Drofly MultiWii Flight Controller User manual

Version 1.0 - 26/09/12

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0 FC Indice : Page 2 sur 18 . ADDITIONAL MODULES 4.3. Bluetooth Référence : Titre : User manual .2.Table of contents 1. Uploading Multiwii code into flight controller 2. To BEC or LiPo b. INTRODUCTION 2. Install 2. Setup on your frame 3. Getting started with Multiwii code a.2. Using Multiwi GUI a.2. Installation b. Install 2. GPS 4. Multiwii code setup :config. Getting started with Arduino software a.MultiWii V2.h file a. Usage 3.1.1. To receiver c. Number of motors b. Download b. HARDWARE SETUP 3.5. To ESCs/motors 4.1. Download b. Flight controller selection 2. SOFTWARE SETUP 2. Connecting flight controller a.4.

More information available here: http://www. Référence : Titre : User manual . INTRODUCTION MultiWii is an open source project created by Alexandre Dubus (Alexinparis).com/ Even if using MultiWii is simple. It was originally combining Wii Motion Plus hardware and Arduino platform. even for a beginner.1.multiwii. This user manual will guide you through the basic steps to get your model flying. This section will explain how to edit setup and upload the MultiWii code into your flight controller. it requires a few hardware and software initial tasks. MultiWii now supports multiple sensors and IMUs.0 FC Indice : Page 3 sur 18 .MultiWii V2.

cc/en/Main/Software Select and download the latest version available for your computer/operating system then extract the zip file.exe for Windows users). This section will explain how to setup Arduino software on your computer in order to edit and upload MultiWii code into your flight controller. Download Latest Arduino software version is available here: http://arduino. b. Référence : Titre : User manual . MultiWii project uses Arduino development platform. This window will be displayed. Install Open the extracted folder and Open Arduino program (arduino. SOFTWARE INSTALL 2. a.0 FC Indice : Page 4 sur 18 .MultiWii V2. Arduino software is now installed and ready to use on your computer. Getting started with arduino software As described in the introduction.2.1.

2. Open the File menu.com/p/multiwii/downloads/list The downloaded file should be named as follow: "MultiWii_dev_2012xxxx. Open Arduino program (arduino. Download Please download the latest version of the MultiWii code available on this page: http://code.google. in the Examples section.MultiWii V2. a. Référence : Titre : User manual .0 FC Indice : Page 5 sur 18 .MultiWii_dev_2012xxxx contains the code to be uploaded onto the flight controller . Getting started with MultiWii code This section will explain how to tune MultiWii code to fit your flying model. 2 subfolders will be created: .zip" b. You must see the MultiWii_dev_2112xxxx in the list. Move the “MultiWii_dev_2112xxxx” folder in the Arduino libraries folder.exe for Windows users).2.MultiWiiConf_dev_2012xxxx contains the user interface to be used once MultiWii code uploaded onto the flight controller. Install Extract it in a dedicated folder.

MultiWii V2. It opens the full project code: Référence : Titre : User manual .0 FC Indice : Page 6 sur 18 .Click on MultiWii_dev_2112xxxx.

GPS. Multiwii code setup: config. a.2. Number of motors Multicopter models can take numerous different designs and number of motors.h tab to enter the code. MultiWii code can handle all the listed types of models: Référence : Titre : User manual . etc…). config. Each one of them is dedicated to a specific functionality (sensors.h is the parameters file to be edited in order to fit your flying model.MultiWii V2.h file The MultiWii code is splitted in several files. LCD screen. Click on the config. displayed in different tabs in Arduino. WARNING: Do NOT modify other files unless you’re an advanced user.3.0 FC Indice : Page 7 sur 18 .

Référence : Titre : User manual . Example. for a quadricopter X (2 front motors.MultiWii V2. Uncomment the #define DROTEK_10DOF_MPU line. you need to select the type of flight controller you are using. 2 rear motors): b.0 FC Indice : Page 8 sur 18 .Identify the type of model you need then uncomment the relevant line in the code (just remove // at the beginning of the line). Flight controller selection Now.

0 FC Indice : Page 9 sur 18 . gimbal parameters. Please refer to the MultiWii FAQ for further details: http://www.com/faq Référence : Titre : User manual . Additional parameters ( rx type.The MultiWii code is now ready to be uploaded into your flight controller.MultiWii V2.multiwii.h file. etc…) can be fine-tuned in the config. Please note this user manual describes only the basics of MutliWii code.

MultiWii V2. Uploading Multiwii code into flight controller In order to compile and upload the code into the flight controller. connect the flight controller to your PC using a miniUSB-USB cable.4.0 FC Indice : Page 10 sur 18 . Référence : Titre : User manual . you need to select: -the type of board: In Arduino program: Tools>>Board>>Arduino Leonardo -the serial port Now.2.

you can select the relevant COM port in Arduino Tools menu: Référence : Titre : User manual . a new device should be automatically detected and installed.For Windows users. Once the message “device successfully installed and ready to use” is displayed.MultiWii V2. on first plug.0 FC Indice : Page 11 sur 18 .

MultiWii V2. Référence : Titre : User manual . You can see compilation progress bar at the bottom-right of the Arduino window.0 FC Indice : Page 12 sur 18 .Now click on the « upload » button: This will compile and upload the code into the flight controller.

you’ve successfully setup your flight controller! 2. the code will be automatically uploaded into the flight controller. Using Multiwii GUI MultiWii code comes with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) which helps the user to setup: -sensors recognition -accelerometer/compass calibration -PIDs -rx channels You can refer to the MultiWii dedicated section “Configuration via GUI”.Once compilation complete.0 FC Indice : Page 13 sur 18 .com/software Référence : Titre : User manual . The red and green LEDs on the flight controller will blink rapidly until “Done uploading” message appears at the bottom-left of the window.multiwii.MultiWii V2.5. Congratulations. available here: http://www.

the front of the FC is the side where the micro-USB port is located. Anyway. you can easily identify flight controller orientation using GUI. let’s see how to set it up on your flying model.3.MultiWii V2.0 FC Indice : Page 14 sur 18 . Please make sure your flight controller is securely attached to your model frame and make sure propellers are off the motors. you need to identify the front of your flight controller. HARWARE SETUP Now your flight controller is ready on the software side. You can refer to your frame user manual. Référence : Titre : User manual . If you’ve followed this guide.1.2. Setup on your frame First. 3. 5V power input: Make a solder bridge between the 2 pads shown on the picture and connect your 5V power input to the dedicated port of the flight controller. SECURITY WARNING: make sure the propellers are OFF the motors before testing. a. Connecting flight controller To BEC or 5V power input Flight controller can be powered either by 5V power input or ESC BEC. 3.

h file in Arduino to enable this option: uncomment line “#define VBAT”. The Drofly FC is able to monitor the battery voltage. Référence : Titre : User manual . You can connect a buzzer to the dedicated port in order to enable low voltage alarm.ESC BEC: Connect relevant ESC to port #D9 of the flight controller. You need to edit config.MultiWii V2.0 FC Indice : Page 15 sur 18 .

h file: uncomment line #define SERIAL_SUM_PPM Then connect only one servo jumper cable to the Throttle port of the fliht controller. Référence : Titre : User manual . you need to enable PPM receiver functionality in config. Then connect the Spektrum satellite to the dedicated port of the flight controller. First.b. Roll. To receiver Here are 3 ways to connect your receiver to the flight controller depending of your harware: -classic receiver: each port of the receiver is connected to the flight controller via jumper servo cables. you need to enable Spektrum satellite functionality in config. You can connect up to 5 channels: Throttle. Elevator. all the channels go through one servo jumper cable. -Spektrum satellite: as with PPM receiver. Yaw & Aux1 -PPM receiver: with PPM enabled receiver one jumper servo cable handles all the channels (number of channels depends of your Tx/Rx hardware).h file: uncomment line #define SPEKTRUM 1024 if you’re using DSM2 or #define SPEKTRUM 2048 if you’re using DSMX.0 FC Indice : Page 16 sur 18 . First.MultiWii V2.

c.a to identify which type of model you’re flying then connect ESCs accordingly to the flight controller. even in case of overcurrent situation caused by servos. If you are planning to use camera stabilization servos. Référence : Titre : User manual .0 FC Indice : Page 17 sur 18 . Please refer to section 2.MultiWii V2.you will still be able to fly. This way.3. This port will power servos only – flight controller is isolated from this circuit because powered by port #9. To ESCs/Motors MultiWii code can handle various types of flying models with different number of motors and servos. you need to connect BEC to port #10. flight controller will not be affected .

0 FC Indice : Page 18 sur 18 .MultiWii V2.Référence : Titre : User manual .