Monday, November 12, 2012


Soldier is killed by rebel
By DAVID WILLETTS Deputy Defence Editor


A BRITISH soldier was shot dead by a rogue Afghan trooper in Helmand yesterday — Remembrance Sunday. The victim was reportedly inside a patrol base — home to around 100

BATTERED BBC boss Lord Patten admitted last night he is toast if he fails to clear up the sex abuse shambles. And he said “it is over” for the BBC if it does not rebuild the trust shattered by the Jimmy Savile and Newsnight paedo smear scandals. Lord Patten, right, faces calls to follow Director General George Entwistle, below, and quit. It emerged Entwistle is getting a £450,000 payoff. Full Story — Pages 4 and 5

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Calls for BBC Lord Chris to go too

Clegg in ‘flexible hours for all’ plan
By GRAEME WILSON Deputy Political Editor


Monday, November 12, 2012


EMERGENCY restrictions on benefits could be slapped on thousands of Romanians and Bulgarians, Theresa May said yesterday. The Home Secretary signalled access to the NHS, schools and housing could be limited, too. Mrs May spoke out as she admitted EU rules will force Britain to lift existing “transitional” restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians at the end of
By GRAEME WILSON Deputy Political Editor

MILLIONS of workers are to get new rights to flexible hours so they can look after their grandchildren, nephews and nieces — or even a pal’s kids. Currently only parents and carers are allowed to ask for different hours or to work from home. But Deputy PM Nick Clegg will reveal tomorrow that he wants to create a “culture shift in the workplace” by extending the right to everyone. In a major speech, he will declare plans to sweep away “clapped out

Controls . . Theresa May

next year. Critics fear this will trigger a huge influx from the two countries — where workers earn as little £200 a month. The Sun revealed yesterday that thousands there are preparing to flock to Britain. But Mrs May vowed to make sure Bulgarians and Romanians are not lured here by generous

welfare handouts and public services. She told the BBC no further transitional controls can be put in place. But she added: “I will be looking at what attracts people to come over here — so looking at issues about benefits, access to the health service and things like that.” The Home Office wants to see if tougher rules can be introduced and officials will look at what other EU countries do to see if Britain can learn lessons.

THE Tories have a “brand problem” with ethnic minorities and will not win future elections until they solve it, Baroness Warsi declares today.

Culture shift . . . Clegg
rules that make no sense for modern families in a modern economy”. Mr Clegg is to say: “It will be possible for other relatives, grandparents and even close family friends to change the way they work in order to help with childcare.” Employers will then have to respond to the request in a “reasonable manner”. Around a million women are thought to be “missing” from the economy because they cannot find a job to fit with their family life. Lib Dem leader Mr Clegg claims his plans will make it easier for them to return to work.

Minister Warsi says Tories must reach out
By TOM NEWTON DUNN Political Editor

And in a warning to David Cameron, she ups his call for an Aspiration Nation with the need for “an Integration Nation”. She will insist our prosperity is being damaged by barriers preventing non-white groups from succeeding. The 41-year-old of Pakistani

The Foreign Office minister believes her party must learn from President Barack Obama’s recent triumph.

origin will claim Britain would be £8.6billion a year richer if minorities were empowered. She will say in a speech: “This issue has gone from a moral imperative to an electoral reality.” By 2050, minorities will make up a fifth of all voters but only one in six of them voted Tory at the last general election. And she will cite Obama’s success in attracting 70 per cent of Latino and Asian voters, and 90 per cent of the black vote. She will tell pressure group Operation Black Vote: “Lord

Ashcroft put the Conservative Party’s shortcomings in this area down to a brand problem. “We need to ensure our language and our tone reaches out to and is relevant to people from different backgrounds.” The speech will enrage the Tory old guard and make uncomfortable listening for the PM. But in an attack on Labour’s hands-off approach to multiculturalism, she will also slam do-gooders for allowing ethnic ghettos to thrive. She will say some communities have been “treated like foreign embassies” where even police dare not go. t.newtondunn@

Dole alert for young
JOBLESS young people will be forced to do community work or face losing their benefits under a radical plan. Any 18 to 24 year-olds claiming dole for more than six months with blank CVs will do 30 hours a week for two months to boost job skills. The scheme being trialled in Derbyshire could go national if successful.

TERROR suspect Abu Qatada will be told today whether ministers can kick him out of Britain. The ruling by a Special Immigration Appeals Commission judge is the latest stage in a decade-long battle to deport the extremist. Even if the judge does say he can be sent back to Jordan, Qatada is likely to appeal — sparking fresh delays. The judgment comes as it emerged there are 20 compensation claims against Britain by terror suspects sparking fears they are “cashing in”, Taxpayers have already been hit by an estimated £20million payout to ex-Guantanamo Bay detainees in 2010 after intelligence evidence could not be heard. MP Robert Buckland said the law needed to change or suspects will see our legal system as an “open goal”.

D-day on boot for Qatada

Suspect . . . Qatada

Outspoken . . . Baroness Warsi

BANKERS’ bonuses are plunging and will total £1.6billion for 2012/13, a think-tank claims. This compares with £11.8billion five years ago. The new forecast from the Centre for Economics and Business Researchputs the average bonus at £6,400 per banker. The big loser is the Chancellor who will net less tax from the payouts.

Bankers’ cash cut

my View
BRITAIN is in a global economic race. But we have a secret weapon — our diverse communities. They’re people with worldwide business networks, cultural insight and endless talent. It’s estimated our economy misses out on billions by failing to make the most of ethnic minorities. Yet half of people polled in one survey thought

Minister and ex-Tory Chairman


they were bad for the economy. Try telling that to people like my dad, who helped rebuild this country after the war. And to the millions who contribute to British society today. To help more play their part, we must kick down barriers — help people learn English, ask them to sign up to our British values and boot intolerance and bigotry out of Britain.

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{The BBC, even more than its sanctimonious cousin The Guardian, has been caught with its hypocritical pants round its ankles|

Water 3 in tax rap



THREE of the UK’s biggest water companies paid little or no tax last year, it has been claimed. Thames Water and Anglian Water paid no corporation tax on profits, while Yorkshire Water paid a few million. Thames even got a £76million tax rebate. Lib Dem deputy leader Simon Hughes called on parliament to investigate.

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ROSIE is amazed that a thief was able to break into the Tower of London and steal a set of keys. She said: “Let’s hope security at the Tower improves. In the words of Spanish philosopher George Santayana, ‘Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it’.”


ROSIE, 21, from Middlesex

Shia in scuffle at SE14 boozer
Pub-lic image . . . Shia LaBeouf in boozer with a fan

Monday, November 12, 2012



Model is ‘just pal’ of Justin
A MODEL linked to Justin Bieber has denied being the reason for his split from Selena Gomez. Barbara Palvin, 19, said she and the singer, 18, are just friends and there is “nothing going on”. She tweeted a snap of them after they met at a New York show by the beauty’s lingerie label Victoria’s Secret. They then saw The Lion King on Broadway together. Hungarian Barbara tweeted after Thursday’s show: “Everyone calm down. He is all yours. There is nothing going on with him. Friendship.” Actress Selena, 20, reportedly dumped Justin a week ago over “trust issues”.

Babs . . . with Justin

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HOLLYWOOD star Shia LaBeouf got into a scrap — while drinking in a student pub in a scruffy South London suburb.

Shia, 26, spent several hours drinking and happily posing for photos with fans. But the mood turned sour when a student prankster pinched the star’s baseball cap — a souvenir from Laos in Asia — and refused to give it back. A scuffle broke out and drinkers had to separate the pair before Shia left in a taxi. Police were not called. One witness said: “No one could believe that a well- Surprise visit . . Hobgoblin in SE14 known Hollywood star had rocked up at a bar in dingy way.” Landlord Mark Harris SE14. Everyone was getting confirmed Shia was in the their photos taken with him. pub with model and actress “The scrap all started when Mia, 19. Mark said: “Her this guy took his hat. I think mum lives just down the he was just joking, but road. She came down to Shia didn’t like it. see her mum and he “The guy just took it tagged along. off him and wouldn’t “He did get a bit frusgive it back. He tried trated and there was a to get it back and they bit of a scuffle.” ended up tussling. It Shia’s spokesman was was handbags really. unavailable for comment. But it shows that even Hollywood stars can’t Shia . . ‘didn’t like it’ avoid grief down this

Regulars at the Hobgoblin in New Cross were stunned when the Transformers actor walked in with Mia Goth, his co-star in new film Nymphomaniac.

Joan: I’ll relaunch Dynasty
JOAN Collins has revealed she wants to revive Dynasty. The success of its rival 1980s soap Dallas, relaunched this year, led the star to contact former cast members about starring in an update. Joan said: “We would be eager to do it. Look at the success of Dallas.” The actress, 79, was famed for her role as scheming Alexis Carrington in the series, which ended in 1989. A script by Dynasty co-creator Esther Shapiro is understood to have been shown to Hollywood bosses, aimed at airing next year. A second run of Dallas is also due on screens in 2013.

TV talks . . . Collins


A FORMER BBC producer who outed Jimmy Savile as a pervert in an ITV documentary was arrested yesterday. Wilfred De’ath, 75, told film-makers a girl “aged 12 at most” had spent the night in Savile’s hotel room in the 1960s. But when the documentary was broadcast, a well-known actress believed she was watching a man who molested her in a cinema when she was 14. The woman, now over 60, went to police — and at 7am yesterday officers swooped on a sheltered housing complex in Cambridge to take Mr De’ath in for questioning. After being freed on bail five hours later, Mr De’ath, right, said: “It is clearly a case of mistaken identity.” He said he met the actress at a party when she was about 14 and he was a 25-year-old producer for BBC radio’s Teen Scene. But he insisted he had never been to the cinema with her, adding: “The dates simply don’t add up.”

Monday, November 12, 2012



Monday, November 12, 2012


THE abuse victim at the centre of the Newsnight fiasco cracked up at a probe into the North Wales care home sex scandal. Steven Messham, 49, from Mold, leapt out of the witness box to hit barrister Anthony Jennings QC at the Waterhouse inquiry in 1997. He was later charged with trying to defraud a charity he ran for abuse victims but was cleared. And in 2005 he was found not guilty of a £33,000 benefits fraud.

Victim hit barrister

‘Cracked up’. . . Steven

Strain . . . Patten on television yesterday

Out . . . Entwistle heads home after quitting

Fave . . Richards

BOOKIE S have made Ofcom’s chief executive Ed Richards the favourite to take over as Director General of the BBC. The acting DG Tim Davie is second favourite, closely followed by the Beeb’s former chief operating officer Caroline Thomson. A Ladbrokes spokesman said: “Richar ds was strongly fancied before Entwistle was appointed and it seems his loyal supporters are backing him.” Punters can also pick long shots — Jeremy Paxman, Jeremy Clarkson, Jonathan Ross or Children In Need’s Pudsey Bear, below.

Bet . . . Paxman

Acting . . . Davie

Role . . Clarkson

Bid . . . Caroline

Chance . . . Ross

BELEAGUERED BBC boss Lord Patten was under mounting pressure to resign last night after he admitted the Newsnight abuse row has left the Corporation on the brink.

By GRAEME WILSON, Deputy Political Editor, and LEIGH HOLMWOOD, Deputy TV Editor

As MPs called for heads to roll, the defiant BBC Trust chairman dismissed calls for him to follow Director General George Entwistle and quit. But he admitted he WILL have to fall on his sword if he fails to clear up the shambles.

The peer warned “it is over” for the BBC if it cannot rebuild public trust shattered by the Jimmy Savile revelations and paedophile smear scandal.

Lord Patten — who wrote to all BBC staff last night in a bid to boost morale — also revealed that Newsnight could be scrapped. Former Tory Cabinet minister David Mellor urged the peer to consider his position. He said: “I just think it needs someone more energetic and more focused to do that job.” Mr Mellor criticised Lord Patten for saying he would STILL have appointed Entwistle as Director General. The ex-minister said Entwistle, who resigned on Saturday, had “the leadership qualities of Winnie the Pooh”. He added: “If Chris Patten says, ‘I’d do the same again’, I don’t think he

Perv . . . Savile

should be given the opportunity to do that.” Ex BBC presenter Miriam O’Reilly — who won an age discrimination claim against the BBC — said: “The question mark is over Patten now. “Entwistle was his man, he had full confidence in him, chose him and stood beside him. It will be interesting now to see if Patten falls on his sword. I think he should.” Downing Street last night urged BBC bosses to “get a grip”. Defence Secretary Philip Hammond even warned that the future of the licence fee to fund the BBC is now in doubt. He said: “If the public loses confidence in the BBC on a long-term basis then there would be questions.” Lord Patten, 68, said he would lead the battle to rebuild the BBC’s tarnished reputation. He added: “If we don’t restore the huge confidence and trust in the BBC then I am sure people will tell me to take my cart and clear off.” The peer admitted he

knew BBC2’s Newsnight was going to broadcast claims that a senior Tory abused boys from children’s homes in North Wales. But he insisted it would have been wrong for him to intervene to stop it. He blamed BBC managers and said the investigation was approved by “every damned layer” of the Corporation.


Ex-Tory treasurer Lord McAlpine was not named by Newsnight but he has said he will sue the BBC because it led to him being named on the internet. The BBC broadcast an apology to the innocent peer last Friday. More heads are expected to roll at the BBC. Those in the firing line include director of news Helen Boaden, her deputy Stephen Mitchell and Newsnight editor Peter Rippon. They were caught up in the controversy when it emerged Newsnight shelved a report into pervert Savile last year. Entwistle also

said before he quit that action may be taken against those involved in the Lord McAlpine row. Newsnight is currently overseen by deputy editor Liz Gibbons and Radio 5 Live controller Adrian Van Klaveren. One source said: “This is just the beginning. There are still many unanswered questions.” On a morning of chaos Lord Patten cancelled an interview with Sky News — then reinstated it after a furious backlash on Twitter. Downing Street sources said PM David Cameron believes the BBC is “one of the great institutions of this country”. But they said it needs to sort out the problems that have engulfed it. One insider said: “The key word for us is ‘grip’ — the BBC needs to show grip.” Acting Director General Tim Davie will today set out plans for dealing with some of the issues arising from the Newsnight broadcast “as a first step in restoring public confidence”. BBC Scotland director Ken MacQuarrie, asked by Entwistle to

investigate the fiasco, handed Davie his report yesterday. Insiders said the conclusions could decide whether Newsnight goes out tonight. Meanwhile Lord Patten said a new Director General will be in place “within weeks”. Ofcom chief executive Ed Richards is front runner for the £450,000-a-year post. Insiders said Richards is seen as a good candidate because he is outside the BBC, has run a large organisation and has a “ruthless” management style. BBC sources said the last moments of Entwistle’s 54-day tenure as Director General were “tense” before he announced his resignation at London’s Broadcasting House on Saturday night. One insider said: “There were moments when he just didn’t function and sat like a broken man.”

FURY erupted last night after it emerged ex-Director General George Entwistle will get a £450,000 payoff. The blundering boss managed to negotiate a year’s salary in lieu of notice when he quit on Saturday, despite his contract only entitling him to six months. It works out at £8,333 for every day he was in the top job. He will also get his full pension accrued over 23 years at the BBC. That was reported last night to

The Sun Says — Page Eight

Exit . . . Sun yesterday

be another £877,000. Vivienne Pattison, director of campaign group Mediawatch-UK, said: “That’s quite extraordinary. It’s not bad after only 54 days in the job.” And Tory MP Rob Wilson said: “Licence fee payers will be angry and astounded. Many of them scrimp and save to pay their TV tax. What is the BBC thinking?” Up to six senior BBC executives could follow Mr Entwistle in leaving the corporation when a number of internal reviews reveal their findings.


uk Tory fuel rebels to back off By GRAEME WILSON Q DEPTH IN VENICE. 2012 PG Top brass reject Cameron plans to send troops PRIME Minister David EXCLUSIVE Cameron is on collision By DAVID WILLETTS course with his own Deputy Defence Editor military commanders zones” to protect civilians. businesses and families with another tax rise. Professional jobs have increased in Britain during the past year. but also blame “short-sighted overregulation. Waiter. water . over war-torn Syria. FullMetal drugbust THE alleged boss of a UK drugs gang whose members style themselves on marines from the film Full Metal Jacket has been arrested.willetts@the-sun.” And colleague Andrew Percy said: “The Chancellor has made clear he is very much alive to the strength of feeling on this issue. a study shows. SPOT A £2. By 2015 there will be only 237. The Tory MPs were expected to side with Labour but backed off after the Chancellor signalled he would put off January’s rise. plumbers and cops. Labour will force the vote calling for the increase to be ditched. ISRAEL fired retaliation shots into Syria for the first time yesterday after a stray mortar hit a military post in the Golan Heights. their sixth highest on record. . . The 29-year-old — called Kubrick after the movie’s director Stanley — was nicked in Benahavis near Spain’s Costa del Sol. A military source said: “When one Brigadier heard the news Cameron wanted an armed sol- ution his response was. So now Cheshire East council is racing to dig eight ponds for the rare amphibians before work on the planned Crewe Green link road begins next October. TORY fuel rebels will abstain in a vote on fuel duty today after George Osborne signalled he will axe a 3p a litre hike. He was held on a European arrest warrant and is awaiting extradition. cafe-goers in St Mark’s Square Sun STATION staff will pay a £300 reward to anyone who can catch monkeys stealing mobile phones from passengers as they board trains in Chittorgarh. Economic consultancy Cebr say there is a “shift to the East”. He had ordered chiefs to draw up a raft of military options — including Our Boys establishing “safe Tyrant .” Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls told The Sun. but there are now fewer electricians. Strict wildlife laws mean the endangered Great Crested Newts must rehomed first.6million bypass can not go ahead until new homes have been built for newts found on the site. 200 residents were evacuated after the storms flooded homes and caused severe mudslides.PM’S SYRIA FIGHT 6 Monday.. Storms raised tides 5ft above normal. They say Syria is a totally different prospect to Libya because tyrant Bashar al-Assad has formidable armed forces as well as Russian backing.” Defence Secretary Philip Hammond and Foreign Secretary William Hague are also thought to oppose military intervention. Plunge in City jobs LONDON is set to lose its position as the world’s biggest financial centre based on the number of City workers.” NEWTS HIT ROAD . penal taxation and banker bashing”. Joker and Cowboy — named after marines in the film — had already been arrested in the UK. . The tourist attraction of St Mark’s Square was submerged — though some people stripped off and sat at cafe tables. India. Chief of the Defence Staff. Further west in Tuscany. General Sir David Richards. But Mr Cameron — fresh back from a tour of Syrian refugee camps — is desperate to end the bloodshed.000 financial jobs — fewer than in New York and Hong Kong.” A PEDESTRIAN wades along a Venice pavement flooded to the same level as the canal beside him yesterday. with 70 per cent of the Italian lagoon city under water. which is campaigning against fuel duty rises: “Now is not the right time to hit our economy. admitted yesterday it “was not impossible” troops would be sent. Bashar al-Assad But he faces a major battle because top brass are dead set against the idea. ‘You and whose Army?’” The source added: “They don’t want to get embroiled in another war when they’re already stretched beyond capacity. November 12. Gang members Touchdown. A Cheshire Wildlife Trust spokesman said: “This is an important stronghold for the newts. MP Tracey Crouch said: “They seem to be listening.

so that’s good. I must be doing her head The source added: “Thank goodness that water appears to be fine. who feared Helen. . Plus. The Mid-Bedfordshire MP — suspended by the Conservative Party for failing to get permission to go on TV — said afterwards: “That was the worst night of my life. How do I do this?’ I completely freaked out. And she later broke down in the Bushtucker Telegraph as she revealed she will bunk up The ex-Corrie star showed off her stunning curves under the waterfall shower as it was revealed that the I’m A Celebrity bathing pool is now full of stinking sludge after heavy rain. sobbed: “It’s been emotionally draining and bless poor Charlie.290 who voted. there are rats crawling around my bed and I’ve got to go to sleep.” VIEWERS have voted for Tory MP Nadine Dorries to do the first Bushtucker Trial — called Bug Burial. Last night an ITV source said: “The creek is full to bursting with disgusting. The skittish actress screamed as she heard rats scuttling around and felt bugs on her face. who has had panic attacks in the past. 55.” Helen may be hoping her shower visit will get her back in favour with the boys after she went into meltdown during her first night in the camp.SLUDGE SPARKS BIKINI CRISIS I’m feeling lots wetter now . for the second night running. COLIN Baker was fed up at having to sleep on a beach full of spiders. 31. November 12.” Show hosts Ant and Dec called Nadine a woman “definitely off David Cameron’s Christmas card list”. left. Her blog on the Conservative Home website yesterday said she insists she told the whip’s office she’d be off for up to a month. will be buried in a coffin packed with creepy crawlies for ten minutes as she goes head to head with telly beauty Helen Flanagan. 2012 7 EXCLUSIVE By LAURA ARMSTRONG The filth flood sparked panic among show Cry babe . Her 2006 shower. ‘Oh my God. swampy brown water — it looks absolutely vile. Helen showers under waterfall after her meltdown on telly PG Monday. would be reluctant to strip down to their swimsuits for a dip.250 a week before tax.” She says she DID tell Tory bosses she would be on the show. Made In Chelsea’s Hugo Taylor had a dig at Nadine Dorries. 22. and former Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts. The politician. MPs earn around £1.” Helen added: “I’m knackered. I was here with my sleeping bag standing up thinking. She insisted: “No one is allowed to do a two while they are here.” But luckily for TV chiefs — and plenty of viewers — the waterfall was untouched. “She’s so nice — she said I could sleep with her tonight. with EastEnders star Charlie Brooks. now the weather is humid again the smell is likely to get pretty bad.” l. JUNGLE beauty Helen Flanagan clings to her bikini top as she goes skimpy dipping — in the camp’s only clean water. Myleene’s cozzie No1 MYLEENE Klass has been voted ultimate I’m A Celebrity bikini babe by Sun readers. 31. They added: “Good evening Prime Minister and the voting lines for the trials are coming up very shortly. was on losing team Snake Rock for the first challenge — and was forced to FIRST TRIAL FOR ‘MAD NAD’ spend all night camping in the bush. Corrie Helen DARTS ace Eric Bristow last night branded all MPs as “liars”. saying: “Politicians should stick to the television that they have open to them.” She also said she will donate her parliamentary salary while she’s away to kids’ charities. right.” And just when the actress thought it couldn’t get any worse campmates told her she would have to clean the loo. . Helen. Nadine. .armstrong@the-sun. The former Doctor Who said: “I must confess I wasn’t expecting to sleep on the floor — it’s probably full of 19ft tarantulas.” FERN REVEALS STRICTLY’S HARD PARTYING – SEE . in a white twopiece took a 35 per cent share among the 20. The star greeted the news with a celebratory “Whoop!” tweet.

It paid with its life. we ALL make mistakes. have taken us for a ride long enough. It risks spilling over into a new legal framework for newspapers already covered by draconian libel laws. Past and present. And that must begin with his own departure. The BBC’s error in the McAlpine catastrophe was to rely on unchecked info from the so-called Bureau Of Investigative Journalism. the foundations of modern democracy. a free press and. How can he be trusted not to choose another dimwit as his stooge? The Beeb has a lot of programming to be proud of. the Guardian does a good job of holding its opponents to account. if that is the right word. as the BBC has found to its cost. But neither should we kill our free press or limit its right to publish information those in power would conceal. You might spot a trend here . But the obvious solution — getting rid of most of them — does not occur to him. tributes were paid. . The price it paid was to be caught red-handed doing worse things than phone hacking. Trick Outrageously. The price paid by the Guardian after repeating this damaging false assertion was a one-paragraph correction on Page 34. basking in pantomime titles and up to their ears in the trough. Patten represents all that is worst about public sector complacency. What’s wrong with a tough outsider rather than another Corporation duffer? Given recent events. Its revered columnist George Monbiot has just apologised for stoking the McAlpine paedophile witch-hunt. Hapless director general George Entwistle has paid the price. In politics. SAYS Press can get it wrong but we must be free to hold people to account The News of the World made a big mistake by hacking phones. . There must be a total overhaul of the humiliated Corporation. A Guardian hack confesses he hacked phones. And let’s get rid of the idea that only a BBC insider can be Director General.8 Sun THE Monday. WE all make mistakes. especially within the Labour Party. Their day of reckoning has arrived. that’s where we are heading. Yet who is regulating the BBC when it smears the innocent? Its army of pompous panjandrums. we salute them all. Nothing can ever come right at the BBC while Patten is there. Guardian love to denounce from their pulpit as our selfappointed moral conscience when a tabloid is at fault. But for all its faults. it fiddled film footage to portray the Queen as having lost her temper while taking part in a BBC documentary. News International. The BBC. A daring thief breaks in to the Tower of London — home of the Crown Jewels — and steals the keys from under the noses of guards. November 12. ex-chairman of the Media Standards Trust. These are examples of journalism the BBC and The ORF with his head. encompassing the future of free speech. The police made a mistake by failing to apply and pursue those criminal laws sufficiently to satisfy those who seek to curb bad behaviour by some journalists. Mistakes will be made. It’s all very embarrassing for Beefeaters who run the place. Gordon Brown made a mistake. forcing an on-air apology. The journalist’s job is to find it and print it. another hero was added to the roll call of the fallen. He says the BBC is bogged down by employing more senior managers than the Chinese Communist Party. Clearly they need to beef up security. A British soldier. We don’t want to kill the BBC. shot by a rogue Afghan trooper in Helmand. and on clothing firm Primark. As I say. The Guardian made a mistake by wrongly claiming the News of the World deleted Milly Dowler’s phone messages. the publicly-funded broadcaster proved long before Savile that it is as vulnerable to human error as any other organisation. which used it all over Page One and later made another small apology. injunctions and established criminal laws. Most people swiftly concluded he was not telling the full story — except The Guardian. For all its posturing. It is tragic but poignant that he made the ultimate sacrifice on the day we honoured those who have done so before him. Have no doubt. The BBC made a mistake by joining the witch-hunt against News International from its assumed position on the moral high ground. and it comes at a price. 2012 PG Busted Beeb BBC Trust chairman Lord Patten got one thing right yesterday. The price is incalculable. preposterous Lord Patten. which was wrongly accused of slave labour. To err is human . from which sprang the Hacked Off campaign for strict new press laws. If we are not careful. Pointless chairman Chris Patten should follow. He appointed useless buck-passer George Entwistle so shares responsibility for his disastrous reign. has been caught with its hypocritical pants wrapped round its ankles. WE all make mistakes (Part 2). . thus giving her family false hope. It used the same trick on respected Tory MP Andrew Tyrie. . It trivialised the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and makes no bones about its pro-Labour bias. And even on Remembrance Sunday. Tories. The price was to raise doubts about his state of mind which persist to this day. As the broadcasting arm of the muck-raking Guardian newspaper it demands regulation for the Press. Sir David is a key adviser to the Leveson inquiry into press standards. The one person never to trust is preening. It has ignored public anger at outrageous salaries and expenses. That should be enough. From Whitehall to country churchyards. David Cameron made a mistake when he panicked over these blunders and ordered Lord Justice Leveson’s sweeping probe into newspaper culture. Tower shower some might argue. The price is a £40millionplus probe by 250 Met and other police and retired officers to sift evidence which might — or might not — result in charges against 100 arrested journalists. by claiming under parliamentary privilege that The Sun had blagged his son’s medical records. But let’s also remember things were going wrong long before Entwistle was destroyed by the Newsnight scandals. accompanied by a few other suits. . Silent salute ACROSS Britain we fell silent to remember the glorious dead of the Forces. Both the BBC and The Guardian have paid sleuths to spy on citizens whose private lives and financial affairs were unjustifiably invaded. Small world . even more than its sanctimonious newspaper cousin The Guardian. we’d trust Pudsey the bear to do better. information is power. this is political. Among the bureau’s trustees is Sir David Bell. practices and ethics. capitalists. The Sun made a mistake when it swallowed lies peddled about the Hillsborough tragedy by the most senior police officers at the scene of the crime. . .

” The RCM estimates the UK is short of 5.” The dog died in the blaze in Corby. Experts said it was probably started by a cigarette. or Beefeaters. The heavy bunch of keys included ones to unlock DRAWBRIDGES plus others for conference rooms and the restaurant. SPOT SIX cop vehicles had their brakes cut outside a police headquarters. Officers only noticed the damage when dashboard warning lights came on as they went to drive off at Sussex COPS’ BRAKES CUT Police HQ in Lewes. “Fortunately no one has been hurt — but malicious tampering with vehicles can have devastating consequences for the driver and members of the public. But they admitted security procedures “were not carried out to the expected standard”. 55. Cathy Warwick.” A source said of the Bonfire Night burglary fiasco: “Security was a total shambles. HOT TEMPER Guards . had escaped the blaze along with his wife and daughter Gabriela. . Petraeus THE mistress of shamed CIA boss David Petraeus sent emails to an alleged love rival warning: “Stay away from my guy. the famous Beefeaters He was spotted but amazingly got clean away — as guards unable to leave their posts radioed for help only to be ignored. saunas and garages after falling out with her neighbours in Samara.EXCLUSIVE: HEADS WILL ROLL Handsoff my man. 40. . By MIKE SULLIVAN THE biggest baby boom for 40 years is expected to be recorded this year — after maternity cuts hit hospitals. CIA lover told ‘rival’ By PETE SAMSON US Editor PG Monday. That’s the last I saw of him. He then tried to save the dog which had alerted the family to the fire.” . But her hubby Scott cancelled it. Inspector Jonathan Greetham said: “This is being investigated in the same way any other spate of vehicle crimes would be. Guards saw him but could not leave their positions to chase him. They are backed up by a private security firm. The 1671 raid flopped when the notorious but dashing desperado was captured trying to flee. . The burglar climbed over the Front Gate then got over another gate and found a metal box with the keys inside. November 12. 2012 9 Quit . 4. Mr Reid said: “I went after him but I felt a scorching heat. “The box is supposed to be kept locked at all times but it was open. Last night they were said to be “livid”. CROWN JEWELS Thief entered here MAIN GATE TRAITORS’ GATE Historic . fortress — notorious for housing prisoners about to be beheaded — is famously guarded by the Yeoman Warders. “They tried to radio a night watchman but got no response. THE shock raid comes 341 years after the Crown Jewels WERE nicked — by a mallet-wielding Irishman. over the head. the highest total since 1971. Dad died rescuing fire dog Fiasco as raider scales gates and grabs keys A THIEF broke into the Tower of London and stole guards’ keys in an astonishing security blunder.150 full-time equivalent midwives. Verdict: Accident. Tower chiefs were forced to spend thousands urgently changing the locks. was due to have celebrated her 40th birthday with a party this weekend. RCM chief exec. . who wrote a gushing biography on Petraeus. Bafflingly the King gave him a pardon.sullivan@the-sun. NHS services were being slashed as NEW BABY BOOM Angry Ida Uspenskaya.” m. Officials insisted after the Met launched a huge hunt for the raider that the Crown Jewels were never at risk of being stolen.000 babies will have been born in England. Above: Execution block on display there A DEVOTED dad was killed after he ran back into his burning house to save his daughter’s dog. 60 — married for 37 years — quit on Friday over his adulterous relationship. where the treasures are still stored. The demand this is placing on the NHS is enormous. Neighbour Stephen Reid told an inquest Slovakian Mr Zumrik walked back in. I saw Milan walk into a bright light. Northants.” Former US general Petraeus. Milan Zumrik. say the Royal College of Midwives. below. A spokesman for Historic Royal Palaces. said: “A staff disciplinary procedure is under way. said: “The baby boom is restarting with renewed vigour.” But last night Jill said she and her family “have been friends with General Petraeus and his family for over five years. The motors — three squad cars. 29.” Married mum-of-two Paula Colonel Thomas Blood. spent £100 on car-breaking lessons from a master crook — but locked himself in on his first job and was caught in Wenzhou.” Then she added: “Back off. The official said: “Broadwell clearly thought she was in a lovers’ triangle. Early figures suggest more than 700. He then squashed down the State Crown of Charles II to shove it under his cloak. smashed the keeper of the Jewel House. which runs the Tower. set fire to 12 sheds. Tower of London — showing Crown Jewels’ location and where thief got in.” Broadwell. complained. The iconic The raider scaled two huge gates then ransacked a metal box that was meant to have been locked at a sentry post. more babies were born between January and March than last year. The FBI found Broadwell’s emails after Jill. China. Russia. told Jill Kelley. who lives in Florida and is the State Department’s liaison with the military’s Joint Special Operations Command. two CCTV vans and a Land Rover — were vandalised over a period of eight days. Not the first Bloody time Sun THIEF Zhang Lu. “It went from bad to worse. . 37: “I know what you did.

. You could have heard a leaf drop. Prince Philip and Prince William laid wreaths at the Cenotaph. Meanwhile. crowds in London Close . Prime Minister David Cameron. who tried on a Navy cap Pain is etched on their faces . and Sgt Gareth Thursby. including the 913 killed during the Falklands War 30 years ago. the Republic’s Taoiseach Enda Kenny attended a service in Enniskillen on the 25th anniversary of the IRA bomb attack that killed 12 people. In Portsmouth. thousands lined the streets to remember the fallen. The idea was spread using the hashtag @£2minutesilence. They lost ten men. for our rights and the lives we’re all able to lead today. pipe-smoking Army veteran Ted Parsons. Yorkshire grit . November 12. where killer was taken Solemn . His family have been informed. November 12. Kate’s so emotional as Afghanistan flying his Apache attack helicopter. 32.” In Northern Ireland. Miliband. . his deputy Nick Clegg and Labour leader Ed Miliband also laid wreaths. our thoughts now turn to the soldier’s family and friends whose loss is so much greater than ours. Chelsea pensioners meet Liverpool stars And on the Foreign Office balcony overlooking the Cenotaph. including five in one incident when a Warrior armoured personnel carrier was destroyed by a bomb. . . A total of 438 UK servicemen and women have died in Afghanistan. Kate. . Scots blue” attacks — where rogue Afghans target Our Boys — and brings the total number of deaths to 12 this year. Prince Philip pays respects AT exactly eleven o’clock a hush descended. And in September Pte Tom Wroe. two Gurkhas were shot dead by a man in an Afghan police uniform at a checkpoint in Helmand. A gun from HMS Nelson was fired to start and end the two-minute silence. 24.10 Monday. He said: “It is that single day in the year when we stand together and as a nation we remember the commitment of our men and women of the Armed Forces not only as soldiers today but of Royals lead 11/11 tribute the past. 77. Guests . . City council leader Gerald Jackson said: “Remembrance Sunday allows us to remember those who proudly fought for their country. three. . . salutes fallen heroes in London — along with Henry Hodo. . 10. Kate fights back tears as the Queen shuts her eyes yesterday Personal tribute . Ben so brave OUR most seriously hurt war hero defied doctors to walk on crutches and lay a wreath yesterday. . . from London to the Falklands. . the Queen. Across the ages . This year Remembrance Sunday fell on November 11 — the date of the armistice that ended World War I. was visibly moved. As we mark Remembrance this weekend. Alice Bruce at Cenotaph in great grand-dad’s medals . 2012 NATION’S SILENCE TO REMEMBER WAR DEAD SOLDIER IS KILLED Continued from Page One 11 Hospital .” The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall attended a ceremony in Auckland as part of their Jubilee tour of New Zealand. After the Last Post rang out. representing the Queen at a service in the Falklands. killed in Afghanistan the same year. and give thanks to them. Doncaster in South Yorks. 18. 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland had been killed in an “insider attack” at Patrol Base Shawqat.willetts@the-sun. 28. . a fellow Sandhurst cadet killed in Iraq in 2007. The Duke of Kent was also overseas. .000 veterans marched past the Cenotaph. William lays a wreath and dedication at the Cenotaph in London By DAVID WILLETTS. His comrades returned fire. Prince Harry is currently serving in From Auckland to Afghanistan. was at the service in the capital. . Charles chats with old soldiers in Auckland UK soldiers — when the rebel opened fire. He added: “This is incredibly sad news for the battalion and everyone serving in Task Force Helmand. Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson. who was taken to Camp Bastion where he was not expected to last the night. our troops in Lashkar Gah. and 21 since operations began in 2001.” The tragedy is the latest in a series of so-called “green on Badge .co. Commanding Officer of 3 Yorks. Duchess of Cambridge. RAF officer William’s floral tribute was dedicated to Lieutenant Joanna Dyer. . His battalion returned from Helmand just last week. Just two weeks ago. our war dead were remembered. in the Nad-e Ali district. . . Lieutenant Colonel Zac Stenning. . . 2012 PG PG Monday. The MoD confirmed that a soldier with the Royal Scots Borderers. the Prince’s platoon commander at the academy. Helmand We shall never forget . Ben yesterday The Sun Says — Page Eight Respect . The memorial was in his hometown. .uk FOR the first time thousands of people also respected the two-minute silence on Twitter — abstaining from posting messages for a period of reflection. suffered multiple injuries from a landmine in Afghanistan six years ago. Clegg and PM yesterday Poignant . 29. Deputy Defence Editor Sombre . hitting the killer. d. In London. were killed by a rogue policeman who lured them with a fake injury before shooting them. . The two-minute silence was marked perfectly. The Queen shut her eyes in silent thought as Prince Philip stared resolutely ahead. . and Major Alexis Roberts. at Stamford Bridge Chelsea pensioners were given a guard of honour by Chelsea and Liverpool players before their Premier League game. . Task Force Helmand spokesman Major Laurence Roche said he was “very sorry” to report the death.

12 Monday. November 12. 2012 PG .

And urban star Tulisa. . SPOT A LANDMARK cancer treatment that “bathes” the liver in chemotherapy has been used in Britain for the first time.” Jahmene Douglas is now the bookies’ favourite ahead of Ella Henderson. is X factor live or not??” It followed news that One Direction’s performance on Saturday’s show was also recorded. nicked the legally-owned shotgun from a house in Cardiff. Afterwards band member Gregory West said: “We hope that it’s not the last from us.” j. Tulisa — accused on TV of having “fag ash breath” by Gary Barlow — now faces a telling-off. November 12. District3 DISTRICT3 lost the battle of the boybands last night after a singoff with rivals Union J. for a Children In Need bash at the Royal Albert Hall in London three years ago. BIG C ‘BATH’ .X FAGTOR JUDGE PUFFS BACKSTAGE PG Monday. The procedure — called chemosaturation therapy — diverts blood past the liver so a higher dose can be used. and Liam Bolton. . Essex contestant Rylan Clark. But mentor Louis insisted they were a “ready-made pop act”. South N-Stubz . Looks like Shirley isn’t the last of the Big Spenders after all . pulled off the look on The X Factor this weekend.” Meanwhile finalists are fuming — at being paid £50 a week. Tulisa Ed guest spot was recorded X FACTOR fans were left confused as it emerged last night’s Ed Sheeran guest performance was taped. . . Viewers were never told it was “live” — but host Dermot O’Leary introduced the footage by saying: “Time for our second guest now. “Bosses aren’t happy that she’s causing trouble. Folk star . Dr Brian Stedman — who carried out the treatment at Southampton General Hospital — called it “truly groundbreaking”. right. Karl O’Kill.” Bosses have admitted the performance was recorded at around 5pm. of Treboeth. Bosses provide everything on top of the £50 — including accommodation. Rylan Clarke is the outsider on 33/1. . Footage of the folk star playing new single Give Me Love aired half an hour before his sellout gig in Newcastle. The 75-year-old Goldfinger singer stepped out in the glitzy number. Gary said it was District3’s “worst performance to date”. 24. COPS hunting a would-be thief have accused him of a “fashion faux-pas” after he tried to rob a Nando’s wearing socks with sandals in Southend. Sheeran TULISA proves she’s a genuine diva — by donning a classy frock worn by Shirley Bassey. EXCLUSIVE By JEN BLACKBURN But bosses have received a council letter warning that the former N-Dubz singer is breaking the 2006 Health Act. Viewer Jason Steele tweeted: “I’m confused.” But a source said: “The X Factor is a talent show and not considered employment. whinged: “It’s not even enough to cover one of my JUDGE Tulisa Contostavlos has dragged the X Factor into fresh controversy — by smoking backstage. food and travel. 2012 13 District3 lose out to Union By KATIE EARLAM Voted off .blackburn@the-sun. 24. . CLOTGUN PIC Sun TWO burglars were caught after taking photos of themselves with a stolen gun. . The 19-year-olds got four years’ jail at Swansea Crown Court. which bans smoking at work. Cops found the pics on a mobile after O’Kill was arrested for a different burglary. of Tongwynlais. Louis Walsh refused to send either of his acts home but they got the boot when Gary Barlow and Nicole Scherzinger saved Union J. Essex. A source said: The star often has sneaky cigs and parties in her dressing room at the show’s Wembley studios.

14 Monday. 2012 PG . November 12.

FURY ATSAS SNIPER’S TROPHY GUN JAILING By STEPHEN MOYES PG Monday. . But he insisted the sergeant could not have forgotten having the gun. Hants: “It’s Sun MAGICIAN Jordan Barker. maybe hundreds. HIGH DRAMA Crack soldier . Lt Col Richard Williams.6m in Tunbridge Wells. branded the sentence “a total betrayal of a man who dedicated his life to the service of his country”. ‘I’m not going to see my girls for 18 months’. Right. wife Sally and girls Mountain rescuers had to lower to safety nine students from Leicester who got stuck after a rock climb in Snowdonia. of anti-Soviet activists being executed. and Alys. 64 — a retired farmer — said in Linford. Sgt Nightingale. Danny has given his life to this country over 17 years. Danny and Sally at their wedding Horrified Tory MP Patrick Mercer vowed to raise the “gross miscarriage of justice” with the Defence Secretary. But he suffered brain damage after collapsing on a 200-mile charity trek in Brazil — and spending three days in a coma. 15 A BRAVE SAS sniper honoured by the Iraqi Army has been jailed amid uproar — simply for keeping the pistol he was presented with. Cheshire. She said: “I know they say you should give them what they want but I was not brought up that way.” s. two.1m (42. was left with cuts and bruises after refusing to let go. He was devastated and kept saying. This has torn apart our family. Cops called the yobs “cowards”. . She said: “It’s no way to treat a hero. Danny’s dad Humphrey. “He only accepted the pistol from anti-terrorist forces in Iraq because it would have been rude to turn down the gift. 38. TRAITOR PRAISE . 2012 Gran’s no pushover GUTSY gran Rosemary Wetton was dragged along the ground when three muggers tried to snatch her handbag. 67. . The Glock 9mm was still in its unopened box when cops discovered it at temporary digs he was sharing — by which time the sarge was battling brain damage that affected his memory.” His son had planned to frame the gun and present it to his regiment. 16. accepted expert testimony it led to memory loss. . Trek Presentation piece . his elite regiment’s badge Comrades packed it up with his gear and sent it on to him after he accompanied home the coffins of two close pals killed in a helicopter crash. . Hero Sarge gets 1½yrs Shock . Glock 9mm like Iraqis’ gift My hero . The pensioner. five.” The teenagers finally overpowered Rosemary of Blackburn. Last night wife Sally. who presided over the court martial.moyes@the-sun. Putin said the double agent was “strong and courageous” and had “made a big contribution to preserving peace”. . Last night the MoD said: “We don’t comment on Special Forces.” The mum and daughters Mara. now face losing their home in Crewe. His espionage led to dozens. Sgt Danny Nightingale. SPOT TRAITOR spy George Blake was praised on his 90th birthday yesterday by Russia president Vladimir was caged for 18 months at a court martial despite evidence he did not even know he still had the trophy. expecting a rap on the knuckles. five years into a 42-year term for revealing MI6 secrets to the KGB. Judge Advocate Alistair McGrigor. November 12. threw a playing card 13. The father of four has lived in Moscow since escaping from jail in the UK in 1966. 37. Lancs — escaping with just £15.9ft) up in the air to smash the previous world record of 8. told of the dad-of-two’s hell after he admitted illegally having a weapon. Danny’s commanding officer in Iraq. Kent.

I prefer fashion to food over here. ON this week’s episode of This Feeling TV. November 12. And JUSTIN BIEBER managed a hat trick. Now he has Epworth on board and if it works out the results should be very interesting. likely to be released next year. “Honestly. MUSE and THE KILLERS brought guitars to the event. The longer he is writing and touring the better. He also co-wrote songs such as Rolling In The Deep for Adele. l ROBBIE WILLIAMS will be a happy bloke today after scoring a chart double with his album and single. The JCB scooped out the water and saved the day. baby and Match Of The Day. Despite being snubbed by bosses at Radio 1. SUGGS took his chance to give the telly some welly out of our newly christened Crouchie’s Window. KINGS OF LEON producer ETHAN JOHNS and MARK RONSON have also been involved in early sessions. The BEATLES legend has started sessions for a solo record. Frontman PAUL SMITH told me: “We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. He picked up a couple of Grammys.” That included standing under a shower of sparks with just an umbrella for protection. LITTLE MIX aren’t worried they’ll upset DE LA SOUL fans for covering Ring Ring Ring on their album. he’s now had a call from SIR PAUL McCARTNEY to work on new music together. Brit lads ONE DIRECTION bagged a brace – Best New and Biggest Fans – but sadly for fans they failed to make the show. released earlier this year.16 Monday. I met GWEN STEFANI at the X Factor last week so now she recognises me. for his first fully-fledged solo album since 2007. and is another wise choice for Macca. “It would be nice to meet with KANYE WEST as he has great taste in clothes. The QPR player was decked out in his own designs. I saw him play a three-hour set at the O2 last Christmas and it was one of the best gigs I’ve ever seen. left. 2012 PG PG Monday. Far from the champagne celebrations of old though. Especially after she was told HARRY STYLES has a crush on her.” Just as well ONE DIRECTION didn’t turn up to collect their gongs.” He added: “I do a good line in burping and I make sure to cradle her in my arms – it’s very much Lion King stuff. winning Best World Stage. Exciting times. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. But she really was tempting fate by singing Girl On Fire beneath a gigantic burning hoop.” Download the Smart On Sunday podcast for free from iTunes. She said: “It’s awesome. McCartney’s last album Kisses On The Bottom. That lead him to more mainstream acts and now he’s arguably the most in-demand producer in the world. he said: “The mum’s doing the Mother Earth thing with the boobs and the breast-feeding so I change nappies and nurse Teddy watching Match Of The Day. l . the new dad. And getting Epworth and Johns involved will give the record a great combination of youth and experience.” Leigh-Anne was born in 1991 – six months after the original was released. The South Korean scooped the Best Video award for Gangnam Style. And ALICIA KEYS put in an incredible performance with a medley of her hits. the supermodel had opened proceedings in a weird way – by being flushed down a toilet and ending up on stage. And show host HEIDI KLUM made good on her promise to do the dance with him. ridiculous glasses and white shoes as she went wandering around New York over the weekend. She said: “I saw them in the hotel lobby. With boots like that Rihanna won’t need to swap her footwear next time she goes bowling. complete with a cameo from Germany’s favourite celebrity. Best Pop and Best Male. from the band who have renamed the track How Ya Doin’?. He said: “I just like whatever makes me feel good. TOM JONES and THE VACCINES. that was one of the most happiest moments of my life – me. “We want to create an awareness about how good the Nineties were. 1 (–) Take The Crown Robbie Williams 2 (–) Magic Of The Movies Andre Rieu & Johann Strauss Orchestra 3 (–) Evolution JLS 4 (1) 18 Months Calvin Harris 5 (–) Stronger Together Military Wives 6 (3) Our Version Of Events Emeli Sande 7 (2) The Abbey Road Sessions Kylie Minogue 8 (9) Fall To Grace Paloma Faith 9 (7) Babel Mumford & Sons 10 (–) Opera Andrea Bocelli ONE DIRECTION’s ZAYN MALIK has admitted he’s finding fame tough and not just because he can’t pop out without being mobbed. as well as Slash Gordon with PROFESSOR GREEN and On The Road with THE VACCINES. PLAY IT A-ZAYN SUPER-PRODUCER PAUL EPWORTH has had what can only be described as an absolute belter of a year. November 12. his song Candy is spending a second week at No1. who is dating KIM KARDASHIAN. They are my idols and I let them know that. people would look at me strangely. covering De La Soul will gain us older fans. The Londoner also caught up with her heroes NO DOUBT.” They both love a skirt. The rapper. He broke through working with bands BABYSHAMBLES. The Londoner helped to shape PLAN B’s The Defamation Of Strickland Banks album as well as FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE’s Lungs and Ceremonials. and became a dad. It’s for the older generation. Johns is up there with him thanks to his work with the Followills plus RYAN ADAMS. with MATT BELLAMY and Co performing Madness and The Killers doing Runaways. is more likely to be found changing l nappies and watching the footie highlights. 2012 17 DJIBRIL CISSE could have been the fifth member of NO DOUBT at the EMAs. said: “If anything. is good news. which is great news in itself. She said: “I don’t know if I’m the biggest fan. Best Live and Best Look and sang her latest single. which is crazy. Asked what he missed about the old days. tune in to The Sun website from 1pm. The Bajan star wore the black coat. And the reality star doesn’t think much of our grub. was a collection of covers. To see him in action. Taylor won Best Female.” l KIM KARDASHIAN was at the EMAs after spending the past few days in Blighty. And multi-instrumentalist Epworth has a great track record with bands too. So new material. “Now. He performed the track live. despite suffering with a bad throat caused by flu. She said: “Gosh – maybe I’ll call him. LEIGH-ANNE. Zayn said: “The fact that you could literally go anywhere. DAVID HASSELHOFF. THIS get-up is a lot more modest than RIHANNA’s usual outfits. managed not to storm the stage when TAYLOR SWIFT picked up three gongs at the ceremony in Frankfurt – he ruined her big moment at the VMAs in 2009 by interrupting her acceptance speech with a big old rant. too. as far as I’m concerned. They let us do what we wanted. FRANKIE & THE HEARTSTRINGS and LIFE IN FILM played great sets. EITHER KANYE WEST was glued to his seat throughout last night’s EMAs or his missus is a calming influence on him. The Bradford lad says he’s also upset at not being able to hang out in a children’s playhouse. say anything and no one will judge you for it. including a long leather skirt. JME & Ms D 8 (8) Diamonds Rihanna 9 (–) Do You Think Of Me Misha B 10 (–) Shine Ya Light Rita Ora 11 (6) Sweet Nothing Calvin Harris ft Florence Welch 12 (–) Tidal Wave Sub Focus ft Alpines 13 (9) One More Night Maroon 5 14 (11) Latch Disclosure ft Sam Smith 15 (12) Ho Hey The Lumineers 16 (–) Your Body Christina Aguilera 17 (–) Drinking From The Bottle Calvin Harris ft Tinie Tempah 18 (16) Beauty And A Beat Justin Bieber ft Nicki Minaj 19 (10) We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Taylor Swift 20 (–) I Won’t Give Up Jason Mraz M A X I M O PARK topped all the stories I’ve heard about ridiculous things that have happened at gigs on my Xfm show yesterday. The MADNESS frontman shared a pint of Guinness and filled us in on what Buckingham Palace is like behind closed doors after the band’s brilliant Jubilee gig.” He’s seen the stick the boys got for posing with Andrex puppies then. And his album Take The Crown also went straight to the top of the chart.” Look out for a cover of Hakuna Matata on Robbie’s next album. Talking about fatherhood. Earlier. RITA ORA was enjoying the chance to pull off a big-budget performance at the ceremony.” Harry might want to brush up on some American recipes before then. if I was seen going to do something stupid like go to a kids’ playhouse or something to be childish. Their tale involved a JCB driving into a mosh pit to save the band from a rain-filled stage canopy. THE FUTUREHEADS and BLOC PARTY. But it was the pint-sized pop star’s record label colleague PSY who was the main attraction. penned Bond theme Skyfall with ADELE. l 1 (1) Candy Robbie Williams 2 (2) Beneath Your Beautiful Labrinth ft Emeli Sande 3 (–) I Found You The Wanted 4 (5) Skyfall Adele 5 (4) Don’t You Worry Child Swedish House Mafia ft John Martin 6 (7) Gangnam Style PSY 7 (3) Can You Hear Me (Ayayaya) Wiley ft Skepta. EPWORTH TO STEER ALBUM l But if that wasn’t good enough.

November 12. 2012 PG .18 Monday.

wife Judith.700 yesterday to an online pawnbroker. because they can’t find the right outfit or from sheer exhaustion. An anonymous buyer paid £302. The dolls aren’t comforting. where they were snapped up by website PawnUp. Manufacturers claim the lifelike creations — which cost up to £800 each online with intensive care packs priced at up to £35 extra — help parents of sick newborns cope. when she went Probe . TV star Coleen Nolan — ambassador for online clothes retailer Marisota who conducted the poll — said: “No female should ever be reduced to tears by shopping for clothes. Others moan of rude shop assistants and rows with impatient partners. 72. of premature baby charity Adapt. a survey revealed yesterday.000 women also found they were frustrated by long queues for the changing rooms.000 each. Reasons for crying are fearing they look overweight. right A DOLL designed to look like a desperately ill premature baby wired up to breathing tubes has been slammed by charities. The most precious lot at the Los Angeles auction was Judy Garland’s 1939 dress from The Wizard Of Oz. What kind of sick and twisted individual does this?” SHOPPING for clothes has reduced one in five women to tears. said: “I was woken when I heard somebody shrieking.” A mother who lost one of her newborn twins posted on Netmums: “I’m disgusted. The poll of 2. November 12.Di’s pawn star cake A SLICE of Charles and Di’s 1981 wedding cake plus a piece from Wills and Kate’s nuptials were sold for £1.20am on Saturday. His body was found by his him up to six times. Sue Williams. .000. . 27. 73. West London at 6. THE SICKEST DOLL EVER EXCLUSIVE by JANE HAMILTON PG They only extend the grieving process. Car wash manager Mahmoud Fakhreddine said: “His son Mark told me his mother cannot talk because she is so shocked. saying exporters of the American kits even profit from families who want to remember their DEAD babies. They went under the hammer at an “Icons and Idols” sale.” A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “There have been no arrests at this stage. murder house Detectives think Joseph Griffiths.” Joseph still worked in the fam- ily’s motor repair business. . Paramedics pronounced father of two Joseph dead. They fetched £31. was viciously downstairs noise at to investigate the their £1million Victorian house in Fulham. 2012 19 Girls bawl inthemall Lifelike . Other items up for sale included Steve McQueen’s racing jacket and a wool skirt worn by Marilyn Monroe in the movie River Of No Return. with care pack. But charities blasted the growing trend. said: “It’s sick.” . It should be pleasurable. Neighbour Liam McIntyre.” RAIDER KILLS OAP Horror as grandad is stabbed six times By JACK ROYSTON A GRANDAD was murdered in his home by attacked when he disturbed a burglar who stabbed the intruder.

“YOG!” I yelled. b. Andros Crying A few years later. Anselmo Feleppa. Anselmo was far from OK but we still thought it would pass and he’d be well enough to come home to LA. Kent. when Lucia called again.jackson@the-sun. Anselmo was buried within 24 hours of his death. From the start. she didn’t have to tell me Anselmo had died. In the third day of our serialisation of Rock: The Luckiest Man In Pop. was at the BBC Good Food show at London’s Olympia after news emerged that Cara. ONE day in 1988 when he was filming a video. He just had IT. Rio changed Yog’s life forever.20 Monday.” was his answer.” Heidi still lives in the marital home in Whitstable. Eighty-five per cent of cat or dog owners display a pic of their pet at home or work. Yog looked at me. . named in honour of one of the nicest people you could ever want to meet. He got halfway across the lounge when he saw my face. . . Below. Then the phone went and it was Anselmo. of course. with his two teenaged children. I couldn’t believe the timing. The day after Anselmo passed. Anselmo had been admitted to hospital and it wasn’t good. 2012 PG TRAGEDY OF SINGER’S FIRST BIG ROMANCE TV Gregg is all write after split MASTERCHEF’s Gregg Wallace signed books for fans yesterday as he shrugged off his split from model Cara Franco. Yog went to Rio on tour. another one arrives. yesterday PAW-TRAIT GEORGE MICHAEL’S childhood pal Andros Georgiou was one of the first to be told he was gay. Why hadn’t he told me before? I ordered a double vodka and sat there for two hours while he poured his heart out. Brave face . A pal of Cara said: “She doesn’t think he is over his ex-wife Heidi yet. I was the one who picked up the phone at Yog’s place and all I could hear was crying.” I was stunned. A few days later. I am gay. Andros. we just all took to him. fell for Brazilian Anselmo Feleppa. I took this as a sign — as one life leaves. this world superstar was sitting in their lounge. Yog had kept this secret for nearly six months at Anselmo’s insistence. especially the fans. inset. The telly chef. It wasn’t until after several bottles of wine and we were both drunk that he just looked me right in the eye and said: “Andros. Anselmo’s family people lived up in the mountains and still they had heard of George Michael and. He came running. crying over their son. he looked upset. Yog took the call in his room. adapted by BEN JACKSON. Thank God. Later he watched as George. Yog wanted to go to him immediately but we decided to wait a few days. he looked real nervous. with him right. After the tour. l Rock: The Luckiest Man In Pop – An Autobiography by Andros Georgiou is available on Amazon (or androsgeorgiou. It was there he met a truly wonderful person. The actual cause of death was a brain haemorrhage. 50.” He didn’t know what to do. I asked about children. and. He had tears in his eyes. He told me: “Anselmo has got Aids. crying hysterically. He said telling me was harder than it would be telling his parents (which he didn’t do for another six years). The thought of him contracting Aids never left my mind. I have to tell you something. When he came out. his friend Lucia . 27. now. my wife Jackie told me she was pregnant. me with him. singer in 1988 and. “Are you OK? Have you got Aids?” I felt sick as I said it. tells of the affair. Yog was to be his godfather. breaking down. didn’t he want any? Yog said he had thought about it and it was a shame but he was a gay man and gay men didn’t have children. November 12. ended their five-month relationship last month. I jumped up and hugged him. How could the love of his life just die? I just looked at him and said. Yog moved back to LA and Anselmo went with him. He admitted keeping the truth from me made it easier for him to keep it from everybody else. a poll found. PAIN . not being able to discuss any of this with Anselmo himself. on one trip back to England. I was with Yog in LA. Anselmo went on a trip back to Rio to see his family. Nine months later Harrison Anselmo Georgiou was born. “I knew right then. with godson named after lover. 48. He collapsed. George and I and others flew out. In 1993. “No. I was so worried about Yog the entire time. A couple of days in 1991. George pulled me aside and told me very casually to meet him at our favourite Chinese restaurant. He also describes the day he told George his beloved Anselmo was dead. who he calls Yog. The next few months were difficult. When he walked in.

Insisting it was news to him. Mr Gardiner then admitted the firm had placed five students with him in the past two years — but insisted he did NOT get a cut.200 for the privilege. b. A model dad at 96 FIREFIGHTERS tackle a blaze that destroyed a £2. Tory Bob Blackman branded it “an outrage”. from Haryana. Herts. The MP — slated in the expenses scandal — said he was shocked to learn they had been charged at all. Lakshmi Mittal. he vowed: “I assure you I will have no further dealings whatso- ever with Global Experiences. Labour MP Gardiner THE world’s oldest dad has become a MODEL — at the age of 96. November 12. who lived with Wall in Stevenage.8million mansion in London’s most exclusive road.” An employee also hinted other MPs use the firm’s services. . 19. went on the market for £100million this summer. firemen at posh pad .flynn@the-sun. Homeowners include the Sultan of Brunei and Britain’s richest man. 22. was left squirming last night as The A MAN wanted in connection with the suspected murder of a teenage girl was arrested yesterday after handing himself in to cops. Farmer Ramjeet Raghav — who had his second son last month — will be the face of a campaign pushing the benefits of a meat-free diet for animal rights group PETA.on found. 22. . PETA’s Benazir Suraiy said: “He credits his virility to his diet.” The outfit told a Sun reporter posing as the rich mum of a student interested in one of four internships it currently offers with him: “It’s one of our top placements so it is competitive. CHANNEL HOP IT Money to burn . We appeal to anyone with information to contact us. Jack Wall JOBS AS MP’s INTERN SOLD TO U. ences. India. They issued a statement after Wall’s arrest on suspicion of murder saying the search was now concentrated on the home the couple shared. He at first DENIED links to who pay a US firm up to profit-making Global Experi£6. STUDENTS PG Monday. a survey by E. 2012 21 AN MP who won’t let Brit EXCLUSIVE by BRIAN FLYNN Investigations Editor university students work Sun rumbled his office’s as unpaid interns has been arrangement with the comusing ones from America — pany recruiting freebie .Man. walked into a police station when detectives appealed for him to contact them. is held in hunt for teen girl By MIRANDA PRYNNE Arrest . Cops are also quizzing a man of 41 arrested yesterday and confirmed that significant evidence had been found in Welwyn Garden City. The Russian owners of the six-bedroom pile on what has been dubbed “Billionaire’s Row” escaped unharmed. had his first son in 2010 when he was a mere 94. Vegetarian Raghav.S. Jack Wall. 55. North London. . which touts packages to Labour’s ex-junior minister Barry Gardiner.” A third of Brits lead separate home lives to their families as they can’t stand the same TV shows. Police are hunting for Amelia Arnold. Cops said it was too early to know if the early hours blaze was suspicious. . Det Chief Insp Tim Redfearn said: “Amelia’s family are extremely distraught and desperate for information. She was last seen on Wednesday. A house on The Bishops Avenue in Highgate.” American students that include a prestigious job reference from the Brent North MP after three months’ working for nothing at the House of Commons. slamming it as “reprehensible”.uk Unpaid help .

November 12.22 Monday. 2012 23 . 2012 PG PG Monday. November 12.

November 12. 2012 PG .24 Monday.

has memorised all 500 Dickens characters. Dutch artist Tjalf at work TRIVIA buff Christian Drummond earns £60.000 a year — playing pub quiz machines. but this fried egg isn’t real Party piece . Most children say their dad is better than mum at driving and parking. turned to “quizzing” while struggling to find work in the recession. 58.” KIDS as young as five are biased against women drivers. . . He reckons he has visited 10. Parents’ bad choice of music was top “hate” in the RAC poll of kids aged five to seven. has no other income but wins enough to pay all his bills.” Anyone for a sausage sarnie? b. a survey found. Germany. But kids reckon mums still make better car companions.DUDE GETS NUDE TO PAINT FOOD £60k on pub quiz machine By JAMES BEAL PG Monday.flynn@the-sun. November 12. East Sussex. 2012 25 Answers . . .000 pubs and says: “If I run out of pubs in one city.” Christian. 40. with plenty left over for holidays . I just head to another. He says: “My inspiration comes to me when I get naked and take long hot showers. the number of sets in every Wimbledon final and the population of African cities. . . Christian. of Brighton. Christian. And that’s because it is. perhaps because they are more likely to swear at other drivers. Christian Paint what it seems . . Car kids are sexist By BRIAN FLYNN LAGER THAN LIFE Grub art looks just like real thing THIS ham roll may look good enough to eat but it tastes like paper. meat and two veg Fry-opener . And rather than paint nudes like Van Gogh he likes to portray everyday objects — food in particular — while in the nude himself. He said: “My wife didn’t believe what I do at first but she’s fine with it now. . who has a degree in English Literature. Docs cut a 44lb tumour from a man who thought it was his beer belly in Altenburger. painting of birthday cake Roll master . The snack and other mouthwatering creations on this page are all the work of Dutch artist Tjalf Sparnaay. The chance to eat sweets was the best thing about car journeys. . .co.

. HOSPITAL STAFF: Departure lounge – the geriatric ward. COMPUTER ENGINEERS: PICNIC – Problem In Chair. Here are some of the best from Charlie Croker’s book Terms Of Employment: POLICE: Olympic torch – a lazy officer who stays in the station (the torch never goes out). in the style of the Top Gear presenter and Sun columnist. CITY TRADERS: Pump and dump – talk up a share’s price so you can sell it at a quick profit.26 Monday. Also known as a Gurkha (“takes no prisoners”). while ones thought of as lazy by colleagues are dubbed Olympic torches. 2012 PG FUNNY SLANG IN WORKPLACE But a brilliant new book has let us in on the secret code. The opposite is bash and dash. l Terms Of Employment by Charlie Croker is published by Random House (£12. AD EXECS: Blue boat – a deliberately useless component of an advert. The geriatric ward is known by doctors as the departure lounge and London cabbies call the Houses of Parliament the Gasworks. CAR SALESMEN: Wind and skin – air conditioning and leather upholstery. CABBIES: Lady Godiva – a fiver. doctors and cabbies use their own slang words and phrases to keep the public in the dark. Eg: “The best shampoo . . . Clarkson.99) COPS. where an ugly blue boat would be put in the middle of a loch. Lids – uniformed officers.” CHEFS: Give the food some radar love in the bat cave – cook it in a microwave. If it’s announced a patient’s moved to Rose Cottage. BOOKIES: Bismarck – a favourite that’s secretly expected to lose (it’ll get sunk). . . your hair could wish for. Not In Computer. it means they’ve died. inserted so a picky client can demand its removal. November 12. The term comes from Scotch whisky ads. If a car lacks the first it’s a Kojak – no ’air. They are not the only ones — voiceover artists call a dramatic. LAWYERS: White wig – newly-qualified barrister. long pause a . AUCTIONEERS: Bid off the wall – take a fictitious bid from an imaginary person purely to push up the price. So now we know police officers in uniform are called lids. OFFICE MANAGERS: Topless meeting – one where laptops and mobile phones are banned to make sure everyone concentrates. Commodore – £15 (because it’s Three Times A Lady). VOICEOVER ARTISTS: Clarkson – the pause before the final words. POLITICIANS: Neverendum – a series of referendums held until the government get the result they want.

Supermarket worker Stephen Woolley. One local said: “They’re moving up in the world — it’s like Downton Abbey. EXPLORE what the future holds – talk to one of my psychics and astrologers.” n. November 12. 40. 41. admitted 25 charges relating to grooming and was jailed for five years at Bradford Crown Court.A SICKO dad who targeted dozens of young girls on Facebook was caught after a mum posed as her 14-year-old daughter on the website. of Luddenden. the Bayfords are not moving far from their present home in Haverhill. Suffolk. The curious animal looked on as kids toured an underwater viewing platform at Bioparc in Valencia. Croatia. We look forward to welcoming .parker@the-sun.” Ma traps net sicko OUR LOTTO PILE PG Monday. and former care assistant Gillian. l Calls cost £1.” They will need to take on staff to manage the estate. 39. who are available daily from 8am –1am. The mother said: “The messages he was sending were disgusting. 27. EXCALIBURIED THIS hippopotamus was game for a staring contest when two children stopped by its tank for a visit. Local administrator Cesar March.6million rollover jackpot. Archaeologists say they may have found the remains of a villa that belonged to King Arthur in Krilo Jesenice. See Page 39 for terms and conditions. . who won August’s £ He said: “This hippo was a naturally curious creature just like most children. took the eyepopping picture. 2012 27 POT YOU LOOKING AT? £148m couple buy ‘Downton Abbey’ home EXCLUSIVE By NICK PARKER LOTTERY mega-millionaires Adrian and Gillian Bayford have splashed out on a “Downton Abbey-style” mansion. The £6million pad is a listed stately home set in acres of glorious countryside.53 a minute plus network extras. Second-hand music store boss Adrian. Spain. Moving . The Sun has agreed to keep the mansion’s address secret. West Yorks.

Lottie.5billion at the box office — they steam up the screen with “the greatest vampire sex ever”. It would be insane if there’s the same tenacity in 15 years. including Cosmopolis.” Despite all the Robert promises the newlyweds’ loving is pretty full-on . “I would rather work on smaller. No one had any idea who I . Robert admits: “It’s awkward doing close-ups in front of a big crew with the camera operator in your face and you’re supposed to show ultimate ecstasy. It was also a smaller crew and it was just me and Kristen.” Breaking Dawn Part 2 opens here on Friday and after attending various premieres the sun will finally set on Robert’s Twilight career. US. Not that he intends blowing his earnings on fast living. As an actor. who temporarily moved out of their shared LA home. He says: “I’m looking forward to working with new directors and playing many different kinds of characters. of Altrincham. By GRANT ROLLINGS The pair are said to be back together after Robert. Kristen and their other main co-star Taylor Lautner have managed to remain level-headed.” That proved slightly awkward at times — especially as acting out the bedroom thrills got him. . “We literally did the last shot as the sun was coming up in St Thomas in the Virgin Islands and everyone stayed on the set to take in the sunrise. . Recalling the last day of shooting.” The films sparked a fanatical following. which is to attract a following for your work.5 per cent share of the profits from their box office takings. EYE disease sufferers can be helped by iPads. Robert insists that he.” After making five Twilight films in as many years R-Patz is glad to be moving on. . I did the same thing to famous people. ANONY-MOUSE FANGTASTIC. In Breaking Dawn Part 2 — the last film of a series which has taken more than £1.rollings@the-sun. Those with moderate vision loss can increase their reading speed by 15 words per A third of Brits would rather deal with a website than a real person. you are performing for an audience. But I get a lot more abuse in England. So you can’t whine and moan about the fact that you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. I’ve seen a lot of other people have minor amounts of fame and just lose their minds completely. we had to figure ways to make it sexy even though it’s supposed to be 12A. there’s a ton of pressure on you that’s really nothing to do with the job at all.Mrs Soap extra dies BRITAIN’S oldest soap actress has died just before her 101st birthday. for a film deemed suitable for 12-year-olds. too. November 12. “It was fun. It’s just your instinct. Emmerdale star Chris Chittell said: “She was one of those people that you felt drawn to. Remember Me and Water For Elephants. Even so relations seem to be cooler after the events of the past few months. Robert says: “It’s crazy how intense people are. “Now. he replies: “Start drinking vodka instead of beer and try to get a sixpack as early as possible. Twihards. it’s scary. with devotees having their own nickname. Kristen and the rest of the crew giggling.” When the first Twilight film was released in 2008. But he knows such questions are all part and parcel of life in the spotlight. “When you’re part of a big movie franchise. Dr Daniel Roth. often looked glum after the revelations about her fling with Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. 22. . After the first one. The tablet computers improve the speed and ease of reading for people with poor vision. said: “It will improve lives at relatively low cost.” Quizzed There hasn’t been too much laughter for the pair off screen recently. forgave Kristen. as soon as people started referring to it as a franchise — a franchise is a Burger King or a Subway — it’s not a movie. independent films where you have more freedom to create unique kinds of characters and you don’t have to please a mass audience. Details of how to claim are on your card. unlike the passion the couple generate as Twilight lovers Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. And I’m such a bad driver I can’t even contemplate buying a great sports car. The British actor ditched longterm girlfriend Kristen Stewart after she was snapped kissing another man. 2012 iPad key to seeing HERE are today’s numbers for £5. was also in Brookside and Hollyoaks. Freedom He says: “I’m not that interested in making big movies. plus he will get a 7. Kristen and I would start to laugh and the cameraman was laughing. He says: “I used to be able to be in England and be fine. It came later in England. like after a casting announcement. It’s generally the people who are making money off of it that refer to it as a franchise. Playing Edward was frustrating for me because it was difficult to give him as much vulnerability as I would have liked because he can’t die and he can’t suffer the way humans do. Robert has also starred in other. . Complete ONE full grid and you get to win or share the weekly jackpot. who led the study in New Jersey. Robert says: “Fortunately.000 super Sun Bingo. “It’s amazing to see that people manage to maintain their sanity. The 26-year-old heartthrob says: “The sex is a lot wilder and more intense but I think it works better. as Edward KISS FROM THE VAMPIRE . bed firm Silentnight claims. . “Then we ended up on a beach in the Caribbean filming for two days.” grant. let alone having done a movie. hysteria and attention that has followed them around for five years. He says: “If you’re a performer. smaller movies. attracted far more attention in the United States. .” Sleep-deprived fellas using eye-fresheners such as balm and moisturiser now outspend women. Now he says the interest is just as intense in Britain — but the comments can be crueller. Londoner Robert. The idea was for us to have the greatest vampire sex ever. He was reportedly paid £8million for each of the final two films. and that’s essentially what an actor The great gran was seen in the Woolpack Inn hundreds of times and had small parts in Corrie. 2012 Monday.” STARS’ ROMANCE MAY BE GOING COLD BUT NOT ON SCREEN 29 BLOKES GO BALMY 73 54 59 21 17 3 2 55 7 50 Play Sun Bingo for free! Use today’s code wtg at freesunbingo. “It’s massive and it’s good to see people retain their sanity as much as possible. R-Patz shirtless LOOKING AHEAD . I don’t know how long it will last. he says: “It was hilarious considering we spent the entire series filming in the most miserable conditions in Canada. Kristen. I don’t really have any vices and I don’t have any extravagant fantasies about buying a yacht or something like that. Robert has deftly changed the subject when quizzed about their relationship. He says: “It’s strange to have gone through the same experience with Taylor and Kristen as well. That’s just a general English attitude. “It was a wonderful way to end things. a poll shows — and 73 per cent prefer banking online. researchers have found.” Between making the Twilight blockbusters. November 12. to fresh challenges ROBERT PATTINSON’s reallife romance with his Twilight co-star turned very chilly recently – yet on screen things between them are scorching.” So is he happy the Twilight experience has come to an end? He says: “In some ways. Widow Lottie Goodwin was an Emmerdale extra until she was 99.” What advice does he wish he had been given five years ago? Referring to all those barechested scenes. Meanwhile. . Cheshire. . “We wanted to do something different. who now lives in California. . Bella and Edward in passionate clinch HUNKY . 28 Monday. it’s relatively similar.” Robert himself has done rather well out of the Twilight franchise.

S) 12. The presenter observes animals’ use of super-senses. (R.S) 6.S) 6. With Jamie Oliver.00 Come Dine With Me.45 Sign Zone Wartime Farm (R.25 Regional News (S) 10.S) 5.00 In The Night Garden (R.00 The One Show Matt Baker and Alex Jones present a special show live from Cardiff.30 Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two (S) 6am Daybreak (S) 8. (S) Followed by BBC News 8.S) 3.SL) 8pm Pollyanna Woodward and Jason Bradbury visit Iceland in The Gadget Show 7.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal David Dickinson and the team of antiques experts visit Nottingham.30 Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals. (R.30 Stwnsh: Tim Talent 6. (S) 9.50 Rastamouse (R.S) 4.15 Baby Jake (R.30 Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol 2. Marlon and Paddy try to reunite Laurel and Rhona. the pair’s lifelong enemy and the scourge of the neighbourhood.S) 4.S) 7.00 HouseBusters (R.S) 1. 2012 PG TV MAGAZINE BRITAIN’S BIGGEST & BEST TV LISTINGS GUIDE NEW NEW 6am Breakfast (S) 9.S) 5.40am Hwb S4C 11. The story about the kidnapping and murder of a nine-year-old girl that led to the creation of an alert system for missing children.00 5 News At 5 (S) 5.05 Ralio+ 11. November 12.35 The Agenda 5 of 8.30 64 Zoo Lane (R. (S) 2.30 BBC World News (S) 12. Tom Bradby presents a discussion on the week’s main talking points with guests from the worlds of politics and popular culture.00 Freshly Squeezed (S) 7. (S) 9. Jimmy Doherty.SL) 5. (S) 9.00 C4 News (S) Followed by 4thought.20 Britain In A Day An insight into the lives of people in Britain today.00 Shine The story of David Helfgott. (S) 6.S) 2. charting his progress from child prodigy to global phenomenon.40 Waybuloo (R.S) 3.S) 6.15 Home And Away (S) 1.S. (R.00 Champions League Weekly.00 Home And Away.55 Newsround (S) 8.S) 10. the residents’ lives take a turn for the worse as their saviour seizes control of the town and seeks to punish them for their past sins.S) 6.35 Phil Spencer: Secret Agent (S) 2. (S) 5.SL) 5.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show (S) 10.25 House Doctor (R.S) 11.45 Michaela’s Wild Challenge (R. spectacular and dangerous landscapes in search of unusual and interesting creatures.S) 6.S) 6.S) 9. (R.S) 6. The Lord Of The Rings and Lost star explores some of the planet’s most remote. Game show.30pm Breaking up is hard to do… Maria has news for Jason on his return to Coronation Street 7. Drama with Jane Antrobus and Ben Hull. (1973) JJJJJ (S) P FILM NEW P NEW P FILM FILM 7am Cyw 1.S) 7.05 Deal Or No Deal.00 Ffeil 6.40 Eliot Kid (R.00 Restoration Roadshow (R.30 Junior MasterChef (S) Then Shaun The Sheep Championsheeps 8.S.40 Countdown (S) 3. Ethan Hawke and Scott Glenn.SL) FILM FILMS JJJJJ Brilliant JJJJ Very Good JJJ Good JJ Not Bad J Poor (R) Repeat (S) Subtitles (SL) Sign Language P Pick Of The Day . A review of the matchday four fixtures.S) 9. (S) 9.00 CBBC: School Of Silence (R.30 Pethe 10.15 Rip Off Food.SL) 4.30 Breakaway (R.00 News 1.00 SuperCasino Live interactive gaming.25 Secret State (R.S) 1.05 Heno 1.30 3rd And Bird (R. caravan covers and an ovencleaning gadget. Edgar and Wendy take a welcome break. Sean is left humiliated after Marcus insists he has got the wrong end of the stick.S) 11.00 8 Out Of 10 Cats 6 of 12. but finds the killer’s criminal bosses are also hunting for him. there is a mixed response to Tina’s pregnancy test result.S) Followed by BBC News 12. (R. (S) 10.25 Dipdap (R.30 This Morning Celebrity chat and lifestyle features. Animated comedy about a typical English family. (S) 6am Milkshake! 9.SL) 5.S.S) 6.S) 1.S) 10.50pm Edgar and Wendy celebrate their wedding anniversary in Full English 7. Lucas is rocked by Francesca’s demand that he and Vanessa need to get married.15 CSI: Miami.30 Awr Fawr Cyw 5.00 Regional News (S) 6. unaware their son has stowed away with them.25 Nightscreen 4.30 5 News At 6.15 Weakest Link (R.00 Undercover Boss Canada (R.30 Regional News (S) 1.15 The Hotel Inspector (R.00 BBC News (S) 3.00 High Plains Drifter A mysterious stranger is hired to defend a remote frontier town from three outlaws who are making people’s lives a misery. (S) 8.25 CBeebies: Mister Maker Comes To Town (R.15am Make Do And Mend (R. (S) 7. and while Tanya’s attempts to bring her mother round only end in an argument.S) 2.30 Panorama Current affairs report covering the stories behind the headlines. Two episodes.S.S) 3. revealing how he was killed after becoming involved with the country’s Communist Party.40 Supernanny US.30 Coronation Street Sean is speechless at the sight of Marcus and Maria kissing and Jason works out what has been going on.25 Ffermio 9. Actor Richard Ayoade takes over hosting duties with team captains Noel Fielding and Phill Jupitus joined by guests including Ed Sheeran and Caroline Flack.SL) 2. Two shows.00 Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan 1 of 4.S) 9. going to Children In Need.15 Out For Justice A Brooklyn cop learns that his partner has been murdered in front of his family by a vicious drug dealer.00 Cyw 4. (S) 10.05 Big Barn Farm (R.00 BBC News (S) 1.30 Regional News (S) 6am CBeebies Zigby (R.40 The Koala Brothers (R.10 Rownd A Rownd 6. Thriller starring Denzel Washington. (R.50 Full English 1 of 6.45 Cash In The Attic Helping people make money from junk. (S) 7. Jimmy Carr hosts the irreverent panel show in which teams captained by Sean Lock and Jon Richardson answer questions based on opinion polls. Jamie Oliver prepares sticky squid balls.S) 3.S.S) 7. Laurence Rees examines how Hitler formed a connection with the German people. and Dordogne resident Colleen Simms prepares for a performance at a gig in Tremolat. He also learns how scientists have transferred these extraordinary natural talents to a specially adapted bike that uses sonar to allow a blind man to cycle down a mountain-bike course. The detective heads into the underworld on a mission of vengeance.00 Real Rescues (R.00 Sgorio 10. Tony makes it clear he intends to marry Cindy regardless of her affair.S) Followed by 5 News Lunchtime 12. (S) Then Random Acts 11. Elsewhere.S) 7. (S) 11.S) 10.30 MasterChef: The Professionals 5 of 24. (S) 11.S) 7. (S) 8.25 Alan Carr: Chatty Man 8 of 14.00 Deal Or No Deal (S) 5.05 CBBC Deadly 60 (R.00 Little England 4 of 6. (S) 10. Carol Mellin takes part in the World Sheep Dog Trials.05am Channel 4 Presents: Hannah (R.S) 3. Ten more chefs enter the kitchen and are challenged to make a dish using a selection of seven ingredients – including puy lentils. 4. Kent.S) 1. (S) 9. beginning by assessing whether his alleged charisma played a key role in his success as leader.00 The Dales Two editions.00 A Place In The Sun: Home Or Away (S) Followed by C4 News Midday Summary 12.35 Lockie Leonard (R. (S) 1. (S) 6.S) 12.00 Emmerdale Val and Eric catch Kerry flirting with Alex after a night out. (R. Western with Clint Eastwood and Verna Bloom.S) 9.SL) 3. Homer becomes a bounty hunter.00 Richard Hammond’s Miracles Of Nature 2 of 3.00 Eggheads (R.15 Pointless Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman host the quiz show.S) 9.45 Chuggington: Badge Quest (R.30 According To Jim (R. including elephants communicating via signals transmitted through sand and a blindfolded seal using its whiskers as a tracker. The Green Green Grass stars Sue Holderness and John Challis hunt for antiques in and around Essex with all profits from the auction in Dartford.30 Inside Out Documentary series focusing on stories of interest to the region.S) 10.35pm Host Alan Yentob takes a look at the influence of Chinese pianist Lang Lang in Imagine 7.30 Wibbly Pig (R. Adrian Edmondson meets caving expert Dave Gallivan.55 News 3.05 Training Day A cop is left battling his conscience when he is partnered with a seasoned narcotics officer with unconventional tactics.30 NEW 1001 Things You Should Know.SL) 4.55 Regional News (S) 2.S) 10.S) Followed by BBC News 11.20 Little Robots (R. (S) 5.S) 4.00 ZingZillas (R.S. Having been nominated by the public yesterday. (S) 9.35pm-12.00 Watchdog Daily Consumer advice with Sophie Raworth and Rani Price. (S) 10.15 The Wright Stuff 11.00 Crime Stories Police investigate when a woman reports money has been stolen from her father’s chest of drawers in the care home where he lives. (S.25 . and Katie worries Declan is covering his true feelings. (S) 10. Meanwhile.45 I Can Cook With You (R. (S) 8.30-6am ITV Morning News (S) 10. Meanwhile. Jeff Brazier and Sam Fox.30 Pet Squad (R.00 Homes Under The Hammer (R.S) 8.S) 9. (2006) JJ (S) 5. Jason Bradbury and Pollyanna Woodward head to Iceland. Although he rids the community of the troublemakers.S) 11.15 The Good Wife (S) 3.00 Chinese Murder Mystery: Channel 4 Dispatches Special Exploring the death of Englishman Neil Percival Heywood in a Chinese city in November 2011.30 Loose Women With tenor Alfie Boe.00 Newsround.55 Calon 8. How Blackpool’s emergency services deal with incidents involving people visiting the town.35 The Jeremy Kyle Show (R.00 EastEnders Cora’s erratic behaviour worries her family and friends.S) 1. (R.30 Monday.30 Newsnight (S) 11.00 The Dark Charisma Of Adolf Hitler 1 of 3.S) 5.30 Hollyoaks. (S) 6. (1991) JJ (S) 1.25 Leon (R.30 News 7. Patrick has more success – but he is not prepared for the confession she makes.15 Neighbourhood Blues The return of the policing series presented by Rav Wilding. (R.50 Big And Small (R.30 To Buy Or Not To Buy (R. Then.00 Frasier (R.S.45 Lorraine’s Fast.50 BBC News (S) 4.30pm Zoe Ball chats to the latest couple to be voted off Strictly Come Dancing 7.45 Doctors A shy man introduces his mother to his new girlfriend.00 BBC News (S) 6. (S) 10.15 Best House In The Street (R.S) 7. the talented but fragile Australian pianist overwhelmed by the pressure of his father’s obsession with success.30 ITV News (S) 6.S) 9.30 Coronation Street Maria breaks up with a bewildered Jason.05 NEW SuperScrimpers. (S) 4. A bride and groom receive tips on controlling the budget for their wedding. Roo argues with Harvey over his infidelity.35 Pobol Y Cwm 7.S) 6. (R.20 Shameless (R. (2001) JJJJJ (S) 1. (S) 8. (S) 8.20 Charlie And Lola (R.45 Neighbours (S) 2. (S) 6.55 News 11. Amateur cooks from Wakefield throw dinner parties.10-6am Wildlife SOS (R. (R.SL) 4.00 What’s New Scooby-Doo? (R.20 Dragons’ Den 9 of 12. Fresh And Easy Food (R. Alan Yentob examines the life and career of Chinese pianist Lang Lang.00 The All New Gadget Show 2 of 7.30 ITV News (S) 1.15 Bargain Hunt (S) 1.00 Never Mind The Buzzcocks 7 of 12. and Casey tells Natalie he believes it is his fate to go to jail.55 Everybody Loves Raymond (R. goat’s cheese and peaches. Current affairs. Sid struggles with the burden of caring for Dex.35 Imagine 2 of 6.S. (S) 12.00 Prank Patrol Down Under (R.00 Prynhawn Da 2. The heir to a Miami sugar fortune survives a shooting in which two other people are killed – but his narrow escape seems too good to be true and arouses the team’s suspicions. Taylor Swift and The Wanted.00 Heno 7. (S) 3.00 The Simpsons.30 Neighbours. Jonathan and Kath CroftWhite work to improve their campsite ahead of a visit from an inspector.30 (S) NEW 10.00 Cefn Gwlad 9. Meanwhile. Lou sets out to be the perfect godfather.S) 8.10 The Hoobs (R. one of the celebrities faces the dreaded task of taking part in the first Bushtucker Trial to earn food for the group. (R. Sandi Toksvig hosts the quiz show. With Janice Dickinson.50-6.15 Escape To The Country (R.35 Celebrity Come Dine With Me.15 FILM Amber’s Story. Includes ITV News at 11. (S) 12.00 -6am BBC Learning Zone (S) 7.S) Followed by Local Weather 4.15 Jackpot247 3.S) 6.00 I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! 2 of 19.00 Celebrity Antiques Road Trip 11 of 20.00 999: What’s Your Emergency? 9 of 10. Action thriller with Steven Seagal and William Forsythe. (1996) JJJJJ (S) Then Weather View 1. where they try out hi-tech binoculars while whale-watching and put three of the best budget laptops through their paces.00 Daily Politics (S) 1.00 The Chase Bradley Walsh hosts the quiz. (S) 10.00 University Challenge An all-Cambridge battle in which Homerton College faces King’s College in the second of two matches involving high-scoring losing teams from the first round. Calum Best.00 Pobol Y Cwm 8.S. Drama starring Elisabeth Rohm and Teryl Rothery.15 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (R.45 Flog It! (S) 4.00 BBC News (S) 10.30 Lorraine Samantha Womack discusses her work with charity ActionAid. (R. (S) 12.00 ITV News At Ten (S) 10.45 -6am BBC News (S) 6. Drama with Geoffrey Rush and Armin Mueller-Stahl. A tablet computer.10 Finley The Fire Engine (R. (S) 3.S) 8.

00 Racing News 11. 7.30 NASCAR Highlights from the AdvoCare 500. Kick-off at 11. 11.00 WWE: NXT 1. (R.30 SPL Round-Up A review of the latest round of fixtures from the Scottish top flight. (R. teen Eve auditions for Britain’s Got Talent.15-2.00 European Tour Golf 9.30 ESPN FC Press Pass 1. Next.30 Bundesliga 3.00 Glee. We all love a good soap scrap and tonight Corrie delivers a corker as Jason wallops Marcus after discovering how he’s been sleeping with Maria.30 PGA Tour Golf 4. as the opening contest comes to a conclusion. (R.00-4. addiction or violent outbursts. 3. BEST JUNGLE: I’m A Celebrity . 7.00 Alpine Skiing 4. 11. Two shows. as the season-ending competition is brought to a conclusion with the showpiece match.30 Thrillseekers 2.S) 8.50pm). complete with a ferocious.00 European Tour Golf 1.PG Monday. . (R.30am MotoGP 9.00 Live Futsal. Kick-off at 11. (R. Coverage from the World Cup last 16. Jimmy feels guilty when he discovers Burt abandoned dreams of becoming a rock star after his son’s arrival and tries to resurrect his music career.30 The Simpsons Triple bill. ESPN 6am Premier League Review 7. Double bill.00 ESPN FC Press Pass 5. 6. To mark Remembrance weekend. which means we see a brutal parody of the show.30 Football Special Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea v Liverpool. SPORT SKY SPORTS 1 with TV Magazine BEST SOAP: Coronation Street (ITV1.00 Wonderful World Of Golf 12. Coverage from the Hua Mark Indoor Stadium in Bangkok.30 Aerobics Oz Style 12.30 Futsal 11.30. (R.00 Dog The Bounty Hunter (R.00 Live Futsal. Homer buys Lisa a pony. 12. a psychiatrist recommends the family finds Santa’s Little Helper a new home when the mischievous greyhound eats an injured pigeon that Bart had nursed back to health. November 12.15am Live WWE: Raw.55pm-6am Live Test Cricket Australia v South Africa. .30 ESPN FC Press Pass 8. but the conflict continues.00-8. There are four million veterans in the UK.S) 5.30 Soccer AM: The Best Bits Highlights.30 Bundesliga Review Show 6.30 Live Futsal.00 Bundesliga Review Show 3.30. Coverage of the third day of action from Wolverhampton Civic Hall.00 International Rugby Union 3. Santa’s Little Helper eats a pigeon Bart had nursed back to health. A World Cup last-16 match. Then.30pm). One day in to the new series presented by Ant & Dec.00 Figure Skating.30 ESPN Kicks: Scottish Football 11.00 MotoGP 5.00 Serie A Review 3.30-5. pictured.45am BBC News ITV1 WALES 8.S) 9.00 Futsal 2. (R. Then. 12.S) 5.00 NFL 2.30 Eurogoals 5.00 Pardon The Interruption UK 12.00 WWE: Bottom Line. Simon Cowell.00 WWE: Afterburn 12.15 Road Wars (R.30am PGA Tour Classic P BRITISH EUROSPORT 7. . Meanwhile. O’Neill is accused of assassinating a politician.S) 8.30 ESPN FC Press Pass 7. Daily workout.00 Aerobics Oz Style. 5. Next. Coverage of the fifth and final day’s play in the first Test at the Brisbane Cricket Ground.00 Thrillseekers 4.00 Glee (R. Action from the event. European football action. Day three last year saw Phil Taylor subject Steve Beaton to a 5-3 defeat. with one in four suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Catelyn negotiates a deal with an unreliable ally. Ross finds out what is being done for these heroes to prevent further suffering. 10.S) 3.S) 2. they run over to the Rovers and accidentally out themselves.30 ESPN Kicks: Scottish Football 3. 1.00 Show Jumping 6. 2.00 Test Cricket Australia v South Africa. 10.00 Arrow 4 of 23.00 African Women’s Championship Football 2.00 Spanish Football Mallorca v Barcelona. Homer buys Lisa a pony.00-6am Strongest Man. In this first episode. whose body has been found in a Beverly Hills car park – minus a hand.00 Sporting Greats Golfer Gary Player. Ex-Corrie star Helen Flanagan was aghast at how.00 International Rugby Union 10.00. which can lead to depression.00 Futsal 12.15 Fringe The team ends up in the forest home of a strange race of people.00 Netbusters Action from the Football League.15 Serie A 5. (S) 9. (R.S) 12. .00 Modern Family (R. 5.00 Snooker 10.10-6am Stargate SG-1 (R. 10.30 The Middle (R. 10. An ancient artefact causes problems.00 Game Of Thrones 9 of 10.00 Alpine Skiing 11.00 Premier League Review A look back at recent fixtures in the English Premier League.30 Netbusters Action from the Football League.S) 4. 11.00 Ross Kemp: The Invisible Wounded An estimated one in four service veterans suffers posttraumatic stress disorder. 11. (S) 10.30am Eurogoals.00 Pardon The Interruption UK 5.00 Scottish Premier League Football 8. Kick-off at 2.15 British Superbikes 10. Ross explores the condition to find out what can be and is being done to support these ex-service personnel for whom the war may be over.00 NFL 10. (R.00 ESPN FC Press Pass 11.30 Aerobics Oz Style 5.00 Premier League Review 2. CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio.00 Trilby Tour Golf 8. A first-round replay.30 Champions League Weekly 4. and the reality of what the celebs have let themselves in for is starting to set in.00 WWE: Raw 6.00 Triathlon The Ironman World Championships.00 NCIS: Los Angeles. Four back-toback episodes. Atletico Madrid v Getafe and Levante v Real Madrid.30 Football Special Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea v Liverpool.00 Raising Hope.00 Test Cricket 4.30 European Tour Golf The Singapore Open.S) 11. Highlights of Raw. so how will she cope as she realises there’s no room service? And will MP Mad Nad give Pussycat Doll Ashley a run for her money in the shower bikini stakes? It’s enough to put us off our witchetty grubs! BEST DOCU: Ross Kemp: The Invisible Wounded (Sky One.00 PGA Tour Golf 10.30 PGA Tour Golf 12. Mr Burns receives a blood transfusion from Bart. Coverage from the World Cup last 16. 9pm). Kick-off at 9. Coverage of the fourth and penultimate day’s play in the first Test at the Brisbane Cricket Ground. Two shows. Mr Burns receives a blood transfusion from Bart.00 Futsal 8. 9pm). far away Australia is .15 MotoGP 11. (R.30 The Simpsons. Coverage from the World Cup last 16.S) 2. it centres on the Johnsons. The team investigates the murder of an US Marine with top-level security clearance.30 Live FA Cup Football.05 Imagine 12. Fry and Leela find themselves trapped on a planet full of human-hating robots.30 Futsal 4.30 FILM Shine (1996) 2.00 Test Cricket 8.30 PGA Tour Classic 1.00 Figure Skating 4. Here. 2.30am Darts SKY SPORTS 3 6am WWE: Bottom Line 7. Then. 6am Good Morning Sports Fans 9. The secret lovers are thrown into a state of panic when Sean catches them kissing. Ross Kemp looks at the battles many ex-service personnel face in the aftermath of war.S) 10. BEST COMEDY: Full English (Channel 4. BRITISH EUROSPORT 2 6am Futsal 8. 11.30-8pm X-Ray 10. 8.S) 6. as the group stages continue. if outdated. Wrestling coverage from the US with the over-the-top stars.00 Live Darts The Grand Slam of Darts.30 Futurama. featuring the likes of John Cena.30-5. a “normal” family.30 European Tour Golf 3. A starship captain is attracted to Leela.45pm-12.00 Pardon The Interruption UK 7.10 Weather View 2.S) 7. and faces a fateful decision to save Arya’s life. prompting that painful punch.S) 2.30-6am ESPN Game Of The Week BBC ONE WALES As main BBC ONE except: 7. Triple bill.45 French Ligue 1 Review 4. 11.30 Eredivisie 10. Wrongly presuming that he’s raced off to drop the bombshell. (R.S) SKY SPORTS 4 12noon Darts 4.00 Stargate SG-1. Get Me Out of Here! (ITV1. 3. Ned struggles to endure his imprisonment at the hands of the Lannisters.00 Scottish Premier League Football 12. Two shows.30 Live ATP World Tour Finals Tennis Coverage of the singles final on day eight at the O2 in London. 11.00 NASCAR 7.45 ESPN Kicks: Serie A 5.00 American Football 2.15 MotoGP 9.45 ESPN Kicks: Serie A 12. before powering his way all the way to the final where a 16-4 victory earned him his fourth Grand Slam title since the competition’s debut in 2007. 1.15 French Football 12. like.00.30 Sporting Greats Golfer Jack Nicklaus.00 Darts 11.35 Burton’s Diaries 11.05 Brit Cops: Frontline Crime UK (R.55 Road Wars. 2. Oliver is struggling to get back into Laurel’s good books and thinks he can do just that by asking her to help prove the innocence of a man that has been framed for murder by his latest target. 2012 FREE IN SATURDAY’S 6am Airline (R.00 Trilby Tour Golf.30pm and 8. Then.30 Live Futsal.S) 6am Live Test Cricket Australia v South Africa.30 Soccer AM: The Best Bits Highlights of Saturday’s show. 10. 1.S) 1.S) 7. 10. This rude cartoon may be about a family – but it’s certainly not one to watch with the kids! A British version of US animation Family Guy.15 Alpine Skiing 7.00 Football Special Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea v Liverpool.00 French Ligue 1 Review 11. WHAT TO WATCH 31 l TV MAGAZINE EVERY SATURDAY IN SKY SPORTS 2 8pm Laurel joins forces with Oliver to help defend an innocent man in Arrow 6. 5. New Directions go head-to-head with the Dalton Warblers. Double bill.15 NCIS: Los Angeles 4 of 24.00 UFC: The Ultimate Fighter 1.30pm The Ferret REGIONAL VARIATIONS TURN OVER FOR FULL SKY AND DIGITAL LISTINGS .

HHHHH 12.00 Geoff Lloyd 8. Fact-based drama with Will Smith.00 Scrubs 2.00 Battle Castle With Dan Snow 8.00 Family Guns 1.00 Strippers: Cars For Cash 2. 2009) Drama starring Natalie Portman.6-99.00 Woman’s Hour 11. HHHH 1.40 Fresh Meat 12. 2011) HHH 4.20 Last Of The Summer Wine 4. November 12.00 CSI: Miami 12.55am Unsafe Sex In The City 7pm World News Today 7.00 As Time Goes By 3.00 I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here Now! 12.00 Derren Brown: Fear And Faith 10.00 Two And A Half Men 12. HHH 1.00 Priest (12.30 5 Live Sport: The Tuffers And Vaughan Cricket Show 10.00-6am Guilty! 6am The X Files 7. HH 6.25 5★ Access 6.15 The Nutcracker (PG.00 Buffy 1. 12.20 A Place In The Sun: Winter Sun 6. 1975) HHHHH 9. 2011) HH 6am Life Is Beautiful (PG.30 Judge Judy 12. HHHH 8.00 News And Weather 12.00 Half Nelson (15.00 Ian Hislop’s Age Of The Do-Gooders 9. 5. HHH 8.00 Gavin And Stacey.30 How I Met Your Mother 2.00 Dog The Bounty Hunter 1.00 ER 2.00 Smooth Classics.00 America’s Next Top Model 10. HHH 9. 1970) HHHH 3.30 Seaside Rescue 1.30 55 And Over 12.00 The Big Bang Theory 7.30am The Breakfast Show With Nick Grimshaw 10.00 1Xtra Live: Brixton After Party 12. 1976) HHHH SKY MOVIES SCI-FI 7pm The Real Hustle: Celebrity Chancers 7.25 FILM Journey To The Centre Of The Earth (1959) 1.00 Barbara 10. 1998) HH 9. 2011) Adventure.00-6am The Store 6am Switched 6.00 Rolf’s Animal Clinic 9. 2010) Comedy. 2011) HH 12.00 Mark Crossley 12.00 Sun.48 Shipping Forecast 1.55 Mock The Week.00 The X Files 11.00 Teleshopping 8. 1952) Adventure.10 The Molly Maguires (PG. HH 12. Two episodes.00 Liza Tarbuck 7.10 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (PG.00 Two And A Half Men 7.00 CSI: NY 4.30 Hollyoaks 1.05 Desperate Housewives 12.00 Night Cops 1.30 Live Tennis: ATP World Tour Finals 10.00 The Motorbike Show BBC THREE ENTERTAINMENT 6am Biggest Loser: Australia 7.30 American Dad! 1.00 Air Crash Investigation 5.50 Nightscreen 3.00 Despicable Me (U. 2004) HHHH 5.00 Burn Notice. Michel Roux Jr profiles his hero.30am Vanessa Feltz RADIO 1 97.00 All Creatures Great And Small 5. 6.00 Harry’s Law 6. 2011) Mystery.05 Bomb Girls 1.45 I’m Alan Partridge 2.00 Inside Hollywood 12. 1997) Drama.25 I’m Alan Partridge 12.00 American Guns 11. HHH 1.25 The World At War 7.00 Face Off 10.00 Scott Mills 4.00 Love And Other Drugs (15. Fantasy starring Rhys Ifans.00 World Service Programmes.20 Come Dine With Me 7.30-6am Teleshopping 6am The Professionals 6. 1995) HHHH 5. 1998) HH 7. HHH 9.00 Early Doors 12.00 Hawksbee And Jacobs 4.00 NCIS 12.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 10.25 Country Strong (12.30-6. 1998) HHH 1.00 Doomsday Preppers 11.10 Nature’s Microworlds 1.30am Murder At The Gallop (U. 8.00 Time Team 9.30 News Briefing.35 The Rite (15.00 Highland Emergency 2.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2.10-2. 2004) HHHH 4.00 Afternoon On 3 4.00-6am Preview Two episodes.40 Cheers 2. HHH 8.00 The Tree Of Life (12.00 News.30 Man About The House 11. (2007) 6.45-6.15 Battle: Los Angeles (12. HHH 8. 1. 2011) Drama. With Anne-Marie Minhall.30 Demons Never Die (15. 2002) Comedy.8MHz .50 Dog Day Afternoon (15.50 The Tree Of Life (12. 2.00 House 4. 2010) Drama.45 Newsbeat 1.00 House 8.55 The High Chaparral Western drama series. 1968) Western.40 The Brittas Empire 2.20 Cedar Rapids (15.00 ER 6. 2011) HHHHH 4. (1997) 11.25 Neverland 1 of 2. 1975) HHHHH 10. 1978) HHH 4.00 ER 10.40 Police.00 Grand Designs 9.45 Spy Kids (U. HHH 12.00 Charmed 6.55 Dog Day Afternoon (15.45 In Pursuit Of The Ridiculous 2. 693kHz 6am Alan Brazil And Ronnie Irani.00 Red Bull Cliff Diving 2012 12. 2011) Comedy.00 Passport Patrol 5.00 Last Of The Summer Wine 6.00-6am Teleshopping 6am Teleshopping 1.40 Just Wright (PG.50 Murder At The Gallop (U. 2010) HHHH 12.00 Nothing To Declare 7.00 Supercars 3.00 Air Crash Investigation 2.00 Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (18. 2011) Horror.00 Steve Wright 5. 2011) Adventure. 1959) HH 8.50 Your Highness (15.30 EastEnders 11. 2011) Drama.00 Jools Holland 12. HH 6. 2004) Drama. HHH 2.20 Ever Decreasing Circles 11.35 Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (PG.40 Would I Lie To You? 11.00 NCIS 2. 8.30-3am Batteries Not Included PICK TV E4 BBC FOUR SKY ATLANTIC 6am Ripping Yarns 6. HH 12.10-3.05 Daniel Radcliffe Meets Alex Zane 2.50 Drama Trails 2. HH 8. 3.00 Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (12. HHHH 1.00 The Naughty Pictures Committees RADIO 3 90.00 Green Lantern (12.10am Mask (15.30 Radio 3 Live In Concert 10. HHHH 9.50 Dan Snow’s Norman Walks 3.20 Only Fools And Horses 9. 2004) HHHH 12.00 Friends 11.00 Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow 11.00 Scrubs 4.00-6am Polly James RADIO 5 909.30 Auction Kings 5. H 11. 1991) Action drama. HHH 10.45-6am Farming Today 6am 5 Live Breakfast 10.25 Albatross (15.15 Heartbeat 2. 10. HHH 3.00 Fright Night (15.00 Murder. 1958) Sci-fi horror.00 Most Haunted 7.00 Royal Pains 5.00 Kingdom Of Heaven (15.40 Timothy Spall: All At Sea 1.00 Teleshopping 11.05 Lethal Weapon 4 (15.45 Three Days Of The Condor (15.00-6am Teleshopping 8am Babylon 5 10.00 The Xtra Factor Results 9.15-6.55-6.00 Gilmore Girls 5.30 Broken Arrow (U. HHHH 4.00 Andy Bush 5.50 Bandolero! (15.00 Immortals (15.15 Early Doors 2.40 The Fall Guy 9.55 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 1. HHH 12.00 Passport Patrol. HHH 3.10-6am Passport Patrol 7am Dragons’ Den 8. HHH 7. 6am America’s Next Top Model 7. 1990) Comedy.55 Inside Hollywood 3.55 The Royal 8.50 Submarine Special With Richard Ayoade.00 Scrubs 12.20 Real Steel (12. Discussion on the day’s issues.35 Shaun Of The Dead (15.45 Cherrybomb (15.40 That’s What I Am (PG.45 In A Better World (15.00 Four Weddings US 2.00 Megafactories 9. 2001) Adventure.00 Morning Reports 5.30 Start The Week (R) 10.00 Have I Got A Bit More News For You 10. HHH 10.15 Justice (15. Fantasy thriller.00 Batman (U.00 Top Gear 10.00-6am Extra Time With Mike Graham 6am More Music Breakfast 9. 2011) HHH 2. 2010) HHH 2.20 Just Good Friends 3. Sci-fi thriller.00 Scrubs 4. Two episodes.10 Everybody Loves Raymond 5.45 FM: Book Of The Week 10.00 Drive.00 Star Trek: TNG 1.00 Jazz On 3 12.40 Discovery Atlas: Russia Revealed 5. Action! 1.00 News 6.10 Batman (U.00 New Comedy Award 2012 9.00 Criminal Minds 8. 1987) HH SKY MOVIES CLASSICS SKY MOVIES ACTION 10am Immortals (15.25 The Two Jakes (15. 3.10am The First Master Chef: Michel Roux On Escoffier 6am Emmerdale 6.00 Antiques Roadshow 2.00 Star Trek: Voyager 5. 1. HHH 1.00 Made In Chelsea 11.30 Van Helsing (12. 6am Smooch (PG.00 Two And A Half Men 9.00 Ottolenghi’s Mediterranean Feast 10. 1999) Thriller.20 Teleshopping 5.00 Nightscreen 2.8MHz RADIO 2 88-91MHz 6.40 Creepshow (15. HHHH 8. 2. HH 9.45 Frasier 4. HHHH 2. 10.35 Shaun Of The Dead (15. HHH 5.00 Coronation Street 2.30 Tony Livesey 1.10 Fish: A Japanese Obsession 12.00 Street Crime UK 10.00 Charlie Sloth 4.15 The Decoy Bride (12.00 The Illusionist (PG.00 Bones 12.00 Document 8.50-6am Nightscreen 6am Heartbeat 6.30 Family Guy 12.35 Creature Comforts USA 7. Fantasy.00 Two And A Half Men 4.20am Ottolenghi’s Mediterranean Feast 6am Teleshopping 12.30 30 Rock 2.00 Girlfri3nds 1.30 Smallville 3.35 Nurse Jackie 11.00 The Archers (R) 2.00 Star Trek: Voyager 1.00 1Xtra Live In Brixton 11. HH 2.00 Nature’s Microworlds 8.00 Stargate SG-1 11. 1997) Drama.00 Cold Case 2.00 Top Gear 3.00 Family Guns 1.00 Air Crash Investigation 10.15 Resistance (PG. Liar.00 Life 9.15 Seinfeld.00 Star Trek: Enterprise 8. HHH 10. HHH 7. 1997) Comedy. HH 9.30 Battle: Los Angeles (12. 2012 PG TV MAGAZINE YOUR No.30 Show Me Your Wardrobe 9.20 Sykes 9. 2002) HHH SKY MOVIES PREMIERE SKY MOVIES SHOWCASE SKY MOVIES INDIE 6am The Ministers (15.00 Stuck On You (12.50 Batman 4. 2005) Fantasy with Daniel Radcliffe.45 Book At Bedtime 11. HH 7.30 Alan Partridge’s Mid Morning Matters 10.00 The Chef Who Conquered New York: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt – Storyville 11.00-6am Quincy ME 6am Smallville 7.00 Deck The Halls (PG.00 Scott & Bailey 11.00 Dragons’ Den 11. Two shows. HHH 11. LW: Shipping Forecast 12.00-6am Teleshopping FILMS STAR RATINGS: HHHHH Brilliant HHHH Very Good HHH Good HH Not Bad H Poor 10.00 Bundesliga Football Highlights.00-6am The X Files. HHHH 2.30 Friends 9.00 Air Crash Investigation 4. HH 12.35am The Pizza Miracle 6.00 Jamie Crick.30 Hugh’s 3 Good Things 8. 1994) Drama.57 Weather 1. HHH 10.30 The Food Programme (R) 4.15 The Avengers Special Behind the scenes.00 Ray (15. 1985) Drama. HHH 7.00 How We Invented The World 10.00 Futurama 8.50 The Fall Guy 3.00-8am Teleshopping 6am Royal Pains 7.30am The Blob (12.30 Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil 4.00 True Blood 11. HHH 2.50 Half Nelson (15.00 Star Trek: TNG 8.10 Smallville 10.00 Anger Management 11.00 Criminal Minds 11. 2004) HH 3.45-3am Cr*pston Villas 8am Two And A Half Men 9.00 Have I Got A Bit More News For You 12.00 Auction Hunters 4.00 The Full Works Concert.00 Law And Order 6.00 Police.00 Criminal Minds 4. 1966) Comedy drama.00 Rookie Blue 8.35 One Day (12. HHH 1.30 How I Met Your Mother. 2004) HH 3.00 FILM Cheating Fate.05 Green Lantern (12. Last in the series.00 Gold Rush 9.40 The Professionals 11. 2010) Drama. HHH 7.00 All Creatures Great And Small 11. Fantasy with Rhys Ifans. (2011) 5.40 McLintock! (U. HH 4.00 PM. 2004) HH 10.30 Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets: Behind The Scenes Special 10.30 South Park 12.00 Don’t Sit In The Front Row 9.00 Ronnie O’Sullivan: Sports Life Stories 10.45 Children In Need: Jess’s Story 8.00 The First Master Chef: Michel Roux On Escoffier.30 Auction Kings 11.00 As Time Goes By 9. HHHH 6.00 Brainiac: Science Abuse 5. Topical comedy quiz.00 How I Met Your Mother 6.00 Sexcetera 2.00 Antiques Roadshow 2. Drama. HHH 10. 2001) Adventure.30 Bones 4. 2010) HHH 12.00 Mastertapes 11. 2011) Comedy. 2011) Comedy. Documentary.55 Inside Hollywood 7.00 Essential Classics 12. 1970) HHHH 5.00 Law And Order 4. HHH 12.00 Big Fat Gypsy Weddings 11.00 Marmaduke (U. 2011) Fantasy thriller. 2011) Thriller. 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Relocation 4.05 The Desperate Hours (PG.05 The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (12. 2010) Drama.20-6am Point Last Seen (PG. 2011) Adventure. 1982) HHH 12. 2009) Fantasy.00 New Girl 8.40 Gavin And Stacey 1.00 Time Team 1.30 Your Highness (15.00 Time Team 3.4-94. Action! 10. 2006) Drama.30 Big Band Special 11.00 Rock Show With Daniel P Carter 2.40 Garden State (15.00 John Suchet 1. 1953) Drama.00 FILM The Pursuit Of Happyness.00 Psychic Sally 10.00 Keys And Gray 1.00 Harry’s Law 12. HH 9.00 Dragons’ Den 5. 2010) Comedy. She Wrote 8. HHHH 7.1 TV GUIDE FREE WITH The Tree Of Life.00 Nothing To Declare UK 8.006am Masters Of The Universe (PG.15 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 8.00 Cheers 8.00 Storage Hunters 9.00 Hollyoaks 7. 10.00 Leverage 3. Triple bill. HH 12.00 Fifth Gear 9.55-3. HHHH 6.00 The First World War 4.00 Storage Hunters 12. 1950) Western. 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Ted loses his job.25 Fort Massacre (PG.00 FILM 2012: Ice Age.00 The Lady (12. HH 2.30 The Big Bang Theory 1.00-6am Destination Truth 6am Mutant Planet 7.00 The Desperate Hours (PG.50 Real Steel (12. HH 3.30-6am Meerkat Manor 6am Teleshopping 8.00 The Booth At The End 11.00 Flashpoint 7.00 Malcolm In The Middle 6. 2004) Comedy.00 5 Live Sport: The Monday Night Club 9. HHHH 4. 1982) HHH 2.55 In A Better World (15.45 LW: Daily Service 9.00 Road Wars 12. 10. HHHH 8.30 The Listener 3. 11. 2004) Thriller starring Johnny Messner.30 The Rite (15.00 Smallville 12. 2011) Horror.30 Would I Lie To You? 2. 2011) HH 1.10 The Molly Maguires (PG.00 Neighbours 3. 2011) Drama starring Ashley Williams.20 Last Of The Summer Wine 8.15 Take Me Home (12.30-5am Cherry Tree Lane (18. She Wrote 4.10 Judge Judy 9.30 Arrested Development 2. 8. Two episodes.00 Nothing To Declare 3.45 World’s Wildest Police Videos 12.15-6am Doomsday Preppers 6am Above And Beyond 6. 2003) Fantasy starring Sean Connery.00 Law And Order.30 Only Connect 9.30-6am Wake Up To Money 6am Christian O’Connell’s Breakfast Show 10.00 Buffy 8.00 How We Invented The World 3.00 Deep Blue Sea (15.40 Booky And The Secret Santa (PG.00 6ixth Sense 9.15 Afternoon Drama: Children In Need: All The Blood In My Veins (R) 3. 5. 2005) HHH 3.00 Law And Order: UK 12. 1958) Sci-fi horror.30 The Mortified Sessions 4. 1975) Thriller starring Robert Redford.00 Strippers: Cars For Cash 11.00 How We Invented The World 1.00 Charmed 12.00 Cold Case 10. 2010) HHHH 5.30 Suburgatory 9. TALKSPORT 1053.15 Intersection (15.00 Russ Williams 1. 9.00 Free Thinking 10.00 Anglo-Welsh Cup Rugby Union 7.20 Blue Bloods: Meet The Characters 3.00 Mythbusters 7.30am Breakfast 9.55 The Professionals 2. HHH 8.55 True Justice 2.00 The Archers 7. 9. 12. HHH 7. Sex And Suspicious Parents 2.00 Wicked Tuna 7.20 Porridge 1.30 Friends 6.00 Emmerdale.40 Only Connect 2.00 CSI: Miami 11.35 Demons Never Die (15.00 Ugly Betty 5.25 Scaramouche (U.00 Passport Patrol 4.00 Family Guns 9. 6.00 Star Trek: Enterprise 12.10 Masters Of The Universe (PG. With Mark Saggers and Stan Collymore.00 Cougar Town 9. Bach and Wolfram Buchenberg. HHH 4.00 Doc Martin 10. 2011) Horror.00 Cowboy Builders 3. 1966) Comedy.00 Raiders Of The Lost Past 11.00 Hooked: Monster Fishing 12. Camera. HH 10. Sky Movies Indie 10pm Movie of the Day 6.05 Just Wright (PG. 1958) Western.40-6am Mr Popper’s Penguins 35mm Special 7. Bach.00 Laid Bare 3. HHHH 10. HH 6.00 The First World War 10. 1999) Drama.00 Material World (R) 9.00 The X Factor Results 8.00 Switch 11.00 Dan Snow’s Battle Of The Somme 2.10 Without A Paddle (12.50 Don’t Sit In The Front Row 2.00 Up All Night 5.45 American Pie: The Reunion – 35mm Special Behind the scenes on the comedy sequel.00 Top Gear 7.00 Janice Long 2.10 Nazi Collaborators 8. 2008) Horror.10 Relocation. 2011) Thriller.00 Flashpoint 1.35 Braveheart (15.45 World’s Wildest Police Videos 8. (2006) 11.00 The Vampire Diaries 10. 2011) HH 5.00 Ian Hislop’s Age Of The Do-Gooders 2.30am Chris Evans 9. 1987) HH 9.00 Alex Lester 5.10 Houdini (PG. HHHHH 4. 2010) HHHH 3.00-3.00 NASA’s Greatest Missions 8.00 Antiques Roadshow 10.40 Resident Evil: Apocalypse (15.05 Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (12.55 Crazy People (15. HHH 4.50 Duty Free 5. HHHH 9.35 Malcolm In The Middle 8.00 Dr Quinn: Medicine Woman 9.00 Time Team 1.00 Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil 1.05 Gee Gee Drama.15 The Royal 3.25am A Valentine’s Date (PG. (2011) 7.20 Richard E Grant’s Hotel Secrets 3. LW: Shipping Forecast 5.00 Full Force Nature 10.00 Strippers: Cars For Cash 6.00 Keeping Up Appearances 1. HH 2.00 How I Met Your Mother 2.30-6am Switched 8.05 River Cottage Bites 10. 1955) HHHH 9.30 Today In Parliament 12.30 Arrested Development 5. 1990) Comedy. 2005) HHH 11.40 The Liver Birds 8.50 Gunsmoke A man confesses to a murder.55am Phil Spencer: Secret Agent 10.55 Heartbeat 7.00 The Store 10.00-6.10 BrandX With Russell Brand 11.25 Fresh Meat 3. Action from the German top flight. HHH 5.00 Scrubs 2. 1.00 Nazi Hunters 12.20 Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back (18.40 The Saint 1. 2011) Romantic drama.40 To The Manor Born 4.30 In Tune 6.30 Coronation Street 1. 2010) Comedy.00 The Return Of Sherlock Holmes 12.00 Girls 10.00 Kick-off.15 A Place In The Sun: Home Or Away 5.20 Frank Skinner’s Opinionated 12.40 Flight Of The Conchords 12.30 Supercars 5.00 Eleanor Oldroyd 2.00 Sea Patrol 1. 2009) Crime drama.05 Embarrassing Bodies 12. 1937) HHHH 12.00 Leverage 7. 2010) HHHH 11.00 American Guns 3.00 Supercars 8.00 The World Tonight 10.00 Psychic Sally 4. 1986) Action thriller. 2011) Horror.00 The Almighty Johnsons 11.55 You May Not Kiss The Bride (12.05 Fright Night (15.50 Batman 7.00 Smash 1.30 I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! 7.50 American Guns 4.55 Despicable Me (U. 2009) Drama. With Margherita Taylor.00 Last Of The Summer Wine 12.15 Scrubs 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 3. 1. HHH 9.15 Big Fat Gypsy Weddings 2.

ALICIA SILVERSTONE became famous at 18 after playing a mega-rich. It would have been so simple to take the easy route. I also wish I’d had the strength to say how little I knew about life. It was ridiculous. fashion-obsessed High School girl in hit movie Clueless. balanced. you will become worse. right 8 . in Clueless. I used to go there most nights and brought a group of friends. Don’t be in too much of a hurry! There was the attitude of: “Take this 2 BROKE GIRLS – We love a glam and girly comedy. I had been burnt by too many jerks — horrible creatures who did too much damage to my soul. and men about long hours and debt. which was a huge advantage. So when I hear of grown-up people complaining about fame and being in the public eye. Fame brings money and I was able to buy a car at 18 — a Ford Bronco — and buy a house a year later. There was a low point when I was accused of being fat. particularly if you did not have any plans. What’s up. how to deal public image was in England. SAVVY SPENDING – Men use price comparison sites to get a better deal more than women. and as Batgirl. Why did I run? I was just working all the time and ready to explode. but after I met Chris I never made that mistake again. is a ridiculous attitude. happy life. being chased by photographers. and a website. In Los Angeles. November 12. when I look back. after the film Batman & Robin (released in 1997). I have learnt that if you are a good person. girls? Let battle commence . I did six movies back-to-back. . called The Kind Diet.3million people. She is now 36 – and here she tells GARTH PEARCE what she wishes she’d known when she was 18. so tempting in Hollywood. I was with my mom and the paparazzi grabbed a photo of us together. Alicia – who lives in Los Angeles with rock musician husband Christopher Jarecki and their 17-month-old son. I wanted to become unfamous as fast as possible. I did listen to my gut instinct when I fell in love. literacy and maths. WISH I had known 7 Iwith fame at 18. Brits worry an average of 208 times a year. There are so many girls suffering from bulimia because of all this nonsense about weight and body issues. We would rather be in bed! TAXITASTIC – This free app makes it easy to hail safe private-hire cabs in unfamiliar” I live under a rock.” My English roots do come out when I am in London (both her parents. Early fame? It is very study says 13million Brits think they are lucky. But I don’t want to come across as a victim. I can walk on Hampstead Heath and feel relaxed. thekindlife. She has since combined her high-profile Hollywood career with a best-selling book on her vegetarian lifestyle.” That. . for some reason. above. I remember running through an airport. Bear Blu – stars in a new vampire movie Vamps. Clueless gave the impression I knew about fashion and sex. count as one of your five-a-day and have fewer than 90 calories. See taxitastic. Didi and Monty. 2012 33 MINI MUSICIANS – a report from Persil shows that music can improve a child’s In London. let them take it. I wish I had known enough to listen to my gut instinct and not my brain. with women fretting over bills and juggling time. I definitely grew up fast and learnt a lot. strangely enough. People tell me what is going on in our little pop culture Hollywood thing. I met Chris outside a little arthouse theatre in Beverly Hills. you will get better. chance. says a Callcredit study. STRESSED – Women between 25 and 34 are the most stressed. It has access to more than 10. MIDNIGHT WORKOUTS – Stats show 83 per cent of gym users are likely to go at ungodly times now some are open 24/7. I played Batgirl in the film and someone actually shouted “fat girl” at me and tried to take photographs. on purpose. . and become a party person. I think: “It is your choice. I now realise that any human being who could comment so cruelly on the appearance of another has no life.” We posed.000 firms nationwide. This particular night there was the British 1960s film Blow-Up showing and we met. without a break which was a stupid thing to do. I thought: “It is my mom and me — it is not any more interesting and complicated than that. You only gain experience and wisdom from living it. by chance.PG Monday. because you never know when it’s going to be over. SILVER SCREEN . Seven is the “lucky” number of 4. If you are a bad person. . YU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE – yummy Yu!’s Jus Fruit chews taste like sweets but are 100 per cent fruit. because I didn’t. I chose them. but I am not exclusively interested. language. The first time I learnt to live with the surrounded by a diverse culture. It can aid creativity. between films. Time to book those piano lessons. LUCKY SEVEN – A Betway. especially set in New York. The top US sitcom is out now on a little bit. We were in a public place and I just laughed and said: “Oh. It is hard to be famous when you are young. were born in the UK) and I love the fact that I can ride on a bus and be I found it overwhelming. I drive everywhere — like everyone else — and you don’t mix with people. There is a big lesson for anyone that young — try to lead a calm.

sugary foods may increase the chances of children having a preference for these foods. water workouts or the elliptical trainer. including vegetable ones. £25. This is a very effective core exercise. River Island. Here The Sun’s fitness expert NICKI WATERMAN and nutritionist AMANDA URSELL give their expert advice on the myths and facts surrounding fitness and diet while pregnant. Even so. It is no surprise that many women are baffled about how much exercise they can do for their own health without harming their unborn child. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is not advised by health experts. Peanuts are a complete no-no. False. Also. New Look TOTAL: £74. While it’s OK to eat white fish such as coley. If you don’t already run. chevre. which can lead to health problems for your child in later life. Top tip: Be careful not to twist your pelvis or overstretch. £24. You are allowed up to 200mg of caffeine a day. £55.99. November 12. Although it is packed with iron. can contain listeria and need to be off the menu during pregnancy. Your body is now flooded with a hormone called relaxin. skirt. £24. making it easy to pull muscles. True. marlin and swordfish and have no more than two tuna steaks or four tins of tuna a week. It is OK to eat hard cheeses such as Cheddar and Parmesan. False. Dress. the major vessel that returns blood to your heart. £29. then it is not a great idea to suddenly take it up once you are pregnant. 3RD TRIMESTER: WEEKS 29 . bag. Good for concentrating on breathing. all H&M. All types of paté. Possibly. black and grey heels. Supplements are a good idea. Fish is good so basically. yoga or aquacise class. Resistance (strength) training during pregnancy can cause joint injury. so you can have two mugs of instant coffee.99. both Asos. £19. Research shows between 70-80 per cent of women with gestational diabetes later develop type 2 diabetes and their babies are more likely to become overweight and develop diabetes too. Camembert. November 12.34 Monday. ricotta. check with your GP before taking this advice.28 Suggested regime: Continue as before or try a weekly pregnancy Pilates class with emphasis on strengthening your upper back. which is a type of goat’s-milk cheese. sardines and pilchards. H&M. high blood pressure. If you fancy taking up TOTAL: £105 Yellow shirt. woven heels. you should avoid all shark. True. jeans. Eating junk food while pregnant makes your children addicted to it in later life. None of the women got injured and their blood pressures did not rise during the workouts or during the study. avoid all uncooked shellfish – they can contain bacteria that cause Suggested regime: Gentle exercise three times a week such as walking for 30 minutes or swimming twice a week. potentially reducing blood flow and making you feel dizzy or nauseated. 2012 PG PG Monday. False. Fashion Assistant GABRIELE DIRVANAUSKAS brings you some of the most eye-catching pieces on the High Street. mackerel. 2ND TRIMESTER: WEEKS 13 . a US study last year found a low-to-moderateintensity strength programme is safe.99.99. feta. you can in theory continue.98 YOU won’t be able to take your eyes off these optical-illusion prints. or half an hour three times a week. False. so give it up. which makes joints more mobile. intense weight training can increase blood pressure. These fish contain high levels of mercury that can damage your baby’s developing nervous system. True. Top designers such as Prada and Miu Miu have been inspired by the wacky patterns and everyone else quickly cottoned on to the trend for graphic prints.99. The 12-week study tracked 32 women starting at weeks 21 to 25 of their pregnancies. The model. £25. liver can be high in vitamin A. . 2012 35 Black and white shirt. two or three times a week. Mozzarella. £15. Although you should not eat Brie. increasing the amount of weight lifted by an average of 36 per cent during the study. and other soft cheeses with similar rinds. Try this standing ab exercise: Exhale and then draw in your navel toward your spine. False. Research does not show any clear link between women eating peanuts while pregnant and an increased risk of their babies developing a peanut allergy.99. Only about ten per cent of women are susceptible to this dizziness. necklace. However. FITNESS MYTHS AND FACTS RUNNING is good for everyone during pregnancy.97 DIET MYTHS AND FACTS GUINNESS builds you up and gives you strength. Topshop. It’s safer and more sustainable to switch to lower-impact activities such as walking. So try to stick with healthy options. But what I’m doing is actually good for me and my baby. skirt. £19. True. You can also perform the plank move until the day you give birth. the more the better.99. and too much of this nutrient can damage your unborn baby. now’s the time to start.Exceeding the daily allowance may play a role in triggering miscarriages or lead to low birth weights. £34. so it’s important to keep lifting intensity moderate and to stop at the first sign of dizziness. But ONLY choose supplements specially formulated for pregnant women. Guinness and stout were recommended years ago on the basis they gave you iron – in fact. True. as long as there are no changes in your joints and ligaments. if you run already. £38.” The former I’m A Celeb star has cut her usual 90 miles a week to six miles a day with the birth of her baby due in March. Oily fish is good for my baby’s brain. a type of bacteria that could harm your baby. But there is evidence a diet of fatty. Pregnancy floods your system with relaxin. said: “When I tell people I’m still exercising. False. cycling or another new sport while pregnant. Liver contains iron so I should eat it when pregnant. Pregnancy is the ideal time to take up even just moderate exercise such as walking. just go for it. moving comfortably and meeting other pregnant women. However. halloumi and cheese spreads are fine too. Doing crunches or other exercises on your back is a no-no after the first trimester because your growing uterus can compress the vena cava.96 1ST TRIMESTER: WEEKS 0 . Black and white jumper. The average woman needs only 200 calories extra per day in the last three months of pregnancy. False. Paté is a problem. they contain very little. plaice and haddock. However. You shouldn’t work your abs. I need to eat more calories.99. while rare. so long as they are made with pasteurised and not raw milk. Or swimming for 20 minutes. six. thigh and arm muscles. New Look TOTAL: £83.12 Suggested regime: Twenty minutes’ walking a day. can damage your unborn baby. JOGGING fan Nell McAndrew has run into a storm of criticism by pounding the pavement while she is pregnant. Always speak to your GP or midwife before starting any new sport once pregnant. £29. The real hazard is inactivity. True. a hormone that loosens ligaments to prepare your body for delivery. £25. Avoid cheese while pregnant. but there are plenty of ways to work your entire core while standing or kneeling. River Island. All eggs should be cooked until the white and yolk is solid to avoid salmonella food-poisoning. aches and pains and a higher risk for Caesarean section and gestational diabetes. sudden cramps or chest pains and see your doctor right away. even for novices. Hard-boiled eggs are OK. 39. Plus one weekly pregnancy Pilates. £39. blue boots. False. They worked out twice a week. one-and-ahalf mugs of filter coffee or three mugs of tea. Nell and husband Paul Hardcastle already have a son Devon. Also avoid soft cheeses with “blue veins” such as Danish Blue or Stilton. Meat must be well-cooked while you are pregnant. jumper. False. both H&M. There is a lot of conflicting advice out there. which contributes to excess weight gain. New Look TOTAL: £144. But oily fish store pollutants that may disrupt hormones so have no more than two 140g portions per week of fish such as salmon. cottage cheese. Undercooked meat could contain toxoplasmosis which.99. black ankle boots. They may contain listeria. Stop exercising if you suffer bleeding. False. Pregnancy is not the time to start a new hardcore regime just try to maintain what you’re used to. as if you were trying to button up tight jeans. they react as if I’ve told them I’ve been smoking or drinking alcohol while pregnant. If you weren’t exercising before. Don’t drink coffee and tea. Or a weekly pregnancy yoga class. True. soft eggs are not.

If he won’t listen to you. EVERY PROBLEM GETS A FREE PERSONAL REPLY Email problems@deardeidre. I seem to fall for the “bad girl” or end up becoming her best friend. November 12. London E98 1AX (enclosing SAE) CONTINUES TOMORROW . then your best course may be to turn whistle-blower. . I’ve known this guy for years through work but we got together and had sex. It is embarrassing and gets me down. We meet a few times a month. and I can’t stop thinking about him. A good start is kissing and cuddling each other. with no pressure to have sex at first. I’m sending you my leaflet on Getting A Great Social Life. She said it’s made her realise how much she likes me. n DEIDRE SAYS: Leaving takes a great deal of strength and courage but her situation is likely to get worse if she doesn’t do it. Q Should you whistle-blow on a partner if they’re doing wrong? Tell me on my Facebook page today. especially as all my mates seem to get on with women really easily. I still love my husband but I no longer want to be with him as things are. I’m still a virgin and worry that I’m going to be alone for ever. I feel like a prisoner. she didn’t want either of us to see or sleep with other people. The National Domestic Violence Helpline can help her work out a plan (0808 2000 247. slim and fit. DELLA. DON’T BE JEALOUS. LET’S CATCH UP IN THE WEEK HOW can I help my friend and her children escape from her abusive husband? We’re in our early thirties.” But he’s cut her off from me. WAYNE IGNORES ME THESE DAYS . there’s a chance they won’t press charges if he’s honest now. CALL DEIDRE’S HELPLINES Reviving sex drive 09067 577 161 Girlfriend gone off sex? 09067 577 162 Manhood too large? 09067 577 163 Sex too painful? 09067 577 164 Defeating depression 09067 577 165 Get a great social life 09067 577 166 I’M STILL A VIRGIN AGED 23 I ALWAYS end up in the friend zone when it comes to women. MY girlfriend’s lost her sex drive. only dating.36 Monday. which immediately kills my confidence and makes me feel lousy. Widen your social life so you have plenty of chances to meet girls and develop common interests – through sport or volunteering. I don’t have much confidence and I find it really hard to pick up on signals from girls. so tell him you need space to sort out your life. If he owns up and negotiates with the firm to start paying the money back. Either he stops the stealing or your marriage will be over. IT’S LATE. . I heard nothing from her for six hours until she rang to say she was staying there. I’ve asked him to stop the scam but this causes rows because he won’t listen to me. He’s anyway. possible because they were sharing a bed. If she wants you two to stay together. We’ve been together for two years. I’m 21 and she is 19. Make sure she realises this is damaging her children even if he isn’t violent to them. ANYWAY. 2012 PG DEIDRE GIVES SEX THERAPY ADVICE ONLINE AT Dear Deidre living the high life husband began money from work everything’s falling Do I tell cops my hubby scams cash from work? I HAVE b e e n since my stealing but now apart. They keep calling me a nice guy. But bringing a lover into your girls’ lives would just add to the misery. . She’s desperate but can’t just run away blindly. Tell her you love her and that she can recover her interest. How can I get things back to how they were? n DEIDRE SAYS: She may be depressed — being out of work is no picnic. But I’m getting feelings of guilt. BUT APART FROM THAT SHE'S FINE Dear Deidre Pre-recorded advice lines: Calls cost 77p per minute from a BT landline (5p per call goes to Family Lives). he’s 43 and our girls are 16 and 19. He’s possessive. There’s no shame in still being a virgin. I think she’s ashamed to admit it. I went mad and told her to leave. We used to have a good sex life — making love two or three times a week — but in the past four months or so she has lost interest in that side of things and now it’s barely once a week. or write to Deidre Sanders. But one night she said she was going round her mate’s house. which will last happily. All she says is: “You don’t know the half of it. We’ve been on many amazing dates including spending the weekend at my flat. n DEIDRE SAYS: The best lasting relationships often begin with friendship. She then dropped a bombshell by saying we were nothing. She said she wasn’t like other girls and. (nationaldomesticviolencehelpline. a whole new wardrobe of clothes for me and exotic holidays. We’ve been living a luxury lifestyle. We’ve done up our house and HE’S A THUG Dear Deidre point his firm will do an audit and find out. our children have money put away for their futures. He keeps accusing me of having someone else. . I’ve even thought about telling the police but I worry what will happen to my kids. . She’s unemployed and Dear Deidre Girlfriend has gone off sex MY girlfriend feels it doesn’t matter that she had sex with another guy because we’re only I’m not allowed to visit and she can’t get out to meet me because he won’t let her leave the house. The Sun. with new cars. I FEEL SICK HALF THE TIME. Talk to her to find out why she’s off sex. She says it won’t happen again. I asked if something would happen between them and she said it was Dear Deidre CAN I TRUST HER AGAIN? all she seems to do is read and watch TV. message me on I WISH IT WERE ME! DELLA'S DISTANT FELLA: DAY 1 I’m 40. So should I give her another chance? n DEIDRE SAYS: Just dating or not. In the end I was so unhappy that I did get with someone else. It’s more important to find the right relationship. At some Deidre’s photo casebook I’M SO JEALOUS OF YOU BEING PREGNANT. But she may have now realised you are the guy for her. ALL RIGHT? SHE’S DEAD ENVIOUS THAT I’M HAVING A BABY. I’m 23. Her thuggish partner is controlling and I suspect he’s violent. that even though we were only dating. hates me texting my friends or going out to see them. HOW’S HEATHER THEN. so get to know girls well first rather than thinking about chatting them up. maybe. n DEIDRE SAYS: Spell it out to your husband that you are at the end of your tether. If he won’t stop then I’ll leave him to be with the new man in my life. An advice line today explains self-help therapy to revive your love life. she moved the goalposts when she had sex with this other guy because she’d said she wanted to be with you exclusively. Is it something I’ve done? Or is she just bored with sex? I’m 23 and she is 21. spell out that it’s over if she ever cheats on you again. ALTHOUGH IT’S A WONDER I EVER DID GET PREGNANT. We had sex and both said we really liked each other. The next day she admitted she slept with the other bloke and felt such a b****. without some sort of a plan.

He was fantastic. He will be missed by all his fans worldwide. Or share your views at mysun. Still surrounded by parasites and leeches. here at home. KEN WITHAM Each week. claiming “they didn’t see them”.uk. but no particular on a bike again. Best is to leave well alone. every time we remove one dictator. We have a ger on the Bradley find it National Black Police Assoroads. It costs a shed load of money — and destroys lives. TONY HUBBERT Caerphilly. surprise. I WAS shocked DAN COOK CYRIL BARLOW to hear about Doncaster Southampton Bradley’s accident. ROBERT BLACKMORE Bristol Monday. have produced another — making them the toast of Scotland and all Britain. and whether posh Hugo Taylor can hack it in the jungle. Spend some of my tax money updating and developing our cycle roads before another accident. Full of aliens. Most important of all. With Christmas on the way the-sun . that confront us all. How else can one explain the reduction in the professional Army while strengthening the TA? HARRY WATSON Brighton EVERY celebrity who has a book or DVD out for Christmas gets vast amounts of free advertising by plugging their products on TV chat shows. yet legal. JEFF TEMPLEMAN Saltburn by the Sea. we create another the loss of Dad’s Army star Clive Dunn. pictured. November 12. DAVE SWANN Newburn. Just go to the House of Lords. with this year’s show the word celebrity should be used very loosely. You can’t help some countries. Roundabouts in particular are a nightmare for cyclists because of the selfish attitude taken by drivers. the wretched politically correct talk of the “winter festival” for fear of causing offence. Essex MY wife and I have just returned from Tunisia where staff at our hotel spoke excitedly about Christmas. IT came as a shock I hope the Elf and to hear Bradley WigSafety brigade don’t get gins had been injured in a involved or he may never get collision. Wakefield Cyclists driven to despair Too many motorists simply disregard cyclists. Enfield. Include full name and address. I just love watching Ant and Dec. Meanwhile. Charlie Brooks and Ashley Roberts show us what tough cookies they are. So sad. £50 NADINE DORRIES won’t notice any difference between Parliament and the jungle. DAVE OSBORNE. hunger. Swindon ANGELA MERKEL says UK would be lonely outside of the EU. Standard text rates from your provider apply 07900 946 486 TXT US ON NO amnesty for illegal immigrants. Gtr they should concentrate on problems Manchester be looking. They then use these arms to kill more of their own people as well as any of ours trying to help. It’s time he made a stand to protect them. Middx THE injuries that cyclist Bradley susLETTER Wiggins tained may help highlight the shocking attitude displayed by some drivers towards cyclists. has ing I invariably encounter. MAUREEN. GP DON’T worry BBC. They should be charged the going rate for taking up airtime. fax. It hard to avoid ciation. Bedford PAUL WILLIAMS Middlesbrough nothing short of a EVEN Bradley WigI AM sick of gins has been miracle. just because the Border Agency failed to do what they were paid for. I ride the same Sheffield roads as Bradley. Somerset I SAW late great Clive Dunn in panto many moons ago. Don’t forget to include your name. of course. write or online We pay £50 for our Star Letter of the day: Email letters@the-sun. No wonder there are so many bikes on pavements. Given the standard of driv. IT was so very sad to hear about PAUL HOBBS Weston-super-Mare.NOW Bradley. Fax us on 020 7782 4170 or write to Dear Sun. often forcing them off the road. Prof Cox. returning home unscathed is something may be done about our non-existent care for cyclists. Gwent IT seems MPs want cheaper Armed Forces while recognising there is plenty of work for our soldiers to do. London E98 1SL. Lawyers and other similar what chance must do more t o bodies. Tyne & Wear DAVID CAMERON talks about arms for Syrian rebels. neglect. It’s a lot safer than riding on the NW London things are about to get much with their famous victory over the best team on the planet. If a White Society was have youngmake cycling formed. I grew up watching the show and his Cpl Jones character was one of my favourites. DAWN HAWES Heybridge. 3 Thomas More Square. If the all the hypocrisy affected by danlikes of me and over racism. ARTHUR MATRAS. Cleveland ANON. Let’s Radcliffe. 2012 37 The page where you tell Britain what you think WHEN are the Government going to act over payday loan sharks? Thousands of people are suffering a miserable existence due to their underhanded. WARWICK GOODALL Camden Town. due to his Government’s tough policies. RIP.IT’S that time of year when a whole bunch of celebs are ready to get their chops round some jungle treats. there would be an out. exploits. a Society of Black proves we collisions. . With most of the world living here I think not. AMERICA spends billions exploring long-dead Mars while many thousands die daily on Earth from thirst. The Sun. This year has been blessed with great and memorable British sporting achievements.sters got? safer and tell cry. Teesside letters@ PG If the past is anything to go David Cameron must accept some responsibility over the plight of those desperate people. Although I’m a huge fan of I’m A Celeb. pictured. The UK is the most tolerant ALLAN RAMSAY drivers where society in the world. been knocked off his bike. HAIL the heroes of Celtic on their magnificent win over the mighty Barcelona. a truly great comedy legend. But I can’t wait to see exCorrie star Helen Flanagan. Now Celtic. Essex email. Shame on them when folk of other countries and faiths readily embrace the spirit of Christmas. MARIE GOSNEY Billingham.

GOOD: 27. earth. No proper names or plurals. 6 INTERMEDIATE Squared +12 x2 x4 -72 of this 5/6 3/4 -17 of this 5/9 +11 50% of this Squared of this -8 +89 BEGINNER ANSWER 55 ADVANCED +2/5 of this of this +75 ÷9 1/2 BEGINNER ANSWER 92 ÷2 -107 x8 +772 x3 +718 +1/2 -678 +1/5 of this of this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BEGINNER ANSWER TWO-SPEED CROSSWORD Cryptic clues 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 12 14 16 17 18 20 21 1 5 8 9 10 11 13 15 18 19 22 23 24 25 ACROSS Firm’s backing putting label on figure (7) Confront the opening aspect (5) Warning device. YESTERDAY: Adhere. Pampas. 358 Noughts & Crosses 7 . U V M W 30-SEC NUMBERCRUNCH ANSWERS: Beginner 15. hardy. New: The Sun Jumbo Quizword Collection. heated. Put the initials or stated letters in the appropriate squares to identify a singer: 1 7 2 3 8 9 4 10 5 11 6 12 13 14 ’ 9 & 4 He is also known as Vic Reeves (second and third letters of surname) 5 & 12 19th Century writer of The Book Of Household Management (second and third letters of surname) 14 & 2 Actress who played Vanessa Lytton in Holby City 1 & 10 Antiques expert who is associated with the phrase “Cheap as chips” (first and last letters of surname) 13 & 3 Star of the film Taken 2 11 & 7 British Prime Minister from 1770 – 82 (first two letters of surname) 6 & 8 Author of The Ipcress File Yesterday: Singer/songwriter DAVID GRAY (Michael Faraday. 971. hare. Slur. rhea. hear. Brian Cox). Debbie Rush. SUNDIAL E K B A DOUBLE Sun DOKU TODAY’S TEASER CALL 09067 577 112 FOR FOUR TEASER CLUES. Showjumping. Fizz. Words from Collins Concise Dictionary. Scroll. head. three. Darren Gough. You should be aiming to complete each round in about 30 seconds. CALLS COST per77p minute Calls will 77p cost FROM BT LANDLINES plus per minute from network extras BT landlines plus network extras 1 6 9 7 2 5 8 3 5 9 1 6 7 6 5 2 8 6 7 3 Call before midnight. hatred. ether. hydrate. 9 6 3 8 2 1 9 3 7 1 3 9 2 5 8 4 6 TODAY’S TOUGHIE CALL 09067 577 113 FOR FOUR TOUGHIE CLUES. Beer.9% of the raw material for the UK newspapers in 2011.204 Check today’s answers by calling 09067 577 145 before midnight. heart. There’s no better way to keep your brain trained than playing our great teasers. the 30-second NumberCrunch.5) Hear modern little song of nakedness (6) Some chef is having halibut. 2 WORD WORKOUT 5 26 25 26 13 11 5 5 1 2 1 25 20 16 5 6 14 3 1 21 13 26 18 2 2 5 26 20 4 17 5 18 9 14 2 26 25 9 21 5 15 11 2 26 19 16 9 11 20 9 22 A B R E L 3 5 7 1 5 5 4 1 8 9 26 23 14 26 11 9 8 12 5 8 11 11 SEE how many words of four or more letters you can “dial” using the one at the centre in each word. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS Teaser 2 5 7 6 4 3 1 8 9 3 9 4 8 5 1 2 7 6 6 1 8 9 7 2 5 4 3 8 2 5 3 6 9 7 1 4 7 6 9 4 1 5 3 2 8 4 3 1 7 2 8 9 6 5 5 7 6 2 9 4 8 3 1 9 4 3 1 8 7 6 5 2 1 8 2 5 3 6 4 9 7 Quizword ACROSS: 1 Rubber Soul 6 Longboat 12 Medic 13 Tagalog 14 Alibi 15 Mulberry 16 Stenograph 18 Ranger 20 Pushkin 22 Otto 25 Log 26 Sting 27 Endurance 29 Sky 30 Consonant 31 Penne 32 Tar 34 Orca 36 Foundry 37 Myriad 40 Dolcelatte 42 Portugal 45 Aloha 46 Grecian 47 Emile 49 Eye-tooth 50 Piccadilly DOWN: 1 Ram 2 Bud Flanagan 3 Emcee 4 Saturn 5 Urge 7 Organ 8 Grange 9 Oxidant 10 Thigh bone 11 Bletchley Park 15 Mural 17 Tungsten steel 19 Euston 21 Iodine 23 Figaro 24 Orrery 28 Notting Hill 30 Cloud Base 33 Rydal 35 Calzone 38 Gelato 39 Cognac 41 Angst 43 Tweed 44 Fiji 48 Ely Toughie 2 4 7 9 1 6 8 3 5 5 1 3 2 8 7 4 9 6 6 8 9 3 4 5 1 2 7 4 2 5 8 6 3 9 7 1 1 7 8 4 5 9 2 6 3 9 3 6 1 7 2 5 8 4 8 9 4 7 3 1 6 5 2 7 6 1 5 2 8 3 4 9 3 5 2 6 9 4 7 1 8 Sun Suko 642. with free P&P. to compare is enough (8) Individual going round clubs long ago (4) Carry manuscript with tribal symbols (6) Number work on American plant (6) Fish when in the outskirts of Bowness (4) Fuel what’s expected. earthed. for example (5) Commotion (4) Order the latest Sun Crossword books from The Sun Bookshop for as little as £4. hard. We will print the answers tomorrow. Don’t reach for your calculator – that would be cheating! Write your final answer in the last box of the line. 7 2 26 20 26 5 10 20 20 11 6 19 7 20 8 21 24 4 5 19 26 12 9 3 5 17 1 14 2 15 20 3 16 19 22 10 23 21 11 24 12 25 13 26 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z NAME GAME EACH clue leads to a well-known name. BRILLIANT: 40. a smell rising (8) This cat terrified about spread (7) This animal’s a lightweight! (5) Coating eggs from this hen (5) Disease ruined coastal area (7) DOWN Unwanted soul dismissed players (7) Model tights – but not these! (5) Two drinks taken before my card game (3. Calls cost 77p per call from BT landlines plus network extras. So if you think 4 is the letter A. Vortex. EXCELLENT: 35. Hockey. becomes an irritation (5) Ruin Tory Ed’s reorganisation (7) These days. redhead. Starting at the left with the number provided. hate. heat. Okra. dearth. work your way across the three lines one at a time. hart. adhered. Stanza. thread. there. So if you want to stay ahead of the game. heed. thee. just call 0901 322 5001.5) State of undress (6) Angler’s prey (4) Modest crown (7) Shrubby culinary herb (5) Womaniser (8) Area of west central Italy (7) Genuine (7) Seal-like mammal (6) TV’s Mr Fawlty (5) Mushrooms. death. you will love this challenge. reheat. Burrow. Over. Telephone 0845 271 2136 Check today’s answers before midnight by calling 09067 577 142 for Across and 09067 577 143 for Down. Don’t use the letters more than once in any word. You can make at least one word using all of them. Advanced 4. YESTERDAY – ACROSS: Sequel.38 Monday. write A in all the squares with a 4. All the alphabet is used and we have supplied some letters to start you off. Calls cost 77p per call from BT landlines plus network extras Call 0901 322 5002 for an extra clue If you can’t wait until tomorrow for the answers. Good luck! Answers are at the bottom of the page. heater. Muff. herd. Intermediate 481. DOWN: Well. Another Name Game in The Sun tomorrow. Dour. threaded. here. herded.99. for instance (4) Nothing in a cone but a crown (7) Said occasion for herb (5) Accountant’s a star lover! (8) Cuts arranged by some Italian region (7) Seeing that engineers are without deceit (7) Creature to march and charge endlessly (6) Boy Lisa bowled over (5) Mushrooms are source of amusement to American fighter (5) Mix some tarragon in red starters (4) Two sets of clues but the answers are the same ACROSS Eight-sided shape (7) Gemstone’s surface (5) Plant spike (5) Smash to pieces (7) Good enough (8) A single time (4) Tribal symbols (6) Desert plant (6) Male voice range (4) Domestic fuel (8) Strew (7) Small weight (5) Coating (5) Place with a beach (7) 8 9 Coffee time 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 12 14 16 17 18 20 21 1 5 10 12 13 14 17 18 21 22 23 19 15 11 16 20 8 9 10 11 13 15 18 19 22 23 24 25 ACROSS: 1 Other half 6 Flu 8 (S)Crawl 9 Bar-ma-i-d 10 Rest-or-ed 11 Fret 13 Duties 14 Un-tied 17 Cobs 19 Feathers 22 Decried 23 Ev-ad-e 24 Ran 25 Coriander DOWN: 1 OS-car 2 Headset 3 Roll-over 4 (G)Ambled 5 Fore 6 F-L-air 7 Updated 12 Anathema 13 De-cider 15 Iceland 16 Gender 18 BA-con 20 Shear (Sheer) 21 Disc(o) Yesterday’s solution DOWN Pariah (7) Things over there (5) Card game (3. heady. hared. Vanessa (White). November 12. 2012 BEGINNER PG 30-SECNUMBERCRUNCH HERE is our fantastic puzzle. hated. header. applying all the mathematical instructions to your running total. Nine-letter word: Dehydrate. Demean. yeah. Flavourless. GREAT SCORE FOR KIDS: 22. heard. 3 4 4 9 5 4 THIS is the world’s best brainteaser. hearty. Calls cost 77p per minute from BT landlines plus network extras 24 25 NEWSPAPERS SUPPORT RECYCLING Recycled paper made up 78. earthy. they. after start of test. hater. headed. Each grid number in our Word Workout game represents a letter.

ARIES March 21 – April 20 Whatever you start today. Max call duration 19mins. These services are for entertainment only. *(Starlines and Personal Tarot cost 77p per minute from a BT landline plus network extras) PISCES * WEEKLY STARS 09067 524461 MONTHLY 09067 524481 February 19 – March 20 * WEEKLY STARS 09067 524462 MONTHLY 09067 524482 Calls cost £1. 30. Service Provider: Telecom Express Ltd. * WEEKLY STARS 09067 524456 MONTHLY 09067 524476 August 24 – September 22 LIBRA September 23 – October 23 Your fitness chart is switched on and you’ll be motivated to do all the right things for your wellbeing. GEMINI * WEEKLY STARS 09067 524452 MONTHLY 09067 524472 Opportunities that come out of the blue could change the way you earn a living. October 24 – November 22 SAGITTARIUS * WEEKLY STARS 09067 524458 MONTHLY 09067 524478 November 23 – December 21 – IT’S SNOW JOKE! by Aardman & Titan Comics You handle key people well and show in a clear way that you value family relationships – but also expect them to be fair. At work. W1B 2AG. Helpline 0845 270 8302 (9am-5pm). love gets stronger. you’ll wake up to your work potential and can act confidently without seeming conceited. Already involved? Venus helps you talk from the heart. AQUARIUS * WEEKLY STARS 09067 524460 MONTHLY 09067 524480 Demanding the best from people can be risky but it’s your only option at home. In love. you’ll get the answers you need and come across some money you thought you’d never see again. As Mars and Venus link the love zones of your chart. deep in the foundations of your chart. 67. TV presenter Mariella Frostrup. 2012 39 MYSTIC MESSAGES: HAZEL of London – the name that will complete your family tree is the one that fascinated you in the address book. May 22 – June 21 CANCER * WEEKLY STARS 09067 524453 MONTHLY 09067 524473 June 22 – July 22 As Mercury gets ready to move on. Calls are recorded for your protection. There are surprises when someone you thought could only be a friend talks about love. Venus gives you psychic love skills so you merely have to think of someone to draw that person to your side. you’re ready to take the initiative instead of waiting for people who won’t make up their minds. and musician Neil Young. Service available 8am-1am. 50. you can see through – now that you have the determination. . 32. you may be surprised by just who you find attractive – and the feeling is mutual. 32. November 12. The steady glow of Venus. This is not a day to take love for granted but to make it a priority. helps you enjoy a relationship instead of fretting about its future. you trust your choices. romance is back in your life. Over-18s only. You will receive two response messages per question. the words you long to hear will be spoken. * WEEKLY STARS 09067 524451 MONTHLY 09067 524471 TAURUS April 21 – May 21 Inspiration planet Neptune is moving forward again and plans that mix friendship. CAPRICORN * WEEKLY STARS 09067 524459 MONTHLY 09067 524479 December 22 – January 20 Neptune switches on again in your communication chart and you can find the right words to repair a friendship. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: Hollywood stars Anne Hathaway. SMS: Each message costs £1. An application form you fill in can be the start of an exciting time. * WEEKLY STARS 09067 524457 MONTHLY 09067 524477 SCORPIO With Mercury in your finances chart. UK only. Venus takes a firm hold of your relationships chart and you’ll be drawn to the style of love that’s good for you. Single? When you feel you’ve met before – though you haven’t – you’ve found a soulmate. Single? A Leo offers passion and fun but expects loyalty. someone you weren’t sure of turns out to be on your side. In love. Instead of being too concerned with other people’s opinions. total cost £3. At home. Venus goes deeper in to your truth chart to make you sure about what you want from love – then a partnership really takes off. * WEEKLY STARS 09067 524455 MONTHLY 09067 524475 VIRGO Strict Saturn makes your mind very strong so you can make good decisions. set boundaries and do it in a quiet but authoritative way. Helpline 0818 217 100. JONATHAN of Cardiff – the gold medallion you got at the car boot sale is very valuable. January 21 – February 18 HAGAR THE HORRIBLE by Chris Browne Your mentor Neptune sets up a true opportunity for you to show you really have talent. A keen interest in sport or music could turn into a profitable sideline. then someone you met through work will get in touch with love in mind.PG Monday. Luck begins when you are introduced to someone who looks just like you. If you are starting the day single. As Mars and Venus travel in harmony.53 per minute plus network extras.50 plus your standard network charge. and Ryan Gosling. charity and the entertainment world will add so much to your life. former England rugby star Charlie Hodgson. seven days a week. * WEEKLY STARS 09067 524454 MONTHLY 09067 524474 LEO July 23 – August 23 Healing planet Neptune is back in action and you can warm up the frosty relationships at work and home. Involved? Knowing you see the future in the same way deepens the relationship. Luck calls at door 93.

40 Monday. 2012 PG . November 12.

PG Monday. November 12. 2012 41 .

November 12.42 Monday. 2012 PG .

2012 43 . November 12.PG Monday.

November 12. 2012 PG .44 Monday.

I took risks but I win a world title. even though I have total respect for all of his He said: “Mickey is a cracking guy achievements. RFL chief executive Nigel Wood said: “Joe was a great character who enhanced our sport. Wach just didn’t want to fall. . time. said: “They booed me as I went in but some fans gave standing ovation on his me a standing ovation way back after halting when I left the ring.” be the one who’ll be Cleverly was led into the breaking hearts if Hopkins Jones and Cleverly agrees to fight me. forcing the referee to call a light-heavyweight title against halt after after 1min 53sec. By PAT SHEEHAN WLADIMIR KLITSCHKO was shaken but not stirred as he retained his world heavyweight titles in Hamburg. has quit Raging Jorge NEWLY-CROWNED MotoGP champ Jorge Lorenzo crashed out in the rain in the season finale at Valencia. Klitschko. list to face Hopkins who is “I think I made a real bidding to beat his own impression on the American record as the oldest man to audience.” SCHLEIN. of big match is definitely on the cards for me. which Hawk in eight rounds. I fancy my ring by singer Sir Tom Jones and film star Mickey Rourke. Cleverly. . IBF and WBO champ was stunned by a massive right from Mariusz Wach in the fifth round. P RORY 28. insisted: “Records are there to be broken but I’ll NOT UNUSUAL . 2012 45 S P O R T S U P D A T E Joe Egan has died.PG Monday. are also on the shortlist to That is the kind of fight defend against Hopkins in we are working to all the March. Cloud and WBA title“Now I’d love to defend holder Beibut Shumenov against Hopkins next year. “The fight was unbelievably brutal. . Jorge crashes and waves his fist (below) top-flight Belle Vue and is looking for a new team.” Wigan P FORMER and GB hooker OUT . . found the kind of finish I IBF champion Tavoris needed to come out on top. are ready to fight me. . when he will be 48. he somehow managed to stay standing. But the Welshman received a bouts. Scores of Klitschko whacks Wach By PAT SHEEHAN 120-107. (right) said: “Wach caught me in the fifth but then I slipped.” .” “Although it was quite surreal — Native American Hawk was tough but could not handle Cleverly’s my mum loves Tom Jones and she’s power and was dropped twice in well chuffed!” NATHAN CLEVERLY insists he can stop ring legend Bernard Hopkins rewriting the boxing record books again. chances against anyone. at world level and that sort 25. Dani Pedrosa won. The Spaniard was trying to lap James Ellis and waved his fist at the Brit after crashing. 120-107 and 119-109 reflected the Ukrainian’s domination in his 13th world title defence. now unbeaten in 25 Shawn Hawk in Los Angeles. But he regained his composure to see off his rival from Poland. aged 93. Hawk beat the count but was dumped again in the eighth when Cleverly was booed into the caught by another sledgehammer ring to defend his WBO world right. Hawk slumps on the ropes under a barrage from Cleverly round seven from a cluster of heavy shots unloaded by his rival. November 12. The WBA. . BRING ON HOPKINS Nathan’s big-fight plea TARGET MAN . At the final bell. the previously unbeaten Wach had been outclassed. shows my exciting style can Now Cleverly tops the win over people here. The speedway ace said: “I didn’t get assurances changes would happen. 36. I can’t “This win proves I’m ready for the thank them enough for wanting to States. I just hope their best fighters help me make a name for myself in America. I’m now established Wales puncher Cleverly. and Tom is a Welsh legend.

....WELL HELLO THERE 331 Jonjo O’Neill 6-11-12 .18 TC £34..00C Polarbrook 1... good to soft in places 1.56 Lodgeview Rikijo (3-6-1) 6... rallied.054 heavy)....45S Isthereadifference 3.00...30: 1 HOWARD’S LEGACY A Coleman (9-1).CAPPA BLEU 212 (T..32 Rushmoor Tony (5-2-6) 7..249 soft).18 Crossfield Marco 2-1f (6-4-2 £19..01)... 2m 4f 110yds.33 Bransa Cana 7-2 (2-5-1 £15. soon beaten...... 8 The Ferick.... 2......... 7 from 32.. pushed along 4 out...... R Mania — 6 15/46-1 JULIA TOO 30 (D) W Amos 5-10-12. B Harding 79 SUN BETTING: 15-8 Definite Dream. Ex: £13... Channel 4 apparently offered to pay for the floor and wall devices to be retained for the Paralympics but to no avail..20 Liberate Harvey’s Hope 3...... lost 2nd run-in...44 Salacres Cuban (6-45) 7....12 Chris Ashton that he faces a fight over his jersey. 21/4l..... 2.22 Liss Pretty 7-2 (3-1-4 £13..... NR: Nesnaas...........60. headed run-in. H Evans. 11 from 49.. 11-4 Akbabend..... 3 Siberian Tiger (161).50C Forty Crown 2..... break-even regulation based on the income that clubs receive from the TV money pot..10S Oscar Leney 1.. 20%..50.RHYMERS HA’ 233 Miss L Russell 5-11-12... 4 Triptico.534 good)......... Man (10-13) (Wetherby 2m NHF (6) MORNING ROYALTY (11-0) 7-4 fav £1. led last.BLAZING DIVA 199 (CD) A M Thomson 9-11-4... K Moore rides Musical Surprise (3...SARANDO F10 (B... BT £2...20 Strong Soul Miss R Curtis to B J Llewellyn......882 good to soft)... 4th of 40 (btn SUNFORM to be in the grip of the handicapper...45S Robbie 1.. a punishing.” out.......15... S Twiston-Davies — 4 3361-3 ISTHEREADIFFERENCE 29 N Mulholland 5-10-12.40) for D Bridgwater.D) C Gordon 6-11-8.............. 2..42 Coolmount Shadow 3-1 and Agharenny Rosie 52jt DH 1st (1-2-4 £5.45: 1 PROPHETE DE GUYE F de Giles (7-2).....50) for A Hales.....” The Welsh lost lock Alun Wyn Jones and centre Jamie Roberts to injuries.. value to the winner £3. 7 Up For An Oscar............ 7 Kykate.86)...44 Bail Out Blues 4-1 (1-5-2 £17... 11 ran.311 SOUTHWELL .58 Blue Glenard (4-1-6) 8.. 6 ran.. Ex: £21.... 2 Cappa Bleu. 3m 110yds. AB £13..17 Bushy Kate (4-2-3) 9..365.. 5.. But that’s because of his outstanding form and he goes well fresh.....57 Ridgedale Impact (5-2-6) 9. 12... 25 Jawbreaker.... T Cannon (3) 98 SUN BETTING: 6-4 Tornade D’estruval..... £1....15S Whats Up Woody 1..47 Drumna Whisper (4-5-1) 6... T: £3...... J Maguire — 5 233-3 SNAPPING TURTLE 191 D Whillans 7-11-2. headed next. £2. F O’Brien.. no impres.. Bandanaman.....57 Landing Hi (5-1-3) 5........ Placer (1-6) £120. A Voy (3) l99 7 31242-4 MORNING ROYALTY 38 (BF) J Moffatt 5-10-12.. Grand Shift (2. 3...... £1. Imjoeking 2. 2 Valley Lad (9-1).... 3 Valleyofmilan (9-4).. 11l....D) B Case 11-11-11 ..791 good)... Lucy Alexander (3) l99 2 554/17...47 TC £26..916 heavy)....27 Icantell (4-1-5) 4... 12... No Deal D Coffey to Miss L Russell....12 ARGENTINA.... led 5th. weakOVERAFRICA (10-13) 10-3 with leader.15S Cappa Bleu 2.... Ex: £8. Mrs S Smith 2...20) trained at Cheltenham.D) N Alexander 7-11-12....312 BOTH TRACKS ... Hills yesterday slashed Al Ferof (right) from 16s to 10-1 while Grands Crus has shortened to 5-2 favourite....90.. P Buchanan 18-146.. If we’re lucky enough to get through the winter then we’ll look forward to Aintree... slumping to a fourth straight loss..80.... K Woods rides Gougane (2.....29).20S Listen And Learn 1.. 1.12 Fierce Talent 5-2f (63-2 BAGS F £15.320 COMMENTARY RESULTS TRAINERTRACE nCARLISLE 2. factor.....50C Bold Slasher 4. 9 For Non Stop.40. 14 Almadan WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED: 5 2011: Tap Night 4-11-12 P Buchanan 5-1 (Miss L Russell).....55 BORDER CITY HANDICAP CHASE (4)..10.... J McCarthy 94 406 231214........... value to the winner £1... now it’s in the hands of Stuart Lancaster. Tannerman.... 3. Tricast: £3700. TIPSY DARA (10-10) 2-1 fav led. R Lee. 3m 110yds.... 6 ran...REG’S RUBY 361 (D) D Bridgwater 6-10-8 . A Pogson 71 311 60 REALTA MO CROI 19 N Mulholland 4-10-5 .15S Phoenix Returns 4... R Johnson 27-113.30 Kruzhlinin N Twiston-Davies to D McCain.... KILVERGAN BOY (1............02 Derrigra Maiden 3-1 (23-1 £19.... (Tipperary 2m NHF €4... Round trip of 480 miles..47 Too Swift (2-4-6) 9.....97).... 5th of 13 ALMADAN (11-0) 33-1 held up... 5. 4th of 8 (btn 18l) to Oscar Davy (10-12) (Fontwell 23/4m nov hdle (4) £2.... Miss V Williams. “He ran very well in the National and it is at the forefront of my mind to go back.. Miss R Curtis..MANDARIN SUNSET 253 J Ewart 5-11-0. same pace...........28 Daniels Bandit 3-1 (1-2-6 £15. 14 from 71... 2.. 7th of 12 (well btn) to What An Oscar (11-12) (Uttoxeter 3m SNOWED IN (10-13) 10-1 tracked leaders.22 NEW ZEALAND.... CF: £3.....” The All Blacks star (left) kicked 21 points and inspired their attacking play as Julian Savea (2). Miss L Russell 23-171.......48 Roscoes Nailedon (2-5-4) 8.. if none of the proposals get the required support......40S The Ferick 2.. BT £11.....51 you give a guy like Carter time and space he’ll pull the strings..... I got ENGLAND .. HI TIDE (11-12) 33-1 7th of 10 (btn 16l) to Natural High (11-6) (Worcester 2m hcap hdle (4) £2. THIS SEASON: D McCain 4... 2m..... tailed off.........00C Nomadic Dreamer 3. BT £2.. Robinson said: “When SCOTLAND... 5-2 Papa Caruso.. (7-12) £159.. 15-2 Morning Royalty. T: £4....... 3 1 / 2l. closer order 3 out. CF: £230.791 good to soft)... Nadiya de la Vega.. 2 Dont Take Me Alive (64).15S Julia Too 2....... T: £3. L Aspell — 6 3/FFU-P NOMADIC DREAMER 38 (TH) M Rimell 9-10-12.......30 Bersheda Phantom (3-6-5) RESULTS nHOVE: 11........ R McGrath — 306 JAWBREAKER J Stimpson 7-10-12. D Cook — 4 1-21 IMJOEKING 31 (D) Miss L Russell 5-10-12 .. T Scudamore 1.55C Imperial Leader 3..54 GREYHOUND TIPS AND SP CHECK nHALL GREEN: 11..37. ven out... AB £2.41 Pompey Jim 11-4f (1-5-2 £17...10 Southwell..27 Droopys Ronaldo 7-4f (2-3-1 £10.. Conor O’Farrell — 7 U/9451..10S Drishogue Lad 1....10S Fog Patches 12. 12 Flichity. led again last.. D Hiskett (7) — 606 PU4449 WATCH THE BIRDIE 39 F O’Brien 4-10-1.549 soft). 4f out.27 Calzaghe Hawk 7-2 (3-2-5 £21. 5-1 held up.. Placer (1-6) £50...................45). lost place 4 out... weakened 3 hdle (3) £4.. btn 33/4l by Humbie POLARBROOK (10-13) 11-4 fav mid(10-12) (8 ran) (Kelso 2 3 / 4m hcap division.10. £2. 8 Forty Crown. 1 1 / 2l.10).18 Barnagrane Clark 7-4f (2-5-1 £11.37 Daisys Cascade (nap) (4-3-2) 2.. took keen hold.80.69 TC £106. K Moore (7) — SUN BETTING: 7-4 Ballyalton..50 Harvey’s Hope IZZY AND ZARA ‘NATIONAL HUNT’ NOVICES HURDLE (4)... 7 Crystal Swing..47 Silk Thread (3-1-4) 1... 2 Chicklemix (5-1)..20C Morning Royalty 2.502 good).... S P Jones 93 508 281-570 BENEFIT GAME 18 R G Hawker 8-11-3..D) J Jefferson 7-11-7 ...... 3 Numbercruncher (10-3).... £6...20 LEAPING FOR LIFESTYLE FITNESS NOVICES’ HANDICAP HURDLE (4). third and fourth all having scored since.45 Southwell).34).. T Vaughan 20-85.30.. out. 12......33).. 3 My Brother Sylvest (61)....45S Nether Stream 2...... 2m 1f... 3. S-Southwell Across The Bay 2....43 Murlens Court (6-4-1) 7.37 Cream Crackered (4-3-1) 4.......... 8l...... (7 runners) RACING RESULTS ROUND-UP Going: Soft.......30C Kilvergan Boy 1.BROUGH ACADEMY 260 Mrs L Hill 6-11-2 ..40 1.. leaders. Ex: £10. 3 Princess Annabelle (25-1)............... 4 My Inheritance.........40....422 heavy). SAINGLEND (11-5) 9-4 fav headway 3 out....10: 1 JOHN REEL A Coleman (6-4)..06 Itai Sasafran 6-4f (3-1-5 BAGS F £11.....25) at Carlisle.249 good to soft).........20 Smart Act nTIC-TAC: Right-handed undulating track of 1m 5f........ Two Oscars N Henderson to A Crook..........30C Two Oscars 4... bt Sparkling Tara (11-7) 1l (6 no extra last.. 7 ran......00C Brae On 4...... 11...........SET IN HER WAYS 313 K Bailey 6-11-6..17 Pennys Phantom (5-2-4) 5..... stayed on same pace (8 ran) (Hexham 2m nov hdle (4) final 2f. T Cannon (3) 87 602 66231P. 2 Timesishard (20-1)........ 12 Nether Stream WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED and 2011: No corresponding race.... A P McCoy l99 604 7-9P428 SPIRIT IS NEEDED 24 (B..........534..20. 1.... £2.39)... Lucy Alexander (3) — 3 342-PF5 KENT STREET 18 Mrs S Smith 7-11-2 . 3..41 Vigorous Adele (4-13) 8.....BEAMAZED 266 (CD) J Jefferson 8-11-10... one pace JET MASTER (11-2) 12-1 raced keenly......... 11/4l.534..... no imprnov hcap hdle (4) £3......49 Slip The Thunder (nap) (24-6) 7... £1... 3...55C Royal Mackintosh 12.20).50C Topenhall 2.44 Jazz Diamond 9-4jt (3-1-2 £9... THIS SEASON: R Johnson 3... 4. all out....... 5 Imperial Leader....... R Mania l99 SUN BETTING: 2 Tipsy Dara.31 Hazy Purty (3-2-5) 8.............30.... Whispering Bob......45S Grand Shift 2....00...CD) P Webber 7-11-10...45S Cue To Cue 2... 12..D) M Barnes 9-11-3.38 Klockwork Looney (3-2-1) 5.... N Fehily rides River Purple (2.......054. N Fehily 97 103 151622......60. THIS SEASON: J Maguire 4. Petrarchick......14)..... Rachael Green (3) 87 510 4429-6 BAHARAT 36 R C Guest 4-10-11 .... 3. He has got plenty of PG Monday. T Scudamore 97 2 1341F-1 TIPSY DARA 30 N Alexander 8-11-8 .10S Liberate 3.10S Kruzhlinin 3... AB £12..........45S Definite Dream 2.......21....... A Wedge (3) 95 513 0959-51 PETRARCHICK 14 (D) Miss E Baker 5-10-8.53 TC £43.. 10 Phoenix Flight.D) M Chapman 7-10-8. 8) (Kempton 21/2m nov hcap ch (3) earlier (11-7) 10-1 tracked leaders. soon behind..... £1...........14).00C Brough Academy 2...45S Rossini’s Dancer 1.... 8 Minella For Party.....37 Vintage Affair 3-1 (2-4-1 £18....04 TC £21...19)..... never dan£2..07 Head Iton Hayesy (13-6) 9... J Bewley (7) — 4 1 CLOUD CREEPER 176 D McCain 5-11-0.. A P McCoy 74 308 1/3-7 MINELLA FOR PARTY 23 T Vaughan 5-10-12 .27).15 BETFRED ‘BONUS KING BINGO’ HANDICAP HURDLE (3).. winner £2..899 heavy).... T Messenger 85 202 5-5352U OR SING ABOUT 21 (V) J W Mullins 10-11-10......30.. 14 Dream Honours.... 1f hcap ch (5) £1.. lost place next...10 GOING: GOOD 47 1 425P3-1 ACROSS THE BAY 23 D McCain 8-11-10.. no extra final 100 yds... headed last.D) Mrs A Murphy 9-11-2. E Williams..77).... (4 runners) Dan KING VOTING IS FAIR The smart money is on some pretty fierce debate on Thursday..... WEATHERBYS HAMILTON INSURANCE GRADUATION WATCH RACING UK ON SKY432 HANDICAP CHASE (Class CHASE (2).50S Watch The Birdie 3.....20C Soft Spoken Guy 2.55C Performance Review 2..BLAZING DIVA (11-3) 10-1 led 12th..15: 1 ALPINE BREEZE Peter Carberry (3-1 fav). 6 Performance Review...... (7 runners) 1 3P321... Paul O’Brien (10) 97 3 364-7 POLARBROOK 36 (BF) K Bailey 5-11-9.. T Phelan — 104 7014123 OSMOSIA 21 (P.....27).. 25%..... stayed on..256 soft).. 9-2 Spirit Is Needed. CF: £3.. B Toomey (3) — 2 R BOLD SLASHER 14 Mrs S Smith 4-11-0 .27 Kinross (nb) (3-2-5) 2...55C Dream Honours 1.... They failed to score a try in Cardiff for the first time in three years.. 14 Cristal Bonus. N Fehily 15-60. (7 runners) JOCKEYFORM CF: £41. ession... 21/4l. 1. earlier (11-5) 9-4 led.MY INHERITANCE 212 (TH) T R George 4-10-12 ..431.... Absinthe (11-12) (Bangor 2m 1f hcap KRUZHLININ (11-4) 9-4 fav tracked hdle (4) £3.... TOM PEPPER 401 88/172.......66). 4th of 6 (btn 22l) 5f out..T..38 Saleen Tango 7-4f (2-15 £8.. 3 Blue Top (15-2).. But he has a great chance this year with Al Ferof. R Mania 1...66)........ 22%. Lucy Alexander (3) 98 6 70822-2 POWERFUL AMBITION 194 B Ellison 6-11-6 .96).46 Phoenix Messi 6-1 (5-4-2 £27.... 2m 4f 110yds... 2 1 / 2l.. dht. nSOUTHWELL A P McCoy rides Liberate (3..00..80.00C Mezarat 2.. J Maguire 88 4 14-2251 CILLISEAL 38 (T) N C Kelly (Ire) 7-11-5 ..45 KRIS & HELEN CLARK’S 6TH ANNIVERSARY HANDICAP HURDLE (5). 3 Victor Echo (11-2). By TEMPLEGATE looks on the lenient side.91).. lost place 10th..830 soft).30.58 Glenburn King 7-2 (4-1-3 £19.. CF: £34.39)....053 good)............ winner £10. THIS SEASON: Jonjo O’Neill 3......48 Ballygur Aston (2-5-6) 12...21).... 11. 8 The Fonz. no impres31/4m hcap ch (3) £5.. F Murphy 10-110... 2...... E Cookson (7) 73 9 4 ETHICS GIRL 24 (T) J Berry 6-10-5 ..55C Tipsy Dara 12..... the surprising and plain strange stories from the wide world of sport......70.. drew readily clear last.. 6l...25 TC £63... S Mulqueen (7) 96 515 4447-08 INANDOVER 36 (TH) J Mackie 7-10-2 .. btn 7l by Mr Woods ran) (Hexham 2 1 / 2 m hcap ch (4) (10-2) ROYAL MACKINTOSH (11-4) £3.00) for G Bewley.. 2m.... CUE TO CUE (10-7) 5-1 of 14 (btn 46l) to Tante Sissi (10-9) (Newbury 2m 5f nov hcap hdle (1) £20. BETFRED MOBILE LOTTO MARES’ HANDICAP CHASE (Class 4).. nKINSLEY: 2.... The champion trainer....45S The Fonz 2.... 1..50S Hi Tide 2.... headway 9th...301 ...20) for Mrs A Murphy.. S Twiston-Davies 97 204 7056P-P DREAM HONOURS 24 (D) Miss C Caroe 9-11-6.... D Bass 2... headway 9th.10.... 14th...70. and no impression.. A P McCoy — 402 81-2483 SAINGLEND 24 (BF) S Curran 7-11-12 . winner £2... nb) is fairly well exposed but he is in good form. R McLernon — 408 /13430.300 . headed 4 out... (9 ran) (Kelso 2 /4m hdle (4) £3. outpaced 4 out..22 Deben Bella (1-6-4) 7. 2 Rossmore Lad (13-2). 20 Big Sound. Southwell) with Across The Bay (Carlisle)....... Only Fulham are opposed to any kind of Premier League FFP and they will get their way.......... nLEADING TRAINERS (2007-2012): Jonjo O’Neill 24-128....249 heavy).. 11.50: 1 DARK ENERGY Mr C P Shoemark (5-2)... BANDANAMAN (11-6) 8-1 left 2nd last.. 3rd of 13 (btn 11/2l) to Special Account (11-5) (Worcester 21/2m nov hdle (4) £2..... 3... T: £9.... went 2nd from 4th.. 2.... K Renwick 97 SUN BETTING: 15-8 The Magic Bishop.. kept on hcap hdle (4) £3.. 7 Brough Academy...........BF) C Gordon 7-10-6 .. no impression....00C Up For An Oscar 3. headway 5th.....CILLISEAL (11-5) 11-8 fav settled in rear. Placer (1-6) £92...... “I’m not resigned to losing my place although I wonder if one good performance is enough to keep out a guy of Ash’s quality. T: £1...... 5.. plus head of UK Sport when Baroness Sue Campbell steps down next year.. BETFRED GOALS GALORE HANDICAP CHASE (5).. 7 Tatispout WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED and 2011: No corresponding race. Rachael Green (3) 97 SUN BETTING: 11-4 Well Hello There.. 8 ran.. 7th (well btn) PAPA CARUSO (11-2) 12-1 mid-divi(Carlisle 3m hcap ch (3) £5............50S Bandanaman 2... Nicholls has hinted that his hurdling superstar could reappear at Haydock on November 24.96)... 9 ran....90....11 Hypnotic Circus (1-4-6) nSWINDON: 2.... btn hd by Water Garden (11-2) (14 ran) (Ascot 3m nov hcap hdle (4) £6. (6 runners) CARLISLE GOING: SOFT (HEAVY PATCHES) NICHOLLS AL SET Ferof bids to end his Power jinx PAUL NICHOLLS is set to fire a three-horse salvo at Saturday’s Paddy Power Gold Cup..27 TC £38. TOM PEPPER’S DOUBLE: Cappa Bleu and Tipsy Dara (both Carlisle).......653. “I wanted to throw my hat in the ring. “But I want Stuart and the coaches to see me as a go-to wing from now on.. P Brennan 95 503 -722346 TOPENHALL 27 (P. £2.. winner £2...D) E Williams 10-11-10.534 good to soft).....50 FOG PATCHES (nap) 12..88)....30 TC £55. Jet Master 3....... F Davis — 8 375. 8l... P Evans..12 Ilovetoboogie 5-2jt (15-3 £33...20... M McAlister — SUN BETTING: 13-8 Across The Bay. 10 Topenhall. T: £4....50S Or Sing About 1.. btn 4l by Pete The Feat (11-1) led last... Israel Dagg............ £1. He’s a fantastic footballer and rugby player......” Big Buck’s ...... WELL HELLO THERE (11-8) 8-1 led 3 out......45S Ethics Girl 3..653 soft)..669.... 5 Sainglend. 4.. But he ran a great race in the National and trainer Evan Williams is already looking forward to a return trip.....19 Relentless Run (1-2-5) 11. J Maguire 96 2 5/2UF1.....45 Robbie Phoenix Flight 2.45) for P W Middleton..........57 Whata Lovely Job 5-1 (4-5-3 £23..534.55 CHRISTMAS PARTIES AT CARLISLE RACECOURSE NOVICES’ HURDLE (4)....45S Jeano De Toulouse 3. Mr C P Shoemark (7) 78 SUN BETTING: 11-10 Liberate. value to the winner £3.49 TC £32.. W Hill bet: 5-2 Grands Crus.45 nLIVE ON ATR SOUTHWELL 12.55 Definite Dream nTOP JOCKEYS WITH RIDES (2007-2012): D O’Regan 21-92.... 4.. Lucy Alexander (3) 91 3 68323-3 OVERAFRICA 23 (PH) D McCain 6-11-8 . dri...70..STRONG SOUL 473 (D) B J Llewellyn 7-11-6.88.50C Sacco D’oro 2..50... 6 ran...... Everton have already signed over TV cash from NEXT season — and they are not alone.. who ran well last time and will be better suited by today’s trip....81)..... 8 ran.. 20%.. 3..... 11.... 4.899 good)..55C Yellow Duke 1..... CF: £23. 31/4m hcap ch (4) £3. R McGrath 98 206 545-824 FLICHITY 17 J Cornwall 7-10-0 ... 3 Master Benjamin (13-2).30 Kruzhlinin nLONGEST TRAVELLER: Polarbrook (1.48 Tsunami Flash (1-26) 4.. J J Quinn....599 good to soft)..25C Benefit Game 2.39 Alrita Minnie (1-65) 6. T: £43. £2....20C Powerful Ambition 1.. NR: Velator..55: 1 AT FISHERS CROSS A P McCoy (4-7 fav)..T. 5 Overafrica.45S Mitchell’s Way 1.... outpaced nov hcap hdl (3) £4.. £3........ Two Oscars WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED: 1-4 2011: Sydney Paget 4-11-0 A P Lane 11-4 JtFav (D McCain)........... who has made a sparkling start to the new season with 44 winners and over £430. F Davis 85 5 P583-85 ALMADAN 16 F Murphy 4-11-7.. easily...15S Sarando 2... no impression. sion. D Costello — 5 718. Cloud Creeper 4... CF: £23.... 25 Bold Slasher.. 10 Attycran..42 TC £60......11.02 Tahula Twist (2-4-5) 9..70..58 Swift Fruit (3-6-1) n MONMORE: 2..... B Hughes — 6 1F-2 NO DEAL 172 Miss L Russell 6-11-0 ... 6 ran..19)....40 Osmosia Kilvergan Boy 1.. 7 Oscar Leney..03 Black Shaun 2-1f (2-1-4 BAGS F £13......738 soft).” 101 F22-317 TORNADE D’ESTRUVAL 23 (D) Mrs S Humphrey 5-11-12 . 7-2 Fog Patches..58 Coolavanny Kayla 5-4f (1-3-2 £6..29 Leathems Revenge 5-2 (2-1-5 £13........ 5...50.32 Marigold Echo (5-1-3) 12.... 20 Jack Albert WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED: 4 2011: Vintage Star 5-10-9 S Byrne 3-1 (Mrs S Smith)... 12 ran.......80......56 Disturbia (3-2-1) 7..T.... (9-14) £78.99 TC £51..COM BEGINNERS’ CHASE (3). 9 easy fences..12 TC £55. Run-in is 300yds... 5 from 24.. 4 1/2l..47 Cavies Lass 7-2 (2-4-3 £32...50...40S Tower 3........... TEMPLEGATE (Kelso 2m 1f (4) £3.. PLACEPOT: £43..... 2m 3f 110yds....42 Seathwaite Ealga (nap) (5-3-6) 11.. 11 ran..20C River Purple 2... Michael Flips. so why should the Olympics only benefit from the underwater cameras?” Sources have also revealed coverage of the Paralympic equestrian and rowing events was also not as extensive.. headway 4 out. But it’s unlikely the necessary 14 clubs will back a concept which would dictate how they could spend their incomes.... T: £3.. T: £3.. £9.. Jackies Solitaire.330 good to soft).......... ..249 good to soft).......... good to soft).. (4 runners) 1 F4P-P42 ATTYCRAN 30 (T) M Barnes 7-11-2. 2 Mountainous (7-2)...30). 2........ Fog not to be mist! IT’s clear to see that FOG PATCHES (nap) has a terrific chance in the 12. £1......” Head coach Lancaster said: “Charlie’s performance will have fuelled Chris’ hunger to get back in the side.... BT............. no impression..20... CF: £14...57 Cefn Owen (2-1-6) 3. headed...... bt THE MAGIC BISHOP THE MAGIC BISHOP (11-6) 15-2 held up..20: 1 FAREWELLATMIDNIGHT P Buchanan (5-2)... kept on last 100 yards.39 TC £59....30 JOIN NOW AT REWARDS4RACING. (8 runners) CUE TO CUE (2..63).. £1. 11... btn 24l by Same Difference (11-5) (8 KENT STREET (10-9) 25-1 held up in ran) (Ffos Las 2 1 / 2m nov hdle (4) last pair... tailed off. The tough and reliable six-year-old ran a blinder when second at Uttoxeter last month and that form is rock-solid with the winner.. “But he has come together well in the last two weeks. “He came in late because he cut himself in the field in the summer.437 AW).. G Rutherford (5) l99 SUN BETTING: 5-4 Kilvergan Boy........ Ex: £45..... TRICAST: 2..40...45 Osmosia 12.53 Backdoor Rambo 7-2 (4-5-6 £23....50.......42)... 4... EACH-WAY THIEF ABC: C-Carlisle....08 Frisky Giacoma 3-1 (1-4-2 £13....94 TC £47.... headed hcap hdle (4) £3..... M McAlister — 2 60222-2 JET MASTER 36 N Alexander 6-11-2.25C Spirit Is Needed 3. 9 ran.... 3 from 6........45S Minella For Party 1. Kielan Woods (3) 95 505 082-048 RIVER PURPLE 10 J Mackie 5-11-8 ...............C... left moderate 4th last.10.. 8 Beamazed. D O’Regan 78 3 P/1334.. 1... 9l. 11th of 18 (btn 30l) to Bourne BEAMAZED (11-4) 16-1 joined leader (9-11) (Ascot 2m 3f hcap hdle (2) 9th... 4 ran...47.10.. TOTAL WINS 106 78 72 42 40 40 37 32 30 28 WINS TO RIDES RIDES £1 LEVEL LAST WEEK SINCE WIN STAKE A P McCoy 6-27 3 -56 R Johnson 2-36 14 -27 J Maguire 7-27 2 -53 A Coleman 4-23 0 +33 T J O’Brien 2-17 4 +21 T Scudamore 1-25 0 -43 S Twiston-Davies 2-25 2 -91 N Scholfield 1-18 7 -73 P Brennan 5-21 7 -43 D Jacob 3-14 0 0 FFOS LAS ingtoscript (9-13) (Newcastle 21/2m RHYMERS HA’ (11-12) 5-1 held up hcap hdle (4) £2.. 10l.......40S Rhymers Ha’ 1. 13l...11 Whinmoor Diamond (4-5-6) 11....... S Twiston-Davies 85 410 061-3P1 NETHER STREAM 77 (D) A Hobbs 8-10-9 . £1....10........... 20 Tower... N Fehily 98 506 124732.... kept on FORTY CROWN (11-9) 6-1 pushed gamely.. mistakes..14 TC £44.. A Hales..... (11 runners) PREMIER LEAGUE clubs will vote on THREE different versions of financial fair play this week..08 Ardera Gino (6-4-3) 4..45S Mandarin Sunset 4...... weakened....63 TC £52... led 8th.93 TC £67...60.. CF: £ Well Hello There 2....28)...... 1 29/2-21 HARVEY’S HOPE F62 (C) K Reveley 6-11-5 ......04 Clipper Sionna (2-4-3) 1.... Sharples said: “I didn’t go out there to take the shirt away from a guy who’s played particularly well for England the past couple of years. 5 Legendary Hop. weakened 2 out.. 1. led 2 out...... Charlie Sharples scores the opener for England 201 522P4-6 LEGENDARY HOP 26 C Bealby 6-11-12 ...47 Spicy Lass (1-2-5) 5.......... 3 Jet Master. Ex: £17....... R Johnson — 309 110...689 good to firm)....45S Tornade D’estruval 12..28 Perles Cellini 9-2 (2-1-3 £18. 4........ kept on. 2...75 TC £18.....62 TC £116..... BOX CLEVER 501 3422/F.. T: £1.. tailed off...34)... led 2 SUNFORM STRIKE £1 LEVEL RATE % STAKE 23 -10 15 -20 14 -14 28 +3 17 -5 29 +6 15 +8 15 +2 11 -7 13 +11 Going: Good.. kept on... J Maguire 15-82.33 Umera Fortune (6-2-3) 6. E Williams... J Doyle l99 102 R6F-P50 TATISPOUT 19 (D) C Longsdon 5-11-10 ....04 Bramley Rebel (5-6-3) 6... 15l (7 ran) (Perth 1 WOODY (11-5) 10-1 outpaced 4 out.. After taking the club into administration TWICE Balram Chainrai & Co were told the chances of them passing the owners test were somewhere between very slim and non-existent.29).10.34 Droopys Tilda 3-1 (4-1-6 £14..24)... shd.. weakened final 100 yards...... (5 runners) 4).. 1....61 TC £58.83 TC £75..30 MARKET RASEN 301 2-41F41 ROBBIE 85 (CD) K Reveley 8-11-12.......... 12 Blazing Diva WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED: 1 3 4-PU 1 2 2011: Do It For Dalkey 9-11-12 P Buchanan 9-2 (Miss L Russell).. 7 Strong Soul......054......05: 1 LE BEAU BAI C Poste (25-1). D Costello — SUN BETTING: 2 Makari. (7-12) £67. led 2 out. JACKPOT: Not won....... NR: Fishoutofwater..20C Realta Mo Croi 1..... J Maguire — 5 P31. for a while at least... K Renwick — 3 59. 12.... no chance with leaders on long flat.. 12........ PHOENIX FLIGHT (11-5) 4-7 fav tracked leader........44 TC £54..55 Definite Dream E U Hales to E Williams.... Sean Fox 95 403 43/211...... 10 Mitchell’s Way......60..25: 1 BOYFROMNOWHERE A P McCoy (6-4 fav)... 1...... J Reveley l99 302 2236-1 MAKARI 24 (D) N Henderson 5-11-5 .D) P W Middleton 9-11-10.55C Galley Slave 2.... Finally..46 Monday. Ex: £4.....25 Carlisle...76)..... every chance 2 out. bt Calibre Style (10-6) 1 / 2 l (17 ran) JULIA TOO (10-7) 11-2 held up... (11 runners) By MATT MOORE Gloucester wing Sharples marked his first Twickenham Test with two tries...... never a hcap ch (3) £9..BANYAN TREE 316 Mrs S Leech 5-11-1 ..00.. 3rd of 5 (btn 18l) to Ros Castle (11-2) SUNFORM 12l) to Neptune Collonges (11-6) ACROSS THE BAY (11-9) 4-1 made all... BT £10.37)....... SUNRATINGS’ NAP: CAPPA BLEU (2.....30C Legendary Hop 1. J Bewley rides Brae On (4.” Last season Al Ferof won at Cheltenham in November and the Henry VIII Chase at Sandown but lost his chance in the Arkle Chase when hitting a ditch just after halfway....... 4th of 5 (btn 21/4l) to MITCHELL’S WAY (11-12) 16-1 trackRupert Bear (11-4) (Carlisle 2m 1f ed leaders. value to the winner £3.. The handicapper has put Fog Patches up 4lb but that 601 5-63110 AKBABEND 24 (T.. has NEVER won the early season thriller....25C Akbabend 3........ 6 Joseph Lister..24 Tulla Rose (3-5-2) 8. 12. 11 ran (Celtus 11-4 fav)...20.....50S My Inheritance 1.21 Bisto Jack 7-2 (3-6-1 £13..92 TC £75...51 Fatboyz Buzzard 2-1f (2-5-4 £12..50... gerous.55C Haling Park 2... P Moloney — 2 PU1-4 FORTY CROWN 158 (D) J Wade 6-10-12 .. 3 No Deal... 1. ... 3 Basil Fawlty (7-2)...... 2m NHF (6) £1. 20%....24 TC £58.50 at Carlisle.. jumped right.. Call him Super Dan DAN CARTER destroyed Scotland and left their coach Andy Robinson moaning: “We gave him too much time and space............ C Whillans (5) — 6 /43212.50S Jack Albert 2. 6 Julia Too...17)....45) for J Mackie.... 2... btn 5l by Maggio (10-12) 3 TRIPTICO (11-5) 10-3 tracked leaders...... 6th of 9 (btn 15l) to Acord- SUNFORM water King (11-0) 11/4l (7 ran) (Carlisle DEFINITE DREAM (12-0) 5-1 led 2f 2m 1f NHF (6) £1.. 3 Jumps Road (6-1). strongly pressed.... SPORT UNCOVERED AT THE SHARP END ....” Leicester centre Manu Tuilagi also scored twice.15S Banyan Tree 2...CUE TO CUE 233 (D) K Reveley 6-11-0. The game’s only tries came from Juan Imhoff and Gonzalo Camacho to leave the Pumas celebrating at the finish (left)..... W Hutchinson 85 304 0-9 D’ARGENT CLOUD 27 O Sherwood 4-10-12 ............. W Kennedy 90 10 PRPP-9 MUSICAL SURPRISE 11 (HH) A Hales 5-10-5.......12). (6 runners) WINMILLS WHY DID former owners Portpin suspend their bid to take over at Portsmouth again? One big factor will have been the six-page letter they received last week from the Football Gethin woe WALES.. which provided the underwater shots of able-bodied swimmers. kept on...07 TC £18. 4 Rhymers Ha’.. there are calls to ban the kind of ‘assignment deal’ by which clubs borrow money by agreeing to hand over future central payments...... 25 Watch The Birdie WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED: 2 1 FE 2011: Grand Art 7-10-5 L Edwards 12-1 (Dave Roberts).. K Reveley 3.. Trifecta: £55. This looks a good place to start and if he can run a nice race I’ll be very happy..45S Tatispout 12. always hcap hdle (4) £2.......30C Snowed In 1. 5th of 10 (btn 19l) to Bury Parade (10-13) (Carlisle 2m beg ch KYKATE (11-8) 8-1 prominent....62.50S Feeling Peckish 1.80 TC £18. Ex: £13.37 Pennys Jester 3-1 (1-2-4 £11... clear last. SUNFORM Bleu Aintree bound GRAND NATIONAL fourth Cappa Bleu starts back on the road to Aintree in the graduation chase (2. heavy in places 12.. ridden 2 out..... T Whelan (5) 95 SUN BETTING: 11-2 Lord Landen. Miss R Curtis.. 1l..50C Cloud Creeper 4.653 heavy).......... R Johnson 85 605 0035413 TOWER F5 (E... last..LORD LANDEN 267 A Hobbs 7-11-12..D) M Chapman 8-10-0...20S Almadan 1............. 3 1 / 2l.27 Miss Puff (1-2-4) 1...... L Aspell — 305 P/7-U DRISHOGUE LAD 83 P Griffin (Ire) 8-10-12..... 12 Kent Street WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED and 2011: No corresponding race..21 Barn Owl 2-1f (6-1-2 £15..17 TC £53...44)...010.. 2 /2m hcap ch (4) £5..... held on...... N Twiston-Davies 9-63.. held by winner. Mezarat WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED: 3 1 3 2011: Lucky Lukey 5-10-11 S Quinlan 9-4 (Jennie Candlish)... 22%.... D Cantillon...20 TC £37.....15 Sainglend Petrarchick 2. £1... THE FONZ p/up latest.... 10-3 Sarando.... A Nicol (7) — SUN BETTING: Evens Cloud Creeper...747 heavy)...... J Maguire 86 4 3522-46 MITCHELL’S WAY 17 G Swinbank 5-11-9... Prop Jenkins said: “We didn’t play in the right areas... D McCain Across The Bay 2....34 Captain To (1-5-6) 11. 2.95 TC £110.....00....... CF: AB.....11 Knockatoon Dave 3-1 (3-5-4 BAGS F £15.. Aerial is stepping up in trip. After the Games...... J Banks (7) 97 514 P-73253 SACCO D’ORO F59 (V.39 TC £24.. 3 from 12...41 Winning Spree 7-2 (2-1-6 £19.. never reached leaders. 14 Jeano De Toulouse.. N Fehily 95 405 633-13P THE FONZ 61 (BF..00: 1 BONOMAN Conor Ring (11-4 jtfav).......90.....33 Easter Dolly 3-1 (1-46 £33. value to the winner £2... T: AB £1. B Harding 85 6 /8PP2P.... Cappa Bleu. naOXFORD: 2.47 Steeple Rd Rory (5-4-6) 3..08 TC £40..... went 4th 2 out..18 Castlelyons Timi (5-6-1) 4. 10l.. Ex: AB.12 Tidy Trouble 9-4f (16-2 £21.. 3....T) M Keighley 5-10-8.38 Primo Pilgrim (6-3-4) 3.88).....90.. £1..... 10 ran.. weakened from 2 out. £1..45S Phoenix Flight 2......04 Kilcarrig Billy 4-1 (6-2-5 £20.55 Ballycosh Jackie 7-2 (6-2-5 £17. R Mania l99 4 60221-1 KRUZHLININ 180 D McCain 5-11-2.....10 Kilvergan Boy Minella For Party 1. I may also run Poquelin and Aerial.80)...... e-mail: dan.50 Tipsy Dara (nb) Snowed In 1..... drew clear last... T: £2.45S Petrarchick 2.47 Pennys Lexi 2-1f (1-6-4 £11. 23/4l.50 BETFRED MOBILE SPORTS NOVICES’ HURDLE (4)..30C Baharat 2. 6 ran (Rimini 11-4 jtfav).......... £3.40: 1 BARRAKILLA P Moloney (21)... Craig Nichol (10) l99 2 5222-4 SMART ACT 18 (BF) D McCain 6-11-11 .47).. one pace 2 out....27 Little Sarah 5-2jt (24-3 £12..437 heavy).... 10 Al Ferof...00C Crystal Swing 1...15 Southwell) was a close third off the same rating in a better race at Newcastle in February...50S Tannerman 2..10S Osmosia 12. BT..22 Swift Frogma (3-5-6) n YARMOUTH: 6... 1......198 good). P Moloney l99 4 /1FP0P.. earlier (10-5) 28-1 struggling 6th.. And he won first time out last season....... nJACKPOT: Races 1-6. 15-2 Phoenix Returns..PAPA CARUSO 322 (D) Mrs S Smith 8-11-9.. show what I can do.. NR: Grey Missile.. headed 6th..55) for B Ellison. 4..19 Guiding Angel 5-2f (21-4 £13....50S Jet Master 3.. 2012 PG TOM PEPPER TEMPLEGATE 1 2213122 FOG PATCHES 36 (P) Miss L Russell 6-11-12 .... 5 Snowed In........16 Salacres Getty (3-2-4) 7. value to the winner £4. 4 1 / 2 l..13). 9th of 11 (btn 45l) to Dotties Dilema (11-0) (Hexham 2m to Regal Encore (10-3) (Southwell mdn hdle (4) £3. 10 Ethics Girl.. J Reveley l99 2 111....57 Stormy Chris (1-4-6) 12. £1... T Messenger — 8 2453 UP FOR AN OSCAR 22 K Bailey 5-10-12 ....60..12 Ballymac Lisa (2-5-3) nROMFORD: 6....17 Loftus Rose (nb) (4-6-2) 3........... T J Murphy — 404 21457-2 JOSEPH LISTER 38 (D) C Longsdon 5-11-7 . value to the winner £2.. 2 Copper Birch (121)......06 TC £98.50...... 5 Hunt Ball.. 7-2 Smart Act....33 Shiloh Slick (42-6) 5.. 3m 2f....40. J Cornwall (5) 98 207 P773454 FEELING PECKISH 5 (T.40. unbeaten in his last 17 races.. 2m...58 Greenfield Song 9-4f (3-1-6 £13.... West Ham and Sunderland are driving calls for restricting wage increases to a set percentage over a three-year period. 8 ran...... ened...47 Swift Skype 3-1 (2-14 £12.. 11-4 Robbie.51 TC £28.......57 Lissycasey Jose 6-1 (5-3-1 £33.28.80 TC £15. 3rd of 8 (btn 6l) to El Dancer (11-5) (Fakenham 2m 7f hcap hdle (3) £6... 8 ran (Mr Watson 6-4 fav)... 5th (btn 17l) to Scotswell (11-4) (Kelso 3 of 7 (btn 34l) to Gevrey Chambertin 2 /4m hcap hdle (4) £2........00C Blazing Diva 12.. 3rd of 6 (btn 20l) led 2nd.....599 soft)....25 Carlisle)..07 Jimmy Pickles (6-3-4) 5.. 16 Brae On... 41/2l. He knows now he has very strong competition. bt Black- SUNFORM 1 221-P1P ROSSINI’S DANCER 36 (P.... kept on same pace.....12 Clonlost Auto (6-45) 1.20S Triptico 3.PHOENIX FLIGHT F28 H Evans 7-11-7 . OLYMPIC television bosses stand accused of treating the London Paralympics as a second-class event... NR: Sir Benfro. treble) impressed at Kelso on his return and can make fitness tell against main rival...33 Ballyridgedelite (24-5) 1... 11l. nPERRY BARR: 11..... value to the winner £2.... bt Bescot Springs (10-7) 7l (9 ran) (Kelso 31/4m SARANDO pulled up latest...28 Tollerton Dean (5-6-1) 11......00 QUADPOT: £269.. reduced advanto Fentara (11-5) (Hexham 2 1 / 2 m tage 3 out. P Brennan — 310 0R-1U7P YELLOW DUKE 32 (TH) C Pogson 5-10-12..50C Papa Caruso 1...... sion.. 6 Whats Up Woody WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED: 2 8 4-5 1 2011: You Know Yourself 8-11-5 S Byrne 11-4 Fav (Mrs S Smith).. headway 4 out.... S Quinlan 87 SUN BETTING: 5-2 Powerful Ambition...... K Renwick 16-93.. kept on... chased leaders 2 GRAND SHIFT (10-8) 20-1 weakened out... Snapping Turtle.. 7 fences....96..55C Musical Surprise 3.. Cowbridge.. Corey Jane.. 3 Mad Professor (5-1)... Olympic Broadcasting Services removed from the Aquatics Centre the special cameras..46). 27 from 135.. BANYAN TREE (10-2) 20-1 outpaced.. P Brennan 13-78.. sion.. weakened 2 out......17 Drumnafern Duffy 4-1 (2-6-5 £14.. FOG PATCHES (11-1) 10-1 held up.53 Splendid Blue (1-3-5) 8.... 3..40S Overafrica 12.DEFINITE DREAM 207 E Williams 5-10-12 . A Conlon (5) — 603 11335-2 LIBERATE F6 (PH.. E Cookson (7) — 507 2944-PF TANNERMAN 27 Mrs P Robeson 6-11-5 .... 2 Ban Uisce (2-1 fav)....10.34)... (10 runners) PORT IN A STORM LONDON 2012 vice-chairman Keith Mills is spoilt for choice for new roles when his Olympic post comes to an end in December...... regained lead last 150 yards..30 TC £29. The National is the only race I’m thinking of with him......19 Faughan Ruby (5-6-3) 1. 2 Castle Beach (11-10 fav)....... 2m 1f.249 heavy). L Treadwell — 5 33P05-4 SOFT SPOKEN GUY 26 (T.... value to the winner £5.... £3......90... hit 13th.45 Lord Landen Liberate 3.....96).....31 TC £93....46).20.. November 12......60... is nicely handicapped and this is not a great race. won four hurdle races. 1..... Nicholls added: “Poquelin has won four times at Cheltenham but he seems 1 242225.C) M Mullineaux 6-10-3..18 Calling Lizzie (3-26) 2.760 good to soft)..60... and I achieved those aims.. 5 ran (Artisan 9-4 fav).... 8 Polarbrook...... leaders..85).....16 TC £36.. made rest...55 Papa Caruso nLEADING TRAINERS WITH RUNNERS (2007-2012): Mrs S Smith 29-156.... D Cook 86 7 FP27U54 SNOWED IN 8 (P) Jennie Candlish 3-10-6 .19 El Miller (6-4-3) 8..30C Joseph Lister 2.. Back him in an each-way double with consistent SET IN HER WAYS (2....45S Big Sound 4.. A Tinkler 91 303 3602-75 CRYSTAL SWING 177 R Phillips 5-10-12.899 chased winner 3 out......... £3..... bt Stage Acclaim (1010) 11/4l (7 ran) (Huntingdon 21/2m sell (5) £1...ROYAL MACKINTOSH 249 (PH.... Spirit Is Needed (3. D Devereux (3) 91 516 545-382 HALING PARK 24 Miss C Caroe 6-10-0 .... 4th of 9 (btn 19l) to POWERFUL AMBITION (10-0) 7-1 in rear... bt Bills(9 ran) (Uttoxeter 3m hcap ch (4) grey (10-10) 31/4l (5 ran) (Hexham 3m £3.. value to the winner £2.20)...22 Derrynaflan Jude (6-5-1) 5.40... btn 5l by Knight Valliant (10-2) (9 ran) (Carlisle 21/2m hcap hdle (4) £2.... 4 Or Sing About..58 Randah Reason (3-6-1) 4. headway 3 Knight Valliant (10-2) (Carlisle 21/2m out....50....01 Salacres Bingo (5-4-2) 7.... £4. (11-12) 7-2 held up. uphill straight...000 in prize-money...... no extra..... M Scudamore.09 Glenanore Star (5-6-1) 8.... 5th (well btn) (8 ran) (Carlisle led 2 out... A Coleman — 502 PPF/652 PERFORMANCE REVIEW 48 F O’Brien 10-11-11 .. 3.... 3 Whatshallwedo (11-2).798 good to soft). 50%......45S onTRACK 09067520+ Calls cost 77p per minute at all times CARLISLE ....... Trifecta: £11.78 TC £39...28 Ballinveala Kate (1-6-4) 6.30.....80.. btn 9l by SNAPPING TURTLE (10-7) 5-1 tracked Green Flag (11-0) (8 ran) (Hexham leaders.. 8 Mandarin Sunset... led 2 out. £1.. 1.. R Mania — 3 BRAE ON G Bewley 4-11-0.......10S Flichity 1. hdle (3) £4.03 Watch Pete (13-2) 11..52 Swabys Tony (6-4-5) 9... 7 ran.55C Kent Street 3...29 Jolly Nelson 2-1f (2-1-4 £10... btn 6l by Tony Star (11-12) (8 ran) (Fontwell 21/4m hcap hdle (3) £4.. 3.....13 Returntosender 2-1f (3-4-1 £14.15S The Magic Bishop 1..07 Stallone Jack (2-5-1) 3. 9 ran (Stow 5-2 fav)... C Poste l99 504 -313226 GOUGANE 13 (P..18 Ship Shape (4-5-6) n NOTTINGHAM: 6.. 11..13 TC £49.. 7-4 Osmosia. D R Fox (7) 98 5 83/255. CF: £11..44 TC £53... led 3f out. Suspended Ashton missed out and it could prove a costly absence when England select their line-up to face Australia at Twickenham on Saturday.....IMPERIAL LEADER 233 (BF) N Twiston-Davies 4-10-12 . H Skelton — 3 22.45S Harvey’s Hope 3... Feeling Peckish WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED: UR 2-3 1 2011: Mickytaker 6-11-12 W Hutchinson 9-4 Fav (A King).40: 1 BOUNDS AND LEAPS T Scudamore (4-1).10: 1 KASHMIR PEAK D Costello (11-10 fav).. Ex: £343....24. 6 ran.. 14 Listen And Learn.. 2012 nTIC-TAC: The turf track is left-handed..06 Silkstone (1-5-2) 7....... 2 Anay Turge (3-1).....00. 2.. 4....25 CAPPA BLEU (nap) 23-147... £2...60. BROUGH ACADEMY (11-5) 13-2 stayed SUNFORM Resigned 1 BIG SOUND T Walford 5-11-0.86 TC £55..20 SIS LIVE CLAIMING HURDLE (4).... tracked leaders.302 .... stayed on..10.... A C4 source said: “The achievements of Ellie Simmonds (above) are every bit as incredible as those of Michael Phelps.. Andrew Hore and Ben Smith scored tries....30..... 3 Chac Du Cadran (15-8 fav).......04 Castlelyons Cofi (nb) (5-21) 8. JOB JOCKEYS nCARLISLE C Nichol rides Rhymers Ha’ (1... NETHER STREAM (11-4) 14-1 led close home........ Placer (1-6) £85..549 good to soft).20C Attycran 3..20.CD) A H Mactaggart 11-11-4 . nSOUTHWELL 3... Man United and Arsenal support a EVERY Monday and Friday SunSport’s man in the know DAN KING gives you the inside track on all the scandalous.00. 21/2m mdn hdle (5) £2..51 Caribbean Hulk (nap) (6-3-2) n SHEFFIELD: 11.20) for Miss L Russell. NR: Reaction.......50S Inandover 2...18 Sargeant Tang (nb) (3-1-5) 12... 1m 1f round..07 TC £44.. last... 2m 4f....45S Ballyalton 3.... 21/4l.... £60....... 9 ran...36 Outbound Conka (5-3-1) 8.44 Panache A Gogo (6-4-1) 1...... (Aintree 41/2m (1) £547.04 Foo Fighter 6-1 (5-4-2 £20. 4l... stayed on well..85). Ex: £24......03)..45S Reg’s Ruby 12..94 TC £36.02 TC £32..28 Sherrys No Joke (3-4-2) 3. 4th of 8 (btn 17l) to Cracking £3. .. 9-4 Imjoeking....TRIPTICO 203 E Williams 6-11-2....GRAND SHIFT 274 B Ellison 4-10-12 .. nTOP JOCKEYS (2007-2012): A P McCoy 40-153.. 4..40 TOTAL WINS 63 55 45 44 41 38 33 33 30 29 WINS TO RUNNERS LAST WEEK D McCain 7-20 T Vaughan 2-30 Jonjo O’Neill 0-25 P Nicholls 7-25 P Bowen 1-7 N Henderson 5-14 Miss L Russell 5-25 N Twiston-Davies 1-16 E Williams 2-13 D Pipe 1-15 TRAINERFORM 7th of 13 (well btn) to Our Mick (11ROSSINI’S DANCER pulled up latest... led 5th....58 Posey Rosey (3-5-4) 1. He said: “It’s always difficult first time back after the National so we wanted to find him a nice little race so he can go and enjoy himself.. forged clear.93)..40.04 TC £26...04 Heathmill Honcho 7-4f (4-3-5 £10..” Tim Visser notched two tries for brave Scotland while Geoff Cross also went over. (11-0) (Aintree 2m mdn hdle (4) SMART ACT (11-12) 3-1 fav tracked £3... 3... 2m 4f 110yds.. 14 Grand Shift. £1. 16 Tango In The Night WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED: 2-4-9 2 2 2011: Mush Mir 4-11-5 J McGrath 15-8 (N Henderson)..37 Cragaknock Ciara (nb) (5-2-3) 7.. IMJOEKING (10-7) 10-1 chased leaders JACK ALBERT half-brother to Breaking Storm. soon clear...... the 2009 Foxhunter Chase winner has had just seven outings over fences......46)......08 Ardera Candy (nap) (1-2-4) 2.... headway 11th. 5............... CF: £8.91 TC £44... 24l.. Mr R Hawker (7) 92 509 25-1357 THE FERICK 18 G Swinbank 6-11-2 . C Huxley — SUN BETTING: 9-4 Kruzhlinin. £1..... although he did run well on his reappearance at Ascot. But owner Andy Stewart said: “It is a handicap at Haydock and I would prefer him starting as usual at Newbury’s Hennessy meeting.15S Beamazed 2.. P Buchanan l99 7 392. November 12........ N Henderson 3.. nLONGEST TRAVELLER: Minella For Party (1...25C Cilliseal 12.. 4th of 14 (btn 26l) to Trucking CAPPA BLEU (10-10) 16-1 mid-diviAlong (10-3) (Wetherby 23/4m hcap sion.......42 Solo Princess (3-1-2) 12..60... will gallop before racing at Exeter on Wednesday. 4... B Case.. bt Rowan Tiger (10-9) ns (8 ran) (Leicester 2m nov hdle (4) £2. this chance because Chris was suspended for one Test...054 soft).uk League.159 carried over to Southwell..924 good to soft)......... He is being touted for both chairman positions at the FA and the Premier League.. 5th of 8 (btn 26l) to chased leading pair 4 out. A P McCoy 2. travelled on bit from £24. Ex: £3...249 heavy)..... headed.80.13)... bt Vamizi (11-0) 5l (13 ran) (Carlisle SOFT SPOKEN GUY (10-1) 13-2 headway 4 out... 33 D’Argent Cloud WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED: 1 2011: Speed Master 5-10-12 A P McCoy 4-9 Fav (N Henderson).. D Bass 98 407 142810..00 Cloud Creeper M Molloy to D McCain..30.30C Kykate 3......30... Mr Kevin Jones (7) 94 512 86-4FP5 MEZARAT 16 (T) M Gates 7-10-8......12..... 12...506 heavy).. A P Cawley — 307 219 LISTEN AND LEARN 15 Jonjo O’Neill 4-10-12.... P Moloney — 7 5190-14 KYKATE 177 (T) W Kinsey 6-10-9 ...... headed 3 out......25 By CLAUDE DUVAL weight with 11st 8lb.. D Cook rides Powerful Ambition (1...054..24 TC £68. bt Bonnie Burnett (10-10) 2l along 4f out.....02.96). £1. 7 from 35.. kept on strongly.......... 4...55C Jawbreaker 1.. 9-4 Rossini’s Dancer..... PLACEPOT: £222. T: £1..T) T Vaughan 6-10-10.. 2......20S Strong Soul 3........... 2.. “But I didn’t see myself as keeping his seat warm either..... It was a really depressing changing room and now it’s back to the drawing board...... Ex: £15..CD) Mrs P Robeson 6-11-5.. A Thornton 98 203 22-4362 KILVERGAN BOY 33 (D) N Twiston-Davies 8-11-8 ..... 2 High Ho Sheriff (141)...BALLYALTON 264 I Williams 5-10-12 .....09 Kilahara Paddy 11-4f (3-4-2 £13..74 TC £41.....33 TC £39.62).. ACROSS THE BAY (2....29.. CF: £8......45S Lord Landen 2... D Costello 85 511 339870P GALLEY SLAVE 8 (T... 8 Walkon..27 Stepaside Jeep (nb) (3-1-5) 12..04 Fast Track Home (5-6-1) 12.. 12..599....26 GETHIN JENKINS admits Wales must go back to the drawing board after being pounded by the Pumas... Nicholls told me yesterday: “Al Ferof went well in a two-mile gallop for Daryl Jacob today and confirmed he is ready to run at Cheltenham. R Mania — 3 4-47215 THE MAGIC BISHOP 18 (T........... Gougane.... bt Outrageous ATTYCRAN (11-0) 13-2 tracked leadRequest (11-0) 6l (9 ran) (Perth 2m ers.. (7 runners) nPADDY POWER GOLD CUP.....45S Gougane 2.97 TC £94... 4th of 8 (btn 10l) to (4) £3.30.......75. 21%.. 10-3 Cilliseal. D Bass — 205 2-16079 OSCAR LENEY 33 (T) J Dreaper (Ire) 6-10-6 ...079.TWO OSCARS 218 A Crook 6-11-0.. (9-14) £80...... no chanRebel Swing (10-13) WHATS UP ce with winner.. headed soon after 2 out.80......... JOSEPH LISTER (11-0) 9-2 headway 6th.20C Snapping Turtle 3.....48 Swift Adidas 5-2 (6-5-3 £13... N Henderson 17-51...... A Coleman 94 411 28940-2 BANDANAMAN 18 G Swinbank 6-10-4 ...37 Catcherintherye 4-1 (46-1 £30.... 5 ran.. Although a 10-year-old..... 1...268 good)... T Phelan rides Reg’s Ruby (12.15S Imjoeking 2. 3m 110yds.........14 Droopys Makenzie (5-6-2) 8.20S Tango In The Night 3. Round trip of 356 miles......12 Wisbech (3-6-5) 12...28 TC £30. P Buchanan — 5 JACK ALBERT Mrs D Sayer 5-10-12..599 good)..00..PHOENIX RETURNS 304 G Swinbank 4-11-0 .. 3 Harvey’s Hope..45S Makari 1. 2.. £3. out.... outpaced next.. brush-type hurdles.33. Tom Johnson and Ugo Monye added one each and referee Glen Jackson awarded England a penalty try. Miss L Russell 3. all out.... and was denied a hat-trick by a fraction........45S Sainglend 2.20 QUADPOT: £38.00 BUMPER CHALLENGE (STANDARD OPEN NH FLAT RACE) (6)...00 No Deal nLIVE ON RUK TEMPLEGATE’S TRIO: Fog Patches (Carlisle) and Kilvergan Boy (double. 7 Set In Her Ways.... 1 BRASS TAX D Jacob (6-1). H Haynes 98 4 1/P88-7 WHATS UP WOODY 18 (CD) J Wade 7-11-4 ..... 10 Royal Mackintosh. (16 runners) on well. Rossini’s Dancer 1........16 TC £51. kept on one pace...... 21-4 £5. J Reveley l99 409 2143-97 HI TIDE 32 (C) J R Jenkins 8-10-9.... last of 11 (btn 22l) to Palawi (10-8) (Musselburgh 2m hcap hdle (2) £19..15S D’Argent Cloud 1. CHARLIE SHARPLES is warning FIJI .......327........... 4 Reg’s Ruby..144 heavy)............ Mandarin Sunset V Thompson to J Ewart.25C Set In Her Ways 2. 5....king@the-sun...27 Airforce Allstar (nb) (2-1-5) 7.45S Smart Act 1....JEANO DE TOULOUSE 206 O Sherwood 5-10-12 ..52 TC £30.494 good)....738 soft)....15S No Deal 4.. 3.... 3. 20 Soft Spoken Guy WHERE FAVOURITES FINISHED: 5 1-3 2 2011: Sarando 6-11-7 W Kennedy 7-2 (P Webber)..... 2 Qualviro (2-1 fav). £4.......TANGO IN THE NIGHT 217 C Bealby 5-10-12 ...11 Dans Quick Pick (5-6-1) 7....

FTR-Honda) 49:50.. sweet revenge for that Olympic final defeat in August... Sestaret 2. A Dodt (Aus) 67..... Murray’s face was a picture of abject disappointment — and understandably so.... technically. no more energy left — but the adrenalin kept me going... (Tha) 70... 4 M Ostberg (Nor.... 213... Houston 96 Detroit 82. S Dyson 71........” RYAN HALL helped England to the Autumn Internationals trophy at the end of the 2012 season — but the hard work really starts now... Yamaha) 350pts.. Charnley. I was walking slowly....... 2 Ford 309... The Saints quarterback (right) fired three touchdown passes — two in the final quarter to tight-end Jimmy Graham — as Atlanta Falcons were beaten 31-27.. Honda) 254. Trott 61 no.... Jonny Bairstow and Kevin Pietersen.... 6 A Dovizioso (Ita. Leeds Carnegie 38 Moseley 12. M King bt A Monk 5-3.. Manufacturers .. 5 M Pirro (Ita.... Patel 6-0-26-1.... “But knowing it’s the last match of the season..48 was for Kevin Sinfield to lift silverware..... 4 A Bautista (Spa.... SCOREBOARD MURRAY IN A SWEAT... Baltimore 55 Oakland 20. . HOCKEY MEN’S LEAGUE: Prem . Seve and Tiger who have won two Majors before they were 25.... B.” Steven Finn (thigh strain) bowled off his full run in the nets for the second time yesterday while Stuart Broad (bruised heel) also had a crack. LDN WELSH (9) 15 EXETER (8) 42 LONDON WELSH: Pens: Ross 5.. it’s a harder climb now....0 coach Duncan Fletcher..... Indiana 89 Washington 85.45). (Overnight 118-0... 4 ART 100. who says Woods’ four-year Majors drought is proof of how badly he was scarred by revelations of his extra-marital romps. .B Dolan bt P Nicholson (Aus) 5-2. Amla 104.... 283 T Olesen (Den) 73. PG Monday. Citroen) 4:16:15. South . J Van Zyl (SA) 69......7 Nick Faldo (1987-96) . lb 5) ...30am alarm clock.900. Bell 62. co.133 Wkts: 36. NEW YORK GIANTS lost 31-13 at Cincinnati thanks to a four-touchdown display from Bengals quarterback Andy And Faldo. .2-2-21-1.. Ford) 154. Final standings: Drivers 1 S Loeb (Fra. Panesar 10-5-18-1... he won’t catch Jack......brenner@the-sun. EXETER: Tries: Carrick-Smith.... Golden State 101 Denver AMERICAN FOOTBALL NFL .. It’s a pleasure now. Ford) 4:14:36..... Rana 14-1-42-1..Glasgow 87 London 73. Durham 68 Plymouth 113..... Group B .. 2 K Nakasuga (Jpn...” Woods turns 37 next month.. 88.....” s.... ALASTAIR COOK is confident India’s refusal to allow England’s batsmen to face spin bowling will spectacularly backfire in the First Test.. out DREW BREES halted the only unbeaten team left in the NFL and breathed new life into New Orleans’ Super Bowl hopes.. C Saini has been a message of 13-2-46-0...... Spanish duo Marcel Granollers and Marc Lopez ran out 6-4 6-3 winners... Southgate 2 Canterbury 1... C Kist (Hol) bt W Jones 5-1.. Cannock 3 East Grinstead 5.... RUGBY LEAGUE INTERNATIONALS ENGLAND (18) 48 FRANCE (0) 4 ENGLAND: Tries: Hall 4. Tomkins 2... A Da Silva (Bra) 70.... TENNIS BARCLAYS ATP WORLD TOUR FINALS (O2 Arena. Group E . when the slow men should be in operation on wearing pitches..... “He has to do all the right things but he has 20-odd years left in the game.... Ford) 124.... the bar has been raised higher than ever before...1 Sandeep Singh c Prior b Onions .... Compton 74.. 220.......... Samit Patel. Mishra 4-67. Nowell 2. R Karlberg (Swe) 71.. well for England..0 charge of England. “He’s so hard to stop though when he gets ahead and when I gave him the advantage it was difficult to get back in. THE LV CUP: Pool Stage LDN IRISH (10) 34 SALE (18) 28 LONDON IRISH: Tries: Garvey 2... That is the verdict of Nick Faldo. McIlroy.1 S Loeb (Fra... Chicago 87 Minnesota 80. Vashisht 17-3-64-0..... Honda) 48mins 23.... from but clearly there Bowling: Budhwar 20-4-51-3.. D Fichardt (SA) 66.334 (Dewan 144 no..48 Cook’s not ATP WORLD TOUR FINALS: DAY 7 worried by spin doctor From JOHN ETHERIDGE in Ahmedabad Monday..” d.. Honda) 49:24. 3 C Stoner (Aus...... FRANCE: Try: Pala. 254. Group F . Finn remains the more likely to play in the Test and Cook acknowledges that thrusting them both into such a vital match would be a gamble. They and that’s the culture are very keen to do we’re trying to build.... who had finished tied with South African Louis Oosthuizen on 13-under.. Ford) 4:16:25. is an indoor phenomenon and gained sweet...7 Sam Snead (1942-54) .271 M Manassero (Ita) 69. 2 D Pedrosa (Spa. Meaker.. Burrow.... 3 Ducati 192.. I will look back on everything positively — it would be wrong not to. Att: 67....084....... everyFRANCE. Carolina 14 Denver 36. Meaker 7-2-19-1. I have been around the block a few times and that was something.. The next few days are vital for them and we must go into the Test with a fully-fit attack.. Sunny Singh 55). G Anderson bt J Part (Can) 5-4....2 who used to be in Pietersen c C Saini b Yadav . and now there’s Rory... Bresnan 7-2-13-2. ROGER ’N OUT” But he still praises best year ANDY MURRAY’S magic year came crashing to a halt last night........... Att: 7..19 Yadav not out ..100.. After the summer he has just had....... Amesbury.. Manassero said: “It ended up really nice but for three days in a row I had a 5. “I think the crowd was electric..2 overs of spin — less than 11 per cent of the total overs bowled..500... Group C . Doubles: Semi-finals . MOTOR SPORT WRC RALLY OF SPAIN (Catalunya): Final positions after Stage 18 . A Hansen (Den) 68.. Djokovic said: “This year has been a great success.J Wade bt J Dekker (Hol) 5-1.45 BLUE SQUARE BET: North .427.. Skivington... And the 19-year-old had just 27 minutes between his third and fourth rounds yesterday...000..T O'Shea bt A Lewis 5-4... Test here on Thursday HARYANA First Innings . 107 (OT). Dundee 5 Edinburgh 4..8 TOTAL (6 wkts dec..... 31.... Yang (Kor) 69. By DAVID FACEY Run of birdies ruined Tiger* tipping out a bag of balls and hitting them from 9-5 and just thinking of golf....... Portland 109 San Antonio 112.Charlotte 101 Dallas 97 (OT).... J Luiten (Hol) 76.. 5 FTRKawasaki 43.. Cons: Cipriani 2. 96.... 2 J-M Latvala (Fin. M Granollers (Spa) & M Lopez (Spa) bt J Marray & F Nielsen (Den) 6-4 6-3........1 D Pedrosa (Spa. 278 P Casey 70. C Saini.... 94. The Italian (left) had to get up at 5... “But it’s wrecked that wonderful tranquillity you get of going to a golf course.....654.. Group H ..... lb 2. It went to a tiebreak.. 6 BQR 35. B Wiesberger (Aut) 70.2 instruction from India Bresnan c Mishra b Budhwar . 2012 49 ACE RYAN’S UP FOUR IT By GARY CARTER SIN THE BAG . Toronto 83 Philadelphia 93. Federer celebrates win over Andy Murray Crowned Breesy does it From SIMON VENESS JON SPAIN PAIN WIMBLEDON champs Jonny Marray and Freddie Nielsen lost their ATP World Tour semifinal at the O2 last night. Murray admitted: “He played well.... Yamaha) 49:01.South Africa 450 (Kallis 147. Pen: Laidlaw...630.......144. which Federer nicked — and he never looked back. Manufacturers . karma. Cincinnati 31 NY Giants 13... Cons: Laidlaw 2. Five England batsmen scored centuries in those matches and every member of the Test top seven reached at least one 50.” Jonathan Trott scored a second innings century yesterday and became the fifth man to pass three figures after Cook... A Scott (Aus) 70. Faldo added: “I have been very impressed with Rory..Bristol 39 Jersey 16.... 253. Cook added: “Mishra N Saini c Prior b Panesar .. Amit Mishra. did not send down a single over in England’s second innings as their final warm-up match finished in a draw.2 overs) . took the second set in just 32 minutes.. “That is why I keep practising in front of no people — nights like this inspire you to keep working hard.. R Green (Aus) 69... some sort not to bowl HARYANA Second Innings spin to us..Bradford PA v Gainsborough (7... Utah 94 Phoenix 81.. . Smith. ... Cons: Humphreys 4...... He said “Those revelations have done more damage than people would give them credit for... L Oosthuizen (SA) 67 (Manassero won at 3rd play-off hole)..... A Hamilton bt B Bates 5-2...79 Trott retd hurt . Petersen 64) v Australia 111-3... 242.14 Patel c Sunny Singh b Budhwar . Group G ....... 282 T Wiratchant INTERNATIONALS SCOTLAND (17) 22 N ZEALAND (34) 51 SCOTLAND: Tries: Visser 2.... “It puts him in a special category.... NEW ZEALAND: Tries: Dagg. believes the American (right) has virtually no chance of getting the four he needs to match Nicklaus’ haul..... Yadav 4-110). Citroen) 213... DARTS WILLIAM HILL GRAND SLAM OF DARTS (W’hampton): Group A ... CRICKET: Fifth One-Day International . ..E... mentally. Hore... Bowling: Onions 9-2-34-1..... “Physically. who crushed Muzza’s Wimbledon dream in the summer......... 242. Cipriani. G Charoenkul (Tha) 69...18 Tiger Woods (1997-2008) ....... BASKETBALL BBL CHAMPIONSHIP .. McNamara said: “The “This group is very players are very close united. But Federer is not a 17-time Grand Slam champion for nothing.....S Waites bt C Stompe (Hol) 5-1... “He has shattered that peace and he won’t get that back. Patel spinners in the First 67.facey@ the-sun...D Winstanley bt J Hubbard 5-2.. Yadav 8. Cardiff 4 Fife 0.. G Bhullar (Ind) 72.. But as gratifying as it ENGLAND. Citroen) 270pts. “I had to switch off between shots.... London): Singles: Semi-finals N Djokovic (Ser) bt J M Del Potro (Arg) 4-6 6-3 6-2.. 4 M Ostberg (Nor..... Att: 8. 45...” Murray was understandably gutted last night — especially as he began in style..... 3 C Stoner (Aus. Extras (b 4. Surrey 81 Leicester 74. Did Not Bat: Vashisht... Mini) 4:30:37..Sri Lanka v New Zealand (Hambantota. Pens: H Slade 2.... the little demons start to sit on your shoulders because you have seen one too many bad shots.” RUGBY UNION SPORTS ROUND-UP: RESULTS & FIXTURES Geraghty. who will concentrate on his singles game next year. 279 P Mickelson (US) 67.... got the best chance of England coach Steve being successful....... Kevin Sinfield holds aloft the trophy Figures “Only the four Tests will tell us whether their plan has worked.R van Barneveld (Hol) bt M Walsh 5-0.. Pens: Humphreys 2.. the Swiss really is a racket-holding magician......... Sure.14 Walter Hagen (1914-29) ......7 Bobby Jones (1923-30)..521 Co will face India’s (Pietersen 110..7 Mishra not out . Goals: Sinfield 8..7.. he could come back and do things but he won’t be dominant like he was... New Orleans 31 Atlanta 27. And when the world No 2 broke to get back to 4-4.. Savea 2...... 9am).. 5 A Bautista (Spa.. full of confidence and ENGLAND Second Innings runs..8 Arnold Palmer (1958-64) ...254 Cook insisted: “I don’t Wkts:... Citroen) 4hrs 14mins 29.9 Tom Watson (1975-83). November 12..6 TALENTED teen ace Matteo Manassero said he was looking forward to a lie-in after winning the Singapore Open...1 Honda 412pts. That’s really tiring. 3 J-M Latvala (Fin... Everybody had to do that so the pace of play was quite slow. November 12.... Pietersen 3-1-13-0. Granollers and Lopez clinched victory on their second match point... Hampstead & Westminster 2 Surbiton 2. Yamaha) 49:54......48 certainly a direct Prior run out ... Panesar... 2 M Hirvonen (Fin. NBA ... 5 P Solberg (Nor..” World No 1 Djokovic reached today’s final by fighting back from a set down to defeat Juan Martin Del Potro of Argentina 4-6 6-3 6-2.819secs.242. W-C Liang (Chn) 71. 3 M-Sport 170. We can’t control how the opposition play. Cornish Pirates 53 Rotherham Titans 21..25 Khod c Prior b Bresnan ... World No 1 Rory McIlroy slotted a final-hole eagle to take third........... THE CHAMPIONSHIP .....9 Ben Hogan (1946-53) .......... Murray’s aggression and intent were there from the start as Federer was broken in his first service game.. The Spanish pair will now take on Mahesh Bhupathi and Rohan Bopanna tonight... Ch’ship standings: Riders 1 J Lorenzo (Spa.. Buffalo 31.. 42 overs) ..... know who it has come Did Not Bat: Onions. New England 37 .. TODAY’S SPORT FA CUP (with Budweiser) 1st Round Replay AFC Wimbledon v York . Pens: Cipriani 3. W Newton bt M Phillips 5-2.. 2 Yamaha 386... Honda) 332... Yet Murray will look back at a lacklustre display in the second set which helped Fed book the chance to be crowned king of world tennis for a whopping SEVENTH time..30am for three days in a row to complete the storm-hit tournament..W Harms bt T Jenkins 5-2.. I guess.. 276 F Molinari (Ita) 68.. “I think everyone in our batting unit is feeling confident ahead of that First Test. Y..921..... I started well and he came back into it. Foster... MARRAY .. had enough left in the tank to seal a play-off victory after three MATT CLOCKS IN By NICK KING extra holes.... I was really flat. But Fed. Yamaha) 218. Jane... Att: 2........ Cons: H Slade 3.. (Final day of 4) Haryana drew with England It means Cook and ENGLAND First Innings ..M Bhupathi (Ind) & R Bopanna (Ind) bt L Paes (Ind) & R Stepanek (Cze) 4-6 6-1 12-10.. Cons: Carter 6.... 2012 PG Captain Cook and his team-mates were shielded from top-class twirly men in their three warm-up matches — and that helped them plunder runs by the bucketload.. P Meesawat (Tha) 71. Andy toils at the O2 as Roger Federer is dominan t *AND NICK DOESN’T MEAN THE GOLF ONES TIGER WOODS’ sex scandals have wrecked his chances of eclipsing Jack Nicklaus as the greatest golfer of all time..480.. “You can’t tire of nights like this...50 Dewan lbw b Meaker . GOLF BARCLAYS SINGAPORE OPEN (Sentosa): Final .. a wristspinner with 14 Test caps and Haryana’s only top-class bowler.452....... The strategy of shieldCompton 54 no) ing England from spin Compton c N Saini b Rana .. “I would have loved to The British No 1 was aiming to make it a terrific treble in 2012 after brilliantly bagging Olympic and US Open glory.. ICE HOCKEY RAPID SOLICITORS ELITE LEAGUE Coventry 2 Hull 1.. 162. Miami 3 Tennessee 37.... 274 R McIlroy 65.. Ducati) 163..3 Extras (b 5.. STEVE BRENNER have finished the year by winning this tournament....5 Sunny Singh c Prior b Bresnan .. w 2) . it really was game on. Spain) . Special The Leeds winger scored four tries. England faced only 13.. added: “It’s we are doing will all building towards guarantee success in next year — I hope. 277 C Wood 72. Cross. ...7 Gene Sarazen (1922-35) ..... Honda) 49:26. S Whitlock (Aus) bt K Painter 5-4.......11 Gary Player (1959-78). Khod 3-0-24-0. Group D ..Minnesota 34 Detroit 24.. SALE: Tries: Peel... S S P Chowrasia (Ind) Jack Nicklaus (1962-86) ........ But Manassero. they’re friends to coach them. The problem was Muzza ran into tennis genius Roger Federer who put on a majestic masterclass to win 7-6 6-2 and set up a mouthwatering ATP World Tour final with Novak Djokovic... “But for me it’s been the best year of my career by miles.. M van Gerwen (Hol) bt R Thornton 5-3. 23.101 bowling was almost Bell c Rana b Budhwar . “People thought he would deal with it and then get back on the golf course... Tampa Bay 34 San Diego 24. Haul almost went missing in this game.. . The last of Woods’ 14 Major wins was the 2008 US Open. R Federer (Swi) bt A Murray 7-6 6-2. A nightmare service game at 1-1 pretty much sealed Murray’s fate as Fed.4 one is under no illusions that it is a the World Cup but it stepping stone towards will guarantee we’ve next year’s World Cup......1 Citroen 453pts....7 Harry Vardon (1896-1914) .. “On the 13th hole I was not feeling great......T Hankey bt S Beaton 5-3. It could be Marray’s last game with Dane Nielsen.” Faldo also pointed out that Rory McIlory is now the dominant force in golf after taking over as World No 1 and topping the money list for 2012 on both sides of the Atlantic. Ford) 149. “It starts to eat away at you and he has that going on.. Budhwar... including the 150th of his career.. Cook 97....... “There has only been Jack.... was already guaranteed top spot in America but a third place in Singapore yesterday means he now cannot be caught by his European Tour rivals..... G Coetzee (SA) 70. MOTOGP (Valencia...10 TOTAL (6 wkts.. Reading 2 Loughborough Students MHC 2. 6 V Rossi (Ita......... Milwaukee 92 Boston 96. 75. Cook not out . CRICKET FIRST TEST MATCH (Brisbane): 3rd day of 5 .....Brooklands MU 3 Beeston 2... 4 A Dovizioso (Ita. L Slattery 70....13 Rana lbw b S R Patel . 281 S Kapur (Ind) 72.. Pens: Carter 3.” “I’m not saying what Hall....... I’m really going to try to give my best physically and mentally to eventually try to get the trophy.. Federer said: “It was the third time for us this year in London so that makes it extra special..45). 275 T Bjorn (Den) 68... Europe’s most successful post-war golfer with six Major wins. On nights like this..... 24. Honda) 178........... and Faldo (right) added: “As you get older in this game. 110.... He didn’t bowl many overs so clearly there was a message of some kind... C Nirat (Tha) 69. 5 J Nikara (Fin. 3 M Hirvonen (Fin....100secs. So I would lean towards no. He said: “It’s great to see Stuart and Finny bowling again.. P Taylor bt M Webster 5-2. 280 F Aguilar (Chi) 68..Boreham Wood v Basingstoke (7. In the second innings of the three practice matches combined.. But all of us have scored runs and that’s all we can do.....

Jermain Defoe and Alex OxladeChamberlain are all set to miss the clash in Stockholm through injury. Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez is the most frightening array of attacking talent Alex Ferguson has ever had. Darting Ferguson talks a lot about his movement — and it is fantastic. Rooney and Hernandez all hitting 20 goals plus this season. 2012 PG AWESOME FOURSOME . Every team Ferguson has produced does this. Rooney. A tenacious Villa side played extremely well and deserved a 2-0 lead. Team played as planned. As revealed in Sunsport. November 12. Kyle Walker. In Braga they were 1-0 down and playing poorly going into the last 10 minutes. Teams subconsciously retreat when they have a lead against United because they just know they are going to come back. And yes it was a hat-trick for me. ANOTHER DAY another incredible comeback from Manchester United. Only Neville and England manager Roy Hodgson will know how to get round that. A host of big clubs have the Everton man on their ‘must see’ list. He is always darting around the penalty area to get an opening. this team has got some firepower. Wayne Rooney. said: “If we have top players and cannot give them trophies or European football. There will come a time when Neville will have to analyse or criticise an England player Nev’s awkward role when he has a bad game he is covering for TV. belief and determination that overwhelms opponents. it becomes more difficult for us to have the season that we hoped to have. Van Persie and (inset) Welbeck From Back Page errors. They won 3-1. Ferguson’s play with a vigour. . as do the whole Manchester United team. Last night. I agree that it could get awkward. I can see Van Persie. yes. MANCHESTER CITY’S Carlos Tevez has had a go at Gary Neville for his dual role as Sky TV pundit and England coach. “But the disappointment is that we are not getting the reward that he is looking for — and that we are all looking for. ZAHA .” D-DAY Robin van Persie. It is their lack of belief that undoes them and. This is no fluke. who values Fellaini at £30million. while Carl Jenkinson has received international clearance to join England after formerly playing for Finland Under-19s. is that unwavering belief that they are going to score. I may have to accept what they’re thinking.Alan SHEARER 50 Monday. Hernandez. who has played five times for E n g l a n d Under-21s. More importantly Manchester United know it too. Must win next. Again United came back and won. Ivory Coast-born Zaha has been rewarded for his form for Palace in the Championship with a call-up from Three Lions boss Roy Hodgson (below). “He saw positive things in our play and that encouraged him — it encourages us. goodness. Just witness this week. You just knew even at 2-0 down on Saturday that they were going to come back. TEV RAP . What they all have. right now. But in his current role Neville is seeing more football than anyone — and that can only be good. One error cost us and we got to take our chances. Belief Compare their fighting mentality to Arsenal right now who have twice given away two-goal leads this last week to end up drawing. But he said: “When January comes I have to decide. It is not as if it is just this Manchester United team either. It is not just about relying on one man in Van Persie — they have had 13 different scorers this season. will do again. Then we have Hernandez. The little Mexican went quiet last season after a fantastic first campaign but he is alive again.” Zaha has been heavily linked with a January move to Arsenal. he tweeted: “wow everything’s happening so fast. Hughes said: “The chairman has been to many games. Dwight Yorke. undoubtedly. . Then Saturday at Villa Park. Saturday was the seventh time they have come back from two goals down or more to win in the Premier League era — a record. It was the same in the home game against the Portuguese side when they were 2-0 down and won 3-2. While a lot of teams subconsciously wind down in the final minutes of a game.” Captain Steven Gerrard will have a late fitness test on a knee problem. He was here today and at Arsenal. no matter what the dubious goals panel or whoever say about his second. And. There is also a late call-up for Tottenham’s Tom Huddlestone. they are going to win. Van Persie is the main man and his link-up play with Rooney makes it look like they have been together for years. This season alone they have come from behind to win eight times in all competitions. The way he set off for that Paul Scholes throughball for his first goal is an example of that. . energy.” Moyes in Fell fear Marvellous — Super Goals P7 come for Rooney undoubtedly as he is world class. Aaron Lennon. he has been trailed by Ivory Coast’s management. They lack the fear factor that Manchester United has. Sparky admitted: “It’s an important game. He insisted Fernandes (above) is “encouraged” by the team’s recent showings. “Our aim is to have a really progressive season. Boss Moyes. the hat-trick hero from Villa Park on Saturday. Everyone understands the significance of it now.” Saints are next up at Loftus Road on Saturday — boasting one point more than Rangers. Add to that nine in four Champions League games and five in two Capital One Cup games and it makes an incredible 43 goals in 17 games this season. “It’s still early in the season but the longer this run goes on. DAVID MOYES has admitted he faces an uphill struggle to keep Marouane Fellaini. More goals will They may leak goals at the other end but. As soon as they got one you knew two and three would follow — and you sense Villa did as well. It is a belief that has already taken Ferguson’s teams a long way and.” Hughes says he is unaffected by the hysteria surrounding his position. they are a team low on confidence — even with a two-goal lead. Welbeck needs to improve his goals-per-chances ratio but his workrate opens up spaces. But Zaha. On Friday Ferguson targeted the 100-goal barrier in the league for his team — and already they have 29 from 11 games. I include the fantastic four from 1999 of Andy Cole. this time 3-2. Sun yesterday From Back Page Shelvey. Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. . has always insisted he wanted to play for the Three Lions.

” From Back Page a perfect return to Toon with his 37th-minute strike to fire Hammers team into sixth place. “While Andy’s struggling to get a goal — and we would like him to get one — Kevin’s scoring them. CARROLL: Had every reason to milk victory but was restrained. And he admitted: “It was a perfect scenario for me to score. “It’s five goals in 11 games for him and it should be six because he’s also had one chalked off. CARL JENKINSON was surely Gunner celebrate last night after a weekend to remember. relief when he was Jenkinson. . “That was down to the support I got when I was at Newcastle.000 a week. Nolan came back to haunt Newcastle by bagging the winner at St James’ Park yesterday — the Scouser’s fifth of the season. but has a Finnish mother. CARROLL: Always ready to backtrack and support his defence. was play for the Three called up by Hodgson Lions after previously to train with the turning out for England squad prior to Finland’s Under-19s. a boyhood given the green light to Gunners fan. “But I was never going to celebrate scoring here. “Kevin’s our captain and leading goalscorer. Allardyce said: “Kevin’s relationship with Andy is such a good one that I don’t need to do a lot of coaching with the two of them. and has also forced his way into Arsenal’s Champions League side And there was great this season. But this was a great result for us. BIG PALS . . WORKRATE BA: One lung-busting 80-yard sprint showed he was up for this game.PREMIER NEWCASTLE 0 WEST HAM 1 NOLAN 37 PG Monday. and he has deputising for injured impressed so much. they instinctively play off each other. West Ham’s Captain Marvel caused Alan Pardew’s men all sorts of problems in tandem with ex-Toon team-mate Carroll as the Hammers climbed to sixth. he has got us the win with his goal and his instincts in the box are there for all to see. CELEBRATION VERDICT BA: Clearly gutted at defeat. 20. who qualifier in Poland. was unable to play has made eight Premier because his clearance League appearances had not come through. And he was also given international clearance to join Roy Hodgson’s England squad for Wednesday night’s friendly in Sweden. It was emotional. “Andy’s getting better and better as time goes on for us and that partnership with Kevin is brilliant. I never will. Nolan joined West Ham at the start of last season from Newcastle in a £5million deal. Carroll and Nolan The talented right-back was handed a new fiveyear contract by Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger at the Emirates. CARROLL: Abuse was muted compared to last year. November 12. FANS’ REACTION BA: They appreciated his attitude. And Upton Park boss Allardyce is convinced that the pair — big pals off the field — take their understanding on to it to prove a constant nightmare for Premier League defences. CARROLL: Missed great late chance but aerial presence played part in winner. last month’s World Cup Jenkinson. By ANDREW DILLON Jenks joined the Gunners only 15 this season and earned months ago from rave reviews while Charlton. so we’re reaping the benefits of that relationship. . “The combination of the two of them is causing problems for other teams. After leading West Ham to a 1-0 triumph — their first win on Tyneside for 14 years — against his old club. 2012 By ANDY BAKER SAM ALLARDYCE hailed Kevin Nolan and Andy Carroll — his telepathic strike twins. “Long may it continue because it’s getting us victories and points on the board. He was snapped up has landed a deal believed to be worth by Wenger for £1million in July last year £32. he Bacary Sagna. Jenko is handed new deal 51 Relief Sweeter NO SHOW “If anything.” HEAD-TO-HEAD: BA v CARROLL FORMER Newcastle hero Andy Carroll took on exHammer Demba Ba — but who came out on top now they have switched clubs? THREAT BA: The Senegal striker was restricted to longrange efforts.

The ex-Norwich star. The ex-Manchester United midfielder. Adebayor was greeted with boos that got louder and he was jeered from the pitch. 19. you never get less than 100 per cent from Aguero. I think Jermain understood it was for the best of the team. Here I saw the same spirit that I saw last year. It was difficult to hold on. “It’s the way at every club. we worked on three at the back too because we knew it could serve us at certain moments. “During this week. in Dzeko. I said then ‘We can only pick 11 players and put people on the substitutes’ bench’. 2012 53 AGUERO 65. AGU ERO has guar ante ed himself cult status at City.” Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas admitted that. “Once you have played 60-65 minutes then you want to freshen it up. We tried to hold on to the 1-1. He has got some heavy goals for us. Caulker stoops to head Spurs in front Barcelona’s Argentine ace has surpassed Brazilian hero Pele’s goals record for club and country in a calendar year. “It gave them the momentum to get the winner. it’s individual brilliance MARTIN BLACKBURN But AVB admitted City chief Roberto Mancini made a key switch early in the second half as he reverted to a back three. 49. But we’ve got a lot of players that would play in almost every Premier League team.blackburn@the-sun. said: “The key moment came at 1-1.” Just like against Chelsea last month when they lost 4-2.” This was the fourth time this season the champions have come from behind to win. AGUERO reacted angrily when he did not win a first-half penalty but otherwise kept his cool. when Everton won 2-1 at the Etihad. But Sergio Aguero levelled and Edin Dzeko again proved to be City’s supersub with a brilliant late winner. City striker Mario Balotelli watched the game from the stands amid reports City are willing to sell him back to Inter Milan in January. Pele — that’s official. “We had a lot of important players injured. After West Brom when he came on and scored two goals. CROOK has as coach of Sydney FC after just two wins from his six games in charge. WE’RE BACK was a huge win because it was a difficult moment. IAN P quit 0 England to beat Sweden at 5/4 WINS £45 From Back Page his lack of opportunities from the bench — but he is certainly making an impact. Adebayor began like he meant business but ended up being subbed — without an effort of note.” Meanwhile. a little bit more height. With Edin we felt we needed an injection. He snubbed games with Latvia. “He continues to be on the bench — and come on to destroy the opposition. . last year we won the championship because of goals from our strikers. Bizarre The White Hart Lane chief (right) failed to react and it had the desired effect as City hit back to win thanks to late goals from Sergio Aguero and supersub Edin Dzeko. to come on when his team needs him deserves great credit and surprises me. sometimes it doesn’t. sometimes it pays off. “It gave them more attacking volume. Platt added: “It shows there’s a belief — that we don’t go under — we continue to play our football. Spurs slumped to defeat after taking the lead. When it went to 1-1 they gained motivation and attack after attack lifted the stadium. He added: “We lost because of an individual moment of brilliance from Dzeko. said the pressure of the job had started to affect his health. He said: “It was very difficult to leave Jermain out. Centre-back Steven Caulker headed visitors Tottenham in front after 21 minutes. Canada and Georgia. THE battle of two of City’s bigmoney buys from the Abu Dhabi era was clearly won by Aguero. It was part of the strategy we had for the game.” His reigning Premier League champions are now unbeaten in 11 league games this term. we went to three at the back. Platt said: “Yes.” At the break Spurs looked set to become the first team to beat City on their own patch in the league since December 2010 — when Everton won 2-1. “If there is a comparable situation to this one.” AGUERO v ADEBAYOR CITY striker Aguero did not have his best day but still plundered vital goal. Destroy “We had three important strikers today. We didn’t use it today because with four we looked stable. But a player who is happy on the bench does not exist. his legend can now only grow. Mancini said: “Edin is not happy. City made some changes and put three at the back to go all-out attack. But Platt said: “He was left out because the gaffer can only pick 18 players. boss Chris P WALES Coleman delighted JUVENTUS have axed Paul Pogba for poor time-keeping. Tottenham looked set to make it a Manchester away double as they took a firsthalf lead through Steven Caulker’s header. But they surrendered their advantage and spent much of the second half camped in their own half. d which makes the difference. “Individually Adebayor had a good performance. Villas-Boas was also criticised by former Spurs men Glenn Hoddle and Jamie Redknapp for his bizarre decision to axe Jermain Defoe. Messi (left) hit two against Mallorca in a 4-2 win to take his 2012 tally to 76. To have a player so strong like Dzeko. The England forward bagged a hat-trick in midweek against Maribor in the Europa League but had to make way for Clint Dempsey and Emmanuel Adebayor at the Etihad. Dzeko again proved to be key as he thumped in a superb late winner. 2012 PG PG Monday. We have made some mistakes in the Champions League but in football you can never say never. it is Chicharito. That is the danger when you are in a game. Mancini admitted his Bosnian forward Dzeko has been frustrated by CAULK ’N BREEZE . like I said against Chelsea.” m. City’s £24million striker strokes in equaliser ANDRE VILLAS-BOAS held up his hands and admitted he got it wrong as Spurs blew a great chance to down the champions. LIKE countryman Tevez. AVB. whose side Thumped Mancini dashed off home to Italy soon after the whistle to make the most of a few days off.” City have now equalled their Prem record of 17 matches unbeaten and looked more like their old selves in patches. has been dropped for two Serie A games after turning up late LIONEL MESSI is BETTER than for training. . But his assistant David Platt hailed the former Inter coach for the key tactical and personnel changes.52 PREMIER LEAGUE Monday. But AVB said: “It means we can compete with them but. He has now earned the champions nine points by coming on as a sub and is making a case for starting more regularly. Adebayor had a running battle with Zabaleta and caught him with a forearm late on. “We needed a goal But they looked set to lose at home for the first time in the top flight since December 2010. City have their own version of Manchester United’s Javier Hernandez. nine behind German Gerd Muller’s all-time mark. November 12. At Old Trafford it did. . Mata and Oscar were extremely good. . DZEKO 88 MANCHESTER CITY 2 TOTTENHAM T HOTSPUR 1 CAULKER 21 Messi breaks P Pele’s record Premier League bosses by holding a Wales training camp rather than play a friendly this week. . Adebayor could not be faulted either early on but lost heart when the ball did not come his way. “It was like that in the game against Chelsea. Picture: MARK ROBINSON won 3-2 at Manchester United in September. November 12. “After they scored I thought we were fantastic. He scored a vital equaliser as Adebayor faile to sustain his early GOAL THREATS WORKRATE FAN REACTION BUST-UPS VERDICT AGUHERO .

” Rodgers was adamant that his team deserved their point yesterday and took the blame for their poor first-half performance. But Chelsea fans sang his name. . having led the table by four points two weeks ago.” Suarez. who was playing his first Premier League game since completing a four-match ban for racially abusing QPR’s Anton Ferdinand. no deal has yet been agreed. But his goal could not ease the growing concerns of a manager whose team is currently on course to finish a staggering 55 points behind the eventual champions. 2012 55 CHELSEA TERRY 20 1 LIVERPOOL 1 SUAREZ 73 Lamps is on brink By SHAUN CUSTIS LAMPARD . Lamps. IT was Liverpool’s old goal hero against the new — and there was only one winner. “But we’re still playing well and creating chances and we’re in much better shape than in previous years and very close to our best. BRENDAN RODGERS admits Liverpool are still miles away from challenging for the Premier League title. And if he has sustained cruciate ligament damage.irwin@the-sun. SHORTLIVED . Suarez got involved everywhere. . Luis Suarez was a constant worry and got his reward. Terry enjoys goal before horror injury First The injury could not have come at a worse time for Terry. “But the players showed great character yet again to come from a goal down and to come to place like Chelsea and get a point is a terrific result. Di Matteo said: “We had just got John back into the team. injured ace talks to bench yesterday From Back Page in pain right now and will go to hospital in the morning. Luis Suarez’s 73rd-minute equaliser pegged back Chelsea and stretched Liverpool’s unbeaten league run to six games. PREMIER LEAGUE Man Utd Man City Chelsea Everton West Brom West Ham Tottenham Arsenal Fulham Newcastle Swansea Stoke Liverpool Wigan Norwich Sunderland Aston Villa Reading So’ton QPR P 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 10 11 10 11 11 W 9 7 7 5 6 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 3 2 1 2 0 1 0 D 0 4 3 5 2 3 2 4 4 5 4 6 6 2 5 6 3 6 2 4 L F A 2 29 16 0 20 10 1 23 11 1 21 14 3 17 12 3 14 11 4 18 16 3 18 11 3 24 19 3 12 15 4 16 15 3 9 10 3 14 16 6 12 18 4 8 18 3 7 11 6 10 17 4 12 18 8 15 29 7 8 20 WIN. Reports from China last night confirmed our SunSport exclusives dating back to March that the Chelsea and England midfielder is the No 1 priority for Super League side Guizhou Rehne. “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that. 2012 PG PG Monday.” Rodgers confirmed that he expects skipper Steven Gerrard to join up with the England squad today and win his 100th cap against Sweden on Wednesday night. who is brokering a number of deals in China. But although talks are continuing with Lampard.” But Jonjo Shelvey might have to withdraw from the squad after missing yesterday’s trip. Hugs to Terry. But those players don’t come cheap and there won’t be too many available in January. “They are being very lenient with myself and the team and I’m sure they will sometimes be frustrated but I knew it would be a difficult year.” m. . . Exercises He said: “I think Steve will be all right. Terry’s injury was sustained when striker Suarez fell on to his outstretched leg following a shove from behind by Chelsea midfielder Ramires.” But Chelsea boss Roberto Di Matteo was not satisfied with the result. . I’m afraid. MARK IRWIN it will be fantastic if we can improve on that. went on Twitter to voice his concern for Terry. WORKRATE CHELSEA fans appreciated Torres putting in a shift and tracking back to win the ball. The Italian complained: “We needed to score a second goal to kill the game off and we had the chances to do that but missed the opportunities. has been offered £250. . we have to develop it.” The move is being masterminded by super agent Pini Zahavi. Rodgers added: “Jonjo felt his thigh a bit during some shooting exercises the other day and we gave him every opportunity to play but he wasn’t quite right. LUIS OR DRAW .co. . “We all know of Liverpool’s great history but we can’t keep looking backwards in the rear-view mirror. “Glad to help the team with another goal . He said: “We were a bit tentative in the first half and it was my fault because I changed our usual formation and we couldn’t quite get our distances right. Earlier this year. We have to look forward. He’s opened up his medial ligament a bit and has some ice on his knee. we can add to this group in the window and next season we’ll be better for it. is not dismissing the approach and has listened to what the Chinese have to . who looked downbeat when subbed.” THE Chinese claim they are closing in on Frank Lampard.54 PREMIER LEAGUE Monday. given the expectations around this club. if you’re not going to have a massive investment to make it happen quickly. I hope it’s nothing serious. . November 12. “The players we have are giving us everything but we need materials. And the anxious Kop boss called on the club’s American owners to make a serious investment in the January transfer market to close the growing gap. which leaves Chelsea three points behind United. “We’re still in the mix but the amount of games we have played in this period has some kind of effect.” Ex-England captain Terrry had surgery on the same knee earlier in the year. THREAT TORRES forced Brad Jones into a save with a second-half header but appears to be short on confidence in front of goal. It’s a real shame. . “When United won here we had two sent off and they scored an offside winner and that’s a big advantage for the opposition. Adamant SHAKE IT . 34. “The owners have given me great support since I’ve been here but. “We won’t know the full extent of the damage until we have the results of the scan but we hope it’s not long-term. and it can’t be easy for our supporters to accept that. “Sometimes the ref spots those little shoves. sometimes they don’t. It was immediately apparent Terry was in serious trouble as he beat the ground and signalled for help. “This was our sixth draw of the season and we need one or two more players in the January transfer window to turn those draws into victories. Rodgers admitted: “The reality is that we are a long way off in the league and I’m not even going to use the word ‘challenging’. that would require another AGOKNEE operation — putting him out for anything up to six months. who is out with a calf injury at the moment. That’s the reality of where Liverpool are. Lampard. “A 1-0 lead is always dangerous and it was a poor goal to concede from a corner because we had our man-marking in place and Suarez pushed Ramires away to create the space to nod the ball in. We finished eighth last season and Rodgers’ Reds have fallen 15 points behind leaders Manchester United. He tweeted: “A shame we couldn’t get the three points. who nicked Liverpool’s secondhalf equaliser.000 a week to move to the Far East and Guizhou want him in January. . hopefully. Suarez pops up to nod home a leveller at Stamford Bridge Pts 27 25 24 20 20 18 17 16 16 14 13 12 12 11 11 9 9 6 5 4 FAN REACTION LIVERPOOL fans targeted Fernando Torres with jeers and chants for leaving Anfield in 2011. Total contrast to Torres. Guizhou chairman Wang Guolin told SunSport: “I want the best team in China and we are prepared to invest a lot of money to bring Lampard to us. VERDICT SUAREZ is in great form and has netted in his last four games. despite needing treatment for a knee injury yesterday. bosses Rodgers and Di Matteo “So. November 12.

Great Cambridge Road. Newsprinters (Eurocentral) Limited. S25 3QE. He left Stamford Bridge on crutches (right) with his right knee in a brace last night..1 KEVIN NOLAN refused to celebrate his West Ham winner.. 2012. Belfast Telegraph Newspapers Ltd. Kells Business Park.. . Fernandes tweeted: “We got to cut out Turn to Page 50 IMPACT . Anxious Blues boss Roberto Di Matteo said: “Obviously we are worried about John and we hope it’s not serious. Belfast BT1 1EB. E98 1XY.. . South Yorkshire. Wayne Rooney. was carried off in agony following a first-half collision with Liverpool striker Luis Suarez. Boss Hughes (right) has been backed by Fernandes despite being bottom of the table.0 WEST HAM. Dinnington. Morocco MAD 31.. Centre-half Terry. Published and licensed for distribution in electronic and all other derivative formats by News Group Newspapers Ltd. Sun SEK 40). Abroad: Austria ’4.. But after losing 1-0 at Stoke. Byramsmuir Road. Terry in distress NEWCASTLE. Jonjo Turn to Page 50 MARK HUGHES has been told by QPR owner Tony Fernandes that he must beat Southampton . County Meath. The Blues skipper. Printed by Newsprinters (Broxbourne) Ltd. Smurfit Kappa News Press. Italy ’2. . 20 on Saturday. EN8 8DY. 020 7782 4000. London. 124 Royal Avenue. .. He’s Turn to Page 54 46 9 770307 268816 © NEWS GROUP NEWSPAPERS Ltd. Outgang Lane. Caxton Way.. Prescot. Tunisia TND 3. screamed in agony before being carried off and he will undergo an MRI scan today.. Johnston Press plc. “It’s always a concern when a player reacts like that..50 . or else. Kells. Sweden SEK 29 (Sat SEK 33.. Sun NOK 35). who had headed Blues in front.. Kitling Road. Theo Walcott... Dinnington Colliery Industrial Estate. Holytown. Motherwell ML1 4WH...1 ROBERTO MANCINI hailed Manchester City after they recovered from 1-0 down..00 (Sat ’4.50. 2012 PG SUPERZAH By CHARLIE WYETT MARK D-DAY By PAUL JIGGINS CRYSTAL PALACE’S £20million-rated wing wonder Wilfried Zaha was last night given a shock England call-up..20. Norway NOK 30 (Sat NOK 32. The skipper capped Turn to Page 51 CHELSEA fear John Terry’s season is over after he suffered an horrific-looking knee injury yesterday. 3 Thomas More Square..50). By MARK IRWIN Terry’s knee bent backward grotesquely under the weight of the clash and it is feared he has serious ligament damage. Virginia Road. .. Waltham Cross. November 12.2 SPURS. Merseyside L34 9HN. The City boss said: “It Turn to Page 52 SUFFERING .56 Monday. Terry’s leg bends under the weight of Suarez collision Man Utd Man City Chelsea Everton West Brom West Ham PREM TOP OF P W D L F A Pts 11 11 11 11 11 11 9 7 7 5 6 5 0 4 3 5 2 3 2 0 1 1 3 3 29 20 23 21 17 14 16 10 11 14 12 11 27 25 24 20 20 18 MAN CITY . 31. Sheffield Web. received a late birthday present ahead of Wednesday’s friendly in Sweden.. Denmark DKK 23. Sun ’4. . Newsprinters (Knowsley) Ltd.. Zaha (left).

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