Tournament of Books

Sample Image! You will be given a copy of our bracket with book pairs prior to the start of Tournament of Books!

Tournament of Books will begin on February 17th and end on March 21st to align with March Madness! Our goal for this tournament will be to share the love of reading. You are asked to take a few minutes from your day to read one of the preselected, previous books of the month. This is simply for the enjoyment of reading: “Keep your head in the game” On February 17th you will begin reading one book a day until Thursday. This cycle will include four ocean texts: Big Al, Rainbows Landing, I’m a Manatee, and This is the Sea that Feeds us. On Friday your class will vote. You will be given tickets and Four cups. Set up the books, according to the bracket, with the four cups and allow kids to vote by placing the ticket into the cup. You are to count to see your class winner. Mrs. Saoud will email you on Friday for you class winners and the total number of votes for both books. Over the weekend, Mrs. Saoud will total the number of votes per book and move winning book through the bracket. A bulletin board will be set up in the front lobby for all to see!

The above steps will repeat with character books on February 24th: Score One for the Sloths (will be provided to you), Armadillo Tattletale, The Worrywarts, and Leo the Late Bloomer.
March 3rd will begin books with a social studies theme to include Wilma Unlimited, More Than Anything Else, Salt in His Shoes, and John Henry.

March 10th will kick off a collection of stories with a focus on story telling to include The Tin Forest, The Three Questions, Aunt Isabel Tells A Good One, and Wild About Books.
By March 17th we will host the final four where you will have two battles. Details to come as books are announced. Our Final two will be on display by March 19th. Friday the 21st we will host a school wide assembly where the final book will be announced by an official basketball player!

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