k|vers of noney December 2013 Þerformers

Itoro Udof|a ls a flrsL generaLlon nlgerlan
wrlLer, muslclan and communlLy educaLor. She
spends mosL of her Llme worklng for Lhe llberaLlon
of 8lack Chlldren from sLruggllng backgrounds and
creaLlng alLernaLlve learnlng spaces deflned by Lhe
communlLy mosL effecLed by marglnallzaLlon. Per
arL focuses on Lhemes of love, 8lack womanhood,
culLural legacles and pollLlcs.

Gae||e Vo|ta|re ls
a wrlLer who graduaLed from lordham unlverslLy ln
2012. She one day hopes Lo be a successful
screenwrlLer/ publlshed auLhor. Per flrsL play debuLed
ln 2013 aL WCW Cafe 1heaLer called ACC8CÞPC8L.

Makeda Vo|etta,
also known as Cueen
Lloness, Lhe8ody SclenLlsL and Lhe 8enalssance Amazon
ls a naLlve new ?orker born and ralsed ln Parlem, n?
wlLh her Lwln broLher. Makeda ls a sLudenL of Lhe
dances of Lhe Afrlcan ulaspora especlally Lhose ln Lhe
Amerlcas of Congo descenL. She's danced for PalLlan
and Congolese folklorlc companles ln n?C and ls a
sLudenL of Afro ÞuerLo 8lcan, PalLlan, Afro uomlnlcan
and Congolese drummlng sLyles. Makeda has a degree ln
Lxerclse and SporL Sclence and nuLrlLlon from Lhe
unlverslLy of uelaware and compleLed graduaLe work ln
Applled Þhyslology and nuLrlLlon aL Columbla unlverslLy.
Makeda ls a CerLlfled SLrengLh and CondlLlonlng
SpeclallsL, uSA Clymplc WelghLllfLlng Coach and SporLs
nuLrlLlonlsL. lor Lhe pasL 7 years she Leaches "Sensual
SLrengLh 1ralnlng," a class on how Lo use Lhe cosmlc yonl
egg Lo sLrengLhen and connecL Lo Lhe muscles LhaL supporL our sexual organs. Makeda
has also been a Sacred Sexual LducaLor and a warrlor for Women's reproducLlve rlghLs
slnce she was ln !unlor Plgh School. ?ou can flnd ouL more abouL Makeda voleLLa aL
hLLps://www.facebook.com/mvoleLLa hLLp://renalssanceamazon.Lumblr.com/

Chr|st|na kodr|guez ls a Cueens-
born poeL and [ournallsL, Lrylng Lo llve
Lhls Lhlng called, "1he WrlLer's Llfe".
As an asplrlng arLs [ournallsL wlLh 8.A.
ln !ournallsm from 8rooklyn College,
she blogs abouL her wrlLlng llfe on her
slLe, 1he WrlLe Cueen
Per wrlLlng has appeared ln
CueensZlne, a handful of sLones, ually
Love, amphlbl.us, Plgh Coup !ournal,
1raln WrlLe, ShorL, lasL, and ueadly,
30 Lo 1, frl halku, rusL+moLh, CLher
8ooms Þress, ?es, ÞoeLry and Lhe anLhologles, pay aLLenLlon: a rlver of
sLones, Cld Pollywood, SkeleLons, and A 1hlng of 8eauLy ÞalnLed 8y
Words as well as varlous college publlcaLlons.

2013 - 2014 kes|dent Art|sts
Chauvet 8|shop
Crlglnally from norLh Carollna, ChauveL ls a
llcensed massage LheraplsL/ healer, and has
been Lhe llcensed massage LheraplsL for 8lvers
of Poney feaLured performers. She ls a poeL,
slnger, sLudenL of llfe, supporLer and lover of
arL and all Lhlngs beauLlful.

Ioxy Squ|re
compleLlng Lhe burlesque class serles
by ueflouered ÞroducLlons, loxy has performed
boLh naLlonally and lnLernaLlonally ln London,
ConnecLlcuL, Callfornla, Þhlll, and n?C. loxy was
Lhe headllner for uC Curly Show. Per moLLo ls
LM88ACL ?Cu8 SÞLC1ACLL. She shares her love
for devlanL arL and dark beauLy Lhrough

Iean|nne kayembe - nost ls co-founder
of Þhlladelphla urban CreaLors a nonproflL
Leachlng susLalnablllLy and enLrepreneurshlp Lo
youLh ln norLh cenLral Þhllly. When she's noL
Leachlng or Lurnlng composL she's lnLernlng for
Þhllly's largesL poeLry collecLlve Spoken Soul
213, helplng run Lhe clLy's largesL open mlc!
!eanlnne has been performlng and wrlLlng for 10 years and hopes
Lo lnfuse arLlsLlc and susLalnable pracLlces lnLo less forLunaLe
communlLles all over Lhe counLry.

DI 2ena has been u!lng for abouL 3
years now. She has experlence playlng for
varlous Lypes of evenLs, from nlghLclubs
down Lo nelghbor bbq's. Per favorlLe
genres Lo spln are old school house and
8&8 muslc. l can also do elecLro and Afro
house, hlp-hop, dancehall, alLernaLlve, and rock muslc. l have a full
seLup and am capable of enLerLalnlng aL any evenL. My prlces are
negoLlable. lf anyone's lnLeresLed, hlL me up 917-324-9263 or aL

Iaz Sm|th-Cruz and
Shawn(ta) Sm|th-Cruz
are Lhe Co-Þroducers for
8lvers of Poney,
hlghllghLlng Lhe arL of
womyn of color.

lor more lnformaLlon, Lo [oln us, perform, or hear abouL oLher
8lvers evenLs, flnd us aL hLLp://rlversofhoney.com

k|vers of noney December 2013
!"# %&' ()*+' ,-. Cfferlngs

Lmbrace your Cshun Lnergy!!
Co-Þroduced by Shawn(La) SmlLh-Cruz & !az SmlLh-Cruz

llyer & Þrogram ueslgn: Shawn SmlLh-Cruz ulrecLlon: !az SmlLh-Cruz
Pouse Manager: 1anesha lord vldeo: Slssy van uyke
Sound: u! Zena ArLlsL Massages: ChauveL 8lshop

With our Ancestors, we honor the Goddess & Orisha

Cshun, Ochun, Osun, Oxum, Ochún, Osun, Oxum
New Lma||: r|versofhoneynycQgma||.com
8lvers of Poney ls a CabareL aL every Lhe flrsL lrlday.