Interview Guide

Topic 1: Kind of Handicraft work
Topic1.1: Product characteristics 1234567Describe Production process Who does product design? Is your production inspired by your tradition, your region, and your family? Does it require skills, know how, etc? How did you get this skill and know how? Are products perishable or not? Do you work full time with handicraft?

Topic1.2 : Products quality 1- What is for you a good and poor quality product? 2- Do you check quality of products? 3- If product is poor quality do you improve its quality? Can you describe the improvement process?

Topic 2: Production process
Topic 2.1: Production tool 12345678What are the tools you use? Are they specific to your job? How do you appreciate the quality of these tools? How do maintain these tools? Did you have a training to use these tools? If yes when and how? How long do you use these tools? Are they the same you used when you started your activity? What is the price of the tools you use?

Topic 2.2: Raw material 1234What are the raw materials you need? Have you difficulties to find and to buy raw material? What are the solutions? Do you use raw or transformed raw material? Are raw materials natural?

Topic 2.3: Transformation process 1- What are the different steps of production process? 2- Can you describe in detail each process step? 3- What are the steps which require a specific know how?

Topic 2.4: Products selling 12345678How do you define prices? What are the main criteria to define prices? Who does define prices? Are prices fixed or not? Can you describe distribution channel? Have you retailers? What is the organization? How incomes are they distributed the different retailers? Who are your main clients?

Topic 2.5: actors involved in production process Who are the main actors who contribute directly or not to the production process? Topic 2.6: costs and incomes 1. What is the cost of raw material? Tools? Outsourcing? … 2. Benefits? 3. What are your incomes? Incomes from handicraft?

Topic 3: Coordination tools and access
Topic 3.1: coordination tools usage 1- What are coordination means you use to interact with actors production process and distribution channel (phone, mail, Internet)? 2- Do you need to leave your home to support your production and selling needs and to meet different actors? Topic 3.2: Competences 3- What do you use to organize your production and selling: a. Phone (1 point). b. Computer (2 points). c. Accounting software (3 points). d. Internet (3 points). e. E-commerce Web site (4 points). 4- How did you get competences to master these tools? 5- How much time do you need to use coordination tools linked with production activity? 6- Are there relatives who help you? For which task? Are they paid for this? 7- For which reasons you don’t use ICTs?

Topic 4: Identification of the latent waiting
1- What are the technical improvements to adopt to facilitate your production process? a. Tools b. Production steps

c. Actors’ links d. Communication tools 2- Are you ready to use Internet to sell your production? 3- Are you ready to contribute to a community of persons interested by your production?

Topic 5: Socio demographics data
Birth date, place Study/diploma/level address Marital situation Children Husband information Parents information Languages Reading Writing