On Prof.

Pirog The National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) has assigned the Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA) to facilitate Prof. term facult" e$change program that is part of the aureen Pirog!s sta" as part of the short# %& bet'een NIDA and Indiana &niversit".

Prof. Pirog is (ud" Professor of Public and )nvironmental Affairs at the School of Public and )nvironmental Affairs (SP)A). She is the founder and Director of the Institute for *amil" and Social (esponsibilit"+ and )ditor#in#,hief of the -ournal of Polic" Anal"sis and GSPA until *ebruar" ./01. On Homecoming The homecoming .2rd On EUROPA )&(%PA ./00 must be removed. Also the lin3 is dead Prof. Ponlapat Prof. Ponlapat a'ard is it for ./01 or ./02. It is on the 'ebsite as ./02 History of GSPA The Graduate School of Public Administration 'as established in 0455 as Thailand!s first graduate school offering graduate#level courses in public administration. %ver the past five decades+ GSPA!s courses have been committed to continuousl" improve its courses to be relevant to the current societal conditions and re6uirements. Graduates from GSPA hold important positions in various public and private sector careers and are 3no'n to help contribute to Thailand!s development. arch+ ./02 must be removed anagement at Indiana &niversit". Prof. Pirog is conducting research in Thailand and 'ill be sta"ing at the

Establishment of GSPA 7ith the rising demand for master#level education in public administration in regional areas on Thailand+ GSPA in 044.+ initiated the regional master program 'ith the collaboration from the

Promote continuing learing through the operations of a learning : a development center able to serve the broad and diverse needs in our societ". Vision Statement To be a leader in management research : application+ fostering ethical and effective leaders in the field of development Mission Statement In order to achieve its vision+ the School of Public Administration must do the follo'ing.ollege of &tradith and Na3orn (atchsrima.reate cooperative net'or3s for the furtherance of scholarl" activities 'ith other institutions at the local+ and international level.//8)+ GSPA offers regional master programs in 8 provinces around the countr" including 9ampoon+ Pitsanulo3+ Na3orn (atchsrima+ &bolratchathani+ &dornthani+ . . These regional master programs e$tend educational opportunities to students and allo' them to remain and focus on their local communities.holburi+ Surathani+ and Song3la. GSPA has e$panded the regional master programs to several other provinces.Teacher . As of no' (. • • • International collaborations sho l! be p!ate! . These programs 'ere met 'ith great response and continued demand. o o Act as changts agents creating ethicall"#based+ effective organi=ations Integrate and appl" multidisciplinar" approaches to improving management s"stems Anal"=e problems from a holistic perspectiv o • &nderta3e research and contribute to the devaloping of ne' theories and concepts in the field of management+ in order to solve societal progroms. • Produce graduates at the master<s and doctoral degree level able to. Provide advice and acadamic services to government+ not#for#profit+ and private sector organi=ations.

# full e$emption from tuition # monthl" stipend of 0/+/// baht # 2#"ear scholarship . . Scholarships "octor of Philosophy Program in "e#elopment A!ministration $International% Gra! ate School of P blic A!ministration &ational Instit te of "e#elopment A!ministration Ob'ecti#e ( The granting of NIDA scholarships to Thai and foreign students in need of financial support in order to promote international understanding and scholarl" fraternit". 3. T"pe II 1. *oreign and Thai scholars 'ho 'or3 in academic institutions shall have preferential status in this regard. Re) irements( 0. On f t re st !ents*******application The information there is outdated On f t re st !ents*******) ality of applicants There is no information there . # full e$emption from tuition # 2#"ear scholarship . T"pes of Scholarship 1. Applicants must provide satisfactor" evidence of their inabilit" to self# finance tuition and other fees pertaining to their studies in the program.Ph. In pursuit of this ob>ective+ and in light of the limited funds available for this purpose+ the program 'ill have as its primar" focus the provision of scholarships to foreign and Thai students 'ho meet the follo'ing re6uirements..D.0 T"pe I 1. Information on ) ality ass rance is o t!ate! # 2#"ear scholarship ..2 T"pe III 1.