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My name is Amee Patick and I , being duly swor and deposed state the following:


My name is Amee Patick. I am 38 yeas old ad mother to 5. I maried to the Defendant
on June 27, 1998. We have been married for 15 years.
Ts action concers the sepaaton as man and wife and custody of our children, H
(14), E (12), S (8) and V (7). This matter does not include the custody of
our oldest chld, Joel Patick, who is 19 and living in Massachusets.
Their father is Andrew S. Patick, the Defendant in this action who has proven to be
horribly verbally abusive, sufferng fom outbreas of intense anger and lacking bot
integit and honesty.
Prior to marying Ady I felt a sense of protection in the fact that Ady was a fonner NY
Stte Patrol Ofcer. I felt I would be secure and protected. I felt he must be a man of his
word. My assumptions were misguided bu had not yet te clarit to distingish at tat
Andy advanced when his application with the Secret Service was accepted. I was very
proud of h and supported our time apart i order for him to comlete months of
training in Quantico VA ad Glynco GA.
We were mared and a town home was provided by my fater i which Andy, Joel and I
were able to reside rent fee during his assignment over the next few years in the
Philadelpha Field ofce. Many of my needs and the needs of Joel were met by my
parent i Andy's fequent ad extensive absence. My parents were ver generous
f Iy and gracious i their giving. He did not feel responsible for our welare it
As hs trining icreaed his behavior patters began TO chage. The way he s
reflected coldness wit a now tcomfortble tonality. He became less interested i
relationships and more interested i rules. He gew aggressively short with Joel. Ten
militastic. Joel was allowed no voice. He was to stand at attenton while Andrew would
barrage h with out of contol dialogue and spit would fy fom his mouth and I was to
not interere as a dutifl Christian wife, submission to her husband. Shoes, silverware,
maganes had to be Uged, aligned and organized without falter. We walked on egg
shells. Joel wa fightened of his fater by the young age of 5. Ths hurt me. I could not
protect my son or so I thought. At least I didn't know I could. My upbringing Chtistiar

and I was here to make it thru, not give up and frther more be submissive to my .
Andy was transferred to the Atlantic City feld ofce in New Jersey. We moved and I
was expecting. I was fther away fom the support and compay of fily ad in their
absence his tactics increased. I had no one to t to. My chldren were evering to me
and in my isolation placed every bit of making their Jives comfortble and safe my
mission. My job was mom. And providing stability and keeping the peace essential.
Joel stopped bringing over fiends because he was afaid of abusive verbal conontations
ad embarassment of h passed out for all to bÛ. I followed suit and contnued to
endure a now exteme isolated lifestle. No one knew our pain. My only joy was the
childen and church.
Ou home life continued to deteriorate in this fashion yet with every birth came aother
reason for me to make it a "happy day". This was my manta and how I woke them each
up ever morg. E was bor and I had someone to love and loved me in retur.
Afer E 's birt, Andy had what he considered the visual of the American Dream yet
he ¾dstill tenibly dissatisfied. With evering. Negativity became the norm. He no
longer had any desire for me sexually, which did not help our marage. He opted for
every tip available and when oter agents were taking their wives and traveling with
their families we were lef. Hs poor fatherly attibutes were evident to long time fiends
of te family. I began counseling trough a local church in his absence.
In te beginning I had hope I could be "rubber maid". Stong enough to handle Andy's
dissatisfaction and displacement of anger, yet I yeaed to be treated like a vase. Special,
valuable and handled with care. This eventually became a dream I gave up on but not for
my kd. Ever day that God gave me strength I would use it to iuence them positively
and instill a greater sense of purpose into their lives to hopefly of balance te poor
exaple of what Andy clearly demonstated by devaluing oters.
I really began to feel Andy did not love me any more. If anything I began to feel used to
provide a facade for colleagues of his looking onwad that he had life togeter.
He held authority very closely and possibly to a sick level. Now a highly trained
goverent agent skilled i interogation tactics and the a of breaking a person to get to
"yes", Andy began ÍO misuse this dialogue set on both myself and the children. I bega to
believe hs intension vlere self seeking and no longer for our good. Then we were moved
again. This time to Washington, DC.
Wit two children i diapers, Joel stuggHng i elementar school due to the constant
negativit fed to h, my family's support states away, the now punishing and purosefl
neglect fom Andy I simply did as was asked to maintain peace.
That's when he decided to build a barn home. He purchased si acres of woods in
Spotslyvania VA and contacted with Yankee Ba Homes to provide precut reclaimed
timbers so he could personally build this monument fom ground up.
The kids and I went through hell. He was over budget so there was no port-o�potty. Two
kids i pack & plays in te middle of the woods in the middle of constuction and I'm
dutiflly caing timber, putting up interior walls, siding and cleaning saw dust of
bottles. Te lack of care and consideration for the well being of his family continued into
the winter monts. Still without heat or locks on doors Andy leaves for Ireland where his
meals are paid for, his hotel posh and his bed is warm. Meanwhile the chldren and I are
sleeping on ply wood foorng in our snow suits. With no way to reach Andy I made an
emergency phone call to the agent i charge asking for h to be located to call home. I
was emaciated and exausted and needed some fon of aid. He hung up on me. That
night the children and I drove 5 hours to sleep in Pennsylvania at my mom's home.
There was no discussion of this upon his return. He was unresponsive and self justifed in
I te building of tis house Andy encroached on neighboring proper line, which
resulted in an ugly dispute wit our now new neighbor afecting any frther sense of
securit I could hope for. Andy had to pay this neighbor for the property afected. Andy
failed to plan and secure a slush fnd and ran out of money much earlier than te homes
completion. He asked my Dad for an additional $50,000 which later be claimed was oniy
36,000. until my dad showed him a copy of the check. He was beginning to become
dishonest wit money.
Wit Andy gone for weeks on end the stesses of living i an ushed home fnally
came to a head when it was broken into while the children and I were not home. It
became evident while Andy was swor to protect, that protection was not for his family. I
had to tke a stand. The children and I moved into my father's home at 506 Colonial
Drive i Hilton Head, SC where they could de-stress and resume nonnalcy. Andy was
relieved of his responsibilities and could come and go as he pleased which was for two
years one weekend a month. I continued to be the children's provider of daily needs,
breakfast, bedtime, bat time, preschool, Sunday school, doctors, dentists, birday
parties and holidays.
I was intoduced to Dr. Wayne Johnson who use to teat me for head aches related to the
post taumatic stess of Virginia through H 's preschool teach Susan Doubles. I
don't know what I would have done had it not been for these two people who stepped
ito our lives lie angels. Ts coupled by joing a small group wth Lowcouty
Communit Church tat included children and weekly dhmer and support I was able to
begin to again feel sae.
Because of Andy's complete contol of finances I needed ÜUiÛome¤ I was recruited by
Hilton Head Island Fire and Rescue and was hired on as a Firefghter ad EMT giving QO
te ability to provide.
One day Andy called ad said he was being tansfered to te Augusta GA ofce. He said
we would live on Hilton Head ad he would rent a room i Augusta so that his address
refected his service location. The Agent in Charge did not lrow he was working :·om
home but whe Andy's effectiveness declined shaly ad his response to Augusta
locations were absent Andy began to have touble wt his job security.
He lef the Secret Service and began Advace Point Global, a consulting and risk
management co.
I begin volunteering for Interational Guardian Angel's adoption. I found joy i placing
childen in forever homes. My kids become involved with host families and form
relationships wt several Hilton Head failies that wiU ultimately adopt fom the sae
orphaage in Penza Russia.
It is a happiness the children and I share with photo's and photo's of moments ad
memories made i this mssion. Finally I'm presented with the image of S .
Neglected, malnourished, bilaterally deaf open heat surgery, failing kidney, fat footed.
I needed to fnd a home for him but was unsuccessfl because no family felt equip.
Ultimately Andy agreed to his adoption and V 's. In time it becae clea it was
just to keep my happy. However what these boys needed was someone to love and be
patient with them, provide a sense of security, to provide fmancially, and embrace the
challenges that come with a adopton. I later leaed this would not be the case. I
reted home for my two years working for the Town to again be a stay at home mom,
providing stability for all our children and working with the boys i this huge adjustment
Throug Advance Point Global� Andy parered wt magistrate Judge Lawence P.
McElynn to for the Beaufor Co. audit program. As time went by however Andy's
resentment of Larry's involvement escalated and Andy ultimately cheated him out of
monies due ad severed the paership. La  y sued Andy for the money and won. I later
found out that $80,000. of aother amount of money Andy asked my dad for went to
settle this suit.
Business bega to go down and so did Andy's credit. He wanted to buy a diferent house
i Spaish Wells down the street fom 71 Widewater, a house that we still owned. He
asked my dad for $170,000 towad te purchase of37 Brams Point
My dad, being concered for the welfare of the now 5 kids agreed however concered
about Andy's credibilit placed the money in an escrow account i McNair Law Fir.
Ts check ½d written to Andy and Amee Patick for the purchase of 37 Brs Point.
Attorey Deeb's one of Ady's campaign supporters allows Ady to witdaw the money
without my knowledge or signat  re and wtout the p rchase of37 Bra Point. I
leaed trust but verf later when I learned te aount of money, tht the money was
removed. Tat the money was sent and only $30,000 remaining. I asked it be reted
whle confonting Andy about my discovery in the drive way of our rentl. He cried
because he needed it. Ten it occured to me he must be i some kind of touble.
That touble I later leaed was due to money spent that was not his fom a private
contacter who used Advace Point Global's bank account to fnnel money tough
yealy. What this meant was an agency would deposit a large sum of money into Andy's
business account. This contactor working oconus would then receive a pay check
quarterly fom Andy so that the pay stub did not refect the actual company contracting
the work. The pay of to Andy was a portion of the money. The touble took place when
Andy spent the contractors money and couldn't replace it. Andy asks Harry Scott for a
loan and the contractor is paid. Tis occurred again and Andy asks my Mom if he can
borrow $20,000. or "he'll go to jail" he said. My mom felt the same as my Dad about
saving te unit of te family and so gave h te fnds.
In the end 71 Widewater was sold short sale. We moved out of37 Brahms Point and into
a temporar rental i Port Royal. Joel moved out and into my father's Summerfeld
apartent because he could not stand the repeat of his childhood by Andy.
During this time I am working wth multiple other adoptive families to form small
groups, support play and information pertaining to dossiers and help once home. I host
beach nights for all families and their children. This occurs on a regula basis trough the
summer months and holiday's and birthday's duing the other monts. By helping others
I feel te support I need to continue to hold dov the emotonal roller coaster at home.
We moved again. Because our credit was no longer approved as a buyer or renter we
moved into an acquaintance's foreclose home in Timbercrest. We literally moved in and
for two years have resided there paying no rent knowing full well eventually te home
will go to auction.
The verbal abuse escalates. Sigs of multiple bruising now appears on V s ars,
backside and legs. He no longer responds to Andy. Andy screams at V just as he
did wit Joel when he was little. I see a patter and fear i wit everg i me. I no
longer feel safe and on top of this burden and weight and despair Ady decides to 1 for
te public offce for House Seat 123 as Representtive for Hlton Head under the
campaig of tanspaency.
This becomes a four year stent of one man's search for signifcance, te shi in priorit
fom family to fame and the misuse and manipulation of power in an efort to reach it.
It is a contnued record of bad behvior and bad decisions Andew has made that have
severely efected his family and led to the deteroration of trust and condence.
It is the deception of perceived priorit 08A11dy is extemely good at maskg by
boasting family being "his most important job is being Dad to his fve." Pleae
understand he doesnt even 4'lay" wt our children. I don't believe he ever read a book
to our girls. We have a child who is deaf and he doesn't sig to him and YET he wl te
those boys by the hand at ever photo opportt.
It is also te manipulaton and strategy of a calculated individual for the self-seeldng rise
to sigfcance to cripple the one person i his life who knew h and despite himself
would sil forgive h.
Andy admits in writg to me that he is a self-proclaimed hypocrite ad treats me one
way in font of others ad another way in private. And tis is tue. Andy has been
abusing the children and myself now for years ad now beig a elected state ofcial he
uses his power to his advantage and believes he can get away with this lnd of behavior.
our faily photos i which I am included were used for mass mailig to the Hilton Head
Constituents, yet he had already determined tat I would be eliminated fom his fe.
Andy's time i Columbia continued to increase. His ptide was placed on a pedestal and
the outard charismatic chaacter won approval. He stopped abusing V , because
he knew I would no longer remain silent and began tang the lds to church to estblish
publ iU perception while shang hands and attending fnctions. And that's when things
became dangerous.
Behind close doors he told me he didnt love me. and that he wated a divorce ad began
a brutally manpulative way of achevig tis so that public opinion would continue to be
i n his favor.
He moved out of the house and into the above garage apartent when he began pla ing
my removal fom the famly since despite his statement to seek divorce he was unwilling
to leave the home allowing the childen and I to mainta some sort of stabilit. He
wanted to be the one to look the victim. This was the only way to maintain public
approval in his quest for a fll time political posiion i Columbia. He ignored life inside
the residence for months and began a psychological process to cause depression ad
break me the way he was taned to inten·ogate and break those in question.
Fi� he isolated me. Then no longer acknowledged me. For weeks. No commuication.
No eye contact. Only in the presence of visitors or general public would he ofer eye
contact or a common courtesy.
Then cae exhausting days where I was positioned behind closed doors and verbally
assaulted and berated. For hours on end.
Then he closed bank accounts and reopened them in his name solely. He stopped
providing any for of gocery money+ I could no longer go grocery shopping. He took
away my abilit to plan meals. I couldn't even buy tpons for ou daughter.
He was psychologically brain wahing my mind to make me feel like my life was
crppled, like I could do nothing, like I was of no value and no longer provided value to
ts family.
Andy knew what he was doing. He would create a living environment so cruel and
unbearable well knowing i lie the only ting 1 ever wanted was to be loved. He would
know tat phrase and could quote that phase i questoned. That was my prayer. For
years. For myself and for my children.
Tis man of public tansparency wa despicably causing sufering intentionally i hopes I
would become severely depressed and commit suicide relieving h of his role and
through that tagedy provide h a spring board for another story to propel his rise.
Those that have known me, volunteer with me, parented along side me knew I was
fading. My mom intervened and had me temporaly stay at her home until I could
stengthen enough through counseling with Pastor Ca fom Central Church to ret.
Ths took fom May to September. Andy refsed to pay for medication or medical
support not long afer my mom taking me in. My faith was the only thing I could t to.
And I did. During this tme I had the children come to my mom's and I grew in hope.
When Andy was traveling I stayed at home in Timbercrest. Finally I had a renewed
stengt. I was even able to forgive and work toward reconciliation. I was able to ret
despite the anger I would ret to.
Andy has placed the children in the middle-at times stealing their childhood--Te kids
were strong and supportive along side me. Tey told Andy I was not leaving. H
said if he wasn't going to work on the marage then he should go. Four days later he lef.
A her comment to h was "good". To the best of my knowledge he h a place in
Columbia, address uknown and had stayed at Weston Newton's home at one time .
wxhe_ is still tere to date I do not know. He added to the desertion by never
'-revealfçwhere he was going.
I received notice fom Timbercrest POA tat te foreclose was being auctioned i May.
My dad grew concered of stangers on the propert as realtors and general public
inquires stopping by in question. He said he would provide us with a place, gated ad
safe, away fom the commotion of neighborhood gossip.
I can tell you if I had it to do over again I would have recognied the toxic signs of
contol, interogation and the breaking of someone' s spirit as a goverent ofcial well
tained and misusing the brutalit of tactics in the home as a red fag.
Hope is so important and how we sutain hope when life brings us hard things is
something I tought I knew but hadn't had to practice wholly until now. My children and
I hang onto the belief that miracles happen but only if you hang onto hope. I'm hanging
I couldn't contol Andy's need to fnd signifcance in politics, public opinion and polls. I
couldn't contol the tade ofs he made that sacrifced tst with fnances,
misinoration and lack of information. Ady is searching. For approval. Althoug part
of his campaigning speech his priorit's have shifed and no longer seeks this fst from
within the walls of his marriage or home. Andy's need to fnd signifcance i status,
which has led to bad behaviors and bad choices tat have impacted evmyone. I CH
control my reactions movig forward.
The only thing I Üdlegitimately contol is how I respond and only God knows how this
will t out. Tis took time and counseling and gace to come to.
Hope is God's gif to us, a window to look trough. I don't kw his plans for myself or
for Andy or for our children. I do kow that I have been emba  assed by the behavior in
the face of raw emotion, verbal abuse and isolation and yet through gace have found
stengt and would be embarrassed if my behavior reflect the neglectfl behavior of ths
man I once knew.
Sometimes, I t my prayers are not answered. Traedies occu despite ou prayers ad
faith. And sometimes children sufer horrible losses and grief. The tremendous suf ering
that occurs when parents separate is selfsh and not my wish. I'd like to make that clear.
It is still not my wish to separate, but Andy has abandoned me, te children and our
marriage emotionally, and now by physically leaving. When he lef the last time afer I
asked to ty to work it out for the children he said: F YOU!
Husbands love your wives; just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her
was something I prayed fervently for.
Wen I tell my kids to hold on for better days, I speak fom expe1ience.
I the end I ask tat the children remain in my care and custody. They would be
devastted if they were to move away and for Andy that move will liely be Columbia.
The boys ofen break into tears when they realize they have to go with Andy and away
fom the securit of me. Te girls are secure i their schooling and fendships and
extended famly here.
If Andy pursues custody, seriously, (which in my opinion is not wise as he is Financially
insecure, he is too busy for them, it would uproot tem fom all they ae used to family
fiends church-and he is delusiona thg of rn g in a whole new capaig
which is not a road for these chldren rght now). Andy thinks ONLY of what is best for
Andy. I ask that a Guardian Ad Litem be immediately appointed to investigate the
children's best interest. I need support. Andy is capable of making money and is
presently under-employed. I need proper restraining orders. Andy should not yell at me
or the children ay more. I would like my child support paid trough the Family Court. I
wll need Sout Carolina Rules of Discovery, as Andy handled the fnances (or ted to)
and I need t ret, bank accounts, credit cards and phone records among other
documents. The children need dspecifc visitaton schedule to allow consistency, not just
at Andy's conveience. I need my attorey fees paid in amount of$6000.00 to defend
myself in this action fled by Andy. If he can aford to have an attorey drive all the way
fom Spartanburg to Beaufort for this Motion, he can pay my fees, I have no income right
Laty, I pray te Cou open my fle. My new attorey needs to see what was filed. I
prsonally do not t there is enough lCÕ5OU1O seal it. Sw·ely Andy being a
representative i Columbia does not rise to the requirements set forth in the Supreme
Court Rule governing the sealing of Public records.
DATE: December 16,2013
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