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Criminal Law II Reviewer Vena V. Verga Abduction 2.That the abduction is against her will3.

That the abduction is with lewd designs crime3.Crimes against Chastity where age and reputation are immaterial rape! acts o" lasciviousness agains the will or without theconsent o" o""ended party! #uali"iedseduction o" sister or descendant! and"orcible abduction$.% hen "emale is under &2! it is not necessary that she be ta'en against her will(.)e*ual intercourse is not necessary+.Lewd designs may be shown by the conduct o" the accused,.when there are several de"endants! it isenough that one has lewd designs-..usband is not liable "or abduction o" wi"e/.0ature o" Crime violative o" individual liberty o" abducted! her honor and reputationand public order&1.2istinguished "rom 3rave Coercion a . I n b o t h 4 t h e r e i s v i o l e n c e o r intimidation by o""enderb.3rave Coercion 4 no element o" lewd design&&. 2istinguished "rom 3$3ConsentedAbduction & . T h a t t h e o " " e n d e r m u s t b e a v i r g i n 2.That she must be over &2 and under &- years o" age3.That the ta'ing away o" the o""ended praty must withoher consent a"ter solicitation or ca5olery "rom the o""ender$.That the ta'ing away o" the o""ended party must be with lewd designs6urpose o" Law prescribe punishment "or the disgrace to her"amily and the alarm caused thereinVirginity is not to be understood in a material a sense as toe*clude the idea o" abduction o" a virtuous woman o" goodreputation6C minimum andmedium&.I" o""ender is under &2! it is "orcible abduction.2.The ta'ing away o" the girl need not be withsome character o" permanency3.Abductor need not actually and personally have ta'en the abducted "emale "rom herparents7 home! or induced her to abandon it8it is su""icient that he was instrumental inher escape$.% hen there was no solicitation o" ca5olery and no deceit and the girl voluntarily wentwith man! there is no crime committed eveni" they had se*ual intercourse(.Actual se*ual intercourse is not necessary! since the important element is merely lewddesigns 3$$6rosecutiono" Crimes o" &.Adultery and concubinage must be prosecuted upon complaint signed by the o""ended party2.)eduction! abduction or acts o" lasciviousness must be 2. The court motu proprio can dismiss the case"or "ailure o" the aggrieved party to "ile theproper complaint 9 v v v e r g a ) e c o n d ) e m e s t e r ! A : 2 1 1 $ ; 2 1 1 ( 6 a g e , & o " , ( Criminal Law II Reviewer

Criminal Law II Reviewer Vena V. Verga Adultery!Concubinage!Abduction!Rape! andActs o" Lasciviousness prosecuted upon complaint signed by a . < " " e n d e d p a r t y ! b . . e r p a r e n t s ! c . 3 r a n d p a r e n t s ! o r d.3uardians in the order in which they are named above =nderlying 6rinciple why Crimes against Chastity Cannot be6rosecuted de o"icio out o" consideration "or the o""endedwoman and her "amily who might pre"er to su""er the outragein silence rather than go thru with the scandal o" a public trial3uardian 4 legal! not natural guardian! that is! guardianlegally appointed in accordance with the provision o" the law 6ardon in Crimes o" Chastity ; only o""ended party may pardon ; 6ardon o" o""ended party who is a minor must haveconcurrence o" parents >e*cept when she has noparents? ; Condonation is not pardon in concubinage or adultery8any act o" in"idelity subse#uent to condonationconstitutes a new o""ense&.Adultery or Concubinage 4 bars prosecution o" crime

; e""ective i" made a.@e"ore the institution o" the criminal action! andb.@oth o""enders must be pardoned by both parties2.Acts o" Lasciviousness! )eduction and Abduction 4 bars prosecution o" crimea . m u s t b e A B 6 R A ) ) b.@e"ore the institution o" criminal action 3. Rape may be prosecuted de o"icio $. Imputation o" crime o" prostitution against awoman can be prosecuted de o"icio .( . A d u l t e r y o r C o n c u b i n a g e a . < n l y o " " e n d e d s p o u s e c a n " i l e t h e complaintb . @ o t h p a r t i e s ! i " b o t h a l i v e ! m u s t b e included in complaintc . @ o t h p a r t i e s m u s t b e i n c l u d e d e v e n i " one o" them is not guilty+ . ) e d u c t i o n ! A b d u c t i o n o r A c t s o " Lasciviousnessa . T h e r i g h t t o " i l e a c t i o n g r a n t e d t o parents! grandparents or guardian shallbe e*clusive o" all other persons andshall be e*ercise successivelyb.It is e*clusive! because i" the parent! "or e*ample! re"use to "ile! the grandparentscannot "ile the complaintc.% hen o""ended party is a minor! her parents may "ile complaintd.% hen o""ended party is o" age! and sheis complete possession o" her mental andphysical "aculties! she alone can "ile thecomplainte.The "ather! i" living! is not necessarily pre"erred to the mother in "iling thecomplaint,.Complaint must be "iled in court! not with the "iscal-.Rape comple*ed with another crime >a publiccrime? need not be signed by o""endedwoman/.Actual Carriage with o""ended partya.A*tinguishes criminal action or remits the penalty already imposedb.@ene"its the co;principals! accomplicesand accessories&1.Carriage between parties guilty o" adulteryor concubinage does not e*tinguish thecriminal action 9 v v v e r g a ) e c o n d ) e m e s t e r ! A : 2 1 1 $ ; 2 1 1 ( 6 a g e , 2 o " , ( Criminal Law II Reviewer

Criminal Law II Reviewer Vena V. Verga 3$(Civil Liabilityo" 6ersons3uilty o" CrimesAgainstChastity )eduction or Abduction &.To indemni"y the o""ended woman2.To ac'nowledge o""spring! unless the law should preventhim "orm doing so3.In every case! to support the o""spring Adultery or Concubinage ; Indemni"y damages caused to o""ended spouse&.=nder the R6C! there is no civil liability "or acts o" lasciviousness2.Reasons "or Indemnity in Adultery or Concubinage ac'nowledgment o" o""springis not legally possible! support is notincluded! because the person who give birth!i" at all! is one o" the o""enders and not theo""ended party3.Coral damages are recoverable by both o""ended party and her parents$.=nder the Damily Code! since children are classi"ied as legitimate or illegitimate! theman >adultery or concubinage? should nowbe sentenced to support o""spring! inaddition to indemnity 3$+Liability o" Ascendants!3uardians!Teachers or<ther6ersonsAntrustedwith Custody6ersons Liable ; cooperate as accomplices but are punished asprincipals & . A s c e n d a n t s 2 . 3 u a r d i a n 3 . C u r a t o r s $ . T e a c h e r s ! a n d (.Any other person! who cooperates as accomplice with abuse o" authority or con"idential relationship6enaltiesprescribed inChapters 2! 3! $Teachers 4 T)2ma*imum to 6)2<ther 6erson 4

)pecialdis#uali"ication"rom "illing o""iceo" guardianCrimes Ambraces in Chapters 2! 3 and $ & . A c t s o " L a s c i v i o u s n e s s 2 . E u a l i " i e d ) e d u c t i o n 3 . ) i m p l e ) e d u c t i o n $.Acts o" lasciviousness with the consento" the o""ended party( . C o r r u p t i o n o " m i n o r s + . % h i t e s l a v e trade,.Dorcible Abduction-.Consented Abduction 3+(Imprudenceand0eligence &. <""ended party must choose the civil liability 9 v v v e r g a ) e c o n d ) e m e s t e r ! A : 2 1 1 $ ; 2 1 1 ( 6 a g e , 3 o " , ( Criminal Law II Reviewer