MaxTester 610


Smarter verification of copper pairs and location of faults during the installation and repair of voice and DSL circuits.

Focus on single-ended testing minimizes repair time and costs Full suite of digital multimeter measurements to quickly and effectively determine the electrical health of the network Optional TDR and RFL allow service providers to scale the product based on existing or new methods and procedures SmartR™ features allow users to quickly and accurately determine physical copper circuit quality and locate faults Designed to face the challenges of the outside plant environment with an IEC IP54 rating Configurable pass/fail results for automated testing


xDSL and Multiplay Test Set

Copper, xDSL and Multiplay Test Set


THE MAXTESTER 610 JOINS FORCES WITH SMARTR™ The MaxTester 610 allows technicians and engineers alike to work smarter—not harder. including shorts. The Pair Detective feature automatically runs the most common line tests and provides graphical. FaultMapper utilizes time-domain reflectometry (TDR) and frequency-domain reflectometry (FDR) technology to provide the additional capability of identifying the location of the service affecting line faults. consistent and › 30 MHz spectrum analysis for circuit qualification in any VDSL2 band plan › Loop and fault analysis. grounds and opens. Its small form factor. as well as to identify and locate a variety of common circuit faults. making copper troubleshooting easier than ever before. KEY COPPER APPLICATIONS error-free multiplay services (8. enabling technicians to close their jobs quickly and efficiently. color-coded results and pass/fail indications to detect conditions. EXFO’s unique SmartR presents results in an easy-to-understand. battery. 17 and 30 MHz) prequalification › Detection of potential bottlenecks on subscriber loops to ensure high-quality. shorts. it provides technicians with many connectivity options for uploading tests and compiling reports. opens. the large display of the MaxTester 610 makes it even more user-friendly. 12. opens and shorts KEY CHARACTERISTICS 1 4 1 Ethernet connector sealed against the environment 2 Copper connectors sealed 5 3 8 against the environment 3 All-round rubber bumper 4 Large 6 in daylight-visible color LCD 5 Interface connections— 6 2 7 water and dirt protected 6 Innovative and icon-driven user interface 7 Handgrip area 8 Simple keypad . graphical format.MaxTester 610 THE PERFECT TOOL FOR COPPER I&R TESTING EXFO’s MaxTester 610 is designed for the installation and repair (I&R) of voice and DSL circuits. In addition. SmartR is a suite of intelligent and automated tests that enable any technician to quickly and easily gain an understanding of the condition of the line under test. the testing process is highly automated. including bridged taps. splits and imbalances. With the MaxTester 610. using proven TDR and FDR techniques for VDSL2 or ADSL2+ › Measurement and reporting of suspect voltages. and when it comes to saving results. rugged design and easy-to-use menus make it the ideal tool for outsideplant I&R technicians. grounds.

and is simple to use for both experienced and novice users. Battery-Powered The MaxTester 610 is equipped with a battery using the latest technology in rechargeable cells. service providers can keep all the results on file for future reference and confirm that all the required tests have been completed by the technician. and all connectors are protected from the rain—just what is needed for the demanding outside-plant environment. quality of service is paramount for service providers. technicians can either use the optional 12 V vehicle charger or the supplied AC adapter. Sporting industry standard AC and DC voltage measurements. resistance (shorts) and capacitance (opens) measurements.MaxTester 610 COMPREHENSIVE METALLIC TESTING Verification of copper quality is a snap with the copper measurement capabilities of the MaxTester 610. . users are given a clear graphical pass/fail result so they can quickly move on to the next job or investigate further. When charging is required. Easy-to-Use GUI The next-generation user interface of the MaxTester 610 was designed with first-level technicians in mind. The MaxTester 610 also features a POTS dialer and an optional TDR and resistive fault locator (RFL) for locating loop faults. ALL THE RIGHT FEATURES FOR INSTALLATION TECHNICIANS With its small form factor. The large display features colored icons and graphics for easy configuration and operation. technicians obtain results that are graphically clear and concise with pass/fail indication. the MaxTester 610 can go anywhere technicians need to go. impulse noise and attenuation analysis. Results Capture and Connectivity In today’s highly competitive environment. The MaxTester 610 allows reports of all tests to be saved and uploaded. When tests are run. It is rugged and light. power influence and impulse noise. The optional wideband testing suite allows the qualification of circuits at VDSL2 frequencies of up to 30 MHz and includes PSD. Automated Testing Thresholds can be set and saved for key copper tests. Therefore. Test profiles can easily be transferred between units to ensure that all technicians from the same organization are testing to the same thresholds.

5 mA) 1 to 60 . Typical. b.5 VAC) or ±1 VAC WB reception level range (dBm) WB level accuracy Resistance Capacitance DC current AC current Isolation resistance (stress/leakage) (continued) Source Soak timer (s) NOTES a. b. 600 0 – 9.1 nF to 2 µF 0 to 110 mA 0 to 110 mA 100.9 V 1 V for 100 V to 280 V Three digits ±(2 % + 5 ohms) ±(2 % + 1 digit) ±(5 % + 1 digit) Three digits ±(1 % + 5 ohms) ±(2 % + 1 digit) Three digits 0.5 PE mm) cabling. accuracy ±2 dB –50 dBm to 20 dBm. accuracy ±2 dB Impedance (Ω) POTS dialer DTMF Phonebook Digital multimeter (DMM) Test type Impedance selection (for voltage measurement) Measurement DC voltage AC voltage Isolation resistance (stress/leakage) Range 0 to 400 V 0 to 280 Vrms 0 to 1 GΩ. 50 to 125 VDC (current safely limited to 0.2 MHz –90 dBm to –50 dBm.1 V for 0 to 99.2 MHz to 30 MHz –90 dBm to –50 dBm. accuracy ±2 dB –50 dBm to 14 dBm. 135. on batteries.1 mA 0. d.1 mA ±(2 % + 50 pF) ±(2 % + 1 mA) ±(2 % + 1 mA) d Accuracy the smaller of ±(1 % + 0. 1 MΩ Resolution 0.MaxTester 610 COPPER SPECIFICATIONS a. accuracy ±2 dB –50 dBm to 14 dBm. accuracy ±1 dB –90 to 14 dBm at 100 Ω and 135 Ω 20 kHz to 2. with no type B USB connection.* 25 entries Snapshot and continuous 100 kΩ. Preliminary and subject to change without notice. Specifications based on 24 AWG (0. #. c Receiver characteristics Reception frequency Frequency accuracy VF reception level range (dBm) VF level accuracy 200 Hz to 20 kHz 20 kHz to 30 MHz ±(50 ppm + 1 digit) –90 to 20 at 600 Ω 200 Hz to 20 kHz –90 dBm to –50 dBm. From 10 mA to 110 mA.1 V for 0 to 99.9 V 1 V for 100 V to 400 V 0. c. accuracy ±2 dB 2. auto-ranging 0 to 999 Ω 1 kΩ to 99 MΩ 100 MΩ to 999 MΩ 0 to 100 MΩ 0 to 999 Ω 1 kΩ to 100 MΩ 0.5 VDC) or ±1 VDC the smaller of ±(1 % + 0. at 23°C ± 1°C.

in 1 dB steps Low threshold plus separation Mid threshold plus separation 1 to 6. Preliminary and subject to change without notice. psophometric. in 1 dB steps 125 None.999 ±(0.5 V p-p on cable. on batteries. C-message. c (continued) VF noise measurement Frequency range Level range (dBm) Resolution (dB) Accuracy Filters Impedance VF impulse noise Low threshold (dBm) Mid threshold High threshold Separation (dB) Dead time (ms) Filters Counter Timer Power influence (noise to ground) Noise range (dBm) Accuracy VF longitudinal balance Frequency (Hz) Level range (dB) Level accuracy (dB) Impedance Time-domain reflectometer (TDR) Modes Distance range (m) Pulse width Test signals Amplitude Velocity of propagation (VOP) Distance accuracy (m) Units Load coil detection Count Plot (kHz) Distance range (m) NOTES a. b. accuracy ± 2 dB –50 dBm to +20 dBm. C-message. P-notched.4 kHz. notched and D filter (IEEE 743-1995) Maximum 999 for each threshold 1 minute to 24 hours. Qualified up to 300 m (1000 ft) and does not include the uncertainty due to VOP. d. b. 3. 3 kHz flat.400 to 0. C-notched. 3. Specifications based on 24 AWG (0. D-filter. Typical. half-sine wave and square wave 7. D-filter. c.5 PE mm) cabling. compensated sine wave. 15 kHz ANSI: none.4 kHz.1 –90 dBm to –50 dBm. d 200 Hz to 20 kHz +20 to –90 0. 15 kHz 600 Ω 0 to –40. with no type B USB connection. default is 15 minutes –60 to +10 –60 dBm to –50 dBm ±2 dB –50 dBm to 10 dBm ±1 dB 1004 0 to 100 ±1 600 Ω Fully automatic operation with location of most significant event(s) 0 to 6700 (0 ft up to 22 000 ft) 15 ns to 20 µs Sine wave. 9 V p-p open circuit 0. at 23°C ± 1°C.MaxTester 610 COPPER SPECIFICATIONS a.5 m + 1 % x distance) Meters and feet Up to 5 Up to 10 Up to 8000 (up to 27 000 ft) . psophometric. accuracy ± 1 dB ITU: none.

Typical. 15 and 60 min. least significant digit 1 m) Accuracy NOTES a. fault to strap resistance (three significant digits. distance to fault. at 23°C ± 1°C. b. with no type B USB connection. distance from fault to strap (three significant digits.2 MHz VDSL/VDSL2-12: 20 kHz to 12 MHz Single pair (two wire) and separate good pair (four wire) 0 to 20 Three digits 10 maximum Five (includes gauge and temperature setting) Total resistance.1 Ω + (RF/5 MΩ)%) .625 kHz steps None or E. c.3125 kHz to 17 MHz. VDSL2-8. in 4. Preliminary and subject to change without notice. Total length. VDSL2-17 and VDSL2-30 –50 dBm (40 dBrn) to 0 dBm (90 dBrn) in 1 dB steps 65 000 000 1.1 ±2 (up to 2. least significant digit 0.MaxTester 610 COPPER SPECIFICATIONS a.625 kHz to 30 MHz. b. F. 5.2 MHz) ±(50 ppm + 1 digit) ADSL/2+: 20 kHz to 2. in 8. c (continued) Power spectral density (PSD) Test type Vertical scale Horizontal scale Noise filters Wideband impulse noise Threshold Counter maximum Test duration Accuracy (dB) Wideband longitudinal balance Level range (dB) Level resolution (dB) Level accuracy (dB) Frequency accuracy (ppm) Frequency scale Resistive fault location (RFL) Test type Fault detection (MΩ) Resolution Loop resistance (kΩ) Multiple cable sections Fault location Continuous with peak-hold 15 dBm/Hz to –140 dBm/Hz or 14 dBm to –90 dBm 4.. on batteries.5 PE mm) cabling. G. near-end to fault resistance. Specifications based on 24 AWG (0. 10.2 MHz 0 to 40 up to 12 MHz 0.1 Ω). 24 h or continuous ±2 0 to 50 up to 2. VDSL2-12. ±(1 % + 0.3125 kHz steps or 8.

protective soft glove with shoulder strap (ACC-GLOVE) . 2A. with battery-state and level indications.2 GB internal memory Test connections Results storage Temperature range operating storage Humidity Shock Altitude Input power Battery Safety Size (H x W x D) Weight (with battery) Water/dust ingress Differential voltage protection Common mode voltage protection Voltage detection Self-test Connectivity Languages 0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F) –20 °C to 60 °C (–4 °F to 140 °F) 5 % to 95 % relative. WVGA Five-color banana connector for T/B. non-condensing 1 m (39 in) drop per GR-196-CORE 3000 m (9842 ft) 9-24 VDC. R1/A1 1. red. green) 4 mm banana plugs terminated with telco clips (ACC-M3COLR).3 lb) Designed to comply with IP54 125 Vrms or 400 VDC max 1000 Vrms > 20 V will trigger alarm message Routine on power-up Two USB 2. G. 18 W via 90-220 VAC adapter or 12 V vehicle adapter Internal rechargeable lithium polymer.MaxTester 610 GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Display TFT LCD with backlight 152 mm (6 in) diagonal 800 x 480 resolution. green) 4 mm banana plugs terminated with 4 mm plugs with crocodile clips (ACC-M4MM) RFL strap (ACC-STRP) Certificate of compliance AC adapter (GP-2146) Soft carrying case (GP-10-061) OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Copper test cables: Yellow/blue banana connectors to telco clips (ACC-MTCYB) or Yellow/blue banana connectors to 4 mm plugs/croc clips (ACC-M4MMYB) USB host/client cable (GP-2053) 16 GB USB memory stick (GP-2144) 12 V vehicle charger (CL4-CAR) Form fitting. or Three-color (black.0 client ports One USB Type B host port English.5 kg (3. red. ajustable auto-power down CE and CSA marked 254 mm x 124 mm x 62 mm (10 in x 4 7/8 in x 2 7/16 in) 1. Chinese (Simplified) STANDARD ACCESSORIES Test cable: Three-color (black. Spanish. French. R/A. T1/B1.

all of EXFO’s manufactured products are compliant with the European Union’s WEEE directive. Dongcheng District Room 1207. #22-01/03 Shaw Tower 36 North. including interference that may cause undesired operation. Includes TDR option.EXFO. All rights reserved. please visit www.: +1 972 761-9271 Tel.: +65 6333 8241 Tel.: +44 23 8024 6810 Tel. characteristics and products at any time without obligation. For more information. EXFO has made every effort to ensure that the information contained in this specification sheet is accurate. MA 01824 USA Tel. Suite 100 100 Beach Road. Hampshire S053 4SE ENGLAND FI-90590 Oulu. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference.EXFO.: +1 418 683-0211 | Fax: +1 418 683-2170 | info@EXFO. 2008 Printed in Canada 12/05 .com Toll-free: +1 800 663-3936 (USA and Canada) | www. TX 75080 USA SINGAPORE 189702 Beijing 100013 P. and we reserve the right to modify the Web version takes precedence over any printed literature.EXFO. SPMAXTESTER610. we accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions.: +358 (0)403 010 300 Tel. please go to the EXFO website at www.1AN © 2012 EXFO Inc. Electron Way Elektroniikkatie 2 270 Billerica Road Richardson.: + 86 10 5825 7755 Tel.: +1 978 367-5600 Fax: +1 972 761-9067 Fax: +65 6333 8242 Fax: +86 10 5825 7722 Fax: +44 23 8024 6801 Fax: +358 (0)8 564 5203 Fax: +1 978 367-5700 EXFO is certified ISO 9001 and attests to the quality of these products. Quebec City (Quebec) G1M 2K2 CANADA | Tel. CHINA Chandlers Ford. EXFO Corporate Headquarters > 400 Godin Avenue.MaxTester 610 ORDERING INFORMATION MAX-610-XX Model MAX-610 = Copper I&R test set Copper Software Options 00 = Without software options TDR = Time-domain reflectometry option RFL = Resistive fault location option WBAND = Extend frequency testing to 30 MHz SMARTR = Pair Detective and FaultMapper option a Example: MAX-610-TDR-SMARTR Note a. FINLAND Chelmsford. R. In addition. Global Trade Center Omega Enterprise Park. 3rd Ring Road East. This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. In case of EXFO America EXFO Asia EXFO China EXFO Europe EXFO Finland EXFO Service Assurance 3400 Waterview Parkway. Units of measurement in this document conform to SI standards and practices. Tower C. For the most recent version of this spec sheet. and (2) this device must accept any interference received. Contact EXFO for prices and availability or to obtain the phone number of your local EXFO However.