Development Code for Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis of Input on the MCNPX for Neutronic Calculation of PWR errace

Entin Hartini a) *, Dinan Andiwijayakusuma a)

Center for Development of Nuclear Informatics - National Nuclear Energy Agency PUSPIPTEK Serpong Tangerang !anten In"onesia # Email$ entin%&atan'go'i"

A!stract" This research was carried out on the development of code for uncertainty analysis is based on a statistical approach for assessin the uncertainty input parameters! "n the butn#up calculation of fuel, uncertainty analysis performed for input parameters fuel density , coolant density and fuel temperature durin irradiation history usin $onte %arlo &#'article Transport! (ncertainty method based on the probabilities density function! Development code is made in python script to do couplin with $%&') for criticality and burn#up calculations ! *imulation is done by modelin the eometry of '+, terrace, with $%&') at -. $+ power, fuel type (/0 pellets! The calculation is done by usin the data library continuous ener y cross#sections E&D1 2 3#4"! $%&') re5uires nuclear data in the form of A%E format! A%E format nuclear data can be obtained throu h the E&D1 6Evaluated &uclear Data 1ile) which has been processed by &7/8 applications! Development of interfaces for obtainin nuclear data in the form of A%E format of E&D1 throu h special process &7/8 calculation to temperature chan es in a certain ran e! 1low input uncertainty calculation 9 preparation of input parameters 6the data enerated fuel density and coolant density, enerate cross#sections on temperature and specific isotopes, determination of cell values, surface, material, kcode), code development and analysis of results! :eywords9 uncertainty analysis, isotopic, E&D1#A%E format, burn#up '+,, $%&')

Development code for the calculation of the burn#up is essential to fuel mana ement, in the evaluation of burn#up and production of radio#isotopes! %ode# makin based on the uncertainty of input parameters are treated as stochastic number will result in the value of output that can be treated and analy;ed as a random variable! "n the burn#up function is used as an input parameter is the coolant density, fuel density and fuel specific temperature at a specific time durin the irradiation process are determined! Development code is made in python script to do cooplin with $%&') for the analysis of uncertainty in the calculation of criticality and burn#up! 6.) ! $%&') re5uires nuclear data in the form of A%E format! &uclear data with the A%E format can be obtained throu h the E&D1 6Evaluated &uclear Data 1ile) which has been processed by &7/8 applications!

CBC=GE#C? 0!CBGFCCE#C. determination of cell values. needed nuclear data E&D1 66Evaluated &uclear Data 1ile) specifically based on certain temperatures in accordance with the A%E format! (sers only need to make input file in accordance with the re5uired data and then run on &7/8! (pon &7/8 run. 9 preparation of input parameters 6the data enerated fuel density and coolant density.!?0B-. G!?G-BBB?-E#C0 # # # # # # # # 2cm= 2cm= 2cm= (niform (niform (niform .=E#C? E!FGC?F??=!GF.!E?EEGFE#C? 0!. enerate cross# sections on temperature and specific isotopes. code development.FF?-CE#C0 . kcode). terrace with $%&') . the data obtained by the new format! C#D$ D$&$'#PM$N %ode developed usin python script that coupled to usin $%&') pro ram for the calculation of burn#up! The main pro ram display there is a choice if the calculation takes into account the uncertainties in the input parameters or not! A('$ " (ncertainty 4ariable "nput 6durin irradiation history) &aria!le 1uel temperature 1uel Density (ranium 6 0=-( ) 6 0=E( ) 6 0=. surface. the calculation was done by usin cross#sections of data libraries continuous ener y E&D1 2 3#4"! 6-) M$ %#DS 1low input uncertainty calculation for burn#up calculation on '+.( ) /ksi en 6/) %oolant Density Hidro en 6H) /ksi en 6/0) 3oron 6-3?C) Units Distri!ution Nominal )Nilai #RI* BCC Deviation Standard # Min Ma+ : (niform #?A D?A 2cm= 2cm= 2cm= 2cm= &ormal &ormal &ormal &ormal . then put the parameters in accordance with a probability density function 6'D1)! 6?) (ncertainty of the input parameters fuel temperature taken into account by takin about @ ?A of the nominal value at BCC:! *o it takes a nuclear data on the certain temperature at the burn#up calculation in $%&'). # # # #?A #?A #?A D?A D?A D?A . *imulation and analysis of results! The process of data enerated fuel density.F=E#C= ?!0==?BBE= 0!CG.!=ECCE--FE#C0 ?!E=F=G-CCE#C.*imulations performed for the calculation of criticality and burn#up for '+. material. coolant density and fuel temperature takes into account the uncertainty usin <H* method! 6=) >enerate sample be ins by determinin the number of samples that you want to enerate.

B0EDC? ?.0.GCEDC? =.E0=B? ?. coolant density and fuel Temperature 6BCC:)! (ncertainty calculation used is <atin Hypercube *amplin 6<H*)! The data to define the variable ) is9 type! 1uel rod pitch is ?!0G cm! 1uel claddin is made of Iircaloy#.GCEDC? ime )days* C.GCEDC? =..-0EDC0 0..CCEDCC ?.E. G F E B ?C Duration )days* C. C.ECEDC0 0.? 2cm=! 1uel diameter is E!C.?-00E =.GA! 61rom ?!C?=BF to ?!C0EE-)! A('$ " %alculation *imulation .-.GCEDC? F..BBE-G =C.EDC0 ?.!-A 0=-( density of ?C!.=G =E.BF?G0 =.?E?.GBEDC? C.GBEDCC ?.up ?.GCEDC? =. C.?-EDC? ?.CCEDCC =. the distribution of parameter values and a lot of the desired sample! (ncertainty of input variables ) and distribution models are presented in Table ? Account for uncertainty in the input parameters should be references to the data distribution parameters to used in process of enerate data! /nce the input parameters entered.?E0 ?.GCEDC? =.B-.?CBGC ??.?-EFF =.E00F= ?.CCCCC ?.GCEDC? =.EDC? ?.C-CF= ?.E and hei ht of fuel assemblies is =G.FE0 ?.CG==? ?B.esults :eff and 3urn#up to (ncertainty 1uel density.CCEDCC =.C0EE0G.0CEDC? ?.") and takin into account the uncertainties 6<H*) on the fuel density. input Uncertainty -eff (urn.?FB0.GCEDC? =.up ?.C=0E? 0.B.E.?GEDC0 0.BBBC.EDC? Considerin.0=BCB .CEEDC0 ?.BF0B =. modeled by cell enerates bounded by surfaces in three dimensions by fuel type (/0 pellets with =G-cm hei ht! /peratin power reactors is -. terrace! '+.CE?C0 ?-.?==GE F.GCEDC? =. coolant density dan fuel temperature 6BCC J:) as shown in table 0! The avera e value of burn#up re ardless of the uncertainty has a hi her value than takin into account uncertainty! :eff value in step F to account for uncertainty rise ?!.EEEDC0 =.?0?FF.B.FG=G. respectively BCC : and G00 : while the temperature of moderator is -FG :! $%&') simulation for burn#up calculation is done by modelin the eometry of '+.C?=BF 0.GCEDC0 N ot Considerin. $+ with fuel temperature BCC:! R$SU' S AND DISCUSSI#N %omparison of keff and burn up calculations without uncertainty 6/.BF =.0BF0F ?. input Uncertainty -eff (urn.CFEDC? C.GEDC? C.G. =.EDC0 =.GCEDC? =.C=G0G 00.EDCC ?. fuel assemblies composed by ?FH?F lattice (/0 fuel rods with enrichment ."nput parameter uncertainty is calculated fuel density . %oolant density and 1uel temperature 6BCC:) Step C ? 0 = .-B0F= C.GCEDC? =.. the burn#up calculation usin $%&')! This calculation produced on burn#up values and keff SIMU'A I#N '+.??-G?.?F0F C. with a thickness of C!C-F? cm! 1uel assemblies moderated and cooled by li ht water with a density of C!F0= 2cm=! 1uel temperature and claddin modeled..CFE??.??BCB ?.=?EDC? ?.

'. 7!D! %/(.! -! G! Entin Hartini. *!%! 1. 7im c!:uijper.:eff and and the burn#up calculation comparison chart not considerin uncertainty and considerin uncertainty shows as in 1i ure0! B urn Up vs K eff 1. p!EF-#EE. 0CCF! . "ifferent temperatures/. $artin A! I"$$E. fuel density and coolant density of the development of the code obtained simulation results9 %alculated keff and burn up to account for uncertainty 6<H*) look different si nificantly with the input parameters uncertainties include fuel density and coolant density at BCC J :! R$/$R$NC$S ?! 0! =! . 4ol . 0CCG K$%&') 6version 0!-!C) # A >eneral $onte %arlo &N'article Transport %odeL <os Alamos %ontrolled 'ublication..00000 30. 0CCG 7!*! HE&D. A"' %onference 'roceedin s. 7avier *an. ?0. Actinides M "sotopes >roup. Dinan Andiwijayakusuma K *tatistical (ncertainty Analysis Applied to %riticality %alculationL .60CCF) &uria >arcia#Herran. *%"E&%E and TE%&/</>8. The &etherlands.akesh %HA+<A K Statistical Uncertainty Analysis Applie" to (uel Depletion CalculationsL.eport.00000 K eff 0. and 8! ."%:*.20000 0. /scar %abellos.20000 1..60000 0.afael $A%"A&. <A#?0EB?. &o G. &ewyork. <os Alamos &ational <aboratory . ? in ACE format at -. /! %A3E<</*.$A&& and . The 0 nd "nternational %onference on Advances in &uclear *cience and En ineerin 0CCB 6"%A&%E &ovember 0CCB). 7esus 7uan.40000 1. $elville.>#1uel. KE&D123#4" Data for $%&'L..40000 0.00000 0.T.00000 20.(>A$A! *Processing an" vali"ation of +E((. "nternational %onference on &uclear Data for *cience and Technolo y.A&:<E..80000 0. 0C?C .00000 50.00000 L HS OR I 10.00000 B urn Up /I0UR$1" ! *imulation results :eff and 3urn#up %alculation to (ncertainty 1uel Density and %oolant Density at Temperature Density BCC: C#NC'USI#NS 3ase on the research has made development of code for input uncertainty analysis on the calculation of burn#up! /f the developed software can do a sensitivity analysis to see the effect on burn#up calculations to include the input parameter uncertainty for temperature.00000 40. K Propagation of Statistical an" Nuclear Data Uncertainties in )onte Carlo !urn-up Calculations L. 7ournal of &(%<EA.. &.