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For new implementations ensure that you use the new installer folder which comes ready with

openmrs 1.6.3

For sites already running openmrs express, follow the instructions below to upgrade to 1.6.3
Follow these instructions carefully to upgrade your system from 1.6.0 to 1.6.3 which has an important bug fix. We will also update the patient summary report and the data integrity queries. he instructions seem lengthy but it was !ust to ma"e sure you get the details to the dot. We will endea#our to automate the upgrades in the future.
$ummary of upgrade process% 1. &ac"up the existing database '. (ownload openmrs.war file for openmrs 1.6.3 if you did not get it in the update folder 3. )n deploy the current openmrs.war file through tomcat *. (eploy the openmrs 1.6.3 war file +. ,aunch openmrs 1.6.3 6. ,ogin and run updates -. .eplace the patient creation page files manually /. )pgrade the patient summary sheet report 0. .un the sql file that will upgrade your data integrity chec"s (etails are below 1. o bac"up the existing system, stop mysql and copy the folder called 1data2 under 13%45rogram Files4W6747pen8.$4mysql9+.0.+1a9win3'42 and store it in a safe place.!ects:openmrs:files:releases:7pen8.$;1.6.3:openmrs.war:download

'. (ownload openmrs.war from 3. )ndeploy openmrs.war file o undeploy openmrs go to the computer on which openmrs was installed, open 8o<illa and type the address http%::localhost%/0-0: to open a window li"e that one below

3lic" the omcat 8anager lin" and enter the user name 1admin2 and password 1system2 when prompted. 7n the tomcat manager page, clic" undeploy openmrs as shown in the picture below.

*. (eploy the file 1openmrs.war2 you downloaded or that one pro#ided in the update folder by clic"ing the browse button under the 1W=. file to deploy2 section as show in the screenshot below.

>f openmrs is successfully deployed, you should see it appear in the applications as shown below.


o launch openmrs, clic" on the openmrs path in the page abo#e or simply open firefox and type 1localhost%/0-0:openmrs2 and you should see the maintenance screen as shown below. ,og in as an administrator and clic" run updates on the next screen.

6. ,ogin and run updates

When your update is done, your regular openmrs home screen should show as below. ?ou can find the #ersion at the bottom of the page as shown in this small picture below.

he home screen

@ote that the patient creation page will need manual updating as some fields will be missing after this upgrade. =s seen in the screen shot below, the address is missing and will be updated in the next steps


he district, subcounty , parish and #illage are missing on your patient creation page. o fix thisA stop your tomcat ser#ice as shown in the picture below and then replace the files 1openmrs9ser#let2 and 1messages2 on your computer under the folder 1 3%45rogram Files4W6747pen8.$4apache9tomcat96.0.164webapps4openmrs4WB&9 >@F2 with the copies pro#ided in your update folder.

.estart tomcat and your patient creation page should loo" li"e the usual as shown below.


o upgrade your patient summary sheet report login to openmrs and go to administrationC8anage &irt .eports

3lic" edit under the patient summary sheet report

&rowse and select the file 1+0.rptdesign under the upgrade folder and upload it as shown below


o upgrade your data integrity chec"s, run this sql on your database through na#icat. Det in touch with me at nmusingu< if your na#icat trial #ersion has expired. 7pen @a#icat , openmrs database and create a new query under the openmrs database 3opy the content of the file update.sql and paste it in the new query and run it.

3ongratulationsF ?ou ha#e successfully upgraded your system from 7pen8.$ 1.6.0 to 7pen8.$ 1.6.3

With this upgrade come a few changes some of which are not noticeable. 9 9 9 he patient summary sheet was updated but will loo" exactly li"e that on the pre#ious system ?ou no longer ha#e issues with dates when entered as dd9mm9yy he data integrity chec"s ha#e been modified