Minutes of the Tanworth-in-Arden Parish Council Meeting Held on Thursday 19th December 2 1! at 19"!

hours at #arlswood $illage Hall Public %orum County Councillor Perry, District Councillor Atkinson and District Councillor Oakley were present in the Public Forum, together with two members of the public. Mr all!Annison came to speak about his planning application for "ears Cottage, #orcott ill and asked the Parish Council for support. Mr #reening spoke about the #ypsy site in Poolhead $ane. e thanked the Parish Council for sending a representati%e to the Appeal and also acknowledged the fact that the decision would be made by the &ecretary of &tate. Mr #reening also asked if the Parish Council were going to undertake a 'eighbourhood De%elopment Plan and were they yet at a point where they might be able to indicate what de%elopment they would support in the area( )f there has to be de%elopment will the Parish Council offer its support for a certain type of housing( Councillor Cunningham responded that we can only produce a 'eighbourhood Plan to integrate with the Core &trategy and &tratford District Council has not yet had its Core &trategy *$ocal Plan+ adopted. ,here is no fi-ed timetable for the Core &trategy, but comments can be lodged once it has been passed to the )nspector, which could possibly be in early ./01. Councillor Oakley said that with &pringbrook $ane being closed, the %erges in &mall $ane are in need of repair. Councillor 2eogh e-pressed concern that with &pringbrook $ane being closed and 3arlswood crossroad being closed on 4anuary 5/th and 50st it would be %ery difficult to get around. &e'ort from County Councillor Perry Councillor Perry reported that it was not feasible to ha%e 5 disabled parking bays in "ellfield. ,he only way would be to ha%e bays back to back. ,hese bays would be only be ad%isory and the County would not be able to enforce them. Councillor Perry said that he would be working with ,anworth 6esidents7 Association and they would possibly be sending out a letter to the residents asking for their support and then following this up with a personal %isit. ,here has been a re8uest for a light at #ilberts #reen. Councillor Perry has held a meeting with Annette Mackie who is a $ighting 3ngineer from 9arwickshire County Council and she has ad%ised that it is the Parish Council7s responsibility to fund it. A new light would cost :0,1// and could be installed in one day. Councillor Fit;patrick said that the residents who would be affected should ha%e an input. Councillor Perry offered to meet members of the Parish Council if they would like a site %isit. ,he area of grass outside olly ouse, "road $ane will be tarmacked ne-t year. ighways ha%e put in no ob<ections to the recent planning application at Doctors Close. ,his has angered the 6esidents7 Association because ighways ob<ected before and traffic is getting worse. ,he work at 3arlswood crossroads has finished its first phase and Councillor Perry asked for feedback. )t was reported that because the old lines are still on the road, cars are pulling up side by side instead of single file and causing an obstruction. Councillor Perry said that the old lines would go when the road is resurfaced in 4anuary Councillor Perry en8uired if there would be any local funding for a tree to replace the beech tree that had to be remo%ed at the crossroads( ,his will be discussed on a future agenda. ,he work taking place in &pringbrook $ane should be completed by ./ th February. Councillor Perry asked if members wanted him to try and delay the closure of 3arlswood crossroads for resurfacing until &pringbrook has reopened. After discussion, it was felt that it was best to get it o%er with and get the work done as soon as possible. &treetlights which are the responsibility of the County Council will be left on all night at certain times o%er the festi%e period. ,here are = new gritters making a fleet of .>. 0?@/km of road is gritted and there is 01,/// tonnes of grit in stock. Councillor Oakley e-pressed frustration that people in Malthouse $ane get trapped in bad weather because there is no gritting in the roads surrounding them. &e'ort from District Councillor At(inson Councillor Atkinson wanted to draw attention to two points made on the pre%ious minutes in Councillor Oakley7s report. Firstly the point that &tratford District Council has gi%en land to 6edditch. Councillor Atkinson said that

Minutes of the ,anworth!in!Arden Parish Council meeting held on ,hursday 0>th December ./05 ) 2 1!

this was not the case A this would in%ol%e boundary changes. ,he District is not losing an asset but would gain good re%enue from the de%elopment. Councillor Atkinson also commented on Councillor Oakley7s comments that social housing is not co%ered in the Core &trategy because it is co%ered on Page >.. Councillor Atkinson was pleased to ha%e been informed that "irmingham Council is not %iewing anywhere in &tratford District to make up their 5/,/// housing shortfall. Also there are to be no ma<or de%elopments by &olihull M"C on our boundary. ,here has been a repeat of the anti!social acti%ity in Alderhanger $ane. Councillor Atkinson said that he has written to the Chief 3-ecuti%es of 9orcestershire and 9arwickshire County Councils. )n 4anuary patrols will take place and a log will be made of any acti%ity. Councillor Atkinson is also trying to address the issue of fly!tipping at the site. Councillor Atkinson wished e%eryone a happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous ./01 and in%ited 8uestions. Councillor O7"rien asked for clarification about the confusion with the land in our district which is being de%eloped by 6edditch "orough Council. Councillor O7"rien asked why 6edditch re8uires this land from &tratford District Council when they ha%e plenty of land of their own( Councillor Atkinson suggested that Paul arris should be contacted at &DC as he would be able to clarify this matter. &e'ort from District Councillor *a(ley Councillor Oakley addressed Councillor Atkinson7s comments. e said that what &tratford District Council is doing is taking our land out of the #reen "elt and allowing 6edditch to de%elop it as if it were their own. ,he rates will go to &DC allowing 6edditch to keep their promise that they won7t build in the #reen "elt. Meetings ha%e been held with 6edditch "C and they are adamant that they ha%e an agreement from &DC. Once established that the position was true Councillor Oakley has asked to see the agreement and find out who from &DC ga%e the go ahead to the scheme. 3%eryone denies any knowledge about being part of the agreement. 6edditch has no shortage of land. Councillor Oakley said that it is good news if "irmingham is looking elsewhere to find suitable sites for their housing shortfallB &olihull has been part of the discussions and is looking at taking some of "irmingham7s o%erspill. 6egarding social housing, de%elopers are saying that they can7t afford to put that element in because it is not cost effecti%e. At the last Council meeting, Councillor Oakley put to Chris &aint the concern o%er building in the #reen "elt and he recei%ed a strong %erbal assurance and also agreed that he would encapsulate these words in to the Core &trategy. At the last meeting, Councillor Oakley asked if Chris &aint was still prepared to do this and he was gi%en an assurance it would be in the ne-t draft of the Core &trategy. 9hilst it may not be possible to resist building in the #reen "elt, it may be possible to control it to reasonable annual growth. ,he Chairman then asked Councillor Oakley to conclude his report due to time constraints, which led to a li%ely discussion with Councillor Oakley protesting that he is always cut short. )t was agreed to put it on the ne-t agenda to consider %arying the order that the DistrictCCounty Councillors are asked to speak.

,he Public Forum closed at ./.5. hours

Minutes of the ,anworth!in!Arden Parish Council meeting held on ,hursday 0>th December ./05 ) 2 1!

Minutes of the Tanworth-in-Arden Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 19th December 2 1! at 19"! hours at #arlswood $illage Hall PresentD Councillor 9illmott *Chairman+, Councillor Cunningham, Councillor Oakley, Councillor 9illiams, Councillor &tanton, Councillor )nstone, Councillor Fit;patrick, Councillor 4ones, Councillor O7"rien and Councillor 2eogh )n AttendanceD 4ulie 9hite AClerk to the Council 1!+1,+1-1 ! A'ologies for absence ACouncillor 6oss and Councillor 9aters 1!+1,+1-2 ! Declarations of Personal or Pre.udicial /nterest A none 1!+1,+1-!A To Confirm and sign the Minutes of0 i1 The Parish Council Meeting of 21st 2o3ember 2 1!4 )t was proposed by Councillor &tanton and seconded by Councillor 2eogh that the minutes of the Full Council meeting on .0st 'o%ember were a true and accurate record. All those present at that meeting were in fa%our. ,he Chairman Councillor 9illmott signed the minutes. 1!+1,+1-, - Matters arising from the minutes not otherwise dealt with - none 1!+1,+1-5- Matters raised in the Public %orum 4 • ,he planning application for "ears Cottage is to be discussed further on in the meeting under the Planning section . • 9ith reference to the ,ra%ellers7 &ite in Poolhead $ane, Councillor Oakley commented that until the District Council releases more official #ypsy sites it is going to be difficult to sol%e the problem. 1!+1,+1-- - To 2ote /tems of Corres'ondence &ecei3ed A ,he correspondence list was recei%ed and noted. 1!+1,+1-6 - %inance i+ Councillor 9illmott proposed that we adopt the minutes of the Finance Committee from ? th 'o%ember ./05. &econded by Councillor &tanton. All in fa%our. ii+ Chairman7s reportD ,he budget was discussed. ,he Chairman was asked to consider making pro%ision for the 99) Commemorations in the budget. ,here was also a suggestion by Councillors Oakley and 4ones that members should be issued with )!pads. Councillor 4ones said that she would prepare a cost analysis and report back at a future meeting. iii+ )tems for paymentD )t was proposed by Councillor Oakley and seconded by Councillor &tanton that the payments were taken en bloc. All in fa%our. 1!+1,+1-7 4 Planning i+ Councillor 9illmott proposed that we adopt the minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting from E th &eptember ./05, seconded by Councillor 4ones. All in fa%our. ii+ Chairman7s 6eport A ,he Chairman reported that there was recently a site %isit at ,he $imes Country $odge in Forshaw eath following a new planning application. iii+ ,he following decisions were notedD 05C/.1>0CFF$ 05C/.@E1C,PO 05C/.E5?CFF$ "rook ouse, &tratford 6oad ! withdrawn ,he Oaks, 9harf $ane A Part Consent for arboricultural work 9ood 3nd Farm, "road $ane A Permission with Conditions

Minutes of the ,anworth!in!Arden Parish Council meeting held on ,hursday 0>th December ./05 ) 2 1!

i%+ ,o consider the following planning applicationsD
A''lication 2umber 1!+ 2776+%89 Address "ears Cottage, #orcott ill, "eoley 6ose Cottage, &tratford 6oad Pro'osal Demolition of e-isting dwelling and construction of replacement dwelling Construction of single!storey pitched roof rear e-tension to replace e-isting flat roofed rear e-tension Proposed roof windows to side ele%ation Parish Council Comment 'o 6epresentation *Councillor Oakley did not take part in this discussion+ 'o 6epresentation

1!+ 2997+%89

1!+ !


Forge 3nd, Penn $ane

Councillor O7"rien to see how this would impact on neighbours, if no problem then 'o 6epresentation Ob<ectD ,he Parish Council was pre%iously informed by Paul $ankester that barn con%ersions for residential use are not permitted by &DC. 9e would like clarification is this is still the case or not( 6esidential status would e8uate to o%er! de%elopment of the site.

1!+ !1 2+$A&:

9oodlands Farm, Cut ,hroat $ane

6emo%al of Condition 0. of Planning Application 00C//@E/CFF$ *Demolition of e-isting barn, con%ersion of one stable building and one barn to . no holiday cottages and all associated works+ to allow permanent residential accommodation.

1!+1,+1-9 - To Discuss The 2eighbourhood Plan i+ To consider sending a letter to the Prime Minister on the 3alidity of 2eighbourhood De3elo'ment Plans )t was decided to put this on the ne-t Planning Agenda. ii+ To Discuss the 2eighbourhood De3elo'ment Plan for Tanworth /n Arden Discussion took place on why the sub!committee for the 'DP had not progressed and it was decided that a meeting of the sub!committee should be held early in ./01. )t was agreed that a meeting of the 'DP sub! committee would take place on ,uesday .0st 4anuary ./01 between 0/.// and 0..// in the Parish Office. Members of the sub!committee were asked to define matters that that feel should be addressed and ask the Clerk for these to be included in the agenda. ,his was proposed by Councillor Oakley and seconded by Councillor &tanton. All in fa%our. iii+To Consider 8nderta(ing a Housing 2eeds ;ur3ey ,his will be discussed at the meeting of the 'eighbourhood De%elopment Plan &ub!Committee on 4anuary .0st. 1!+1,+16 - <or( around the Parish • ,he bollard by ,anworth $ane substation is down • 6oad sign by 6ushbrook Farm in Penn $ane is down • 5 lamps are out on "road $ane *at the end of the Common, ne-t to 9arwickshire $ad and ne-t to #reen ,riangle at #ilberts #reen+ • 'o road sign at the Malthouse $ane end of &mall $ane.

Minutes of the ,anworth!in!Arden Parish Council meeting held on ,hursday 0>th December ./05 ) 2 1!

,here is still a red triangle sign at the side of the lakes A possible from Galley 6oad where there is an empty pole.

1!+1,+161 4 /tems for %uture Agenda 4 9orld 9ar ) Commemorations 1!+1,+162 - To resol3e to e=clude the Press and the 'ublic in accordance with the Public >odies ?Admission to Meetings1 Act 19- in res'ect of the following item )t was proposed by Councillor 9illmott and seconded by Councillor )nstone that the public and press were e-cluded from the meeting. All in fa%our. 1!+1,+16! -

i1 ;taffing &e'ort 8'date - Councillor Cunningham and 4ones ga%e a report on the current staffing situation. ii1 To Confirm and ;ign the Confidential &e'ort to be A''ended to the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 16th *ctober 2 1! )t was proposed by Councillor 9illmott and seconded by Councillor &tanton that the confidential report was a true and accurate record. All in fa%our. ,he Chairman signed the report. iii1 To Confirm and ;ign the Confidential &e'ort to be A''ended to the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 21st 2o3ember 2 1! )t was proposed by Councillor 9illmott and seconded by Councillor &tanton that the confidential report was a true and accurate record. All in fa%our. ,he Chairman signed the report.
1!+1,+16, - To note date@ 'lace and time of ne=t Meeting0 6"! 'm 4 Thursday 1-th Aanuary at Tanworth $illage Hall ,he meeting closed at >.EEpm.



Minutes of the ,anworth!in!Arden Parish Council meeting held on ,hursday 0>th December ./05 ) 2 1!