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Rice and Bullets By Hernando R. Ocampo Synopsis / Summary Tura is a father that belongs to a very poor family. He has three children and housewife. One day, Mr. Remulla, a rich guy that came from US told them that they should go to the plaza, so that they could get some kilos of rice. They should bring with them three pieces of big rocks that what Mr. Remulla said represents the three major islands of the Philippines. Tura along with the other guys went straight to the plaza mayor. After reaching the crowd of people in central grandstand, Tura felt something’s wrong to his stomach, he is hungry. He wanted to get some kilos of rice so he can go home early to feed his young’s. On his hurry, the policemen blocked the entrance to the rice warehouse owned by the rich Chinese. People start the riot as well the police fight back to it and series of gunshots burst outside. While the group of Tura, overpowered the the warehouse, he filled his sack as fast as he can, but the police officers start to fiercely enter the place. Tura, with his half full sack run quickly outside the warehouse but he felt something hot to his body. He still hold the sack with his weakening hands until he run out of consciousness, he was shot. Short Story Elements A. a. b. c. Characters Tura – Round character, he is the protagonist, a father for 3, poor guy. Policemen officers – Flat character – who guarded the warehouse. Mr. Remulla- Round Character- first he is kind, but in the end he let his officer to shoot the crowd.


B. Plot Liner a. Introduction – The author introduced the main character and describes their situation. b. Rising Action – When the crowd started to fire riot. c. Climax – When the police officers start to shoot the people who started the riot. d. Falling Action- when the police overtook the place from the group of Tura e. Denouement- Tura, as he try to go home, he was shot and lost his consciousness. C. a. b. c. d. e. Settings Place: One of the poor provine in Luzon, Plaza mayor, Chinese Rice Warehouse Time: Long time ago. Weather- warm Social conditions – Lower –Class / below poverty line Mood or Atmosphere: Tense, action

D. Point of View a. The author uses 3rd person point of view, because he uses he, him, his, and they. E. Literary Devices

a. The author uses symbols such as the big three rocks that represents the 3 main islands of the country, and it shows how the people lift heavy problems in their back such as poverty, and food shortage. F. Theme a. The theme of the story is people will absolutely do anything to survive. G. The Conflict a. The poor family lives in salabat as the source of food. Tura, the father, seek to find rice for food. So he went to the plaza to be blessed to be spare some kilos of rice. As his hunger strikes to bad, he wanted to get rice fast so he bump other and run first the line, the riot start. The police start to fire some shot alarm so the crowd would stop. But it is useless the raging crowd start to fight back.