k|vers of noney November 2013 Þerformers

Iade Ioster As founder of salon-sLyled poeLry Lour,
1PL 8LvlvAL, !ade losLer has connecLed over 2,000
queer women across Lhe u.S. and abroad. lrusLraLed
wlLh Lhe lack of ouLleLs for poeLs who were nelLher
LoLally academlc or solely ºspoken word," 1PL 8LvlvAL
Lrlbe engages audlences on a new llLerary sLage. 1he
8rooklyn-based creaLlve caLalysL alms Lo redeflne Lhe
Amerlcan LlLerary ArLs, and conLlnues Lo presenL creaLlve
lnnovaLlons Lhrough her wrlLlngs and producLlons.
losLer's commenLary can be found on popular web
serles, 1he Þecullar klnd, and she's currenLly execuLlve
produclng !"#$% '%( )*$ !"+(, -*$ .$/0/'1 2"/0$, an
upcomlng documenLary fllm abouL Lhe 1PL 8LvlvAL Lour ln 2012. 1o learn more abouL
Lhe fllm and !ade's work, vlslL 1he8evlvalMovle.com.

Þr|vate 1a||s 1here's noLhlng ÞrlvaLe abouL Lhese
1alls-halllng from WashlngLon, uC, she [olned Lhe
8urlesque world ln AugusL of 2003, and currenLly produces
Lhe unlLed SLaLes' largesL, longesL runnlng Cueer
8urlesque Lroupe, Lhe uC Curly Show. ÞrlvaLe 1alls ls Lhe
Crlglnal 1ease Cueen--one who comblnes Lhe LheaLrlcs of
a drag queen, Lhe sulLrlness of an exoLlc dancer, Lhe
flexlblllLy of an acrobaL, and Lhe Lease of a burlesque
dancer. WlLh her background ln 1heaLer and uance, Lhe
burlesque communlLy has welcomed her 1alls wlLh open
arms... and open walleLs.

8rooklyn naLlve kaque| Þenzo ls a wrlLer,
edlLor, and llLerary evenL curaLor, currenLly worklng
ln Lhe markeLlng and communlcaLlons deparLmenL
aL 8rooklyn Þubllc Llbrary. She worked on her MlA
ln creaLlve wrlLlng aL lalrlelgh ulcklnson unlverslLy
and has been feaLured on uomlnlcan1oday.com.
Þenzo also auLhored Lhe self-publlshed 23 45" 607$8
)*$ 9"#:10#$%)8;;;<%( =)*$+ 2>80%58 "% !+0)0%5, as
well as Lhe shorL sLorles, "Crey MaLLer," publlshed
onllne aL?1>$ 6'7$ .$/0$@ and ºCn a 8lue uay,"
publlshed ln Lhe local zlne, A"> B*">1( ?$ C$+$. vlslL
her onllne aL 8aquelÞenzo [doL] com.

8rand| narper 1here ls someLhlng abouL you
LhaL makes me feel llke l can do anyLhlng. l am only
Loo wllllng Lo Lhrow my hearL Lo Lhe wlnds and hope
lL wlll land ln a place where dreams come Lrue.
Mashl dankl beaucoup. My days are fllled wlLh
Lhlngs l love and need Lo do. l deslgn for my naLural
knlLwear brand Þurl8knlL where phoLography has
Laken lLs hold on me. 8y nlghL, l prefer Lo be
barefooL ln Lhe klLchen whlpplng up someLhlng
handmade and hopefully dellclous.

1he Co|ored G|r|s nust|e
Pard MlxLape ls uslng
powerful beaLs and
powerful words Lo caLalyze
audaclous self-expresslon
and auLhenLlc llvlng. 1a[a
and !esslca, Lhe co-creaLors
of mlxLape, are brlnglng
you funky fly Afro allen
realness. We speak from
our llved experlences as
8lack women Lo afflrm,
honor and celebraLe how
our communlLy husLles hard for [usLlce, creaLlvlLy, and wellness. Check ouL
our vldeos onllne and be sure Lo supporL our fundralslng campalgn Lo
compleLe Lhe mlxLape! www.ColoredClrlsPusLle.com

LeAnna Lden ls a slnger/songwrlLer from
Mllwaukee Wl. She has been muslcally lncllned
her whole llfe, buL dld noL sLarL Leachlng
herself gulLar Llll she was 19. She has played
several venues ln Mllwaukee, Chlcago, 8uffalo
and Cleveland and ls worklng Lo make
CharloLLe, nC her new muslcal
home. LeAnna Lden draws lnsplraLlon from a
wlde range of arLlsLs lncludlng 1racy Chapman
and ueaLhcab for CuLle. 8uL she would llke Lo
label herself as unlverSoul.

2013 - 2014 kes|dent Art|sts
Chauvet 8|shop - Crlglnally from norLh Carollna, ChauveL
ls a llcensed massage LheraplsL/ healer, and has been Lhe
llcensed massage LheraplsL for 8lvers of Poney feaLured
performers. She ls a poeL, slnger, sLudenL of llfe, supporLer and
lover of arL and all Lhlngs beauLlful.

Ioxy Squ|re AfLer compleLlng Lhe
burlesque class serles by ueflouered
ÞroducLlons, loxy has performed boLh
naLlonally and lnLernaLlonally ln London, ConnecLlcuL,
Callfornla, Þhlll, and n?C. loxy was Lhe headllner for uC Curly
Show. Per moLLo ls LM88ACL ?Cu8 SÞLC1ACLL. She
shares her love for devlanL arL and dark beauLy Lhrough

Iean|nne kayembe - nost ls co-
founder of Þhlladelphla urban CreaLors
a nonproflL Leachlng susLalnablllLy and
enLrepreneurshlp Lo youLh ln norLh cenLral Þhllly. When she's
noL Leachlng or Lurnlng composL she's lnLernlng for Þhllly's
largesL poeLry collecLlve Spoken Soul 213, helplng run Lhe clLy's
largesL open mlc! !eanlnne has been performlng and wrlLlng for
10 years and hopes Lo lnfuse arLlsLlc and susLalnable pracLlces
lnLo less forLunaLe communlLles all over Lhe counLry.

DI 2ena has been u!lng for abouL 3 years now. She
has experlence playlng for varlous Lypes of evenLs,
from nlghLclubs down Lo nelghbor bbq's. Per favorlLe
genres Lo spln are old school house and 8&8 muslc. l
can also do elecLro and Afro house, hlp-hop, dancehall,
alLernaLlve, and rock muslc. l have a full seLup and am
capable of enLerLalnlng aL any evenL. My prlces are
negoLlable. lf anyone's lnLeresLed, hlL me up 917-324-9263 or aL facebook.com/d[zena.

Iaz Sm|th-Cruz and
Shawn(ta) Sm|th-Cruz
are Lhe Co-Þroducers for
8lvers of Poney, hlghllghLlng
Lhe arL of womyn of color.
lor more lnformaLlon, Lo [oln
us, perform, or hear abouL
oLher 8lvers evenLs, flnd us aL

k|vers of noney November 2013

Co-Þroduced by Shawn(La) SmlLh-Cruz & !az SmlLh-Cruz

llyer & Þrogram ueslgn: Shawn SmlLh-Cruz ulrecLlon: !az SmlLh-Cruz
Pouse Manager: 1anesha lord vldeo: Slssy van uyke
Sound: u! Zena ArLlsL Massages: ChauveL 8lshop

With our Ancestors, we honor the Goddess & Orisha
Cshun, Ochun, Osun, Oxum, Ochún, Osun, Oxum
New Lma||: r|versofhoneynycQgma||.com
8lvers of Poney ls a CabareL aL every Lhe flrsL lrlday.