NAME:______________________________ COMPANY: _________________________ DATE: ______________________________ SCORE: _____________________________ BUSINESS CLASS PROGRESS TEST (U1-U8) LEVEL: Advanc d!

M"d#$ I C"%&$ ' ac( ) n' nc *+'( '( c",, c' -",% "- '( *",d +n .,ac/ ')0

1. Nowadays, smartphones are _______________ expensive – I think they are so overpriced. (BELIEVE !. I can ass"re yo", we on#y make ______________ s"perior prod"cts – everythin$ is state o% the art techno#o$y. (&E'(NI')L *. &his candidate showed $reat ___________ %or the +o, – I think he-s a (/0&EN& 1. '#a"de is a _____________ re#ia,#e person – I can a#ways co"nt on him to $et the +o, done. (&(02034( 5. &hese too#s are extreme#y "se%"#, ____________ in an emer$ency sit"ation. (6/E'I)L 7. 8e need to consider this very serio"s iss"e in its _____________. (&0&)L 9. &here are ___________________ to every r"#e. (E:'E/& ;. (e is _______________ s"ccess%"# in his area o% expertise. ((I4( <. 6ome prod"cts are very innovative, ,"t they simp#y aren-t _____________. (=)2>E& 1?. )#tho"$h the meetin$ went on %or ho"rs, it was rather ___________________. (/20@3'& 11. ) so"nd re$"#atory %ramework is key to economic _______________. (@EVEL0/ 1!. &he %orces o% ________________ are %orcin$ more and more co"ntries to open their doors to %orei$n investment. (4L0B)L 1*. 8ine ________________ is hi$h in Arance and on the increase in other E"ropean co"ntries. ('0N63=E 11. 0"r _______________ %orce do",#ed when we took over o"r chie% competitor. (6ELL 15. &he market in which m"#tinationa# operate is characteriBed ,y ___________, acC"isitions and conso#idation. (=E24E 17. 0"r company has moved a## its %inancia# %"nctions to one __________ #ocation. ('EN&2E 19. 8e expect a## o"r _________________ activities to cost aro"nd ! mi##ion. (/20=0&E 1;. 8e m"st em,race____________ or perish. (INN0V)&E 1<. &he m"#tinationa#s are %aced with a ____________________ pro%ita,#e market. (/(EN0=EN0N !?. It a## ads "p to an ____________________ ,"oyant ,"siness. (E:&2)02@IN)2D

*!. *1.. 8ith this card yo" can $et a disco"nt %or most o% o"r prod"cts. !. the sa#es shot _________. By "sin$ more e%%icient #i$ht. 6ettin$ per%ormance tar$ets and then eva#"atin$ achievements sho"#d provide a .#ems on this %ront. !<.rands. =ost ana#ysts a$ree that oi# prices wi## remain hi$h – in the near term _____ #east.e%ore they #a"nch a new prod"ct.orrow my #aptop %or the evenin$ as #on$ as yo" promise to . !1. expansion remained _________ track. 8e prod"ced a series ______ eye. *.'( n * ) n' nc a) c$") a) &"))+.e a 5G red"ction in e#ectricity cons"mption. !7. 8hen the company chan$ed the name.#e car. *9.catchin$ ads %or o"r prod"cts. &he c"rrent crisis #ead _____ a sharp decrease in sa#es. **..oostin$ sa#es.a. &")+'+"n0 !1. 8e sho"#d rea##y take a #ook ______ these %i$"res. 1+nn+n1 '( n * ) n' nc *+'( If…0 2 & '( % an+n1 ". c' &. there co"#d . Brand mana$ers are _________ press"re to %ind ways o% . *<. Do"-## have to #eave the ho"se . 6evera# car man"%act"rers have r"n __________ pro. I don-t have a re#ia. 8e worked in association ___________ an N40 on this pro+ect.#y won-t drive to Arance. It-s very important %or m"#tinationa#s to carry ________ extensive research . !!.+1+na$ ) n' nc 0 *7. *5. !9. I wasn-t promoted so I didn-t have to move to o"r new head o%%ice in =adrid. so I pro. 'ons"mers wi## o%ten pay more _________ premi"m ... 11. *?.ack tomorrow.C"%&$ ' *+'( '( c". Do" can .y 9.?? to catch the .s."#. .+' ac( ) n' nc ! . @espite some worryin$ indicators in the %irst ha#% o% the year.*? train.$ '" '( % an+n1 ". &he company tried to dissociate itse#% _________ the peop#e invo#ved in the scanda#.asis ___________ improved mana$ement. 0n o% Aord-s new mode#s t"rned "p __________ the market as E'a#ienteF.. 8e-ve a## come ______________ examp#es o% marketin$ mishaps. !*. R *. *1. 1?. !5.'( ".rin$ it .

5?. 6he __________ to a senior position in a very short time. I didn-t know yo" were a ve$etarian. I s#ept in yesterday so I missed my %#i$ht to Br"sse#s.% ". otherwise I wo"#dn-t have cooked #am. 11. 1<. 6ome "nexpected di%%ic"#ties have ______________. 1.. 15. rise. In . I didn-t st"dy hard and that-s why I have s"ch a poor#y paid +o. it is o%ten necessary to ____________ %inance %or new pro+ects. 51. .raise. 1*. c' -". &he chairman __________ the C"estion at the next meetin$.. arise. &he $overnment has ___________ interest rates a$ain.. 5!. 5*. 17. I hope this sit"ation wi## not _____________ a$ain.1!. i% I may. %or dinner. (e was #ate %or the meetin$ . C"%&$ ' *+'( '( c".eca"se he ran o"t o% petro#. 19."siness. I wo"#d #ike to ___________ an important point here. &he company-s t"rnover has _____________ steadi#y in recent years. 3nemp#oyment contin"es to _____________ steadi#y. 51.

. But not this time."#' a )#cc ))-#$ % . they would subcontract to the other.n negotiations *endel and Watson were not afraid to tackle the problems that so many companies avoid. they felt. Both companies did the same thing. 'iven all this. *endel would be the new boss and Watson her deputy.n fact. !mployees become nervous and less efficient as they worry about losing their "obs. 0almost none have survived. brought in lots of policies to make everyone feel part of the team and then . 3# )'+"n) 44 5 67 "n '( "&&")+' &a1 0 MERGERS CAN BE SUCCESSFUL Mergers are always headline news. . *endel suggested that her company buy Truck (ds. didn0t think we0d cover our huge legal fees for a year. 0. as )romo was the larger company as well as the acquirer. Turning two workforces into one is never easy. Which is strange when you consider that most mergers and acquisitions fail. could have a negative effect on all companies in this sector. those costs made us push hard for new business. was relieved that there had been no redundancies. 2inally. They "ust didn0t offer a professional service. This. '* n '*" c"%&an+ ) and an)* . though. . the bankers get paid. This impressed me but also worried me as we had wiped away the brand overnight. They knew from the trade association that they had many business values in common. hadn0t realised.t looked so easy and profitable that lots of small operators came into the business / which worried both of them because they felt that these new companies did not really know what they were doing.t helped that *endel and Watson had known and respected each other for years. #epending on whose research you believe. .0 1nce they had the market largely to themselves.1 . (nd that is what seems to have happened when )romo and Truck (ds merged. . So *endel and Watson formed a trade association to protect the reputation of their businesses.. $"* a.they ran poster campaigns on trucks for ma"or advertisers. Some financial commentators even regard them as an indicator of the economic health of a nation. But then the e pected economies of scale prove elusive and there are clashes of corporate cultures.'+c$ . the same year )aul Watson founded Truck (ds.+. 01nce the merger had gone through.0 says *endel. They agreed that. it is interesting to see a merger which is successful. !va *endel started )romo in +.0 0Merger costs are high.R ad '( a.t was a new medium and both companies e panded quickly. and regardless of the high costs. Whenever one had more campaigns than they could handle. saw every employee individually to e plain the advantages of the merger for them. 01ut of all these companies that mushroomed up. but we managed to do it in three months. .0 says Watson. $% to &% per cent of acquisitions fail to fulfil the strategic ob"ective for which they were designed.0 . how much loyalty there was to the Truck (ds brand. 0*egal e penses alone can wipe out any upside. So . The deals themselves go through. (nd they knew they would lose business opportunities if they did not get bigger.0 says *endel. There was no nonsense about "oint leadership or everything staying the same. . *endel and Watson competed in some situations and collaborated in others. .

what is one reason why mer$ers and acC"isitions o%ten %ai#H A B C D &he costs invo#ved are too hi$h. Lende# and 8atson decided that A B C D the two o% them co"#d not work to$ether. 490 Be%ore the mer$er. #kkk . the siBe o% /romo co"#d #ead to pro. had simi#ar ideas a.#ems. were doin$ too m"ch s".o"t the companyIs #e$a# costsH A B C D &hey were c#eared more C"ick#y than expected.o"t . &he mer$er or acC"isition is not $iven a c#ear $oa#.contractin$.eca"se they %ee# their +o."siness. had expanded too C"ick#y.s are not sec"re.e$innin$ to #ose .440 )ccordin$ to the %irst para$raph. 6he con$rat"#ated the sta%% on their #oya#ty to the new company. 460 Lende# and 8atson tho"$ht that many o% the sma##er operators in the ind"stry A B C D #acked pro%essiona# standards. wanted to set "p a trade association.e no ma+or chan$es in the new company. one person wo"#d . 6ta%% #eave . &hey had to . &he companies invo#ved have di%%erent attit"des to . 670 8hat does Lende# say a.e in char$e o% the new company.e$an p"ttin$ sta%% in di%%erent teams. there wo"#d . had di%%erent stren$ths and weaknesses. 480 @"rin$ ne$otiations. Lende# and 8atson were aware that the two companies A B C D were a#ready . &hey were not so hi$h as she had expected."siness. &hey were red"ced in ret"rn %or ear#y sett#ement. were makin$ excessive pro%its.e sett#ed within a year.ene%it them. 6he exp#ained to a## sta%% how the mer$er wo"#d . 6he re%"sed to make any sta%% red"ndant.een comp#etedH A B C D 6he ."siness. 480 8hat did Lende# do a%ter the mer$er had .

ac/)0 Y"# n"* (av '" *.+v '" +%&.+ nc 0 Y"# %ad a <".a % d+#%-)+: d -+. ". '( <". &.n *)$ '' . and ) $ c' d =an G""d%an a) '( +d a$ & ."va$ -. /n"*0 T $$ ( . c'".d (a) n"' 1+v n '( +. d+'".+' an a&"$"1 '+c -%a+$ '" =an '" $ ' ( . c(an1 +n '( n >' .)"n -".0 Y"# )("#$d *."% '( B"a.))! .%0 Y"# adv .'+) d '( <".c( and ca. . '( C"%%#n+ca'+"n) Mana1 . ) a.+' 1775147 *".#' '( B"a. n *)$ '' .' ". <".d "D+.%0 Y"# * ."va$ d# '" .. '(a' '( )+'#a'+"n %a. a&&. ".na$ c"%%#n+ca'+"n) *+'(+n '( -+. '" =an (c"nd+'+"na$ "n a&&.* %"n'()! . a) &a.a d."v +n' .Y"# a. ("&+n1 '" $a#nc( a c"%&an.#' . )#cc )) *+'( ( ."# can?' %a/ an. 5 )"% "n *+'( >c $$ n' 3#a$+-+ca'+"n) and >& .d)0 ."%+) )0 @+)( ( . "-.#d1 ' c#'.

S1 J 6atis%actoryKE>c $$ n' (.71 marks N J Not (yet 6atis%actory (L 5? marks .1?? marks SA J 6atis%actoryKG""d (75.?.9< marks SB J 6atis%actoryKPa)) (5?.

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