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The buyer behavior for Dome café

In the modern day life style, many people don’t have time to cook at home nor bring food
to work. That where all-in-one café were born, which in one place most of the people can enjoy a
delightful meals, hang out for teens after a hard day study, elegant place for big businessman
discuss their million dollar business and a simply carry on living outside which individual able to
enjoy a cup of coffee to release all the stress.

In Malaysia everyday is busy doesn’t matter in the city or country. Dome was the first
café which pioneered to café culture in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dome had the leadership to
lead in the café industry in Malaysia. Dome was original from Perth, Australia. Dome formally
enter to Asia market when the Melium Group introduced the international café chain to the
nation in 1995 and now in Malaysia have 16 Dome café which made a focus local point to
provide a all-day-one-stop café experience for the Malaysian. Comparing Dome café with other
café like Starbucks, the coffee bean, old town white coffee and other more café, Dome is having
its own personal style with its own chestnut and oak-wood environment which provide a comfy,
cozy and elegant atmosphere for the customer to enjoy their sweet creamy coffee.

Nowadays Malaysian had made a very close relationship with café because café is easy to
find and it have a comfortable environment for the customer to enjoy. Example most of the
Malaysian now likes to hang out in the café with their friend then working office ladies love to
have their lunch in café , some time even dinner they will have it in café! This is the big
advantage for the café approach to the consumer market, according to the buyer behavior model
show the influence of the consumer are as follow, on this August 2, 2009 Tuesday we had visit
Dome café in Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur. The first reason is to observe the environment around
the café and the customer flow in the café. Then the second reason is to check the food in the
café. From the research we did, we notice the customer flow in weekday is average which in
average one and
Marketing hour other
got around 10 to 12 customers, but in weekend the average can get to 30 to 50
customers per hour. Most of the customer whoCustomer
stimuli visits Dome café are tourists because tourists
have more willing power to spend in Dome thendecision
part of it isbox Consumer
local customer which mainly are will
 Product
employee who work around the Mid Valley. These will be the factor in theconcern about????
buyer behavior
 Price What the
 Promotion  Product choice
decision they
 Place  Brand choice
will  Purchase
 Economical
 Political make????????? timing
Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)
 Social  Purchase
 Technological amount
The buyer behavior model

This is the buyer behavior model which shows the basic graph of how a human think
while buying every single item. Most of the human consider many factors while shopping
example like their own income, every people have different job and their income too will be
different. Higher income will purchase item which help represent its image, then middle income
will have the choice to choose the item they buy, last is lower income that in some time have no
choice to choose and force to use what they can get.

The black box which is in the model is the part of the consideration about many things
while a person buying things. Example like:

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

‘Miss Henna just got her salary and she is planning to go for dinner with her
friends. Then she saw a “Dinner at Dome” promotion at the shop window then
she went in the shop and look at the menu, in a sudden she found out that all of
the food in the menu is too expensive.

1. Will she have her dinner in Dome?

2. Will she finish all of her salary there?
3. Do I have the money?
4. It is worth it to try?

Then after a few minute later, she left Dome with her friend!!’

This is the more consider problem which every person will NOT think about but the
concept of impulse buying always happen. In another hand, there are more other facts that will
affect a person buyer behavior like culture, friends and family, lifestyle, occupation, price and
many more. Example of culture:

‘Daniel Lau is a very religious Chinese which he doesn’t allow any black in the
house, food and clothing. He doesn’t like to spend too much of money. Then,
when he is on the way shopping with his family, they visit Dome because there
have a very comfortable environment and didn’t have too many of black color
furniture, and the food there are very good too………hmmmm……

This is the example of the fact of culture because in Chinese culture red bring
luck for the family and that is the reason Daniel visit all the places which not all things is
black! Cultures also consider one of the main factors that much manufacturing consider
about. It also goes the same with service industry; some of the different races customers
have different believe which unable to eat some particular foods. Other that culture,
occupation also related with income because different job have different income and
every job have different working environment which affect the employee buying

Example of occupation:

1. Non-executive job: is consider house keeper or cleaner but they still have the
spending power to go to the café to have but not very frequently.

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

2. Executive job: is consider office ladies and man, business man, manager,
supervisor and CEO they are the one who have the spending power to visit café
but still not frequently, maybe in one month will go for two to three time but if is
the employee who work in the mall or shopping center will have no choice to
choose to visit café frequently.
3. High class job will be specialist which is engineer, doctor, ophthalmologist (eye
doctor), and the one which get salaries higher than RM 10 000 above. In this
level café will be consider as the hang out area because the price of the menu will
not be a problem for them! So they able to visit any time they want.

Other than this, there is more other factor that will influence the buyer behavior. While
the consumer is making decision whether to buy anything a not, a process will always
appear in the mind where is:

Identify the Search for Evaluate Making the

problem information the decision to
alternative purchase

This is the decision making process

decision to

This process help consumer to make decision where after bought a thing, then all this
question will appear in to the mind:

1. Does it worth for this value?

2. Any bad news in this particular product or brand?
3. Do the markets have any other alternative?

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

4. Will I purchase it again?

All these questions always come up and this also will stop a person from getting impulse

The kind of market research techniques that we had used

Market research is a systematic way to collect data from particular target market
which is in different type of environment, then analysis the data in order to finish the
research. The purpose of doing marketing research is the increase the understanding of
the particular products in the market. With the world of market had become very

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

competitive now, marketing research has become commonly used in all company no
matter large or small. There are many ways to carry out marketing research which is
survey, focus group, personal interview, observation, and field trials. For this assignment,
the marketing techniques we are using are surveying and observation.


Survey is to conduct a straightforward questionnaire to the target sample in the

particular market. The hypothesis of this method is if the larger sample we do, more
reliable the results will be. Surveying is one of the ways which good for the team member
to approach people that make them braver to face people. There are ways to go the survey
which are in-person survey, telephone survey, mailing survey and online survey. In-
person survey is means personal interview which under this there are three different ways
to do all this which are:

1. Door –to-door

Door to door interview is the market researcher will search for an area the walk
from door to door in the neighborhood and ask everyone about the product, the respond
on this way is good but is too tired for the researcher to handle, so nowadays not much
company use this way anymore.

2. Call back

Call back is attempt to re-contract back with customer who tries the product
sample for some period of time. In some time this method is very useful but in another
hand some customer doesn’t want to answer the call from the company.

3. Mall intercept interview

Mall intercept interview is where researcher will do all the survey in a shopping mall or
in a very busy area. For this method, this always low costing and this target market is the

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

shopper and resting business man and woman. But this is kind of difficult to do it because
we always must catch the customer who is busy shopping.

The type survey we are doing is in-person survey (mall intercept interview) which
I and my group mate have to conduct the survey in high traffic place (mid valley) and
asking the people around the mall to answer our questionnaire. In some reason, many of
the people don’t like to be disturbed by us, but somehow we make it!

The advantage: The disadvantage

• This technique can cover a large • Not all of the customers will
area in the market because this reply on our survey and some
technique is very flexible for doesn’t want to cooperate. Then
user, they able to do survey in the same reason, some of the
trough e-mail, post mailing, or customer will not tell the truth
telephone and in our own while doing the survey and
selected areas. While we set some time most of the people
questions for the survey, we doesn’t know about the topic
able to ask a lot of question which from the survey.
regarding the topic we selected. • Because of the delaying from
• Then surveying usually is easier the customer are not willing to
to do and show a high reliable reply to our survey, time will be
result, it also able to get the a big consideration to our
result instantly. group!
• Second this technique able to • When doing the survey some
make the team member braver equipment are require, like
to approach people. Then it also camera, video recorder or sound
helps us to analysis people recorder in order to record
expression while doing the evident to prove it. In this
survey. Later while working in situation the survey had become
reality, is easier for them to inflexible to do it, and this will
handle the assignment. It also be expensive.
expands our communication
system toward the customer.

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)


Observation is a systematic process for an individual to gather the first hand data
or record the behavioral pattern of sample or product without questioning or
communication with the sample. By directly observe the operation and the activity from
the target; we will be able to develop a big picture in the result. This technique also
allows us to learn about the things maybe the staff doesn’t aware of which unable to
discuss in the interview. Observation can be done under human observation and
mechanical observation. Under human observation there have observation of human
behavior, observation on physical objects and content analysis. Observation of human
behavior is a method to paid very high attention to a certain person in a certain place.
Some time when a person face expression is very big till other also notice that the thing
that person having is bad! Like Dome staff will observe the expression of the customer
while they are doing their work. Observation of physical objects is when a person is
paying a very high attention to a certain object like the staff in Dome mostly will suggest
the famous menu to the customer, in order for them to choose. Content analysis is very
special kind of method observation the researcher will pay attention in a certain
conversation of two or more than one person. From that conversation, the researcher will
know what kind of characteristics of that person, example for this observation are
messages from advertisement, newspaper articles, TV programs, web sites and other
more. Mechanical observation is mainly about using a machine to record the human
behavior or physical object or analysis content, example like used CCTV, bar-code
scanner, video camera or recorder and many other more.

The advantage The disadvantage

• Observer will not face many • Observation is consumed too

problem while doing it because much time while the process is
the observer just need to sit in a going on and it also expensive.
corner and see the service going As the observation is going on

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

on in shop, then the observer we have the go to the shop to
able to identify problem which try some of their food and when
the shop’s staff doesn’t notice. their food is very expensive,
• The observer has the flexibility then we have to sit for hours
of time to do the observation. just to check how the service in
Second is it provide a direct the shop.
information about the behavior • Second, this method require
of individual then there no need some professional techniques to
of any permit to enter into the do it because while the
situation. observation going on we
doesn’t where to start and some
we will over look the important
things or may be will affect
other people in the shop.

In all the market research techniques have advantage and disadvantage show that while
doing in but it needs to depend to group to find out the way to solve all the problems and
get the result for the assignment. This is a little comment for the lecture to advise to other

The SWOT analysis of Dome

`Dome café is original from Perth in Western Australia; Dome is the first high
quality café which pioneered to the Kuala Lumpur café culture and become Malaysia’s
first leading international café chain which all this start from The Melium Group

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

introduce the café retailer of international luxury fashion and lifestyle brand in to the
nation in 1995. Till now Dome had increasing number from a few to 16 in the whole
Malaysia, which 12 in Klang Valley, 3 in Penang and one in Sabah.


• Dome provides the customer a one-stop-café-experience. Dome have a

very strong culture of lifestyle which base on the environment of the café
which Dome build for the customer to experience the modern day life
living that the concept from Dome is home-away-from-home principle.
Since Dome was introduce to Malaysia it had slowly spare around the
nation. The reason Dome spare very slow because Dome want to give the
customer a very high quality food and it got the concept of enjoying the
food in Dome. Dome is consider a brand in this market, so it doesn’t need
much to do any kind of marketing in order to promote it brand, because it
already a well known brand.
• Dome is very famous with serving very quality food, ‘what it is mean of
quality?’ The quality is means every ingredients which used for cooking
are all for imported from Australia. Dome doesn’t use other things than its
own country stuff even the cooks are from Australia or train from
Australia. Dome proud to be famous with their finest coffee, that all of the
coffee which serves in Dome all around the world are standard imported
from Australia. Dome wants to give the customer the experience of
European way of drinking coffee.
• The other thing they are proud are the service they provide to the customer
which all of the staff will be smiling when every single person enter the
café and going out of the café.


Where there have strength the weakness will be there too and for Dome, it has a lot of
weakness and the biggest are state below:

1. The price in Dome is very expensive compare with other cafe like Starbuck both
are selling almost the same thing which are coffee and cakes. In dome the

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

cheapest cakes it cost RM 10.50 per piece than in Starbuck a piece of cakes will
cost around RM 4.50. With this economical environment now, the customer will
always choose the cheapest thing to spend money on.
2. The price of the food in Dome is very expensive because of Dome SOP (standard
operation procedure) must be follow.
3. The food is not suitable for Malaysia people, which most of the food in Dome is
beef then in Malaysia there are many races with different kind of culture and
religion that have many food is forbidden in the religion. Like some of the Indian
and Chinese can’t eat beef the makes most of the customer who visit Dome is
Malay and tourists.
4. Nowadays Dome’s café is less famous, now everyone knows about this café. In
the survey we had done show that not many Malaysian know about Dome and for
tourists not mostly of them know about Dome except the tourists from U.S., U.K.,
Canada, and Australia. This is the country which famous with DOME and most of
they know about it.

There are lots more weakness for Dome but all the weakness will become strength for the
café in Malaysia. As a market researcher we have to find out what do the logo of the
company means, with a straight forward reading Dome doesn’t mean anything but maybe
in the opposite way it have meaning by itself.


• There still have many opportunities to improve this café in Malaysia which is,
first dome need to rearrange all the price of the menu, by reduce some of the price
which allow some of the middle class able to spend there or if Dome doesn’t want
to reduce the price they can set some of the timing promotion in order to attract
• Then design more new menu to attract more customer where able to compete with
Starbuck and provide free WIFI for the people to stay in Dome longer. Dome
should improve the environment with lot more comfort area for the customer to
rest their feet.

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

• Improve the comfortless in the café which could keep the customer just sit there
for hours without leaving the café.


• Dome has a lot of competitor that compete with, it but there are not all have the
same level to compete with Dome. Dome serves the finest quality of food to the
customer, but in Malaysia don’t have much people know how to appreciate the
food. Then the environment in Dome is comfortable but it had become out dated
is not very popular among the youngster and other café had upgrade from time to
time and it help the business to go on.
• The people who always visit is the people who have money (kind of rich) that can
effort to spend for the food and drink in Dome, but in Starbuck most of the
customer are youngster (student, working people) and they enjoy hanging out in
it. Then Starbuck in Malaysia have almost 100 outlets which Dome unable
compete with. Then Dome serving time is too long that sometime of someone is
in a hurry they can’t stop by there just to grab some thing and go. But in Starbuck
the concept of grab and go are very common in Malaysia and it also become part
of the culture in Malaysia.

• In between this two year, the economics of the world is changing and dropping
like a drop of water. This makes most of the people to spend LESS or NOT spend
at all. That the reason a lot of the restaurant, in need to create new menu or
decrease the price of the products. This also effect Dome, that not many people
visit Dome in almost a year time. That why some the new menu had being

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

The proposal of Market Survivor Team

The brand that we take to do our survey is Dome café which original from
Australia. The purpose of doing this research is to check whether the awareness of this
café in Malaysia, the most preference menu among the customer and to check the
services that Dome provided. This is an assignment which needs teamwork and hard
work to complete, the techniques that we are using is observation and surveying. The
observation method that we are using for this assignment is human observation which we
look overall of all the elements in Dome, like the environment, the services that Dome
provided to the customer and last is the staff while serving each and every customer.
Next, the survey methods we are using are personal interview, mall intercept interview.

This method must be conduct in a shopping mall or a high-traffic area where there
are a lot of people and the survey had be conduct in answering questionnaire and

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

interviewing people. Before starting the survey, I and my group will need to visit for one
time and have something over there and get the receipt to show as a prove we went there
before. While we are there, we had observed the environment in Dome, there have a very
high-class look and overall were decorate with wooden furniture. Then the staff was in
white and black uniform and it was very comfortable environment for rest after a hard
day of shopping or a busy day of work.

This is the comfortable area for the customer to sit and just relax their feet & have a
cup of coffee.

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

This a special design on the roof of the café, which shows the creativity of the café
interior, designed.

Dome always put a lot of mirror in the café in order to look bigger and the express
while in Dome.

Dome always decorate the café with a lot of mirror because mirror help make the
café look bigger. Then at the same time I order a drink and a pancake, Nabilah order a
glass of orange juice and Shikin order a coffee.

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

The food that we had orderwhile we are doing our observation.

In Dome there are smoking zone for the smoking people to sit but not all the
Dome, they only have in some specify places. Then normally, Dome are inside the
shopping mall because by this way it will attract more customers to come. After the
observation in Dome, we roam around the mall to check out the spot where we can do the
survey. Then we found a lot of resting and sitting area that were good for doing. Few
days later, we went to do the survey and we did it as we plan but it is not going so well.
Therefore, we have to go again for the second time. The second time we go, we join force
will two group and thanks GOD we got all the information we need.

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

This is the pictures to prove what we did:

J Sh iM unwh ikC aly eit wanC si Mersd gnY eh Ha kimo frma Irn

Nabilah with
Baliace from

The awareness of Dome

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

There are not much of people aware of Dome, because this café is very expensive
to dine in, so most of the people who always visit Dome are foreigners, and some local
citizen. According to the 31 sample we had done the survey with, there are 30 of them
aware of Dome and have been visit Dome. Then only 1 who did not visit Dome before.
The graph below show the awareness of Dome:

Then most of them were awareness from “other category” which were from
friend, walk by the café in the mall, flyer, and many more. The graph below show where
most of the customer aware Dome from:

Dome doesn’t not do any TV or newspaper advertisement that show most of the
people only notice Dome while shopping in the mall or working over there.


From our point of view, Dome should do more marketing plan in order to let
people know about Dome and the latest update. Because there is not much of the
Malaysian known about Dome, while we are doing our survey most of them reject to
communicate with us, the reason is they doesn’t know about Dome and some doesn’t
even seen the logo of Dome before. That’s the reason Dome should make more plan to
promote it food and coffee to the public. (This recommendation is comment in Mid

The people who visit Dome

Our survey had been done in Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur. Most of the people who
visit Dome are foreigner and for local citizen are Chinese and some of the Malay only,
while the survey is going on our target is foreigners. We have taken 31 samples for this
survey and the graph above show the different of the number of international and local
citizen which have visit Dome before. Then the number of the number of teenage are 3
international=1 local, adult are 15 international=11 local, and senior are 1
international=none for local. The graph shows the number of people who visit Dome:

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

The menu

In Dome café, their menu have too many selection, so we had choose one of the
promotion menu to put in our questionnaire, the promotion is “Dinner at Dome” which
had been launch for few months. This is the promotion menu:

Main dish Side dish Sauce

 Grilled chicken  Fries  Mushroom
 Norwegian salmon  Wedges  Black
 Potato salad pepper
 Australian rump
 Macaroni & cheese  Hollandaise
 Australian sirloin  Mashed cauliflower  Garlic
 Australian rib eye  Mashed potato with
truffle oil
 Sautéed mushroom
 Green salad dome

According to the survey we had done, not most of the people notice about this
promotion. In 31 sample of the survey we had done, there are only 7 of them notice and 5
of them who had really try the menu but without noticing about the promotion. In another
hand, the promotion menu are part of the original menu so they are many people who had
been trying the menu for a long time and below are the chart show the most preference
main dish, side dish which go with the main dish and the sauces of the dish, then the
dishes also include the beverage which go with the food.

This show the most preference main dish, which grilled chicken-14, Norwegian
salmon-10, Australian rib eye-5, and Australian rump & sirloin each got 1. Then, the next
charts show the most preference side dish and sauces:

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

According to the survey we had done, there are 8 types of side dishes which ready
for the customer to choose and according to the result we have that the most preference
side dish which the customer like to go with their food are macaroni & cheese have 9
people, wedges and mashed potato have 7 people, fries have 4 people, green salad dome
vegetable have 3 people, potato salad and sautéed mushroom have 2 people and last is
mashed cauliflower have only 1 people. The chart show that doesn’t matter international
or local people the most preference side dish is macaroni and cheese and other are just in
an average standard of choice.

This are the chart which show the percentage of the most preference side dish and
sauce go with the main dish but according to the survey we had done there are some of
the people doesn’t know about menu, so they did not fill that question. The chart shows
the number according to the survey we had done. Next is the graph show the most
preference beverage that they would go with their food.

This is the graph whish show the beverage that the customer likes to go with their
food. According to the survey we had done, we notice that there are must of the sample
like to drink juice while eating which show most of the customer are concern more about
the healthy food. Dome should create a new healthy menu, it able to enter to a new
market in the food industry because now the go green and health concept are very

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)


From our point of view, Dome should reduce their price on the food because in
Malaysia this kind of food is not suitable for the Malaysian citizen because it is too heavy
to most them. Then some of the menu is not suitable in the sense of culture because most
of the food are beef and Malaysian have many types of religions can’t consume beef in
their culture. with this reason, the only preference in the menu are salmon and chicken,
sooner later the customer will get bore of the food in Dome then they will change their
dining place. From the customer point of view is Dome should create lighter menu for the
people who are on diet and start a Ramadan feast for “Hari Raya”. This is the comment
from the customer when we are doing our survey.

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

Does Dome should give discount to senior citizen? (Special segment)

In the survey we had conducted, a very special question had been inserted in the
questionnaire where is ‘do you suggest that Dome should give discount to the senior
citizen?’ this question had attract people by notice about the senior citizen. The result
show, Dome should give discount to the senior citizen. This is the graph:

According to the graph, in 31 sample there are 20 sample agree that Dome should
give discount to the senior, then 7 sample doesn’t agree that Dome shouldn’t give
discount to senior and last 4 sample agree that Dome should give discount when in
promotion period only. The conclusion Dome should consider about giving discount to
senior doesn’t matter in the Malaysia or other country.


According to our survey, in 31 sample we had done our survey on there are 24 person
agree to give to senior citizen which 20 said yes and give 20% to 25% but for other 4 is
agree to give discount on some special promotion only. The other rest disagree to this
suggestion from us because they said the younger did not get any discount but the senior
get it, is not fair to them. (This is what they had comment to us while the survey is going
on) From our point of view, Dome should give discount to the senior citizen which are
already 50 years old and above. In this age the senior will not have much charge to eat

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

outside because of their health is going to turn red and some will unable to walk properly.
This also help Dome create a brand image to the market.

The service in Dome

According to the survey we had done, mostly people rate Dome services are good
but not excellent and 1 sample rate Dome service still need improvement but for other are
just average and satisfy only. This had show that Dome still need to improve with their
way of serving the customer where some of the customer rate that their meals doesn’t
come on time and some the meals come after one hour later.

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

According to the chart above it show the most of the samples just rate good for
Dome services, second is satisfy, third is excellent and last are average. While we are
doing our observation, the services in Dome are very slow but their supervisor always
comes to check whether the meals come on time. From this the average rate of time after
ordering a drink it take almost 20 minutes to serve the drinks to the customer, within this
time are the more importance period to the staff of Dome to check on the customer
whether they need anything or not and try the best to satisfy the customer as fast as
possible. According to our survey, the customers suggest that Dome should increase the
speed of their way of serving the meals. Then the staff reaction must be good while
facing the customer because according to our survey we had done, some of the customer
rate the staffs have no idea what they are doing! And most they rate that Dome staff are
kind and friendly.

They still like Dome?

Last do the customer still visit Dome after answering all the questions in the
questionnaire, the reason of setting this question in the questionnaire was while each
person has the chance to comment about a place or a thing; they will have the feeling to
change their mind of the particular brand because they realize that the services there are
not good. According to the research we did, there are still 11 people love Dome very
much after answering all the questions, then 19 people still will visit Dome after
answering all the questions in the survey.

This is the graph that show the number of people who love Dome, like Dome and don’t
like Dome at all.


From our point of view, while a person entering to a café or a restaurant they
expect an extra something from the café or restaurant, if not this why they are paying
money to get something that you can get it right at your home. This is the main reason
they will dine out than dine at home, because what they want to be serve by other person.

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

By providing an excellent services to the customer enjoy the meals and in return the
customer will help to introduce the service to their friend, family, and their own client.

Dome is tried to do this, which is to provide an excellent service to the customer

but what they did in to slow. When we are doing our observation in Dome, we ordered
food and drinks but it takes a long time for them to serve the food and drinks and the food
come first than our drinks comes late. In this Dome should improve the service in order
to become more faster.

According to our survey, the customer comment that there are some times the
staffs in Dome doesn’t know what they are doing and it ends up with a mess. Then some
of our samples even complain to us that Dome staff scolded them while dining in Dome!


In Malaysia there not much of people know about Dome café, just in some places
only like KLCC. Dome should make more marketing plan for the future of the Dome.
The food in Dome are very good and have a very fine quality but is too expensive for
people to effort it. That why most of the people rather choose Starbuck than Dome. Then
the services in Dome are average and sometime are kind of slow by the ways they serve
the customer. This is the overall result we notice while doing our survey and observation.

The special segment

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

The corporate image of Hershey

Hershey is one of the biggest chocolate manufacturing in the North America and
hold the leadership of chocolate sugar confectionery in the world. Hershey manufacturing
plant is located in Pennsylvania and this is the pictures of the factory:

This is the plant of Hershey factory (the first taken picture)

This also the plant of the Hershey factory (the newly taken picture)

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

This is the front look of the factory

This is the side look of the factory

These are the picture of the equipment in the factory:

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

The chocolate making machines

The chocolate making machines

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

The founder (Milton S. Hershey) is trying to build a chocolate empire but at the
same time he is making a model of responsible community stewardship. One of
Hershey’s great successes is established Milton Hershey School for the orphan which
they will provide a place for the children to stay and it doesn’t cost anything. This school
had been establishing for almost 100 years and it still continue operating now. Hershey
have the vision to support the economics of its own country then Hershey also a
environment friendly company it help the country to give emphasis on the soil in order it
is healthy, clean the water and put together a pest management to control the pest

For the packaging of all of the chocolate, Hershey used sustainable packaging
which mean Hershey is trying to decrease the used of raw material and increase the used
recycle material that doesn’t hurt the environment. Other that this, Hershey did a lot of
charity for the children like Hershey have a very close relationship with the Children’s
Miracle Network which is a nonprofit origination that rise fund for the children’s hospital
a over the North America and through this Hershey try to offer it employee and the
retirees to help out in the organization.

From another way, Hershey sponsored ‘Hershey’s Track & Field Games’ which
was introduce to more than 1 million children across the U.S. to Canada to have fun and
provide the children a physical fitness. In other hand, Hershey is the one of the supporter
of Young Survival Coalition which is a network that supporting the breast cancer
survivor and this has contribute in total of $1,000,000. By supporting this network
Hershey produce limited edition “pink” theme products to sell and all the profit will go to
the Tour de Pink which is a four day bicycle ride that design to raise fund and show the
awareness of hope. Overall Hershey is very much concern about the next generation
future, that why Hershey is giving all they able to give and more.

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)

The brand loyalty between Hershey and customer

Brand loyal is to see whether the customer will repeat purchase the same item of the same
brand. This is the ultimate goal for all the advertiser to achieve on in all the company.
There are many influence that able to disturb the decision of a customer buying need like,
friends and family the always will talk about the things, sales promoter of some particular
brand, and many more influence. There are different categories of brand loyal which are:

1. Hardcore loyal: The one who buy the same brand all the time
2. Soft-core loyal: A person will be loyal from 2 to 3 types of brand
3. Shifting loyal: Is moving from one brand to another brand
4. Switchers: No loyalty at all

This are the four types of brand loyalty the always happen among all the people. The
following is the result of the survey we had done.

This graph in base on the result of the survey we had done, there are 16 people
who will not switch to another brand even there have other brand. There are so loyal to
this brand because of they able to get it in around the comer which is easy for them to
find the chocolate and some of the people will switch because of is kind of hard for they
to find the chocolate and they end up empty handed. This result doesn’t show that all of
the sample we had done is hardcore loyalty to Hershey because in the question we had
ask that they will change the brand if they have another better choice in the market. So, I
assume the 16 sample we had done are soft-core loyal to Hershey, which means that they
will still repurchase Hershey product but in some time they will change for while.
According to the survey, a question was set as like ‘how often you eat Hershey
chocolate?’ this question is base on the repurchase term the show that how often they will
buy Hershey and eat it.

This is the graph that shows the result how often our sample will buy Hershey and eat it.
Most of they will buy and eat in once a month and some will buy and eat it once a week,
the other 2 are the one who haven’t hear of Hershey.

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)


Overall of the result we had about Hershey and the research about Hershey is a
kind of experience for us that allow us to enter to the world of chocolate. Then we also
know that in chocolate industry, we also can be environment friendly and able to help
other when they are in need. In some time, every purchase of a Hershey product will able
to donate part of the profit to the charity or non-profit organization.

Done by June Woh J.Y. (2009)