Minutes of the Tanworth-in-Arden Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 20th June 2013 at 19.

30 hours at Earlswood Village Hall Present: Councillor Willmott Chairman!" Councillor #tanton" Councillor $eogh" Councillor %&'rien" Councillor Jones" Councillor (nstone" Cllr Waters" Cllr )oss and Cllr (nstone Councillor %a*ley +or ,art o+ the meeting!" (n -ttendance. /iane Weir 0 1ocum Cler* 2em3ers o+ the 4u3lic. 5 Public Forum 2r 6arnsworth" Clu3 #ecretary +or #hirley Town 6oot3all Clu3 was ,resent to outline the Clu3&s re7uest regarding the ,ossi3le use o+ the grassed area at 2althouse 1ane +or the 8nder 11s +oot3all teams. He ad9ised that the teams ha9e 3een 9ery success+ul" 3ut since the 6oot3all -ssociation&s change o+ rules" the teams now ,lay 9 aside instead o+ : aside +oot3all" 3ut this re7uires they use a larger ,itch. He re7uested the 4arish Council consider the Clu3&s re7uest to use the grassed area at 2althouse 1ane +or a tem,orary ,eriod. The Clu3 would 3e res,onsi3le +or mar*ing the ,itch" goal,osts would 3e ta*en down and stored with a local resident 3etween matches. 2r 6arnsworth con+irmed that the Clu3 would 3e ha,,y to ma*e a donation to use the land. He res,onded to a num3er o+ 7uestions raised 3y mem3ers regarding use o+ the land. The Chairman than*ed 2r 6arnsworth +or attending the meeting and ad9ised that the 4arish Council would consider his re7uest" together with another re7uest which the 4arish Council had recei9ed to use the area. 2r 6arnsworth con+irmed that the Clu3 only wished to use 1 ,itch. The Chairman con+irmed that the 4arish Council would 3e in a ,osition to noti+y the Clu3 o+ it&s decision within 2 wee*s. 2rs 'utler 7ueried ownershi, o+ the land at 6orshaw Heath on which the 4arish Council&s notice3oard was situated. #he ad9ised that the land was not maintained. The Chairman ad9ised that he 3elie9ed the land was highway land and he understood that the the grass was to 3e cut 1 metre +rom the road. The Chairman con+irmed that he had as*ed the 4arish Council&s 4ar* Warden to cut the grass around the notice3oard and 1 metre either side o+ the ,ath. 2r Wil*ins was ,resent in su,,ort o+ his a,,lication to 3e co;o,ted onto the 4arish Council. He introduced himsel+ to mem3ers and outlined the reasons why he +elt he should 3e co;o,ted. The Chairman than*ed 2r Wil*ins +or his ,resentation and ad9ised that the 4arish Council would consider his a,,lication at the a,,ro,riate item on the -genda. County Councillor 4erry u,dated mem3ers on ,ro,osals +or the mo3ile li3rary ser9ice. The ser9ice would 3e cut +rom < to 3 9ehicles" some routes were well used" 3ut others were not and the Council were trying to rationalise the ser9ice and reductions ,lanned on the 3asis o+ usage although the Council would continue with the house3ound ser9ices. Concern was raised a3out -lderhanger 1ane and in ,articular the lay 3y" with the continuing ,ro3lems o+ anti; social 3eha9iour and +ly ti,,ing. Councillor 4erry ad9ised that /istrict Councillor -t*inson was going to raise this with Worcester to see i+ something could 3e done" as this lay 3y was on the 3order. Councillor 4erry u,dated mem3ers on the ,ro,osals 3y Warwic*shire and West 2ercia ,olice +or a new =oint ,olicing a,,roach co9ering Here+ordshire" >orth Warwic*shire" >orth Worcestershire" #hro,shire" #outh Warwic*shire" #outh Worcestershire and Tel+ord ? Wre*in. He re+erred to ,ro,osed changes to ,olice community su,,ort o++icers 4C#%&s! ,owers and hours with 333 4C#%&s 3eing em,loyed +rom the end o+ #e,tem3er. The ,owers o+ 4C#%&s would 3e increased and in certain cases" their hours. He re,orted that the starting salaries o+ ,olice o++icers would 3e @22"000. 6ollowing a com,rehensi9e re9iew it had 3een agreed that West 2ercia 4olice will continue to wor* with #ta++ordshire 4olice and West 2idlands 4olice within the Central 2otorway 4olice Arou,. )e+erence was made to a 4ress )elease a3out sa, +eeding insects on trees which caused honey dew +all. The decision on the ,lanning a,,lication +or Woodlands 6arm" Cut Throat 1ane was raised.. There was concern a3out HAV&s" and sa+ety im,lications. 2em3ers noted that a lot o+ conditions had 3een im,osed 3y the 4lanning -uthority.


There were no +urther matters raised during 4u3lic 6orum and the Chairman o,ened the 2eeting commencing with the ,u3lished agenda. 13/14/ 4 - A!ologies for absence " Cllr 6itB,atric*" /istrict Councillor -t*inson due to a +amily +uneral and Councillor %a*ley who was at a ,rior meeting and ho,ed to attend the 4arish Council meeting later. 13/14/ 41 - #eclarations of Personal or Pre$udicial %nterest " Councillor $eogh 0 item 12 0 Consideration o+ con9ersion o+ Village Hall 1oan to an (nterest 'earing 1oan 13/14/ 4& - To Confirm and sign the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting " 1' h Ma( & 13 and the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council " 1'th Ma( & 13 6ollowing a ,ro,osal 3y Councillor #tanton" seconded 3y Councillor Jones. %T )A* +,*-./,#:- that a! the minutes o+ the 4arish Council 2eeting held on 1Cth 2ay 2013 3e a,,ro9ed and 3! the minutes o+ the -nnual 2eeting o+ the 4arish Council held on 1C th 2ay 2013 3e a,,ro9ed. 13/14/ 43 - Matters arising from the minutes not otherwise dealt with " Councillor )oss re+erred to the ,lanning a,,lication +or 6air+ield" 'road 1ane which had 3een dealt with under delegated ,owers and the anomalies raised. %T )A* +,*-./,#: that Councillors )ossD%&'rien 3e delegated to ,re,are a res,onse on 3ehal+ o+ the 4arish Council to the Head o+ 4lanning" #trat+ord /istrict Council" with regard to the ,lanning a,,lication which it was +elt should ha9e 3een resu3mitted +or the 4arish Council&s comments. These had 3een made on the original a,,lication and 3ased on a +alse ,remise. The letter to 3e circulated to mem3ers. 13/14/ 44- Matters raised in the Public Forum 0 The Chairman re+erred to the ,ro,osals outlined in 4u3lic 6orum +or 4C#%&s and as*ed Councillor 4erry to ad9ise West 2idlands 4olice how much the 4arish Council 9alues the ser9ices o+ its local 4C#% and would li*e to retain the ser9ices o+ the current 4C#% within the ,arish. (t was +elt that the ,resence o+ the 4C#% within the ,arish discouraged crime. Cllr #tanton re+erred to the num3er o+ lorries ,ar*ing 3y the )ose ? Crown" 4ortway and Cllr $eogh ad9ised that ,erha,s 9ehicle registration num3ers should 3e ta*en. The re7uest to use the ,laying +ield in 2althouse 1ane to 3e on the -genda o+ the neEt 6inance and Aeneral 4ur,oses Committee 2eeting. 13/14/ 40 - To 1ote %tems of Corres!ondence +ecei2ed " The corres,ondence list was recei9ed and noted3 The Chairman ,assed the Chair to Councillor %&'rien" Chairman o+ 4lanning Committee" to deal with two items o+ corres,ondence relating to ,lanning. Tanworth Educational 6oundation 0 >omination o+ )e,resentati9e 0 it was agreed that this corres,ondence 3e dealt with 3y the neEt 6inance ? Aeneral 4ur,oses Committee 2eeting. C.22 in res,onse to a 7uery" Councillor %a*ley con+irmed that there were no ,ro,osals to alter the ,arish 3oundaries. C.53 #ta3les ; Councillor $eogh stated that the 3uilding was 3ecoming derelict. The Chairman ad9ised that he would u,date mem3ers. 13/14/ 4' - Finance i! Councillor #tanton ,ro,osed that the 4arish Council ado,t the minutes o+ the 6inance Committee o+ 2nd 2ay 2013. %T )A* +,*-./,#: that the 6inance Committee 2inutes 3e ado,ted. ii! Chairman&s re,ort. -ll electrical items had 3een 4-T tested and the 4arish Council had had to ,ay +or wor* on the lease. There was also a /onation to Warwic*shire /omestic Violence #u,,ort #er9ices. iii! (tems +or ,ayment. (t was ,ro,osed 3y Councillor #tanton that the ,ayments were ta*en en 3loc. %T )A* +,*-./,#: that the ,ayments ,resented 3e a,,ro9ed.. The Chairman ,assed the neEt item to the Chair o+ 4lanning" Councillor %&'rien. 13/14/ 44 " Planning i! Councillor %&'rien ,ro,osed that the 4arish Council ado,t the minutes o+ the 4lanning Committee 2eeting o+ 2nd 2ay 2013" %T )A* +,*-./,#: that the 4lanning Committee 2inutes 3e ado,ted3 ii! Chairman&s )e,ort.


iii! The +ollowing decisions were noted. 13D00FC3D681 The %asis" 9C 2althouse 1ane

i25 To consider the following !lanning a!!lications: -,,lication >um3er 13/ 1164/F7. -ddress Coni+ers 'lind 1ane 4ro,osal 4ro,osed erection o+ two storey and single storey rear eEtensions including dormer windows Comments The ,ro,osed eEtension seems eEcessi9e. The 4arish Council 8nderstand the Core #trategy has not 3een acce,ted 3y the /istrict Council and as such the a,,lication should 3e considered under the eEisting ,lanning guidance relating to 30G. The 4arish Council to o3=ect and Councillors (nstone and $eogh to 9isit neigh3ours to see i+ any +urther comments to 3e made. e. Chec* i+ contrary to eEisting green 3elt ,olicy 0 should 3e considered against current ,lanning legislation and re=ected on grounds o+ siBe do not thin* warrants H9ery s,ecial circumstances& a,,ly in accordance with 44A2. -lthough not listed considered o+ signi+icant interest in the ,arish. (na,,ro,riate de9elo,ment +or the green 3elt" unsym,athetic on o,enness o+ the countryside and o9er3earing on the street scene

13/ 13 3/F7.

1ittle 'ic*erscourt 6arm" 4ig Trot 1ane

4ro,osed erection o+ single storey sideDrear eEtension

13/ 4ro,osed two 13Fstorey The eEte 1 68/F7. Common

4ro,osed eEtensions and single storey rear eEtension to eEisting 3ungalow" insertion o+ rear dormer window and erection o+ entrance gates and railings

Councillor %&'rien ,assed the Chair 3ac* to the Chairman and +ollowing a ,ro,osal 3y the Chairman . %T )A* +,*-./,#. that the meeting 3e closed to ena3le 4u3lic 6orum to continue. /istrict Councillor %a*ley re,orted to mem3ers on 9arious matters including the #trat+ord on -9on 1ocal /e9elo,ment 6ramewor* and the Core #trategy. The Chairman ,ro,osed that this matter 3e considered 3y the 4lanning Committee. %T )A* +,*-./,#: that this matter 3e de+erred to the 4arish Council&s 4lanning Committee +or consideration" /istrict Councillor %a*ley to 3e in9ited to gi9e a ,resentation to the Committee and to ,re,are a ,a,er +or circulation


to the mem3ers. The meeting continued with the 4u3lished -genda. 13/14/ 46 To recei2e the Minutes of the 1eighbourhood Plan *ub Committee Meeting held on 1'th A!ril & 13 and the draft minutes of &1st Ma( & 13 of the 1eighbourhood Plan *ub Committee Councillor #tanton ,ro,osed that the 4arish Council acce,t the minutes o+ the >eigh3ourhood 4lan #u3 Committee 2eeting held on 1Cth -,ril and the dra+t 2inutes o+ the #u3 Committee 2eeting held on 21st 2ay 2013. . %T )A* +,*-./,#: that the 4arish Council ado,t the 2inutes o+ the >eigh3ourhood 4lan #u3 Committee 2eeting held on 1Cth -,ril and the dra+t 2inutes o+ the #u3 Committee 2eeting held on 21st 2ay 2013. 13/14/ 48 - To consider the recommendations of the Finance and 9eneral Pur!oses Committee re: Par: Closure Times 2em3ers considered the ,ro3lems ,osed with cars 3eing le+t in the car,ar* a+ter it was closed and the re7uirement +or a sign to ad9ise car,ar* users o+ the call out charge i+ they had to contact the 4ar* $ee,er to attend to let them out o+ the car ,ar*. 6ollowing consideration o+ the Committee&s recommendationsI %T )A* +,*-./,#: that a! the 4arish Council charge a call out +ee o+ @<0 i+ it is necessary +or the 4ar* $ee,er to attend the car,ar* a+ter closing time 3! a +ee o+ @10 3e ,aid to the 4ar* $ee,er i+ the 4ar* $ee,er is not on duty ,lus an additional sum to 3e agreed c! a,,ro,riate ad9ice to 3e sought i+ re7uired" on the wording o+ signage 13/14/ 0 " To consider the recommendation of the Finance and 9eneral Pur!oses Committee re con2erting the /illage ;all .oan to an %nterest <earing .oan Councillor $eogh declared an interest and too* in ,art in the discussion. %T )A* +,*-./,#= that the 4arish Council acce,t the recommendation o+ the 6inance and Aeneral 4ur,oses Committee +or the outstanding loan on the Village Hall eEtension to 3e con9erted +rom an interest +ree loan to an interest 3earing loan ,lus 1 JG. 13/14/ 01 " To consider the recommendation of the Finance and 9eneral Pur!ose Committee re ma:ing Councillor Cunningham a >e( ;older and Contact on -ffice Alarm *(stem %T )A* +,*-./,#: that the 4arish Council nominate Councillor Cunningham as an additional *ey holder and also as a contact +or the o++ice alarm system. The Cler* to noti+y the 4arish Council&s (nsurers. 13/14/ 0& " +e!ort re: Centenar( Commemorations for )orld )ar 1 %T )A* +,*-./,#. that this item 3e de+erred to the neEt 4arish Council 2eeting. 13/14/ 03 " %tems for Communit( Forum There were no ,ro,osals or suggestions 13/14/ 04 " )or: around the Parish Councillor $eogh ad9ised that the Council ha9e still not ,ut the signs straight at Cut Throat 1ane and /yers 1ane. 'roo* 6arm (ndustrial Estate Car,ar*" Valley )oad 13/14/ 00 " %tems for Future Agenda (n addition to those items a,,ro9ed during the meeting" consideration o+ #ta++ing 4olicies" /e+i3ulators and 6irst )es,onders" #trat+ord on -9on&s 1ocal /e9elo,ment 6ramewor* ; Core #trategy 8,date" " /octor&s Hill" Tanworth.; Victorian lam, standard. 13/14/ 0' " +esolution to e?clude Members of the Press and Public due to items of a Confidential 1ature to be discussed3 6ollowing a ,ro,osal 3y the Chairman. %T )A* +,*-./,#. that the 4arish Council go into con+idential session to eEclude any mem3ers o+ the ,ress and ,u3lic +rom the meeting. . 13/14/ 04 " To consider co-o!ting a new member onto the Parish Council


6ollowing the ,resentation 3y the a,,licant during 4u3lic 6orum" mem3ers noted that only one candidate had 3een a3le to attend and +elt that a decision should 3e de+erred until the other candidate could 3e considered. %T )A* +,*-./,#: that co;o,tion 3e de+erred to the neEt 4arish Council 2eeting in order that the 4arish Council can consider the other candidate +or co;o,tion. Councillor (nstone a3stained +rom 9oting. 13/14/ 06 " To note date@ !lace and time of ne?t Meeting Thursday" 1Fth July 2013 at Tanworth Village Hall. The meeting closed at &134 hours3