Scotch Pies

Hot Damn!!!!
Alright, this recipe is based on the Scotch Pie recipe from with my additions/changes. Ingredients for the Meat Filling: 1.5 to 2lbs ro!nd "east

1/2 tsp of #!tmeg or $ace Salt and Pepper to taste %orchestershire Sa!ce to moisten and fla&or "eef 2 'ars (eint) "eef pies. ra&y. 1 for filling pies, 1*or more...+ to ser&e with

Ingreedee-mince for Hot Water Pastry: , c!ps -lo!r .o) Shortning .o) %ater*appro/, increase or decrease to get correct te/t!re+ 1/2tsp Salt $il01 to gla)e cr!st How To:
#ote: 2ast time 3 !sed pot pie pie pans, b!t yo! can also !se something appro/imately 4 1/2 to 5 inch diameter, s!ch as a large t!na can to form a free standing cr!st.

Spoon appro/ 2 large 6ablespoons into each pie on top of meat mi/t!re. Set aside and chill to firm. preferably peas *$=S(> P?AS999+ . Sho!ld be a little drier than typical meatloaf. Split meat mi/t!re into n!mber of portions to fill pies. 2arger pies may re<!ire a lower temp. %orchestershire Sa!ce.+ $i/ meat. *2ast time. ba0e time in the o&en. 7eser&e light 1/4rd of the do!gh in a co&ered bowl inna warm place. and a longer. Almost there9999 "r!sh cr!st with mil0.$a0e the pastry by sifting the flo!r and salt into a warm bowl. $a0e a well in the center of the flo!r. $i/ with a for0 !ntil large cr!mbles form. and ba0e at 4:5 degrees. perhaps m!ch longer. and n!tmeg and/or mace. and heat !ntil all the shortning is all melted. co&er with rolled do!gh and press seams closed. P!t the shortning and water in a small pot.pies. 6a0e the other 2/4rds and roll o!t to appro/ 1/8th inch thic0. it made 8 pies in pot pie pans. Pot pie si)ed pies ba0e at 4:5 for 55 min!tes. 6ime and temp may &ary based on si)e o. and the water will be boiling. pepper. 6hen 0nead into a ball. Ser&e with gra&y and &eggies. salt. Po!r water into the well in the flo!r. 7oll o!t remaining do!gh. *#ot necessary to chill if in pot pie pans. $oisten edges of pies.+ -orm into c!ps appro/ 4 to 5 inches across by pressing onto a greased form *li0e a large t!na can+.