Strategy to Answer Paper 2 Section A English UPSR

Section A Sentence Construction
• 10 questions • 10 marks • 1 mark for each questions

Guidelines to answer section A
• • • • • • • Read the instructions Study the picture Read the words given Indentify the tenses Ask ‘WH’ questions Write the sentence Check the grammar and punctuation

Remember the sentence structure

Singular or plural?

What? When? Why? Where?

.Simple Present Tense Subject Verb Storyline The sells hawker fruit by the roadside.

Subject Verb Storyline They keep their bags in the lockers. .

Subject Verb Storyline The man saves a boy from drowning. .

Simple Past Tense Subject Verb Storyline Puan fed Minah her chickens with some grain just now. .

Subject Verb Storyline The wind blew off the boy’s hat yesterday. .

Subject Verb Storyline The rescued a boy from the fire fireman last week. .

.Subject Verb Storyline The girls were scared of the snake.

Continuous Tense Subject Verb-tobe Verb+ing Storyline Jane is putting some oranges into the refrigerator. .

Subject Verb-tobe Verb+ing Storyline The girls are walking to school. .

Subject Verb-tobe Verb+ing Storyline The children are skating on the ice rink. .

.Subject Verb-tobe Verb+ing Storyline My mother is trying on a pair of shoes.

No verb is given? Identify the verb! Let’s give it a try! .



.Subject Verb Storyline A has giraffe a long neck.

Subject Verb Storyline My cooked porridge this mother morning. .

Subject Verb Storyline The are scouts collecting firewood in the forest. .

.Subject Verb Storyline The jumble sale was held to raise funds.

Subject Verb Storyline My uncle uses a shovel to dig some holes. .

There is/are… .

Subject Verb Storyline There are many people ib the boat. .

.Subject Verb Storyline There is a rainbow in the sky.

Subject Verb Storyline There are some biscuits on the table. .

Confuse with the preposition? .

Subject Verb Storyline are Mei having Ling and her family a picnic on the beach. .





on the farm? ____ ____ by the river? by the roadside? ____ ____ at the bus stop? .

Are you ready for the challenge? .