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Comprehensive Report Card
Name: vicky Sex: Male Figure: Standard body weight(170cm,61kg) Age: 32 Testing Time: 2014-01-06 14:05

About the probably hidden problems
System Testing Item Vascular Resistance Normal Range 0.327 0.937 Actual Measurement Value 1.909 Expert advice Reduce stress, maintain mental balance and regular life, and eat more black fungus and nuts and less foods with high cholesterol.

Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular

About the problems of sub-health trends
System Testing Item Vascular Elasticity Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Coronary Artery Elasticity Coronary Perfusion Pressure Small Intestine Absorption Function Coefficient Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) Serum Total Bile Acid (TBA) Proteinuria Index Osteoclast Coefficient Bone Mineral Density Degree of Osteoporosis None Mineral Density Rheumatoid Bone Disease Osteoporosis Coefficient Rheumatism Coefficient Normal Range 1.672 1.978 1.553 2.187 11.719 18.418 Actual Measurement Value 1.164 0.997 9.924 Expert advice Work and rest together, make emotion stable, eat more foods for adjusting blood fat, such as lack fungus, fungi, vegetables and fruits, and eat less foods with high cholesterol, foods that have high salinity and high-fat foods. Eat more non-stimulating and digestible foods and vegetables on time, chew the foods thoroughly, eat less but have more meals, relax in eating, keep happy mood, pay attention to rest, and do not eat cold food. Eat less food with high calcium and cholesterol, and eat more fiber vegetables and more foods rich of vitamins B, C and E. Do not eat spicy hot foods, such as chilli, pepper, ginger, onion, garlic, leek, dog meat, mutton, crucian, shrimp, and eels and so on. Have a reasonable diet, increase outdoor sports, supplement adequate calcium, usually pay more attention to appropriate exercise, such as walking, jogging, etc. Eat less bean foods and soy products, and do not eat stimulating food, tobacco and alcohol.

Gastrointestinal Function

3.572 6.483


Gallbladder Function

0.082 0.342 0.317 0.695 1.571 4.079 86.73 180.97 0.124 0.453 0.796 0.433 2.019 4.721 4.023 11.627

0.351 0.749

Kidney Function


191.126 0.612 0.189 6.003 17.693

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esp.967 3.017 5.. foods that are so sweet and salty.192 4. by taking collagen products to supplement. corn and black fungus. kidney solid element. fish skin and cartilage. 06/01/2014 . Choosing the right eye care products. chicken wings.079 0. chicken skin.458 8. if necessary.107 2. more vegetables. If necessary.817 0. but also collagen food.471 6.003 1. Eat more vegetables and fruits which are rich in Vitamin C.861 The test results for reference only and not as a diagnostic conclusion.543 5. and usually do more health-care massage and physical therapy.369 Maintain good sitting and stand.031 3. bean curd residue.858 2. but less food with strong sensitive to light.556 2. high-fiber foods.94 Vitamin B1 Vitamin Vitamin C Skin Collagen Index Skin Skin Horniness Index Collagen eye wrinkle Eye Visual fatigue 2. Blood Sugar Coefficient of Insulin Secretion 2.ayurhealthclub. foods with low fat and less oil. etc. trotters.. have a fixed amount and fixed timing for the meals. Avoid yourself to expose in sunlight too much. while complementing the foods rich in vitamin C and collagen to help absorb. to ensure adequate sleep. such as beef tendons.023 4.842 1.124 4.157 3. file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Quantum%20Resonance%20Magnetic%20Anal. and eat light foods. red turnip.528 2.74 Collagen Motion systems 6.www.133 2.801 0. Eat more foods rich in collagen.871 3. pay attention to rest during work.008 8. choose a number of easy-to-Liver eyesight. avoid prolonged standing without activities. or by using through drugs or health products.525 0. such as ribs stewed with a variety of soups. like caraway. drink.com Comprehensive Report Card Page 2 of 2 Bone Growth Index Osteocalcin 0. preventing the harm from ultraviolet rays. Supplement corresponding lacking trace elements by using a variety of foods. and celery. Eat less but have more meals.