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DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY OPERATORS MANUAL FOR = _AK- ASSAULT RIFLE PRODUCED BY 203d MILITARY INTELLIGENCE BATTALION ICAL DATA SECTION DISASSEMBLY 2 AK-A7: SAFETY CHAPTER LOADING: Cheek aso for dents in carcridges and bad prime: H. When insercing mayaziae inko migazine well, be sure to insert Lerward Lip of magasine inte well first. Re sure chy mazine is fully seared. FIRING A. Pull charging handle, shown om page 1] Ligure 18, fully te che rear and ae CHARGING HANDLE FORWARD: Be hen on the €iring fiaes, IE you have a mal Line, keep your weapon up and pointed down range ac all notion, raise your hand and range persenned will aid CAUTION: Oniy blank ammunition muy be fired when che blank firing dewice is in place. bo nor use the cap ef che combination cool kir as a blank firing device. HAND GRENADE LAUNGUER: The hand grenade launcher is installed by removing the muzzle nus (figeS]] and screwtag che launcher onte the weapon (Fig 34). ‘TO FIRE THE GRENADE: [asere a grenade with the pin pulled inte the launcher. CAUTION: A special rype cartridge 1s used for firing the grewade. lace the bure of Lhe weapan on che ground and fire trom ehis position. The maximum eflective range the grenade can be fired 0 meter: THE BAYONET: (1 ig.55) is affixed by positioning its loops in Lrane sk the muzele nut and gas cylinder body and sliding the bayonet to the rear until the bayonet catch engages che muzzle nut (fig-56). The bayonce iz romewed hy pulliag rhe earch, located behind rhe hile, away from cho handle and sliding the bayonet farward and off. PLASTIC MAGAZINE: The Soviet AK-47 metal magazine is gradually being replaced hy the plastic magagine, (fige57}, which is lighcer chan che mecal. The plaseie magazine, becaese if is Lightweight and saterpeool, is wsed mainly by aacines, airborne, and armor units.