters. Ir4] is no lcss original: this scc'ms ro bc a wcary Hcraklcs with rhc dcad lion (which looks morc :rslccp than dced). Thc scatcd figurc should bc Eurysrhcus, thc yourh Iolaos, Hcraklcs'conrpani<>n, but hc sccms alrcady to have e lion-skin. A third trcarnrent fcrr rhc ncw corrlposirional styic is to il]crcasc thc height of thc friczc relativc to thc figurcs, as iD rhe crrly cxlrnlplcs lry thc parNrnn or BoLocNA 279 [15, r6l. Wltcn rhis is combincd with ntore ovcrlapping groups rnd rctivity rlngine up and down the ficld, the gcncralc1Icct may bc confusug, errcl ifwall-paiDrings wcrc rcelly likc this wc must ittlaginc rhat thcir grcatcr sizc inrproved rhc cfFcct. [t sccms barcly approprjatc on a c]ay vasc, and latcr, bctccr peiDtcrs who arc attractcd to such compositions wiJl spacc thc figurcs rnorc cffcctivcly, whilc poorcr paintcrs will range thc)it in scparatc but trndefincd

t I r


ly rclrtcd brrt rnorc acadcrnic group ofpailrtcrs sAw no ncccl for sr;ch

,r rr r t)rrly thcir lcadcr, thc VtL^ Grurl^ PatNrnn lzo 2jl, will rcgul.rrly ,r rl)1 ll)c litrgcr critcrs for his work; for thc'othc'rs pclikai, stamnoi and


r \nllicc, u.irh smallcr vrscs. Thc nrost characrcristic cornpositiorrs arc, in , ( \'\ pl)rrsc, 'quict and harnronious', k) thc point ofbcing boring cxcept ,1,, r, thc subjcct rrlttcr clD hold us. The revcrses of thc vascs arc lnorc r rr ly now 6lled by Jay 6gures (the ViJJa Ciulia Painrer ofrcn has a'king' and

,,,",,rrrcn),banalgroupsofson)cvaluc,howcvcr,iridcntifyingartists'hlnds, , , rrr thcsc 6gurcs (commonly 'mantlc figurcs') drc artist rclaxcs lnd rcvcrls

,,, ,'r,,n.rJly works on whitc ljround,

r , ,r

rrrtLrrrl' rDd lndiviclual h:rrrdwriting his signaturc- Our paintcr also as in thc rondo on [zo] with rhc goddcss 1..,,,)holdingajugtinncdovcrtoinritarcsilvcr.ThcCnrcac()PArNrF.RJ26 291

r r)r()rc cnEeging pcrsonelity. Thcsc rrtrsts rnrtiitc,ln rnlcrcst in

rlrip lncl darrcc at



pillar inragc ofl)ionysos lz4l, oftcn associ:rtcd by schollrs ,i rrlr thc Lcuaia fc'stivitl, or with an cpisodc in thc spring Anthesrcria; thcsc hevc a tr,irl bLr! visorous voguc. Thc Pcrsian bcing attackcd on [29] rcminds us thac r ,lr (ontcnrporary cncourtcrs with thc barbariarr hacl bccn givcn a dcgrcc of r r()r. status in Athcnian art sincc thc l)crsian wars (ARFH l.ftgs.27t),3oj).


t llrltut Lnru Ly lht Nil,iLl /,an,rrr. .sarA r,/ lnt: tuy . ,)l ,lilhn tnp( oi Kd\\ 11111
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uthLr, ,4nt:uonaLhy

2 t/.1 ( L'ntl L,y th( Nnt,itl Pni 0. Al'oN klL, lnrtLl by Phalot.

tr\ thtttt

by tht NirhiLl Pdi tet. Cigantodathy: Arts,

Zas, Ano i!,

ApolLo. tsclou, Dionysos.

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Ni\)hid Paintu. Abor(, the.qrds./&t( Pdndotd.

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',,,,1, t't tht Chiedro Po"tat. . t ,t I l\ t.t |t. H. 23

10 Pointcd

dnphard by thc Orcithyin Paintar.

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Poitn l anryhatu by the Copenhqte Pantut. AthiUes rckit,4 kttu ahnott. H.47.2

Altcni'. H.47.j

leJt) Lekyrtur by thc Villa Oiulid Painto_ Apotlo

,7 kboft an.l h.Low) Stannos hy tha Chnara paint(r

?ollbo+'ittt, Stda'"-,lt th,\', la; t,1-tB-a lpl

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35 Calyx crater by rhc


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l,.rr(i.Lllrr stlbjc(as. .rrr(1 lll.rrl! f;lvotrI llr( c()lul]lll crrtcr. .l slrilPc Ll l,r' tLc sccrrrrcl rrtc; it is n)()rc crsllv potte(l, rrr()rc cr\ily c:lrric(1. l\ t(I.c robtrst. llrc ()l]lllrryl,\ lrrtrrrr,rr L.lrrl convcl.: stili v)lrlc \ L .rnrl gr.rrr.lcLrr, lrrd rrru\r l)c c.rrlv irl thc pertocl. Notitc thc firtc, r l.rrd h:ril oi thc North WirLl (ltorc,rs).,rnrl rhcthrccdifii'rcrrr u;tvs
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irrc \ho\{ll rcxli\tiL cLrrls. xrlLl rhc Arclr.tic rvrr'1'locks i,,,l,hlcr. Thc Ar,t;rs r r r L. s l)^r Nrfn rlso r lcrr A rlhlic oriqinr (:rr thc , rl),untr.r'sbench; .'11?1rl/1./i(s. r99 -lor;ln11hcr,.]) rrrtlrttcrupts (r.rtcr\ ]t5, ;61. ()tlrcrs ll: 11, i7 l.i] .rrr Provc corrrpctcrrt ;rrrd , ,,it,rriorrrll,v \\'rth \()rrr('rigoLrr irr tirrurrrg, oaa;l\iolt;lllv with lt() , l :.r.rlalry dirccttrcrs. lhcl irrrlLrlqc sonrc nrinor sPccirlls.rtj(,n nr ,, ,rr rl]cl lcbctc: q.trrrik,ri l;l', +ol (.orrccrrtr;tttolt bv sorrrc l.lilrtcrs ort r rl rr,1 wcdclirrq r,:rscs $ il1 bc rt fi'rttLrre ol tLc a()llllllq qcncl rtiorr' I hc 's , ,s l'ar I r r rr l4;, .7 s I rc.rll\ n)rrrr ()1_tlrc l)rtr l)rtitrtcr clttictcr trlourctlts rnfl)or:rc rr(l )ck,r'thoi (.'l/lFH I,hlt.. ::) +f. c\p. thc lckvrlroi,./r(r. I , rqcring Archlisrrr c,trr bc sccrr cvrrv\!hcrc it tlrc uolk of tllcsc , l).lilltcr \ bLrt thc llottt,rs ,rDd l t otrl' l)ll\r lr n\ l./J 501 illc thc

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bl,rck nccks.rrrd rrqht ,,,1ri r. gcncllllv uot irtritirrq trrorc lh.trr orrc or two liqlrr c\ fcl sidc. I'11is , r,L r rrpicd irr rhc ::rrrrc ycilrs b\ rhc cirrlv Mirrrrrcrisrs :rnd otlrcrs rvllosc r rL AlcL.ric studios is Irtorc:c.rdrlv,IPfirrerrt.lnd r,r,ltosc rvork hls bcctr I r,, .l/l/rll I ch. -1. ,,t tlrc lckl'thos printcrs rlcscrrc.rtttntion lirr thcir corrrlibtrtiorr to rhc r,rl.lrir)'o1 .rn ol(l tc.llrriquc wLitc groLlr)d rhich is lirltllcr sttrrlictl r r ( llr,lptcr [i{)ur. ]'hcS,rrr()lrRorrl)AtNlltRl5/ tlllsilbtrs,vorp-prlrrrcrtrf r' rir, ojlcrirlr plcrsrrrg ifLrn.rrrrbrti()Lr\ tlqtrrcs of)oLlllts llttl wotrtert otr , i .orrrc bcttcr u or k orr lrrqcr r,'tscs. I lc p.rirtctir lcrv lcd-figLrrc lck,vthoi, \ \\ hltc qroLrrrd wlri.l) rrc Lll\\c(l clst u hcr c rrrd hc :t goo.l rvltitc r,,rLlo,.vitlr IIcrr l;r]. I'Jrc lR()r,rYl),llNttRsPcrsrrtAthcrrl'itrirrgorr rnrplror:rc,

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r ul-ligurc. btrr tltcr c rrc sorrrc , ,lr,rrrqc of rnood. Most of his lckl thoi 'rr,. r,,LrnLl. u'itlr thc !rrrrc sirnplc ruL-,jccts. rlrrnly sirrqlc llgtrrcs of worlrcrr ,..Lrr,l rhc olrl bl.rtk-prlrrrettc shoulLlcrr 'l'hc Atsr:tttxtr! l']^rNrr,li 16. (-rl l, ll,\rirsRlrrr t).llNrr.R h,rvc r sirrriLrr r:rrrii( of irr ,r tlrr.r

' rs PLrzzlins lr;1. lhc Ilrlu,trotN Ir^r\lllk ltb 591 r,,':rr thotr{ht l)1' r r,, bc r'cr) likcl,r'tlrc sillllc tttitll ls the Atllclrl l)rirrtcl lr'ho 1l;rLl rrll rs c.rrccr in Lrhck tigLrrc c,rr1y irr thc ccrrtrrr',v (.-1Ii|1J pp. rr-l .1, Ll8). r .h,rllqe oi tcal]rliquc :lrld .l(l\' )c,trs sccnr .tca()rrlPrlllici-l bY il '

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1,,,1r,,1 lhcsc'us a:rcl with -lroj:rn sccncs outsiclc; rhc tcchniquc this tl n rc , , r t , r r I rcd fiqurc and rhcsc 'firll insidcs' arc tours-dc-forcc r:rrcly ,rr, rr1,r,,l b1 virsc-paintcrs. l hc borclcr to thc lor1do of his rralllc vese was :l ,,,,Lrr rl r r v fiie zc, a dcvice that will notbcforgottcn by ptinrcrs (:rncl scc lris I [1,,, ,!t)l), but on sonre othcr bill cups with lergc tondo scc]rcs hc pLlts an

l, l, , ,, lr r. rrorc couvcrrtionully imposing nrlstcrpir:ccs. Anothr:r cvcn bisgcr r1 , , rr r .rr rors) frorr Spina l8r ] fi11s its irl rcrior with r friczc lround thc toDdo ,

Thc Early Cllassicrl cup-p:rintcrs rvorking still in thc olcl tr:rdilion rvcrc
,4llirIJ L Thc ncw srylc is dorlinatcd by two narrrcs which typify rhc bcst lnd rvorst ofrhc pcriotl. Ihc l)rsToxtNos l'arNrrn 164 69l carrics much of thc tlclicacy and qutlity ofthc Latc Archric into thc ncw pcriod; aptly, hc pr.riscs Cilaukon on his v:rscs, son ofthc Pionccrs' darlirg, Lc:rgros (,,'l RFH I p. : r j ). Wc nlct Pistoxcnos ls thc skyphos-1'rottcr who acloptcd thc nanrc Syriskos (ibid- p. r r 4). Thc pain tcr h rs rn othcr pottcr liuk wirlr thc Latc Archaic in h is clccor r tiun
discussccl in

,r r,.rrlr bordcr [8-z ]. , ,r lrr r sidc t() his crrccr is dcm()nstretcd by thc cxtcrior of his nanlc vtsc I,' ', r, r ,' tlrcrc lrc trivi;r1 sccncs ofbig-hcaded youth s alcl rhcir horscs. Thcsc, ,,1,,, rl,,rrublv dullcroups ofyouths and girls, pcoplc thc nrajority ofhis othcr ,l, lr,l l'lrc srylc is sJick, nor quitc cerelcss, sometinrese rnitc charrning, trut rl, r lr' rvcckday nranncr abovc which hc riscs only irr rhc larecr rondo cups

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of onc (or morc, cups nrrdc lor hirn by thc now clclcrly I)ionccr Euphronros
lrorrr peirrtirru ro pottinu in thc carly lifth ccntury; ibid. pp. z. rhc clroicc ofr whitc srouncl hrr thc tondo carryirrg dclicatc but vigorously conposccl outlinc clrlwing wirh a strong Archeic flevorrr. Hc has ln originll way rvirh srory-tcJli)lq; i llrajor Jrtirt ofthc pcriocl. His rvhirc gronnd rondi nrLrsr bc c:lrly,47o or iirtlc latcr, rvirh stroDg rclion I64, 6Jlor sirrglc tlcirystutlicsl6Tl.'Thcrcisasubtlctyofcolor.rtroD ancl dctail hcrc which cscipcd r)rost ofhis contcmporarics- Ofhis conrprnr,rns thc lAReurNrA l'arNrnn will e]so rry whirc-grourd tondi [7;] but is gcncrally sirtislicd wirh rcpctitivc youths and lthlctcs. FIis snbjcct martcr is still strorrgly Archeic. Thcrc is othcr inrcrcsring work of rhis fhvour in this arc. [75 79]. C)bscrvc thc black cnpboy oD If] w]ro inrruclcs irrto thc pl.iD band ofstill-lifes u,hich rcpl:rccs thc couchcs in thc syrnposion (.rs,4l?lLH I.hX. lo5).
(r,vho had turrrccl

1,,, ,, irlurcs! brrt paintcd by rnothcr hend. Bcazlcy dctccrcd sonrc fifrccu ,lrll I rr l),rintcrs sharirlg thc work of dccora!irg cups in this 'workshop',

3l): lhcy ilrc clistinguishcd in thcir painting too by

, r, rrrly cloi:rg tondi or cxtcriors, wh:ttcvcr was palsscd to thcm along tltc l, ,,rrr'c rhc orhcr sidc hrd dricd off. We need not dwell on individuals, but ,r ,,, , ,rsionllly risc to bcttcr drinqs, sornc copy thc ivy-wrc:rth torrdo-bordcr ,t r ( rr;rstcr's vascs [87, 8E] or artcrnpt a full insidcs [90], cvcn if sp:rrscly I l,,rlrrtrl. Pyxiclcs arc anothcr lavouritc shepc [891. Thc rrurnbcr ofidcrrrificd ,, tr, rrr dris workshop nLrmbcr rrclrcr r thollsend thall hvc hundrcd; by now

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Thc sccond cup-pairllcr works latcr and is importent ls both ;trtis!


' , r lr()r)) thc cvcn lcss illspircd, vcry letc bllck frgure which it was rcplacrrg l/i/ // fp. rJo r). r, portcr Pisroxcnos scems to hrvc inlullLrritcd a fislrioD for spccialist I llr,rs protluction and dccorrtiorr. Thr: LEwls PAINTER [92 95], who, no doubt l, r l,r rl)()scs of ldvcrtiscrncn I or sclf-cstccnr, borrowcd thc nanrc ofhis rnorc


h.rr thc

bulk of Athcnian rcd figurc


prodlrction wrs about, laking

cntrcprcncur (ifhc wes indccd nrastcr ofthc workshop that wc associerc with his r:rnrc): thc PrNrlrrsu.uA l)ATNTER IEo 86]. On his nanlc vasc thc figurcs fill thc tondo IEo. i ] lncl lrc rhcrctirrc as big or biggcr th;rn nrost on cratcrs (t]rc cup rs 4-1 crrl :tcross). ()nc scDscs thxr tllc colllposiliorr would havc [rcttcr soitcd a rcctatlglc' rhan a circlc, u,hich clocs not rncan that it wts copicd fronr a fiiczc or plnc1, though it clclrly f<rllows thrr stylc ofconrposition which wc:tssociatc with nr:Uor peir)ring. It is e goocl cxlrnplc ofthc inadcqnacy ofthc mcdiunr ald ficlci fir such clrawing, but individually thc figtrrcs arc inrprcssivc, hclpccl by rich touchcs ofwhitc tnd gilt relicl I'hc tcchniquc is rhrr ofthc whitc-ground vascs (inclcccl prccious littlc bleck backsrourrcl is visiblc). Thcrc:rrc opaquc wxshcs of cololrr on drcss, ovcrpaintcd with whitc or black lincs. A pale wash shrdcs thc intcrior of 'Achillcs" (thc idcnrity is nor ccrtain) shiclcl; his body is rcdclish, chc orhers brownish. Wc giinrpsc hcrc thc lppcarance of m:rjor Early Olassicei plintr:rg probably rnorc clcarly than on lny s(rrviving whitc-qround work. Bu!

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ofgods, olccn lavishing sonrc carc'or) thc clctail ofthc ritlrcr stiff Owr-Sxvpn()r bck)n!: ro tllc sccond:lnd thircl querrers ofthc ccntury L,,l l,r csc-nr thc Athcnian owl rnd (rivc sprig on cithcr sidc, oltcn on r skyphos l,r (thc.(1drr: owl) with onc horizoDral, onc vcrtic.l hlDdlc (likc a bc.rk :rncl r ). thcy irr.'rathcr like holiday souvenirs, with the local coat ofarms [96,97]. ', \rN r VAL]]NTTN v:rscs, l]lrir)ly skyphoi or footlcss kantheroi, :rrc pattL'rrlcd ouly 'rrLlr chcqucr, fcathcr/scllc rnd rinrilar tcxlilc-likc dcsigns l99l, which will . i ll.t llcs eppcilr rlso orl thc orrrsidcs ofothcrwisc Iillurc-dccorated cups. And r rlrr\c ycars thcrc is a short-livcd ncw kantharos shapc wirh stumpy ft)or and ,,,r h:rrrdlcs, dccorarcd by various hands l98l. Wc turn with sonc rclicfto thc llr Lrf thc grcirt n;rmes of this period. \( )TADr.s w;rs r pottcr ofirn;rgiuatiou rnd delicacy. He and his entoLrrage rllade

, rr(\t chaptcr), printcd rrxny smell skyphoi iu a pieasirrgly unassunrng Ir f ri( r, llcDcrelly withjust ooc or two fiqurcs on cach sidc, favourir)s pur\Lrits
,r,,1 ..trrriics

rrlLrishcd con terr

porary Polygn otos (arrd so is ca)lcd I'olygnoros II; f<rrlscc

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oLrrlirrc drrwinq is cxccurccl in prJcsc gloss pdinr, bur thc rcldc,cl coloL;rs arc nreinly now_1osr. Tirrcc finc ctrps ir London (two arc ro.z, ro,;l), wirh rhc phillc I lrool rnd-ocher ribbcd cups wcrc fountl irr onc !or:rb ln Ailicrrs. l.lrc subjr,ct nretrcr ofrhc tondi is originrJ ;rncl rttcntpts havc bccn ntadc ro firrd a cortr:not ftctor which might cxplein thc purchasc :urcl dcposiriorr of tllc qroup in orc tonrb. (loral rccl is usccl on thc oucsidc ofonc, ,rnil in thc groovci ofthc ilutc.l cups; it also appcars rrl othcr cups, erolll1d rhc toncio roEl or on tbc outsidc, thc I lesr irnporttnt Llsc lor this untrsual colouring ccchniqnc.

odditics (irn esrresal Iro5l). A nrorc colourful inriratiolr ofarr casrcrn shapc is rhc Hutcd (rvhite. bl:rck arrcl coral rccl) phirlc, wlrirc within, rvith e cicacl:r p.,rcJrccl on irs rnvcl l.rool. IJis dclicecy is displ:rycd in drc snrall cups vu,ith nrciryrhought h.rurllcs. clccoratccl by rhc lrtisr wc call rhc Soraors parrrlr iof]_ -ihc

typc Iorg f:rnriliar fronr prccioLrs-nrct:rl l)crsilrr spoils and inrporis tiorrr thc Lrst; othcr-s rrc wholc ligrrrcs (sphinxcs Iro6l) or eroups (a l,cisier lcading :r camcl Iror l, r r)cqro boy clLrghr by a crocodilc lro4], e rrounrcd Arnrzon), or

nrrlr bcr ofnovclty fiqurc vascs wirh rccl-6lrur c dccor:rrion on thc v:tsc nrouths. Sornc rrc in thc shapc ofeninul lrceds (rams, clogs, bolrs lo7], donkcys) copl ing


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by th. Penth.\ilu Pait (r. AthiLL5 nnd 1)o h^ikn?

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by nr ktthesiba Painter lhr i! t5taftd. Dia,]t. ,r.4

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Chapter Three


I l, ltcr lin l)aintcr. masrcr of thc Latc Archtic pcriod (,4RFH I pp 9 r t t I) . ,rl,,l .rr into thc sccond qtrarlcr ofthc 6ltlr ccrrtury arrd hecl a busy ifrr'rt ,1', ,r. ,lntinguislrccl tirllowing (,4RFH I pp. I9l J). Thc Acrtrrrs l)'rrNrrn lr,1 rrSl,.rtworkbyabout46o,sccnrsllisnatLu:ll succcssor xlld nr ey cven hevc


r,,,, r .l

'I'hc P:rrthcnol was bcing plrtrnccl irr thc nrid filth ccntury; in 43 B thc tcmpJc wrs rlcclicatcrl lncl irr rhc lirllowing six yc':rrs thc pcdinrcnlal figttrcs wcrc instellcd. It rv;rs l buiJding rich iu nrrrblc sculprtrrc, lrrd in rclicfrrrclrhvork and p:rinting (orr thc cult starrrc). Thc sr.rrvivinq sculprurc typiflcs lor rts Arhcnian arl of thc pcr iod, irs Cllssicel, idcllizcd stylc. In vasc-paiuting wc rightly look for cchocs ofthjs, bur it is clusivc, althottgh wc rley tclclily dctcct sccncs uhich appcar to ;rlnr lor !hc slrnc idcrlizccl, hcroic autlospherc,:rod sccucs ofcivic display. Thc $J;ry thc c fi dcvclops cln bc ttndcrstcxrd :rlmost wholly in tcrms of thc mcdir.rnr rund its tcchniqucs, perellcling radrcr than copying highcr:rrts. 'l his chaptcr dcels u'ith 'thc I'arthcnotr pcriod', ycrrs ofprospcriry lnd powcr ibr Athcns, dolvn to thc,l2os wllL'n war and cvcnts lvhich wcrc co lcad ro dcfcat sign:r11ccl for sorlc paintcrs e surprisinq chlngc ofnrood. I havc dcfcrrcd to tht' ncxr chrptcr orle or lwo :lrtists wholn Be:rzlcy irrcludcd ill his '(ilassic' phesc, not i:r lny atrcnrpt !o itlprovc orr his cllssific:rtion, but to isolltc hcrc that work lvhich is truly'Prrthcrronian'and to kccp ()gcthcr thc work ofartists whtr cxprcss morc fully thc rrcw, nrorc florid stylcs of latcr in thc cc:rtury. Thcrc is soincthing ofthc appcaralrcc oflhcsc ncw stylcs ilrcirdy in thc latcsl Parthcnorr scu)ptnrc (thc pcdirrcrrrs), Llut nor of thcir nroocl as il is exprcsscd in vasc-

,,,, ' ,1,, llrr. strtrccts Itrr, lr.:1. Likc his llrrsrcr hc is not lntrch intcrc-stcd in ,,, l, t L1.d srory-tc'llirrg btrr is satisflctl rvith sruclics ofgorls, Nikri, pursr'ritr. | , rrl.rrq. Hc rpprccilrcs prrrc black, Plltrilr!! thc tinicsl vigncttcs ()rl sornc t ,l .r ,rrioi,lndirmeyltavcbccntrtlchthcsamcprcfcrcncc'whichlccllrinrto 1,r rrlr, rrcrcrsirrgly popullr sqtrat lckyrhoi, wirlr tlrcir sinrplc hceds anci busts i,, ,l ,,,r.rtion. WircD hc.lccc,ntrcs thc biggcr crltcrs thcliqurcs drc ticd to thc , , ,Lrr,,l ror clisposcd up lnd dowrr ill thc'nlodcrn tlratlncr'lcerrrcd fronl wT lls

tlrcrclorc big bJeck vescs (1ikc thc olcl-fashiorrcd bcl1y arrrphora, his .rrc I rogl) or thc srn:rllcr Nohn lrnphorec w)rich dispJay wcll thc onc- or

Fronr this point on, drawing stylcs clcvcloP Inorc slowly thln they had in thc pililltcrs:tchicvc a Ilcw lllastcry ofsPicc end lhc f:LsL hundrccl ycars. hl tilnL'sot1lc iclrtiolship bctwccl fiirurcs, or sttcccssful dcpictioll of rllass lnd motion irr linc drrrlvirrg, bul for lhc rlost Pxrr dctcrlrlil)ation of darc ancl of rhc work ot'

r)llstcr, hc- pcrltlps Prints ilr blilck frqtlrc loo, for prizc l)llrethcnllcs ground 1c'kythoi, 1o t). I fii'sobcr bceuty'is bcsl cxprcssccl otr whitc , , I , lr rr,c lttrn latcr, though hc adnlits sotlrc of thc tirncral sccncs oDto rcd r,,,,1-r,thoi lrrEl,rnclhis'battlclor.rtrophoros'ltt3l ise rrocablc:tncl rroblc,, llrc ch:rrlctcriz:rtion of thc old warrior orl lrl4] is tlllcxPcctcd ill this t r ,,,1 ,,l rtlclliz:rtion. IIc rvorkcd on to rt lcast 4lo, il sccnls His carly vesr's ,,, / r/,,r nrrrcs (Klcini:ts, Lich:rs; whilc l)iphilos lncl I)ro:lippos arc his , i,,fl1( \ ()n u,hrtc grotrncl) rvidr Fl;rrly Classicr) cuP-plirrtcrs; his lltcr, '"r'ith ,, r,, bc ,ncrrrio,,cd bckru (Euaio:r :rrrd Axiopcithcs; with tht'l'hialc;rtrd

l, , lr.

lil/ // /,f

indiviclurl ertists is still clcpcndcnr ol obscrvatiorl ofdctirils ofdraughtsnranship rnd shrpc. fhc connoisscurship bcc."... nrorc ditficult elld thcrc is llo spacc lrcrc fir dcrlilcrl :rnd pcrsonal conlpJrisons- Wc lnight hlvc cxpcctccl lhc il]Bucucc of m:rjor peintiDt to grow, irltroduciDll lrcw orllllllcllt or cvcll il dcsrcc ofpolychrorny, wc havc orrly thc incrcesing usc of whitc grourrd ltrr r lirnitccl if DLlr)rcrous cltss (thc whitc lckyt)roi, Oheptcr Four), wirilc rhc up/clou rr corrr positions or usc of ir vtriablc ground-1irlc rcnlain quitc rarc duqitt thc etrcntior thcy incvitebly uttritct irr tcxt- lnd picturc-books. (icncrally tht'

I lr,'rrl,,rirrtcrs).Thcl)wanrl),trNrtlullrg,l,zo!aldl)Lt{srl'll()NLl)AINTLRIl2ll

1,,,1 ,Lrr

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tc,-l folL>wcrs of. ;urd lkirr to, ttrc Achillcs Prirrtcr by Bclzlcy' l)warfil r(tcd thc synrPilthctic altcntiol ofAdlcrrirn ptintcrs bclorc ('41?FH I ). Irlgl nrakc. nicc:ltlclllPt at clrawirtg arl Archeic kouros rs rr crrlr


qood ertists lrc torally contpctcnt in llretorrrical rcrldcrings, though still stricdy ibrnrul:ric in thcir usc ofstock poscs ancl eroups, ancl thcir ar,vkw:rrd nrcdiunr ri'r thcnr still to rneirrly profilc vicws of hcacls ltllcl to rvcll-speccd colnpositiont'

I , Achlllcs Painccr's ptrpil, thc I)tlt,qrr l)^lNlLR ll22 /2d1,'an 'rtisl oftruc l, r rrcl. in his l:rrgcr rvorks, nobility', h.ts sinrilar prcfc'rcnccs but pcrhaPs , r, lrr'.rrt lirr rrlrreiivc. Hc dccotelcs vcry firv u'hirc grourltl lckyt)roi but L, , . tlrc tcchniquc for rr,vo slrikirr{ crlyx cr:rtcrs {r:5, r;6] which,withrhcir 1l r rlht rvrlls. tltrs! lekc us closc to thc rppcerancc of thc clLlsivc l)r'!or ,,,, ,,' ,,t_thc clay. _lhcir subjccrs rrld corllPositi(nls sccDr not !o bc dcrivccl

scvcrll llrgc tw(rticr calyx cmrcrs irr rcd figurc kro; hc sccnts ro h:rvc'rhouqht biggcr'thln his rnastcr, xt lcrst in tcrnrs ofpots ifnot offigLrrcs. Hc is nlrrrcci for thc phialc It:81,:r shapc rlrcly printcd witl] flsrrrcs. C)fthc rhrcc v:rsc-pairtcrs rvho borrorvcd rhc r:rnrc ofthc iinrorrs nrurrlist thc losl prolific stlnds irt thc corc ofr 111:Ljor qroup ofartists. l)()Ly(;N()r()s It2q ,-rdl lcrllou,s in thc stcps ofthc Niobicl Plintcr lor his stylc lnd choicc ofsubJCt. llcrdy cr)ouqh !o lttcnlpr thc larqcr crxtcrs and onc ofthc firsr to t';rvour thc bcli cratcr, lrc ncvcrthclcss docs rrot f<rllow his r:restcr il cxpclirrcntin1I with nlrlrllist conrpositiors, ancl lhc ntost churrctcristic \{'ork ofrhc grorrp is s(uD tIl what xppcrr'rc bc cxccrpts fronr thc big Arrrlzonorrrachic's and sirnilar rtr.r-j,rr brttlc sccncs (ccnrrrrrs, crc.) fionr rvhich thcy cxtnct typicaJ tlrrcc-figrrrc sccncs.

lronr or inspirccl by thc irntous rvrll p:rintrlgs but possibly lronr snr:rJJcr pancls, or rrc thc peir)tcr's orvlr origin:rl intcrprcrerions ofstorics, pcrhrps nr:Lclc poprrllr oD thc staqc- [l:-5] praiscs Erreion, thc playwrighr sol of Acschyltrs. c h:rs

'Ihc Arnlzonomlchics arc prrticullrly vericd, irrcluding not only thc fishrs in Attlcl Ir;i r i-5lblrt thc T'rqln, with Aclril]cs, end thc Anrazons rhcnrsclvcs erc trcrrcd wcll rvith sccncs of arnrinq enrl riding Ir.7,u ], hcki:rg arry cspccill ;rqgrcssivc inrcrrc. Thc qirl rcrob:lt :rnc1 slvord rlarrccr on lr.7<ll ;rrc a l'air inclicrtion o1-thc Llcgrcc to which lili js bcconri:rq thc rrroclcl for sonrc rrrrsts.
Within thc Polygnoun (irotrp thcrc rrc sorlc irn porcant individtral peiDtcrs. On thc Mn)As I)ArNmn's lrrnrc vasc lr-;91 clrc l,hrygirn king prcscrvcs his di{r)rry
r,vith his donkcy cars. Ilcrzlcy s l)clcus Group includcs work ofthc I Ircron :rDd l)LrEUs l)ArN.rERs Ir7o r14l rvho do lrtcurpt thc grxrrLlL-r lriczcs u,ith verieblc srourd-lincs, which .rrc blrcly hintctl at in Polyanotos' rnorc nrodcst cornposi!ions. l'hcy achtcvc it


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l,r-1,1, .u.,ro]. Thc Mattt-av l)AlNUrR's cups. nrorc oltcn prcii'rcncc u,hich rvill qrorv, rrc dorri:rltcrl by syrlposil, bLtt lrr. dccor:rtcs hrgc v;rsc1 to() l14-r,:1-J] l d intlulgcs thc rrtorunrcDul, vrrirblc laloulld linc, conrpositions of prcdcccssors. With thc Lro Parrrrn, he :rllou,s 'rc\rilc , Srillt Vrlclrrin pittacrDs on !o thc oLrlsidcs o1_sorDc cups- Thc eleborltc l.l;4 ] is cxccprionel rr rhis drrc. :rncl l:4-51 lrrs sonre oriqinll u,itys rvitlr ttlditionll

Arhcns nryth-history

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trlclition of thc E:rrly

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Chapter Four WH ITE G ROUND


lll whltc slolu)d vrscs nor rll lckythoi ofrhc por,t-Ar.h.lic pcn()(l ilr(' I , L:sserl in thrs chitptcr', brrt tlrcrc is goocl rclson firr rhc title. In thc [iurly r r'\i.xl pcriocl thc \\ itc glorrnd rcchricluc:urd lckvthos shrpc u,crc cspcci:rlly
t.l, ,Llrcr

L..,,,r.ltcd. illthoLrqh thcrc \\crc othcr sh.ipcs s!lll [rcirtg c]ccorltcd irr rlfritc

',r rt,.r lr:,;, r26l; scc (lheptcr '['rvo rrrd thc u,ork of thc Vil].r CliLrlla, l'.r()\crros, ;rrr.1 Terquinir p:rinrers :rud Sot:rcles. A:rcl ir tlrc lllrly (illssicll
r oLl nrost lergc lck,vtltoi r.c srill red hqur-c, bur thcrc is.rirc:rclv.r rrr()vc t() 'r rIc rv]ritc grouncl lckythoi cspccirlly hrr burirls enrl to dcco:-rtc thcru l.l,r()prilrcly. Mosr cerlicr lckythoi corrrc flortt brrttels, of c()Ltrsc, bur \\,c r rot bc srrrc thitt thcy rvcrc:rll ,,,ldr lor brrrixls llld thcrr clccorltion is lr thlc ,,r othcr shrpcs. This is truc in thc Lrrly (illssical pcr iod for thc rvork ofscvcrel r 1r\t\ \\'lro uscd whitc uroLrnd quitc frccly, sr.rch as rhc Itorvdoin, Aischincs lllcl ( Lr lsnrhc pirnlcrs ((iheptcr 'I u,o). I'ronr thc Clessicrl pcriod on to thc cnd of L , tilih ccrrrury thr'tcchniqucrr virtrr;rl1y rroropolizecl by rhc shrpc. xnd uftcr ,' tirlrc of thc Achlllcs P:rurtcr, thc lcrcling Cl:rssicul prrctitiotcr, thc strbjcct r rrtcr is lrc.rrly illwivs liurcr:rrv or intclligiblc irr rcinrs oifuncr.rry iconoqrl1,1rr. u,hich wc scc rlso ort grivcstorlc :cliciir. llut tllc grrvcstoncs ilrc , irll)lclllor;rtivo rD:lrkcrs. whilc rhc lckythoi rccord riturl it thc gritvcsidc, or I rcprrl.iolr frrr ritu.r1, or thc rlytholog,v ofriclrh. VirtLr:rllv rll cr:rnrplcs ofthc tLrrrcrlr,v lckl,thoi corlrc lronr Athcns.rnci Attic:r, or liorrr Erctr-i:r irr Euirocl. rr lrcrc nrlny Athcrrirrs h:rd sctlcd in thc uricl fit'ih ccntury. As .r 'titual' ty pu rt r\,rs D()t lirr gcncrrl cxport artl li'rv rc;rchctl orhcl prrts of(ircccc or- Itrlv; we rrLry usrellv slrspcct \\,hcn thc'y clid thar thcrc w;1s \ornc stronrr rDd pcrsonll \thcri.rn irtcrcst. A ii'u, plxces tlid, howcvcr, copy thcnr. Arch:ric usc of wllrtc srolrld. hrr bllck or rcd tignrc. hus bccn clisctrsscd ,'iscrvhcrc(norrb1y,'111/rtlpp. roJ a). r rl 4, r.+7 io, rgotorthct:rlscintcrir,rsrr rr.ur,v lckvthoi. llrrkirts thcir rcrl crprcity lirr lcss th,ir1 rhcrr;rpP;rrcrrt c:rpirLrty; rrd,11?ts1l Ipp. r7 r8, r.2. l, a)r, I r,+, u: .r, r9, I9r). Uscd for irlibrstn, thc l hrrc groLln,:1 irrrit:rtcs thc stonc vcsscls tllc shlpc copics; (nr orhcr shrpcs thc irrrpir.rtior rrr.rv bc diil'crerrr. Ir rcscnrblcs thc ground uscd fit f;tirrrccl u ooclcl fxncls (thcrc ilrc c,lrl,v cxernplc's ofrvhirc erorrrrrl cley pl:rc1ucs,.{1lII/ I-/r'qs. 5-t 1):rrrrl rrr litih-ccntrrry vlse plintrns u,c pcrh:rp\ c()rlc closcst t() thc rppc:rrrlrrcc ,rt thc uork ofnlur:rlilts rnd plncl-p;rinrcrs ()r) thc\c whitc,,rscs, cspcciallv in


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tcchnique soo)r appc:rrs too (ARFII I lty.:ro). lt1 rhi' tinrc rol,,ur rv.rshcs;ur. bcing addcd (ibid.,./ig. : o7) and rhcsc rcmain e fceturc ofell latcr work cxccpt rl)( rlost pcdcsrrian. Ihc colours, though trsrrally lirccl otr (scc Chlptcr Elcvcrr), havc oftcn dis:rppcarcd lcaving a not urrtttrilctivc trxnsparclrt r'flcct or drapcry: this wts ccrrainly a clclibcrerc intcn!iotr on sontc vascs, to judgc by tltt. .rrretonricel dctlil trcncadr thc colour. Thc lincs :rrc irr thc fanrililr gloss or 'gllzr, p:rint ofrccl figtrrc brrt oftcn thinncd, giving a plcasing honey colour. lly thc Classicll pc'riod thc gloss peirrt is bcing rcpleccd by ntltr colorrrs for thc iincs, fircd on but nrorc fugitive. Thc grcaccr ranirc ofothcr colours (somc put on llicr. 6rirrq,;rncl rlany hcavicr, likc rcmpcrl) havc also provccl vulncrablc to tinrc arrrl burial (:rnd ovcr-cnthusiastic clcaoing), as hrs thc whirc qrountl, which rcnds t,r losc its lirrc gloss and is oficn vcry powclcry pcrlraps a bcttcr basc for colour. Sirrcc thcsc v:tscs sccl)r to hrvc bcL-r dcstincd lor btrrial or dcdicarion eftcr buri;rl rt rhc sravcsidc rirc-y wcrc nor iDtcndcd ro bc crrjoyccl by nrortal cycs lbr long. ;lnd iDlpcrnr:l11cD! ccchniqucs would uot havc sccnrecl objcctioneblc. Thc slrapc is cylindrical (so ir is possiblc to rakc rollccl-our pJrotographs ofthe scorcs, somc of which rrc usccl hcrc)- lr dcvclopcd by thc crrd of thc sixtlr ccntury, :rnc1 thc'rc rrc sonrc trivial varients with t:rpcrinq lowcr wllls or plumpcr boclics. Thc'squar lckythoi', wirh fcw cxccptions, do rro! attr:tct rhc whi[c qround or thc fullerary dccorttion. S]rouldcr decoration is as that orr crrlicr lckythoi (notably thc latcsc black-figurc) but rhc Early Classicel pcriorl irrrroduccs a ncw pelncttc typc.,vitlt sparsc, spirrdly lclvcs, sontc outlincd or rvrsh-Iillcd, lllcl soon to bc rordcrcd in ntatr colours. Sornc of ttrose rrtrsts irr whosc work lvc scc bcqitrrring thc clranec frorl) !!loss to Dlatt outliDcs for fi{ur,:s rrL'thc oncs who elso introducc rhc frmcr:try sllbjcct nlattcr, but tllc oldcrf;lshionccl kccp to thc g)oss paint outlinc's and usc'sccond whitc', as do thc bcttcr. Clessic;rl paintcrs, to disrirrguish r",,onrcn's flcsb tionr thc tricksrouncl whitc (sottc b)ack figr-rrc arlists working orr whitc ground answcrcd thc sunc problcrrr in thc srnrc rvey). Thc llcldenr lrlirtcr pracriscrl bl:rck- arrd rccl-figurc arrd brci

thcir use ofcolorrr, which wes gcncrally abjurcd in dris pcriod for thc essorti.rlly bichrorrc rccl figurc. 'Ihc firsr whitc ground )ckythoi arc decoratcd in silhouctc bllck figurc brrr latcr sorlrc;rrc p:rintcd in 'scrnl-outlilrc' (ABFLI fi1. -u69) encl I rvholly orrtlirrc

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vilricty ancl inraqi:ration in display of torlr['r dccordtiolr. His \\'orkshoP is srill busy through lhc

inrrodtrccd rhc filsc inrcriors to lckyrhoi (ABFIl pp. r,+9 50, r90): thc TIM(JxnA S l']aruun [z5zl lus rcd-figurc pallncmcs on shou]ders and uscs r 'sccond whirc', as docs rhc PAtNrrR ot ATIENS r826 lu-53]. Thc Sauounorr l),rrNrrn [:-5.1 256] was obscrvccl in Chaprcr Two for his plcntiful rcd-figurc rvork [5 r ,5.2 ], nrainly on cLrps, but r)1ost oflris lckytlroi arc rvhirc grorrrrd (lnd ct'. thc cup l,;-7]) and rvith funcrtry sLrbjccts, sonrc rhrec-qutrrcrs ofthcnr wirh nrrtt
ou!lincs. Othcr Ear)y Classical p:rintcrs worth a lncrlti()n lrc drc lNsr;nrprloN l'arrrrn [257i, rvho puts dot inscriptions on somc of his gravestoncs; lncl thc TyMRos I'ATNTER l25E 260). a prolific crlfrsrnar who rn()ves lrorrr I yellowislr q1r)ss pirint to r nr:ltt rcd gcncrrlly withour othcr colour. Hc is not I cercful t30

s:rcll pcriod. 1r is rs thc point at rvhich to spcak ofthc subjecr rlrxttcr ofthc whitc lckythoi. \\'Jren uot firncrary, es is stil) rhe c:rsc quitc oftcD bcforc thc rnid ccr)rury, subjccts iL r cpctitivc, worncrl and youths, rrrcly rnorc. Thc fi.rncrary subjccts, $fiich are i ( | to thc cnd ofthc ccntury, incluclc a fcw with eppropriatc Drythicrl contcnt .r , lr rs Slccp ;rncl l)c;rrh (Hypnos :rnd l h.natos) rcn)ovire a body l,t7l, z7-5l, or rlr( li'rrynlrn of thc clcacl, a shirggy, rusric Charcn with lris polc and pturt l-259, aJ, 2Zd, 2,J21, rcccivinq thc dclcl, sonrctinrcs lronr Hcrmcs (as p-,yr/roporttpo-r, ,.,Jcr ofsouls l:551), hcrc in a suernr ofnridgc-1ikc winqcd souls (tidola, c[';91); thc Jlst h.rvc pcrhlps bccn dcnicd prssallc ovcr thc Styx lhcy rppcxr on ,,rlr(r occirslolls [:74] and somc rlllkc nrourniDg lrcsturcs. O11 l:6ol Flcrrncs , ,,r1urcs souls into ancl orrt ofa pithos. Oforclintry fttrrcrelsccl)cs thc lilying-out i/r,)rii.ri{; ,4BFHpp. r j r4,, I4r) sonlclinlcs .ppcrrs {2,561 (cf. [2.rI] . lrcrc tlrc protlrcrir of Petroklos lppcars on whitc groLurd) but commonly rhc , i rtrcpiccc is:r tonlb rlronurrcnt shown in a grclt varicly offt)rnls gcncrally e 1, I.rr (-vc/r), sorlctinrcs morc like an rltar, or r gravc-rllouDd. TIlis is ,,, rirsionally dccoritrcd with sculptnrc lz73l or roppcd by aD :rppropriatc objcct L, up I2-t71, lyrc lz54l, loutrophoros [.:67], ccc.), iurd is oftcn ricd erouDd with trllcts errd with o1Icring vascs surnding (or brokcn) on rcs stcps. Marblc gravc rrLrnunrents only appcllr rgrilr in Atric ccrl)ctcrics ftom iL)out 4lo on (CSCPps-l) but !h()sc shown on carlicr lckythoi lrc rcal crr()uirh arld rrally rrust r(prcscnt wooclcrl 1)l(rlunicnrs. Letcr stclai havc acanthus ort'ttt11c:nt1276,277, 'f.7l. ()nc, trvo or rnorc l:llilrrcs strrid by thc qrrvc lncl sirrcc :rt lcast onc ofthcrrr r\ r cgulirrly shown carrying an offr'ring (:l Lrox or fillct) wc n)ry txke this to trc a r isit to thc tonrb on or)c of rhc prcscribcd occltsions aftcr buri:1l- Sornc figurcs, .r'.rrccl or slanding, sccnr irlcliffclcrlt lo rhc procccdiDgs lnd it is nrtural to assutnc rlr.r! tlrclc rDiLy rcprescDt thc dcad but it is susyricious lhat rhcrc is rlo unifornl r.olloqriphy to idcntify thcn). Mxny of thc vascs drcnrsclvcs wcrc pul lrl!o r1)rntrs at thc rirrc ofburial, thc oii havirrg pcrhrps bccr Lrscd ir) thc ritual; wc i.n<;rv tlris bcclusc drcy havc bccn lcrtrnci in totrrbs. llut thcy nrust also h:rvc post-burial offcrinqs, sLlc)r as rrc dcpictcd uporr thcrrr (both thc:rct rnd 'crvcri as ilrc ol)jL-cts). M,rrc ptrzzlirg lrc thc sccncs wirh e torlrb as backgr ound to othcr figurcs an L.rivc wrrrior [,277] or brttlc (ci l3z5l), horsenrcn l.z79l, harc-hunt Iz7z]; sorrcr)rust irlhldc ro livc bcheviour (bur noc ncccsslrily th;rt ofthc pcrsorl buricd, sir)cc rhcrc rrc grcrt r)lixtllrcs ofsccrlcs ou lckythoi fronr singlc burials; scc belorv). Apert fronr :r fc'w riturl llcsrurcs of firc$,cll or mourrlilrg thcrc lrc vcry fcw rcirlly crrrotionxl sccrlcs on thc lckych,li [267]; !hcy carry sobcr sralcrnclrts of u,hat hlppcncrl ;rr thc ronrb, or whet was thought to havc happcncd. ThLrs, cvcn ( lhlron nray put to slrorc bcsidc a gravcstorre [-2,!zj. Scvcral Jatc sccrlcs ]ook vcry I]rooliy t() r-ls but arc no r)lorc s() tlull nlrrry contcl)tporirry slolrc grave relicfs.


rlr.. rrlr,.r dr,l irr r rr\ll r\ rcturD k) !hc firintcrs. thc rlliddic oftlrc ccntury.lllLi tllr il)aeption ()l tlI - .Wc lirll Cllesricrl sty1c. lhc Acrrrr.Ifs l),\rN.rrR lz6t :6;l ts rhc perlqorr' wc lr.rr, sccn hls rcd-frsrrrc iu ohlprcr 'r'rucc lrog r,,tl.Mosrofhiswrritrlrckvrh,,rtr,,,,, tlrc old !aloss plirr r ou tLncs. usr)g ;r 'scconcl r,,,liirc., irncl thc, ur,rjorltv dl rrot h ,, , tirrrcnrrl rullccrs. brrt quicrlv rlourcstic groups, rnistrcss er,rlin,rij, r c1cpe, r,,,,, u,;trrior l:6;, :6-s l, cvcrr r)r ),rhi.:ll such :r\ rlrc Mrrscs on HcLkr)r) J?(l21. A Il bu I I lr, LLrr h.rrt sul.te.rr rrhr,h rccrn.rplropnitrc to rhc !on)b,:rrr11 virtuullr,;rll w,.r, I, 'rrrr,I rr. r, rrrI''. I,rtr - I r . . . r . . r I . I r r Ir r,r ,,r .l* u lr. rr. l, rlru r jri, I rr,,rl,r..rr.l ' nl:nly c:trry lrl()-{ inscriptions u.hich sccr:r sontcholv tD;tppropriurc !o I solcrrrrr ofii'rine. so r,r,c nr;ry het bour rcscrvrtiors ilbout rltc flutcrery i,ttcrrr ofo/l r,,,lr,r,
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Chapter Five


rrrL. Lrsu:rlly disposcd irr rcqistcrs tllhough tllcrc rrc I fcw clistingtlishccl r1,lcs of n)olc llou,jn!r arrd wcll-knir c()rnPosilions then wc hrvc scctr rLrlr, rr(J lrt7, ;941. k is unlikcly tllat lhjs rtrarrncr was still livotrrcd by nr{or l, ,Lrr\ .rn(1, ro jttdgc fronr dcsr:rlptiorls of thcir work, !hcy wcrc llow , ,,,, , r rrc,-l r'r'irh r)orc uniflcd Perrcl conrPosiritltrs on rvhich rhcy clcploycd rrcu' rl r rrr slriclinq, clli;1r()sctrro.trrrl pr-rspcccivc. Hcrc thc vlsc-peintcr could not r.. lr tirllou,, but thc I)olygnotlrr rrrLlrrls wcrc thcrc still to bc a,-lnrircd lncl thc \ r, llintcrs hlrl cvolvcLl thcir o$'l) trrtlitiorl of dc:rling with sccllcs irr .r


'I Icrc rlso drcrc's bclury: thc glcenr ofgolcl, lovcs rnd lrtlics rvith sofc limbs. irr sot't rrinrcnt, ard lrll thirt is shirrin!1, c.tscful :tDd luxLlriorrs: pcrfunrc, houcy urrtl roscs, tlll thc hcrlt ionlrs lor rvhlt is frcsh, pungcnt, arcl harcl (llc:rzlcy)- Evc tlr. icslhctc c.rn tincl thc rnood oftlrc Mcidils Pljnccr's vascs too cloyirrg lncl cllitr,, but the'rich'()r"orn:i!c'stylc ofthc liltcr fifdt ccltrrrry hls rnnch co tcll oftlrr'
socicty which it scrvctl lrlcl rvhich crcrtcd it. srylc oD pottr'rv rcletcs c:rsily r o \\'orks in othcr, Dlajor rrcclil, und hcrllcls rhc l:rst phJsc ofAftic rccJ figurc, wltcrr tl)c cmtt ibrlicrtccl any clrir:rs it oncc had to bciug:r nr:Ljor art and bccrrrr, rvorkrnlnlikc, sontctintcs 1l:rshy, blrt no lcss inforrnltivc ind cngilqinq th:ur il hetl trccn in cxrlicr Llays. '['his chlprcr c:rrrics thc story throueh thc hst qulrtcr ofthc fifth ccntury un,l on irrto rhc l7os. Mid\\:rv. in 4o4, Athcns rcknowlcclgccl dcfc'lt iu tlrc


L' rlr.rr:lblc rritllllcr. Lr LnrliviclLrrl 6r:urcs thc Arch:ric rrrcl Clltssical pertc'rn of lincar corrtritst

rrrl by thc usc ofintcnsc rclicflirrcs bcsiclc palcrdcr;ril lincs is 1;lrgcly l()\t irr ,, 'rrrrplcr liDc clrewin!a which is Dcvct;ts cnlphrtic, artcl which is varicd llreirrly l,r rri rv irrtcrcst in Plttcrrr orr circss rnd bol(lcr Lrsc ofilddcd co)our rncl gilcling. \r . r,rnr,v is skctchcrl rithcr rhau shlrply dc6nccl. Thc Iincs arc oiicn short and

,, rrr hLrrricd, ycl rhcy sLlccccd irr inrplrting llcw scllsc ofrotrrlrdity' ald rhc ,,, r cl oiclrru,ing corrrcs vcry closc r() lhr: clicct achicvccl by rclicfsctrlPtLlrc of
r, ,l,rv. 1)cpiction ofposc, rclaxccl ()r:1ctivc, is;rcc()lllplishcci lld convin(inq. ,, n in thc hlrrds ofthc po,.rrcr rrtists, eld lirnbs arc rcelistically forcshortcncd; L. (lrlrrtcr :rrc1 liont:rl fi'alurcs rclllain cxccptional brrt posrng lro rcal

l,,,lrlcr:rsoirlcli:rc:ttiorr.Thisislnrlnncrofclrauitrgrtrwhichthcstrictlyprofilc rr,rr lirr figurcs ls botrncl still r() bc Prcfcrrcd. I hir is llow showrl ir1 scPilrrtc

l)cloporncsiln Wrr. lucl thcrcaltcr rcliccl lor its rcpurrrion ;rrtl srarcling rrr (i cccc rlorc or nrcrr or y ofits irnpcrill plst than on ils rcal powcr to influcn.r .rtl:rirs. Thc orn.ttc stylc in vesc-p.tincing llotrrishccl ir dtc ycers preccdirrlt


r, r,,,ls, rveshcd ovcr, arrcl rrot ;ts :r bl:rck nrass cxccPl o1l lhc Po()rcsl works or ol) l.t \, fiqurc\ thet Llccor i!c thc backi of lrarly vascs. Oll drcss, closc-set lillcs arc bc l, .rt e(l !o cnlpl)ilsizc rhc coDtotus of dtc firrttrs bcncath; thc lincs lrlay lor ,, L\tic bu! thc swccpillq rrcs tcross r thigh or:rrnr vcry wc11 convcy fornr jn ihc

Atlrcrrs dcfi'rt, e pcriod irr u,hich tlrc city rv;rs bclclgLrcrcd by borh cncnrics rrrLl pl:rglc. t-ifc'hrcl ncvcl irr livrns ntcnrory (,,vlrich is rtrr corrrrrccl) bcct so squ:rlirl rrrrl hopclcss, but orr thc stitqc thc cor)ric pocts uDcrrillqlv \itiriTcd thc city's politicirrrs lnrl coutrscls, errcl tontc urtisrs ar lcest fcrund it rhc rirrc to (lrlw tlr(. tcctl) fronr rhc srr,:rgc-ry ofboth liii';rncl thcir trlclition:rl nryth-itspircd strblccr nr:lttcl. to fintl pt':rcc irrtri prontisc cvcn in rrlcs ofslanghtcr, to drvcll on:r lili stvlc rcvcl quirc kno\,11 or crjovccj on clrdr, but surcly carncstly drciu)lccl ()fin :l ai!) whosc gicrrrring ncw rrr,rrblc rcrtrplcs u,crc sintply I rcnritrclcr ofl gJor-y which hlLi so soori plrsseci. Afrcr dcfc.rt. thc chasrcncd Athcns ilnd thc clcclinir{ crrfi of vlsc peiDrillg clicratcd a lttorc sobcr irtr(l lcss .trtrbirions :rpproach by tlrr, puinters ro rhcir uork, though sornc wclc crprblc still ofproducing nrasrcr picccs, rn(l eficr the I llos e onr:rrc ,itylc lingcrs :rnt1 cvcn llourishcs rgri for rr spcll to lightcn thc hsr chys offiqurc drarving on Arhcnilrn vlscs Our nc\l chrptcr). Hcrc, wc hirvc flrst to chtr:lctcrizc tbc ()rniLc srylc ofrhc lrttcr fitil) ccntury, thcrl look :rr rhc rvork of thc Mciciils Pli fcr ind his circlc. at solr)r
illtists u,ho in thc silruc pcriod kccp ro srtrrclicr, olrler stylcs, thct a! thc succ.ssrr,l ir r r() thc lbrlrth acntury. Thc np/clorvn corn positions ofthc Chssicll nrrrr:rllsts qrlcc thc firrcr vescs, thr.

rIrcr thrt wc lccol]Irizc rcrdily irr sctrlptLrrc, rrotxbly irr lhc pcciirDcnts ofthc l'rlhcllor) (o1 thc 43os; CSCP,hgs.79, 8o), x]l(l [hc'trirr]spxrcrrt' cllccl ofthis ,, rrriquc is cchocd too orr lttcr rclicf sculplLlrc, sllch ls lhc bllustradc k) lhc '.1rlr'Tcrnplc orr rhc Acropolis (>f tlrc4ros; ibid.,-/iq. r ro). Prttcnr ol dr' r' is I Lr,tclv l nratrcr ofbroed hcnls ofrrys or hooks. sor:rr:tiltlcs sprcadill!l ovL-r thc Mcidirrt " r,,lc qernrcnt rvith s!.rrs end 6otcrs; this is rllost ofrcll sccn on Post
,' ,,r ks, into thc fburth ccntury. Stripc-s ofwesh on thc frrlds nray binr et shedow,


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A:rrazorrornachies lrrd (lcl)tauronachics. Or is it that ve\c-plilltcrs :rrc n()ul qivcrr rnorc to closc irnltacion ofcach othcr's work? Ifso. thcrc was a nlestcrr-lcsigncr bclrincl thcsc vascs. Thc

AcropoJis1,1.;rl.(Thrtitdocsaorcopyrhcpcclirlrcr)rqrolrp C.SCIr-f q.77 s:ryr, soDlcthirig aborrr paintcrs'lbility or rcldiDcss to copy iiotn rtrajor sculpturc.) Thc bcrscrk Lycurqrrs lr-ij2| is in a rclarc(l sryic.'l hc Srrr.rrlr, lrarurrR's narnc vasc l-r-l-;l has Hcr:ncs bcaring thc prcrllxrLrrc baby l)iorrysos fronr his nrothcr

ncck-inlphora is an uncxpccrccl shapc for such ,r friczc. :rnd othcrs by thc Sucssull l)airtcr are rnorc modcstly corrrposccl. -fhc MrK()N l)ArNrEt (his nlmc nr:ry bc EuEMpoR()s) ollcrs a ficc vcrsitlrt of ;r Perthcnon subjcct, Athcna llqhting l)osr-idon, ()n a vasc dcclicarcd on thc

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rrivill followcr ofthc I{aclmos I)airtcr, witlr sonrc Artic scorcs l1;41. Wc turn row to p:lirrtcrs rvhosc sclJe .rnel \ubjrLt\ alLJrl) durivt ti,rrrr thosc -just discusscd, encl whosc work bclorss u,holly within thc first third of rhc

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bLrt rhcv rvcrc prob;tbly xt thc silntc tlltc qifis firr chilrlrcn to corlllclnor:ttc I lr(. An tlrcstcrjil \prir){ lasrivrl .lrd its rlrinkrrq nritchcs. Tlrc ti,strvxl (rhouqh rror tlrr boozinE) rv;rs ouc in which c\rcn rhrcc vcilr old\ c()Lrl(l trkc |lrt. ihc chr,,.r tiruntl ir thc qllvc\ ofahc vcr-v \,oLu)q (srrrcll.thc flrst vjcrirrrs r>f thc rcctrrrcrrr



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Chapter Six


.r r \ dl sccnc rcl:rtinE to u,h:Lr rppc:rrs to bc a rccclrrly lev()Llrcd Attic crrlt. 'l'lrcrc rr rll bc l fcr. Drorc vitscs clisplaying tlris local intcrcst bnt irost arc clcvorcd ro r(rrc or to stock tvpcs of l)iouysiac or othcr nlythical but rron narrrrrvc
lrr'rllc\. l'lrc pc)rkc is onc ofthe nrorc iurportltnt Kcrch sl:rtpcs rnd thc carlier oncs rre .rLll buxonr virscs ofiirin!l:r finc srvclling flcld tor:lulti figurc sccncs- Thc llrR^t<urs 1.126,.1771 and l),tsrrur,r l.lZ,9, -lZ9l P^rNrrRs (thc lattcr rrernccl lor ;r llcspcrid ou [17.!]) continuc thc trlclition of thc bcll cr:tcr [rJintcrs of thc l,{)rLs gencr:1tiol, or) thc dllli'rcllt shlpc. {.;tol hils a sfiritcd vclslon ofthc

rr rrlr wlr-rr

.rny rcel brcak irr produccion ofvcsscls ofcpaiiry :rf,". Or" fiu"r..rifl".-,ri".,,,,,,,t

"t"ur;n, lllr rr.1\u rr) thc Lr\c ,,1 (,,1!,1n, rc)icf:rnd gilciitq, rnd occasiorr:rlly sont!. vrr \ finc dr:ruehrsrrrenship. l)c6nition ofJ rr. rvirhin-'th. ,.ri.,-;r ,,", .1r"."fr,, ,f,, clrlicr vrscs cenl-rc sccu ro dcvclop nrtur.rll; fr.rr Ar. *,,.f .li fr..,lr',. ,,,,,f cratcr peirrtcrs ofcariicr in thc ccntlrry; and it rnly bc cloubtcci *fr"Or* 11r.,. *.,,

Itgtrr,.r rr,.r*.r, lound (rrrostly no\\- irt rhc Hcrnric.r{u Muscrrnr irr f_.rr,,,g..1.Tf 'A"o.,,,.,,,f charirtcrjsric ofthc fincr vitscs is r rcrlr r t(, .rr(i hrr rhr.r .l"ir,,r-"r,i.,1 .i,f. r,yr,, ,,frht Lttcr 6trh rcrcrrrv-JU(onrp l,rcd by.lrrr" ,., i.i;;il';,;.i;;;r,,,,,, ,


his ctraprcr brings us ct) rhc crrd ofrcd figurc in Athcns. lt is largcly corrcelrrlrl r', rl[,] rlru Krr, lr \ryl,.. r r , , r , , I I r , , , , r r i,, ,ir.,,, rl,. t ,,,,,,.,


riLr,N^ l,()pLrlur AriDrJlp-griilin ights. Ilydrili artl .rirtcrs lttribrr!cd !o i l'\rNrER llti i,s3l b,v Schctlld (thc rvorks arc ncrt assignecl by tlcezlcy) urc . r!.ahtly nlolc rnlbitioLls in clr:rrving thouqh not sutrjccr rlettcr. I'hc vcilcd

,lrnccr Ii.e;] is

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corrrposition ir thc flith ccDtury DrlrnDCr, cLrt oll'fiilrrrcs rnd rJl, brrr rD rlrc ncrv Kcrch tcchnicluc: l livcly (lalycloniln bolrhurrr. ()thcr h yclril paintcrs.


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1i.i:-i.lil, .lttrn)pt l{ tr. ll)c liJlu\r wt,rL lulkrws, ccDtring oD rhc vases of thc M.rrry.rr l'rrr,,r.r.r',.u:lriv,,frhL.rrrid(L.rrrLrr.),,r lrrrl,.....rlrcr: l,,li,.rrLJ h1 f,;r|r,,",fi,,, f,r,,(,rr,rr.,, .,f rlrir,l r.rrL r,,,rl .r. u..ll .l\ \,,,1r. lr.r,,,.rl ..,p.,i,,,.,,i. *,,1, tcchniq.c lrcl colo.r rvhich xrc nrorc prcrcrltious. It cotrrcr rvcl bc chat no rr.,r



.rrurthc(lRouporl.orr:xrNIi:.3o1.;,96l,cchororncofrhcincrligLrrc-clrawirgof .rraists yct to bc tliscusscd. 'l'hc MARsy,\s PArNTln s rvork lEt I .;g; | 'includes nrost ofthe rlrrstcrpicccs ()f ,\tric firLrrth c('ntrrry v.rsc-lrJintinq in l]c:rzlcy's vic,"v, but rvc start rvrdr.r r,:rsc l,crrinq a Marsvrs sccnc n()t rtrributcd to thc pxiDtcr by lJcezlcy, but u.hich hc , rll,.'tl 'thc flncsr. I chink. of;rll l:rtc Artic v;rscs - lt ]s r fi rqrrrcntrry ercl lirqc celvx , r ltcl ir Oxforcl. fiorrr A1 Mirl l.;,!7]. l'hc- corrrposition is hclvy lrrcl fornrel orr Ll)c nl()nunrcntrl shlpc (6r cnr high) bLrt thc dnrrv:ng oiindivrrlurl ll!lurrs is ,'..quisitc, rlrc bcst linc drlrvin{ in lny survivinq nlcdiurr ofthc pcriorl, but ,,vith lrrcs too fint to bc c:rrrqllt rcldily bv lhc c,ullcl.r. Thc Mrrsy:rs l):rintcr's nlrstcrpiccc is x lclrrs qrnrikos fronr Kcrch with e briclrl princip:rl '.crrc l.;tti]. Whitc is rcstricrcrl t() hlrl)irr.rrc, Erotcs aud thc flcsh ofrhc
figurc, whosc (lrc-ss w.1\ P;rirrtcd ovcr ir) r l:1tt coloul ilr co tr;lst thc orLliniry rccl flerrrc ol tllc othcr w()nrcD. l)ctails offirrniturc r:c gilr trut \\h.rt ort othcr vrscs sccnrs rncrctrici()us onrrnrclrt herc cnhrnccs thc qcncrxl ri)pc.rrlDCc llld focrrscs itt!cntiorr on thc rr)iir) flsrrrc lvrrhorrt .rppc.llin,; ti.rrlboylnt. lhc figuras rlrc st.ltrasqlrc, clrsy, rcllxcd rnd lsr.rrcd jn thcir poscs; lincs :rrc bold :rnd nr)t rs dcllscly scr rs on thc Al Minx vesc. lror:rrc thcy xs tinc rlris is ln cxccplionill fclrtuc of thc cratcr rccrlllrrq lirrc ctchirrq or silvcrfoirt r,rthcr thrn rhc cnrphltic lincurity of nrost rccl figurc (lnd cspccirll,v thc clrly r,1icf lirrc). I hc big pclikc lvith l)clctrs .lrd l hctis l3qo I rlso rrscs coloLrr with rcstrrirt rnLl iirr nrrrrtivc cnlphilsis; xnd it incluclcs trvo nuclc studics cll_ wor)rcn of .rn racor)rplishrl]cnt urrrrrtchccl ol cerlicr vrscs- Thrcc-quirtcr vicrvs ofbodics eDd
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appcars on scvcrll Kcrch vascs (:rn.1 rr:r: [,;47]); .rn ctltcr luhrcvud l.rt by sirrr 1,1, linc, as ofrcn hirhcrto on vascs, bu! b) r.,nrhin.rrr.,n t,iubirc lor thc figrir,, ordinery rcd figrrrc arrd rnert paint. Thc buuch ofdrcss caught bctwccn hcr kr rr,r.,, is lDothcrpopular r)rorjfofthc pcriod, for,.r,",, .r. *.r,,,"u i.1-. l4uzl). Sonrc ol rlrr vascs artributccl by Schcfold to his l)AtNrFR (rF rHE Wn)DrNG pRitcr.ssror.r 111,; rriqht dcscrvc :t hcrc for thc qn;r liry ot tlEu rc dr r wins th,ugh ttrc styl. r, _pllcc gcnerelly crowdc.1 and slapclash if clctailcd. It is casy, pcrhaps roo casy, to scc in drc figurcs end dress on rhc\r .npc, Ko1 lr vascs, rcflcctions ofthc sculptural stylcs .,f rhc il ry. Lr A chcns. rh rs ir rhc ocrioil oI Prrxitcics' nudc Aphroditcs and ot thc htavv.rntl eorltphcrt(d dr.rpcry ti,r worrrcn ar)licipatillll thc llcllcrrisric. fhc drc,ss lr lcast cer bc nratchci on tl,, vescs whctc it gcnerally appcars lightcr and clinging, tbllowing carlicr stylcs irr vlsc-p;rinting, rvhilc thc- ftu, nudcs sccrrr clcciclcii)y rrol_l)raxitclcar. l,:rrr,.l p-rirrrrrrr,. .r, ir, rlr, trlrlr ,,.rrrrr). r\ rrror. Irkclr rn h rvc hcurr r rrr,,dr.l, ,rrr,, ,rithi'trgh colurrr rnd chi.rroscur,, wcre bcyorrcl thc vasc_paintcr's capaciry lirr inritlrtion, rhcrc was a conti.,ing tracliriotr in I rtrorc lincar. (:ontorrr.(l trcelrrcnt in rltiljor pailrtinq, tlloLlgh \\,c hlvc rojudgc it rnorc lrom clcscrlprr(,|l rhan fronr cxrrnt work which ncvcr hints ar tl)(, display oflincar derail sccn orr thc vlscs. Ar occrsional tclicf nrctal vesc, ,iuch ai ti," 1"t". l)crvcni crltcr, :rpprolchcs tltc stylc ofthc vilsc scclcs, bu! tnost arr, lcss dctailccl (ls lrc tlrc inciscd fiqrrrcs or gilr silvcr vascs). Cioscsr, pcrh.rps, rru rhc incrscrl fin.rr.r,,,, brouzc trirror covcrs. On lhc vascs to,, rhr. i, srrli us..ntirJly.r Jrrr.rgi_rrsnrln,s stylc, not r pseudo-sculpturai one, for ell tlre facilc ioritation of tri,ial rclict orrrlrrcDt lnd figurcs drac certainly lpc tl]ctalwork and will cvcntu:rllv PrcoccLlPy thc Portl'r.

rvclk'bcsiclc rhc Marsyas Peinccr, ard his filaurcs arc indcccl sonrcwh:rt rvc,,l,, nrorc crowclcd, bur hc t.o rcc:rlls tlrc Mcicliln, hls a.ochcr cl.rb.r.rr, Blcusinien sccnc on r )argc'pclikc errd an uncxpcctc-d vicw ofZcus wirh I.lrt.rrrr,, plortinq thc lroj;tn War 139-11. His r,",ork on bilck figurc prnarhcnlics pl;rc,,r lrr, Iloruir bctirc thc rrricl ccnttrry. ()rhcr vascs ofthc'qLrality of[hoscjusr r)anrcd incluclc rbc work ofschcloLl,r PoMpE P^rNTtt: a chous 13941 r',,ith : r,:lrrcil l)iurrlsos ubsurvrrg l,orrrl,r pcrsonilicrriol of lhc proccssion, rnd,r skyph,rs 1.r,hrpc rrrcJl gra.c.l wrrlr dccc'nt drawilg in rhis pcriod) with rvorrcn arrd saryrs, r,r.cly uotiy th. r,,,,,, harrd|7951. fhc Po mpc is a good cxa rnplc ofa fi surc with rrarrrp".1.,,, t .lr"rr, ,,,,, l,

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rrornrtcd Arin:rsps fighring grillins, fiehts rvith Amrzons tncl othcr oricntrls, lrc laccr pclikti bcconring quitc thin-ncckcd and crudcly figurcrl. To rhc sanrc ;lxrup []crzlcy :rssigDed r scrics ofbcll crltcrs, with sinrilrr sccllcs, ()r syIrp, '\i.r. r,rrher old-firshionccl; end e ii'w bcll crrtcrs ofspccixl li)rnr ('Fr1eicfl Typc') rvirh lrish fl.rring lipr l4 r1l. llc11 cr:rtcrs by thc Fror-rRANo Parnren [4r6, lrZ] xdd to r hc oricnr:rl erld synlposi(rl rcpcrtory nlorc old-fishioncd sccrrcs of l)ionysos Ln cl thc konros. ()lvx crltc'rs ofthc L.C. Grrrtur, (hrr Letc Cr:rtcrs) bcconrc tall and cnlrcirtcd l/l' li2], dccorrtcd with t'i'w br.rt sonrctinrcs u.cll-drarvn, rall figrrrcs, cspccially rl thc work of dlc ER()T()srAsrA PATNTaR I+r,9, .1r91. TIrc poorcst irc siti\6cd rvith nrcrcly onc or two ligurcs on thc l'rorrr encl surlrrlrary rllilntlc figurcs


()n rrinor shapcs thc dccoriltion is cvcn nrorc clispiriting. l hc F.B. Grroue (for Irat []oy) ofoinochoai (ancl a f.1rv poor skyphoi) is clcvotcd to appalling youths .rnd :rthlctcs [4:-;, 4:4l. Thcsc rrc rhc figrrrcs too ofrhe cxrcriors ofcups in rhc YZ (lRoup ('thc crtcl of thc rccl-figurcci cup') but lclding sorrc wonrcrl! Erotcs ind Nikri [7,r,s]. l hc intcriors rccrll rhc fiqurcs oD cLrps crrlicr in drc ccrrrury, brrt ,:rudcly drewn wirh laross bordcrs, or solllctirDcs nonc at all [rcyoncl onc or twcr
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rhc cxh.rus!iotr of l sr,vlc ;rrrd tcchrriqlrc n hich, Lrut :r firv yc:tls bclirrc. lll(l n', rr \()r)rc lcviv.rl ofpridc in dr]Lrghtsllr.trrship rrlrl rcslriir)t ill dccorxti()ll l'hc ( r.rll


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Chapter Seven


Irr Chssicll lrtd latct rcd fir:nrc rhcrc ltrc r;1lhcr fcwcr nlrin lirlcs of stlbjc'ct iutcrc-st displlyccl by tltc vlsc Plintcrs, eccorrlparricLl by llrc;rlcr divcrsifrc.rtron oflcsse:-thcrrrcs. I his is perticullrly epplrcr)t irl lhc Dlyth sccDcs, tllc sourccs fi)r

$ hich r,r,c shrll hrvc- to consiclcr. Thc chlngcs of crlrplllsis, iIl sccncs cirhcr of rcrlity or nryth, xrc grrdtlal, elthouglr sirlglc cvcllts nlr.ltl solDctinrcs hrvc proviclccl thc stinrr.llus f()r l rtcu' irrtcrcst. Tircy slrotlJcl be lblc ro tcll us io,rcthing.ibout thc chanqcs in fortutrcs aucl prcocctlpatlons ofthc Athcrrirrrs lor rvhorn thc v;rscs wcrc tlccor:rtcd, ltrd to a tlloclcsr dcgrcc rhcy sccrlr to' rhou!lh rlthcr inclircclly end thcrc rrc llo rc:r11y cxplicit rcfcrcnccs to Arhcll\' l()ss ofcnrpirc lrrcl dcfclt, though thcrc rrc scvcr;rl ro Arhcns'pridc. ()n thc whoJc
thc- viclv wc rrc givcll of Athcni:rn lifc orl rhcsc lltcr rc-d fisr.rrc vlscs is tar lcss rich thlrr it h:rd bccn in rhc Archlic pcriod cxccpt irr r'r'hrt

wc rrrLlsrjudgc thxl

rlr.r ,lr,,r. u,,,r rlr( lit ois.,rrrirr.


'l'hc mcrrrs ofcorrr:rrttrric:rtiotr throLlqh dlc pictLlrcs wcrc as rhcy h:l(1 ;rlweys l syrtax of stock fiqtlrcs :lrtd irror.lPs, iclcrlrificd by atrribucc, posttrrc or sor)rctinlcs inscriplion, brrt chiefly rcli:rrrr tlpoD I krlowlcdgc alld cxpcctltlion on rhc p.rrt ofthc custorllcr tl)ilt wc lllxy not llways bc lblc to sharc. Pttrposc nlttst ofic'n blvc clcrcrrlirrccl snlrjccr, :ttrcl ntrttcrs considcrcd irl (lhaptcr Nirlc nrltst bc borrc in rnincl. Inecuiorrs surlgcstions that xll thc dccorllcd clay vescs u'crc intl'nrlctl for thc ronrb (sincc t:rlnv, bltt not rll, arld lllost llot ill Grcccc lt all, n,crc hrund thcrc) or that thcy lrc dcdicltor,v (fbr tonlb or tcnlplc) subsritutct firr rrct:rl vrscs (grins.rid by thc ilct that nlanv show signs ofrcgultr trsc rntl rcprir lr,-1 rhrt nrlny erc fourrd in lrouscs) rrccd occtlpy tls no lonqcr thln this r",,t",,.., l'r.,t thcy hxvc bccn ftrtrrtd to sllit sonlc of thc queintcr cttrrcrr[s of
nroclcrn sr:hollrship. orvl

Anirnals hltl :r1rc:rdy ccascd to bc subjects in thcir own light (drc Athtrri'rrr is tlrc rnrin cxccPtion 196, 971) end thcrc is olrly tllc occ:rsiorrll olcl-f:rshionc-rl rninrrl friczc in thc trldirionrl positiotr on colLlnlll cratcr lips;:rrtd notc [4.!1. ()rnlnrcrrr obscrvcs lorrg f:rrnilirr pitttc-rlls fbr hlrlcllc palmcttcs or blncls of rnecrnrlcr end sqnlrcs. l'hc llttrrcl trcath u'irls bcll cr:rtcr 1ips, lnd cups rrley sport e colourtirl ivy u'rcerh rourrd rondi or i silnPlcr leurel. Ily thc frrrrrrh ccntur y pri:rtcrs rvho takc troublc ovcr lhcil ()rlritnlc t rrc cxccPlionill A li'w r'.rscs arc sinrply p:rttcnrcd [99] lnd thc ir:rprcsscd pattcrns which bcconrc .onrrDon oD thc PlaiD bllck v:tscs:rrc to bc lotlnd orr thc intcriors ofsor:lc groups


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att Hynrii. Iu\o\\tt i] h it. H 6t:

Thc vescs rrc still a irrportaDt sorrrcc of iDlortnltion about contcntporary lifi';rncl conducr, rlthough ll,c arc sorlctinrcs balllccl by an:rdjoD or objcct ancl thc motivetion for sonrc of thc sccnc\ r\ ()pao r,r v-rryrlj inrcrprct.rtiorrs. By 'sccncs of rc:rlity' I tncln, of coursc, sccncs with 69rrrcs which arc not idcntiliably nryrhical or divlnc. Thc 'rcal'sccncs no lcss than rhc'rrrythicll' erc suL-rj cct to forntullc atld con vcllti()ns, .1rirl rhi- rr ntcss.rgcs nr.t y bc rro lcs su btlc lor thc apparcnt ordinarincss ofthcir scttings. Morcovcr, wc shrll sollrctirres find thc nrortll essociatcd with thc clivjnc. Tlrcrc arc othcr linritations too; peintcrs lntl thcir custonrcrs wcrc not iDtcrcstcd in picturcs of thc oiliciel civic lifc of Athcns. Most ofthc sccncs arc privxtc.'Ihosc that arc'public', likc sport arrd frghcinrt, rrc qcncralizcd, or rrc conccnrcd with public clr:rclrncnt ofcult wc

shown Do M ystcrics or thc actuai rircs ofitritiltioD end cvcn thc rit( j

rvhich :nlrkcd e younq Atlrcnian's growing-up erc barcly hirrrcd at, for:rll rhc crthusi:lsnl u,irh which thcy xrc pursucd and hopcftrlly idcnoficd by sonrc scholars- This rcrnjnds us of thc Icvcl .rnd r\f(r r.rri,,r)\ nf thu \o( rcry 6 ,r which thc vrscs wcrc nradc, and it wes for thc sanrc rllrkct ther rhc rlany sccncs of Dlyth wcrc crc:rrcd. Tlrcy too must bu rhrrUglls 5,, h.r,,r hrd. p,,tcnri.,11y. sonrc conr)i o11 nlcssaqc, And thc rcar-1y rrringlirrg ofdivi:rc anci rrrort;r1 for sorrrc rrainly donrcsric subjcccs is a furthcr indic;rtlor of thcir conrnton appcal which is dilfc'rcnt front th:rt of'lrajor'or stltc- rrld culr-sponsorcd art, on tcntplcs and sk)iti. Wc artl dcallns with picturcs dcsigucd tq appcal t6 thc pcople, end though srrcc ancl cult proplglrrde nray wcll intrudc (n1orc in thc ptst than r)ow, tt lcast on vlscs) it nlust bc tt thc lcvcl at r,vhich it w:rs gcncrelly lcccptcd ancl urclcrstood. This grvcs thcsc sccncs I docllnlcrltary intcrcsl which ls cliffcrerrr t'ronr drat ollircd bv lirL-riry toxts. hr thc rcst ofrhis chaptcr, I firllow lpproxiruetcly thc ordcr ofOhrptcrs Scvcn :urrl Eiqht of AIIFH I, to u,hich thc rcaclcr shoulcl turn for lullcr eccourcs of subjccts of contintirrg inportance

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tllcy \\ crL- r)o! rlweyr thc foc ilr otlr pcriod, ;uld b,v ptcscntilrg thclr sonlctinlcs 1n r ciorlcstic sltuetioir rhc plintcr is olii': ing sccncs ullitrlliliar to the Court slylcs ofthc l)crsirur Ernpirc, rnd onJy othcrr'virc;rpplrcrlr "vithirl thc Ernpirc ill arcls lulorc thJn:r littlc hcllcllizccl (sourhcrrr Asi;r Minor)' ln sr.rbjcct nrettcr, lhc nrain chlrlgc colllcs with nlorc detailccl irltcrcst in thc lifi ofrvonrcn. Thc rc:rsorls for this arc rlot obvious btlt, sillcc thc vilscs sccm lo ()n thc strtr-ls ofwoll)' rr irl h:Lvc bccrr nrlclc end rrterkctccl by nrcll, it Il)tlst rcllcct soll1c schol'lrs' usc of lhis by stlggcsrccl wrly irr thc socicry, thollllh nor elways nrt)rc illtercs! th:rn tllc is ofLrr lilc c()trrlcsal's thc rcd 6ilurc l:t ciarlicr cviclcncc. houscrvifc's. but rror,v rhe \\rolllcn's prrlotlr L-rccotllcs lt c()nln)()D sctlillg' cspccielly for dccoletiorr ofvcsscls rvhich wc lnay sltPPosc to bc for $'ollltll'\ tlsc py*iclcs lrd hyclrirc. Thc wool b:tskct ([al,alo-r [9r]) :rncl spindlc lzogl arc conrnron furniturc. Ihrl nlctl visit cln qivc risc lo sPcculrtion thrt $'c erc obscrviug e Madxnrc in :r clonlcstic nlonlcllt. lllld purscs lrc solnctinru\ ill cvidcncc; this is lrossibly lrtlc forsonlcsccncs tlut unlikcly for nlost' l'hcladics rnry b!'rnLrsical, or playlul, rvith chllclrcn ()r cech olhcr' APert frorll donrcstlc xcli;ity lhcrc rrc rlrorc: lld lllorc sccllcs of wolllcrl clrcssilrg, \\'ith lincry lrrd Tlris is show by thcJcwcll;ry, Dot lor thc bordcllo, it sccnrs, but for ru:rrrirgc g;1111ikos) lcbcs .lllcl (lourrophor()s llo ' z-11' 'z 15 , z1-1, p."r"uc.: ofl,l.r..i"gc v:rscs sonlctinlcs by lr)d ofEros edmission by thc ]rc conrpiinlcrrls I Ieroic Pili.l lgSl. ,u1,.',,,"n,r"1 itlcrriific:rtiorls. Whcrc thc larly is parl ll:lkcd wc nrly susPccr tha! Aplrroclirc's owrr toilct is ollircd ls rlrc parrcligrrr' Thc r'vcclding on lz.;-sl br:corucs srtpcrrrrtttr;rl only rlrrough thc lcldition oftllc n;lnlcs ofAlkcstis as hridc .urcl scvcrll qocldcssci lrrd llynlphsl illld lroticc Flcrilklcs'lrtrrri:rgc orl l4r,4ool'
:rrc fc:rrrrr'cs of Mcilclierr vilscs xlrcl ofthc u'cddillg scctrcs otl Kcrch vlscs ofthc ni(l follrth ccrrtury. llittrrl occrlsiolls, such as thc proccssion ro !!ci watcl for rhc 'hrnd orr br itl:rl blth, or thc lc:rdirg ofthc bridc by thc groorrr ttr hcr ncu' hornc rvhtl rlrrcrl;rtls Ilrc wrist', or thc Prcscntarion ofgilts:rt rhc Ep:rtrlil.;lll rpircxr' 's cttlt of r'r'ortlc thc ,:lcvotccs:ltltl i." Athcnian clencc for l)iolysos'iur"gc

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'l hcrc rrc rr'r signilicarrt chrDqcs in tlrc clcpiction of drcss :rltlrough plttcr Dinrr ovcr rhc wholc ller1l)cDt or fbr wiLlcr hctus bcconrcs rrrorc cllboretc. Mllc dress is thc- rlost coDscrvativc. Trevcllcrs ancl youths \!,car ol)ly chllnrys cloak, pct;r\os sunhrt, rncl boots with prrttccs: thcy Lrsu:Llly cirrry two spcars. Thcrc lrc still e lcw huntine sccllcs, for dccr or []oar Igo, z l6], but thc lristocratic prlacstra sccl)cS of c()Llrtir)q lncl convcrsatioD erc l]o l)lorc! lncl lhc sct-Ics ofgroups of ,vouths arrd :ldrlctcs erc ecncrallyjust convcllicllt sptcc filk-rs- l hcrc lrc :r fcw qr.ricr scencs ofl)crsialrs, irpplrcDtly kilgs or satraps in (lrcck Asil Minor l;,zol; 2rll

Acbnis is shor,v (scc bclor,r'). l)rnccs rrngc fronr thc stirtcly [,u r, ro5l, juvclilc 112'!, ].r81, t<) thc nrorc ccst.ltic, withlhc nrutllccl figurc l-lE:,4r7l bccorDirrg a t'cilltrrc of th' lrt'r' (llrssicll sccucs. Yortrlg girls arc tlughr to c tlcc ir vcrsion of !hc r'r'arrior's 'pyrrlric', or ,rroullcl, or thc oric lxl o&/'lrrrra likc I (loss:rck cllrlcc' bur t]rcsc.rrc to bc displevs for r rrrrlc:rLrdicncc li5;,.1:ol' Ohilclrcn ut pl.ryt with qo-crrts lnd:rninr.1ls..rppcx1 on thc l:rtc-filih ccnrury thocs [-;69]. l lrc..' ir; an occnsion:rl chvrrf lrzo] btrt thcrc xlc il('rrclally fi'wcr .ini il"r, cxccpt ofl)crsi:rns, with lhcir solt hats, slccvcs :rnd trotlscrs, rlrld "tl,,,i. looscj.rckcts. ancl Thcsslllen drcss h:rd bcconrc lhshiorrrblc lir thc cn'rlii'r cl.rss [661. Architccnrrll dctlil ]s Iro lrrore c()rrrrlr(>rr than hithcrr. end usurlly lc\s irriirDl:rtivc cxccpt as I silrniflcl ti)r a tcnlplc or pxllcc, btrt drcrc xrc ,1ct:rilr'd studics of clonrcs!ic firrtriltlrc, throrlcs. ch:rirs itlrLl stools'



Relig ion

claborutc rypc is thc rnoclcllcd body-corsclct. Thc (lorinchirn hclnrct rs bccolnlnq olcl-fashioncclancl the conrnorlcst typcs arc thc Thrlcian, with pcak

Thcrc is:r gcncral tcndcncy for lcss lrnour to bc worrr, olccrr nonc at rll exccpt for l hclnrct ir thc lcti()n sccrlcs. Ihcsc are usu:tlly hcroic in colltcnt but thc lack of arrrour pcrhaps only slighrly cxaggcrares contct)tporary pracricc. Thc allDlctrl corsclct is conlplctcly rcplaccd by olc of lincn or lclthcr lDd thc only


chcckpicccs, :rnd the Artic, with opcl facc lnd hrnEcd chcckpieccs.'fhe poirrrcd pilos:rnd widc, wavy-brinlnlcd pclllsos may bc sccn on fighting rncn. Thc-sc typcs are csscrrri:r11y oflcethcr or woveD lnatcr-jal brrt nrctal vcrsions havc bccD lcruncl. Thcrc arc thc usual grcavcs but no othcr lcg ar )our. Thc hoplitc's thnrstinir spcar is uscd nrorc oftcn thrn thc sword (jlbbing or cutless narlraira); chariots rrc cxccptional, rncl appcar onJy itr rraclilional myrh sccncs, but thcrc is

r:rorc cavalry. Scythi:rn drcss

rbrn don ccl.


This ls a lar richer 6c'ld, cspccially in sccncs rclatcd lo Atllcnian fcstivals, with orhcr stock sccncs of sac fice 142, 60, |E1l xnd sorr)e dcvorcd ro mythical occasiorls (irs [.1];t), and wc firld lesscr cliviuitics so engaged: Nikc or Eros {84, l,l /, -r4J l. Morcovcr, in lhc ncw range offcstival scclcs Athc]la hcrsclfsccms to bc ig:rored rud tlrc greetcsl ofthc AlhcDiall fcslivils, thc Pallathctrrca, can hrrdly bc rccognizcd.'Ihc closcst wc gct to such :rn ()lynlpiarr occasion is in !hc flne proccss;D ro Apollo in his tcnrplc o[ [r7r]. Thctc is a srnall nunlbcr ofsccncs of thc Adonis fcstivel for Aphroditc [404,405], at which Athcnian wonlcn atrcnd thcir shorr-livcd Aclolis-glrdens, potrcd arlcl sct ol1 housc roofs, syrrbols of buri;rl and rcslrrrcctiorr (comparc toc, thc phallus gardcn of [zr-7])' Thir is 'r lorcign. cxotrc cult ind thcrc arc othcrs, es for l3cndis' I Thraciln Arr''nrir (pcrhaps scen on IrrEl), and thc erstcrrr l)ionysos, Sablzios (perhaps sccn on
i,t bcttc. scrvcd. Thc nrask-idol rcnlaiDs thc centrc Piccc For rirrrals nracnrd d:rrrccs by wonrcn and winc-lasrillg, usullly associatcd with irvolving rhc Lcneia lcstival lz,/, ,77].'l hc rrlask alonc is sccn ill a winl)owing fan on {23;l' Lr thc spring fcstivrl Arrthcstcria thc god, inrpcrsonatcd by thc' archon, is rirttally nrarricd to his consorr Basilirrn:r; cl lt6j, zal Thc sanrc fcstivel involvcd a drirlkinll contcst in thc cley c:rl1cd aftcr it Chocs. The chous shipc ofjug oftcn .lrrries iiollysiac sccrlcs but thc' Illosr intcrcsling arc the scrics of nlilliatures of thc latc fifth ccntLrry and for I whilc thcrclftcr, with thcir sccrrcs ofchildrcn at pliy or irnit:tting idulr ritcs lS6S, szol- Thc Maypolc on Ir74, cf' 370] is lbr ir)otircr spring fcstival, lvidr its cldcrly chorus. Classicll Aihens was tnlrch cottccrncd with ncw rclilliolls or with thc nrorc cxotic fringcs of thL- Olynrpirn. Thc promisc ofinrnrorta)ity achicvcd throtlgh iriti:rtion it Elcusis aucl Pxrticipatiorr irr thc Mystcrics 'lcqtrircs spccial sigrlificer)cc, and thcrc are scvcral scc:tcs devotccl lo thc dcitics ofthc sirc' and rtr gioups inclu.ling initiltcs, but hcroic figurcs, Hcraklcs or thc l)ioskouroi, rrthcr il,au ,r'rcr.t"l.. J'hcsc arc cotrrtroncst il) thc fourth cctttury 1172,'l9z] A fcw vascs show spccial occesiols such as thc l-hcoxcnia I-l l2l, prcpararion of .1 conurlr-1t1ior) fcast with thc divinc; ancl thc'court' sccllcs, with Apollo, l)ionysos or Hcraklcs:tt lhc cclltrc, inlply al lcast some conrnrtrniotr wirh rvorshippirrg nrortals llthough thcy arc oftcn pc-oPicd wilh othcr inln)ortel

archcrs (and Anrazous)



I,:zl). ' 'i)i,rnys,r.

t r5, t7:, r7 5, cf- r4ol. Thcsc ;rrc cluict, srlric sccnc:j ofno!ab1c digrriry poignanr roo, no doubt, in a city a1:rost col]tinuously at rvar lnd in which thc'war dcad wcrc lrcirlq sil)glcd oL]t fior espcclil hollonr end hcroisrrio:r et st.r!c gravcs and in .tl)Dr,rll hulcrrl or:ttiolts.

fignrc rppcer lcss oftcn. Thc. scc:rc of ! warrior lcevi:rg horlc is crpccially iivorrrcd in thc fifth ccnrrrry; wifc, lrothcr:rnd lerhcr cirn oltcn bc i.lcDrified; x libltion is pourccl or rcady xncl il colunrrl rlrry dcsignetc thc honrc porch l-;, 7,

Fiqhting sccncs follow rrrditional schcnrcs rncl chcrc is still no cxplicir dc-nronstration of a hoplitc renk rarhcr thm irrclividual clucls. Fiehts witll l)crsirus [:9] show thc opponcnt in rhc cxpcctcd drcss bul somctinrcs inclucling picccs of Grcck artnour, ancl wc tuly lvr:rndcr whcthcr tll arc n)cant for rcal l)crsi:tns or for (lrccks scrvirg ncrv rlrxstcrs. ['ltc arming sccrrcs ofcarly rcd

Work and play, public and private

Ihc syrrrposion end konros rcnmin popular thcnrcs l_or e ll'.hilc, qcnerrlly in thc rr;rdiclonal schcrrcs anci rvirhout innovariolr or cvct) xs l)luch dctail rs hithcrro_ l)ocs dris inclicltc:r sonrcwlla! l()wcr socill lcvcl ur thc cxpccteLl nltrkct for clay vcsscls dcslqncd for fc;rsts? l)robably it clor:s, illl cl at thc sanrc tintc:lccounts for thc dis:rppc;rrarrcc of pehcstrr lud odrcr athlcric sccncs, cxccpt for oddirics llkc $r iunov;rtivc contcst forj:tvclin-throwing xr tirgcts arom horscback [375 | (cl-,q. -jo4-z), unci rhc torch raccs which nray bc associated with thc rcorqanisatior of thc'Hcph:ristcia fcstiv;rlin,1:r/o [.119 ]. I]ut ifthc qcncrll r.rrrr] ofsuch sccrrcs dor.s indic.,rtc ;r rhifr ,lo,"vn rnarkct in choicc it is pcrhtps surprising rh:rt sccncs ofrraclc and conrucrcc should also virrually clisappcar. Thcjoys of scr irrc soid()rll now cclcbratcd, is thcy hid bccrr in thc Archaic pcriod.

figurcs. For thc rlcrcl, thc laying (1lro/ LiE, cl ,r3l l) antl iauctrt arc confincd lo vascs ofshapcs rpccific to thc cvcllr ()otttropiroroi: thc hydriiL typc for wontcll, thc arnphota typc for nrcrr). Thc grave lckythoi dcnronstratc acrsofpicty at thc

r,r,,,b ,,1t", thc btrrial radrcr llral thc luncral titcs tilclnselvcs Thcir rcflectivc chrrectcl is in kccpirlg wilh rhc colllPilr:rb1y low-kcy rc:rdcring ol, for instirnce, \\lrli()rs lc.lvinq ho,r,", a)I tlr" sccllcs oD gravcstollcs. l-or llrc sccllcs ()rl lhe lckyrhoi scc Ohaptcr Four.

SCENES OF MYTH 'I'hc vesc printcr's sourccs fi>r his sccncs ofnryth in rhis pcriod rre nor cesily tlcfircd. Much clcrrlv rlcpcldct1 on whrt wes alrcldy irr thc rcpcrrory, trut thc s()ck Archaic sccncs rrc grrdurlly rbrndoncd rnd thosc thilr rcplxcc thcul irr(' rot IcfcirtcLl with thc obscssivr' rcgrLlariry obscrv;rbic bclorc-. ()tlrcr;rrtrrti, nrcclir sccnrctl rrot to hevc bcc-r r nrrjor soulcc ir thc Archeic pcriocl, or rethcr, thcrr ilionr wirs not so difli'rcnt frorn dr;tt ofdrc v:tsc-pitintcr, nor wrs his (r,rti rrcccssrrilv so irfirior or his rirnirc ofectiviry linritccl to work on clay. L) thc (lllssicll pcriocl drc vlsc-peintcr is rrorc of ;r spcci;rlist, ;lllcl ol.tcl lbr il n;lss rnilrkcr. !Vc hevc sccn hou, hc r,r,rs opcn t() ilrflucrlcc tionl thc c()nlpositiul irn(l .rppcirrirrcc ofthc rlrulal piirrlillgs ofElrly Olassical Athcrrs but, lpart lrorrr thc obvious ADrazonor:rnchics lllrd thc likc, \\'c canr()t say thrt thcir strbjcct martcr
dictlrccl his srock ofsccncs :rnd ir cle:rr rhet hc clirl not nrcrcJy copy; ifthcrc h:rtl rruly bccn l rlrrrkct for rcplicls or sollvcr)ir\ ofrDrjor works ofrrt irr hllrnblcr nrcclle',r,c rvould h:rvc lound enlplc cvidcncc frrr it lncl thcrc is virtullly norrr' bcyorrd thc vaqricsl c-chocs.

,rr.1it ir by uo n,";ru, ciclr lvhat protlucrit)11, if;rny, it cclcbratcd Wc locus on thc frgurc ofthc gucst:trtisl, thc PiPcr l'rotrotuos, ill rhc 1'orcgrorrrld, but ifhc hed ,,,,t 1,"", ua,r".l rtrd knowu frorn othcr sollrccs, thc sccnc woulcl hlvc bccn trkcn lbr e dctlllcd study ofl)ionysos end corrsort lttcndccl by tbc c:rst ofl play, 'lhc satyr-p1rys of Acschylus cJrlicr in lhc ccnttrry ',vhich is besic:rlly :rll lr is. lirurrd scvcral cchocs on vrscs. fhosc ofhis sttcccssors' Sophoclcs lrrcl Etlripirlcs, lrc lcss rc:rclilv idcrrtiliccl, attcl in our pcriod solrlc vxscs sccln to dcpict Acschylclrr s:rtyr-play strlrjccts, cidtcr wirh a satyr'clrortrs'such ls Prollrothcus

l.;.u.;l is tlrc bcst

dcnronslration oflheir drcss and nl;rsks, bLtt llso lbout dlc letcsr,

thc frrc'-givc'r lrSt], or wirhotrt, such is !hc rccovcry ofl)antc in hcr flo'rtirrg chcst by fishcrnrcn or Poscidon's pursuir of Anryrlo:rc l3t6] Sophoclcs wrolc a Pan,lrrri or Hantrcrcrs, which nrly iltspirc thc sccllcs of rn c'nlcrllcllr goddcss rrtcnclcd by satyrs r,r,ith lrlllcts lr60, ;771. And it is always possiblc tbrt rht' jDtroducc satyrs .rnllogy ofsrryr-play wls c[onth to givc' I peintcr thc liccncc t() bclow whcrcincljcarc I shal1 uor. stilgccl or scttings, whcthcr in "p1rri,pri.,t.:,r'rytl, b" thcrughr tir rchrc to a knowD or slrspcctcd satyr-pl:ry, tragcdy, rcc,i.:r,riiglrt corucdy ot clithyrlrnb. of Stagc' ,,ri1, pussibly Iravc hld an influr:ncc on drc Pxintcrs inclcpcndent wiih oftcr p:rltcrtrcd costlrnlcs, hcavy, thc ,p.'cil,. p..r.l,r.tio,is. It nright cxp)airl troots. fionr thc cnd of thc ccDtr'rry or1, and thc growing tcndcrlcy ro dcpict Trojln fiqurcs in oricntal or Pcrsilrr clrcss. Spccific allusiolls to thc'stallc sccn) to rlic out cirlplctcly in thc lburrh ccntrrry ancl thc subjccts of Middlc ancl Ncw (iorrrcdy havc no rppcal lor rhc p:rinrcr. This is an arca in which tirc v:rscs of Sourh Ilrly satisiy oirr clcsitc ibr scigc ilhrstr.ltions; but scc [?24, zzEl lt is perhaps surprisiurl rher O1d Cornccly in particullr clicl llot irlspirc vase sccllcs- fhcrc ts rll rurusual slnall class ofpolychronrc (rrot rcd 1'rgtrrc)jugs oflatc irr rhc ccrrrtrry l4z9] rvhich nright alludc io sonrc tbrrn ofconric pcrfcrrnrrncc, arrd thc apparcntly Arisopharic [;rq] is cxccptiolal Not all dlc perody or btrrlcsquc clcrn'nts irr ,,r,,," ,.",r., ..a,, bc,-,tc.l to thc irtflucncc of satyr-plays, perhaps; for irstrucc, thc sir!yr coufrontilrg a trcc ltrll ofjugs likc Hcraklcs bcforc the rr(rc of tlrc Hcspcridcs with its srrlkc [.;11, or rhc corric Flcrak]cs drivcn by Nikc in e charlor rlr:rwn by bouncl ccntaurs, lcd by lvhet looks likc e comic ector f;zr l' T'hc usc of,nyih as a parrblc for thc fortuncs oflhe statc (or its lcadcrs) end tcr providc .jusrificntior'rt lnitia; fir. ncw cults wrs wcll appxrcnt in thc Archair: pcriod. As Athcni.rn hcro par rrrt /l'rrre, Thcscus had !akcn ovcr from I Icr:rklcs fifih ccntury bul cnnlot bc seirl to clominatc thc icolography of irv thc ""r)y .1.'rr oct.rtic and itnpcriel Athens. I'hc ctlft ofrhc individual survivcd lollgcr irr politics, cvcrl irl a dc:rnocracy, than in rnyth, allcl thc illlPorlant st<xics rciatcd to Athcns' ftrrtu,rcs which arci most firnililr fronl lhe architccttrral sculpturc of l)criclcan Athcns ((iSCP Cheprcr TweJvc) havc a nrorc gcneralizcd focus' and thc honours rrc disttibutcd rnorc rvirlcly anlong lhe carly kings end hcrocs of Atric hisrory whose tratrtes accordingly appcar thc morc frcquently in lppropriltc vesc sccncs, notebly rhc Amazotlornachics'

'I'hc p:rintc: is uo :rrorc likc1y to luvc lurncd to lhc writtcn word fi)r irspir';rtion thln hirhcrro. Evcn ifhis s()cicty was sorncwhrt rnorc litcrltc (ln(l rhis cln bc rruclr cxaggcratctl), thc stock ofstorics cerricd by orrl rradition wxs
rro lcss irflucrrrial, and hc woulcl incvit:rbly bc influcnccd by voliucs stirDuhtc(l by rrcrv hyruDs or odcs, and cspccilJJy by statllc prodltctior\. Wc arc wcll providcd rvith titlcs oififth-cc-rrtury Athcrri:rn pleys but hrvc vcry fi'w tc\rs. Il hrs rot provcd dilficulr, thcrciirrc, fcrr dcdicetccl scholars to find tlrc st;rgc bchirr,l

nritrly or n)ost of thc ncw rDyrh sccncs in rlrc rcpcrtory. To sonrc dcgrcc tLis ccrrriuly hlppcnccl, but thc p;rirrtcr clocs r)ot prcscnt 'olr strqc' sccncs, nrasks urrtl
costunlcs arc qcncrelly ignorccl, cvcn lctr tl)c \at/r-phycrs (scc ,4.ltFH I p. -:34). lnd so ccltlinly is rhc numbcr ofrctors (only thrcc irr 'rc;rl'trlgcd,v)- Bv thc cr,l ofthc ccntury so:rrc scolcs:rrc prcscntcd \^, ith n,hat scclr to bc srrgc 'props', strclr )\ !hc.rrch-c;rvc u,hich is thc sctting ft)r thc bound figurc of ;r l)rorrrcthcus or Androurcrll. Thc othcrwisc incxplicrblc prcscncc ofa tripod rright bc thor.tglrt

of lhc story clcpictcd won r prrz. Soructlrncs thc r/ra,r,r/i-\ p(rJo/r.ia sccnr to rcpc;lt thosc ofil kl)own production, but thcy itr c jrlsr ;rs likcly to includc othr'r rtppropriltc frgtrrcs, encl, es tinrc passcs, dcitics rhouglrt to lrrvc:rrr iDtcrcst, fil bcyold thosc u,ho night hlvc bccD proclucccl orr sreqc t'r rrtarltirt,r. Scrutrrrisirrg ncu \loric\ otr v:trcr,rr rctrcwctl pofuhrity t'irr storics, en,:1 conrp:rring thc drtcs ofknown prorlLrctiorrs, lhcrc ere tirLrrrd to bc vcry fclv instenccs in which thc sccncs appcar rvitlrin a sigrrificarrt
:rn irrlicurlon !h;rt :t strrqc prorluctiorr

llpsc of rirnc. Wc cxpcct thcrn irrrrnccliltcly, btt oitcn thcy 1:rg by twcncy or nrorc ycars rncl thcn rhcrc colrld bc othcr cxpllnltiorrs lor thcir lppcarencc (rrot. gcrcrllly, rcpcrrs ofthc st:tgc productiorr. rvhich rvcrc vcrv rlrc in thii pcriod). S:ltyr-plxys:rrc thc rnost rcadily rccognizcd, iincc sltyrs hrd virnrally no function il lnyrh nrrrxrivc offlsragc (scc,4/l.irlI I p. 214)- fhc Pronomos vrsc

inrroduced. It may bc rcrnlrkcd th:r inseriptronr rd.rrcifying figuri:s bccorrc progrcssivcly Jess conrr]ron, although chc Mcidian uascs quit., i,rf<,.nr"rru", lnd thcy arc rrost wclcomc whcrc a figu.c pcrsorificarion ".. appcars which would othcrwisc bc quitc anonymous. Nor all cxanrplcs illustracJarc citcd Ircrc; scc In thc scctions chat loliow thc readcr will do wcll to bcer in mirrd w.hat was slid iD ,4RFH I Chaptcr Eight, whcrc rrlany of chc fiqurcs and storics wcrc



| or thc chastiscmcnt of NiobidJ [4] or of Tityos lj5), whcrc rhc woman who protcctcd from his arrows by a clod ofcarth nray bc (ic, Tityos' mothcr,

thc Indcr

The Gods
'l hc sigrrai honour peid ro rhc Olynrpian firmily es such in Athcniau architcctural sculpturc is rrot cchocd on lhe vascs. Libation sccncs bctwccn dcitic,s. which bcean in thc eariy fifth ccntury, coutinue for a whilc gz], cvcn sor)ctrmcs rn

Trojan lvar, is cxceptional.

:tn lpparcrrdy tcrrcstrill sctling of a blazing :rltar. Thcy sccnr to place thc rclationships of rlre gods on tltc samc footing :rs that of tnorrals, howcvcr iucongrucrt thc act. Pcrhaps all such sccncs werc thought ro show thc gods visiting c:rrctr rhough not nrixing with nrortlls. This was air ac!jviry rcscrvcd for hc'roes (ir nryth, rlor xrr), d)c oursjdcr l)iorlysos, for Arhcna visiting hcr folk (ARFH,q. ror), rnd for Eros in thc boucloir. ()n vorivc rciicf; (and thc Parthcnon friczc) whcrc mortlls occupy thc sanrc fic1d as gocls, thc mortrls rrc clituilishcd in sizc, a lcarurc not marchcd o1l vascs whcrc: thc honoured dcitv nlay tttcnd'itr thc llesh' trur csscntially es an inc:rrnation ofhis culr st.Ltutc. Frorr thc 4l3os to thc,+2os pursuit sccncs ofgods or goddcsscs with boys or qirls sccrn to acqtrirc a spccial status; not, so lirr aiwc canjirclgc, froln arry htcr.rry or stallc inspiratiot. Thcy scrvc to illustritc thc intcrcoursc of divinc and Ircro/nrorcai, though this is not likcly ro havc bccn thcir only or prinrc furrctron. Bringirg drc sods 'down !o carth' mighr bc thoughr frn.ri,r,, of rnuch in " Classical Crcck culrurc. Accolnnrodation ofan OJympian prcscncc iu rnulti fiqrrrc sccnes of myrh is casicr, arrd thcy cxn bc usccl to rcllccr cithcr thcir spccial irltcrest in whar takcs plilcc, or thc nlood oa the cvcrrr, although ,,rrr"ii,r.. thc rcasols for their prcscncc are obscurc. Thcir position in thc winss of rnany lltcr Classical multi_ figurc sccncs nlay bccon)c sinrply convcntioral. Zeus rcnrains an ilrlatigablc prrrsucr of (jdril/ncdt 177, Ezl ard ofa worran, soDlctirncs idcntified as Ai.qindljgl,iito tb c Classicll pcriod. [n librrion sccncs hc is with Nikc (rr is it lris?), Arhcnt or Hcra_ A Lltc Manncrist rcvcrts ro thc old schorDC oathe Birth of Atheno with thc dirrinurivc goddcss crncrging frorn his hcad frgql. Europa <>n thc Zcus buli i\ \rrll lcrn Iru3], r suhjc.t in hcr'own right with Zctrs irnplicit in the story rarhcr rhan cxplicit. i)thcrwisc Zcus is mainly an orrlooker ofappropriatc sccncs and his corrrrcil wtth Tltemis 139-71 planning thc
Aporr-o l:ccorncs incrcasingly popular. Wc havc i)tct hirrl rccciving worship pcrs It Zr ]. He is an occasionll pursucr of worucn andjoins his sisrcrin libatio:r


infanrs lzz, ,261. His'hcrm'is turncd to a'livc'Priapus on lt55l. l)r()Nys()s rcmains a dorninant figurc and his cult is that most conrnronly shown on vascs. His birth fronr thc unforrunatc Serre/t, blastcd by Zcus, is shown [3331, as wcll as his sccond birth fronr Zctrs'rhig]r 146l and dclivcry by Hcrnrcs to thc nymphs and Silcnos for cducation lzz, t z6l. Aftcr thc Classical pcriod (pcrhaps firsr on thc Parthcnon; CS{:P jg.8o. r) hc appcars as a young, rathcr cflcnrinetc god, but rctains his sctriority for sornc dnrnkcn sccncs or thc traditional proccssions rcttrrning Hcphaistos t() Olympus Ir6zl. FIis consorr Ariadne appcars with him most oftcn in thc Latcr Classical pcri<td lj4, jj7l. cspccially in thc common 'court'sccncs whcrc thc god is attcndcd by satyrs and macnads 1r78, r8o, zzgl- I hc oldcr sym posion scrtirlg, som crirncs with Hcraklcs, is not ncglccted [zo4l,'Ihc Latcr C]assical elso shows him in morc cxotic bchaviour, riding an animal-charior or on x panrhcr [-r79l. Hrprrarsros is rclativcly unimportant, dcspitc his cult in Athcns, cxccpr for his rcturn to Olympus and rolc at thc birth of Athcna. [)osrrDor.r molcsts Amyrnonc still JJ,6, ,8Jl xnd somctirncs confronts Athcna, as on rhc Partlrcnorr [33] l. Anns is still mcrcly an cxtra. Thc cult of As<r-rlptos was introduccd to Athcns in 4zcr and thc infant god is sccn on l-;o5l in thc arms ofhis nursc Epidauros (homc ofhis original cuJt in Grcccc), attcndcd by Eudaimonia ((iood Fortunc) and anorhcr pcrsonification. Ar+rrra is somcwhat Icss promincnt than wc nright havc cxpcctcd. FIcr birtl) nray havc dorninatcd thc front pcdimcnt ofthc [)arthcnorr but no longcr much

Athcns in 425). 'fhis may account for thr L.rrcr Classrc.rl sc.ncs ofhinr irding a swan or a griflin lSlS, +zSl, thc lattcr pcrhaps through his associariorr with thc Hypcrborcans and thc northcrly honrc ofthc griffins. His contcst with Marsya_r is pronrincnt fronr thc mid fifth ccntury into thc fourth ljto, 1E7, j891.'lhc pipcr-satyr had challcngcd thc lyrist god and is, ofcoursc, dcfcarcd, bur vascs oftcn show him playing thc lyrc himsclf, and it sccrns that his convcrsion ro rhc instrunrcnt rnay havc bccn thc thcmc of McJanippidcs' play orr thc subjcct, which scrvcd to introducc thc instrumcnt to thc dithyramb, an cvcnt which Dray have bccn cclcbrated in sculprurc too (ci CSCPl4s- 6r 4, thc last a rcd figurc vlsc). On 13rol both thc stagcs in thc story arc shown, contcst and convcrsion. Mousaios and Lirros arc rnusician-hcrocs 1r44, zj7l. HERMES pursucs womcn [39] and has still to dcal with Argos for Zats176l. As lcadcr ofsouls Qtsychopompos) ancl intcrn.rcdiary bctwccn rhc worlds hc appcars on frnrcral vascs- Othcrwisc hc is attcndant and bystandcr, or carricr ofdivinc

rathcr than Lcto, Apollo's mothcr, who had bccn attackcd by f ityos. His rolc with thc Musc-s bccomcs nlorc promincn t]now 14, 206, cf. t 44, z6zl.Lttcr, thcrc arc 'court' sccncs ofhim with appropri:rtc atcndants, probably including Muscs, and oftcn his sistcr Artcmis and mothcr Lcto, thc l)clian rriad probably acquirirrg somc cuh importxncc in thcsc yc;rrs (l)clos was 'purificd' again by

iutercstcd vasc-pailtcrs Ir99]. Her civic rolc, acccpring youn g Eriththo os frott Cic. is rnorc inrportanc 1218, z5o, jzzl, and chcrc are othcr pcculilrly Athcni:rn sccncs (as with the lrirnr, building rhc Acropolis Iz4El) atrcnding Artic hcroes or kings 1106,334]. Shc still stands by Hcraklcs, rnd hc by hcr on C)iympr.rn
sharcs scrmcthing ofhcr brother's popularity and hcr harsl.r !r catrncrrt rc'rnains a popular Classicll thcmc l,Jl; bis tr.nslarion inro aninrll fornr_bcgins to bc shorvn It-5: ]. Hcr huntrcss rolc bcconlcs morc pronrircnc l-776 |

.rn islrrrd rnissi['.

A grc.ttcr ranqc of lcsscr dcitics ilrc r]lo\\,cd to Join thc

Scvcrrl mrnor clcirics illld upilldccl hcrocs arc givcrt Olympirn stitt(rs irl our Ror, soDs ofZcus bul r)rortel LxcoDiln hcrocs who lllxy still Lrc sccn r-.rpin9 rhc drughtcrs ofLcrrkippos 1t67,:,171, lrc lorrrrd irr rIr Olyrrrfirl \L'ttilr!r, or in Illcusilierr iniri:rtion sccncs. Thcy erc drcssccl xs tr:rvcllcrs, oflcn \\'cirirtg thc poinrcd pllrrr h:rt :rDd oD horsclreck, sontctiDlcs ovcr sce I t p, 4t6], ;rrrrl lr l tlr'olrrla on I-1,?1. l)AN, rvh() hild:tcLlLlircd ir llrxiDly htrnritrr Phy\iqLlc (,4RfH l-/iq. 335. r) sctrles for u huntlt Lrppcr prrl with e goarish lrornccl hclcl ,rnd goer lcqs :rnd tlil l.;q7, end cl'. -t, (961. I Icjoirrs drc l )ionysil. rrldnrr end mirv .rtrend vrri()ns rr) yrhicrl cvcnts. cspccirlly rhosc sct ln lhc outdr)ors. IRIS is scldorll idcnriflrblc uftcr thc nlicl fifth ccrrrtrrv but Ircr lookllikc Ntxn, is cvcryrvhcrc, .rttcrrdinu victors l:r)2, 226, 212 , cf . rlg l, dr ivirtg chrriots I i 9.: l, crccting :r rrophy possiblc), slcrificrrrg l-;11, ollcring libetioDs (rll1crc corfirsioD with I s bccorrles -fhc circssing of his bridc' on Olyrrrpus. I fi.rris rolc is r,r,ith I Icrlklcs, rlr 1.r"1, I. srrbjccr lor sontc l)ANr)()nA by thc gods:tnd hcr ctrrc:-gcncc Llporl carth is rhc l)lrthcrros Adrcrr.r ([-s, :rncl lor thc blsc ofl)hcidirs' vrscs luo, ci Cl.rssicll 7-]l; (;.SCl) pP. r ro, r74).

pcriorl. fhc l)tosxou


of Aktdiox

:rrrd shc rl)ily

ridc a fawn, qritlln or dccr, Lrut thc

Izr-5 ].


not lorgottcn

rvirrgcd Misircss of Anirrrals

. I)-l,r'rErnn and l)rnslrrroNr atc inrportant ftom thc rnicl 6fth ccntury rhrough thc fourth and thcrc arc scvcral Cllssical sccncs ofrhc young goddcss rising fro-:l lrcr sojorrrn in FI:rdes to carrh (thc d,?o//oJ | 1121 , 160?l). 7'rlparlrn or on his wi:rgcd drrouc brinqinq agriculturc to rnenkincl rnay appcar with rhc, goddcsscs or on his orvn I ro, 3l-5, 372l. Elcusinian initi:rtion is a subjccr for fourrh-ccntury vascs, .s
wc h:lve

For lJcrscpholc in thc undcrworld scc

'l'hc principal Olyrrpiarrs lrc nor so ot'rcrl now sccD togcthcr in council but thcir fight agaillst tltr: giants, vcry popu)ar irr carlicr deys, n:mlins :tn important thcr)rc, lnd its prornircncc in lrajor:Lrt sugecsts that ir convcycd ,i,."rrg. " arc still irbout thc r rrlc ofllw or clominarcc ofrhc ()rcck panthcon. Solnc qiants drcssccl as hoplitcs, but tlrcy bcconrc uildcr crerturcr, nrkcel or -wrrh .rnimll skins and rhrolving sloncs. Fcwcr individual ducls arc shor,o; thcy arc fiorc olicn scr sidc by siclc in a lricze [6,9, ,0, ?,58,2dg]or sprcacl in thc firrc up/dowrr conrpositions ofthc latc fifth ccnrury ljz6, -127, 1z9,11ol.Zctr\, wirh boit lnd chariot, sornctinres drivcn by NikL., $ith Ath.n:r .,nd bL,$D1rD Hcraklcs. : crlalns thc loctrs; goddcsscs rvicld spears, thc Eleusirrilns thcir torchcs, ApolJo iulLl ArtcDris tlreir bows, Dionysos (sourcrirrres backcrl by sarvrs l3zl) his cnt:rnglire vinc and anintel ftrniliars, Ilcphaistos throws coals, poscictrn rrscs

pcriod, girls [:o;].

coDlrnonly wirh hcr child Etos, achicvcs a rr rhe Classical pcnocl, Sccncs ofhcr birtlr, arising fionr dtc ground [.!6,3771 or, lcss cotnmonly, crncrging fronr thc sc:r in a shc1l, now appclr. Shc, arld cspcciirlly Eros or a pluralicy of Erotcs, etcrlds sccncs ofbridll preparations; hci own lovc lifc is dcpictcd in sccncs wirh rhe luckicss,4dorris l.z.!51, r,,,ho rvrs ro bc killcd bv I boar. bur u,hosc clrstcrn-inspirccl ctrlt r,,,lrs ul nroru nlorrcnt in Atherrr (iuc rb,rvc), or rcjrrvcnatcd Plnott lr6t, jool, rhc harrdrrnc boaoran ofLcsbos. Shc:nay ridc a goosc [67] or, ls Epitn!jia, a solr; hcr charior is drawn by pothos rnd Flcdylogos (l)csirc:rncl Sr,vect-trlk; l-104, cf-. .2861). Wcighing Erotcs in a balancc G,/oto_vdJi.r) is puzzLng; ltcilhcr qujtc rrrorllizing nor nlcrccnary [4rgl. Eros rcntains :rdolcsccnt, oftcn alonc rl,idr ntorrrl \\,omcn but rvith r boyish lifc ofhis owrr, hunting 1364], with anirnlls or ar plly l;071, or in a nrorc scrious rolc, at s;rcrificc I ;+s I or ldnritrcd ro thc L)iorlvsirc rroupc. I lc pLrrsucs boys and, il thc Classicrl

Witlr thc ucrv irtcrest in

chc lif-c of worrrcn Ap n()r)rr[, ucw sratus and inrportrnuc. cspcti.rlly

1r,94, z-i91.

Big f ights

ificr thc Archric period. wl)c-11 thcv wcrc- llililrly ccDtrcd or) llcrrklcs. 'lltcscus bccotncs thc ccllo;ll figLlrc. thouth not ulrvrys rcerlilv idcntifr;rblc. rnlcc thc battlc bccorDcs thlt for AlhcDs
AN{AZ()N()MA(:Hlfs t:rkc on ir Dcw sigrrifrcxrlcc

irsclf.rrrd not an ovcrscas cxpctliriorr; in tlris ir is petcrrtly uscd its il Parilblc f()r lhc l)crsiln irrvesions ofAtticl lttl rcpulsc, fir-st it Mrrrthorl, thcrt frorrl (lrcck soil

;lttcr the sa.k\ ofArhens, victotics in \\,hi.ll Athcrts took cspccill pridc-.'l'hc (lrccks:rrc oftcn irlcrrtificd :rs Attic trj[rrl or ]ocel hcr-ocs. Thc Anlrzons lrlly sllll lrc drcsscd ls (]rcck hoplita\ or ;rrchcrs. but corrtc- to bc givcn l)crsilll clrcss. rrr.rking thc ponlt of thcir rolc thc clcrlcr. Most of thc sccrlcs xrc (lllssicJl,
thc tbrrrth ccntuty- Atnezons wcrc rcsPccrcLl fi)cs ilrrd ciln bc sh()\\'n nt ;lrnrjn!I or cirsc lt-lJ, 222, 2.161(lrNTAURoNrAcIIIfs:rlxr involvcd Thcscns, hclpirrg his cotnradc l'cirithoos .rqilirst rhc bcusts who hrcl tlistLrrbcd-his u,crlcling. 'l his stol y t(x) sccnls to hrvc hclcl l urcsstqc lbr rhc Arhcnirns. th()Llgh nr()rc obsculc, Pcrh:lps rcllcalrng oll thc b;rrblric bch:rvjoLlr oflrorthcrn (irccks tlr.rrirrg thc l'crsiln trottblcs. Wc scc rhc fight rt thc tc.rsr lj-0, ro's, 1:l91 rrd thc subscqLrcnt batrlc (incltrrlirlg rhc b:rtrcrinq ofiiairlrrs llTl),lnc1 corHarions oftl)c t\\'o. Thc,v dcclirrc in nurlbcrs Llcclinrrg


in thc fi)urth ccllltlr'-v. A ncrv frght. cxclusivc t() thc loLrlth ccnlury, is thc (iRYP()MA(:IrY l-l+2,.r,sd, ./0,'1, +L/1. lri,r.rrl)-\, showrl rs olicrtrirls, ltrught drc gtillirrs who gtrerdccl gold. l'hc fights rrc slrow:r,:lnd lorcplrls ()fthc bclligcrcrrts. C;rc NIr)MA(illlrs hirvc trccn considcrcd rvith tlrc Gods.



'I'hc nrost:rctivc lnd popul:rr ofrhc Arch;rlc Ircrocs cuts r vcry dilli'rcnc ligurt ru thc Cillssicrl pcriod. Vcrv icrv oflris b.rsic Lrbours r:rd orhcr cxploirs :rrc shou,n, .lnd thcn scldonr, rvlth thc uotublc cxccpri()n oalhc Hcspc.ridcs L:rbour, ',vhich chruqcs chilrilc!cr in ,l signillcrrlt nlrrnrcr l2dZ, .t76', +.?ol. Instcrrl oftlrc fight rvith thc snekc suardins thc trcc, or thc hcro sLlppor!in!l thc \\'orld lor Atlls, hc srrs t,r strurrls qLrictly obscrvinq rhc rreiclcns slthcriDq thc lpplcs for hirr. lhc :rpplcs qulrrntcc irnrrortilry lncl hc is oltcn shorvn .rLcld)- rLjrrvcr)rtcd, in I ulrdcn ysirrnr. Thc lltcrnrtivc storv olhis lpothcosis, his sclf--inr rr olation on i pyrc, torturcd by rhc poisonccl robc serrt (not hundcd ro hirl ls on lz r:l) by I )ci:rrrcrr.r, rurrrl rsccnt tlrcncc by chlriot to ()lyrrrpus, sccrtrs to ltavc bccn r cotrlp:Lritivcly l:rtc irvcntion. lhc pyrc is sccr) in rhc.16os, thcn ,,l,jth rlrc risirg chrriot, drivcn

-'llth'a on rn Archrlc vesc (b,v M.rkron) but rhis is nol likcly to bc hcr. Latcr, whcrc thc u,or:un rlrops r cup orjue, shc is Mr'dr'a. irrrcnt on poisorritrg hitrt rrrtriJ h is rccogrition Lry his t'rthcr ,4 r,qlrrr, sonrctinrcs:tlso Prcscl)r (ct-. [ 164l). I lir rolc irr A ru lzonorrl.tclt y lrtd (lcnarurorrrlclly hls bccn Dotcd tbovc.

The Trojan Cycle

ofTroy ls qrritc r.vc11 scrvcrl, ifrvith r sorlrcwhitt di$i'rclt r:tnire of Oi!hc prclinrinrrics, Pr'lr'rr pulsuing Il./iJ l-l9dl end \\,cddinq hcr:rrc \rlll sho$n lEg,1.17, t12l.thc-lttdtt tttt rrl irarls (thc gocllcsscs srill drcssccl tncl l):rris ot'icrr en oricntrl) l.l+, z++,2g.t,296, +2E], errd rhcrc erc donrcstlc sccrrcs of ['rris r,vitlr Htlttt lzqq, -]0,s, -i6r,.il'rl. In crnrp, ,'1rlrr1lt't is xn inrport.nt fiqnrc, irrr)lir)g, or I)ciDg Ic;tr rrrctl by I lrctis rncl ltcr ltrcnrhnt Ncrclcl sistcrs, orl tiot I t,r,
l'lrc story

$lrcrl lvith drc sh:rdorvy t'jgurc of.P,r/oirrrol. His s:rcri6cc :lt thc rock alt;rr of (-'lry-v,, on his jourrrcy to 'l roy, is irnothcr rovclty, pcrlraps irspirctl by :rcw Arlrcni:rn lntcr cst in Lcrr nos l.1r3l. Sonrc ofthc oklcr. t'irrili:rr subjccts r-ccur, rnLl ncu,is his rcscuc ofThcscu\ (or l)cirithoos) lrorrr Haclcs (la7l, ci [18;, zra]). llc is usu:rl1y shorvrr nrkcll now. Lrut li)r tlrc liouskin, lrcl his u,c:rptrr rs invrrilbly thc clrrtr; I ncrv occlsionll lttritrutc is e cornucopi;r l-irJ.;1. I Ic is nrorc oftcn bclrcllcss, cspcci;rlly ar thc. cnd ol lris c:rrccr, lvith thc I Icspcridcs or.on thc n ly to ()lyrrrpus. ancl hc sornctirncs rcrrirs hls Archric rolling cyc. I lis cult in Attic;r rvls inr portlnt :rncl thcrc ;rrc sccncs (on votivc rclicfi loo) ofbirn scrtcd rt e srnrll colurnn:rr shrinc 1.116, -;35l. l'hcrc:rrclnallyclrlyfi)rrrth ccntury sccl)cs ()1' his'court', r,',irh thc hcro sc:ltcd ccllrr:lllv lnd bciug houourcd or scrvcd by vrrious clciricr (Athcn:t end Nikc:rrc prornincnt) or s:rtyrs alcl ntlcrlrJs [.146, 3-5,1, .t74, cl'. t.ttl. IIc is ofrcrr rvith J)ionysos.

by Athcnr or Nikc, rdded. lcevins bchind r)nly his rrortel hnsk, indicrtccl by e body-corsclct [.1r r i; rhcn, into thc firrrrth ccnlrlry, rhc chirriot drivc eLlrc l.;4d, ()r I , r ] hc is introduccd ro Zcus by Arlrcnr, on foor, in thc Archlic schcnrc, .15+ l:rud on [4oo] nrrrricll to Hcbc ar ar Ol,vnrpian rcccptionMorc rtttcution is peicl to his curl,v lili': rl, rcstlir)q thc snJkcs in his cr:rcllc I r96l, iroilq ro school l6i,'1, nr.rrrying llt ], rvith rvifi':rnd child. Thcrc lrc sontc qroups ofspcciirl sccncs. His intcrvcrtion rvith Irrolrt,t/rrrrs in thc l:rtc 6fih ccntury rr:ry bc sragc-inspircd. Atrout thc satltc tilltc bcgin sccncs with hirtr crrrying or rt rclldirrq in old nr]n \\'irh :r cornucoPil [.;7-t ], pcrheps rcl:rtitrg to I ncr,v or rcviv,:'cl

tr I or wiltclboflrc l.r 1r, .1661. His nrLrtfled figtrrc orr rhc firrrlcr rccill\ lhc cerlicr 'silcrrr' Achillcs (,'1RFH I ,hlg-r. r116,:7o,3o,t.r,312).Mostofhis,endothc-r'fr,ij,rrr ightinlr sccncs disappclr, but drcrc is lrr odd rrcrtrucnt of hls clc:rth lrortr rllc rurrou,dcflctcd by Aprnlo to his lrccl l.ri. Ihcrc is e gcncral dctrlh ofecti,,u rccncs but fi)l sonrc ofl)rolrr'/c-r (ertl Orly-r-v'rt-r) stcrlirrg thc I)rllacliorr lrorrr Troy l-t6;1. Thc S.rck ofTroy is no loDqcr sho\!rt as i cyclc.iftcr drc nlid-ccntury, bul irdividull sccrcs sLrrvivc, notrbly thc rcscuc of"1il/rr,r, rrpc of(iar-rartdra lr l, :rrrd
,l'1./r{'/ir()r rccovcrins Htlut lt t9,.ldgl. Altcr thc ,1:os rhc Troy story virrr'r:r11y .c;rscs to iDtcr-cst tbc virsc-p:lirltcr. l'lrc s!ory of Iplti.,4r:tria in T,lrrris 1,1-5ol is surcly

iupirccl by ir phy,
subscqucrrt problcDrs


is On-vr'-r' :tllctdrncc rt his fulhcr's rornb l36il lncl rt l)c1phi u'irh rhc Furics I r 9,9]. His killirrg ofAigisthos [;6]

ln oLlcr thcnrc. 7r'lr'llorscizingthcinlirlt()rcstcsitshostigcl.l5Tlrlrtrstrlsobc

stl ilc-rn sPircLl. 'l_hc Or)yssEy f:rrcs

llo Lrctlcr, !virh sccncs c()nccntr:ltilrg ()r1 Ocl,vsscus' Narr-rir',ra lrgll. his visit to thc rrndcrworlrl lr,;ol, his lrorrccorrinq to l)cnclopc lzq6, zq7l.
rdvcnrur-cs or



Other heroes and cycles

Thcrc rrc fcrv sccncs lroru drc TrnneN (lvr:rr: Po/yaril'r-r bribirrg
scnd Anrphi;rr.ros to Thcbcs lzd].

Errl ylr to Athclr withdliwine inrnrort:llity (Alhrn:rsia) liorrr drc crnnibll 7j,r/rrr l:itl, tllc nalac xl lhcbcs lr,;1. triadrrros'crlcour)tcr


llrc ncu,cyclc ofdccds crc:rtcd at thc cn.1 ofthc sixth ccotllry is prcscrtcd rs:r still tlntil lrtc i11 thc frfth ccntLrry l,t/, l8t, .:,10]- ()firrcliviclLlirl sccncs (,liy rhc crlcorlntcr rvrtlr thc bull of Milr:lthorr sLrrvivcr thc Clrssicrl pcriod er ali strorrely [-l-;;1,:rnr] thc Minoreur is llso singlcd ol:rt l-292.1 , lldl, olicrr rn.rn intcrcsting erchitccttrrll sctting sullqcstirlg thc Le[ryrinclr. In tirc Classica] pcriod, drcssr'cl es I trtvcllcr, lrc pursues rvonrcl. Hc htcl attrckccl his ntorhcr

with tlrc scrpcl)t is xnorh cr 'l'hcb:Ln srory, sccn on (lhssicrl v.rscs I lg, ct-. to-31, as is ()i,i/7rrrr conlronting ;rrrd killing thc-I'hcbrrr Sphitrx I r r I , .103], rDd ls itrr irlf:,trri drarr hithcrto- Thcrc is-/asorr I r rol. I'hc AR(;oNAU ts arc slightly nrorc PopLrl:Lr

rvirh thc flcccc [4 i l. thc cpisodcs rvirh thc brrzcrr gierrt ] a/o-, in Crcrc, bcrvirchcd by Mcdcr J.;:Jl, encl rvith thc l)orceds driving.rwry lhc robbcr Ilarpics lrorrr I)/rirl,rr-r'reblc. ,4n7lrrrl.i 1l!thts Pclcus (rrrisrrrrcd Hipponrcrrcs on Ir4i]) lt thc ganrcs firr l)c1ils (rrd ci ldE l) lncl in a Lruiqtc sccnc PlcParcs for lhc f:rrnotrs lootncc I r 79 l, u lrcrc shc rvill bc disrrilctccl by thc goldcrr lpplcs, hcrc'trcing givcl by Aphrrxlitc


to thc lilturc victor, viil Eros. In abonr 4oo shc is sccn with huntcr conrpalrols,
iuclucliug Mclclgcr [-,t36], pcrhaps irspirccl by Euripidcs' trcltrnc'rrt ofthcir lovc-

ChaPter Eight

nrrtch, rrnrl thc Calydonim lloarhrnt ts rcvivccl in l finc fourth-ccntury conrposirrn [1.94] shc :rppc:rrs top lcft rs en oriental, rvirh hcr bow. Noricc also thc hlrlrtrcss on l2r 6l.



Borcas pursucs Orritlryia still iu thc Chssicrl pcriod l;ol, as docs lo-r thc huntcr Kr,plralirsorsclrooJboy'1itlnnos16t,91, rr:1. Ou It-ir] thc prclinriuerics for thc futrl rlcc bctwccn l)clops errcl Oirronr;ros rccell thc grcat cest pcdinrc:rt:rt Oly:rrpi.r (CSCI,/ig. r ii) in subjcct on1y. ,4arlrorrrrla, thc su['rjcct of plays by both Sophoclcs :urcl Iuripidcs, is stekcd out for thc rlronster to trccs or r rock on 6fthccnlnry v:rscs, but l)crscus is rrot oftcn sccn with hcr ltz5, t66, r691. Hc is, hou,cvcr, iound still ls an irfint rvith his rrothcr, c:lslaways ir l chcsr Ir:7], arcl ric:rling rvith i conlperrtivcly hunr:ruizcd Mtdusd 1t16, r97l and t pctrific'cl I)olyclckrcs lz r 7l, who hecl scrrt hior orr rvhat shoulcl havc bccrr rhc fital rrrissrorr. /Icl/r'und P/rriro-r lttcrnp! to cscnpc on thcir sca-going rlrns fronr thcirjcalous stcprlothcr Ino 1167] a ncw story for vascs-fhc dcrrh ofOrllcrrr is srill shou,n in rhc Clessic:r1 pcriod l6q, I22, cf. Itg j, rnd ro drc cncl ofthc ccrrrrrry, drc blincling ofrhc barcl 7}arrryra-r byjcalous Muscs It65). Btlltrophon is l rlrity Ii7, -i49] drcrc was :r sculpturc group ofhinr rvirh thc chlnrecra on thc Acropolis (CSCP p. r7o). Lylorl'gos l-yzl, likcl)cnrhcuson cirlicr vascs, rvls clrivcrr rrrrcl by l)ionysos.

Other figures
ebstrlctiorrs. rrormllly by figurcs of urcnrcrr ;rncl only a tclturc of(llessical ald ll tcr vlscs. Usually rbcy strit thc rroocl of:r sconc' or hclp positivcly ifclnrlsily ro inrcrprct it (as Ath:rnrsr:r orr l.zr,il arcl l)citiro on [;09]). Thc hcavcnly boclics too cnjoy corporcaliry: Ilclios [:96] rnd Sclcrrc h;rrl lorg bccrr showrr rvith chrr-iots, ol thc lirtcr otr horscblck,lrrd thcy arcjoiucd by verious sters Ir4-iIlrld pl:lrcts. l'hcrcrrcxlso l'crsonific:rrions


In ir trldition ofpot!cry-dccorerion irl which frgurc scc:rcs p)ayccl r virrl rolc ir is not surprisin!! tiret tltc ovcrall aPpcrr.lncc of thc vascs should dilicr markcdly fionr tliosc oir:,thcr culturcs whosc Pottcry u,c prizc (thc g)lzcd warcs of(lhine .rndJrpln. tirr cxarnPlc) lrd lhat lcchrriqtrcs shotrld bcerr clcviscd to lbcr tlrc .ifrl,".1cc,r,-"t,rr. Colortr bccotnc's oflcss importancc thlrn clcar dcfrnitrorl "imi ofLlccorrtion. xncl lhis rvls trtttclt clrhanccd by tlrc lbility ttl producc a vcry flnu, rund irrrcnsc bleck ptirrt which is rJso glossy but without sucir I highly rcllcctirrg srrrirrcc thrr clctlil :rrrd colltrrsl ilrc obscLtrc-cl. Jhc tccllrliqucs wcrc dcvclopcd in jn thc thc (lrcck llrorrzc Agc, bul pcrltctcd nr tlrc sixlh and fifib ccr)lurics 1r(: scrvicc of thc bcst figurc-clrawrrrg. fhcrc rvrs good pottcrs'clay ill nllny P:lrts of(lrcccc, ill)d notttlly iD Articr' rvhich is otrr prirrrc conccrn hcrc lhc scclirncllrrry bccls producccl a clay rich irr i:on which givcs rhc cherlcrcrisric rttciclirlcss ofthc fircd clay itnd llso assists thc arc wl,itc (klolin) enrl usctl l,roclLrction ofthc black gloss. l)rinrary cl:rys which firr thc body '..lfvrscs, only nor ttscd bill .lscrvhcrc fbr porcclrin u'crc lvlil:rblc sliPs. or tirr spccial cilccts lhc thror,ving ofr v;lsc oD thc whccl is a proccss fillliliill to llrost oftr\;rllll

itlcntifirble by inscriptiorr, lrc

prectiscd il :Lncialrl Arhcns rvirh no cspccill tricks thlt lvc can clctcct' Sol]lc vasc :-cprcscnt,ttiolls shorv thrr rhc rvhccl rvls ttlrDccl by xn assislelll squatlil)g bcsidc ir


sonrc lcss obvious pcrsonili cerior rs ofpllcc (Phylc [3,1-5]; Spartc j.165l) ;rncl (i.Lnrcs ltgl. Thandtos rrcl Hyprros (Slccp :rrrd l)crrh) rcnrovc chc clcad froru rhc brttlcficl,:1, ()r !o il grirvc! iud (-'rdli)r, drcssccl in a skin cip llld coarsc tLlrlrc, lirrics thc clcrcl on firrcrel vrscs. lrJll is clcvorcd *hc>Jly to urdcrworid fisurcs.

1)qrri('-!. sonrctin)cs carclully chrrrctcrizcd iLs dwerti, fighr thc Crlncs Iro7, ,1r r l, as thcy hacl on nruch cilrlicr v:rscs. Sa/yrs hlvc cltlngr:cl litrJc in rhcir rlrry of lit'i':rnd :rtriruclc to rnlcnirds 165, 168, 160l silcc thc Archlic, but in rbc tburrlr ccrrrury thcrc is il tcrrdcncy l'or thcir t'ixlr to bccorrc rrrorc go:rtish th:ln

cLluillc, sorlctilrrcs with 5hortcr goilt tirils, and cvcn tiny horns, perhaps jnflucnccd by thcir ncrv con)parilorl, l'ln. Of thcir rrnlucky Arretoli;lr cousius M:rsyes h;rcl problcrrs r,vith Apollo (scc abovc):rrcl Silcrros ficcs Midrrs [139] u lto sports drc donkcy cers rvhich wcrc cithcr inflictcd on hirn by Apoilo or arc irD iDLlicxtor of l)is own s:rtyric cllirllctcr. 2lo

thc vasc wonlcl bc thror,vn scp:rrltcly tlrc llc-cks oflrnphortc ;rld hyclriei' thc lict ofstcnrnrcd ctrp\ rDd it is likcly that thc Portcr r)ra'lc scvcral inclividtral prrrs iD orL'bxtch, :rnd drcrr fitrcd nccks, fccl xnd licls to boclics- A goocl Poltcr ;cqrlircs n() tcnrphlcs or nlcchlnical itials to rcproLlucc siTc and profilc trll a vcry high clcgrcc ofconsistcr)cy- Tlrc asscnrblcd vl!c, by now lcathcr-herd btlc nor l,.itrlc. ,rx rl,cr r"t,rruc.l to thc whccl fbr drc tnrnilg, in which c)ay wrs percd rrrvry, cspcciell-rr rt ftror and lip, to procltrcc thc fiuc clcfinirion ofproiilc which u,c ,nislcrdirg crll rnctrllic. l-hc rcchrriquc is thc carpcrrtcr's wirh his llthc, u rnsfirrcd to illy for this rcfincnrcnl ofshlpc, :rs it wls cvcnttl:r1ly (irr thc sccorrd h.rlf of thc filth ccrrtury) to rDctal vrscs

clccoratrol, strch es u'ls rlccdctl ir) lrlxny othcr pirts ofGrcccc- On rrleny ofthc trncr Athcnllrr vrscs, h()wcvcr, lttrd cspccially in thc Archaic pcriocl, thc srrrfacc \\.irs coirtcrl with rcd ochrc (lrrcicrlt rtrlltos) bcforc thc dccoration wls ltpplicd' l'his inrcnsificd thc rcr!rcss ofthc clay bttl is scldonl Prcscrvcd otl thc vrscs rls lvc

Attic clrry rcquirccl no


slip to proviclc a qood sllrfi'c fi)r


\cc thcrll todry. Whcrc ir is, rhc d;rrkncss of tltc rcd is surprisilg sincc it trnsiclcrlblv rcduccs thrt colltr:rs! oithc cJa,v grourrd rvith thc bl:rck u,hich, irr nrodcrrr photosrrphy, rvc incrclsc torv:rrds ln llntost bhck lnd u,hitc cfli'ct. I hc bhck qloss p;rirrr is in irct :r slip, of tltc srnrc brsic corrposirion as thc clay bodv bur rnolc rcfinccl ()cvir:rtccl) lnd possiblv orhcrrvisc trcrrcd so dritt rliiJ rrun contcrl! linvc ftrll vrluc to thc rlcsircd lrllck uncicr conrrollcd firinq. A spccial 'irrcrtionrl or'corll' rcd ls rnct in thc Archlrc pcriotl, es l blckgrouDd t() sonrc bl.rck fiqr.rrc (,48F// pp. 57. r116, ,h,gl. ro.+.1, r70). cxccprioritlly for rcd fiqurc (.'llll:H I p- r ii) bur sonrcrilrcs rcpl:rcinq rhc- black rounrl rhc intcrior tondo orr lccl frgurc or rvhitc grorrnrl I io,9l cups tx bcrrclth thc liqurc friczcs outsidc thcnt (ibid.,pp. to,5fi, rlr,-/i{.26.r),or)cccovcringthcwholcofr}rcboclvofavolutc cr':rtcr. lnd irr occ:tsioD:r1 usc lbr spcciiri vescs dorvn ro thc ruicl-filih ccDtury. It is e rrlossv or,rnqc rccl irr !orrc', sotDctintcs qultc dccp rcd, ipplrc:tt1y eqeitr thc rcsull ol c:rrcfLrl lcvi{jr1!i()n of rlrc bocl,v clity t() r Llcqrcc sliglrtly colrscr tlun ther
rccluirctl firr llrc black qloss- Whitc, proLltrcccl by rhc usc of:r prirnlry clay, corrld llso bc uscd irr b:nrcls on cups, es r,"ith corel rcd. but rnorc frcqucntly as a brckrrrotrucltobhckfigurc(,4IiFHpp.-15, r06. i47 jo: ,11l.lrHIpp. rj, rt, j6), exccpti(r1.rllv tirr rcd figrrrc (ibid.. p. r7,.liq.4), trnd, ir) thc lifth ccnrury, as blckgrounrl to outlinc dritwiDlr, irs o11 thc lluulcr()Lls rvhitc lckyrhoi, lllblstrl, rnd a fi'rv othcr shlpcs (',1RFH I pp. lr:+, rJ2 l, t19, t8rl, r9j; :rnd rhovc, Ohlptcr Four). ()frhc colorrrs cnrpJoyc(l ovcr thc whirc:r rlnllc fronr brou n ro vcllow colllcl bc lchicvcd by vrrvinq the h:rctnacitc contcrrr of tltc usLtal btrt thirlrtccl rnix tirr bllck gloss. bluc is frorrr porvclcrcd glass frit, grccn fionr:r .oppcr cornpollrd. Tlre u,hitc urrcl purplc rcd orr bllck figurc is lionr prinr.rry cl:ry :rnd rcd ochrc rcspcctivcly, nrost ficcly uscd in thc incisirs'Six rccluriquc' (,lB/ll1p. r7s, l1qr.3o9 r4;,1.1?FHIpp. r8,16,6rl).(;illlir)sissccuoccesionally rrr rhe Alclreic pcriotl (,1RFH I p. ja, and rgain lrorrr thc cud oftJrc fitih ccnrtrry. Ilclicfencl frgttrc vitscs rrc nrldc 6ont utoulds, rctorrchccl by hllcl. rvith thrown ii'ct or lips lcldcd, :rncl nrouldcd rclicfi c:rrr bc eppJicd to thro\\,ir vlscs. I hc p:rints. or slips, u,crc rpplicrl [r,v brisrlc bruslrcs, brord arces bcirrg plintcd rvith drc v:rsc turrrinir slorvly on thc rvhccl, enci figLrrc u,ork with chc vrrsc in thc



dippcd lrc ctrlnbcrsoDrc rnri do not.ldcqultcly ll]slvcr r,r,ltet \\rc sc-c ol1 tirc vascs. I blick fiqurc rirc p:lintcr coulcl nrrkc I suiclinir skctch by brush or light incisron; irr r cd fieLrrc by light incision. or r.trhcr by qcrily bntisiug thc srrrficc ofthc vesc. Ihc lincs arc rcrdily sccn. csPccillly rl,hcrc thc ochrc rvesh hes gonc, ind rhcy bctral chrngcs ofconrposition by thc paintcr bcibrc hc pickcd up rhc Lrrush. 'lhc bl:rck/rcd cll.ict, prodrrccd b,v brsic:rlly thc sartc clly for bocly rncl slip, ricpcnclcclor c;trcful lirilg. In a clcan, oxiLlizirtg irtrtosphcrc, bodr turncd rcci. A srrloky, rcdrrcillLt irtrno:iphcrc wes thcn inttoduccd lt thc kiln rvhich tunrccl both bl:rck. l'hc rcintrrtrluction ()filn oxidizing rtnrosphcrc rcturncd thc bocly ofthc

r:,t9),probebly uith r thir lrrist]c, althouqh I syri:rgc hes bccn suegcstcd. or I hair, in thc p:rirt.tnd lrid ol thc vlsc ncithcr tcchticl.rc sccnrs problblc; both

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r)rodcrn. !hoLrlall lno:it thxl I hlvc cho\cr1Ilirvc trccll lollg kDo\u lhcrnlohlnllnbtrr if csccncc le!!s cil_Il incliciltc thc epproxinlrtc dxtc llt u'hiclt chy hils bccn fircd; illl ancicrlt vtsc hls bcco rcfirc.l i,, rccellt linlcs, t() rcstorc its colour, it rvill bc thr: rlcchrccl nodctn. Alld irllcielll vilscs lrright bc rcp:rintccl rnd firccl to bclorv e in nrdl Dor, etrcictlt; tcsts ls p:rss dlc crtrcirl tcrtrpcrxtul c so thit lheir bodics irr fbrgtl tirc of i1lllcnLrity thc rvc ull,:lcrcstinlrtc shor.tltl rnlrkct, r'".,u 1.r.."ti.," irr,rcliating his product so:ts t() conltlsc thc tcsr''llrc nlorc soPhisticltccl tcsts lttc

Etruscrn tonrLrs, our principal source for corrplctc vrlscs. '\Vcdcling scrs'of lcbcrcs eerlrikoi, pyxiclcs:rnd 1ck:rrridcs nray rJso hrvc bccn providccl, for horrc lncl for cxport to thc lllack Sca; on thcsc tlrctc u,ls nor rnally congruity ofrhcnrc .rr eDy riltc. Othcrwisc grlirs ofvascs, or srnell scts (likc thc Sotaclcal Iroo, ro-2, ro-;l), can bc idcnrificcl, with con:plcnrcntary sccncs. llcplicas (anrl nonc oftlrcrn lirrc for-linc rcplices) arc c\ccptionrl lzgo 9t, -1zq 1o); enorircr rcason for cioubting thc cxistcrcc of anything Jikc pattcnr-books usr-cl by prilrtcrs.

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tlriy rvctc trraclc. Thc Athcnitll Pottcrs' qtlilrtcr, thc Kcrrnl'_:kos' lly ',,lrcr" rrrrl rvcst ofthc (lllssicrl Agor:r (rrrerkct placc), rvithil1 thc rvalls ncer thc north l)ipvlon (iatc end hlcl oncc occupiccl rhc Agorr lr cr itsclf-'-lt gitvc its nelrc to thc ,lisiiict (lcrnc) I(crlnrcls, which cxtcrrclcd otrrsirlc rhc u'llls' I'hc u'orkshops of ,r,,. p"ri,,.l hrvc rrot bccrr c\altv;ltcd (thc'Kcr:rrlreikos cxcivalions'arc'ofthc ccnrctcry thc gete). btlr I lro:rrcl ofJcnl l)aitrtcr vescs n'e_s ftrurrd in the xrcil (r11odcrn Hcrnrcs St.) and wes pcrh:rps frolu I slrop Classicrl kiLls havc llso bccrr firrrncl otrtsiclc Atllcrts'nortll gltc (thc Achrrnirtrl). so tllc erc'r o'cLlPlccl by thc irrclustrv rn:ry hrvc bcclt grcittcr. or lcss cotrccntrrtccl, thlln \\'L lnllgillc fhc alry .",,," f.,r,,t ,,,ty of rhc rich bcds oursiclc Arhcus; thosc rr AnrlroLtsi (rrr thc .,r",1 r,, Mt. l'cntclikon) rrc still tlscd, lncl thcrc rves frncr clry:rt C;rpc Koli:rs' rrerr l)helcrotr. Thc kllns lrrcl shops 1ey :rlainly rvirhin thc citv. it scclns Thc roul]hcst of c.rlctllations suggcsls tl:tt thcrc cotllcl hrvc bcctr xt lclst I h!rrdrcll vlls(:-p;riDtcrs rt $,ork ar:iny inc tirDc iD tirc hcy-cl:r-v ofprodtlction, cl()$'ll to thc (llrssic.rl pcriocl (dcclirrile corrsirlcrlbly thclc:rftcr) But nrrrry rrrLrst hivc bccrl p.rrt"r/p"i,,r"rr, ln.t all rriicd rlot hxvc sPcrlt 111 thcir tinrc'p:rrrrring pots rrrhcr ihun wells, or rvooclcn ptllcls, or' rhc bcttcr oftircnt, bcirrg cllglrgc':l irl sorlrc

v:tscs \vcrc lrledc alld dccorarccl rvc lrlay considcr

othcr creli. Wc idcrrtill' thc spcci;rlists by rhcir plcutltirl cxtrnt prodrrtri"r'' pcrhrps b;rrclv onc pcr ccltt ofthcir torel ()tltpur, il! bcsr thrcc pcl celll Vasc,."u.r rhutui,,'q 1,.rttc-rs studios hrvc tirclrl quitc popLllons. bul \\'c Dcccl n()t t;rkc

It h:rs bccl suggcstcd that fincr vascs uerc bespokc for spcciel occeri,rrrs (symposirr) :rnd thcn cxportcd, sccondhlnd. This nriEht bc Lruc of sonrc; rvc celrrot rcll. lt rvrs ccruinly lruc ofthc Prnrthcrlaic Prizc vascs ('4BFH ch. 7). Bttr thc.rc rvas llso nrlss cxport ofbetchcs ofthc srrnc shapc arrd rvorkshop, as wc can judgc from fincls in shiprvrccks or irncss f:-ont thc oclcl pattcrn ofdisrributi,,n in rcrrotcr pllccs. (lrafliri on vlscs (gcrcrally on thc fcct) sccm to inclic.rtc batchcs, or qivc coclcs for irdlvidull tridcrs, and sonrctinlcs indic:rtc pricc. Wc nray issrulrc thlt e nrcrclranl \\,ould rDxkc up part ofl crrgo by purchrsc itr rhc poltcrs' qrtartcr', arrd hinrsclf(or his rgcnt) lccortrpatty it artd odrcr conlnloclitics ro thc iDtcnclcd nr:rrkct, irr (irccce or ovcrscas. A 'hoar,:l' ofcr atcrs by I CIlssictl peintcr lound in drc l)ir:rcns rr'rey bc a nrislrid c>r chnragccl cotrsigtrtncut. Thc nrcrchaDts r)r igh! nor bc Adrcuiln, or cvcn Clrcck, tojudgc fronl onc or two prcfrred peintcd inscriptions in Etruscen (onc incliclting:r gift) which scenr to havc bccn bcspokc irr Atircns. Thc vrscs rvcrc packcd in rubbish ancl sh;rvirrqr. probrbl,v in beskcrs, and nrany slupcs conld bc strckcd, rs tllcy bccrt in thc kill, or snrlll vrscs plckccl rvirhin hrgc oncs, for sccurity arrd ccorroury ofspecc. Thc cvidcucc about priccs is skirnpy. It scerns likcly thlt:r surallish clccorrtcd vxsc a lckythos or cup uriuht cost orrc drlchnre; a largcr onc a hyclri:t twtr or thrcc. l'hc vcry largc and claborrrc v:tscs r)rLl!l hrvc bcctr trruch tlrorc cxpcnsivc; thc snrall, nrlss-proclucccl, problbly dozc'Irs to a clrlchnr:r (!vhich rl'es vcry roughly onc dry's wegc). Thc clctcrrnining irctors rvcrc problbly vzc (ditlculty of drrorving rnd firr:rg) end nunrtrcr of figurcs (conrp:rrc thc

thcrrr litcr:r1ly. T'h"r.,n.,., hlvc bccn snrr11 firlily cstlblishlncnls. rnci sonle prcstigious riorkshops crlploying (rrcrt pcrh:rPs rlwr)'s rt drc s:rrrrc linrc) scvcr:rl l1ifi...'ut a.rirtr, ;ts rvcll as ,rress-pIotl.rcrio" unils likc thc l'cllthcsilcrrr rvorkdrop. ln thc pcriod dcilt with irr this volLrnrc therc lrc lcwcr siqnrlrrr'\ r)l' dru rhey ''l crc irr thc lr,rtt"..l.r, l,riut".s:rtltl thc tl:tnlcs sccrn lcss ilrfornlrlrivc
Archaic pcrio.l (IRFH I pP- 9 lo); wc hitvc obscrvcd thc pir:tcy ofthc nenrc ol thc liDrous rrrLtrelist l)oiygrrotos by rhrcc PxiDlcrs- lhc lcw Pottcr/P'rirrt' I ()rnc cl'rrr'rrl signrtur cs u,hich intlicltc Allrcrriel birrh rnight. I inregi:rc, irrrply

p.lyn)cnls pcr ligurc for sculplulc (rr rhc Erechthcion, C.SCP pp. t48 9)Crlculltions bascd orr rhc rvciqht oftht vlscs ltrrcl thc volunrc ofcargo spacc thcy r,r,oulrl havc occupicd inclicatc th:rt rlccor:rtcd poltcry corlpxrcd lvcll i:r absolutc vllrrc u,irh:rny ofthc othcr staplc conrnrodirics oftrrdc oil, lvinc, conr. Thc dill'lcultics irrvolvctl in thc transport and plcking suggcsr drrt drc profits rrrr.rst hevc bccrr rvcll r,vorth thc troublc. I his is rt any ratc clcdr lrorr thc ntlrnbcrs rnd

tlistribution of thc vrscs in lnd outsiclc tht- (ircck u,orld. Thc raw rrralcri;rls involvcd in nr:rking thc vilscs \\,crc incrpcnsivc (c1:ry lrrd firc), and tbr nrost of


Athcni,r,, conlpc!ilion ilr thc poltcr's LlLlilrtcr'or in thc trlclc' [\'ocluction mus! hxvc bccn ptilu:rrily lbr thc krcrl ll:rrkct lnd thc potttrs rnust hirvc tlispl:rvcd tllcir warcs. Lrut thcrc u'as 'l brisk cxport trlarkct tr'' ' 'dinrlcr st r r r' t considcrc(l bclou'. 'Scrs' of vrsc's lvcre rro dotltrt providcd' A no rrlorc thrrr 'r is l)tlt thir thclncs. nriqht hrvc bccrr clccorrtcd u'ith rclrrctl rcc()glri/'' rrr til us to 'scrviccs' lrilvc survivcd nt)t to sccnl .urci thc pllusiblc gtrcss

this pcriod Arhcns crrjoyccl e nronopoly in thc proclucr. Thcrc rvcrc sonrc fccblc rvlrcs, sornc iruitarirrg Athcnran rccl ligrrrc, in othcr parts ofclcccc, :rnc1 thc South lrrlian rnd Sicllirn nr:rrkct (a Circck colonill ltc:r) wes losr oncc thc locll rvorkshops rvcrc in full producriorr in thc sccon,-l halfofthc fifth ancl thc hlrrtir ccnnrry (scc RF.S1.S).

Altcr rhc Archaic pcriod, [rnrri:r rcnlrlincd i] rrrrjor ilrporrcr of Athuni:n

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Chapter Nine
vascs but thcrc was a markcd dcclinc in thc third quartcr ofthc fifth ccntury followcd by an almost complctc halt cxccpt in thcnorth whcrc, at SPina, import was strong frorn thc Early Classical pcriod on to thc cnd. Thcsc vascs had travcllcd up thc Adriatic and not through thc straits of Mcssina. Etrlrria was


rnaking hcr own rcd figurc vascs, though not many, and thc dcclinc is thc rcsult

of worscning rclations and tradc with Grccks in gcncral, not Athcniarrs in particular- Thc valuc ofthc vascs to thc Etruscans is indicatcd by thc way thar
miny ofthcm wcrc mcnded with lcad clamps aftcr accidcnts cn routcor at hoDlc lar morc than wc obscrvc on vascs which staycd in Athcns. Thcrc is somc dcclinc in cxport to Spain and Francc aftcr thc mid fifth ccntury, but a wrcck off Mallorca wes carrying a lot of poor fourth-ccntury Athcnian red hgurc and black vascs. In thc fourth ccntury thcrc is a surgc oFcxport to thc (lrcck citics of thc Black Sca coast and to Cyrcnaica, a symptom ofthc ncw importancc ofthcsc arcas to bulk tradc in foodstuffs. In homcland Grcccc thc vascs arc wcll distributcd, rnd thc finds in thc houscs ofthc north Grcck city ofOlynthus show that thcy wcrc not simply bought as gravc goods, though cvcn thc tomb of l)hilip II ofMaccdon, Alcxandcr's fathcr, containcd a simplc Athcnian rcd figurc askos and black vascs besidc thc gold and silvcr. Vasc shapcs of pcculiarly Athcnian significancc gcncrally did not travci, but thc whitc funcrary lckythoi
and thc small chocs arc found in quantity at Eretria, whcrc Athcniarrs had scttlcd. Cups arc thc favourite cxport shapc cvcrywhcrc cxccpt in Sicily which sccms to havc bccn grccdy for lckythoi. 'fhc cxport ofAthcnian pottcry sccms to havc bccn only nrinimally affcctcd by Athcns bcing in a statc ofwar, citlrcr with thc Pcrsian bloc or with othcr Grcck statcs; a furthcr indication that much of thc rradc and carrying was probably not in Athcnian hands. It is clcar, howcvcr, that thcrc was an ovcrall dcclinc in production throughout this pcriod, only partly offsct by a risc in thc production ofplain black vascs (mainly thc smallcr shapcs). Thc volumc oftradc suggcsts no mcrc disposal ofsurplus production, so if thcrc was dclibcratc production to mcct thc dcmand wc might ask whcthcr thc

Thc rpproech ro Athcnian v:rscs in !hcsc volurncs hls bccl dircctcd nrainly to thc (lcrronstriltioll of thc work of iuclividual cnftsrncn iuld thc stylc lnd subjcct r:rlttcr ofthc dccorltion. 'fhc vcsscls thcrusclvcs havc bccn trcatcd as rrtclacts, sonrctiDlcs cvcD es 'works oflrt' (in thc rr1oclcrn scnsc; lhc dcscriptiol] is virtually nrclrilqlcss in rcrms of Cl:rssic:rl rntiqLrity). fhc clcvclopnrcnr of shlpcs wls discusscd in scpararc chaptcrs in ,4Ill-H (ch. 9) ,rnd ,4 R1-1/ I (ch. 5). In thc pcriod tlc:rlt wirh in this volumc no iniportln! ncw shapcs:rrc ilrtroduccd lld rhc chlngcs irr forrl lrc edcquarcly dcscribcd in clrlicr chaptcrs lncl rcfcrrcd tcr bricfly lt thc cncl ofthis onc. It is pcrhlps ]norc uscful hcrc to consiclcr thc ran!!c ofuscs to which thcy rvcrc put, to considcr horv thcsc mighr hrvc dcrcrnrincd or

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dcmand affcctcd thc product. This was truc in thc Archaic pcriod, whcn Erruscan shapcs wcrc dclibcratcly copied for thc markct (,4BFH p. 64)- In rcd figurc thcrc arc rarc copics ofSouth Itelian native (not Grcck) shapcs, and somc sitcs sccm to havc favourcd unusual (but Athcnian) shapcs, such as Spina and its rcception of stcmmcd platcs ofthc latcr fifth ccntury. 'fhat subjccts wcrc choscn for dccoration with thc ovcrscas customcrs in mind sccms unlikcly. 'Ihc popularity ofthc obscurc story ofthc Arimasps who Iiought thc grifiins might indccd havc bccn inspircd by the ncw Black Sca markct, sincc thc myth was placcd in thc distant north, but ifso thc vascs dccoratcd with this subjcct wcrcnot rcscrvcd for that markct- Thc sccncs simply joincd thc standard rcpcrtory and thc vases so dccoratcd travcllcd south to Africe as rcadily as they wcnt north. Somccxotic subjects may havc bccn choscn orbcspokcn individually, by donors or dcdicator., to takc ovcrscas, but that is anothcr mattcr. It might cxplain, f()r instancc, thc l)crsian and his camcl from Egypt ltoll.

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W.bstcr. /)P.h. rei /-IM(,' for .onrPrehrrsiv. lists, Lorrrrrcrtrrv.rrrd illLrstntrr, (vol. iv, re88..r.hcs Hcrrklcs)r K Schcfolrt, Dn Oiltto'alt: h lo


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bibliography nr ,,1R/rH I :r9 and T.l l. (l.rp(ntct, Su t toty ()riir h C r, (1981) for an indc\ t() .h.'p,* w. 11 U" *" ,.., ,jj r.'ll/. \. ", 'l\'. -. ,.r1 , rr

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