natural philosophy, n.

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natural philosophy, n.
Pronunciation: Brit. /ˌnatʃ(ə)rəl fᵻˈlɒsəfi/ , /ˌnatʃ(ə)rl̩ fᵻˈlɒsəfi/ , U.S. /ˈˌnætʃər(ə)l fəˈlɑsəfi/ , /ˈˌnætʃr(ə)l fəˈlɑsəfi/ Forms: see NATURAL adj. and adv. and PHILOSOPHY n. Etymology: < NATURAL adj. + PHILOSOPHY n. Compare post-classical Latin philosophia naturalis (5th cent.), after ancient Greek ϕυσικὴ ϕιλοσοϕία (Aristotle). Compare also slightly earlier NATURAL PHILOSOPHER n.

Now chiefly hist. The study of natural bodies and the phenomena connected with them; natural science; (in later use) spec. physical science, physics.
▸a1393 GOWER Confessio Amantis (Fairf.) IV. 2399 (MED), Of naturel Philosophie He fond ferst also the clergie. ▸c1443 R. PECOCK Reule of Crysten Religioun (1987) 277 (MED), As is natural philosophi medycynal for resonable keping and gouernyng of oure body. c1485 (▸1456) G. HAY Bk. Law of Armys (2005) 70 Be all clerkis of naturale philosophy..jt is jnpossible yat the hevin be still, bot moving. ?1520 J. RASTELL Nature .iiii. Elem. sig. Aij, A few conclusyons..And poyntis of phylosophy naturall. a1550 (▸1471) G. RIPLEY Compend of Alchemy (Bodl. e Mus.) f. 53 (MED), No multiplyers but philosophers called will they be which naturall philosophye did never rede nor se. 1581 R. MULCASTER Positions xxxv. 128 Naturall Philosophy the ground mistresse to Physik. 1649 T. FULLER Just Mans Funeral 5 He..was skil'd in natural Philosophie from the Cedar to the Shrub. 1678 T. HOBBES Decameron Physiologicum i. 6 That sublunary Physiques, which is commonly called Natural Philosophy. 1708 A. BOWER Hist. Univ. Edinb. (1817) II. 71 In the first of these classes, the students be taught logic and metaphysics; and, in the last, a compend of ethics and natural philosophy. a1734 R. NORTH Life F. North (1742) 332 He was adept in natural Philosophy and Mechanicks. 1798 J. DENHOLM Glasgow 208 In the fifth session, Natural and Experimental Philosophy, the Mathematics, and the private Moral Philosophy, complete their course as gown students. 1815 J. B. SCOTT Diary 3 Aug. in E. Mann Englishman at Home & Abroad (1930) VII. 167 My main object was to gain practical knowledge of Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, and Mental Philosophy. 1865 Chambers's Encycl. VII. 521/2 its narrower equivalent to Natural Philosophy, which, until of late years, was the term more commonly used in Great Britain. 1/26/2014

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