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Amma plans new satellite city in Chennai

senthil December 2012

To create a comprehensive plan for the development of new sub-city setting global standards, committee, providing the power, the police said. The growth and increasing day by day occurring in the suburbs, in order to regularize the free growth, in three cases, it was decided to set up sub-cities. Government action: for, Vandaloor - kelampakkam between the areas acquired by the Tamil Nadu Housing Board, Vice-town setting of the announcement, which was released in 2006. People living in the area and the project was put on hold due to farmers' protest. Then, Vandaloor - kelampakkam, Maraimalai Nagar Thiruporur of the growth occurring in the study areas, and provide recommendations for action to be taken to improve these areas, Chief Secretary, committee, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the Supreme, 2007 formed. The group, on the basis of recommendations from the 2008 Vandaloor - kelampakkam Maraimalai Nagar Road - Thiruporur between the regions has decided to create a global standard for the new town. committee, orders: the Urban Development Department, one officer said: Provide a statement regarding the possibility of creating a new city, Urban Development Minister of Development Planning Commission was appointed. On the basis of the group's interim report, the global standard for the creation of new works for the city, committee, handed it to. Moreover, the draft integrated development plans for these areas provide committee, valarccippirivu the area. As various parts of the county within which Cityscape, ciemtie, GO authorized to provide. Thus, he said. Problem: This, committee, one officer said, "government orders, due to the lack of staff needed to develop the proposed draft development plan, which was a problem for the work to begin, 'he said. What parts? City Information on the location of the new sub-areas: * Maraimalai Nagar Municipality * Kutuvanceri - nantivaram Panchayat * Thiruporur Panchayat * Local Union * Thiruporur Panchayat Union * Revenue Villages: 134 * Total area: 562 square km, Four ranges: Details of the four borders of the new Vice City: * North: Vandaloor - kelampakkam Road * South: Maraimalai Nagar - Thiruporur Road * East: East Coast Road * West: jiesti, road
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