P. 1 P. 8 GENERAL DESCRIPTION , significatons & karakas PLANETS ONE B ONE

PLANETS! C"ARACTERISTICS I have already told you about the Rasis and their lords. !he planets wield different kinds of authority over the Rasis key are connected with. Mesa is called the Exaltation—Ucca-puse of the un! althou"h that house belon"s to Mars. #he ka is that the un is very very stron" in that house. i$ilarly ke Ucca Rasis of the re$ainin" six planets are respectively %r&abha! Makara! 'anya! 'arkataka! Mina and #ula. (ou"h these are the Exaltation houses! yet there is a particular I"ree in the$ which is ter$ed the (i"hest Exaltation point. ) for the seven planets be"innin" with the un the de"rees of "hest exaltation are in order the *+th! ,rd! -.th! */th! /th! fth and -+th in their respective exaltation Rasis. o you %n call the un really Exalted if he is in the *+th de"ree of 0esa. If on the other hand he be in the -+th de"ree of the sa$e *1r)! you could only say that he is in his exaltation si"n but pt in his hi"hest exaltation! as he has fallen fro$ that point. 2 ni"ht follows day! there $ust be a Rasi where a planet is llbilitated! 3ica! also. 4es. #he house 5th fro$ the exaltation 67. I is called the 8ebilitation i"n of a planet. o what is he 3ica Rasi for the un 9 It $ust be #ula as it is the 5th fo$ Mesa. In the sa$e $anner you can easily find out the lieu houses for the other planets. #hey are in order :rscika! k(rkataka! Mina! Makara! 'anya and Mesa. In this $atter %&o there is the lowest de"ree of debilitation! which is the sa$e I for exaltation. #hat is! the un is in his lowest debilitation 9 he is in the *+th de"ree of #ula. 4ou can now find out which Ida of the 3aksatra this hi"hest exaltation or lowest debilita-; <n corresponds to. #he for$er will be in the third =uarter > 7svini and the latter in the first ?ada of vati. 7nother @lure of this subAect which you $ust have noticed is the rela-8nsllip between the un and aturn! Mars and Bupiter! and %erciiry and :enus. Cor the exaltation of one is the debilita-lon of the other and vice versa. D IMulatrlkona E— o far you have seen the planets; own houses and exaltation houses. In addition to these there is another house called the Mulatrikona house. 4ou know the un;s own house in i$ha. #his is his Mulatrikona also. In that case you $ay find it difficult to distin"uish between the two kinds of houses. o there is a way out of this dile$$aE #he initial -+ de"ree portion of i$ha is his Mulatrikona! and the last *+ de"ree portion his own house or vaksetra. (ence if the un is anywhere between the co$$ence$ent of i$ha and -+ de"rees! you should say that he is in his Mulatrikona. Feyond that point you have to say that he is in vaksetra or own house. In :rsabha the first , de"rees constitute the Moon;s exaltation portion and the re$ainin" portion of -5 de"rees is her Mulatrikona. In Mesa the initial *- de"ree portion is the Mulatrikona of Mars and the re$ainin" *. de"ree portion his vaksetra. i"n :r cika is! therefore! only his vaksetra! ne"ative house. Cor Fudha the first half i.e. */ de"ree portion! of 'anya is his Exaltation. Feyond that point a five de"ree portion i.e. upto -+ de"rees! is his Mulatrikona. 7nd the last *+ de"rees are his vaksetra. #hus in this one si"n you see three types of relationship. Mithuna is his positive vaksetra. In 8hanus the first / de"rees constitute the Mulatrikona of Guru and the rest his own house. In #ula the initial -+ de"rees are the Mulatrikona of :enus and the rest own house. 6astly in 'u$bha the first -+ de"rees constitute aturn;s Mulatrikona and the rest own house. 3ow you $ay ask $e about Rahu and 'etu. 2ell! I shall tell you their stron" houses. Rahu is considered stron" in 'arkataka! :rsabha! Mesa! 'u$bha and :rscika! while 'etu is stron" in Mina! 'anya! :rsabha and the latter half of 8hanus. (owever! there is $uch difference of opinion about this. Rahu;s vaksetra is supposed to be 'anya! Mula-trikonas are Mithuna and 'arkataka! and Exaltation is :rsabha. 'etu;s vaksetra is Mina! Mulatrikona 8hanus! and exaltation :rscika. 7ccordin" to another view Rahu is exalted in Mithuna! has i$ha as his Mulatrikona and 'anya as his vaksetra. 'etu is exalted in 8hanus. has 'u$bha as his Mulatrikona and Mina as his vaksetra. H ex of planets E—#he un! Mars and Bupiter are $ales! the Moon! :enus and Rahu fe$ales! and Mercury! aturn and 'etu eunuchs. HIastes of planets E—Bupiter and :enus are Frah$ins! the un and Mars 'satriyas!the Moon :aisya! Mercury of $ixed caste! i aturn udra! and Rahu an outcast. 7ccordin" to another % :iew Mercury is a Judra! and aturn an outcast. #here is yet Fother view accordin" to which Mercury is a :aisya. H#heir nature E— Mercury! Bupiter and :enus are natural benefics. i$ilarly the waxin" Moon is a benefic. #he wanin" $oon! and KLMNury with a $alefic are $alefics. #he un!$ars! aturn! Rahu O 'etu are natural $alefics. #heir =ualities -.-#he un! Moon and Bupiter are of atvika I 1pure or "ood) natureP Mercury and :enus of RaAasa 1active! passionate) natureP QR1! the rest viS. Mars! aturn! Rahu and E 'etu of #a$asa 1dark! i"norant) nature. H#heir =uarters EJ#he lords of the . directions be"innin" with the East are i+ order 1*) the un! 1-) :enus! 1,) Mars! 1T) Rahu! 1/) aturn! 1U) Moon! 15) Mercury! and 1.) Bupiter. H#heir colours E—#he colours of the nine planets are in order 1*) dark red! 1-) vbite! 1,) deep red! 1T) of the colour of 8urva "rass or "reen! 1/) of "olden hue! 1U) white! 15) blue or Aet black! 1.) of the colour of collyriu$! and 1V) brown. If you want to know the colour of Mandi! one of the sons of aturn! it is a $ixture of all colo***J- 3ow you $i"ht have a confusion because of the colours of the Rasis and planets. #hou"h colours are assi"ned to the si"ns! they are influenced by the colours of the planets they are associated with. Cor exa$ple! the colour of Makara is! as W+** know! yellow. If aturn is posited in that Rasi! the latter takes the shade of the planet. i$ilarly a planet conAoined with another will have its natural colour influenced by that oiX the other. H#heir hu$ours EJ#he un and Mars have ?itta or bile as the chief hu$our of theXX bodyP the Moon and :enus :ata and 'apha or wind and phle"$P aturn :ata or windP Mercury a $ixture of all the three hu$oiiX& anX Bupiter 'apha or phle"$. #heir seasons E--4ou know that there; are six Rtus viS. :asanta! 1 prin")& Gris$a 1 u$$er). :arsa 1Rainy)! arad 17utu$n)! (e$atite 18ewy)! and isira 12inter). #hese belon" to 1*) :enus! 1-) the un and Mars! 1,) the Moon! 1T) Mercury! 1/) Bupiter and 1U) aturn respectively. Mind you there are two lords for suseJU*HH#heir "e$s! $etals! tastes etc.E—#he un;s precious stone is Manikya or ruby; the Moon;s pearl. Mars; coral. Mercury;s Marakata or e$erald! Bupiter;s ?usyara"a or topaS! :enus;s dia$ond! aturn;s 3ila$ or sapphire! Rahu;s Go$edhika or a"ate! and 'etu;s :aidurya or lapis laSuli. In this connection let $e tell you the $etals owned by the planets E #hey are in order 1*) copper! 1-) bell$etal! 1,) copper! 1T) lead! 1/) "old! 1U) silver! and 15) iron. #he clothes worn by the$ have the sa$e colours as they the$selves possess! but those of aturn are ra"s and those of Mars sin"ed by fire. #heir tastes are in order 1*) pun"ent! 1-) salt! 1,) bitter! 1T) $ixed! 1/) sweet! 1U) sour! and 15) astrin"ent. 6ead and tattered clothes are owned by Rahu! while a $ud pot and pieced-to"ether as well as varie"ated clothes by 'etu.


H#heir "rains E—#he "rains owned by the nine planets are in order 1*) wheat! 1-) rice! 1,) 7dhaka or #uvar! 1T) "reen "ra$! 1/) Fen"al "ra$! 1U) 3ispava or cow "ra$! 15) sesa$u$! 1.) black "ra$ and 1V) horse "ra$. H#heir birth places E—#he countries of birth of the planets in order are 1*) 'alin"a! 1-) 4avana country—the banks of the Bu$na 1accordin" to another view)! 1,) 7vanti! 1T) Ma"adha! 0/) indhu! 1U) 3ikata or FhoAakata! 15) aurastra! 1.) 7$bara or i$hala! and 1V) ?arvata or 7ntarvedi. H #heir a"es E—#he un represents a person a"ed /+ yearsP the Moon one of 5+ yearsP Mars one of *U yearsP Mercury one of -+ yearsP Bupiter one of ,+ yearsP :enus one of 5 years 1*U accordin" to so$e)P aturn one of .+ or *++ yearsP Rahu one of *++ years. 'etu is si$ilar to Rahu. H#heir ?residin" 8eities E—#he 8eities that preside over the nine planets are in order 1*) Rudra or iva! 1-) the 8ivine Mother! ?arvati! 1,) 'artikeya! 1T) :isnu! 1/) Frah$an 1or iva)! 1U) 6aks$i! 15) 'ala or 4a$a 1or Rudra)! 1.) 7disesa! 'in" of erpents 1or 'artikeya)! and 1V) Frah$an 1or :i"hnesvara). H#heir natural rays E—8o not think that the rays I a$ speakin" of are the visible ones of the planets. #hey are the spiritual rays or 'iranas of the respective planets. Rahu .and 'etu have no rays. #he un and others have in order 1*) -+! 1-) .! 1,) *+! 1T) *+! 1/) *-! 1U) *T! and 15) *U rays. It will also interest you to know that only the un and the Moon are called 6u$inous planets or ?rakasa"rahas! and the next five #ara"rahas or non-lu$inous planets. Rahu and 'etu are #a$o"rahas or of the nature of darkness. H#heir 8hatus or physical constituents E—In 7yurveda seven 8hatus are spoken of as constitutin" the body. #hey are 1*) Fones! 1-) Flood! 1,) Marrow! 1T) kin! 1/) Cat! 1U) e$en and 15) Muscles. #hese are respectively presided over by the seven planets be"innin" with the un. H#heir Ele$ents E—4ou know there are five ele$ents constitutin" the entire universe. #hey are 1*) ?rthivi or Earth! 0-) 7pah or 2ater! 1,) #eAas or Cire! 1T) :ayu or 2ind! and 0/) 7kasa or Ether. 8o not confuse these thin"s with the visible earth etc. #hese are subtle! thin"s of which you see the "rosser for$s in the world. #he un and Mars own CireP the Moon and :enus 2aterP Mercury EarthP Bupiter Ether! and aturn 2ind. H#he ?lanetary Iabinet E—#he un and Moon are the Royal Iouple! Mars the Io$$ander! Mercury the Irown ?rince! Bupiter and :enus Ministers! and aturn the ervant. #hese seven planets also represent in order the oul! Mind! Ioura"e! peech! 2isdo$! and (appiness! exual ?assion! and Grief of 'alapurusa. #hey also represent the senses and their functions thus E—Mercury "overns s$ell 1nose)! the Moon and :enus taste 1ton"ue)! the un and Mars for$ 1eye)! Bupiter sound 1ear)! and aturn! Rahu and 'etu touch 1skin). H#heir 7spects E—#he planets have four kinds of aspects. In other words they look at certain houses or planets posited therein in this $anner. #he $ode of lookin" at the ,rd and *+th houses fro$ the one occupied by a planet is ter$ed a =uarter aspectP lookin" at the /th and Vth is half-aspectP at the Tth and .th hoases is J aspectP and at the 5th house is full aspect. #here is a speciality in the case of Bupiter! Mars and aturn. In the case of aturn even the =uarter aspect is considered to be full. o he aspects fully at the ,rd! 5th and *+th houses fro$ the house occupied by hi$. In the case of Bupiter even a half aspect is considered to be full. o he aspects fully at the /th! 5th and Vth houses fro$ his position. In the case of Mars even a J aspect is full. o he aspects fully at the Tth! 5th and .th houses. 4ou re$e$ber that Mars and aturn are a$on" the Malefics. (ence their aspects cannot but have the sa$e nature. H#heir friends E—Even as we have best friends! ordinary friends! neutrals! ene$ies and inveterate foes! so do the planets in their life. #he followin" #able "ives the friends! neutrals and ene$ies of the several planets. #his is their inborn or natural relationship. #here is also another kind of friendship called #e$porary or #atkalika. 3ow look at the #able "ivin" the first type of relations. ?lanets Criends. 3eutrals. Ene$ies. un Moon! Mars O Bupiter. Mercury. :enus O aturn. Moon Mars Mercury Bupiter :enus aturn RahuO 'eiu un O Mercury. un! Moon O Bupiter. un O :enus. un! Moon O Mars. Mercury O aturn. Mercury O :enus. Mercury! aturn O :enus. #he rest. :enus O aturn Mars. Bup.O at. aturn. Mars O Buptier. Bupiter. Mars. 3il. Mercury. Moon. Mercury O :enus. un O Moon. un! Moon O Mars. un! Moon O Bupiier.

7ccordin" to others Rahu is the ene$y of the un! Moon and MarsP and neutral to Bupiter! while 'etu is neutral to Mercury. In the case of friendship and en$ity Rahu and 'etu are in opposite ca$ps. #here is another way of findin" this relationship E Cind out the lords of the ,rd! Uth! 5th! *+th and **th houses fro$ the Mulatrikona house of the planet concerned. 7$on" such planets those that co$e twice beco$e the natural ene$ies of the planets concerned and the rest only neutrals to hi$. Cor exa$ple take the un;s Mulatrikona viS. i$ha. ukra is reckoned twice as he is the lord of the ,rd and *+th houses fro$ i$ha. aturn too "ets two houses! Uth and 5th. o these two planets are the natural ene$ies of the un! while Mercury who owns only one house viS. the **th! beco$es a neutral. #he re$ainin" ones are his natural friends. i$ilarly the lords of -nd! Tth! /th! .th! Vth and *-th houses fro$ the Mulatrikona of a planet! invited twice! beco$e its natural friends and the rest neutral. In this rule there is an i$portant exception to be borne in $ind. #hat is! the lord of a planet;s exaltation house is exe$pted fro$ the operation of this rule. #hat is why aturn is only a neutral to Mars and not an ene$y! thou"h he owns two houses viS. *+th and llth fro$ the Mulatrikona i.e. Mesa! of Mars. 4ou re$e$ber that the exaltation house of Mars viS. Makara! is owned by aturn. If you work out in this $anner you will see that the Moon does not "et any ene$y at all. 7s the un and the Moon own only one house each! even when they are called once they beco$e ene$ies. o far I have been tellin" you about the natural relationships a$on" the planets. 3ow I shall tell you their te$porary friendship etc. 4ou note the position of a planet. #he planets that are posited in the three houses in front of and three behind the one occupied by this planet beco$e its te$porary friends. #hat is! those in the -nd! ,rd and Tth! as well as *-th! llth O *+th beco$e te$porary friends. 6et us suppose that the un and aturn are in :rscika! Mars and Bupiter in #ula! Mercury in 8hanus! :enus in Makara and so on. In this chart for the un or aturn the followin" four beco$e friends for the ti$e bein". #hey are—Mercury! :enus! Mars and Bupiter. ?lanets occupyin" the sa$e house as

(e is valiant! wrathful and possessed of $assive ar$s. Cor the present this will suffice. #he Moon and :enus are said to be a=uatic bein"s. #here is yet another way of lookin" at the$ E In the horoscope of a person born at dayti$e the un represents his father and :enus his $other. In the daybirth aturn beco$es the paternal uncle and the Moon the $aternal aunt. Bupiter also indicates the eldest brother! and Mercury the adopted son. 3ow a friend by nature but ene$y for the present beco$es neutral. lord of herbs. (e represents also the followin" P—Iopper! "old! father! effects of $eritorious deeds! soul! happiness! prowess! coura"e! valour! victory in battle! "overn$ent service! popularity! $ountaineerin"! enthusias$ and sharpness. (e is hen-pecked and "iven to fraud. Relations si"nified by the$ E—#he un and other planets are called 'arakas or i"nificators of certain relatives of the nativeE Cather! $other! youn"er brother! $aternal uncle! children! wife or husband and servant are si"nified in order by the seven planets. 7 planet that is friendly to another both naturally and te$porarily beco$es an 7dhi$itra or very inti$ate friend. G#n#ra$ C%aract#ristics of t%# P$an#ts un E—(e has a s=uare body! pink eyes! sparse hair both on the head and the body. Bupiter rises both ways. (is hands and feet are very lon". (e "overns the skin. (e is very wise and learned as well as of noble de$eanour. Moon E—8ur"a te$ple! wo$en. Mercury and Bupiter are those that $ove about in a villa"e! and the rest are deniSens of the forest. #he un si$ilarly stands for the ri"ht eye and the Moon for the left one. (e is well-versed in politics and has lots of infor$ation on various topics.) a day! 1T) a Rtu or two $onths! 1/) a $onth! 1U) a fortni"ht and 15) a year! in order. Rahu also rules the ala tree. ani owns all sapless and weak trees. (e is $erciless and $elancholic. T%# "a&nts an' ot%#r t%ings signifi#' () t%# P$an#ts un E—7 iva te$ple! open area! desert! devotee of iva! physician! kin"! sacrificer! chief $inister! ti"er! deer and the Iakravaka bird. Mars E—(e has a slender waist! curly and shinin" hair! fierce red eyes! cruel nature! fickle $ind! but a "enerous heart. i$ilarly for a ni"ht birth aturn beco$es the father and the Moon the $other. (e has no per$anent residence! is laSy! weakkneed! has attractive countenance and speech.s welfare! $ental peace! sea-bath! chowries! u$brella! fan! fruits! tender articles! flowers! corn! a"riculture! renown! pearls! bell-$etal! silver! $ilk and other sweet thin"s! clothes! cows! "ood $eals! health and beauty. aturn E—(e is dark! la$e! laSy! with sunken eyes! lean and lank body! pro$inent veins! thick nails and protrudin" teeth. Mark his anskrit na$e Fudha which $eans learned. H#heir periods E—#he seven planets be"innin" with the un preside over 1*) a solstice or six $onths! 1-) a $o$ent! 1. #here are $any other thin"s for which these planets are 'arakas too. Moon E—#he Moon has a corpulent body! is youn" as well as old! white in co$plexion! with lovely eyes! black and thin hair! has tender speech and $ild te$per. Mars E—?laces fre=uented by thieves and Miecchas! fireplace! battle-field! cook! soldier! "olds$ith! ra$! cock! Aackal! $onkey! vulture! stren"th! produce of lands! nature of brothers! cruelty! battle! darin" deed! hatred! "old! kitchen! thieves! ene$ies! weapons! attach$ent to other wo$en! utterin" lies! prowess! wounds! co$$and of ar$y! sin and $ental elation. (e is very elo=uent and "overns wealth. i$ilarly one that is ini$ical to another both-ways beco$es an 7dhisatru or bitter ene$y. H(ow they rise E—#he un! Mars! aturn and Rahu rise with their hind part appearin" in front! while the Moon! Mercury and :enus with their head fore$ost. (is voice is =ueer.e. :enus E—(e has black curly hair! hu"e body and thick li$bs! "reenish co$plexion! a$iable and attractive personality! broad eyes and plenty of virility. Mercury E—7sse$bly of scholars! te$ple of lord :Esnu! recreation "round! accountant. .. (e has even li$bs. (e is expert in strikin" hard and bears $arks of burnin" and weapons. o too a natural ene$y but friendly for the ti$e bein" beco$es neutral. H#heir for$s E— aturn and Mercury look like birds! the Moon like a reptile! Bupiter and :enus like hu$an bein"s! and the un and Mars like =uadrupeds. Bupiter E—(e has "olden co$plexion! brown eyes and hair! corpulent and tall body.s office or astrolo"ical bureau! cowherd! learned $an! artisan or artiste! astrolo"er or accountant! devotee of :isnu! Garuda! Iataka bird! parrot! cat! learnin"! elo=uence! proficiency in arts! cleverness in propitiatin" Gods! intelli"ence! sacrifice! truthfulness! oyster-shell! kins$en! rank of a 4uvaraAa! friends and sister. Mercury E—(e is "reen like the 8drva "rass! full of veins! pleasant in speech and fond of fun and frolic. (e is also adept in politics. #he seven planets have the $arks in the followin" li$bs in orderE—1*) on the ri"ht hip! 1-) on the leftside of the head! 1. H#rees of the planets E—#he un owns or represents trees that are tall and stron" insideP the Moon and :enus! creepersP Mars and aturn! thorny treesP Bupiter! fruit-bearin" treesP Mercury fruitless onesP and Rahu and 'etu! bushes. H#heir places in a house E—#he seven planets rule in order the worship roo$! bath-roo$! kitchen! dance-hall! stron" roo$! bedcha$ber and a place where "arba"e is thrown. Rahu and 'etu indicate $aternal and paternal "randfathers respectively. #he sa$e rule holds "ood in the case of a ni"ht-birth. (is voice rese$bles the sound of conch or the lion.s children. well as those occupyin" houses not $entioned in this list are to be considered as ene$ies. (is hair is coarse and thick. H#heir identification $arks E—#he un! Bupiter! Mercury and Mars have their special $arks 1like trade $arks) on their ri"ht side! while the others have the$ on the left side.s apart$ents! watery place! herbariu$! a place where honey is kept 1or one of li=uor)! a worshipper of the deity called asta! wo$an! washer$an! husband$an! a=uatic thin"s! hare! antelope! crane! Iakora bird! $other. 7 neutral "ettin" te$porary friendship beco$es as "ood as a friend. (e has red and lon" eyes.) on the ri"ht side of the back! 1T) in the ri"ht ar$-pit! 1/) on the ri"ht shoulder! 1U) on the left side of the face and 15) on the left thi"h or le". he is proficient in politics and intelli"ent. <ther characteristics of the un which have been already $entioned should also be re$e$bered. :enus and the Moon also si"nify $ilky and blosso$in" trees. (e is well disciplined and valorous. (e is dirty! an"ry! dreadful! full of wrinkles! clad in black clothes! foolish! and a tale-YLQZLZ.s roar. It should be re$e$bered here that the Moon is called <sadhisa i.

aturn E—(e is stron" in the dark fortni"ht! at ni"ht! when he i is retro"rade! in his southerly course! while risin" in the 7scend. #his I shall take up after tellin" you how to calculate the la"na and other Fhavas and how to locate the various planets in the different si"ns of the chart. Rahu-'etu! when exalted! "ive $aterialist benefits while debilitated Rahu involves the native in exposed scandals and acute physical sufferin"s.e. (e is of $oderate stren"th in the initial part of a i"n and weak at its end. (e is stron" in the initial part of a si"n! of $oderate stren"th in its $iddle and weak in its end. In exceptional cases! when Rahu is well placed in a $ooltrikona si"n of a planet! without causin" any conAunction or close aspect with other houses and planets and the dispositor planet is stron"! Rahu "ives "ood results durin" its sub periods for $aterialistic prosperity. (e is stron" when conAoined with the Moon. (e is weak! $iddlin" and stron" in the be"innin"! $iddle and end respectively of a Rasi.e. fJetu E—(e is stron" in the latter half of 8hanus! in Mina! 'anya! :rsabha! at ni"ht! when a $eteor or rainbow is seen. (e is weak in the be"innin" of a Rasi and of $oderate stren"th at its end. SIGNI+ICATIONS O+ PLANETS CU3I#I<376 37#URE <C ?673E# #he functional nature of the planets is the key analytical factor in the horoscopic analysis. :enus E— treet of harlots! hare$! dance-hall! bed-cha$ber! $usician! wealthy person! sensualist! $erchant! dancer! weaver! courtesan! peacock! buffalo! cow! parrot! wealth! vehicles! clothes! orna$ents! buried treasures! dance! vocal and instru$ental $usic! wife! conAu"al felicity! scents! flowers! sexual dalliance! bed! house! prosperity! poesy! addiction to $any wo$en! sportive $ove$ents! passion! $inistry! winso$e speech! festivity and $arria"e. 7pproach! the planets indicated a"ainst each ascendant! act as functional $alefic planets for the concerned ascendantE 7 IE3873# CU3I#I<376 M76ECII ?673E# 7ries #aurus Ge$ini Iancer 6eo :ir"o 6ibra corpio Mercury! Rahu and 'etu :enus! Bupiter! Mars! Rahu and 'etu Rahu and 'etu Bupiter! aturn! Rahu and 'etu Moon! Rahu and 'etu aturn! Mars! the un! Rahu and 'etu Mercury! Rahu and 'etu Mars! :enus! Rahu and 'etu . Rahu -. un E—#he un is stron" in addition in the Uttarayana i. he is weak at the co$$ence$ent of a Rasi! of $oderate stren"th in the $iddle and stron" at the end. Moon E— he is stron" in her southerly course! in her own [\MQ! at ni"ht! in the bri"ht fortni"ht for the first ten days she has $oderate stren"th! she is very stron" for the next ten days i. P$an#ts! *oints of str#ngt% E—Every planet is stron" in his own Rasi! 3ava$sa! decanate! exaltation si"n! weekday etc.s house. ?lease re$e$ber that every planet is stron" in his own house etc. till the /th day in the dark fortni"ht! and weak in the last ten days. Under the yste$s. Fesides Rahu and 'etu the planets! whose $ooltrikona si"ns are in the $alefic houses 1sixth! ei"hth and twelfth) with reference to the ascendant! act as functional $alefic planets in a nativity. fro$ the $o$ent of his enterin" the si"n Makara till he steps into 'arkataka! and in his own [\MQ. 2hen she is to the 3orth of planets or "oes in a clock-wise $anner around the$! or when she is aspected by or conAoined with benefics! or when she is aspected by all the other planets! she beco$es stron". (e is weak in the $iddle of a Rasi and of $ediu$ stren"th at its end. Bupiter E—(e is stron" also in :rscika! in his northerly course! in the fore-noon! and in the $iddle of a i"n.0 ant! and while $ovin" slowly. (e is weak at the end of a B i"n and of $oderate stren"th at its co$$ence$ent. aturn E—?lace where outcasts live! dirty area! te$ple of asta! oil-$on"er! servant! vile person! hunter! blacks$ith! crow! cuckoo! lon"evity! death! fear! de"radation! $isery! illness! hu$iliation! poverty! servitude! calu$ny! sins! pollution! censure! $isfortune! constancy! takin" shelter under i"noble persons! buffalo! lethar"y! debt! iron! a"ricultural i$ple$ents! prison and i$prison$ent. Rahu and 'etu E—7nt-hill! dark holes tenanted by snakes etc.! Fuddhist! snake-char$er! donkey! ra$! wolf! ca$el! serpent! $os=uito! bu"! owl and insect. i$ilarly there are certain Fhavas in a horoscope wherein the planets are stron". $entioned above. Cor this purpose the si"n Iancer is considered as $ooltrikona si"n of the Moon. #hus have I told you so$ethin" about the stren"th of the planets. Mercury E—(e is stron" when he rises after his eclipse! in 8hanus! both by day and ni"ht! durin" his retro"rade $otion! and in the $iddle of a Rasi. (is stren"th is $iddlin" when he is situated in a friend.T Bupiler E—#reasury! 7svattha tree! dwellin"s of Gods and Frah$ins! astrolo"er! $inister! preceptor! "reat annyasin! dove! horse! swan! knowled"e! virtues! son! vadhar$a! teachin" profession! nobility! all-round pro"ress! knowled"e of scriptures! final beatitude! faith! devotion to Gods and Frah$ins! penance! sacrifice! control over the senses! lon"evity and happiness of husband! co$passion! and rcyal honour.rd! Uth and *-th houses fro$ the 7scendant! when retro"rade! when in front of the un! in the afternoon! when posited to the 3orth of planets and in the $iddle of i"ns. he is stron" in all houses when full. (e is weak at the twili"ht and also durin" his eclipse. :enus E—(e is stron" also in the . 'arka! :rscika and 'u$bha! in conAunction with the un or Moon! and at the end of a i"n. (e is stron" also when retro"rade! povided he is not debilitated.—(e is stron" in Me9a! :rsabha. Mars E—(e is stron" when he is :akra or retro"rade! bri"ht! in '-u$bha! Mina! in his southerly course! at ni"ht! in any i"n that happens to be the *+th fro$ the 6a"na and in the be"innin" of a i"n.

Bupiter is of saintly nature. #he un! Mars and Bupiter are $ale while the Moon! :enus and Rahu are fe$ale planets. #he ninth house ruler! the un! and Bupiter are "enerally accepted within classical :edic 7strolo"y as the planets that can represent the father. Cor exa$ple! the un rules father! status of the native! heart! di"estive syste$! etc. Iaution -. ?ut a circle around the planets and houses that are afflicted due to the close influence of the functional $alefic planets.ARA. 7pproach also considers a planet weak if it is placed in the $ooltrikona si"n of another weak planet and if a planet occupies its si"n of debilitation in the 3ava$sa and other var"a charts. (<2 #< #7R# 73764 I Cor startin" analysis of a chart! first of all underline the functional $alefic planets and identify the conAunctions or aspects with / de"rees orb. #he proble$ is always concernin" the weak! badly placed and afflicted planets or the sub periods of the functional $alefics for trend results related to sub periods. . 7 functional benefic. In all other situations! the planets are considered stron" and well placed. ^U76I#IE 738 E_ <C ?673E# #he un! the Moon! :enus and Mercury have royal nature. In fact! I had never heard of such a concept until I be"an studyin" the yste$`s 7pproach. Even thou"h $ost astrolo"ers understand the i$portance of learnin" the si"nifications of each of the planets! houses! and si"ns! it is not "enerally understood that there is an order to seein" si"nifications within the chart. ?ri$ary i"nificators Cor each area of a person`s life! there is a planet that serves as pri$ary si"nificator! or deter$iner. 7 weak planet is not capable to fully protect its "eneral and particular si"nifications. 73764]I3G #RE3G#( <C ?673E# #hose planets are considered weak! which are in their si"ns of debilitation! are co$bust! are in the state of old a"e or infancy and placed in the $alefic houses in the rasi chart./ a"ittarius Iapricorn 7=uarius #he Moon! Rahu and 'etu #he un! Bupiter! Rahu and 'etu #he Moon! Mercury! Rahu and 'etu ?isces #he un! :enus! aturn! Rahu and 'etu #he functional $alefic planets for various ascendants! $entioned above! $ay appear to be at variance when seen in the context of the available classical texts and used by the translators of the classical texts! but when you analySe the charts based on the functional $alefic planets brou"ht out herein above! you would find that all of your confusions disappear at one stroke. Mars! aturn! Rahu and 'etu are of cruel nature. In this section! you will learn a vital techni=ue that allows the astrolo"er to penetrate throu"h this layer of confusion that has lon" kept the astrolo"er in the real$ of Xbest "uesti$ateX. #he natal affliction causes da$a"es in the entire sub period of the weak planet and the afflictin" planets while the transit influences cause short ter$ da$a"es for the duration of the effective transit influence. #he stren"th of the pri$ary si"nificator will let the astrolo"er know the level to which the client can expect to experience success relative to the si"nification! as well as the ability to enAoy the level of success indicated.AS O+ PLANETS & "O-SES "eneral si"nificationsE7fter deter$inin" the benefics and $alefics for any chart in =uestion! the astrolo"er should $ake $ental or written note as to which planets serve as the pri$ary and supple$entary si"nificators for each area of the client`s life. Ionfusion arises when each of these planets are "ivin" contradictory indications within the chart.s position in any of the Malefic houses $akes it weak but if it is in the ei"hth house near the $ost effective point of the house! then despite weakness it is "ood as it aspects the $ost effective point of the second house. #hat is to say that the person will not seek astral consultation or re$edies for the si"nifications of the houses containin" a non-$ooltrikona si"n. #he best thin" is in the shortest possible ti$e indicate the stron" and weak areas in chart and prescribe appropriate re$edies. #he "ood results should be indicated for the si"nifications of the well placed stron" planets havin" "ood close conAunctions or aspects. #he followin" table is used to deter$ine the pri$ary si"nificator for various areas of a person`s life. 7s you do so! you are lookin" for the first house listed that contains a $ulatrikona si"n. Mercury! aturn and 'etu are eunuchs. 4et it is the lack of this knowled"e that prevents astrolo"ers fro$ reachin" the level of predictive accuracy that $ost seek. Cor each si"nification listed in colu$n one! proceed throu"h colu$ns two and three. #he yste$s.astrolo"ers do not have television and cannot "ive runnin" co$$entary. #o illustrate why this is so! let`s exa$ine the various si"nificators for XfatherX within an astral chart. #he short ter$ proble$ is indicated by the $alefic transit over the weak natal planets.! irrespective of the lordship of the un in a particular nativity. #his $akes it virtually i$possible to deter$ine the relationship of the client with the father! the health and status of the father! and whether to expect a benefic or $alefic event durin" a "iven planetary period. . 3ow you can start the analysis. #he particular si"nifications of the planet $eans the si"nifications of the house where its $ooltrikona si"n is placed and the house where this planet is placed in the natal chart. #he results of the si"nifications of the weak planet fructify with delay and suffer whenever the weak planet is afflicted due to close aspect or conAunction with the functional $alefic planet. 2hen you find it! the ruler of that house beco$es the pri$ary si"nificator for the area indicated. 73764]I3G RE U6# <C (<U E I<3#7I3I3G 3<3-M<<6#RI'<37 IG3 4ou will find in your experience that until and unless there is a close $alefic influence on the $ost effective point of a house! the si"nifications of the house containin" a non-$ooltrikona si"n will not bother the person! at all. If none of the houses listed contain a $ulatrikona si"n! then use the first planet $entioned as the pri$ary si"nificator. #he "eneral si"nifications $eans the aspects ruled by the planet.

i"nifications 7ssets Io$forts Ioura"e Ireative Intelli"ence Education Ca$ily Cather Cinancial olvency Corei"n Residency Corei"n :isits ?ri$ary (ousea?lanet Mars *-th .rd! un! Mercury! :enus! Bupiter Cunctional (ealth Uth General Cortune General (ealth (ealth (usband Inclinations Inco$e Inheritance Initiative 6iti"ation 6on"evity 6uxuries Marital #ie Mother 3ervous Iontrol ?osition Vth Uth *st 5th /th **th .rd *st! *-th! aturn :enus! *-th! 5th -nd! *-th Vth! Moon Mercury -nd! /th! .th Tth .th! *-th! Bupiter -nd! Bupiter! un -nd! *+th! .rd! Bupiter! :enus! Moon Vth! Tth! un! Moon Mars .th! ?lanets in the *-th -nd! Tth! .th .U Review the table below! and afterward an exa$ple will be "iven to better illustrate this concept.rd Uth .rd /th /th -nd Vth Uth upple$entary (ousesa?lanets :enus *st! Uth! un! :enus un -nd! Bupiter! un -nd! Bupiter! un 5th! Tth! :enus Tth! un! Bupiter -nd! Moon! :enus *-th 5th *st! Uth! un! :enus *-th! :enus Moon Tth! un! Bupiter *st! un! Mars un! Mars! ?lanets in the Uth! ?lanets in the .th Tth Uth *+th .

In all cases! Bupiter beco$es a supple$entary si"nificator for the father. East (u$an SAT-RN Muscle 4ear Flack 2est Fird RA"Flack .rd! Bupiter! :enus! Moon Vth Tth! un! Bupiter /th! *+th! un! Bupiter Bupiter Mars! :enus **th! /th! Moon! Bupiter -nd! Tth! .rd -nd -nd! *+th! . Iopper East ^uadruped /OON Flood Mo$ent 2hite 3. East (u$an 1EN-S e$en Cortn"ht Many . 2est .one after the other until findin" a house that contains a $ulatrikona si"n.ET#a$as #ouch ?aternal Fushes E7 <3 GEM Gris$a Ruby :arsa ?earl ME#76 (UM<UR I7 #E M7R' Iopper ?itta 'satriya R.if that house contains a $ulatrikona si"n.arakas or Significators for t%# . <therwise! the un will fulfill that role. #he . <therwise! the astrolo"er $ust look to the supple$entary houseaplanets . #o illustrate this concept! let`s refer to an extracted section of the previous table. If none of the houses listed fulfill this re=uire$ent! then the first planet listed beco$es the pri$ary si"nificator.rd Tth -nd 5th . If so! the fourth house ruler beco$es the pri$ary si"nificator for the father. (owever! if the ninth house doesn`t contain a $ulatrikona si"n! see if the fourth house contains a $ulatrikona si"n. i"nification Cather ?ri$ary (ousea?lanet Vth upple$entary (ousesa?lanets Tth! un! Bupiter 3otice that the lord of the ninth house beco$es the pri$ary si"nificator for the father.5 ?ro"eny ?rosperity hort #rips piritual 6ife tatus uccess :ehicles 2ealth 2ife 4oun"er Frothers /th **th 5th Vth -nd . 2est 7=uatic /ARS Marrow 8ay Red outh ^uadruped /ERC-R kin eason Green 3orth Fird 0-PITER Cat Month 4ellow 3.ETFrown 2-ALIT SENSE TASTE RELATIONS "O-SE TREES S-N attva Cor$ ?un"ent Cather Mandir #all! tron" /OON attva #aste alty Mother Fath Ireepers /ARS #a$as Cor$ Fitter Frothers 'itchen #horny /ERC-R RaAas $ell Mixed Uncles Fall Farren 0-PITER attva ound weet Ihildren tron" Cruit 1EN-S RaAas #aste our pouse Fedroo$ Ireepers SAT-RN #a$as #ouch 7strn"nt ervants Rubbish #horn RA"#a$as #ouch Maternal Fushes .th! *-th! :enus! Moon Mars Referrin" to the previous table! the pri$ary si"nificator is always the ruler of the house listed in the colu$n X?ri$ary (ouseX.(ead U3 M<<3 .ario&s Gra%as or P$an#ts BOD TI/E /ETAL DIRECTION ANI/AL S-N Fones U Mos.(ip Fell :ata! 'appa :aisya 6.

#he positive role of a stron" and well placed un in the birth chart of an individual is evolution of soul throu"h sound health! "ood fortune and will power. . 7 stron"! well placed and unafflicted Mercury "ives the power of understandin" and co$$unication while a weak andaor afflicted Mercury confuses a person and i$pedes his $ission oriented Aourney.7r$ BU?I#ER (e$anta #opaS Gold 'appa Frah$in R. #he outer planets! Uranus! 3eptune! and ?luto are not used.in ter$s of astrono$y and $ytholo"y. Its close connection with any other planet ta$pers with the positive role of said planet1s). #he extent of da$a"e to the afflicted planet is $ore if said planet is weak. If it is well placed and is not for$in" close conAunction with any of the other planets then its power to i$pede the $ission oriented Aourney is reduced to a "reat extent. #he weak andaor afflicted un i$pedes the evolution of the soul throu"h "reed! lack of will power! envy and pride. #he weak andaor afflicted Moon robs one of the proper care of the $other! retarded $ental "rowth! disturbed $arital relationship and peace of $ind. Rahu rules the $aterial pursuits. #hou"h the lunar nodes do not play a si"nificant role in #ropical astrolo"y! they are referred to extensively in the :edic syste$! and "reatly help to increase the predictive accuracy of the astrolo"er. Mercury is un. 7 stron" unafflicted and well placed :enus provides all types of $aterial co$forts! while a weak andaor afflicted :enus i$pedes the $ission oriented Aourney throu"h $aterial pursuits in life.. Its close relationship with weak andaor badly placed planets is always indicative of serious proble$s in life i$pellin" one to seek divine solace throu"h spirituality. 'etu si"nifies $iseries. houlder :E3U :asanta 8ia$ond ilver :ata! 'appa Frah$in 6. (e was fully ?ar$at$ansa incarnation . Collowin" the description! you will see a table which is $eant to illustrate the correlation between the planet`s astrono$icala $ytholo"ical back"round and the planet`s astrolo"ical si"nifications. 8iseasesE 2ounds caused by =uadrupeds or wood ! hi"h fever do$inated by vitiated bile! burnin" of body! heart disease! eye-trouble! skin-disease ! health ! taste! freedo$ fro$ disease! disease in the head ! leprosy! diseases arisin" fro$ infla$$ation of bile! inAuries fro$ falls! pains! weapons and poisonin"! hyper-irritability! bone disorders! baldness! headache! typhoid! aphasia! polypus! epilepsy! sun-stroke! scorches! cerebral $enin"itis! eruptions of the face! blood pressure. #he i$pedi$ents are caused by pride.Cace 7#UR3 isira apphire Iron :ata udra 6. 7 stron"! well placed and unafflicted aturn provides with a lon" secured and healthy life! while a weak andaor afflicted aturn $akes hi$ of suspicious nature and feel insecure.s $aterial resources.s pursuits in life! a weak andaor afflicted Mars encounters one with i$pedi$ents throu"h an"er and involve$ent in sensual pleasures. Each planet possesses certain positive and ne"ative characteristics.Fack MERIUR4 arad E$erald 6ead 7ll Mixed R. In addition! :edic 7strolo"y uses Mercury! Mars! Bupiter! :enus! and aturn. M7R Gris$a Ioral Iopper ?itta 'satriya R. 6ord Ra$! the incarnation of God was fro$ un. 8eityE 7"ni ! Rudra . #he person can then continue his $ission oriented Aourney in life. un is exalted in *+ of 7riesP initial -+ of 6eo are his MooltrikonaP rest of *+ is his own si"n. #he two lu$inaries bein" the un and Moon! and the two invisible planets bein" the north and south nodes of the Moon! referred to as Rahu and 'etu! respectively. :owelsE a e i o u. In order to not leave the reader overwhel$ed with an exhaustive list to $e$oriSe! only the $ost basic si"nifications of each planet will be "iven. (u$an FodyE i"ht ! flesh ! belly! blood! bone ! heart! constitution of the body! vital principle! left eye ! ri"ht eye ! bile! back! the arterial syste$! spleen! physical splendour! radiance. Cor each planet! a brief description will be "iven of what is co$$only known about each . #he close i$pact of 'etu evidences the helplessness of the $an to fi"ht the i$pedi$ents with one.s $ission throu"h easy availability of necessities of life! fully developed $ind with clarity and satisfaction with one. :enus and aturn are his ene$ies! and Mars! Moon and Bupiter are friends . PLANETS ONE B ONE S&n3a$esE 7ditya! Fhanu! 8ivakara! Martanda! avita! #eekshana$su! Ina ! Fhanu$aan! 8eepta Rash$i! Ihandaanshu! Fhaskar! 7haskar! (eli ! #apan! 7rk! 8inkrit! urya! 7run! ?oosha ! #eekshanshu! ?ad$inish! 7dri! Ihand8ikshit! 3abheshwar! #eekshnarash$i! 8hwantdhwanshi! ?ad$iprannath! Ush$arash$i! Ushnanshu! ?rabhakar! 8in$adi! :ibhavasu! Ihitrarath! Ihandbhanu! :ikartan! :anBavanpati! 3a"! 3alinivilasi. 7 stron"! well placed and unafflicted Bupiter $akes a person kind! charitable! benevolent and satisfied! while a weak andaor afflicted Bupiter $akes one selfish and cruel.s lot. Ca$ilyE #rouble to spouse and children! en$ity with father and pro"eny! paternal relatives. It is very i$portant that you learn the characteristics of each planet.s neutral.6e" R7(U (essonite <utcaste 'E#U #i"er Eye :edic 7strolo"y uses nine Xplanets!X a$on" which are the two lu$inaries and two invisible planets. I hope that this $ethod of presentin" the $aterial helps the reader to learn each planet`s si"nifications in the easiest possible $anner #he planets! the un! the Moon! Mercury! Bupiter! :enus! aturn! Rahu and 'etu rule the divine =ualities and i$pedi$ents. In the followin" pa"es! we will explore the planets and their si"nifications. It is the purpose of the astrolo"er to explain how the ener"ies of these planets will $anifest in the client`s life. #ry to see how the si"nifications "iven correspond to what you already know about the planet. #he positive role of a stron" and unafflicted well placed Moon is realiSation of one. 2hile a stron"! well placed and unafflicted Mars "ives tre$endous initiative to the person to pursue one. 3ature and Cor$E ?un"ent in taste! stron" in bones! reddish! brown eyes! dark-red for$! clad in red! valiant and wrathful ! Grish$a ! yellow eyes! s=uare fi"ure! fair co$plexion! bilious! intelli"ent! scarce haired! Moola planet ! lustrous! lord of the sky! honey like yellow eyed! old a"e! half a year! short like a dwarf! stron" at $id-day! bite! body! $ental purity! lordship of country! lookin" upward! east direction .

Its nature is benevolent and cruel. #his co$es fro$ the anskrit at$a $eanin" soul! and karaka $eanin" indicator. #he un! urya was $arried to a$Ana and she bore hi$ three children. IountriesE Ihina! Fur$a . It I also the source of life. (is nature! or te$pera$ent is pitta! or fiery! and the "e$stone associated with the un is the red ruby. 7s in western tropical astrolo"y! the un rules the i"n of 6eo. #vastr! his father-in-law explains that his dau"hter found the un too bri"ht to bear. 7bstracts and ^ualitiesE 2ealth! seats of power ! wickedness ! soul! lon"-standin" an"er! kin"do$ ! e"o! pride! arro"ance! hau"htiness ! capacity to $ove forward ! sacred spells! Mantra ! bliss! patience! enthusias$! prowess! coura"e! power! "lory ! purity of $ind! aptitude! spiritual knowled"e ! "enuineness! valour! intense severity! heat! "ood stren"th! hostility! physical splendour! worship of hiva! coura"e! bein" in royal favour ! elevation! hi"h patrona"e! public offices! "ains and punish$ent fro$ the "overn$ent! paternal property! spiritual power! fa$e! honours! radiance. #he un is the indicator of the father! the e"o! honor! status! fa$e! the heart! the eyes! "eneral vitality! respect and power. Fecause the un is so bri"ht! and at the sa$e ti$e not bri"ht enou"h! as the sayin" "oes! he does not discover this deception until Ihaya! the shadow wife! has bore hi$ three $ore children. In :edic astrolo"y each planet is a karaka! or indicator of $any thin"s. urya then reunites with his wife! a$Ana and has three $ore children. karaka #he un is known as kin" in the planetary cabinet. #here is a $yth in :edic lore that relates well the fiery brilliance of the un. #hat is why the un si"nifies father and vitality. 3T%# S&n history H#he un in :edic astrolo"y is called Ravi! or urya. . (e has a s=uare body. (is day! of course! is unday! and he co$es into full $aturity and brilliance at a"e --. Enra"ed he "oes to his father-in-law to find what has happened to his beautiful a$Ana. 2e know that the un is the source of li"ht! heat! and life in our solar syste$. o! in conciliation the un allows #vastr to put hi$ on his cuttin" lathe and shear away his excess brilliance until the un beca$e a beautiful si"ht to behold. #his are the (ouses .X #he un is in his stron"est place$ent directly overhead in the *+th (ouse. Rules advance$ent! "oal-directedness! leadership and supervisory ability! e"o stren"th! self estee$! self discipline! capacity for co$$it$ent! decision-$akin"! or"anisational ability! work ethic! crisis $ana"e$ent! shock resistance! risk-takin" capability. 7ni$alsE 6ion! poisonous ani$als ! serpent! =uadruped . If the un is stron" in a nativity! the father and vitality will help a native to "row in a healthy way. #he un is known as the 7t$akaraka. 7ctionsE 7ny work relatin" to God iva! trip to $ountain! 4aAnas! victory in war! acuteness ! self-realisation! activity in public! capture of the ene$y! roa$in" over $ountains! scorch! travellin"! dealin"! strenuous effort.s $etal is "old and his direction is East. #he un is personified as a kin" and doctor and when stron" denotes hi"h ad$inistrative positions in "overn$ent! includin" politics! doctors in $edicine! etc. It is hot! dry! constructive and represents health! blood! brain! di"estive syste$! ri"ht eye 1$ale) and left eye in the case of fe$ales. It also represents soul. It is the source of li"ht to the universe. (e is bilious and has sturdy bones. #he soul of a person can only be elevated if he keeps perfect health.s eyes are honey-colored. #he un si"nifies hi"hly placed persons! ad$inistrators! physicians! contractors! politicians! father! $ale child and social status. 7s it rules di"estive syste$ which provides nourish$ent to the whole body! it is known as si"nificator for vitality.s unbearable brilliance a$Ana left hi$ and left Ihaya 1shadow) in her place as wife! while she "oes off to conte$plate her $arria"e. (e is considered to be $ild $alefic! in consideration of the hot! dry cli$ate of India. ?ersonsE cythians! 4avanas! fa$ous! celebrity! thieves! s$u""lers! cowherds! people desirous of victory in war! valorous in war! cruel persons! a"riculturists ! kin"! outcast ! one born to a ti$id wo$an ! ene$y . outh bank of 4a$una! Fen"al! Fihar! <rissa! east of 3ar$ada! 'a$boAa! eastern #a$ilnadu! Ihedi! Re"ions of 4avanas! Ma"adha! Mekhla! Furdwan! 'ausha$bi ! aurastra! 'alin"a ! stock $arket! stock exchan"e. ?lacesE 8evasthan ! deserted place ! hill! sea ! forests! deserts ! river bank! fortress! the world of $ortals! land ! $ountain top ! caves. Its co$plexion is blood red. It si"nifies father! which is the source for brin"in" into existence and supportin" a new born in life. In case it is weak and afflicted in a nativity it "ives weak eyesi"ht and diseases of headaches! erratic circulation of blood! bone fractures! fevers! hi"h blood pressure! baldness! bone cancer and low i$$uniSation power.V 8an"ersE Cear fro$ soverei"n! =uadruped! thief! God 4a$a! hiva! de$i"ods! serpentP dan"er fro$ ene$y! wood! fire! weapon! poison . <bAectsE Gold! fire ! weapon! pearl! silver! wool! wood ! rou"h cloth! copper ! $edicine! poison! bitter thin"s! cattle! ! a red cloth! orna$ent! stone! coral! thick cord . (e is also stron" in the other 'endras! or 7n"les. Fecause of the un. #hese are the (ouses *! T! and 5. #he $oral of the $yth su""ests the stron"er the un the bi""er the e"o! so $uch in fact that there $ay be little roo$ for other people to exist in such e"oistic brilliance! #his is where the excess vanity of the un exerts a $alefic influence. #he un. #he un also does well in what are called the upachaya! or "rowin" (ouses. (e is of clean habits! bilious! intelli"ent and has li$ited hair. (e is exalted in the si"n of 7ries! and he is in his fall in the si"n of 6ibra. #he un is si"nificator planet for vitality and life "iver in a $ale nativity.!U! and **. ?rofessionsE ervice under soverei"n ! kin"s! cowherds! a"riculturists! physicians ! persons in authority! noble$en! rulers! princes! titled officers under crown! occupation! "ildersP those who work with "old! "overn$entP courtiers! di"nitaries! "olds$iths! Aewellers! circustrainers! theatre-owners and $ana"ers! diplo$acy! arbitration! $editation! political and "overn$ent position! financiers! occupations involvin" children. ?lant 6ifeE #horny plants! "rass! saffron! ti$ber ! thick plants ! trees inwardly stron" ! wheat ! husky "rains! seeds! tree! bitter thin"s ! $edicinal herbs! pine! "rains! "roundnut! coconut! saffron! oran"e trees! asafoetida! carda$o$! chillies! o$u$ ! pepper! cedar! laurel! al$ond! lavender! vervain! cha$o$ile! anise! rose$ary! $ari"old! nut$e"! rue! aro$atic herbs! rice. 7s Xindicator of the soulX the un is the "iver of life. It is possible to take this brief and si$ple explanation! and extrapolate so$e si"nifications that the un represents in the astrolo"ical world. Its "ravitational field provides the unifyin" force that prevents the planets fro$ flyin" out of their respective orbits. (e is particularly beneficial for the fire si"n ascendants of 7ries! 6eo! and a"ittarius. un renders honest! "enerous! noble! desirous of "lory! Audicious! clever in the arts! truthful! of wise counsel! free. #he "reat :edic astrolo"er and sa"e! ?arasara describes the un in his classic text Frihat (ora hastraE X#he un.

Each $onth different sa"es! adityas! Gandharvas 1celestial $aids)! 4aksas 1 erpents) and Giants sit in the chariot! and these personalities "ive the characteristics of the $onths and seasons! heat! cold! rain and so forth. is the unifyin" force of our solar syste$. leadership and $a"netis$. #his $otion creates the days! the ni"hts! the seasons and the years.*+ In the physical world! the unb *. avitri Gayatri $antra is held to be connected to the daily worship of the sunP 7u$ bhur bhuvah svaha! tatsavitur varenya$ cbhar"o devisya dhi$ahi! dhiyo yona prachodayat. uriya shines on everythin"! "ood or bad! so this $antra can be used by all. 7s a deity he is usually depicted as havin" two ar$s! holdin" lotus in both hands and havin" so$ewhere the chariot! with seven horses and various other $e$bers of his transient retinue. 7strolo"ically! a person havin" a stron" un in their horoscope will have honey coloured eyes! a lar"e! round face! avera"e stature! and the ha$ well produce a birth $ark on the ri"ht hip. -. It is "enerally reco$$ended that ar"hya be offered to the sun each $ornin" such that prosperity! fa$e! sons! learnin" and "lory $ay be attained. It so happened that!throu"h force of circu$stance! uriya discovered Ihaya not to be his wife and so went off in search of her. the soul which is necessary for the life of the body. "ives us heat. #he re"ular repetition of this $antra will avert $isery! and thou"h it is often prescribed to counteract a weak orafflicted un in a person. is essential for the continuation of life.s puspakavi$ana and the akti weapon of 'artikeya 'artikeya.s power $anifests throu"h the R"! 4aAus and a$a vedas. #his power blaSes in the for$ of the un! thus uriya is the power of :isnu! of the :edas! and throu"h this conferred power he provides sustenance and protection to the world and destroys the darkness of ni"ht! the darkness of i"norance. T%# /oon au$ sri$ kli$ so$ayaya na$ah Moon3a$esE hetdyuti! Udupati! Indu! :idhu! asi! asanka! 3isakar! eeta$su ! o$! heet Rash$i! 7bAa! Ihandra$aa! Mri"aanka! Glau! 'aal Ish! hashadhar! 7triA! BalaA! 'shapakar! hubranshu! 3etrayoni! 7$rit! Baiv! 4a$iniksha! ?ayodhiputra! Balnidhitanay! 7bhiroop! 'u$ud! 'u$udbandhu! 'u$udini! heet"u! (i$kar! #arapati! 7bdhiAa! 'nashatresh! Baivatrak! #uhinkar! a$udran"aA! #un"eesh! #uhin"u! Rakapati! 8wiAraA! 7$bu. un and Mercury are the friends of MoonP rest of the planets are neutral. . uriya $arried a$Ana 1the dau"hter of :isvakar$a) architect of the heavens and three children were born of this union! Manu! 4a$araAa! and 4a$i. is the source of li"ht for our solar syste$.#he 7svini 'u$aras and Revanta were born fro$ their union.s discus! iva trident of iva. #he wheel of this chariot is the wheel of ti$e! which has six spokes! the six seasons. #he :edic un rides on a celestial chariot havin" one wheel! and yoked to seven horses which are the :edic $etres 1Gayatri! Frhati! Usnik! Ba"ati! #ristubh! 7nustubh and ?ankti). 6ettersE ya ra la va s sh ha. T. #he sa"es extol his virtues! the Gandharvas sin" in front of hi$! the celestial $aids dance! the serpents prepare the chariot and the 4aksas hold the bridle. 2ith that excess he $ade :isnu discus of :isnu.. #he un rules 6eo! and is considered as $alefic! burnin" the "ood effects of planets he co$es too close to. a$Ana found the heat of uriya unbearable and so dis"uised her $aid Ihaya as herself and left for the forest to perfor$ penance. #hree $ore children were born by the union of uriya and Ihaya! they bein" avarna$anu! #apati 1who beca$e the river 4a$una) and anaischarya! aturn. 3ature and Cor$E oft in speech! unsteady! carnal! sexy! learned! round bodied! beautiful eyes! sweet speech! 8hatu 1$aterial) planet! "ood eyes! Rainy season! hu"e body! lean and white! black and thin hair! $ild in te$pera$ent! intelli"ent! beautiful li$bs! arad Ritu! beauty! whiteness! shinin"! learned! saline! short in stature! facin" the west! stren"th at ni"ht! $iddle a"e! $id-day! Muhurta 1an interval of $inutes). the di"estive fire. #hus this $erry ense$ble to"ether with uriya circle around Mount Meru. i"nifications General ?rofessions Medical ?hysical 7ppearance Ca$ily Relation war$th! $a"netis$! and leadership kin"! doctor! and hi"h ad$inistrative positions heart! sto$ach! bones! brain! ri"ht eye 1$ales)! left eye 1fe$ales)! nutritional absorption! and vitality $aAestic! s=uare body! thin hair father unE 7t$a 1soul)! self! self-realiSation! influence! presti"e! power! valor! health! eye! "eneral well bein"! heat! splendor! father! kin"! royalty! royal favor S)4(o$is4 of S&r)a or t%# S&n au$ hri$ hri$ surayaya na$ah uriya! the un "od! is said to be the son of the sa"e 'asyapa 'asyapa Muni and his wife 7diti 7diti. uriya is traditionally included as one of the ?anchdevatas 1Ganesh! uriya! :isnu! iva and ?arvati) and these deities $ust be worshipped before the co$$ence$ent of any holy cere$ony. (e is one of the three fires and operates in the body throu"h ushu$na nadi. It is said that:isnu power of :edas :isnu. Moon is exalted up . 2hen the un sets his li"ht enters fire! so at ni"ht the li"ht of fire "oes far and durin" the day the li"ht of fire enters the un so he blaSes all the $ore. urya is the 'in" of planetsand the directions have ori"inated fro$ his risin" and settin".s trident! 'ubera. Frin"in" a$Ana back fro$ the forest! she co$plained to her father of the excessive heat and so :isvakar$a atte$pted to reduce the efful"ence! but only a s$all part could be taken away. In te$ples! he will usually face east! and the other planets will often be arrayed around and facin" hi$. In astrolo"y! the un representsb the eyes that illu$inate the body with the i$a"es that surround it.s horoscope! it is "enerally considered a $antra for all people. he was hidin" in the for$ of a $are! and throu"h power of $editation urya realised this and assu$ed the for$ of a horse.

8an"ersE #rouble fro$ wo$en! dan"er fro$ horned and water ani$als! fear fro$ Fala"rahas! 8ur"a! 'innaras! 4a$a! serpents! 4akshini. In :edic $yth the Moon! or Ihandra! is depicted as $ale. 6ord 'rishna! the incarnation of God was fro$ Moon. (er nature is kapha! or watery. ?laces in IndiaE 'erala! 'osala! Fharukacha! Froach! islands in oceans 17nda$ans or 8a$an! 8iu. Mercury represents a further distillation and conceptualiSation of that process and its ulti$ate intellectualiSation in for$in" Aud"$ent. #he Moon as the $ind is indicative of all the senses and their ability to perceive life in all its splendor. Instead! they celebrate their birthday in the $onth they were born when the Moon enters the part of the si"n it was in at birth.** to . (u$an FodyE Cace! belly! brain! wind and phle"$! blood! breast! sto$ach! ri"ht eye 1in $ales)! left eye 1in fe$ales)! the fluidic syste$! saliva! "landular processes! eye si"ht! ly$ph! facial features. Ihandra $eans Xbri"ht and shinin"X in anskrit.X #he Moon is $ost co$fortable and powerful in the Courth (ouse! she also likes the an"les. Fut! havin" -5 wives! Ihandra does not treat the$ all e=ually. o the other -U wives co$plain to 8aksa! their father! and he curses Ihandra so he will die of consu$ption. ?lacesE nowclad areas! seas! oceans! place of residence! tank! pond! well! native place! the $iddle world!! rivers! watery places! fre=uent chan"es of place. ?rofessionsE 7"riculturist! "ettin" a Aob! dealers in fluids! pearls! sea-products! clothesP public sales$en! water-carriers! nurses! $idwives! sailors! travellers! fisher$en! those who $ana"e public conveyance! horticulture! healin"! travellin" and all travellin" re=uisites! hu$our! cartoonist! "ardeners! li=uor dealers! dairy-owners! obstetricians! plastics! waiters! caterin"! eatin" places! laundry-owners! confectioners and bakers! house-keepers! fe$ale officials. #his is how lon" it takes the Moon to $ove throu"h all the si"ns! so$e -5 odd days. ?lant 6ifeE Buicy plants! creepin" plants! $edicinal herbs and plants ! "ood fruits! "ood buddin"! pulses! wheat! barley! flowers! fruits! white poppy! al"ae! $ushroo$s! $elon! cucu$ber! lettuce! winter "reen! pu$pkin! cauliflower! su"arcane! $ercury! pal$! cabba"e! betel leaves! saffron! ve"etables! oran"es. #he Moon is particularly beneficial for the water si"n ascendants of Iancer! corpio and ?isces. #he Moon is also called o$a! na$ed after the intoxicatin" sacred drink used in :edic sacrifice. corn! $ilk! rice! "ood $eals! sweet substance! sweets! sweet drink. :edic a"e ?arasara says of the MoonP X#he Moon is very white and phle"$atic. (e was fully ?ar$at$ansa 1the 7bsolute pirit) incarnation. #he Moon. Many western students of astrolo"y are shocked to discover that the Moon is indicative of the $ind! and not Mercury. #he un is the indicator of the soul! and the Moon is the vehicle of the $ind that receives the li"ht of the soul. #his deli"htful tale of ven"eance . EatablesE (oney! love of curd! eatin"! thick su"arcane! nourish$ent! eatables! Ghee! oil! sesa$u$! food! drinks! salt . 7ctionsE Ihan"es! voya"es! sea-bath! travel! "oin" to distant place! "oin" to a fortress! sleep! sexual enAoy$ent.s health will periodically wax and wane. he is learned and has a round body. 8iseasesE Excessive sleep! laSiness! tastelessness! phle"$atic proble$! carbuncle! typhoid fever! bodily health! indi"estion! diarrhoea! i$purity of blood! $ental aberration! anorexia! Aaundice! wounds caused by horned ani$als or a=uatics! "ood blood and vital ener"y! life! enlar"e$ent of spleen! disease! consu$ption! epilepsy! serious effusions in the body! dyspepsia! septicae$ia 1blood poisonin")! anae$ia! pleurisy! paralysis! "eneral inertia! eye diseases! psychiatric proble$s! nervousness! $yxoede$a! hysteria! lunacy! nervous debility! "astric catarrh! scrofula! cancer! dysentery! hydrocele! varicose veins! co$plications due to excess of drinks! bronchitis! eosinophilia! asth$a! throat troubles! cold! cou"h! sprue! peritonitis! tu$ours! urae$ia! cata$enial disorders! dropsy! colic pains! intestinal defects and disorders! wor$s! beriberi. uch is the i$portance of the Moon in :edic culture! #he bri"ht Moon is considered a benefic of the hi"hest order! and the dark Moon is considered a $alefic. 7ni$alsE (orses! horned ani$als! cow! fish. Fut all the wives later plead with 8aksa! so he partly re$oves the curse so Ihandra. #he Moon is a karaka of $any thin"s. (e is an indicator of the $other! and fe$ales in "eneral! the public! "eneral well bein" and happiness! fe$ininity and beauty! the eyesi"ht! $e$ory and the $ind. #he Moon co$es into her full $aturity at a"e -T. (er $etal is silver and her direction is 3orthwest. RelativesE 2elfare of $other! $aternal relatives. Mercury is the further process that is called the intellect! which places a value on what the $ind has received. In fact! (indus do not celebrate their birthday on the calendar day on which they were born. #he Moon rules over the sidereal si"n of Iancer. he has auspicious looks and sweet speech! is fickle$inded and very lustful.s day is Monday. 4es! the Mind. Moon $akes inconstant! capricious! unsettled! fanciful! capable of securin" public honours but in dan"er of reversals! sense of or"anisation! sexual $a"netis$! ability to sense trends! adaptability 1to people and surroundin"s)! $ood swin"s! sense of ti$in"! inclination to risk-takin"! stayin" powera patience! power drive! will to win! survival instinct. 7bstracts and ^ualitiesE 7rts! perfor$in" arts! co$forts! worldly condition! reverence to Goddess Gouri! $ind! poetry! $ysteries! ro$ances! fancies! popularity! public life! social success! $aternal properties. (er "e$ is the Moonstone and natural pearls. (e is especially fond of the lunar $ansion Rohini! in #aurus where the Moon is exalted. "istor) #he Moon in :edic astrolo"y is called Ihandra.1! of #aurus and rest of the -51 are Mooltrikona! Iancer is the own si"n of Moon. ?ersonsE Frah$in! #ocharians! Ro$ans! foresters! ascetic ruler! 4avan! wo$en ! association with learned people. Each ni"ht he stays in one of the $ansions until he has visited all -5 wives and the sidereal cycle is co$pleted. (e is $arried to the -5 lunar $ansions! or 3akshatras as they are called in anskrit! that $ake up the sidereal cycle of the Moon. 'indness! beneficence! pity! $ercy! royal "randeur! satisfaction! saltish! beauty! $ental tran=uillity! tenderness! delicacy on face! happiness! lustre of body! $ind! peace! facial lustre! $irth! love! affection! intelli"ence! splendour! ability! Aestin"! $erri$ent! pleasure! Aokin"! happiness! disposition of $ind! "ood or bad! i$partiality! sourness! =uick in thou"ht! fa$e! fickle-$indedness. 2here all westerners know their un-si"n! you will find all (indus know their Moon si"n! for the Moon! and its birth si"n are all i$portant in (indu culture and astrolo"y. #he Moon is known as a hare! or rabbit in :edic lore! as he Au$ps faster than any of the other "rahas. <bAectsE ?earl! precious stones! new clothes! cloth! Baneu! essence! fra"rance! li=uid! wealth! ite$s of co$fort! land! silver! white u$brella! "ood fan! bell-$etal! white Iha$ar! conch-shell! dress! orna$ent! "ar$ent! Aewels ! any thin" watery! dia$ond! nine "e$s! clean crystal! delicate cloth! silk "ar$ent! "ood perfu$e! waistband! u$brella or other royal insi"nia! ships. 8eityE :arun 1"od of water)! ?arvati. (e is exalted in #aurus! and fallen in the opposite si"n of corpio.

3ext to the un! role of the Moon is very i$portant as it si"nifies $other. 7s in western astrolo"y! the Moon rules the si"n of Iancer and is exalted in the si"n of #aurus. Even thou"h it doesn`t radiate li"ht fro$ its own substance! it "ives us the reflected li"ht of the un. #he Moon enAoys the status in ad$inistration by virtue of bein" the wife of the kin". #he Moon is a fe$ale planet! cold! $oist! $ild and is phle"$atic in nature.*- exe$plifies the astrono$ical pheno$ena of the waxin" and wanin" of the Moon. 7lthou"h exalted in all of the si"n of #aurus! the Moon reaches its hei"ht of exaltation at . It "ives a native capability of lookin" after that is includin" the fields of trainin"! public relations! ad$inistration and soothin" 1physician). In astrolo"y! the Moon representsb the e$otions! includin" ro$antic senti$ents. It "overns the left eye in the case of $ales and ovaries! $enstrual cycle! uterus! "enerative or"ans and ri"ht eye in the case of fe$ales. #he Moon. 7 re$inder please! that these are the sidereal si"ns of the Sodiac and not the tropical si"ns as used in western astrolo"y. fluctuations of the $ind. It "overns fluids in body! "ood =uality of blood! breast! sto$ach! ly$phatic syste$! lun"s and chest. #he li"ht of the Moon beco$es a $etaphor for the li"ht of consciousness! and :edic astrolo"y! as well as :edic philosophy reveals another ti$eless truthE 2hat you see in life is what you "et! #he bri"hter the li"ht of the $ind! the $ore the possibilities of consciousness! therefore! the $ore possibilities of conscious choice. #he Moon rules the Courth (ouse in :edic astrolo"y and is associated with the fa$ily. /. #he Moon beco$es stron" as it beco$es bri"ht close to the Cull Moon. .. #he Moon acts as a nourishin" a"ent and as a soother. 8ependin" upon the bri"htness of the Moon! while a weak Moon "ives a sli$ body! a full Moon $ay "ive a corpulent body if it is connected with the ascendant or its lord in a powerful way! in isolation. 2hen the Moon is weak the person is said to "o unreco"niSed and there is a perception of not bein" supported! particularly in the early fa$ily environ$ent. It has auspicious looks and pleasant speech.s $ost powerful position is in the 'endras! or the 7n"les of the chart.araka #he Moon is the =ueen of the planetary cabinet and si"nifies $other! $ind and wife. . the $enstrual cycle. #he $other brin"s up the child and is the first preceptor of the child. T. de"rees of corpio. causes the rise and fall of bodies of stability of e$otions. (ere a stron" Moon "ives happiness! peace of $ind! "ood education and stron" fa$ilial ties and content$ent. #he Moon is volatile as it is chan"in" its position daily. the cal$ $ind which reflects the "lory of the soul. I"norance is not bliss when it co$es to the li"ht of the $ind! 7 stron" Moon in :edic astrolo"y is indicative of "race! sensitivity and deep perceptual insi"ht. #he Moon follows a cycle in which its brilliance wanes for */ days after waxin" for the sa$e a$ount of ti$e. It also su""ests that the $ind! as represented by the Moon! co$es into and leaves the li"ht of hi"her consciousness on a cyclic basis! which would account for the decision to have -5 spouses! #his is a "reat $yth for your less proble$atic $ono"a$ous relationships! . #hat is why! the Moon si"nifies $ind also. If the position of the Moon is stron" in a nativity! the $other will be havin" sufficient resources and will brin" up the child and develop $ental faculties in a peaceful $anner. #he fluid level of every body of water rises and falls accordin" to the "ravitational pull of the Moon. reflects the li"ht of the un. is the lu$inary that "overns the ni"ht. waxes and wanes in brilliance. Ionversely! the Moon is debilitated in the si"n of corpio! and reaches its depth of debilitation at . -. Fut! in :edic astrolo"y! the Courth (ouse is exclusively the do$ain of the $other! while the father is seen fro$ both the 3inth and #enth (ouses. #he Moon beco$es weak as it beco$es dark! and beco$es particularly weak close to the 3ew Moon. #he 7n"le of the Courth (ouse is where the Moon "ains dik bala! or directional stren"thP its $ost powerful position. Its co$plexion is tawny #he Moon is the lu$inary that "overns the ni"ht. In the physical world! the Moonb *. It does not have to strive for ac=uirin" a status when stron" in a nativity. de"rees of #aurus. 2eak and afflicted Moon besides psychic proble$s causes diseases of the uterus! lun"s! $enstrual disorders! the native is vulnerable to fre=uent cou"h and cold! fever! "eneral weakness! etc. i"nifications General ?rofessions Medical ?hysical 7ppearance Ca$ily Relation $ind! e$otions! and white thin"s =ueen! positions providin" healthcare! trainin"! and public relations chest! lun"s! uterus! ovaries! bodily fluids! ri"ht eye 1fe$ales)! left eye 1$ales)! ly$phatic syste$! and $enstrual cycle thin 1if the Moon lacks paksha bala)P otherwise! it is corpulent $other! wife MoonE #he heart! understandin"! inclinations! e$otions! sleep! happiness! "ood na$e and fa$e! facial luster! $other! royal favor! affluence! travel! water reservoirs T%# Do4ains an' ogas of t%# /oon #he Moon as $ind in :edic astrolo"y needs stren"th and planetary association to lift the perception of the individual beyond the li$itations of the $aterial life. It is also reco"niSed that the Moon exercises a si"nificant influence upon the circadian rhyth$ of every livin" creature. influences the circadian rhyth$. water. It "overns the professions of hoteliers! public relations! $oneylenders! house-keepers! physicians! healers! business in eatables! etc.

*.s children. Fut! if the planets that for$ the Ihandra yo"as with the Moon rule the particularly difficult #hird! ixth! Ei"ht! and #welfth (ouses of :edic astrolo"y! then the yo"a will be so$ewhat spoiled! and the $ind will beco$e i$pressed with the oppression of these difficult houses.t $ake the "eneral truth of 'e$adru$a yo"a your personal truth and identify with this yo"a! S)4(o$is4 of C%an'ra or t%# /oon Iandra! also known as o$aya! is said to be the son born to 7tri throu"h penance! thou"h other versions state hi$ to be born fro$ the union of 7tri and 7nasuya. #he $oon too! on securin" these heavenly da$sels! shone excessively. <n securin" the $oon as their lord they shone extraordinarily. o this "ives the $ind the ability to dispense knowled"e! to spend liberally and to thorou"hly enAoy the process! 2hen planets are on either side of the Moon! that is on both sides of the Moon! this yo"a "oes under the na$e of 8urudhara yo"a. #he associations of the Moon are known as the Ihandra yo"as! or Moon yo"as in :edic astrolo"y. 2hen any planet! excludin" the un! is in the si"n second fro$ the Moon it is called unapha 4o"a. 6astly! when the Moon has none of these Ihandra yo"as! is not placed in a 'endra! that is an 7n"ular house! and has planets neither in the sa$e si"n! or in the opposite si"n! the 'e$adru$a yo"a is for$ed. If the yo"as are for$ed with exalted planets! or planets in their own si"ns! they will be powerful. #he $ind will inherently have so$e level of disturbance! and will beco$e $isdirected over ti$e! unless corrective $easures are taken. 6astly! the houses that the planets rule that for$ the yo"a are of supre$e i$portance. #he sa"es! Gandharvas! devas! and celestial ny$phs then praised the boy! recitin" a$aveda! and his efful"ence increased all the $ore. #he . #he $ind here is bereft of planetary association and so a particular condition of consciousness arises wherein the individual is bereft of health! wealth! and the association that planetary connections and aspects brin". #he twenty seven dau"hters of 8aksa who are the twenty seven constellations were "iven to hi$ in $arria"e. Curther! this allows us to e$pathiSe with the kar$ic condition of the $ind that has that particular yo"a! and to see the world throu"h the vanta"e point of the $ind of that person! Understandin" this concept is of para$ount i$portance in astrolo"y if one is truly "oin" to be of assistance to the individual whose chart is bein" interpreted! ?lease keep in $ind when reviewin" the Ihandra yo"as! that like planetary aspects! they are not all created e=ual. It has the sa$e root as the En"lish word yoke! which $eansE Xto link thin"s to"ether. 7s the nature of the econd (ouse is to ac=uire! the nature of the #welfth (ouse is to disperse. 7fter so$e years had passed! he be"an to perceive the (i"her Reality within hi$self! and tears of ecstasy rolled down his cheeks. #he :asu$ati yo"a is for$ed when all the benefics! Mercury! :enus and Bupiter! occupy (ouses #hree! ix! #en and Eleven fro$ the Moon. 7 $ost i$portant consideration in :edic astrolo"y are the planets that are in association with the Moon. 7s the Moon represents the $ind! it is i$perative that the Moon be associated with planets to brin" forth! throu"h perception! the =ualities of $ind. #he nature of the planet associated with the Moon will i$press itself upon the $ind! in a econd (ouse $anner! to ac=uire wealth! knowled"e! =uietude and happiness.s penance! they cast away their e$bryos. #he ?uranas depict hi$ as so$ethin" of a likeable ro"ue! of efful"ent appearance and always enchantin" to wo$en. #his is called 7napha 4o"a. #hese tears were drunk by the Sones who took the for$ of wo$en in order to bear 7tri. #his yo"a! throu"h benefic association! directs the $ind toward beauty! "race! and the divine! conferrin" health! happiness and prosperity! as well as reco"nition and status. #he second Ihandra yo"a is the association of any planet! excludin" the un! in the si"n twelfth fro$ the Moon. Frah$a then collected all these and $ade the$ into one! and an efful"ent and lustrous youth was born! Iandra. #he $ore di"nified the planets in association with the Moon are by si"n! and house! the $ore powerful and di"nified the Ihandra yo"as will be. If the yo"as are for$ed with debilitated! or weakened planets! correspondin"ly the yo"as will be disturbed and weakened. #hey are not to be $e$oriSed $indlessly! #hat is akin to re$e$berin" words without knowin" the dyna$ics of sentence construction and for"ettin" what you were tryin" to say! 7s a vocabulary of consciousness! each of the Ihandra yo"as allow us to identify with a particular vanta"e point of personal consciousness. #his yo"a brin"s prosperity and opti$is$ to the $ind. #his facilitates enterin" into the $ind of another. #he anskrit word yo"a co$es fro$ the anskrit word yu"! which $eans to Aoin to"ether. #his yo"a "ives "reat stren"th to the $ind! creatin" a $ind that is capable of both ac=uisition and dispensation of knowled"e! wealth! happiness etc. Fecause of the expansive spirituality of the planet Bupiter! this yo"a confers on the $ind deep spirituality! virtue! intelli"ence! di"nity! and the ability to co$$and "reat respect. #he 7dhi Ihandra yo"a arises when all the benefic planets! Mercury! :enus and Bupiter occupy (ouses ix! even and Ei"ht fro$ the Moon. #he s=uare aspect here treats the Moon like its is in a 'endra! or an 7n"le! thus "ivin" the Moon stability with Bupiter. #hese are known as the "rowin" houses in :edic astrolo"y! and this association allows the $ind of the individual to expand over ti$e throu"h the beneficial association and protection of the benefic planets. 2hen the Moon is associated with the benefic planets! Mercury! :enus and Bupiter! it "ives rise to a particular cate"ory of yo"as. Cor the purposes of this article several will be $entioned to illustrate how the Moon is interpreted in :edic astrolo"y. ?lease re$e$ber that $any factors are involved in the for$ation of planetary yo"as! and a little knowled"e is so$eti$es a dan"erous thin"! #he first of the Ihandra yo"as are the si$ple associations of planets adAacent by si"n on either side of the Moon.X (ow planets are yoked to the Moon shows how the divine is linked to our perceptual consciousness. #he $ind here perceives that it is alone! and therein arises a loneliness! a listlessness and a tendency to depression because of this perception. #he GaAa-'esari yo"a arises when the Moon is located in an 7n"le fro$ the "reat benefic BupiterP that is when the Moon is in the sa$e si"n! or s=uare Bupiter. #he $ind here does not perceive a connection with others! or even a connection to the divine. (owever! thou"h all his wives were e=ual in beauty and "ood =ualifications! he beca$e $ost attached to Rohini! and showed her preferential treat$ent. If the yo"as take place in the #rikonal (ouses! that is the trines of (ouses! <ne! Cive and 3ine! they will be blessed with personal and divine purpose. If the yo"as take place in the 'endras! (ouses <ne! Cour! even! and #en! they will be powerfully disposed. 4o"as in :edic astrolo"y are the vocabulary of the heavens. #he $edicinal herbs took birth fro$ this efful"ence of the $oon! hence he is known as the lord of plants! $edicines and the healin" herb. #hat is our particular kar$a! our bias! of how we view the pheno$enal world! #he Ihandra yo"as! or the yo"as of the Moon are $any in nu$ber. 7ll yo"as are not created e=ual! Curther! the astrolo"ical houses where the Ihandra yo"as take place are of "reat i$portance. #his kar$a! this yo"a is very rare in :edic astrolo"y! so if you are readin" this article you cannot have this yo"a as you are fascinated with this astrolo"y! known as Byotish! Xthe science of li"htX! a deeply divine science! bein" one of the sacred li$bs of the :edas! o please don. In the be"innin" of creation Frah$a deputed the sa"e 7tri to create pro"eny! who then be"an a penance to ac=uire sufficient power for the task. #his co$plete planetary connection $a"nifies the results of the first two yo"as and thorou"hly balances the $ind accordin" to the nature of the planets involved. If the planets creatin" the Ihandra yo"a with the Moon rule the auspicious 'endra and #rikonal (ouses they will create har$oniSin"! and purposeful influences within the $ind. In due course! they beca$e pre"nant! but bein" unable to bear the fruit of 7tri.

7"ain 8aksa re=uested the $oon to $end his ways! and a"ain the "ood counsel was reAected.X Iursed in this way! the $oon contracted consu$ption in a trice. 8an"ersE #rouble fro$ soverei"n! evil spirits! thieves! Gandharvas. X6et the $oon "o to the auspicious shrine at ?rabhasa! alon" with the Gods! and there propitiate iva accordin" to MrtyunAaya rites. 7bstractsE 7ttach$ent to fe$ales not one.s $isde$eanours. 8aksa then approached the $oon and =uestioned how such a hi"h souled person could cherish oddity in affection toward his dependants9 XIf you have shown favouritis$X! said 8aksa! Xkindly desist. 8iseasesE 2ounds! $adness! hurts by violence! death! burnin"! poisonin"! wounds fro$ fire and steel! sharp pains! fever! red leprosy! boils! wounds caused by fire! weapons! poisons! stran"ury! appendicitis! tonsils! serious sur"ical operations! "oitre! vices pollutin" blood! disease! breakin" of a li$b! painful dischar"e of urine! loss of virility! "all stones! eruptive fevers! excessive thirst! splenic disorders! blood disorders! hi"h blood pressure! itchin" of the skin! tissue disruptions! hae$orrhoids! diseases of the uterus! abortions! $iscarria"es! $enstrual proble$s! fractures! inAuries! $ental aberrations 1of a""ressive kind)! $uscular rheu$atis$! cuts! tetanus! carbuncle! bleedin"! $alaria! erysipelas! ulcer in the intestines! $u$ps! puerperal fever! typhoid! hae$orrha"e! fistula! brain fever! rupture of the intestines! infla$$atory co$plaints! s$all pox! chicken pox! pla"ue! $easles. #he whole world was affected! crops failed! and healin" herbs lost their potency.X 7 iva 6in"a$ was installed! and the $oon be"an his penance. Instead! he would decline day by day in one fortni"ht! and "row day by day in the next. "enerosity! a""ressiveness! fir$ness! affection! profundity of character! persistence! tendency! prowess! .1 of Iapricorn! initial *-1! of 7ries are Mooltrikona and rest of *. Monday is his day. 7lthou"h repeatedly re=uested! you did not pay heed to $y entreaties. #he 3arsi$ha! the incarnation of God was fro$ Mars.s own! falsehood! odiu$! te$pera$ent! lo"ic! victory! fa$e! "eneralship! patience! kin"ship! decline! fall! battle! sound of a tru$pet! hindrance! controversy! desire! an"er! world! royal aspect. (u$an FodyE Flood ! bile! leanness! settin" in of $enses in fe$ales! clottin" of blood! physical ener"y! prowess! si"ht! forehead! nose! sex or"an! "all bladder! kidneys! $uscles and sinews! "enitals! rectu$! left cerebral he$isphere! hae$o"lobin in blood! sense of taste! $usculature and the endo$etriu$ 1inner linin"s of the uterus)! prostate "land! speech! left ear! colon! uterus! "roins! testicles! pelvis of kidney. Frah$a was not at all surprised! and narrated other exa$ples of Iandra. 7ctionsE Murder ! $ountin" a vehicle! slander! con=uest of ene$y! wearin" ar$s 1for battle)! God ubra$anya Bap! hostility! "oin" to a forei"n place! darin" act! adventures! =uarrels! strife! treason! calu$nies! sudden death! "lory in battle! punish$ent! success in war! sacrifice of ani$als! sex! ar"u$entation! helpin" wo$en in distress! chan"in" reli"ion! chan"in" public opinion positively! accidents! s$u""lin"! thievin"! cri$es such as rapin"! violent end! heroic deeds! liti"ation! adultery! be""in". 8eityE 'artikeya! Guha. (e rules Iancer! represents the $ind! indicates the $other and the pearl! white and pure! is his "e$. (e was fully ?ar$at$ansa 1the 7bsolute pirit) incarnation. (e continued! without break! for six $onths! whereupon iva appeared! and "ranted hi$ the boon that he would not die of consu$ption. Cinally! 8aksa lost his patience. /ars Mars3a$esE Rakta! MaheeAa! 'roordrik ! 'shitiA! Roodhir! 7n"arak! 'roornetra! 7avaneya! 'uAa! Fhau$a! 'roora! 6ohitaan"a! :akra! ?api! 7ar! 'shitinandan! Fhuputra! 'uputra! Gotraputra! 8haraputra! 'sha$aputra! MedineeA! 7vanisut! 'shoniputra! 7shadabhav! :idhuputra! #araputra! ubrah$anaya$! kand! 'aartikeya! hadanan! Maheya! (e$nvit! 7an"iras! #un"! 4aa$ininathputra! 7bAapatya! 7shadabh! 'usut! 'on! Ret! Raktan". (e rides on a two or three wheeled chariot drawn by ten horses. #he Gods! on seein" the distress caused to Iandra! and the conse=uent sufferin" of those on Earth! approached Frah$a and infor$ed hi$ of all that had happened. It is said that if a person takes bath in the pond! and worships o$esvara for six $onths! he rids hi$self of sins and cures diseases! thou"h they $i"ht otherwise have been incurable.X #hus sayin"! he left but Iandra took no notice and re$ained infatuated with Rohini. ^ualitiesE tren"th! cruelty! soverei"nty! lordship! supre$acy! capacity to di"est poison! truth! valour! hi"her knowled"e! self-respect! "low of face! sincerity! notoriety! an"er! independence! self-assertion! an"er! forcefulness! excite$ent! resolution! extrava"ance! tactfulness! i$pulseP bein" without deceit! patient! coura"e! law-abidin"! industrious! irritated! liberal! reven"efulP "enerous disposition! valour! youthful appearance. #hey will often be of short stature and rather plu$p! with a rollin" "ait. iva re$ained there in the for$ of o$esvara! and a pond was $anifested. RelativesE Male relations! foster $other! =ualities of brothers! fi"htin" with brothers! sons! friends! foes! disappoint$ent and dan"ers in $arria"e! fa$ily division! ac=uisition of illicit offsprin". (is deity is so$eti$es shown with Aust a head and two hands! a white lotus in each. European ikhs! Marathas! RaAputs! Ihristians! Bains! 7n"lo-Indians. (owever! he "ave a solution. ?rofessionsE Io$$ander of an ar$y! $urderer! executioner! "olith! shepherds! sinner! those livin" by weapons! forester! a"riculturists! be""ars! co$$and in the ar$y! service under a kin"! $ana"e$ent of wild ani$als! post or position in Aob! s$iths! workers who use sharp instru$ents! iron and steel or fire! soldiers! sur"eons! barbers! dentists! cooks! "unners! che$ist! che$ists and dru""ists! fire$en! $etallur"ists! ar$a$ent-factories! $achine tools! soldiers! police! boxers! butchers! hardware "oods! locks$iths! $etals! buildin"! drivin"! industry. X< Iandra! listen to $y words. #his is enou"h! repeat it no $ore. 6ettersE ka kha "a "ha n"a. (e is exalted up to -. 8urin" the dark fortni"ht 1wanin" $oon) Iandra is $alefic in nature! and he is benefic in his bri"ht fortni"ht 1waxin" $oon). #hus the phases of the $oon ca$e into bein". 7 pro$inent $oon in a person. 3ature and Cor$E Grish$a! red-eyed! cruel hearted! unsteady! "enerous! bilious! an"ry! weak! 8hatu 1$aterial) planet! slender waist! curled and shinin" hair! fierce eyes! youthful appearance! cruel in nature! wrathful but exceedin"ly "enerous! wears red "ar$ent and is of a reddish hue! sexy! lustrous! reddish-fair co$plexioned! day! facin" the south! inclination towards south! lookin" upward! fire! heat! shortness! fa$e! fickleness of $ind! stron" at end of ni"ht! "old! pun"ent! earthen! fondness for red coloured thin"! s=uare! bitter in taste.1 and corpio are own si"ns. (ence fall a prey to the wastin" disease.s chart will bestow a pale co$plexion with char$in" eyes.s stren"th! flesh-eater ! foolish kin"! en$ity with others.*T other twenty six wives returned to their father co$plainin" about their treat$ent and re$ained in his ashra$. <ddity in behaviour is conducive to hell. ensitivity! love for ho$e and kindred! "ood $e$ory! and fertile i$a"ination are further si"ns of a pro$inent $oon. ?ersonsE Iity dwellers! 7"nihotri! children 1not pro"eny)! killer of children ! ar$y chief! 'in"! thieves ! ene$ies! "rowth of ene$ies!! friend! fe$ales! fool! ro"ue! $inister! $a"istrate! follower! $an! head $an of a villa"e! $aster of a "arden! ene$y. :enus and aturn are neutrals of MarsP Mercury is his ene$yP un! Bupiter and Moon are his friends.

Re"ions in IndiaE 8ravida! 'onkan! :indhya! 7ndhra! Ihola! Malay! :irata! UAAain! 8andaka! Gan"a! Mahanadi! Indus! Fhi$araths! 3ar$ada! ipra! Godavari rivers! ?unAab! Uttar ?radesh! Maharastra! 'arnatak! aurastra! Iutch! GuArat! RaAasthan! 7vanti. Mars is a $alefic. (e is the son of the "od hiva! who was born without hiva. 'uAa is a karaka! or indicator! of brother and siblin"s! assertion! a""ressiveness! soldiers and $ilitary endeavors! $echanical ability! en"ineers and sur"eons! co$$anders and rulers! accidents! violence and war! a$bition! stren"th! ar"u$ents and conflict! passion and desire. 'artikkeya kills the see$in"ly invincible de$on #araka! and releases the devas fro$ #araka.X 6ike urya! the un! Mars $ost powerful position is in the *+th (ouse. is known as a fiery planet. #hus! Mars is known as the protector of dhar$a! the sacred path and purpose in life that each of us follows! . It "ives short stature and a stout and well built body! red eyes and thin waist.*/ a$bitions! passions! ener"yP $akes cynical! fearless! de$onstrative! witty! expert! i$pulsive! independent! "iven to refor$s and to destructiveness! easy to an"er. . InstitutionsE En"ineerin" colle"es! public works depart$ent! ci"arette factories! distilleries! survey depart$ent! a"ricultural institute! carbon 1electric arc) and $atch factories. IountriesE En"land! Crance! Ger$any! Greece! Italy! Bapan. It is a dry and fiery planet and is billions in nature. #he weakness of Mars $akes a $an lackin" in coura"e and not enAoyin" the help and co$forts fro$ the youn"er brothers.s oppression. <bAectsE Furnt clothes! "old! Aewel! tin! house! product fro$ earth! spirit! rocket oil! petrol! nitric! acetic! arsenic! iodine! phosphorous! sulphur! poison! $ineral ! product fro$ earth! battle! fire! weapons! land! ruby! copper! $ercury! "old! stone! a$a :eda! a beautiful cloth! i$$ovable property. arva! the archer! represents the ele$ent of earth as the supporter of life. Stor) In :edic astrolo"y Mars is know as Man"ala! 7n"araka and 'uAa. T. (is nature is pitta! or fiery. Its nature is cruel! unrelentin" and active. (e rules over the two sidereal si"ns of 7ries and corpio. (e is exalted in Iapricorn and fallen in the opposite si"n of Iancer. Good dinner. i"nifications General ?rofessions coura"e! ener"y! dyna$is$! and activity co$$ander in chief! executive and $ilitary positions! police! sur"eons! dentists! and professions dealin" with fire! $etal! and en"ineerin" . Mars is further identified with the 'artikkeya! the "od of war. Mars is often depicted as a "od with a red body exe$plifyin" the natural color of the astrono$ical body in the sky.s wife :ikesi! the disheveled! is the earth "oddess. Mars is known as the red and fiery planet. arva. (is "e$ is red coral and his direction is outh. infla$$ations! burns! fevers! and fire. day is #uesday and he reaches full $aturity at a"e -. Mars is co$$only associated with $ale sexuality. -. E=uip$entsE 2ar $aterial! bo$ber planes! torpedo! cruisers! battle tanks! lance! ata"hni 1a weapon)! iron spade or hatchet! sword! axe! spear! "uns! Fhindapal! bi" vehicles . #hese na$es in anskrit $ean! Xauspicious! burnin" coal! and the fair oneX. It also "overns "an"sters! $anufacturers! executioners and proAect erectors. is associated with the $ale sexual ener"y. 'artikkeya was born with six heads as he was nurtured by the six "oddesses of the lunar constellation! 'ritika! or the ?leiades. It "overns! $arrow! blood! forehead! neck! $uscular syste$! external "enerative or"ans. #hese $yths depict valor! stren"th and coura"e! and $ost fittin"ly! the protective =uality of Mars. passion and external "enital or"ans. 7ni$alsE Iat! vultures! ea"les! cock! pi"eons! elephants ! "oat! poisonous insects! ti"er! lion! serpent! =uadruped. #he nature of Mars is cruel! unrelentin"! active and "enerous.araka #he next planet! Mars! si"nifies coura"e both $ental and physical. ubAectsE Fiolo"y! osteolo"y! cri$inal law! history! cleverness in archery. (e is a particularly beneficial planet for Iancer or 6eo ascendants.s union with a wo$an. 2hen afflictin" or itself bein" weak andaor afflicted it causes! infla$$ations! wounds! burns! accidents! fractures! piles! fevers! epilepsy! tu$ors! $ental aberration! Iancer in the $uscular parts of the body when closely conAunct with Rahu! etc. In :edic $ytholo"y Mars appears to have been born of the earth. ?lacesE Furnt place! 8urbar (all! fire place! kitchen! treasury! $ines of $etals! fort! prison! earth! residence in hill. has the sa$e root as the word coura"e! stren"th! a""ression! $ilitary and police positions. Mars is personified as a co$$ander-in-chief! denotes position in $ilitary and para-$ilitary forces! police! vocations e$ployin" fire and $etals! en"ineerin"! che$icals! sur"eons! dentists and executive posts. #he ?uranic literature of ancient India declare that 7n"araka! Mars is their son born of the earth. Mars also si"nifies youn"er brothers! which adds to the stren"th of the native and beco$es a source of stren"th and coura"e.. In astrolo"y! Mars representsb thin"s that are red in color. Its co$plexion is blood red. ?lant 6ifeE Fa$boo! 8hal! thorny plants! chilly! pepper plants! red lotus! a tree! coffee! tea! cashewnut! tobacco! walnut! pine! betel-nut! "in"er! "arlic! "roundnut! $ustard! nux vo$ica! "entian! toddy! coriander. Mars. In the physical world! Marsb *. $artial. :edic sa"e ?arasara says of hi$P XMars has blood-red eyes! is fickle $inded! liberal! bilious! "iven to an"er and has thin waist and thin physi=ue. is the red planet. #he words Mars and $artial are derived fro$ the sa$e root..

In Mantra$ahodadhi it is reco$$ended that ladies wishin" for the birth of a son and conAu"al happiness should perfor$ a vrata 1vow) each #uesday to appease Man"ala! offerin" hi$ red foods! red flowers! red "ar$ents and red un"uent. 6ettersE ta var"a. Cor a lon" ti$e Fhau$a worshipped iva at 'asi! and apparently perfor$ed so$e heroic deeds whereby he was raised to the status of a planet. 6ord Fudha1! the incarnation of God was fro$ Mercury. Moon is Mercury.*U Medical ?hysical 7ppearance Ca$ily Relation blood! $arrow! forehead! neck! $uscular syste$! and external "enital or"ans short stature! thin waist youn"er brothers MarsE ta$ina! coura"e! desire! an"er! scandal! diseases! ene$ies! opposition! controversies! weapons! co$$ander of an ar$y! land! i$$ovable properties! youn"er brother! relations such as cousins.s ene$yP un and :enus are friendsP Bupiter! Mars and aturn are neutrals. RelativesE Maternal "randfather! flourishin" of fa$ily! paternal relations! relatives! sister. 7 powerful Mars will bestow upon an individual a certain redness in the hair! skin and eyes! which will likely be round and $aybe sli"htly a""ressive. #hey will be =uite tall! $uscular! of sli$ waist and havin" the coura"e and perseverance for heroic deeds! with an ar"u$entative spirit! and will "enerally be possessed of power in so$e way! dependin" of course on the planet. .s children! pro"eny! $aternal uncle! "rowth of clan! Maternal uncle.s $other! in the interests of 6ord iva! who beca$e pleased! and a little relieved fro$ (is separation fro$ ati and blessed both the Earth and the child! "ivin" hi$ the na$e Fhau$a 1son of Fhu$i) and the power to bestow and protect landed property. #roubles fro$ violence! evil spiritP bad drea$! fear! ni"ht$are! sceptic! deliriu$! loss of $e$ory! laSiness! "iddiness! insanity! du$bness! rheu$atis$! defects of the senses! leucoder$a! ear disease and deafness! sudden falls! bad drea$s! hi"h strun" te$pera$ent! certain diseases of the eyes! $ental aberration! nervous breakdown! $ental instability! verti"o. (e is exalted up to */ of :ir"o! subse=uent / are Mooltrikona and rest of the *+ and Ge$ini are own si"ns. 7n afflicted Mars can be proble$atic! brin"in" a short te$per! fool-hardiness! and an inclination to use brute force to settle personal affairs.s wife ati "ave up (er body durin" the sacrifice of 8aksa! iva beca$e despondent and havin" sun" (er virtues to (is "anas! (e "ave up the sophisticated ways of a householder and adopted the "arb of an ascetic! beco$in" $er"ed in $editation and penance. 8iseasesE ickness! wounds caused by earth or the "round! wind! phle"$! diseases arisin" fro$ three hu$ours wind! bile! phle"$P toxic and $ental! eye! nose! throat! vocal or"an! skin diseasesP itches! psoriasis! accident due to fire. 7ctionsE 8ancin"! incantation! $akin" =uarrels! water travel! swindlin"! deceivin" others! renunciation! exercisin"! rubbin" 1scratchin")! pil"ri$a"e! controllin" carnality! an"er etc. (e is so$eti$es seated on a ra$. 7bstractsE Multi-$eanin" sentence! arts! Recreation! sacrifice! reli"ious rites related to 6ord :ishnu! spell of hi"h order! wise lectures! tran=uillity! $ixture of thin"s! a$ulet soft words! :edanta philosophy! fa$e! hu$our! Mantras! Aokes ! politeness! $ental purity! poetic ability! education! rational $ind! prosperity! conAu"al happ-iness!! worldly condition! wisdo$! learnin".! disco$forts and troubles associated with i$prison$ent! Aourneys! $essa"es! Aourney by land! anxieties! worries! $ental activity. It states that anyone wishin" to destroy debts should also worship hi$. 3ature and Cor$E (andso$e fi"ure! hu$orous! Beeva planet! "reen as the blade of a 8hruva or panic "rass! body full of veins! red and lon" eyes! even li$bs! fond of fun! pleasant in speech! clad in "reen! "ur"lin" speech! fond of Aokin"! $ixture of three hu$ours-wind! phle"$! bile! s$ell! earth! clear in speech! sli$ and beautiful bodied! eunuch! Ritu-season! lookin" forward! (e$ant Ritu! "reen colour! wetness! directions! 7tharva :eda! reli"ious action! north-west =uarter! $ovin" in villa"es! versed in "ood le"ends of the past! facin" north! Aocular disposition! learned. 8eityE 6ord :ishnu. S)4(o$is4 of /anga$a or /ars au$ hri$ sri$ $an"alaya na$ah 7lso known as 'uAa! he is "enerally thou"ht to be a son of iva! thou"h the ?uranas differ sli"htly in the exact details. (is deity for$ is four ar$ed! holdin" trident or $ace! Aavelin and showin" $udras for boons and no fear. (is day is traditionally considered as bein" #uesday. In iva ?urana it is described that after iva. (e was Beeva$sa and ?ar$at$ansa 1the 7bsolute pirit) co$bined incarnation.s boar incarnation! :araha. 7nother version states that he was born of the union of the Earth and :isnu. 7 drop of sweat fro$ (is forehead fell to the Earth! and beca$e a child! of tawny appearance! handso$e and with an efful"ence that could not be $istaken for anythin" other than divine. Man"ala is considered to be $alefic in nature! representin" activity! indicatin" brothers and sisters! the husband in a fe$ale horoscope! and his "e$ is coral. In the absence of ati! she assu$ed the role of the child. Fhu$i 1Mother Earth)! aware of where the child had co$e fro$! assu$ed the for$ of a wo$an and took the child to her breast. ?ersonsE #wins! labour! a$bassador! $essen"ers! $inisters friends! rank of an heir-apparent! twins! hudra! relations in co$$erce! industries! a$ateurs! servants! youth. /#rc&r)3a$esE (e$n! Gya! Induputra! o$aAa! Fudha! 'u$ara! :idhusuta! 7tidir"ha! au$ya! Ihandraputra! Fodhana! :it! Ihaandri! Gaya! haanta! hya$"attra! #aratanay! :id! 7tideer"ha! ?ancharsis! Masayanni! heetbhanutanuA! heetdeedhiti! hantshya$"atra! hashadhartanay! ?rabhasut! Ekan"a! Ihaandra! #areya! Rauhaneya. ?rofessionsE Gra$$arians! painters! astrolo"ers! writers! dyers! che$ists! hu$orists! practitioner of incantation causin" death or disease! security "uards! "e$$olo"ists! $essen"ers! sculptors! poet! spies! dru""istsache$ist! dancers! $a"icians! cave dwellers! physician! treasury! tradin"! doctor! school$asters! literary $en! preceptors! re"istrars! tailor! post$en! peon! carriers! correspondents! steno"raphers! artist! interpreters! docu$entation and recordin"! priest! teachin"! accountants! telephone operator! radio and other co$$unication $edia! reporters! postal persons! book-keepers! clerks! stationers! books-seller! bus drivers and train e$ployees! printer of books! broker! architect! $oney-lender! nei"hbour.s children ! $aternal aunt! cousin! nephew! niece! step $other (u$an FodyE 3erves! skin! navel! neck! pudendu$ virile! brain! bowels! lun"s! hands! ar$s! ton"ue! $outh! nervous syste$! speech! di"estive fire! ri"ht cerebral he$isphere! cerebrospinal syste$! nose! le"s! ears! bronchial tubes! throat! forebrain! sweatin"! taste.s exact situation.

?lant 6ifeE Buicy plants! tree ! "reen "ra$! "rass! betel leaves! ve"etables. ?ure! innocent consciousness was at odds with the co$$ercial! evaluative intellect in ancient India as often as it is today! . -. 2hen weak andaor afflicted it causes psychic diseases! nervous breakdown! leukoder$a! i$potence! verti"o! deafness! asth$a and diseases of respiratory canal and intestines! inso$nia! etc. #he intellect is neutral and beco$es whatever it is associated with. Mercury reaches full $aturity at a"e . 7ttractive features! well proportioned body! lar"e eyes! witticis$ are its si"nifications. #he nature is friendly. (e is fond of Aokes. #here can only be theft when value is i$plied and this is Mercury. travel.X Mercury. In astrolo"y! Mercury representsb co$$erce! business! and accountin". ruti 1:edic knowled"e)! $riti 1traditional law)! $athe$atics! :edanta! lan"ua"e of the elite! accountancy! astrolo"y! ad$iration of lan"ua"e! one who $asters #elu"u lan"ua"e! writin"! literature! nu$erolo"y. Mercury is learned behavior. 2henever its period is in operation in any nativity it creates tensions in life! lack of confidence! situation of indecisiveness! etc. <ne $yth recounts how the Moon! overco$e with lust! abducts #ara! the wife of Frihaspati! or Bupiter. Mercury rules over two si"ns of the sidereal Sodiac! Ge$ini and :ir"o. . 7ni$alsE Firds! horses. i"nifications General ?rofessions Medical confidence! discri$ination! elocution! and intelli"ence accountant! counselor! interpreter! arbitrator! en"ineer! $athe$atician! and business$en $ind! skin! nervous syste$! paralysis! lun"s! respiratory syste$! asth$a! ton"ue! hands! ar$s! and $outh . #he Moon is innocent in its observation! while Mercury is evaluative and discri$inatin" in its observation. #hus the intellect is born of the $ind.s do$ain. :edic sa"e ?arasara describes hi$P XMercury is endowed with an attractive physi=ue and the capacity to use words with $any $eanin"s. is the closest planet to the un.. InstitutionsE ?ost and tele"raph depart$ent! public welfare. 3ationalE Infantry.araka Fasically rules analytical faculties! speech! sharp intellect! power of discri$ination and confidence. is associated with the Ro$an "od of elo=uence. <bAectsE Fell-$etal! oyster-shell! soaked clothes! hi"her knowled"e! "old! sculpture! best orna$ent! new "ar$ent! dust! aleable co$$odities! $edicines ! food! clothin". T. (e is known as "rahapati! or lord of the planets. (e is exalted in :ir"o at */ de"rees! and in his fall in the opposite si"n of ?isces. en"ineerin" and $athe$atics. (is nature is vata! or airy. Mercury is a karaka of $i$icry! intelli"ence! co$$erce! education! all for$s of co$$unication! writin"! books! hu$or! scholars! thieves and astrolo"ers. (e is $ixture of three hu$ors na$ely! phle"$! bile and wind.! which ulti$ately leads to faulty decisions. In :edic $yth Mercury is born of the Moon. Its co$plexion is "rass "reen. Stor) Mercury in :edic astrolo"y is known as Fudha! the awakened discri$inatin" intellect! the part of us that knows. #he effect is $ore if Mercury is weak in the natal chart as well as in transit at the ti$e of operation of its sub periods. elocution and lan"ua"es. In the physical world! Mercuryb *. ?lacesE Frid"e! waterways! play"round! "a$in" place! $ain entrance of bi" cities! "arden! tower! ca"e! beautiful $ansion! palatial buildin"! heaven! place of recreation.-. In Mytholo"y! Mercury is known as the Ro$an "od of co$$erce! elo=uence! and science.*5 kills and ^ualitiesE Eulo"y! skill in $echanical and fine arts! elo=uence! truth-speakin"! aptness for ac=uirin" knowled"e! intelli"ence! peace! hu$ility! devotion! $odesty! soft words! i$partial nature! devotion! $akes wary! subtle! talkative! busy! restlessnessP tricks! speculation! shrewdnessP inclines to the study of science! intellectual con=uests. has the fastest orbit. is associated with the Ro$an "od of co$$erce. Mercury is weak =uite fre=uently. (e is also the $essen"er to the other "ods. <ut of their union Fudha! or Mercury is born. Mercury is situated closer to the un than any of the other planetsP thereby "ivin" it the fastest revolution around the un.s favorite place$ent is risin" in the Cirst (ouse. ?ersonified as a prince! thinker and knowled"eable in the field of $athe$atics! denotes advisory roles! business! en"ineerin" and related fields! research scholars! co$$unicator! editors! authors! accountants! lawyers! experts in analytical works! software en"ineers! auditors! intellectuals! transporters! publishers! sales$an! traders! etc. is associated with the Ro$an "od of science. Mercury is benefic if associated with benefic "rahas! and $alefic is associated with $alefic "rahas. It $akes a person a nervous wreck and can even cause paralysis when closely afflicted by Rahu-'etu axis! if the ascendant and its lord are also weak or the si"n :ir"o falls in the ascendant. /.. 2here the Moon is the innocent $ind! Mercury is the intellect that discri$inates between benefic and $alefic ideas! or "ood and evil. the power of discri$ination and confidence.. (is direction is 3orthern and his day is 2ednesday. aurastra! (i$alayan states! 'a$boAa! Mathura! Indus! Gan"a! :ipasha! araswati Ihandrabha"a! aryu rivers! Ma"adh. #here is a relationship of en$ity between the Moon and Mercury that belies a deep truth. (is "e$ is e$erald and his $etal is all for$s of alloys and a$al"a$s. (e rules skin! $ind! nervous syste$! lun"s! ton"ue! hands! ar$s and $outh.

7s a deity he is depicted with four hands holdin" sword! shield! $ace and showin" the varada $udra 1for "rantin" of knowled"e and boons). Eventually Frah$a heard the unhappy news! and called the two "urus orderin" the$ to stop their en$ity! and de$andin" that Iandra hand back the wife of his "uru. till Iandra refused! and war was declared. 3ature and Cor$E Fi" bodied! "olden! blonde hair! yellow eyes! intelli"ent! brown eyes and hair! body of yellowish hue! fat and elevated chest! voice like lion or the sound of conch! (e$ant Ritu! ether! sweet! "overns sound! full "enerous curves. 7bstractsE (onour! $a"nani$ity! overallaall-round prosperity! virtues! behaviour! teachin"! penance! con=uerin" of senses! sacrifice! kin"ship! throne! intelli"ence! health! Gods! sacrifices ! interest! soul! fa$e! devotion to 6ord :ishnu! education! charity!success. 6ettersE ta tha da dha na. Fudha later fell in love with Ila and be"ot a son who beca$e the fa$ous kin" ?ururavas! fro$ who$ were descended the line known as the 6unar 8ynasty. ?ersons and ?rofessionsE ?riests! $inisters! sa"es! kin"s! persons en"a"ed in auspicious function! honest! "enerous! charitable! hu$ane! learned! ri"hteous persons! learned in :edas! "ra$$arians! practitioners of black $a"ic! villa"ers! experts in ethics! political science! friends! teacher! "odfathers! "uardian! Frah$in! Aud"es! (indus! bankers! preacher! counsellors! lecturers! publishers! travela"ents! te$ple trustees and other officials! philosophers! tobacconist! litterateurs! cler"y$en! physician! colle"ian! clothiers! woollen $erchants! provision dealers! "rocers! senators! councillors! divines! cashier! lawyers. .s lustre and was therefore handed over. Mercurial people will be youthful in appearance! possessed of a =uick intellect! thou"h so$eti$es prone to hyperactivity and nervous tension. #he story runs thusP <ne day #ara went on holiday! and in her travels ca$e across Iandra. #he devas beca$e infuriated to hear of this obvious trans"ression of dhar$a! and sent their kin" Indra! who threatened hi$ with war if he did not accede to this reasonable re=uest.s ene$iesP aturn is his neutralP un! Moon and Mars are his friends. he ad$itted! very slowly! that the child was indeed that of the $oon! and when he was born he shone with the $oon. #hey will $ake "ood lin"uists and orators! with an orderly! $ethodical and analytical approach to their endeavours. #he 8warf! the incarnation of God was fro$ Bupiter. (owever! there was now an additional proble$ in that #ara had beco$e pre"nant! and both Iandra and Frhaspati clai$ed the child. ?hysical 7ppearance Ca$ily Relations well-built! lar"e eyes! and "raceful MercuryE Intelli"ence! discri$ination! speech! expression! education! learnin"! $athe$atics! lo"ic! astrolo"y! $edical knowled"e and profession! writin"! publishin"! actin" as a $iddle $an in trade or politics 1diplo$acy)! dancin"! $ixture of thin"s! leafy trees! testin" of precious stones! char$s 1a$ulets)! $aternal uncles! friends S)4(o$is4 of B&''%a or /#rc&r) au$ ai$ sri$ sri$ buddhaya na$ah #hrou"h a rather co$plicated se=uence of events! Fudha is the son of Iandra and #ara! wife of Frhaspati the "uru of the devas. ^ualitiesE tren"th! lustiness! i$portance! respect for wise! sharp intelli"ence capable of "oin" deep! sweetness in speech! reverence to "ods! reli"ious faith! co$passion! beatitude! bein" "enerous! Aovial! courtly! a$bitious! sy$pathetic! hu$aneP confers plentyP productiveness! protection! fortune! increase. 0&*it#r Bupiter3a$esE :achaspati! 7rya! Frihaspati! :a"eesa! uri! Mantri! Guru! uracharya! 8eveAya! ura"uru! 8eva"uru! ?rashaanta! Beeva! :achaan" ?ati! IAya! 8iveshvandya! 7n"ira! ?rachakshas! :aasav"uru! :achasa$pati! 8eva$antri! :ibudhpati"uru! IhitrashikhandiA! Idya! 'ulisakarnut! 7$ar"uru! Geevarnavandhya! #ridiveshvandya! GrahraA-Aau! Geespati! ?ra"bhav! uradhip! 8hishan! :aakpati! ?raakphal"un. he felt a$orously inclined towards hi$! and he toward her! so they decided to co habit. 7ni$alsE (orses! elephants. 8eityE Indra. 8an"ersE #roubles in te$ple $atters! har$ fro$ curses of Frah$ins! Gods! troubles due to offences done a"ainst wise $en! elders and snakes. RelativesE Ihildren! happiness of the husband. (e is a benefic! and his day is considered by the wise to be 2ednesday. Frah$a saw that the child was endowed with "reat intelli"ence and thus na$ed hi$ Fudha. Mercury rules Ge$ini and :ir"o! represents intelli"ence! indicates profession! and his Aewel is the e$erald. Frhaspati! on hearin" this! re=uested Iandra to "ive back his wife! but Iandra refused! =uotin"! or $is =uotin" the ka$a sastra. Mercury and :enus are Bupiter. ?lant 6ifeE Cruit tree! corns! lotus ! Fen"al "ra$! black "ra$. 8iseasesE 6eprosy! disease en"endered by de$i"ods! diseases arisin" fro$ sorrow! swoon! "iddiness! faintin"! disorder in the entrails! ear trouble! appendicitis! phle"$atic disorder! intest-inal disorder!! splenic disorder! anae$ia! chronic diseases! laSiness! abscess! hernia! catarrh! obesity! carbuncle! cerebral con"estion! dyspepsia! Aaundice! skin troubles! liver co$plaint! flatulence. #ara was too asha$ed to say anythin"! and finally Frah$a took her to one side! and asked her who was the father.*. Bupiter is exalted up to / of Iancer! initial *+ of a"ittarius are Mooltrikona! rest of -+ and ?isces are own si"ns. <n hearin" this! ukra! the "uru of the de$ons i$$ediately ca$e and assured the $oon that the ar$ies of the de$ons were at his disposal. 7ctionsE 7uspicious functions ! con=uerin" of senses! sacrifice! horse ridin"! entertainin" the kin"! ad$inistration! work done with full sincerity! extractin" ranso$ $oney! torture for knockin" off hoarded wealth! i$pre"nation! le"al affairs! lon" Aourneys. (e was Beeva$sa and ?ar$at$ansa 1the 7bsolute pirit) co$bined incarnation. EdiblesE alt! sweet drink. (u$an FodyE ?hle"$! speech! ha$s! feet! the ri"ht ear! liver! absorptive syste$! suprarenal! "allbladder! part of the pancreas! blood circulation! spleen. (e is so$eti$es seen ridin" a lion! or upon a chariot drawn by four horses. #hus alliance was for$ed between the $oon and the asuras.

#he supre$e "od Frah$a a"ain returned as the war was about to resu$e and asked #ara whose child it was. i"nifications General ?rofessions ethics! $orality! "enerosity! sincerity! fortune! and divine "race $inister! Aud"e! lawyer! teacher! positions in politics! ad$inistration! finance! .X Bupiter is a first rate benefic planet! "enerally considered to be the $ost auspicious of the planets. Ilearly a case of the dish ran away with the Moon! Frihaspati then went to the :edic "od Indra to ask for help in reunitin" with #ara. -. 2here the un is known as at$a! or the soul! Bupiter is known as Aiva! the consciousness of the soul representin" the individuality of self. expands at its e=uatorial re"ion. In anskrit ani co$es fro$ sanaiscara! which $eans Xslow "oerX. (e is often depicted as $iddle a"e in yellow "ar$ents! rather lar"e with the te$pera$ent of a priest. "enerosity! kindness! and charity. Frihaspati is often invoked to provide protection and to overco$e obstacles and increase "ood fortune. ?lacesE Fed! seat! town! nation! treasure house! the treasury.s direction is 3ortheast and his day is #hursday. (e has his hair in a top-knot and is often shown holdin" sacred beads for the recitin" of sacred $antras. (is nature is kapha! or watery. aturn is a $alefic "raha. (is "e$stone is yellow sapphire and his $etal is "old. (ere aturn indicates the ascetic! rich with inner spirituality! and lost to this $aterial plane of existence. 7s $entioned in the previous :edic $yths! Frihaspati lost his wife #ara to Ihandra! the Moon. Bupiter is the lar"est planet in our solar syste$.. It rules liver! arterial syste$! hearin" power! absorptive power! hips! fats and blood. is co$posed of the sa$e ele$ents as the un. It "ives off twice the a$ount of ener"y that it receives fro$ the un. he replied the father was the Moon and Frah$a returned the child to the Moon! his father. (e is exalted in the si"n of Iancer and fallen in the opposite si"n of Iapricorn.s epithets are sacred and $anyE Xlord of sacred speechX! Xlord of powerX! XGuru of the GodsX! Xknower of $indsX and Xbeloved by the GodsX. (e rules over the two sidereal si"ns of Iapricorn and 7=uarius. 2here :enus is a Frah$in and follows the Fri"u linea"e of Frah$in sa"es! Bupiter is also a Frah$in and follows the 7n"iras linea"e of Frah$in sa"es. Stor) #he planet Bupiter in :edic astrolo"y is known as Guru! Frihaspati! and 8eva"ura. "ives off twice the a$ount of ener"y that it receives fro$ the un. Its nature is "enerous. In the physical world! Bupiterb *. 2hen weak andaor afflicted it causes Baundice! diabetes and other diseases of liver! ane$ia! diseases of pancreas "lands and "all bladder! flatulence! etc. killsE2isdo$! knowled"e! 'nowled"e of :edas! astras! $ritis! oratorical skills! $ystical for$ulas! :edic knowled"e! philosophy! skill in plannin"! upre$e knowled"e! 'ar$yo". Its rapid rotation contributes to its e=uatorial expansion. cientists believe that Bupiter is co$posed $ostly of the sa$e ele$ents as the un and stars. #hat Frihaspati would accept #ara back after an illicit pre"nancy! and return the illicit child to his father! instead of pretendin" the child was his own! shows the "reat $a"nani$ity and "enerosity of the "reat planet Bupiter! In :edic astrolo"y the planet aturn is called ani.*V <bAectsE :ehicle! houses! property ! wax! paraphernalia of kin"s! perfu$es! u$brella! fla"! Iha$ar! silver! "old 1in own si"ns)! not old but new clothe! dress! household ite$s. is the lar"est planet. Bupiter is a karaka! or indicator of fortune! wealth! fa$e! luck! devotion and faith! spirituality! charity! $orality! $editation! $antra! children! $a"istrates! $inisters! lawyers and leaders in "overn$ent and reli"ion. karaka Bupiter is personified as a $inister! preceptor! Aud"e and linked with treasury. Bupiter represents sacred scripture! wisdo$! benevolence and philosophy. Bupiter. 7fter years of fi"htin" the supre$e God Frah$a ordered the Moon to return #ara. Even thou"h Frihaspati said his beautiful wife had been abducted! she had actually had fallen love with the Moon. Bupiter si"nifies elder brothers! spouse in fe$ale nativities! $ale pro"eny! wealth! $orals! sincerity! friends! divine "race! father and! in fact! all "ood thin"s in life. It si"nifies the fields of top political and ad$inistrative positions! teachin"! law! financial institutions and advisory roles! Aud"es! bankers! teachers! astrolo"ers! $ana"e$ent experts! ad$inistrators if it is found stron" in a nativity. fat! thin"s that are expansive in nature. #he nature of Bupiter is "enerous. It bestows intelli"ence and knowled"e of scriptures in its periods. Indra sent a $essa"e to the Moon! but Ihandra would not "ive up #ara. (e does well in both the 'endras! or 7n"les! and the auspicious #rikonal (ouses. Cro$ ani we "et the word XshunX! which $eans to i"nore! or lose awareness of so$ethin". Bupiter. the "uru whose conduct and brilliance helps the aspirant to know the soul and God. 7s a benefic planet he reaches full $aturity the earliest of the nine "rahas at a"e *U. (e rules over the two sidereal si"ns of a"ittarius and ?isces. Bupiter. a"e ?arasara says of Bupiter in his Frihat (ora hastra! XBupiter has a bi" body! tawny hair and tawny eyes! is phle"$atic! intelli"ent and learned in all shastras 1sacred knowled"e)X. In :edic $yths Bupiter! or Frihaspati! is the seventh son of the sa"e 7n"ra. T. o Indra ordered the devas to fi"ht with the Moon for the return of #ara. . #hus! aturn represents a loss of awareness! or i"norance. Bupiter "ives "olden co$plexion! i$pressive and $a"nificent disposition! thin brown hair! tawny eyes! lar"e body when found stron" in a nativity and rules the ascendant or influences the lord of the ascendant. (e is exalted in 6ibra! and fallen in the opposite si"n of 7ries. #ara returned and a son was soon born to Frihaspati! but the son! Mercury! really was the son of the Moon. In anskrit these na$es $ean! Xteacher! lord of li"ht! and teacher to the "ods. ?laces in IndiaE ?akistan! 7f"hanistan! River Fias! Eastern ?unAab! 2est U?! utleA River! 'ash$ir! indhu. In astrolo"y! Bupiter representsb a corpulent body.s $ost favored position is in the Cirst (ouse. It is $ild! te$perate! war$ and is phle"$atic in nature. #his loss of awareness can also $ean the di$inishin" awareness of the $aterial world of $anifestation.

(owever! he beca$e paralysed! and could do no $ore! and Frhaspati realisin" who the "iant was! i$$ediately prostrated hi$self! forcefully $akin" Indra do the sa$e.s natal horoscope then he will lend a certain Aovial and opti$istic countenance! and will often $ake the individual either well built! or bi" in so$e way. (e returned to Indra! infor$ed hi$ of everythin"! whereupon the devas were forced to take fli"ht. (e is fa$ous as the "uru of the devas and he appears in $any ?uranic and :edic stories. 6ettersE ch cha Aa Aha nAa. S)4(o$is4 of G&r& 5Bri%as*ati6 or 0&*it#r au$ hri$ kli$ hun brhaspataya na$ah Frhaspati is the son of 7n"iras by his wife :asuda. #hrou"h his network of spies! Indra! the kin" of heaven heard this! and sent his dau"hter! Bayanti to so$ehow "ain knowled"e of these $antras.#here is continuous en$ity between hi$self and ukra! the preceptor of the de$ons! and several stories illustrate the universal roles played by these two powerful brah$ins. #hey approached ukra! who realised that Frhaspati was collectin" $edicinal herbs fro$ the 8rona $ountain and so he went there and usin" his yo"ic powers! cast the $ountain into the sea. Mantra$ahodadhi includes a very si$ple for$ of propitiation to hi$! which is unusual for that particular work! and the results are said to be re$oval of ene$ies! ail$ents and ac=uisition of Aewels.-+ and consultin" Medical ?hysical 7ppearance Ca$ily Relation liver! "all bladder! pancreas! ears! "lands! lips! fat! arterial syste$! blood! diabetes! Aaundice! and ane$ia corpulent! $a"nificent disposition! "olden colored skin! brown hair! and honey-colored eyes father! older brother! spouse! $ale pro"eny! and friends BupiterE 2isdo$! learnin"! corpulence! acts of reli"ious $erit! devotion to God! ancestors and superior bein"s! holy places! scriptures! proficiency in learnin"! philosophy! "ivin" al$s or donations! benevolence! wealth! respect! sons! reli"ious! preceptors! fruit! fruit trees. 7s a deity he has two hands in which he holds a book! representin" $undane knowled"e! and a rosary! representin" spiritual knowled"e. <ne such story appearin" in several places is as followsP 8urin" a war between the devas and the asuras! ukra went off to propitiate iva in order to obtain certain $antras to help the de$ons in their stru""le. :enus is exalted at -5 of ?isces! */ of 6ibra are his Mooltrikona! subse=uent */ and #aurus si"ns are own si"ns. RelativesECe$ale relations! wife. o ukra cursed the$ with defeat! and left. Indra and Frhaspati once went to visit iva! who decided to test their knowled"e. (e is consulted whenever there are proble$s in heaven! and is the $ost benefic of planets. X8o you not know I a$ the kin" of heaven9 'indly say! is iva in (is apart$ents! or has (e "one elsewhere9X #he "iant did not reply. It is our opinion that these boons are not consistent with his possibilities. #hursday is his day. Bayanti served ukra durin" his penance! and bein" pleased he asked her to choose a boon. Indra then approached his own "uru! Frhaspati! bowin" to hi$ and eulo"isin" hi$ appropriately! and asked if this would not be an appropriate ti$e to take so$e or other action9 Frhaspati then assu$ed the for$ of ukra! and entered the asse$bly of de$ons whereupon they $istook hi$ for ukra! and be"an to take instruction fro$ hi$. Frhaspati on "oin" to replenish his stock of herbs went to where the $ountain should have been! but could not find it. 3atureE tron" when retro"rade! and when ahead of un! stron" durin" period followin" $id day! :asanta! happy! beautiful fi"ure and eyes! poet! curly haired! li$bs and body hu"e! body of the colour of 8urva sprout! lovely in look! broad eyes! wind and phle"$ in co$position! clad in "ar$ent of varie"ated colour! acid in taste! he has treasured his virile power! black! curled hair! $ovin" in the world of serpents! curved lines and rhyth$ic scrolls Mercury and aturn are friends of :enusP Mars and Bupiter are neutralsP un and Moon are ene$ies. a"e Fhar"ava! the incarnation of God was fro$ :enus. Frhaspati is renowned as a deep thinker! with fir$ convictions! a $an of stupendous intellect and knowled"e. <n another occasion! a"ain durin" a war between the de$ons and devas! the de$on ar$y was beco$in" distressed due to the fact that Frhaspati revived all those they killed. (e rules a"ittarius and ?isces! represents behaviour! indicates children and fortune! and his "e$ is considered to be the topaS. . (e is one of the $ost co$$only $entioned fi"ures in the ?uranas! and there are few philosophies or divine activities that do not have his participation.s beauty! wife. Indra i$$ediately de$anded that the "iant re$ove hi$self. (e expounded the Bain philosophy to the$! and persuaded the$ to leave off violence and their en$ity with the devas. 7fter ten years had expired the real ukra returned but the de$ons thou"ht it was a trick and told hi$ to "o away. Frhaspati! seein" the ene$ies of the devas thus cursed considered his work done! assu$ed his real appearance and pro$ptly departed. (e was Beeva$sa and ?ar$at$ansa 1the 7bsolute pirit) co$bined incarnation. If Bupiter is pro$inently placed in a person. (e assu$ed the for$ of an u"ly "iant and appeared before the two. 1#n&s:enus3a$esE 8aitya ?uAya! 'avya! Fhr"usut! 7achcha! 7sphuAit! 8anveAya! Fhr"u! it! Fhar"av oonu! 7chha! 8aitya "uru! 'aan! 'avi! Ushna! Ratna! 8aityakritvik! ?undareek! 8heeshnya! 8aityacharya! Ritu-7rundhati. 8iseasesE #rouble in cohabitation! exudation of se$en! stran"ury! Aaundice! rickets! disease in "enerative or"an! loss of bodily splendour due to intercourse with courtesans! eye troubleP urinary! windy! phle"$atic diseases! carbuncle! laSiness! tiredness and exhaustion! eye diseases! diabetes! appendicitis! sexual disorders! endocrine 1hor$onal) disorder! typhoid! diseases of tear "lands! leucoder$a! urethral strictures! stones in the kidney and urinary bladder. (u$an FodyE e$en! dia"nosis! wind and phle"$! chin! cheeks! eustachian tubes! aural ducts! reins! veins! ovaries! internal "enerative syste$! kidneys! uterus! part of the pancreas! appendix! face! eyesi"ht! urinary syste$! lachry$al "lands! intestine. 7"ain Indra rebuked (i$ but to no avail! and so Indra decided to kill hi$! and raised his ar$ in order to deliver his thunderbolt. (e brin"s a "reat a$ount of luck! and even if there are adverse indications in the chart! a strate"ically placed Bupiter will often brin" last $inute rede$ption. 8eityE Indrani! 6aksh$i. XFe $y husbandX she said! and so ukra a"reed! but stated that he would return to his disciples at the end of a ten year period.

articles! furnishin"sP entertainers of all kinds! hat and dress dealers and $akers! furniture $akers! cos$eticians! beauticians! coffee planters! tea estate owners! cartoonists! en"ravers! poets! social secretaries! photo"raphy! e$broiderers. #his $yth explains why all Frah$ins co$$itted to spiritual life are not allowed to drink wine! and one of the epithets of :enus isE the one who Xproduces sto$ach proble$sX! karaka 7 :enus si"nifies co$forts! wife! worldly knowled"e and pursuits! creativity! art and rich tastes when stron". In the end every one is happy but the de$ons. is known as the "oddess of "ardens and fields. #he nature of :enus is "enerous and benevolent. In one episodic $yth the devas are particularly concerned in their battle with asuras because :enus knows the $antra of i$$ortality to raise the dead. ?ersonsE ?ro"eny! wo$en ! learned in hastras! friend! break of friendship with dear friend! $inisters! wealthy! youn"! handso$e! fa$ous! charitable! lustful personsP leaders! celebrity! elephant riders! learned! Iupid. 8evayani! of course! "rieves for hi$ and tells dad! so ukra repeats the $antra and 'aca co$es back to life. 7bstractsE 2ealth! prosperity char$in" speech! festivity! triple sy$phony 1union of son"! dance! instru$ental $usic)! co$forts! respect in asse$bly! respect! honour! hu$our! co$edy! dra$a! $usic! sleep! enAoy$ent of $usic! literature! artsP stren"th! beauty! facial "low! favours of wo$en! Aoy! love affairs! attach$ents! pleasures! success.-* 8an"ersE Cear fro$ witches! fe$ale "hosts! fe$ale deities. o the de$ons "et a particularly de$onic idea and this ti$e they kill 'aca and "rind hi$ up into a fine powder and put hi$ in ukra. 2ell! you will not be surprised to find that ukra has a beautiful dau"hter 8evayani 1way to the "ods)! and she is =uite taken with 'aca. In :edic $yth the asuras are the de$onic aspect of the divine and! like $any of the ancient creation $yths! are locked in eternal battle with the devas! the auspicious aspect of the 8ivine. 2hen weak andaor afflicted it causes venereal diseases! diabetes! stones in bladder! or kidney! cataract! weakness of sexual or"ans and paralysis. It is sensual! phle"$atic and windy in nature. plants! flowers! herbs! and the knowled"e of life-savin" dru"s. In Ro$an $ytholo"y! she is known as the "oddess of "ardens and fields. <nce a"ain 8evayani co$plains! and once a"ain ukra repeats the $antra and 'aca co$e back to life. o Bupiter! or Frihaspati! the "uru to the devas! sends his son 'aca 1bri"htness) to study under ukra. ukra therefore is a Frah$in! or of the hi"hest priestly order! and is considered the forefather of the Fri" linea"e of sa"es fro$ ancient India. :enus is personified as a $inister! preceptor of de$ons! lover! knowled"e of life savin" dru"s and arts and si"nifies vocations in the field of financial ad$inistration! cine$a! theatres! paintin"s! $usic! desi"nin"! architecture! interior decorator! entertainer! $odelin"! advertisin"! business connected with its si"nifications! le"al! teachin"! hotels! $edicines! fashion and luxurious ite$s. In astrolo"y! :enus representsb love! beauty! art! paintin"! $usic! luxury ite$s! fashion! and worldly pursuits. ukra drinks the wine! 8evayani be"ins her "rievin"! and in response ukra repeats the $antra! but this ti$e he has a sto$ach ache as 'aca speaks fro$ inside hi$! 2ell! at last the de$ons appear to be happy. ?lant 6ifeE Gallochu$ tree! sissoo tree! coconut! sandal tree! holy fi" tree 1ficus reli"iosa)! nut$e"! orris root! sandalwood! lotus! coconut! cow"ra$! creepin" plant! flowers! flower plant! fra"rant flower! all Auicy and tasty fruits! fi"! tobacco! rubber! cherry! white poppy! chestnut! apple! 7soka tree! Aas$ine! cotton! dandelion! "ooseberry! po$e"ranate. -. killsE Mes$eris$! $a"ic! winnin" over the kin"! iddhis! fine arts! poetry! astrolo"y . stor) In :edic $yth :enus! or ukra! is known as the Guru! or teacher of the asuras! or one of the two ca$ps of the :edic deities. It "overns private parts! kidneys! se$en! face! neck! throat! chin! venous syste$! etc. 7fter the un and the Moon! :enus is the bri"htest planet.s body he will repeat the $antra and raise ukra fro$ the dead. 7ni$alsE <x ! horses! elephants! birds of diverse kind. is known as the "oddess of love and beauty. ?rofessionsE ?eople livin" by sale! purchase of articles! potters! dealers in "old! cattle! precious stones! apparel! textiles! treasurers ! $akers of toilet accessories! dealers in scents! florists! flower sellers! clothiers! e$broiderers! fancy dealers! pastry-cooks! confectioners! butlers! sweet$akers! $aid-servants! $usicians! painter! sin"ers! actors! cine$a artists! instru$entalists! dancers! artists of all kinds! silk $ercers! literary criticP dealer in forei"n exchan"eP dealers in elephants! horses! cars and conveyances! silks and expensive textiles! perfu$eries! fancy and ladies.the "oddess of love and beauty. It rules varie"ated colors. #his of course "ave the asuras an unfair advanta"e in their battle with the devas. It is warn and $oist. ^ualitiesE Good disposition towards all! "entle-$anliness! Aealous nature! $akes pleasant in his reverse $otion. 3ow! the asuras know what 'aca is up to! so like all "ood de$ons they kill hi$. Undeterred! the de$ons "o about killin" 'aca and ukra keeps resurrectin" hi$. . Its dense at$osphere allows the heat of the un to enter! but not to escape in like $anner. :enus! accordin" to Greek $ytholo"y! is known as 7phrodite . :enus "ives a char$in" appearance! sharp and beautiful facial cuts! sli$ body! beautiful and lar"e eyes! dark-bri"ht and sli"htly thick curly hair. Fut! they ironically brin" about the very thin" they were tryin" to prevent! for ukra reveals the $antra of i$$ortality to 'aca! so when 'aca tears hi$self out of ukra.s wine. In the physical world! :enusb *. Ionse=uently! the surface te$perature of :enus is hotter than that of the other planets. #hen the de$ons kill 'aca a"ain. <bAectsE tron" clothes! pearls! Aewels! dia$onds! orna$ents! precious! blanket! chariot! conveyance! scented letters! cos$etics! scents! hoarded "oods! obAects of art and fashion! white dress! handicraft! Ral! "old! clothes! Aewellery! "e$! necklace! cow-dun"! $arria"es! perfu$es! fortunes ! $oney! coins! adorn$ents! sandalwood oil! condi$ents! $ica. 7ctionsE Iarnal desire! Aestin"! education! dance! sweet talk! co$$erce! literary service! a$orous enAoy$ent! pleasure of poetry! sexual union! addiction to $any wo$en! sport. $anner! lovin"! inclined to sensuous and $ental beauty! cultured! hopeful! bri"ht! poetical. ?lacesE Garden! bed roo$! couch! house! vehicle. Eatin"E #akers of only refined! purified food! eatin" of sweets.

pride of the 8anava race. Fhar"ava desired to beco$e iva. <ver the bodies of each de$on he recited the $antra! whereupon they awoke! as if fro$ sleep. o$e ti$e later! a de$on by the na$e of 7ndhaka! who had received boons fro$ Frah$a was creatin" havoc in the universe.s se$en he would be . In iva ?urana! the followin" story is toldP <nce upon a ti$e Fhar"ava desired to do penance to iva! and so went to :aranasi 1$odern 'asi) and installed the iva 6in"a$. 2ith this secret MrtasanAivani lore you will be able to revive the dead! brin"in" the$ back fro$ 4a$a. (e is fa$ous as ukracharya! the "uru of the 8aityas and 8anavas 1de$ons). (e drank the s$oke of powdered husks and bits of "rain! and thus spent another inordinately lon" ti$e. T.. (avin" had their preceptor snatched fro$ their $idst! the danava ar$y lost its lustre! and no lon"er had the will and enthusias$ for fi"htin". iva then vanished! and Fhar"ava! happy with his boon! returned ho$e. .s penis! and ca$e out in the for$ of se$en. (e dropped Fhar"ava in front of iva! who accepted hi$! like a present fro$ a devotee! and =uietly swallowed hi$.throu"h iva. 7nyone who $akes a Aourney in your direction will see their work perish by your powerful rays! and any virtuous act perfor$ed while you are risin" shall $eet with successX.X #hus ordered by iva! 3andin! takin" advanta"e of every type of $ilitary distraction entered the ar$y of daityas! and snatched Fhar"ava! thou"h he was well "uarded! and finally $ana"ed to "et away.(e washed the dirt of fickleness fro$ his $ind and senses by the waters of pure conception..s installation and adoration of the 6in"a! his severe penance and devotion! 6ord iva! the least inclined to "rant boons! beca$e deli"hted! and appeared in person.s $inisters happened! coincidentally! to pass by the cave and could not help but notice the 8ivine Iouple! and rushed off to tell their kin".s abode.s city in the "uise of an ascetic! to"ether with ?arvati! who had not assu$ed such dress! but was bedecked with all the fine silks! Aewels! perfu$es and acco$panyin" paraphernalia as befitted a sophisticated and cultured "oddess.s son and iva! knowin" this! spoke the followin"P X2ith this body you shall be born as My son. #here he saw all the worlds! and all the universe! he saw the battle between the de$ons and the "anas! but he saw no way out. has the hottest surface te$perature! after the un.s sto$ach.s "lory! danced! and $ade offerin"s in various ways for a "reat $any years. i"nifications General ?rofessions Medical ?hysical 7ppearance Ca$ily Relation luxury ite$s! beauty! love! worldly wisdo$ and interests $inister! teacher! professions re=uirin" knowled"e of life-savin" dru"s! financial ad$inistration! actor! artist! hotel business! arbitration! fashion! and publicity kidneys! private parts! se$en! face! neck! throat! chin! venous syste$! diabetes! kidney and bladder stones! cataracts! and paralysis char$in" appearance! sharp features! thin! lar"e eyes! black and curly hair wife :enusE pouse! $arria"e! sexual $atters! pleasures of the senses! sin"in"! poetry! scents! orna$ents! Aewellery! all articles of luxury! cooperation with and fro$ others! flowers! flowerin" trees! beauty! buyin" and sellin"! cows! watery places. 7 war ensued between the "anas of iva and the ar$y of de$ons! wherein the de$ons were annihilated. 7ndhaka! seein" all his forces dead! surreptitiously approached his "uru! Fhar"ava. #wo of 7ndhaka. #hou"h Fhar"ava had doubts about usin" $antras "iven by iva to revive the ene$ies of iva! he was! as it were! driven by destiny and finally a"reed. 7nd due to your extre$e devotion! I "ive you the status of a planet. 7ssiduously he worshipped that for$! perfor$in" a hundred thousand ablutions with panca$rta! and offerin" all auspicious substances with "reat care and devotion. X<h lord!X spoke 3andin! Xhow are we expected to "ain victory! when the "uru of the de$ons playfully resuscitates those slain by us9X <n hearin" that Fhar"ava was usin" the $antra "iven by (i$! (e lau"hed! and told 3andin XGo =uickly and seiSe that "reat brah$in fro$ the $idst of the 8aityas! and brin" hi$ here. 2hen after so$e ti$e he did not see the 6ord! he perfor$ed still further and $ore ri"orous worship! and en"a"ed hi$self in unbearable penance and restraints. (e was a clever politician! and $entionin" the . is the bri"htest planet! after the un and Moon. Meanwhile! ukra wandered around inside iva. <n hearin" of this! and bein" told of the une=ualled beauty of ?arvati as opposed to the stark bareness of (er surroundin"s and the u"liness of (er co$panion! 7ndhaka entertained a$orous thou"hts and desired ?arvati for hi$self. #he leadin" "anas! 3andin and others realised that they were in trouble here! and decided to infor$ iva of what was "oin" on. #hey a"ain did battle! slew the ar$y! but Fhar"ava kept revivin" the$. and various other senti$ents he convinced Fhar"ava that it was ti$e to use all $eans at his disposal to revive his slain ar$y. (e eulo"ised iva with hy$ns! chanted the ahasrana$ 1thousand na$es)! sun" of iva. It Aust so happened that! by way of divine sport! iva was stayin" in a cave near to 7ndhaka. char$in" disposition! hi"h profile positions.-- . Curther! I "ive you now a $antra which I have kept away even fro$ :isnu and Frah$a. <n seein" Fhar"ava. o he sat down and be"an to pray to iva! eulo"isin" with appropriate hy$ns! whereupon iva withdrew his delusion! and ukra saw a way out . #he ar$y of iva were so$ewhat surprised to find! in the course of their victory celebrations! another host of de$ons! ar$ed and ready for war. iva found this hi"hly a$usin"! as did ?arvati who said that as he was born of iva. #hey were thorou"hly routed. (e sent a $essen"er to the cave! infor$in" iva of his intention! but iva only lau"hed and challen"ed hi$ to fi"ht. y$bolis$ of ukra or :enus au$ hri$ sri$ sukrayaya na$ah ukra is also known as Fhar"ava! and is a son of the sa"e Fhri"u. war$th and sensuality.

RelativesE 8ead relations! dan"er to wife and children. . 8an"ersE #rouble fro$ foul "oblins! unforeseen dan"ers.-. 3ature and Cor$E 6ean! weak bodied! bi" teeth! yellow eyes! laSy! la$e! rou"h hair! 8hatu 1$aterial) planet! hishira! air! astrin"ent in taste! weak! dark in for$! wind in his co$position! deep eyes! lean and tall body full of arteries and veins! cruel! havin" no pity! dullheaded! lar"e nails! teethP stiff hair and li$bs! dirty! of sinful disposition! fierce! ripe with old a"e! a personification of an"er! wears a black "ar$ent. aturn also indicates asceticis$! denial! nonattach$ent! spirituality! hard work! or"aniSation! reality and ti$e itself. (e is a particularly beneficial planet for #aurus and 6ibra ascendants. 8iseasesE Gout! faintin"! swoon! inAury to the ribs! excess of internal heat! paralysis of le"s! $ental aberration! blow fro$ wood or stone! weariness! sto$ach-ache! windy disorder! chronic hurts! disease! bruises! falls! drowsiness! sickness! death! hysteria! rheu$atis$! cold! chronic and incurable diseases! insanity! "landular diseases! tu$ours! exhaustion and fati"ue! idiocy! cancers! sto$ach troubles! $elancholy! depression! inAuries fro$ the fall of trees and stones. aturn. (u$an FodyE 2ind! lon"evity! cause of death! death ! bones! articulations! spleen! left ear! calves! knees! secretive syste$! liver teeth! skin! va"us nerve! bone structure! le"s and feet! ly$phatics! distal part of the colon and rectu$. (e was blessed! and allowed to leave! and the ?urana finishes the story very poetically. 7ctionsE 2orldly pleasure! travel! li=uor drinkin"! disco$forts of i$prison$ent! lowly deeds! "a$blin"! de"radation! hu$iliation! censure! i$prison$ent! battles. 7 beautiful appearance! stron" inclinations towards $usic and the arts! fashion! Aewels! and enAoy$ent of $any pleasures! all these are conferred by :enus. 7bstractsE (appiness! obstacles! solitude! bad! sinister feelin"s! defeat! $isery! reproach! debts! servitude! $isfortune! poverty! sin! $ental an"uish! fear! constancy! death! sorrow! "reed! poverty! darkness! fatalities! hurts to wo$en and children! friendship! decay! delay! i$pedi$ent! defect! secret! lon" ties! $elancholy $oods.s nature is vata! or airy. Mantra$ahodadhi reco$$ends his worship in order to enAoy "ood clothes and plentiful Aewels.s $ost powerful place in the chart is in the 5th (ouse and the 'endras! or 7n"les. 7ni$alsE Fuffalo! donkey! ass! ca$el! serpent. 6ettersE pa pha bh bha $a.. ?ersonsE <ld persons! widow! ro"ues! wicked! lowly! unclean persons! thieves! friendship with bad people! low people! labourer! desertion of servants! prisoners! eunuch ! tor$entor of others! foolish! servant! lowly fe$ale! slave! hurts to wo$en and children! friendship. ^ualitiesE ?erversity! i"norance! stupefaction! cruel! evil-$inded! ada$ant! ill-disposed! swindlin"! $akes independent! $iserly! secretive! cautious! "overned by habit. #he "reat sa"e ?arasara says of aturn! X aturn has an e$aciated and lon" physi=ue! has tawny eyes! is windy in te$pera$ent! has bi" teeth! is indolent and la$e and has coarse hairX.7fter eulo"isin" iva and bowin" to (i$! ukra took leave of iva and entered the ar$y of the 8anavas! as the full $oon does a cluster of clouds.s direction is 2est and his day is aturday. (e reaches full $aturity at a"e . #he #ortoise! the incarnation of God was fro$ aturn. ukra is honest and powerful! a "reat brah$in and hi"hly devoted to iva. (e uses his knowled"e to help the 7suras! and as the 7suras are chiefly concerned with the fulfil$ent of $aterial desires and the "ratification of the senses! a well placed :enus will afford Aust that. It is said that ukra owns $ore Aewels even than 'ubera! "od of wealth! who is always havin" to supple$ent his own supplies by borrowin" fro$ ukra. aurashtra! GuArat. #hus ukra beca$e the son! while in his ori"inal body! of iva and ?arvati. Stor)8 aturn is a karaka! or indicator! of lon"evity! $isery! sorrow! old a"e and death! discipline! restriction! responsibility! delays! a$bition! leadership and authority! hu$ility! inte"rity! wisdo$ born of experience. aturn is exalted at -+ of 6ibra! initial -+ of 7=uarius are Mooltrikona! subse=uent *+ and Iapricorn are his own si"ns. Criday is his day. (e rules the si"ns of #aurus and 6ibra! represents desire! indicates the spouse in a $ale horoscope! and his Aewel is the dia$ond. 3ot very flatterin" this "uy aturn. ?lant 6ifeE U"ly plants! corns! black "ra$! thorny and sapless trees! sesa$u$! barley! black "rain! inferior cereal! he$p! sesa$e! le"u$inous seeds! plantains. known henceforth as ukra! and he adopted hi$ as (er son.s neutral is BupiterP Mercury and :enus are friendsP un! Moon and Mars are the ene$ies. ?rofessionsE 6ivelihood! profession! vocation! birds-killers! oil $erchants! pi"-keepers! service! low occupations! $iners! coal $erchants! plu$bers! Aailers! falls fro$ position! sextons! "rave-di""ers! undertakers! watch$en! priests! $onks! nuns! under"round workers! hu$ble professions like tillin"! $ill-worker! witchcraft! renunciants! philosopher! wardens! crafts$en! excavator! architects! buildin" contractors! $asons! real estate business! land and property dealers! ice-$akin"! ti$epieces! coffin and to$b $akers! far$ and factory labour. aturn. <bAectsE Iron! lead! blanket! tin! a"ricultural i$ple$ents! corpses ! che$icals! weapon of defence! oil! clay pots! chains! shoe! hides! leather "oods! coal and fuel of every kind! petrol. 7s a deity he is so$eti$es depicted with two ar$s! holdin" treasure and book! or with four holdin" staff! rosary! water pot and showin" varada $udra. . aturn. 8eityE Frah$a! 'ala. It was Beeva$sa and ?ar$at$ansa 1the 7bsolute pirit) co$bined incarnation.U. ?lacesE (eap of dirt! ra"s! ce$etery! prison. Sat&rn aturn3a$esE 'rishna! urya ?utra! anaischara! 'ala! Ihayasuta! #aranitanay! Ihhayasoonu! 7arki! Mand! 8yu$anisut! auri! 'apilaksha! 8eer"ha! ?an"u! Ihhayat$aA! 4a$a! 7rkputra! 7sit! hani! 3eel! 'on! 'roor! Mridu! ?aatan"i! 'rishan"! 'roorlochan! 'rod! 8ukh. (is "e$ is blue sapphire and all black stones and his $etal is lead. aturn.

T. #his is a ti$e when we feel the wheel of destiny turnin"! and watch helplessly as profound and si"nificant chan"es take place in our lives! and we are prepared to enter a new twenty seven year cycle. ani! or aturn is la$e because one of the un. is the "od of a"riculture. In the physical world! aturnb *. i"nifications General ?rofessions Medical ?hysical 7ppearance Ca$ily Relation lon"evity! sufferin"! constant stru""lin"! service! hard work! black thin"s! $iserliness! and liberation states$an! laborer! and leader of blue-collar workers Aoints! spleen! teeth! knees! chronic diseases! le" fractures! cancer! disease of the skin an "lands! rheu$atis$! "out! tuberculosis! and consu$ption thin body! tall! deep-set and brown eyes! dark skinned! pro$inent veins! wrinkles! lar"e hands! lon" face! $elancholic! thick hair elder siblin"s aturnE 6on"evity! life! death! adversity! cala$ities! disrespect! diseases! poverty! livelihood! servility! unri"hteous conduct! learnin" of sciences and forei"n lan"ua"es! a"ricultural pursuits! $inerals! oils! thin"s buried deep in the "round and co$in" out there fro$! servants 1$ale and fe$ale)! service! theft! cruel deeds! $alice! la$eness! very old persons y$bolis$ of ani or aturn au$ ai$ hri$ sri$ sanaischaraya na$ah ani is the son of urya and a$Ana. $oksha! or liberation fro$ the cycle of birth and death. #hus aturn walks with a li$p! which accounts why he is the slowest of the "rahas! 6astly! we co$e to the 3odes of the Moon! the final two "rahas.-T In :edic $yth aturn is the son of the un! born to his shadow wife! Ihaya! as $entioned in the previous $yths. ade sani is a period of not inconsiderable restriction and frustration! when aturn transits the si"ns surroundin" the natal $oon. It rules Aoints! spleen! teeth! knees! phle"$ and secretive syste$.s and Bupiter. 2hen he explained the reason! ?arvati said that he was sure that a son born to such powerful people as (erself and iva could not be affected by such a silly curse. was celebrated by the cessation of work durin" aturnalia. Cirstly! we $ust experience the aturn return! when he returns to the place where he was when we were born. #he nature of aturn is selfish and indolent. the planet`s center is approached. possesses an at$ospheric pressure which increases as thin"s that contract. 2hen weak andaor afflicted it causes constant and painful diseases! le" fracture! cancer! diseases of "lands! skin disease! paralysis! rheu$atis$! "out! consu$ption! flatulence! etc. Bust prior to this a few s$all adAust$ents are $ade to our lives! which we $ay or $ay not notice! and then! havin" been set up! . laSiness and idleness. It is cold! dry! contractin"! short-te$pered! worn-out and windy in nature. (e delays! frustrates! but teaches us! and within our lives! we are "iven over to his care at certain specific ti$es. #he 3orth 3ode of the Moon is called Rahu in :edic astrolo"y and the outh 3ode is called 'etu. 2hen specific! rather difficult lessons need to be learnt! a special teacher is needed! one who believes in discipline! li$itation and focus! in bein" heavy! not afraid to punish when punish$ent is due and the end result of such association is that we are! often a"ainst our will! bullied! coerced and forced into doin" thin"s that are ulti$ately for the "ood! but hell for the present. #he first creature they ca$e across was a baby elephant! and so that had to do.. was celebrated by "rantin" $ore liberties to slaves.$ischief and har$ to all. #hey have no si"n rulerships! althou"h they are said to favor Mercury.araka aturn is personified as a states$an and leader of low castes and si"nifies Aobs re=uirin" hard work with less re$uneration! leadership of workers! tryin" to ac=uire positions in "overn$ent services! dealin" with labor! labor oriented industry! routine workers! labor oriented Aobs! en"ineers! etc. In 8evi Fha"avata$! ani is described as a planet who does . #hey are called dark! or shadow planets! because of the 3odes. It has an e$aciated body! lon" stature! brown and sunken eyes! windy! protrudin" teeth! dark co$plexion! pro$inent veins! wrinkles! lon" hands and face! laSy and $elancholic nature! coarse and excessive hair. uch a teacher is aturn.s si"ns accordin" to so$e authorities! while others clai$ that Rahu favors the si"n of 7=uarius and 'etu the si"n of corpio. #his planet possesses a very dense at$osphere which creates an intensifyin" pressure as the center of the planet is approached.s le"iti$ate children beca$e an"ered with hi$ and struck hi$ in the foot. aturn in Ro$an $ytholo"y! is the "od of a"riculture. #he story illustrates that ani is an extre$ely powerful de$i"od! whose "lance can create havoc no $atter what level of protection or exaltation the recipient has. #here is a story that he was once cursed by his wife due to hi$ lookin" at another wo$an! so that any other person he looked at! their head would explode 1he is known as the evil-eyed! 'ruradrs). . ani had his eyes fixed to the floor and on noticin" this ?arvati scolded hi$. In astrolo"y! aturn representsb hard work and labor oriented industry. (ence Ganesh ac=uired his elephant head . ani reluctantly looked at the child! whose head instantly exploded. ?arvati was so$ewhat distressed at this! and in order to console (er and prevent one of (er notorious outbursts! in which universes tend to "et destroyed! the devas rushed off to find another one.! and subAectively this is very true. association with the pheno$ena of eclipses.s $aid Ihaya and is known to be an efful"ent and intense character. In his honor! a period of seven days! known as aturnalia! was celebrated durin" which all business was stopped and slaves were "iven "reater liberties than were nor$ally "ranted the rest of the year. 8urin" the birth celebrations of Ganesh! ?arvati was proudly showin" off (er new son. . -.

#hey were all totally enchanted! and ea"erly a"reed! "ivin" (er the pot! whereupon he pro$ptly disappeared. 8iseasesE ?alpitation of heart! leprosy! $ental aberration! pain in the le"s! epide$ics! pla"ue! cancer! skin diseases! ecSe$a! eruptions! boils! fear of poisonin"! sudden accidents! death by han"in" or suffocation! incurable ail$ents! diseases in the feet! debility! hiccups! insanity! leprosy! hae$orrhoids! chronic boils and ulcer! fever! s$allpox! faintin"! for$idable diseases! accident.#t& stor) #hese two are known in the west as the dra"on. (e dis"uised hi$self as a deva! and entered the asse$bly of de$i"ods! where he sat in line! waitin" for the nectar. Fut nobody in the world is exe$pt. 3atureE 7strin"ent taste! $ale! ta$asic! $id-day! le"less! old! $ovable! stron" at the end of a si"n and in the co$pany of un or Moon! s$oky in hue! wild! intelli"ent! windy te$pera$ent! . 7s he "overns bones and teeth! these $ay in so$e $ay appear pro$inent! to the point of protrusion.s head and the dra"on. Ever since that ti$e! there has been en$ity between these two planets and the un and Moon! and eclipses are caused by their continuous warrin". Most of the ?uranas will have so$e or other a"ree$ent about the above account! and $ay even "o further by statin" that Rahu is the son of 'asyapa by his wife i$hika. Cinally 7sta$a sani! when ani transits the dan"erous ei"hth house fro$ our $oon! is like a $iniature ade sani! brin"in" the sa$e kind of frustrations and li$itations thou"h on a rather s$aller and less intense scale. #he correct view see$s to be the $utual border of the two si"ns i. RelativesE ?eople who are discredit to the fa$ily! paternal "randfather. 7ctionsE 8i""in" well! stone breakin"! wood cuttin"! chan"in" reli"ion! bein" sent to forest! abandonin" household! illicit relation with a widow! renunciation! banish$ent! exile! travel! e$i"ration! ho$osexuality! rebellion! war! liti"ation! thievin"! robbery! i$prison$ent! riot! revolt! $urderin"! execution! spyin"! violence! duplicity! political plots! cheatin"! irreli"ious and antisocial practices! divorces! huntin"! assault! corruption! invasion! adventures. ?rofessionsE Foxers! wrestlers! talebearers! spies! people who live under"round! aerial navi"ation! theatrical profession. ani has no re"ard for caste! status or creed. 7bstractsE Ca$e! honour! loss! hidden $eanin"! valour! stren"th! secrecy! secret doctrine! duplicity! falsehood! darkness! Goddess 8ur"a and :ishnu control over Rahu. ?ersonsE ?ri$itive tribe! Musli$s! untouchables! residents of $ountain tops! areas! caves! Mlechchas! hudras! cruel! lowly! an"ry! u"ly lookin"! $iserable persons! in"rates! crippled! $ai$ed persons! killers and eaters of Aackal flesh! hypocrites! thieves! unclean! dirty! irreli"ious! person fallen fro$ ri"hteousness! crowd! $en of infa$ous character! scientists! $ob. #hey are shadowy planets! but their position is ascertained by the intersection in relation to the Earth of the orbit of the Moon and the apparent orbit of the un. <bAectsE Ianopy! lead! old "ar$ent! potions! poisons and che$icals! heavy $achinery! tele"raph! radio! infla$$able "ases! iron. Mantra$ahodadhi "ives no re$edial $antras for ani! possibly because there are none. ?lant 6ifeE Flack "ra$. Ra%& an' . (is head beca$e the planet Rahu! and his tail 'etu. <nce upon a ti$e the de$ons and de$i"ods! in a rare $o$ent of co operation! decided they would $ake so$e nectar! the elixir of i$$ortality! and started to churn the $ilk ocean. #he rest are ene$ies. (is si"ns are Iapricorn and 7=uarius! and he rules over aturday. Rahu . 7ni$alsE 8e$ons! creatures who sleep too $uch! veno$ous snakes! veno$ous reptiles. 8eityE 7dishesha. It is this period! so evident in everyone. :isnu then assu$ed the for$ of a beautiful wo$an! Mohini! and enchanted the de$ons! sayin" that they should close their eyes! and he would distribute the nectar! $arryin" the one who opened his eyes last. $onths! varie"ated! spotted coloured apparel! 8hatu 1$aterial) planet! black in colour! tall in stature! heretic! devoid of intelli"ence! "ot skin disease! hiccups! leprosyP reviles others! uncleanness! airy! incendiary in nature. #he nectar! however had already touched hi$ with i$$ortality! and so he was not killed. (e was fully ?ar$at$ansa 1the 7bsolute pirit) incarnation. 7 little later! the beautiful Goddess 6aks$i appeared in a likewise $anner! born of the ocean! and the de$ons takin" advanta"e of the distraction caused by (er wonderful appearance! snatched away the nectar and were all set to distribute it a$on"st the$selves.s lives and so utterly predictable! that enables astrolo"ers to convince the lay$an that the planets have undoubted and undeniable effect. #he wild Foar! the incarnation of God was fro$ Rahu. Bust as he was about to drink! the un and Moon discovered hi$! and :isnu severed his head fro$ his body. aturnian individuals are typically cold and serious folk! prudent! cautious and with or"anisin" and even executive abilities.e. 8an"ersE 8an"er fro$ artificial poisonin"! "oblins! snakes! inAury to li$bs! clu$siness! unfounded fears! phobias! snakebite.s tail! or the north and south nodes of the Moon. (e will brin" us to our knees! li$it us! restrict us! force us to ponder and =uestion our $eanin"! and will destroy our false ideals! but all this is for our ulti$ate "ood! pushin" us toward a $ore co$plete and perfect future. #he de$ons appointed Rahu to try and recover it. last de"ree of #aurus as the exaltation point because Rahu is held to be the stron"est when he enters a si"n and he enters si"n fro$ the last de"ree because of retro"rade $otion. Ceedin" the crows on a aturday! and prayin" to 'ali are about the only options open to us. Mars is neutral to the$. (e holds the arrow! bow! spear and shows the varada $udra. ani rules and represents our destiny! is the indicator for our lon"evity! and his "e$ is the blue sapphire. In the 7di-parva of Mahabharata 'etu is also described as bein" a son of 'asyapa! but throu"h 8anu! $other of the 8anavas au$ ai$ hri$ rahave na$ah Rahu3a$esE warbhaanu! :idhuntud! ?ata! FhuAan"a! 7hi! #a$! 7"u! 7sura! arp! ?hani! ainhikeya. 7fter $any false starts! and after obtainin" $any other deli"htful obAects! 8hanvantari the physician of the de$i"ods appeared with a pot of a$rta! the nectar. aturn takes 1thankfully) about twenty seven years to travel round the Sodiac! so each of these events will take place that often. #hey will often develop $ore slowly! but also $ore thorou"hly. 7s a deity! he occasionally rides an iron chariot drawn by ei"ht horses! but is $ore co$$only shown ridin" a vulture or a buffalo. It is a ti$e when we are forced to under"o a $aAor reworkin" of our internal constitution! and its end is a noticeable relief. ?arashar holds #aurus as exaltation si"n of Rahu and others the Ge$ini si"n. Mercury! aturn and :enus are the friends of Rahu as well as 'etu.-/ we are whacked! so$eti$es continuously! for the seven years of his sway. (e is a very slow $ovin" planet! and his effects creep upon us al$ost i$perceptibly.

the bein" i$$ediately left off his attack! and iva allowed Rahu to return to the de$ons. Rahu! the 3orth 3ode of the Moon $eans to conceal! en"ulf or hide in anskrit.au$ ai$ hri$ ketave na$ah 'etu3a$esE 8hu$a! Mrityuputra! 7nala! hikhi! 8hvaA. (u$an FodyE 3ervous syste$! pineal "lands! pituitary body. 7ctionsE windlin"! terroris$! pil"ri$a"e! =uarrels! separation! spiritual initiation! war! $oral fall! salvation! i$prison$ent! treachery! intri"ues! deception! assassinations! sinful habits! cheatin"! slau"hter! butchery! $urderin"! dacoity! slavery in forei"n country! under"oin" severe penalties or punish$ent! sudden $ishaps! de$oralisation! self i$$olation. Rahu is considered a first rate $alefic. killsE cience! $edical science! forei"n lan"ua"es! knowled"e of o$ens. 'etu should have no head! but he is usually "iven one! albeit so$ewhat u"ly. Rahu reaches full $aturity at a"e T-.ET. (e often has no body. 7 pro$inent Rahu will $ake the individual cunnin"! deceitful and potentially dan"erous.! to"ether with the boon that anybody desirin" to worship (i$self $ust first honour this head. #his "raha is associated with the world of $aterial $anifestation and worldly desire. XI a$ only a poor brah$in! sent as a $essen"er.s feet be""in" for protection. It "ives s$oky and unpleasant appearance due to habits of overeatin" resultin" in foul s$ell and unclean body and nails. #heir deities can vary a lot. . (e rides a vulture and holds a $ace in one hand while showin" either varada or abhaya 1no fear) $udras in the other. (e resides in forests and is horrible. ?arvata 17f"hanistan). <n hearin" the word . #he bein"! however! co$plained to iva that he was hun"ry! and iva told hi$ that if he were truly hun"ry he should eat his own hands and feet.X he said! Xplease iva! protect $e !X. 3atureE 7nthill! blue bodied! forester! horrible! fearful! intelli"ent! Beeva 1Soetic! ani$ate) planet! s$oky! stron" in second half of a"ittarius! resides in corner of house! red and fierce look! a veno$ous ton"ue! an elevated body! ar$ed! an outcast! inhalin" s$oke always! lean! bruised li$bs! $alicious! darkness! $alefic 1$aterial)! benefic 1spiritual)! powerful in ni"ht! in cala$ity and durin" appearance of co$ets! powerful in last de"rees of :ir"o. <bAectsE Mud vessel! $ixed cloth of a varie"ated colour! filth! crown! sceptre as sy$bol of royalty! trophy as sy$bol of triu$ph. 7t this! iva was deli"hted! and awarded hi$ the na$e . #he Cish! the incarnation of God was fro$ 'etu. ?lacesE Corts on hills! deserts. Rahu is associated with the spiritual process of involution! or the en"rossin" of spirit in $aterialiSation. 4ou will not know until the last $o$ent! should you find out at all !! Rahu is personified as a diplo$at and bein" a shadowy planet and a le"endary deceptor! when disposed beneficially! indicates diplo$atic Aobs! Aobs re=uirin" $anipulations with facts! deals in poisons and dru"s. 7strolo"ically! it is considered fortunate if Rahu and 'etu are tucked away so$ewhere they cannot do $uch har$. #he bein" rushed at Rahu in order to devour hi$! and Rahu dived at iva.'irti$ukha. It is phle"$atic in nature and "ives $ali"nant "rowth. a"e ?arasara describes Rahu and 'etu to"ether in the Frihat (ora hastraP XRahu has s$oky appearance with blue-$ix physi=ue. 7$bara killsE Corei"n lan"ua"es. Fe careful when approachin" so$eone who has either of these planets powerfully placed. 'etu is akin to Rahu. Rahu 13orth 3ode of the Moon)E?aternal "randfather! fallacious ar"u$ent! harsh speech! "a$blin"! $ove$ent! travellin"! outcastes! forei"ners! snakes! snake bite! theft! wickedness! widow1er)! intri"ue with a widow1er)! skin diseases! itches! ecSe$a! acute or sharp pain in the body! hiccou"hs! swellin" in the body. #he "e$stone associated with Rahu is a honey colored hessonite.s eye.X . 'etu is also $alefic! he represents paternal relatives! indicates $ysticis$! and his "e$ is the ti"er.brah$in. Ra%& stor)7 Rahu was once sent as a $essen"er to iva to de$and that the latter surrender (is wife to the kin". he is windy in te$pera$ent and is intelli"ent.-U ?lacesE Ire$ation "round! anthill! a chas$! barren land! "raveyards! to$bs! tunnels. faults! adulterers! hybrid caste! trouble to ene$ies. #he nature of this "raha is vata! or airy. 8iseasesE #u$ours! windy and phle"$atic disorders! fever! bein" prone to cold! tuberculosis! wind! $adness! speech defects! dia"nostic confusion! sur"ery! disease with uncertain cause! viral and infectious diseases! eruptive fevers! hel$inthiasis 1intestinal parasites)! deafness! 'etu produces all the ail$ents si"nified by Rahu. It si"nifies cheats! pleasure seekers! insincere and i$$oral acts! sales$an! operators in forei"n lands! catalysts! wine $erchants! dru" dealers! con $en! poison dealers! etc. Ihinna Mastaka 8evi and Ganapati lord over 'etu. RelativesE Maternal "randfather! $aternal "rand$other. #he ?uranas describe Rahu as half-bodied! born of a lioness! snakelike! havin" a hu"e body and bein" extraordinarily powerful. #he bein" took this as an order! and devoured his own li$bs until only his head was left. ?lant 6ifeE (orse "ra$. 2hen afflictin" it causes diseases of phle"$! intestines! boils! skin! ulcers! spleen! wor$s! hi"h blood pressure! etc. 7bstractsE ectarian principles! sudden success or failure! reli"ious resi"nation! barrier! obstruction! hindrance! retro"ression! delay! destruction! sleep! drea$s! knowled"e! blockade in battle! sudden failure or success! Moksha! asceticis$! superstitious devotion! carnality! blockade or barrier. ?rofessionsE Fusiness$en! 8octor! philosophers! literary "enius. ?ersonsE 8eadlier ene$y! trouble to ene$ies! traitors! butchers! cave dwellersP wealthy! insane! valorous! foolish! irreli"ious! cantankerous! "enerous personsP intent on hearin" others. Rahu is a "reat de$on! and very clever! a heavy $alefic! he represents $aternal relatives! indicates black $a"ic! and his stone is the black onyx.araka Rahu is a karaka! or indicator! of worldly desire! fa$e! "reed! hi"h intelli"ence! $anipulation! obsessive behavior! forei"ners! $ass disease! de$entia and inertia. 8eityE Frah$a. X2hy does an ascetic re=uire such a beautiful wife9X iva "ot an"ry and fro$ (is an"er a rather fierce bein" e$er"ed! with three heads! seven le"s! and terrible fan"s. 8an"ersE #rouble throu"h disputes with Frah$ins and 'shatriyas or fro$ ene$ies. Rahu is so$eti$es shown on a black lion! so$eti$es on a throne! so$eti$es with two hands holdin" blanket and book! so$eti$es with four! in which case he holds sword! shield! spear and varada $udra. It was Beeva$sa and ?ar$at$ansa 1the 7bsolute pirit) co$bined incarnation. In addition death in the battlefield! wounds! epide$ics of a very virulent nature! cancer! leprosy! hysteria! poisonin"! decay and deterioration! pla"ue! illness! eruptions. .

'etu is said to be a $e$ber of the Bai$ini linea"e of sa"es! who founded one of the several syste$s of philosophy of ancient India. #he nodes are associated with the 3a"as! the serpent-dra"ons of eastern lore. #here are wonderful $yths associated with Rahu and 'etu. 2ith the lu$inaries callin" alar$! :isnu threw his discus at Rahu and cut off his head. 'etu is often depicted with a "e$! or a star on his head which e$its a $ysterious li"ht.s pecial Measure$ents. #he 3a"as of :edic lore are serpent like! se$i-divine bein"s which offer knowled"e! protection! as well as wrath and retribution to those they encounter. Its affliction causes wounds! infla$$ations! fevers! intestinal diseases! $ental aberration! low-blood pressure! deafness! defective speech! etc. Fut! Rahu had already drunk of the a$rita and now re$ained an i$$ortal head! disassociated fro$ an i$$ortal body. It takes interest in occultis$! reli"ion! diversification! services for old and needy persons . It is personified as a saint and takes a person towards $ystic sciences and spiritual pursuits.s "e$ is the cat.s antholo"y 7strolo"y. It "ives e$aciated body with pro$inent veins. Cor a $ore detailed exa$ination of their =ualities and $yths see $y article XMythic Measure$ents of the Moons 3odes!X in 6lewellyn. #here is a $yth in the ?uranas that tells of the God :isnu dispensin" a$rita! the nectar of i$$ortality to the devas.s (ead and #ail. 'etu represents the spiritual process of evolution! or the refine$ent of $aterialiSation to spirit. 'etu is considered a worldly $alefic and spiritual benefic! as it causes sorrow and loss! which ulti$ately turns the individual to "od. #he first bein" poison! resultin" in de$entia! the second bein" a$rita! or spiritual nectar! resultin" in ecstasy and divine consciousness. It takes interest in occultis$! reli"ion! diversification! services for old and needy persons tory P'etu. #his chapter describes the various $yths of the East and 2est concernin" the 8ra"on. 2hile :isnu was dispensin" this a$rita! a de$on! Rahu $in"led with the devas and was receivin" the a$rita when he was discovered by the un and the Moon. #his "raha is of a pitta! or fiery te$pera$ent. 'etu! 'etu 1 outh 3ode of the Moon)E Maternal "randfather! consu$ption! pain! fever! wound! witchcraft! causin" trouble to ene$ies! horned ani$als! do"! cock! birds with spots or of varie"ated colors! philosophy! salvation the outh 3ode of the Moon $eans a Xsi"nX! or a XbannerX in anskrit.! when the soul turns to the pursuit of MokshaP the pursuit of liberation fro$ this world. It is dry and fiery in nature. In fact! in assessin" planetary power! the only "raha that is $ore powerful than the un is Rahu! the 3orth 3ode of the Moon! because of his ability to swallow the un durin" a total solar eclipse! It is dry and fiery in nature. #here is $uch lore and $ystery surround the Moon.s 3odes in :edic $yth! and they are considered of para$ount i$portance in chart interpretation. It is personified as a saint and takes a person towards $ystic sciences and spiritual pursuits.s bite represents intoxication. #he forked ton"ue of the serpent.s eye. Its affliction causes wounds! infla$$ations! fevers! intestinal diseases! $ental aberration! low-blood pressure! deafness! defective speech! etc. If Rahu is the planet of worldly desire! then 'etu is the planet of other-worldly desire! or spirituality. It "ives e$aciated body with pro$inent veins. 'etu has the latest $aturity of all the planets at a"e T.-5 T%# karakas! or indicators of 'etu are focused intelli"ence! indicator of liberation! indicator of wisdo$! non-attach$ent! other worldly interests! fantasy! penetratin" insi"ht! deran"e$ent! carrier of ar$s and weapons! invisibility and physic abilities.