FAVORABLE TIMES GUIDES + panchang & tithis,subha y Ast*

ga & !""# $ays % &' ()

+yc,"s Th" *yLong Astro Cycles have fascinated mankind. This is the Vedic perspective ofAstro Cycles. The Vernal Equinoctial Point was found to precede one degree in every ! years. "ence as one #odiacal $ign is %& degrees in length' !()& years is the duration of an Age Cycle. *e are at the moment undergoing the Piscean Age which will give way to the Aquarian in !+++ A,. -t is called the Piscean Age .ecause the Vernal Equinoctial Point is passing through Pisces and is at the moment &) degrees +& minutes !+ seconds in Pisces.
Age Cycle Precessional Cycle Equinoctial Cycle Cosmological Cycle / !0%&1 / !0%)&1 /!&&&0!()&1 2 2 2 !()& years !34!& years / as the #odiac is %)& degrees 1 +%'!&&&& years +.%! .illion years

/ ! million 0 !()& 1 2

5ne Cosmological Cycle / 6rahma 7alpa1 was considered to .e one 6rahma ,ay and another +.%! .illion years was considered to .eone 6rahma 8ight. 5ne Cosmological Cycle was one thousand Equinoctial Cycles / Chatur 9ugas1 or ! million Age Cycles: The Vedic Calendar ; 6ased on Equinoctial Cycles An Equinoctial Cycle comprises of + Ages. $atya 9uga Threta 9uga ,wapara 9uga 7ali 9uga 2 2 2 2 <&& Age Cycles )&& Age Cycles +&& Age Cycles !&& Age Cycles

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; =aha 9uga 2 !&&& Age Cycles

/ Equinoctial Cycle 1 As per Vedic Astronomy' the ,ark Age / 7ali 9uga 1 commenced from %(&! 6C ' ()th >e.ruary =idnight. The Concept of Ayanamsa The ,ate of Coincidence of the Tropical and the $idereal #odiacs was found to .e !<3 A, and the Ayanamsa / precessional distance 1 was called Lahiri?s Ayanamsa. ,ifferent scholars gave different dates .ut the -ndian @ovt in order to standardise the Ayanamsa value took the initial point of the #odiac as the point in the Ecliptic opposite the star Chitra / Alpha Virginis 1 which was the vernal equinoctial point on the Vernal EquinoA day of !<3 A,. The rate of precession of the Vernal EquinoA was taken as 3&.% seconds per sidereal year.-n Vedic Astrology' Ayanamsa value is deducted from the Tropical longitudes of planets to get the $idereal longitudes. "ence the longitudes of planets in *estern Astrology / Tropical 1 and -ndian Astrology differ .y !%.3 degrees this year. 8atal charts cast in these ! systems will .e entirely different: The Tropicalists / *estern Astrologers1 maintain that the Vernal Point is in the )th degree of Pisces now . The $iderealists / Vedic Astrologers 1 maintain that the $idereal $tarting Point remains to .e & degrees 6eta Arietis / Aswini 1 and that the $idereal #odiac doesn?t change.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------FAVORABLE TIMES GUIDES + panchang & tithis,subha y ga & !""# $ays % &' ()
T*a.", Gui$" *hen certain nakshatras and tithis are in operation' on any day they produce very auspicious for certain types of undertakings. The following are the auspicious tithis and nakshatras for travelling. They are auspicious throughout the year. Auspicious TithisB ,wteeya' Triteeya' Panchami' $aptami' ,ashami' Ekadasi and trayodasi Auspicious 8akshatrasB Ashwini' =rigasira' Punarvasu' Pushyami' "asta' Anuradha' =oola' $hravana' ,hanistha' Cevati are the .est for travelling. Cohni' Dttara.hadra' Dttarashadha and $hata.histha are moderate. Avoid other nakshatras. =onday' *ednesday' Thursday and >riday are suita.le days. To check the tithi and nakshatras this month check Panchang Dai,y / *as The "ora is a one hour duration in a day' ruled .y a particular planet. -n a week' on each of the seven days' starting from the sunrise or sunset time' there are !+ horas ruled .y the seven planets. ,epending on the ruling planet the horas are either suita.le or inimical for various undertakings. This can .e used to select a suita.le time for an undertaking. The following hora chart shows the day and the planet ruling the hora at any given time of the day. To know the horaphala during any hour on any week day' click on the corresponding square. >or this you need to know the sunrise time on that day at your place. you can check the local sunrise time for your place from your local news paper.>or eAampleB 9ou want to check the hora on *ednesday (&.&& am. 9our local news paper gives the sunrise time as' say ).%& am. The first hora /of the first hour after sunrise1 is upto .%&' !nd upto

! <.%& and so on. $o the time you want to check' i.e. (&.&& am' falls on the +th hora and is ruled .y Eupiter. Click on the square to check the hora nature. R",at"$ pag"s0 Ephemeris -mportant days Travel guide 6usiness guide $arvartha sadhaka chart Panchang Day ti1" / *as 2 F* 1 Sun*is" t Suns"t 3""#$ay Sun$ay M n$ay Tu"s$ay (st h* 4n$ h* 5*$ h* $un =oon =ars $aturn Fupiter $un =ars 6th h* 7th h* =ars $un =ars 8th h* 9th h* =ars )th h* $un =ars :th h* (;th h* ((th h* (4th h* Venus =ercury =oon $aturn Fupiter $un =ars =ars $aturn $un =ars Venus =ercury =oon $aturn Fupiter

Venus =ercury =oon $aturn Fupiter $un =ars

Venus =ercury =oon $aturn Fupiter $un =ars $un =ars

Venus =ercury =oon $aturn Fupiter $un =ars $un =ars Venus =ercury $aturn Fupiter $un Venus

3"$n"s$ay =ercury =oon Thu*s$ay Fupiter F*i$ay Satu*$ay Sun$ay M n$ay Tu"s$ay Thu*s$ay F*i$ay

Venus =ercury =oon $aturn Fupiter $un

Venus =ercury =oon $aturn Fupiter $un

Venus =ercury =oon $aturn Fupiter Fupiter =ars

Venus =ercury =oon $aturn Fupiter =ars

Venus =ercury =oon

<ight ti1" / *as 2 F* 1 Suns"t t Sun*is" Venus =ercury =oon $aturn Fupiter $un =ars =ars $aturn Fupiter $un =ars Venus =ercury $aturn Fupiter $un =ars Venus $aturn $un =ars Venus =ercury =oon $aturn Fupiter =oon =ars Venus =ercury =oon $aturn Fupiter $un =ars

Venus =ercury =oon $aturn Fupiter $un =ars

3"$n"s$ay $un

Venus =ercury =oon $aturn Fupiter $un

Venus =ercury =oon $aturn Fupiter $un

Venus =ercury =oon $aturn Fupiter $un

Venus =ercury =oon $aturn Fupiter

Venus =ercury =oon $aturn Fupiter

Satu*$ay =ercury =oon

Venus =ercury =oon

Naksatras: Do's and Dont's Rohini, Uttaraphalguni, Uttarasadha, and Uttarabhadrapada are FIXED constellations and are favourable for digging ells, la!ing foundations or cities, e"piator! rituals, planting trees, coronations, bu!ing lands, #eritorious deeds, so ing of seeds, installation of Deities, the building of a te#ple, or an! other activit! desirous of a lasting or per#anent effect$ %rgasira, &itra, 'nuradha, and Revati are ()F* or +EN*,E constellations good for fine arts, learning, #aking friendships, sensual pleasures, decorations, se"ual union, earing ne apparel, #arriage, singing and dancing, processions, auspicious cere#onies, festivities, dealings of agriculture, and -ourne!s$ 'svini, .us!a, and /asta are ,I+/* or (0IF* constellations and are good for sports, en-o!ing ite#s of lu"ur!, starting industries, skilled labour, #edical treat#ents, starting education, starting -ourne!s, seeing friends, bu!ing and selling, the perfor#ance of spiritual activities, decorations, fine arts, e"ercise, and for giving or receiving loans$ 'rdra, 'slesa, 1!estha, and %ula are DRE'DFU, stars and are suitable for success in arfare, invocation of ele#entals and other spirits, i#prison#ent, separations, acts of destruction, and the breaking of alliances ith superiors$ .urnavasu, (vati, (ravana, Dhanistha, and (atabhisa are *E%.)R'R2, %)3'4,E, or 5UI&6 stars favourable for undertaking travel, ac7uiring conve!ances, gardening, going on processions, visiting friends, and an!thing of a te#porar! nature$ 4harani, %agha, .urvaphalguni, .urvasadha, and .urvabhadrapada are FIER&E or &RUE,, constellations and are suitable for acts of evil, deceit, and conflict, destruction of ene#ies, incarceration, poisoning, arson, battle, setting fire, acts of destruction, ill8repute, and cruelt!$ 6rtttika and 3isakha are %IXED constellations and good for routine duties, one's professional responsibilities, and an! activities of da!8to8da! i#portance$ /o to appl! this to their natures: FIXED 9stead!: stars, this is a favourable nakshatra to perfor# such things as la!ing foundations, for building, careers, relationships, things that !ou ant to be per#anent$ ()F* 9gentle: stars, favourable for art, dance, #usic, #arital union, cere#onies$ ,I+/* 9e"cellent: stars, hich give pleasure, sports, giving #edicine, starting industries or travel$ (/'R. 9harsh: stars, tantric incantations, i#prison#ent, causing separation of friends, assasinations$ %)3'4,E stars, ac7uiring vehicles, going on procession, gardening$ DRE'DFU, 9cruel: stars, evil sche#es, evil deeds, planting ghosts in people, deceit, i#prison#ent, setting fires 8 arson$ %IXED stars, orks of ever! da!, da! to da! i#portance$ In the 3edic culture ever!thing has its functional use$ (o#e things #a! be good;right for so#e things, but <inauspicious< for other things$ *he follo ing ill give !ou insights into hat the science of electoral 9nuhurtha: astrolog! is all about$ Tithi: Do's and Dont's =st ,unar Da! > pratipa t*he presiding deit! of the first lunar da! in 4rah#a and is good for all t!pes of auspicious and religious cere#onies$

victorious over ene#ies. .unar 2oga is 3a-ra 9Dia#ond. the purging of poisons. and other pious activities$ ==th .unar Da! > chaturthi 2a#a is lord of the Ath lunar da!.unar 2oga is '!ush#an 9. and acts of co#bat$ Bth . devotional activities. en-o!s life ith content#ent$ A '2U(/%'N B@ Degrees HH' *he (oli8.unar Da! 8 a#avas!a and purni#a *he 3asve8devas rule the Ne %oon suitable for the propitiation of the %anes and perfor#ance of austerities$ Yogas: Description = =@ Degrees HH' ? 3I(/6'%4/'I ?C ?H' *he (oli8. happ!$ C ()4/'N' FH Degrees AH' *he (oli8.unar 2oga is (aubhag!a 9+ood Fortune: 88 en-o!s a co#fortable life full of opportunities. and violence$ =Hth . *hunderbolt: 88 ell8off. angr!$ == +'ND'I =AC Degrees ?H' *he (oli8.unar 2oga is Dhriti 9Deter#ination: 88 en-o!s the ealth. acts of destruction.unar Da! > asta#i *he 3asus rule this da!. and the perfor#ance of one's duties$ =@th . obtains propert!.unar 2oga is (iddhi 9(uccess: 88 skillful and acco#plished in several areasE protector and supporter of others$ =F 32'*'. #eeting ne friends.unar Da! > dvadasi *he (un rules this da!. festivities.unar Da! > dviti!a 3idhatr rules this lunar da! and is good for the la!ing of foundations for buildings and other things of a per#anent nature$ @rd .unar Da! > tra!odasi *he da! is ruled b! &upid and is good for for#ing friendships. fickle and unreliable$ =G 3'RI2'N ?B@ Degrees HH' *he (oli8. hich is auspicious for religious cere#onies the lighting of the sacred fire. goods and spouses of othersE indulges in the hospitalit! of others$ =H ()).unar Da! > sapta#i *he Dth lunar da! is ruled b! IndraE one #a! begin a -ourne!. as in <causes a stink<: =? 3RIDD/' =CH Degrees AH' *he (oli8.unar 2oga is (ukar#a 93irtuous: 88 perfor#s noble deeds.unar 2oga is /arshana 9*hrilling: 88 intelligent.unar Da! > triti!a 3isnu is the lord of this da! and is good for the cuttings of one's hair and nails and shaving$ Ath .unar Da! > sasthi 6arttike!a presides over this da! and is favourable for coronations.unar 2oga is 3ari!ana 9&o#fort: 88 loves ease and lu"ur!.unar 2oga is (hula 9(pear.unar 2oga is 3!aghata 94eating: 88 cruel. and re#e#brance of the (upre#e . unpredictable.unar Da! > nava#i *he (erpent rules this da!. able to concentrate and persist. and surger!$ Cth . ealth!$ =A 32'+'*/'I =FC Degrees ?H' *he (oli8. energetic$ B ('U4/'+2' CC Degrees ?H' *he (oli8.riti 9Fondness: 88 ell8liked.unar 2oga is (hobhana 9(plendor: 88 lustrous bod! and de#eanor sensualist. ith is suitable for killing ene#ies. and festivities$ =Ath .ain: 88 confrontational and contrar!. the re#oval of obstacles. #agnani#ous and charitable. 7uarrelso#e.unar 2oga is 3ishka#bha 9(upported: 88 prevails over others.unar Da! > dasa#i *he da! is ruled b! Dhar#a and is auspicious for acts of virtue. sensual pleasures. opportunistic and discerningE life constantl! i#proves ith age$ =@ D/RU3' =D@ Degrees HH' *he (oli8.% ?nd .unar Da! > pancha#i *he %oon rules this da!.ord are ver! favourable$ =?th . delights in #erri#ent and hu#or$ =C 3'1R'I ?=@ Degrees HH' *he (oli8. hich is favourable for ad#inistering #edicine. troubleso#e personalit!$ 9IJve also seen +anda described as stink. lascivious$ .unar 2oga is 3riddhi 9+ro th: 88 intelligent. hich is good for taking up ar#s.RI*I AH Degrees AH' *he (oli8.unar 2oga is Dhruva 9&onstant: 88 stead! character.unar Da! > ekadasi Rudra rules this da!E fasting. obsessed ith se"$ D '*I+'ND'I G@ Degrees HH' *he (oli8.unar 2oga is 3!atipata 9&ala#it!: 88 prone to sudden #ishaps and reversals. laK!. religious functions. building of one's defenses.unar 2oga is . bu! conve!ances.unar 2oga is 'tiganda 9.'I =@@ Degrees HH' *he (oli8.arge8cheeked: 88 difficult life due to nu#erous obstacles and accidentsE revengeful and angr!$ 9'ti8ganda described as <big8stink<. lecherous.unar Da! > chaturdasi 6ali rules this da! suitable for ad#inistering poison and calling of ele#entals and spirits$ =Bth . ealth!$ G D/RI*I =?H Degrees AH' *he (oli8. hich is good for the destruction of one's ene#ies. and en-o!#ent$ Dth . attracted to the opposite se".unar 2oga is +anda 9&heek: 88 fla ed #orals or ethics. ealth!$ @ .ong8lived: 88 good health and longevit!. as in trouble: F (U6'R%' =HC Degrees ?H' *he (oli8.'*'I ?AH Degrees AH' *he (oli8. and deal ith other such things as a #ovable nature$ Fth . forceful$ =D (IDD/I ??C Degrees ?H' *he (oli8. intent on har#ing others$ =B /'R(/'N' ?HH Degrees AH' *he (oli8. and fortification$ Gth . spiritual practices.

courage. poor perception.unar 2oga is 3aidhriti 9. t!rann! and control$ It creates #uch of the sa#e proble#s as %ars 9or (aturn: hen too strong$ . %ars /is po er and strength. learned and religious. inconstant and fickle$ %ars the arrior is fier!. banks and business here huge su#s of #one! are handled and golds#iths$ (un governs vitalit!. confidence. of course. dependenc! or servitude. -udges. is a calculator and a co##unicator$ 1upiter is the ise teacher of the gods and spirituall! #inded people.' @@@ Degrees HH' *he (oli8. #elanchol!. lo vitalit!.unar 2oga is (hiva 9'uspicious: 88 honored b! superiors and govern#ent.a #atters 8 (un 1upiter and 3enus$ Doctor8 (un %ercur! and 1upiter$ For surger! or surgeons8 (un. to co#plain to the police about the lost propert!$ 'n ill8placed (un gives lack of intelligence.arigha 9)bstruction: 88 encounters #an! obstacles to progress in lifeE irritable and #eddleso#e$ ?= (I3' ?FH Degrees AH' *he (oli8. or gro ing /ouses$ *hese are the /ouses @. the e!es. or 'ngles$ *hese are the /ouses =. the student. direction. +od: 88 trust orth! and confidential. %ercur! and %ars$ )ne can co##ence pra!ing to (ur!anaran!an and . honours and reputation. ealth!$ ?? (IDD/' ?G@ Degrees HH' *he (oli8. leadership.urusha. i#patient and i#pulsiveE unstead! and changeable #ind$ ?C 4R'/%' @AC Degrees ?H' *he (oli8. dignit!. #ild and polite but direct and honest re7uests and good advice$ IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII (UN /)UR: (un is the lord of (unda!$ (un gives intelligence. deviousness or dishonest!$ 'n overl! strong but ill8disposed (un creates pride. dignit!. and he co#es into full #aturit! and brilliance at age ??$ (un: . sta#ina. to appeal for pro#otion. hich #eans it is a good ti#e to take charge of so#e i#portant -ob or post$ For assistance fro# po erful people. influence. to let on lease propert!.unar 2oga is (hukla 94right 0hite: 88 garrulous and flight!. like black#ail$ During the 1upiter and 3enus one can spontaneousl! ork through and naturall! accepted a! of appeals to reasons. a#bitious. C and ==$ /is nature. hast! and courageousE hile %ercur!. and D$ *he (un also does ell in hat are called the Upacha!a. etc$ *he (un is Ro!al and noble. %ercur! and 1upiter:$ 'lso good for registering of docu#ents. and he is in his fall in the sign of .unar 2oga is (iddha 9'cco#plished: 88 acco##odating personalit!. to take #edicine or to undergo surgical operations. our ego.unar 2oga is (hubha 9'uspicious: 88 lustrous bod! and personalit!. %ars and 1upiter co#bination$ For the 1udge or . and the ge#stone associated ith the (un is the red rub!$ *he (un's #etal is +old and his direction is East$ /is da!. fear. one should select the (un /our$ (un.ord 3ishnu for peace and prosperit!$ (un is e"alted in the sign of 'ries. #agistrates. acco#plished #anners and eti7uette$ ?A (U4/' @?H Degrees AH' *he (oli8.osition of po er.erson of ti#e 96ala . arrogance. and 3enus the teacher of sensualists. but proble#s ith healthE ealth!. fa#e. or te#pera#ent is pitta. fashion and art lovers$ The Hora hours and the Persuasions Method (UN 'ND %'R( rule punish#ent9danda: %ER&UR2 'ND ('*URN rule diplo#ac! 9bheda: %))N rules te#ptation 9dana: 1U. ell8 off$ 3'ID/RI*II Degrees HH' *he (oli8. angr!.unar 2oga is Indra 9&hief: 88 interest in education and kno ledgeE helpful. authorit! and responsibilit!.+ ?H . is (unda!. eakness of ill and character$ It creates lack of endurance.unar 2oga is 4rah#a 9. respect and po er$ (un /our is beneficial for signing contracts 9(un. general vitalit!. independence and straight8 for ardness$ *he (un is in his strongest place#ent directl! overhead in the =Hth /ouse$ /e is also strong in the other 6endras. and the person gain their a! b! te#ptations. one can choose the %oon /ora. sche#ing natureE po erful and over hel#ing #entall! or ph!sicall!$ *he planets #erel! represent 7ualities in nature$ *he language of astrolog! is -ust another for# of the language of nature and her basic energetic attributes$ )ur solar s!ste# is so#eti#es taken to be the personification of the Divine . status.riest. positive spirit.unar 2oga is (adh!a 9'#enable: 88 ell behaved. placid. pleasant nature.unar 2oga is . the %oon /is senses and e#otions.I*ER 'ND 3ENU( rule good counsel 9sa#a: . honours. good discern#ent and -udg#ent$ ?D INDR' @FH Degrees AH' *he (oli8.'RI+/'I ?CC Degrees ?H' *he (oli8.urusha:$ *he (un is the soul of this 6ala . to approach for favour. solar hour is auspicious$ (un also indicates po er authorit!. behind the scenes #anoeuvres and the unethical negotiations. to e"ecute a ill. conviction. or fier!. i##unit! and speed! recover! fro# diseases$ /ence. hich is to sa! b! incentives or various sorts. irritable$ ?B (U6. interest in ritual and spiritualit!$ ?@ ('D/2' @HC Degrees ?H' *he (oli8. A. perception. strength of ill and character$ It affords endurance.ibra$ *he (un is the indicator of the father. vitalit!. potentiall! gifts$ During the (un and %ars /ora one can resort to punish#ent or threat of punish#ent and one can be co#pelling and insistent in their #ethod of persuasions$ During the %ercur! and (aturn hour one can #ost readil! accept or use artfulness. the %oon changeable.eople ho are ver! hard to deal ith. including secret. the heart.oor (upport: 88 critical.

responsibilit! and the capacit! to have a beneficial effect upon societ!$ Rahu can cause us to lose thinking po er over our #ind$ *he! should not #ake i#portant decisions hen 9=: the %oon is full 9?: the %oon's rising ti#e is close to the rising ti#e of the (un 9the last @ da!s of the descending %oon c!cle 8 6rishna . -e els. etc$ can start business during %oon /ora on a %onda! and Rohini (tar da!s ill be good$ . setbacks in their health. especiall! for 4rah#ins$ 0E'6 . and Uttra '(/'D/'$ *he best ti#e of the #onths are fro# ?= %arch to ?F 'pril and =H 1ul! to 'ugust ?H$ *hese periods are best suited for #aking ne plans L invest#ents$ /e is particularl! beneficial for the fire sign 'scendants of 'ries.earls. difficulties in relating to other people and e#otional disturbances$ ' strong %oon. so#eti#es even the (un$ 0hereas the (un creates the king or strong illed leader.ERI)D(: *he /our of the (un ill be #ost potent henever (un is strong: i$e$ henever (un transits in its e"alted or o n sign and in the Nakshatra of 6RI**I6'. and planning for the future$ 0hen %oon is in Rohini and henever %oon transits &ancer and in /asta and (harvana Nakshatra da!s$ 'lso it is advantageous to note hether %oon occupies the 6endra position counted fro# the 'scendant during the /ora of %oon. the %oon creates a good ad#inistrator or a leader open to the needs of his people$ *he %oon indicates relationship. kerosene.halguni. and stress level is generall! high$ )ne #a! also suffer fro# position and ealth$ *he! should avoid #aking ne plans$ IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII %oon is the lord of %onda!$ %oon rules over the sign of &ancer$ In Rohini. healers or ps!chologists. travelling. receptivit!. and the dark %oon is considered a #alefic$ 0E'6 . caring for others and a nurturing attitude in life$ It gives e#otional #aturit!. as ell as good #others and ives$ ' strong %oon can give po er like the (un$ ' strong %oon can outshine the other planets.3 ' eak but spirituall! disposed (un #akes us receptive. can be purchased in this /ora$ . the fastest #oving planet. %ars relates to our passions. our e#otional and vital i#pressionabilit!. or ater!$ %oon. interchange and co##unication$ (*R)N+ . . suggests that %oon /ora is advantageous for safe and successful overseas -ourne!$ %usicians should select %oon /ora on %onda!s or Frida! for fertile i#agination and #elodious tune$ *uesda! is beneficial for those ho use dru#$ /)R' )F %))N 's the (un represents character or individualit!. anting to do good and self8effacing$ It can indicate the govern#ent in general and hatever favours or pro#otions #a! co#e through it$ It represents la and order on lo er or higher levels$ (*R)N+ . our capacit! to receive e#otionE %ars rules our outgoing e#otions.ERI)D(: *he period bet een 1une ?Hth and 1ul! ?Dth called <*he /ouse of the %oon< is the #ost beneficial ti#e$ During this period the! should devote their energ! in pro#oting their business$ *his is a suitable ti#e for all sorts of auspicious activities.ERI)D(: Dece#ber. river or an ocean$ Decisions are best #ade #id a! through the descending or ascending c!cle of the %oon$ During these ti#es the %oon is not po erful$ *he! should take up sports and hobbies that involve the# in outdoor activities$ *he! should be forced to e"ercise to keep their ps!che in proper shape$ ' benefice %oon is often found in the charts of doctors. sho s sensitivit!. and fallen in the opposite sign of (corpio$ *he %oon is #ost co#fortable and po erful in the Ath /ouseE also in the angles$ %etal is silver and the direction is North est$ *he bright %oon is considered a benefic of the highest order. our e#otional and vital capacit! for self8pro-ection$ 0e could sa! that 3enus governs our inco#ing e#otions. caring for others and a nurturing attitude in life$ It gives e#otional #aturit!. on the other hand. and the dark %oon is considered a #alefic$ /er nature is kapha.eo.eace$ 0ith cooked rice. for speeches etc$ 'pproach people during %oon /ora$ Even the strong illed person ill be favourable to !ou$ *hose ho deal in food #aterials and in oils. hen it is strong$ IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII /)R' )F %'R( is the great planet of energ!$ 's 3enus governs our affections. Nove#ber and Dece#ber$ During these ti#es one feels lack of interest in their ork. in *aurus here the %oon is e"alted$ /e is e"alted in *aurus. corals. orna#ents. on the other hand.urchase of propert! in the %oon /ora$ *he price of the propert! ill increase in capital value$ %oon /ora is good especiall! on *hursda!$ +ood for gains ithout pains hen dealing ith #others and #aternal relatives$ /otels or ine bars #a! be opened on *uesda!s during %oon /ora$ During %oon /ora pra! to +oddess . petrol. 1anuar! and Februar! are the #onths hen so#eone's %oon in the birth chart is affected$ *he person ill suffer fro# ps!chological proble#s$ *he! should prepare the#selves to face hardship during these #onths$ 'fflictions to the %oon sho personalit! disorders. Uttra . soaked in ghee and feed 4rah#in couples$ *he bright %oon is considered a benefic of the highest order. sho s sensitivit!. the %oon indicates our personalit!$ 'fflictions to the %oon sho personalit! disorders. difficulties in relating to other people and e#otional disturbances$ ' strong %oon.ERI)D(: For the (un are during the #onths of )ctober.alitha for .aksha of the %oon:$ )r 9@: hen the person is near a lake. etc$ 2ou can plan and conte#plate during %oon /ora the right and rong can be clear and eas! to co#e to conclusions$ %oon /ora in the night is good for pleasure$ For public activities and popularit!. nurse. receptivit!. acids. our . and (agittarius$ *he (un's #etal is +old and his direction is East$ *he first da! of the eek dedicated to the (un has the special #erit of the re#oval of sin.akhs#i and . responsibilit! and the capacit! to have a beneficial effect upon societ!$ Rahu can cause us to lose thinking po er over our #ind$ %oon period is preferable for those seeking appoint#ent as #id ife.

strength. the po ers of the #ind$ 's 1upiter generall! represents the higher or abstract #ind. and courage. orator! and the good logical faculties$ *he la !er. television and co#puters are products of %ercurial needs aligned ith the engineering capacit! of %ars$ 'd#it children in schools and colleges on a 0ednesda! da! during %ercur! /our. the (un.ike (ur!a. ho ever$ *he! #a! cause so#e other har#. as the person ill lose to others$ 4ut those ho sign and purchase the propert! bet een F$HH'% to =H '% having (un in the ==th house ill have the full advantage of the high price$ 2ou can bu! coral. passion and desire$ .eo 'scendants$ /is nature is . hich #easures our abilit! to pro-ect force in life$ %ars is a karaka. church or colleges and schools$ *hose of !ou ho are bu!ing propert! during the %ars /ora. hich represents speech.E(/'. ill and self8confidence to carr! out our endeavours887ualities it shares ith the (un$ %ars is a critical. b! talking to hi# on *uesda!$ *he person ill heed then if it is at all possible to get hi# started$ *o purchase surgical instru#ents (unda! 8 %ars /ora or the da! of the lord of =? and %ars /ora$ *o -oin dut! in the %ilitar!. and industr!. or articles of trade. a placing of our o n personal ill8to8po er over the good of life$ &o#bined ith (aturn. of brother and siblings. the positive side of %ars co#es out as the capacit! to #ake great achieve#ents in life in har#on! ith la and truth$ )n the negative side. engineers and surgeons. a strong %ars is necessar! to give us the energ!. violence and in-ur!. the politician and the scientist need such a strong %ars$ 0ith logic and science. the intellect or infor#ational #entalit!$ 's a planet of co##erce. %ars /ora on *uesda! is advantageous$ It is luck! ti#e to start a press. %ercur! indicates the lo er or concrete #ind. like 1upiter can give intelligence. radio. strength. including #one!$ /e #a! value co##unication and public opinion #ore than truth. argu#ent. . signing the docu#ents in the #orning bet een C$@H '% to D$@H '% having the (un in the =?th 4hava ill not en-o! the benefit of the value of the propert!. co##unication and co##erce on all levels$ In his lo er function he organiKes and articulates #aterial resources$ %ercur!'s favourite place#ent is rising in the =st /ouse$ /is nature is 3ata. particularl! hen there are no balancing factors$ 0here ell balanced this co#bination creates discipline and the capacit! for great acco#plish#ents$ IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII /)R' )F %ER&UR2 94udha: *his is the planet. like speech defects. or fier!$ /is ge# is red coral and his direction is (outh$ %ars' da! is *uesda! and he reaches full #aturit! at age ?F$ %'R( /)UR %ars rules over *uesda!s$ It is the lord of the Nakshatra of %R+'(/IR'. it see#s al#ost necessar! to build a fire under hi# to #ake an! #ove#ent fro# this person$ For this purpose one can bring the fire and energ! of %ars as a da! ruler ith his influence as an hour ruler. assertion. independence. and beco#e dependent on and defensive of hatever is the strongest environ#ental influence$ Under a strong negative (aturn influence %ercur! can lose its po er and sho lack of intelligence$ 'fflictions to %ercur! do not al a!s give lack of intelligence or intellect. conflict88and hen not checked b! other factors. %ars gives #echanical skills$ &o#bined ith 1upiter. nervous disorders$ )ther planets. #echanical abilit!. argu#ents and conflict. herefro# others are #ade to suffer. accidents.itta.olice or Factor!. but ithout a strong %ercur! there ill be difficult! in e"pressing it. particularl! through the ritten ord$ *elephone.eo 'scendants$ /is nature is . aggressiveness. be able to give good skills at speech. %ars #ost po erful position is in the =Hth /ouse$ /e is a particularl! beneficial planet for &ancer or .itta. %ars #ost po erful position is in the =Hth /ouse$ /e is a particularl! beneficial planet for &ancer or . aggression. control. this sa#e aggression brings about co#petition. &/I*R' and D/'NI(*/'$ It gets e"alted in &apricorn 0henever %ars is strong b! transiting in its o n or e"alted signs or in its stars and on *uesda!s$ Especiall! hen it happens to be the =Hth house to the . %ercur! represents trade.) capacit! to pro-ect e#otion$ %ars is the planet of po er. accountants' etc on *hursda! and Frida! of %ercur! /our$ . a#bition. or fier!$ Direction is (outh$ )n the positive side. building construction or opening electronics shop on a 0ednesda! in %ars /ora$ *o -oin dut! in a court of . violence and ar. creating selfish. it is advantageous to argue during %ars /ora and in the case$ )n a *hursda! during %ars /ora tr! for co#prise and fair settle#ent for the propert!$ 0hen it beco#es necessar! to stir so#eone ho has fallen into a habit of neglect and idleness and !ou need to bring hi# back into the full orking habits. on the positive side.ike (ur!a. perverted or cri#inal tendencies. or 'ir!$ /is ge# is E#erald and his #etal is all for#s of allo!s$ /is direction is North$ %ER&UR2 /)UR is ver! strong and po erful on 0ednesda!s during ti#e hen in +e#ini or 3irgo and on '(/. causes do#ination. soldiers and #ilitar! endeavours. its negative side usuall! predo#inates. should have opening cere#on! on *hursda!s or Frida!s$ %ars /ora on a *hursda! is beneficial for e"ecutive officers in industr!. the (un. building #aterials etc$ For peace and prosperit! pra! to the . #echanical engineering. 1!eshta and RE3'*I star da!s especiall! RE3'*I )n a higher level %ercur! connects us ith our inner capacities.ord +anesh$ )n *uesda!$ .ada governed b! 1upiter and the sub is %ars$ In this case there ill be no difficult! for the availabilit! of #one!. co##anders and rulers.a or take oath as a . perceptive and discri#inating planet$ /is po er of argu#ent #a!. or indicator.resident. -e ellers. rub! and red colour articles$ 4est ti#e to construct a house ould be at a ti#e hen %ars is e"altedE hen %ars /ora is on and the 'scendant is (corpio and in 3ishaka Ath .agna rising and during %ars /ora$ It is good to file an! la suit in a court of la . 1udge etc$ *hursda! is especiall! good$ +olds#iths. for success in studies$ )ne can start learning i#portant sub-ects in the %ercur! /our$ During the %ercur! /our to deliver a speech especiall! on *hursda!s$ It is good ti#e to take a -ob of teacher.

brokers. #editation. or an! household ite#s$ )n (aturda! during 1upiter /our do house building ork$ *ake a -ob or start ork on (unda!s or *uesda!s in 1upiter /ora /our$ 4orro or invest #one! on *hursda!$ In the night hours note the 1upiter hour and one can have se" for getting children$ *his ill fulfil !our desire to have a child$ *ake up Insurance polic! on (aturda!s during 1upiter /our$ 2our polic! ill #ature and !ou ill en-o! the benefits of !our invest#ents$ 0E'6 . hich #eans. #agistrates. restriction.ada$ 0hen %oon *ransits in &ancer. happiness. hich #eans to ignore. B and G$ 3enus is a particularl! beneficial planet for &apricorn and '7uarius 'scendants$ +e# is dia#ond and the #etal is copper and silver$ 3enus' direction is (outh East$ )n the lo er stage she represents the pleasure of the senses and the co#forts of the bod!$ (uch a pure 3enus co#es out in association ith 1upiter and %ercur!$ /er vain side #anifests in alliance ith %ars. take #edicine. prosperit!. art. and bet een Nove#ber ?=st and Dece#ber ?Hth are the #ost favourable$ 'll ne pro-ects should be started during these ti#es$ *ravel during these periods brings long and lasting benefits$ . discipline. lu"ur!.ibra. prosperit! and success$ *hose ho in at races or lotteries or have great inheritances usuall! have a ell8placed 1upiter$ )ne #a! suffer fro# une"pected bad luck. ho e relate to societ! on a practical level.ERI)D(: *he #onths of )ctober and Nove#ber are not favourable$ During this period.alita or 6ail %ata$ 0hen %oon transits in *aurus and . hich fascinates but also the po er to #ove and to #otivate$ *he /our of 3enus is strong on Frida!s. choose the %ars or (aturn hour.. grace. or indicator of fortune. dela!s. 1upiter indicates our inner career.ook if !our 1upiter is beneficial to !ouM 're !ou running 1upiter's DasaM *hen approach people during 1upiter /our$ (uccess in atte#pts for studies. . agents representatives. preferabl! on 1upiter's star da! and in 1upiter /our$ (aving's not satisfactor!M )pen a saving account on a *hursda! in 1upiter /our. or indicator of spouse.ainters. co#fort. passion and healing$ 3enus' #ost po erful position is in the Ath /ouse and the *rikona /ouses.isces$ 0hen %oon transits in . and (horthand riters should select (aturda!s$ IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII /)R' )F 1U. and the auspicious *rikonal /ouses$ /is nature is 6apha. charit!. the! should avoid starting ne pro-ects or undertaking long -ourne!s$ IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII /)R' )F 3ENU( 3enus is a karaka.I*ER */UR(D'2 1upiter is ell kno n as the #ost helpful. #arriage. rich ith inner spiritualit!. or lose a areness of so#ething$ *hus. bad kar#a. publicit! organiKations can start functioning on *uesda!s in %ercur! period$ %ost successful and efficient ork ill be done if one co##ences during %ercur! /our$ Dail! ne spapers. or indicator. and fortune$ /e gives ealth. #iser!.isces. responsibilit!. #oralit!.ibra or . trouble ith authorities and institutions or loss in litigation hen eak$ 1upiter is a karaka. #antra. luck.unarvasu. 3I(/'6/'$ . auctioneers can begin on 0ednesda!s$ *!pists should choose. isdo#. artists and dancers can start on Frida!s in %ercur! /our$ Editors. these are the signs of e"altation$ During this ti#e peace of #ind and prosperit! can be assured$ &hoose 3enus /our if !ou ant to #eet so#eone ho is generall! i#patient and ho is #ood!$ *he person ill be cal# and co8operative during this hour$ 3enus ill tone do n the fier! nature of the person$ For #arriage proposal. a#bassadors. here e reall! find our personal fulfil#ent and hat e en-o! doing #ost$ 1U. children. if !ou like the partner in 7uestion$ 'nd if !ou do not like the proposal. and the auspicious *rikonal /ouses$ /is nature is kapha. spiritualit!.ERI)D(: *he periods bet een Februar! =Gth and %arch ?Hth.I*ER /)UR 0hen %oon transits in . and lost to this #aterial plane of e"istence$ /e rules over the t o sidereal signs of &apricorn and '7uarius$ /e is e"alted in . #inisters.halguni and . e#otion. or ater!$ /is ge#stone is 2ello (apphire or 2ello *opaK and the #etal is +old$ (*R)N+ . generous and benefice of the planets$ *his planet rules planet religion and philosoph!$ /e is a spiritual and ethical 9(attvic: planet$ 1upiter is the planet of luck. 4anking$ /e is e"alted in the sign of &ancer and fallen in the opposite sign of &apricorn$ 1upiter's #ost favoured position is in the =st /ouse$ /e does ell in both the 6endras. ealth. of longevit!. dance #usic. fa#e. benevolence and philosoph!$ 1upiter's #ost favoured position is in the =st $ /e does ell in both the 6endras. and 'ngles. all conve!ances.$ '(/'D/' stars$ For loss of 3italit!. la !ers and leaders in govern#ent and religion$ 1upiter represents sacred scripture. =. . and 'ngles. *uesda!s. start %antras in 3enus /our for Dhan . old age and death. on *hursda! or Frida! during 3enus hour: it ill #ake !ou strong and health!$ During 3enus /our. <slo #over<$ Fro# (hani e get the ord <shun<. devotion and faith. publishers. favour. sorro . love.a . or ignorance$ *his loss of a areness can also #ean the di#inishing a areness of the #aterial orld of #anifestation$ /ere (aturn indicates the ascetic. beaut!. or ater!$ /is ge#stone is 2ello (apphire or 2ello *opaK and his #etal is +old$ 1upiter's direction is North8East and his da! is *hursda!$ 's a benefice planet he reaches full #aturit! the earliest of the G +rahas at age =C$ 's %ercur! tends to sho our outer career in life. hich causes an e"cess of passion.urchases of ite#s on *hursda!. hen 1upiter is in direct #otion and is strong8 then !ou ill have good increase in inco#e$ Deal ith !our ta" #atters or #one! #atters during 1upiter hour$ *his /our is good for purchase of vehicles8 on Frida!s during 1upiter /our. . booksellers. printers. acting. the proposal ill fall through$ IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ('*URN In 3edic astrolog! the planet (aturn is called (hani$ In (anskrit (hani co#es fro# shanaiscara.a"#i for ealth on *hursda! or Frida!$ )n %onda!s . se"ualit! and sensualit!$ 3enus also gives po er$ It is not onl! the po er. and fallen in the opposite sign of 'ries$ (aturn is a karaka. in (agittarius and . on the da!s hen %oon transits in 4harani.$ .arvathi$ )n *uesda!s .$ 4hardrap in the Ath . (aturn represents a loss of a areness. press o ners. the person has to select a 3enus /our.

and the #onths of Dec.ination details.a U'Asha$ha U'Bha$*a M n$ay S*a. a (anskrit ord.ati &una*.U(/2'.ana 2 R hini 2 2 S!ati - .inations are called sarvartha sadhaka or all round auspicious com. old age and death. leadership and authorit!.an8changa. naksatra 9the constellation the #oon is aligned ith:. of longevit!. realit! and ti#e itself$ ('*URN /)UR *he /our of (aturn is strong for the #atters relating to (aturn$ *he period of ?H (ept and ?Bth )ct and bet een 1an ?H and Feb ?H$ *hese are the best ti#es to start ne ventures. -t simply means that on any particular week day' if any of the nakshatras mentioned under the week column is in operation' it is auspicious for any and all undertakings. #eans <five li#bs. Sun$ay Ash!ini &ushya1i U'Asha$ha /asta M . hile at other #o#ents things <-ust don't co#e together$< *he calendar provides kno ledge to understand such pheno#ena. gloo#!$ *he! continuousl! suffer fro# losses and ps!choso#atic proble#s caused b! disturbance in their bod! che#istr!$ this is due to aggravation of ind ele#ent hu#our$ 9 a disturbance of in the flo of the gases in the bod!:$ *he! do not like discipline. dela!s. or indicator. get bla#ed and hu#iliated and suffer separations fro# loved ones$ *he! should avoid ne undertakings.inations. These com. hu#ilit!. a#bition.asu Anu*a$ha Satu*$ay S*a. so that one can take advantage of auspicious #o#ents and avoid ne undertakings hen the creative forces are on the ane$ DIVISIONS OF TIME *elling ti#e has been refined to a science in the /indu culture$ 'nd no here is ti#e given greater pro#inence than in the /indu te#ple$ */E 2E'R8('%3'*('R' .asu 2 Anu*a$ha F*i$ay Ash!ini 2 2 R". integrit!.uy vehicles on Tuesday. and has an eclipse like affect upon the#$ )nl! 1upiter has the po er to reall! subdue or to balance out his influence. %arch and 'pril$ During these ti#es the! suffer losses.ord (hiva or /anu#an-i in the (aturn hour and to beco#e (an!asi$ (aturn is a karaka. another cruel planet$ 's the po er of darkness and obstruction.le for some other undertakings. 9ou can check the nakshatra in operation on any day and its duration from the Panchanga chart given in this site.le and auspicious for certain undertakings and some are not suita. "ence these com. or 'ngles$ /e is a particularl! beneficial planet for *aurus and . sorro . #iser!. the po er of (hiva.ati &una*.anga at that hour is in (aturn's sign or stars$ )n the da!s hen %oon transits in (aturn's signs &apricorn and '7uarius$ For practice of !oga or #ediation choose the (aturn /our. (aturn brings about contraction and destruction$ 1upiter is the positive teacher of the soul and the (aturn is the negative guide$ *he influence of (aturn is to dela!. >or eAample under the Tuesday column the nakshatras mentioned are Ashwini' Ashlesha' 7rittika and Dttara 6hadra. spiritualit!. #orbid. or 'ir!$ /is ge# is 4lue (apphire and all black stones and his #etal is .< hich refers to the fact that ever! panchanga# includes the five basic ele#ents of tithi 9lunar da!:. 'nuradha or Uttra 4hadrap stars or hen the . integrit!. and the last eak of Feb.ra! to . signing legal papers$ 0hen eak: *his #akes the person greed!.ead$ (aturn's direction is 0est$ 0hen %oon transits in . and ill carefull! hold on to hat has ith such difficult! been ac7uired$ Its negative side co#es out particularl! in association ith %ars. !oga 9a particular angle of the sun and #oon: and vara or vasara 9solar eekda!:$ 0e are all ell a are of the concepts of <good ti#ing< and <bad ti#ing< and ho at certain ti#es ever!thing see#s to be flo ing along s#oothl!.< a#bition. co#plete all the pending -obs and pro-ects for travel and business$ 0hen strong: in the chart it brings isdo# and a areness of the right and rong in the people$ (aturn's #ost po erful place in the chart is in the Dth /ouse and the 6endras.inations hold true through out the year. to ithhold$ 's the slo est #oving of the planets he retards things. denial. hu#ilit!. land and fi"ed assets$ *hose ho obtain ealth through a ell8disposed (aturn #a! beco#e #isers. the lord of the !ogis. non8attach#ent. >or eAample it is considered inauspicious to . the! are rebellious and la breakers the! behave like an old #an and appear older$ Sa*.a*tha sa$ha#a +ha*t According to Vedic astrology' some week days are suita.ination of certain week days and nakshatras is very auspicious for all undertakings. "owever the com. hard ork. karana 9half8da!:. (aturn is the ene#! of the (un and the %oon. This means that on any Tuesday if any one of these nakshatras is in operation the time is auspicious to start any type of work. holds back their develop#ent$ (aturn indicates propert!. the god of death and transcendence #a! ork through (aturn$ Retrograde or 0eak (aturn in the chart ill generall! have a eak period during the first ?H da!s of da!s of 1an. organiKation. isdo# born of e"perience$ (aturn also indicates asceticis#. restriction. The following chart gives the auspicious day and nakshatra com. discipline. for e"tra concentration$ 0rite letters to !ogis and religious person and deal ith propert! #atters etc$ in this hour$ 0hen !ou ant to finish off an! relationship.ibra 'scendants$ (aturn's nature is 3ata. though 3enus and %ercur! can refine it to a great degree$ In this respect. responsibilit!. isdo# born fro# e"perience$ 's 1upiter indicates the process of creation and e"pansion."sha 2 2 2 =*itti#a U'Bha$*a 3"$n"s$ay 2 2 R hini /asta M*igasi*a =*itti#a Anu*a$ha Thu*s$ay Ash!ini &ushya1i 2 R". leadership and authorit!. The same is true for the nakshatras in operation during various days. do so in (aturn hour$ .ana &ushya1i R hini 2 M*igasi*a 2 2 Tu"s$ay Ash!ini As.

. 3is8vavasu. (arvari. 3risha. /e#ala#ba. hich repeat in a si"t!8!ear c!cle based on the ti#e it takes 1upiter to orbit the sun five ti#es$ *he na#es of the !ears are: . 4hava. . 3ikra#a Era. . (ubhakrit. Rudhirodgarin. . Isvara.ra#adin. (arvadharin.4 In India there are nu#erous era s!ste#s in use$ *he 6ali Era. 3!a!a. 3irodhakrit. 6rodhin. #arking the da n of a Ne 2ear c!cle$ */E N'%E )F */E 2E'R In all. 6rodhana and 6sha!a 9or 'ksha!a:$ The Sixt !Year " c#e Each !ear in the *a#il calendar has a na#e$ *hese na#es follo a CH8!ear c!cle$ 9*he nu#ber CH represents five 1ovian periods i$e$ it takes 1upiter about =? !ears to orbit the sun:$ *he follo ing table lists the c!cle of si"t! !ear na#es: No$ Na%e = ? @ A B C D F G =H == =? =@ =A =B =C =D =F =G ?H ?= ?? ?@ ?A in Eng#ish Prabhava Vibhava Sukla Year =GFD88=GFF =GFF88=GFG =GFG88=GGH Pramodhudha =GGH88=GG= Prajorpati Angirasa Srimukha Bhava Yuva Dhatu Isvara Vehudhanya Pramathi Vikrama Vishu Chitrabanu Subanu Tarana Parthiba Viya Sarvajit Sarvadhari Virodhi Viruti =GG=88=GG? =GG?88=GG@ =GG@88=GGA =GGA88=GGB =GGB88=GGC =GGC88=GGD =GGD88=GGF =GGF88=GGG =GGG88?HHH ?HHH88?HH= ?HH=88?HH? ?HH?88?HH@ ?HH@88?HHA ?HHA88?HHB ?HHB88?HHC ?HHC88?HHD ?HHD88?HHF ?HHF88?HHG ?HHG88?H=H ?H=H88?H== . 3irodhin. Nandana. and the (aka Era are several of the era s!ste#s being follo ed toda!$ *he /indu !ear for the 6ali Era s!ste# begins hen the (un enters the sign of %esha 9'ries:$ It is a da! of great i#portance. (ri#ukha.ingala.arthiva.ra#oda. . .Raktaksha. . . Raudra.. (obhana.aridhavin. (iddharthin. (au#a!a. &hitrab8hanu.rabhava. 3ibhava.alavanga. Dhatri. (ubhanu. 'nala 9or Nala:. Dundubhi.2uvan. 6ilaka. 3i-a!a. (adharana. 1a!a. Dur#ukha. 6hara. 4ahudhan!a. (arva-it. 3ikarin. 'nanda.3ikrita. Dur#ati. .ra#athin. and a ti#e of celebration. %an#atha.lava. 3ila#ba. 3ikra#a.arabhava. 'ngiras. *arana. there are si"t! na#es.ra-apati.6ala!ukta. (ukla. Rakshasa.

(& ?B ?C ?D ?F ?G @H @= @? @@ @A @B @C @D @F @G AH A= A? A@ AA AB AC AD AF AG BH B= B? B@ BA BB BC BD BF Kara andana Vijaya !aya "anmatha Dhunmuki #evilambi Vilambi Vikari Sarvari Plava Subakrit Sobakrit Krodhi Visuvasuva Parabhava Plavanga Kilaka Saumya Sadharana Virodhikritu Paridhabi Pramadhisa Ananda $akshasa ala Pingala Kalayukti Siddharthi $audri Dunmati Dundubhi ?H==88?H=? ?H=?88?H=@ ?H=@88?H=A ?H=A88?H=B ?H=B88?H=C ?H=C88?H=D ?H=D88?H=F ?H=F88?H=G ?H=G88?H?H ?H?H88?H?= ?H?=88?H?? ?H??88?H?@ ?H?@88?H?A ?H?A88?H?B ?H?B88?H?C ?H?C88?H?D ?H?D88?H?F ?H?F88?H?G ?H?G88?H@H ?H@H88?H@= ?H@=88?H@? ?H@?88?H@@ ?H@@88?H@A ?H@A88?H@B ?H@B88?H@C ?H@C88?H@D ?H@D88?H@F ?H@F88?H@G ?H@G88?HAH ?HAH88?HA= ?HA=88?HA? ?HA?88?HA@ $udhrodhgari ?HA@88?HAA $aktakshi ?HAA88?HAB .

fro# #id8'ugust to #id Dece#ber.F82E'R8'2'N' Each !ear is divided into t o halves.UN'R %)N*/( *he lunar #onth is #easured either b! the period covered fro# one ne 8#oon to the ne"t. #arking the sun's south ard #ove#ent$ *he t o da!s co##encing the t o a!anas are considered sacred and kno n as pun!a kala. su##er. . #easured fro# the ti#e of entr! into one rasi 9this point is kno n as a sa#kranti: and the ne"t$ *he point hen the sun enters %esha 9'ries: rasi is idel! accepted as the beginning of the !ear$ *hus the first solar #onth is called %esha in (anskrit$ *he (anskrit na#es of the solar #onths are listed in 3edic &alendar$ Each is na#ed after the sign of the Kodiac that the sun is in$ *heir na#es are %esha9'ries:.6an!a 93irgo:. 3arsha Rtau. <ti#es of great #erit$ */E (IX (E'()N(8R*'U In the 0est e are fa#iliar ith four seasons8spring. Dhanus 9(agittarius:. indicating gro th and develop#ent$ */E %))N (I+N )R R'(I In 3edic &alendar the rasi na#es the Nodiac sign the #oon is currentl! passing through$ It lists the degree of the sign of the #oon at C:HH '%$ For e"a#ple. harvesting.iving ith (iva: /induis#'s &onte#porar! &ulture is the pri#ar! te"t$ @: *he third period of the !ear.'6(/' )ne #onth is the duration of one orbit of the #oon around the earth$ In /indu #easuring of ti#e. fertiliKing gardening activit! dates$ *he #oon takes a little over t o and one8half da!s to traverse one Kodiac sign$ *he rasis are %esha 9'ries:. the period hen the #oon is aning. the season hen the trees and plants are blosso#ing. the season of Dancing ith (iva.isces:$ */E D'28(). several states use a solar8!ear calendar hile others use the lunar8!ear calendar$ In all states the lunar calendar is used for deter#ining the dates of religious festivals and for selecting auspicious ti#es for beginning #an! socio8religious activities$ 3edic &alendar uses both the solar #onth and the lunar #onth and ould be kno n as a <luni8solar calendar$< For business purposes and #odern convenience e also use the +regorian !ear hich follo s neither a solar #onth nor a lunar s!ste#$ (). (ur!a8(iddhanta. %ithuna 9+e#ini:. is the <hot su##er$< @: *he rain! season. called krishna paksha 9orvadi:$ (hukla . 3rschika 9(corpio:. 6ataka 9&ancer:.eo:. beginning on the ne #oon 9'#avas!a: and e"tending to the full #oon 9. *hula 9. begins in #id8Dece#ber$ C: (isir Rtau. hich begins on the first da! of %esha %ase 9#id8'pril:$ ?: +rish#a Rtau. autu#n and inter$ In India.'R 'ND .isces:$ .eo:. *hula 9.ibra:. the last season of the !ear. hen trees and plants begin sprouting ne leaves$ Each season a different te"tbook is studied$ *he! are as follo s: =: Nartana Ritau.(i#ha 9.'R D'283'R' . 3rshabha 9*aurus:. or fro# one full8#oon to the ne"t one. <6ataka 9&ancer: Rasi =$A< #eans that the #oon is at =$A degrees &ancer atC:HH in the #orning$ *he #oon travels appro"i#atel! =?O per da!$ For gardening. e are generall! #ore energetic. the light fortnight. the cool season. is fro# #id8Dece#ber to #id8'pril$ */E %)N*/8%'('8().aksha is the period hen the #oon is a"ing. nor#all! Dece#ber ?=. (i#ha 9. fro# #id8'pril through #id8'ugust$ ?: During 1ivana Ritau. co##encing at the start of %aithuna %ase 9in #id81une:. 6u#bha 9'7uarius: and %eena 9. the season of fruits.'R 'ND . %ithuna 9+e#ini:. %akara9&apricorn:. called shukla paksha 9or sudi:. as #oon's forces are on the rise.UN'R In India. 6an!a 93irgo:. Dhanus 9(agittar8ius:. 3rshabha 9*aurus:. kno n as the purni#anta or gauna #ana s!ste#$ 3edic &alendar uses the purni#anta lunar #onth s!ste#$ . the rain! season. kno n as the a#anta or #ukh!a #ana s!ste#. there are si" seasons$ Each season is t o #onths 9#asa: duration$ =:*he ne !ear begins ith 3asanta Rtau. the cold season.'R %)N*/( *he /indu astrono#ical te"t. hen the sun begins its apparent north ard -ourne!$ Dakshina!ana begins on the first da! of the su##er solstice. %akara 9&apricorn:. kno n as a!ana$ Uttara!ana begins on the da! of the inter solstice. begins on /indu Ne 2ear$ *his is the period of creation. begins in 6u#bha %ase 9#id8Februar!:. the #oon sign is useful in deter#ining planting. begins after the full #oon and e"tends to the ne #oon$ 6no ing hether the #oon is a"ing or aning is helpful in understanding the #oon's current influence$ Under the a"ing #oon.ibra:. the ar# season. 6ataka 9&ancer:.urni#a:$ 6rishna pak8sha. this period is divided in t o parts. begin in *hula %ase 9#id8)ctober:$ B: /e#antha Rtau. and the dark fortnight. begins in (i#ha %ase 9#id8'ugust:$ A: (ara Rtau. 6u#bha 9'7uarius: and %eena 9. %oksha Ritau.UN'R*/E ().(( BG CH Krodhana Akshaya ?HAB88?HAC ?HAC88?HAD /'. nor#all! 1une ?=. 3rschika 9(corpio:. defines the solar #onth as the ti#e it takes the sun to traverse one rasi 9Nodiac sign:.

ratha#a. . or vara$ *he vara begins ith sunrise and ends ith sunrise the ne"t da!.UN'R D'2(8@H *I*/I( Da!s are also designated b! the 6ali Era #easure#ent. 4harani. %ula.urni#a. as the s ift8#oving #oon's influence is the #ost significant to dail! life on Earth$ 'll the nakshatras given in 3edic &alendar are for the #oon$ *his #eans that the naksatra currentl! in effect is the one that the #oon has <con-oined$<9(i#ilarl!. &haturdasi and '#avas!a. Ekadasi. 'rdra.ancha#i. the! do not necessaril! fall on (aturda! and (un8da!$ *he retreat tithis are 'shta#i.unarvasu. 3ani-. *aitila. of course. or tithi 9discussed in the ne"t section:. Nodiac sign. the! are roughl! parallel to the #odern < eekend<. Uttaraprostapada and Revati$ ENDIN+ *I%E( .Dhanishtha.3isakha.ush!a. . kno n as the tithi$ ' tithi is an e"act lunar da!. Naga and 6i#tughna$ */E &)N(*E. is the one that the #oon has con-oined$: */E I%. 4alava.'slesha. Dviti!a.I ER' . hich is appro"i#atel! one8thirtieth of the ti#e it takes the #oon to orbit the earth$ ' tithi #a! var! in length fro# da! to da!$ *here are =B tithis in each fortnight$ *heir na#es are: . the ne #oon is nu#bered as the thirtieth tithi$: RE*RE'* D'2( &ertain tithis are not conducive for stud! or beginning ne efforts$ In +urukulas 9schools: and aadheena#s 9#onasteries: these are ti#es of retreat$ 's the! occur in pairs four ti#es per #oon.urni#a$ .urvaphalguni.'*I)N )F */E D'28N'6(/'*R' Nakshatras i#pl! #eans star cluster$ In /indu astrolog! the ter# nearl! al8 a!s refers to ?D specific star8clusters. Nava#i. Uttaraphalguni. &hatuspada.. based on the rotation of the earth on its a"is$ 9*he ti#e of sunrise and sunset are listed in 3edic &alendar$: Each solar da! is divided into ?A horas 9hours:. though.(! In addition to observing the lunar da!. %rigasira. and '#avas!a. 3isti. *riti!a. the ra!s of the stars co#bine ith those of the planet to influence the earth$ 'll of the planets. *ra!odasi. . the tithi follo ing both .)R*'N&E )F N'6(/'*R' Each naksatra e"erts its o n uni7ue energies upon the planets ithin its influence$ *he nakshatras are considered so i#portant that constellational or naksatra astrolog! is a field of /indu astrolog! in itself$ Naksatra consideration is a critical ele#ent in %uhurtha#8discerning the nature of a given period and choosing auspicious ti#es for various activities$ *he t ent!8sevennakshatras are: 'svini. po ers and forces of nature$ 0hen a planet co#es into align#ent ith one of these star clusters 9fro# the vie of an individual standing on the earth:.urni8#a$ Each has its o n special nature$ . Rohini. but onl! eleven distinct na#es are used$ *he first karana ends at the #iddle of the tithi and the second karana ends ith the ending of that tithi$ . observing religious vo s$ . (akuni. (hasthi. full8#oonda!. pass through the ecliptic and align ith each of the ?D Nakshatras$ *he #ost i#portant <naksatra< is the one the #oon is currentl! aligned ith. Dvadasi. 6rittika. (atabhisha-.ratha#a.. 'shta#i ould be recogniKed as a s7uare aspect bet een the sun and the #oon. /asta. '#avas!a and . ne 8#oon da!. 'nuradha.ike the !oga. and the horas are assigned to the planets in their <descending side8 real period$< *here are seven da!s in the eek.F8D'286'R'N'' 6arana is half of a tithi or lunar da!$ *here are si"t! karanas in one lunar #onth. . 'shta#i.urni#a 9full8#oon da!: is especiall! good for orship$ '#avas!a 9ne #oon da!: is conducive to #editation$ For #an! de8vout /indus. a configuration hich can #ake for a difficult da!$: 'shta#i is considered inauspicious for beginning ne activities because of the inhar#onious energies e"isting due to the relationship bet een the sun and #oon$ */E /'.urvaprostapada. '#avas!a. or constellations.urvashadha. is the fifteenth tithi of the bright fortnight. 6aulava. %agha. (vati. one after another. is the fifteenth tithi of the dark fortnight$ 9)n #an! panchanga#s. Nava#i. Uttarashadha.ratha#a and . and each is #ost strongl! influenced b! a particular planet as follo s$ In 3edic calendar. (ravana. the traditional /indu calendar also recogniKes the solar da!.urni#a and '#avas!a. 1!eshtha. the current rasi. (apta#i. &hitra. the karana is a factor used b! astrologers for deter#ining the auspicious8ness of the da! for a given activit!$ *he na#es of the karanas are: 4ava. Dasa#i.&haturthi. . vara is listed after the English eekda! notation$ (olar Da! 9vara: 4hanu9orRavi:vara(unda!(un Indu9or(o#a:vara%onda!%oon %angalavara*uesda!%ars 4udhavara0ednesda!%ercur! +uru9or4rihaspati:vara*hursda!1upiter (ukravaraFrida!3enus %anta 9or (ani: vara (aturda! (aturn 6'. . hich lie along the ecliptic$ *he ecliptic is the apparent !earl! path of the sun as seen fro# the earth$ *hese constellations happen to be at appro"i#atel! e7ual distances apart$ Each naksatra e#bodies particular ideas. . is generall! a good da! for se#inars and philosophical discussions$ 'shta#i and Nava#i are ideall! reserved for rest and rela"ation$ 'shta#i is traditionall! a da! for fasting and not a good da! for learning$ 9In estern as8trolog!. +ara.urni#a are ti#es of vrata.

therefore. 2a#a 6ala and +ulika 6ala8kno n collectivel! as the trinisa#a!a#$ Rahu 6ala is considered #alefic for co##encing ne undertakings$2a#a is also an interfering current. is an angle of the sun and the #oon 9the earth being the point of the angle:$ 2ogas are another factor in deter#ining the auspiciousness of the da!$ 1ust as there are t ent!8seven nakshatras. (adh!a. *uesda!8coral.)R )F */E D'2 Each da! has a color 9listed in the fifth colu#n:. then !ou #a! observe this fast on both . .radosha vrata begins on the =?th tithi$ For e"a#ple.)R( Each da! lists the appropriate color of clothing for dressing the Deit! in 3edic ages of . if !ou look at !our panchanga# and it sa!s: <0ednesda!. 4rah#a. health and dail! activities$ For those interested in . orship and #editation$ . the cr!stalliKed products of invisible ra!s operating ithin the crust of the earth$ *he!. /arshana.radosha#$ If !ou ish to fast t ice each #onth. 0ednesda!8 e#erald. Frida!8dia#ond.)*/IN+ &). note that Rahu 6ala is generall! bet een D:@H and G'% ever! %onda!$ *he trini sa#a!a# are listed at the top of colu#n three for each da!$ */E *0EN*28(E3EN 2)+'( 2oga is a planetar! configuration. union or relationship$ 2oga.E&I'.ord %uruga and .radosha ti#e on *ra!odasi 9the =@th tithi: is especiall! special. but is less influential than Rahu$ 2a#a 6ala is considered an auspicious ti#e for ant!esti 9funeral: rites$ +ulika is the #ost auspicious ti#e of the da! for co##encing ne activities$ Each kala occurs at appro"i#atel! the sa#e ti#e on each particular da! of the eek$ *hus. hailed for (iva orship and #editation$ If the =@th tithi ends before sun8set. observe the vrata on the 6rishna . (aubhag!a.radosha is a dail! @ hour period fro# ==. *hurs8da!8topaK. (iddhi.arigha. 3a-ra. are the #ost potent representatives of the #ineral orld and are fre7uentl! ob-ects of great veneration$ +e#s are the congealed influences of the planets and heavenl! bodies. kno n as the 2oga *aras of Nakshatras$ *he! are: 3ishaka#bha.radosha 3rata.( 'ND )*/ER (.?hours after ards as da! dissolves into night$ . '!ush#an. (iddha. kno n in (anskrit as ratna. (ula.R'D)(/' F'(*IN+ If !ou ish to fast once each #onth. Indra and 3aidhriti$ R)U*INE )R &RE'*I3E 0)R6 D'2(8'%RI*'DI 2)+'( *he resultant of the aves propagated b! the planets and the stars on the hu#an ps!che are indicated in four degrees$ In the 3edic calendar. (ukar#a. herb teas or fruits and #ilk and then take one's nor#al food in the evening after the te#ple pu-as and !our #editations are finished$ *he strictness of one's fasting ill depend entirel! on one's inner goals.?hours before sunset until ==. a da! of fasting. 'tiganda.Dhriti. (aturda!8sapphire$ FE(*I3'. this esoteric !oga is listed in bold t!pe in the left colu#n of each da!'s designations$ '%RI*' 2)+'8&RE'*I3E 0)R6: 3er! good for creative t!pes of ork and auspicious undertakings$ (IDD/' 2)+'8&RE'*I3E 0)R6: +ood for creative t!pes of ork and auspicious undertakings$ %'R'N' 2)+'8R)U*INE 0)R6: (hould be avoided for ne under8takings and beginning travel$ Routine ork onl!$ .ord (iva and . (ubha. lasts appro"i#atel! one and one8half hours.riti. like the tithi.radosha vrata begins the previous da! 9*uesda!: as the =@th tithi ill actuall! begin so#eti#e *uesda! evening$ . to increase strength and counteract negative influences$ *he! are orn as a#ulets against sickness and are so#eti#es 9though rarel!: po dered and i#bibed in li7uid concoctions$ )n each da! of 3edic &alen8dara ge# is indicated$ *he ge# of the da! can be used to adorn the Deities in the te#ple or the ho#e shrine$ *here is one ge# for each da! of the eek as follo s: (unda!8rub!.R'4'.(% *he ending ti#e for each tithi. . hile . liter8all! <evening vo $< *his is a traditional observance a#ong devout (aivites.3!atipatha. respectivel!$ Usuall! the tithi ending ti#e is the sa#e as the karana ending ti#e$ If this is the case. *ra!odasi 9tithi =@: until @:=G . %onda!8pearl.ERI)D(8*/E 6'.ak8sha . D'2( . then the . +ulika 6ala occurs at appro"i#atel! D'% ever! Frida!$ If !ou've ever ondered h! %onda! #ornings are so infa#ous.radosha da!s8one during each paksha$ *he #ost orthodo" devotees ill fast on ater all da! and onl! take light te#ple prasada#s or fruits and #ilk in the evening$ No cooked food is taken until the follo ing da!$ ' less strict observance is to fast during the da! on -ust ater.ord +anesha generall! change about ever! three da!s. depending on the total duration of sunlight$ *hree of the eight kalas are considered #ost i#portant$ Rahu 6ala. retain the po ers of the planets in a highl! concentrated for#$ +e#s are believed to have the po er to cure diseases. 3ari!an.R'D)(/' 3R'*' D'2( )ne of the special da!s noted on !our calendar is the . or kala. indicating the general subconscious or astral vibration of the da!$ *his is the vibration caused b! the #oon rasi$ DEI*2 &. the ending ti#e for the evening karana is listed. (obhana.'( *he period bet een sunrise and sunset each da! is divided into eight periods$ Each period.ord (iva. . +anda. (ukla. 3!aghat. there are t ent!8seven !ogas.%< !ou can see that it ends before sunset on 0ednesda!$ *herefore the . and !ou can assu#e that the #orning karana ends on the tithi ending ti#e$ EI+/* D'2*I%E . (iva. naksatra and !oga is listed in colu#n after each ite#.ord %uruga's color changes about once a #onth$ */E +E% )F */E D'2 +e#s. 3riddhi.ord +anesha in te#ples and ho#e shrines$ *he colors of .'R(/*' 2)+'8R)U*INE 0)R6: (hould be absolutel! avoided for ne undertakings and beginning travel$ Routine ork onl!$ */E &). Dhruva.

follo ed b! a description of the nature of the ?D nakshatras$ ' 0)RD '4)U* 'U(. (vati. art. B. 'rdra. 'nuradha. ==. the choosing of auspicious ti#es is touched upon briefl!$ First is a si#ple su##ar! of auspicious ti#es for ne ventures. cultural perfor#ances and cere#onial rites$ %rigashira.hadra' Anuradha' $hravana' .*riti!a 4E(* *I%E( F)R +'RDENIN+ 4E(* N'6(/'*R'(:. of course. Dasa#i.lanting is best done during the tithis of shukla paksha. 'rdra Rohini. Uttaraprostapada 4E(* R'(I(: %esha. %akara.Uttarashadha and Uttaraprostapada$ &aring for an e"isting garden: (hravana.(+ integrating their !oga sadhana ith the pan8changa#. Uttara8prostapada$4E(*R'(I(:3rishabha. Dhanus and 6u#bha$ *he rest are inauspicious$ 4E(* *I%E (F)R NE0 4U(INE(( Busin"ss Gui$"*hen certain 8akshatras and tithis are in operation' on any day they produce very auspicious for certain types of undertakings. ish to ait for the <right da!< to ear ne clothing for the first ti#e. se"ual union for conception. #oving into ane ho#e. a vigil is kept in the evening. /asta.E *I*/I(:*ithis ?.aksha hen the #oon ill help !ou in !our !oga$ It is advisable to do a vigil then to absorb the last of the #oon's po er$ */E (&IEN&E )F +))D *I%IN+8%U/UR*/' In this section a vast area of /indu astrolog! kno n as %uhurtha. Uttaraphalguni. =A and the ne #oon 9'#avas!a:$(UI*'4.aksha is especiall! conducive to good #editation$ *he . .I&I)U( 4E+INNIN+($ /ere it #a! be helpful to #ention the idea behind auspicious beginnings$ 1ust as each person has an astrological nature hich is deter#ined b! the configuration of the stars and planets at his ti#e of birth. 'nuradha and Revati .ush!a. Uttarasadha and Uttaraprostapada$ *hese nakshatras are auspicious ti#es for per#anent orks8planting seeds. Ekadasi. the nature of the nakshatras are described$ )ne #ust keep in #ind. *hula.radosha da! of the 6rishna . house blessings. %ithuna.ancha#i. *hula. other influences #ust be considered as ell$ N'6(/'*R'( )F FIXED ENER+2 Rohini. %rigashira. (apta#i. (atabishak. starting a ne business. =H. it beco#es clear h! one ould. . @. 6an!a. #editating on inner light and . =@. (vati.radosha da! of the (ukla . %ithuna. == and =@ of the bright half are good$ )ne should avoid the =st. (atab8hishak. (vati.usiness undertakings . so do buildings. etc$ 'n!thing started at this ti#e #a! have good and lasting results$ Uttaraphalguni and Uttara8prostapada are especiall! good for starting a ne business$ N'6(/'*R'( )F ()F* ENER+2 &hitra.unarvasu.E((IN+( 'ND NE0 3EN*URE( 4elo are listed auspicious nakshatras. Revati. .aysB =onday' *ednesday' Thursday and >riday TithisB !' %' 3' ' (& and ((th tithis 8akshatrasB Ashwini' Cohini' Punarvasu' Pushyami' "asta' Chitta' $wati' Dttarashadha' Dttara. C. (i#ha. Uttaraphalguni. (i#ha. (i#ha. =?. dancing. to plant a tree or set a foundation stone for a ne building$ %'RRI'+E. and for gardening$ )pti#u# ti#ing occurs hen a da! that has all three8suitable naksatra.E N'6(/'*R'(:Rohini. at hich ti#e one perfor#s Ra-a 2oga. countries and co##unities$ In fact. %rigasira. . 'nuradha. .aksha are F. the .ush!a. Dhanishta. for e"a#ple. suitable rasi and suitable tithi8for the desired activit!$ 4E(* *I%E( F)R %'RRI'+E (UI*'4.hanistha and Cevati 8akshatras. 6ataka. %eena 4E(**I*/I(:Dvadasi. Uttarasadha. businesses. D. *ra!odasi.usiness. Ekadasi. it is one of the #ost i#portant ele#ents but for a co#plete picture. %agha$ *he first pada of %agha and %ula and the last 7uarter of Revati are inauspicious$ *hose not#entioned should be avoided$(UI*'4. (apta#i. Dhanus.ord (iva$ *he . =A and the full #oon$ *ithis not suitable during 6rishna . The following are the auspicious tithis and 8akshatras for .ancha#i.lanting seeds and plants: Rohini.E R'(I( F)R %'RRI'+E:%ithuna. blessing a ne ho#e. Uttaraphalguni.aksha is considered the last da! of the 6rishna . that naksatra is onl! one of the factors involved in deter#ining the nature of a given da!$ &ertainl!. Revati$ *hese nakshatras are considered auspicious for the first earing of ne clothes.radosha da!s of both pakshas are considered ver! special for intensification of #editation$ 'fter fasting all da! and observing the auspicious orship of +od (iva at sunset. Uttara8prostapada. They are auspicious throughout the year. Dasa#i. G. Uttarasadha. la!ing foundations. 6an!a and *hula$ )6 are 3r8ishabha. tithis and rasis for #arriage. 'nd *ra!odasi 4E(* *I%E( F)R /)U(E 0'R%IN+ 4E(* N'6(/'*R'(:'nuradha. (atab8hishak. %eena4E(* *I*/I(: . each and ever! endeavor is influenced b! the nature of the #o#ent of its conception and continues to reflect that nature throughout its e"istence$ 0ith this in #ind. %rigasira. /asta.. To check the tithi and 8akshatras this month check Panchang 4E(* N'6(/'*R'(:'svi. Uttaraphalguni. 6u#bha.unarvasu 4E(* *I*/I(:.Uttaraphalguni. and eeding should be done during krishna paksha$ N'6(/'*R' &)N(IDER'*I)N In this section.The following are the auspicious days' tithis and 8akshatras for all . /)%E84. #aking vo s.

Dhanishta. (hula. pleasure outings. 4harani.END'R If !ou are -ust ar#ing up to the 3edic &alendar. .E'RNIN+ *) U(E */E &'. . !ou can <catch< !our8self and be able to #onitor !our behavior$ 4! doing this !ou allo !our soul nature to co#e forth$ . causing struggle$ .urvaprostapada 9also called .I+/* ENER+2 'svi.urvaprostapada. %agha: *hese nakshatras are considered earthl! in nature because the! stir the #ind in one a! or another$ *he! are not good da!s to begin so#ething ne $ . ac8tions like separating oneself fro# others. .unarvasu$ 0hen the %oon is in these stars. 'rdra. unstable and i#petuous$ It is a good ti#e for penance$ N'6(/'*R'( )F %IXED ENER+2 6rittika. look in the &alendar for a (iddha 2oga da! or a Devaloka da!$ 'void nakshatras follo ed b! an asterisk in the &alendar$ *hese are not good da!s to begin a -ourne!$ *he ti#e of !our departure is also i#portant$ +ulika 6ala is best$ 'void leaving during the periods of Rahu and 2a#a$ 4egin ith a pu-a to invoke the blessings of all three orlds$ 2)+' &)N(IDER'*I)N Inauspicious !ogas for beginning ne things are: 3!aghat. 'thiganda. undertaking travels and ad#inistering #edicines are reco##ended$ /asta is also suitable for #arriage cere#onies$ 'svi and .arigha. engaging in debate.ur8vasadha. 3a-ra. 3isakha$ During these nakshatras. earthl! in 7ualit!.urvabhadrapada: #a! cause the #ind to be passionate. activities such as decorations. and hat is its natureM@:0hat is the tithi and its natureMA:0hat is the paksha 9is the #oon a"ing or aning:M B:0hat are the #ost auspicious 9+ulika 6ala: and inauspicious ti#es 9Rahu and 2a#a: of the da!M *hen intuitivel! put the ans ers together and pra! to the Deities for guidance and blessings throughout the da!$ 4! beco#ing a are of and attuning !our8self to these indicators.unarvasu is good for house blessings$ N'6(/'*R'( )F /'R(/ ENER+2 . /asta$0hen the %oon is in these stars. sports.ush!a are the best stars for starting ne businesses$ . 3ishakabha$ /IN*( F)R . (vati. traveling.ush!a. but &hitra and Revati are not$ N'6(/'*R'( )F . Dhriti. 'slesha$ 0hen the %oon is in an! of these stars.rabhalarishta !oga: Never begin ne pro-ects on these da!s ithout of pra!er and pu-a$ . archanas and specific pu-as$ 0e set ourselves up at the beginning of the da! according to the pan8changa#$ 1ust as e put on outer clothing according to the eather. fire and enthusias#. and chanting of po erful #antras are #ore successful than at other ti#es$ *hese are good da!s for activities re7uiring a harsh or strong.ush!a and /asta are also good for house blessings$ N'6(/'*R'( )F (/'R. but #a! cause the #ind to beco#e lust!$ . as there are so #an! factors to consider$ *he best ti#e to refer to the calendar to learn about the current da! is in the #orning. indicates an influence causing people to do hat the! like ithout considering others' opinions$ 4harani can cause the #ind to beco#e entangled in the #aterial orld$ It can hide or eclipse insight.urvaphalguni. ENER+2 %ula. !ou ill ant to kno here to start. gardening. . +anda. e prepare ourselves to ork ith our o n individual nature and its conco#itant effect on those e live and ork ith during the da! .(3 are also good da!s for house ar#ing$ %rigashira and 'nuradha are suit8able for #arriage cere#onies.anchanga# helps us to look for those ti#es hen e need to ork harder$ 0hat does that #eanM 0e are a are of our outer nature.E ENER+2 (ravana. ac7uisition of vehicles L good deeds of a non8per#anent nature are reco##ended$ (vati is also suitable for #arriage cere#onies and good for starting a ne business$ (atabhishak is also good for starting a ne business or house blessing$ . routine actions and dail! duties #a! be perfor#ed but no ne i#portant orks should be undertaken$ *hese are e"cellent da!s for #editation and absorbing the shakti$ *o choose an appropriate da! to begin a -ourne!. !ou ill be better prepared for the energies !ou are likel! to face$ If all of the above factors are positive.urvaphalguni is a harsh naksatra but luck! b! nature$ Its influence gives the abilit! to s a! othersE gives courage.urvasadha. .3!athipatha. cutting force$ 'rdra is also good for starting a ne business or blessing a ne ho#e$ N'6(/'*R'( )F %)3'4.erfor# ver! routine ork$ 4etter !et is to take the da! off and go to the te#ple$ *he inauspicious effects of the orking !ogas can be softened through pra!er. and e consciousl! #ake an effort to overco#e it$ 0e practice the 7ualities of the soul nature$ 2)+'( '#rtha !oga: *hese da!s can be ver! productive$ Use the# to push pro8-ects ahead to co#pletion or to start the#$ 0atch for those rare periods hen a#8rita !oga falls over a period of several da!s$ (iddha !oga: *hese da!s are also good for #oving ahead ith pro-ects$ *here #a! not be the King present of the a#rita !oga da!s$ . !ou kno this is an e"ceptionall! good da! for beginning ne ventures$ N'6(/'*R' )bserve ho !ou feel and behave during different nakshatras$ 6eep a record on those da!s so !ou'll kno hat to e"pect fro# !our nature$ 2our nature ill incline !ou to behave in a pattern$ If !ou are a are of it. starting businesses. before !ou begin !our #orning orship or sadhana$ 4egin b! asking !ourself the follo ing: =:0hich of the four !ogas is indicated for the da!. 1!estha. e$g$ <(iddha2oga8&reative 0ork<M?:0hat is the nakshatra. (atabishak.

iterall! 'five li#bs' 9pancha. he proved that he as the stronger of the t o$ 4udhvara is sacred to %ercur!. so na#ed because it deals ith the five /indu divisions of ti#e 'n 'auspicious' #o#ent is considered ver! i#portant.'( Rahu kala: Rahu is #ost i#portant to be a are of$ 0indo s are closed$ Doors are closed8in ardl!. or to !our daughter about her role in the school pla!$ 2a#a kala is noted as a goodti#e for inauspicious events such as funerals$ ('D/'N' &heck the panchanga# in the #orning during pu-a$ Note do n hat !ou think the da! ill be like$ 't the end of the da!. it #a! not be a good idea to have lunch ith a client on 0ednesda!$ Rahu 6ala starts at noon$ *his is a ti#e hen kar#as are intensified. !our reactions and habit pat8terns$ 6'.aksha: is considered good$ Ravivara is sacred to (ur!a hence sun orship is en-oined on this da!$ (o#vara is sacred to the #oon$ 's the #oon is an adorn#ent of (hiva. 0ednesda! and %onda! 9(ukla . for. literall! #eans a eekda!$ *his is the ti#e fro# one sunrise to the ne"t$ For official purposes. this ould be bet een @ a$#$ and C a$#$ ever!da!$ 'bhi-it %uhoortha#: high noon hen the sun is at its KenithE assu#ing a C a$#$ sunrise. that is$ 4e careful of confrontation. in turn. ratri 9night:. hile (hanivara is the dreaded da! that belongs to (hani 9(aturn:. encounters. is special to 3enus. deals.% turban *uesda! @:HH8A:@H. this ould be bet een A:@H p$#$ and C:@H p$#$ ever!da!$ *hese ti#es are also kno n as sandhi kaala#. the preceptor of the gods$ (hukravara. call that vendor ho ants to be paid$ /ash over a business proble#. it is also sacred to hi#$ (ince he is an ascetic. the lovechild of the %oon. the #onke! god ho helped Ra#a recover his ife (ita fro# Ravana 9see Ra#a!ana:$ /anu#an is said to have also freed the nine planets fro# Ravana's hold$ %ars and (aturn are the strongest and #ost #alefic of the nine$ Devotees therefore believe that b! pra!ing to /anu#an on *uesda!.() . Frida!. there are certain ti#e periods hich are particularl! spirituall! potent$ *o start ith. for starting a cere#on!. a -ourne!. people observe fasts on this da! to please hi#$ 4! perfor#ing a vrata for =C %onda!s. sandh!a 9#orning t ilight:. one da! is reckoned fro# #idnight to #idnight$ *he solar da! of the /indus is divided into four parts: divas 9da!:. this ould be at =? noon$ Nit!a . the puissant and ise guru of the asuras.% suddenl! (unda! A:@H8C:HH. -unction ti#es ithin a da!$ *he first is hen the night #eets the da!.% the *hursda! =:@H8@:HH.% +ulika is a good ti#e to do business. #oon and sun signs8helps !ou to #onitor !our e#otions. and the focus is on the kar#as instead of the pro-ect at hand$ ' general for#ula to deter8#ine rahu kala hen !ou don't have a calendar hand! is to #e#oriKe the follo ing -ingle: <%other sa father earing the turban suddenl!$< %other %onda! D:@H8G:HH'% sa (aturda! G:HH8=H:@H'% father Frida! =H:@H8=?:HH'% earing 0ednesda! =?:HH8=:@H.radosha 6aala#: one and a half hours before dusk and half an hour thereafterE assu#ing a C p$#$ sunset. contracts and agree#ents during this ti#e$ For e"a#ple. 'li#b':$ *he al#anac of the /indus.anchanga *he five li#bs of the panchanga are: =$ 3ara 9solar da!: ?$ *ithi 9lunar da!: @$ Nakshatra 9lunar asteris#: A$ 2oga 9con-unction of planets: B$ 6arana 9half of a lunar da!: 3ara 9solar da!:. the inauspicious effects of %ars are overco#e. 'five' and anga. a ne venture or the co##ence#ent of studies$ *he panchanga is used to find such 'auspicious' #o#ents hen the various per#utations and co#binations of the five units of ti#e are found congenial$ . '(*R). revie the da!'s actual events$ (ee if there ere an! rough spots hich could use i#proving upon and note the various factors involved for future reference$ 0e ish !ou ell ith !our use of 3edic &alendar$ %a! it help !ou to al8 a!s be in tune ith +od (iva's &os#ic Energ!$ 0e elco#e !our suggestions and co##ents on a!s to i#prove the calendar !ear after !ear$ . and 4rihaspativara or +uruvara to 1upiter. the second is hen #orning #eets afternoon and the third is hen da! #eets night$ *he 3edhas sa! that spiritual activities conducted during these ti#e periods are particularl! effective$ (piritual aspirants should #ake use of these potent ti#e periods for rapid spiritual advance#ent$ . negotiations. talk to !our son about his grades in school.ER()N'. hose baleful glare causes untold har# 9see also 1an#apatri:$ 0ithin an! given da!. it is believed that all ishes are fulfilled$ %angalavara is sacred to %ars$ It is na#ed %angala 9auspicious: to counter its #alefic nature$ It is sacred to /anu#an. b! freeing %ars.)+2 It is also ver! helpful to beco#e fa#iliar ith !our o n birth chart$ *heda! is -ust one s#all but significant part of !our o n life pattern$ 6no ing !our birth chart. sandh!ansha 9evening t ilight:$ )ne solar da! is #ade of CH ghatikas and also of =B #uhurtas$ *he /indus follo a seven8da! eek s!ste# and each da! of the eek is a vara$ Each vara is special to a particular presiding deit!$ *he seven varas are also associated ith the seven planets of the /indus$ Ravivara is sacred to (ur!a hence sun orship is en-oined on this da!$ *hursda!. e ill #ention three such ti#e periods in ever! da!: 4rah#a %uhoortha#: the three hour ti#e period cul#inating at da nE assu#ing a C a$#$ sunrise. -ust the si#ple and basic three things8lagna 9rising sign:. hether good or bad.

C$ 3ani-a. 3ishti.ourna#i and '#avas!a is called 6rishna .aksha# e$g$.=A$ /arshana.??$ (adh!a.=C$ (iddhi.B$ (hobhana. .@$ '!ush#an.?DP=@$?H:$' !oga indicates a su# of the longitudes of the #oon and the sun in #ultiples of =@$?H deg$ 'lthough this #easure of a !oga is the sa#e as that of a nakshatra . the #oon ould be ahead of the sun b! =? degrees: hence co#pleting @CH 9=? degrees " @H da!s: degrees in a terrestrial #onth$ In one #onth.?C$ Indra.ike ise activities hich !ou do not ant to gro should be conducted in the 6rishna .reeti.ourna#i is called (ukla .=G$ .aksha#$ *he phase bet een . @$ 6anlava.A$ (aubhag!a. ?$ 4alava.?A$ (hukla.=@$ 3!aghata. Nava#i 9ninth:.?H$ (hiva.aksha# 's e sa above.?=$(iddha. Dviti!a 9second:. surger!$ 6arana ' karna is half the tithi .?B$ 4rah#a. !ou #ust calculate it for each da! using the (un rise$ *ithi 9lunar da!:: *ithi is defined as the ti#e taken b! the #oon to gain =? degrees on the sun$ *he #oon takes about @H da!s 9one lunar #onth: to go around the earth's ecliptic$ In each tithi.==$ 3riddhi. Dash#i 9tenth:. the #oon travels =? degrees ahead of the sun 9i$e$ if the sun and the #oon are present in a specific position relating to the earth. and &haturdashi 9fourteenth:$ 4ecause the #ove#ent of the #oon is irregular. D$ 3ishti$ *hese karnas recur in regular order starting fro# the second half of the first da! of the shukla paksha until the first half of the =Ath da! of the krishna paksha$ 6arnas too find their use in rituals and electional astrolog!$*he 6instughna.F$ Dhriti. there are ?F tithis.?@$ (hubha. the! !ield #anifold spiritual benefits$ Raahu 6aala# is dependent on the sunrise and sunset ti#es for !our particular location.=D$ 3!atipata.aksha#$ Each paksha# has its o n spiritual specialit!$ *he 3edhas sa! that activities that !ou ant to gro should be started in the (ukla .ourna#i 4est tithi for all orship activities. starting a business$ . there is no link bet een the t o$ 'dd the nir!ana longitudes of the sun and the #oon and divide b! the first one 9vishku#bha: on ards$ *he ?D !ogas are listed belo : =$3ishku#bha.=?$ Dhruva. a lunation is divided into @H tithis$ ' lunation is also divided into t o phases$ *he phase bet een '#avas!a and .D$ (ukar#a. Ekadashi 9eleventh:.=F$ 3ari!ana. 9@CH$H. &haturthi 9fourth:. a tithi ranges fro# BA to CB ghatikas$ /ence hen a tithi begins at sunrise and stretches to CH ghatikas. one poorni#a or full #oon and one a#avas!a or ne #oon$ *he first tithi begins after the a#avas!a$ *here are =A tithis in the shukla paksha 9light half: and =A in the 6rishna paksha 9dark half: of a #onth 9see also /indu &alendar:$ *he na#es of the =A tithis are .there are si"t! half8tithis or karnas$*here are four karnas that occur onl! once in a lunar #onth$ *he! are the fi"ed karnas and called as : =$ (hakuni : assigned to the latter half of the =Ath da! of the krishna paksha$ ?$ &hatuspada : assigned to the first half of the a#avas!a 9=Bth da! of the krisna paksha:$ @$ Naga : assigned to the latter half of the a#avas!a$ A$ 6i#stughna : assigned to the first half of the first da! of the shukla paksha$ *he re#aining D karna recur eight ti#es during rest of the lunar #onth$*heir na#es are : =$ 4ava.?$ . A$ *aitila.?D$ 3aidhriti$ )f the ?D 2ogas 3!atipata. e$g$. is usuall! the nakshatra in hich the #oon is found$ *he nakshatra can be deter#ined b! the follo ing for#ula$ nakshatra 9l#oon . (hashti 9si"th:.arigha 2ogas to be avoided for ne ventures or #uhurthas$ Nakshatra# *here are ?D nakshatras in the Kodiac.?D$H:: Q = Rrounded D)0N to the nearest integerS$ . there are also certain ti#e periods hich are inauspicious$ * o of these are Raahu 6aala# and 2a#a +anda#$ *he 3edhas sa! that it's ideal if e can use these ti#es totall! for orship$ If these ti#e periods are used for orship and not for #aterial activities.G$ (hool. and Naga 6aranas to be avoided$ 2ogas *here are t ent! seven !ogas$ Each !oga #easures =@$?H degrees of arc 9@CH. particularl! 'runachala and (athguru$ .( 0ithin an! given da!.aksha#. (hakuna. Dvadashi 9t elfth:. each of length @CH. 'shta#i 9eight:. *riti!a 9third:. it is e7ual to a solar da!$ 4ut at ti#es there are t o or so#eti#es three tithis in one da! and conversel! one tithi #ight e"tend to three da!s$ *he for#er case is considered to be auspicious hile the latter is not good for occasions like #arriages or #arching on an invasion$ Each tithi has its o n spiritual specialities$ /ere is a sa#pling: '#avas!a Ideal for pithru orship &hathurthi Ideal for +anapathi orship .or @CH #inutes 9C degrees: of arc$ In thirt! tithis co#prising a lunar #onth.ancha#i 9fifth:.C$ 'tiganda.?D degrees$ 0hat is co##onl! referred to as nakshatra.rath#a 9first:.ancha#i Ideal for orshipping the Universal %other (ashti Ideal for %uruga orship 'shta#i Ideal for 6rishna orship Nava#i Ideal for Ra#a orship Ekaadasi Ideal for Nara!ana orship Dvaadasi Ideal for Nara!ana orship *hra!odasi Ideal for (iva orship &hathurdasi Ideal for (iva and +anapathi orship .arigha. after one tithi. B$ +ara.=B$ 3a-ra. 3aidhruti and .=H$ +anda. *riodashi 9thirteenth:. (apta#i 9seventh:. &hatushpada.

F . 'slesha.oorva 4roshtapadha . the fourth part$ It is believed to have begun ith the death of 6rishna. ?B . this reference in al#ost all8astrono#ical orks Each $ay > a !""# is ass ciat"$ !ith c"*tain typ"s > acti. 3"$n"s$ay -ntelligent activities like de. =D 'nusha# or 'nuradha . A Rohini . ?A (adha!a# or (athabishak . =G %oola# or %oola . the !ear =GHH 'D ould be =F?@$ . ?B Uttarataadhi or Uttara 4roshtapadha . F*i$ay $inging' dancing' Eewellery' perfumes' to have female company' to do agricultural transactions' .ooraada# or . hich is popular in northern India and +u-arat$ @$ *he (aka era: *his era is believed to have begun ith 6ing (alivahana's accession to the throne$ 'ccording to the (aka era. D .ore a well' to do plum. =@ /astha# or /astha .ition.unarvasu . Satu*$ay -ron and steel transactions' entering a house/@rahapravesham1' laying foundations' oil massage and . . ?@ 'vitta# or (ravishta or Dhanista . =B (vaathi .ath' la. ?? *hiruvona# or (ravana .oora# or . star group or constellation$ *hese ?D units are kno n as nakshatra#s$ *he! are also referred to as brides of &handra$ *he ?D nakshatra#s are as follo s: = 'svini. =C 3isaaka# or 3isaka . B %rigaseersha# or %rigasira .ate' clever work' charity. @ 6rithigai or 6rittika . Ruthu. and each 2uga is further divided into four parts$ *he present ti#e is believed to be 6ali 2uga. 1!estha.oorataadhi or . =A &hithirai or &hitra .unarpoosa# or .ush!a .(< *he #oon revolves around the earth in roughl! ?D da!s$ During this period. @H=? 4&$ 'ccordingl!.uying cows.oring of holes' .oorva . this is the si"th #illenniu# of the 6ali era. == . in hich the !ear =GHH corresponds ith BHH?$ *his reference of ti#e is still used in religion and literature$ ?$ *he 3ikra# era: *his is believed to have begun on the da! of the coronation of 6ing 3ikra#adit!a$ *he !ear =GHH 'D corresponds to =GBF of the 3ikra# era. '!ana#. 3arusha# ' varusha# is a solar !ear$ ' varusha# starts roughl! in the #iddle of 'pril each !ear$ *he varusha#s repeat in a CH !ear c!cle$ ' varusha# is #ade up of t o a!ana#s$ *hat half hen the sun is on a north ard path 9generall! fro# the #iddle of 1anuar! to the #iddle of 1ul!: is called Uttara '!ana# or Uttaraa!ana# 9uttara P north:$ *he other half hen the sun is on a south ard path 9generall! fro# the #iddle of 1ul! to the #iddle of 1anuar!: is called Dakshina '!ana# or Dakshinaa!ana# 9dakshina P south:$ ' #aasa# is a solar #onth$ *here are =? #aasa#s in a varusha#$ ' ruthu is t o solar #onths$ *here are si" ruthus in a varusha#$ =$ *he 6ali era: 'ccording to one theor!. ?D Revathi$ )f the ?D constellations generall! 4harani. M n$ay Transact in aquatic articles' to undertake a sea voyage ' dig a well' .oorvashada .ing work' milk' dairy' coha. G 'a!il!a# or 'slesha . the #oon traces a path around the sk!$ *he ancients split this path of the #oon into ?D units and gave each unit the na#e of a star. ?H . to be avoided for ne ventures or #uhurthas$ %aasa#.oosa# or .iti"s' Sun$ay Coronation' singing' dancing' service' to start diagnosis and therapy' to decorate' to do courageous activities and gold transactions. =H %aga# or %agha .our recruiting' to steal and to lie' to indulge in evil acts.opular in southern India. Tu"s$ay $tealing' cheating' indulgence in violence' destruction of things' to Eoin a fight' to start a fight' transaction in gold and cooper' . =? Uttara# or Uttara .uild a furnace.alguni . C *hiruvaadhirai or 'arudra . =F 6ettai or 1!esta . ? 4arani or 'pa 4arani .alguni . hich corresponds to #idnight bet een Februar! =D and =F.loodshed' to . Thu*s$ay Celigious activities' to start pooEa' to recite slokas' to decorate and wear ornaments. ti#e is divided into !ugas. ?= Uttaraada# or Uttarashada .

(4 in (anskrit ritten after BHH 'D$ *he +overn#ent calendar also follo s the (aka era$ S/UB/A ?OGA I< RELATIO< TO <A=SATRAS A<D 3EE= .

!& .