Expository Composition A Definition of Sleepwalking Disorder Sleepwalking episodes usually occur during the first third of the night

during the deepest phase of sleep. The episodes can last anywhere from a few minutes up to one hour, with five to ! minutes "eing average. Sleepwalkers appear to "e awake "ut are typically unresponsive to individuals who attempt to communicate with them. #ersons who sleepwalk typically have no memory or awareness of their actions or movement upon waking. There appears to "e a genetic component for individuals who sleepwalk. The condition is $ times more likely to occur in close relatives of known sleepwalkers than in the general pu"lic. As sleep deprivation often contri"utes to sleepwalking, increasing the amount of time scheduled for sleep can "e helpful. %ther possi"le triggers for sleepwalking include alcohol and certain medications. Also, experts recommend esta"lishing a regular, relaxing routine prior to "edtime to cope with sleepwalking. There is no specific treatment for sleepwalking. &n many cases simply improving sleep hygiene may eliminate the pro"lem. &f you are experiencing symptoms, you should talk to your doctor or a sleep specialist a"out ways to prevent in'ury during the episodes and a"out the possi"ility of underlying illness. Also, "e prepared to discuss with your doctor or pediatrician any factors, such as fatigue, medication, or stress, which may trigger symptoms.

ood day. +eralco Avenue.Argumentative Composition (etter to Department of Education a"out Sex Education )r. .to provide /uality "asic education that is e/uita"ly accessi"le to all and lay the foundation for life0long learning and service for the common good.&. & am suggesting that Sex Education is the only thing that is needed to gratify the need of your mission. a typical student respects and fully supports the mission of the Department of Education. Ta"ernilla . 4ope that you5ll read my letter.1 & "elieve that this mission envisions to provide a high /uality education. Armin A. *rancis 6ave 7. (uistro *SC Department of Education DepEd Complex. . 2ith regards to this. & "elieve the teaching the Sex Education is a thing that all the citi3ens need to comply with you mission. #asig City .od )lessTruly yours. *rancis Ta"ernilla.

Choosing the right words rather than the wrong ones can have a similar dramatic impact on our results. we often have to choose words to encapsulate or accompany our messages. is that the re0written message contains the emotional content that is lacking in the first message. As names have power. "efore reading on. 8o one is more aware of the power of words than media executives. however. The video provides a good example of how this works in practice. At the same time. . 2hy should that "e: 2ell. Although "oth messages have exactly the same "asic meaning. 2e saw from the video. somewhere. in all kinds of ways. in terms of their meaning. television ad sales reps "oast that a positive 9$ second commercial can change the "uying ha"its of the pu"lic. two messages can "e identical. They claim instead that such movies reflect rather than influence anti0social acts. The difference "etween choosing the right words and the wrong words is very well illustrated indeed. have conflicting opinions on the way words impact the audience. we should never underestimate the power of the tongue.2ords are pale shadows of forgotten names. think a"out the following /uestion for a moment or two. it is the second message that engages our emotions. "ut they can impact people in entirely different ways. of course. &t started me thinking a"out how the words we choose really do have the power to impact our reality. would you have stopped to put a coin in that man<s tin after reading his re0written message: The answer. %n one hand.1 2hile it is generally accepted that actions speak louder than words. 2hen you come to think a"out the different kinds of messages we put out in everyday life. Two divisions of the media. 2ords can wring tears from the hardest hearts. 8early every waking moment of our lives is spent talking or listening to someone. &t can "e used to "uild up or tear down.8arrative Composition #ower of 2ords . filmmakers claim that a raunchy $$ minute movie has virtually no negative impact on social "ehavior. 2ords can light fires in the minds of men. words have power. (ast time we were wonderful video a"out the power of words.

8o applause please. )eing surrounded "y the wrong people is the loneliest thing in the world. .#eople think "eing alone makes you lonely. There are many people I have found from all walks of life that share my circumstances. &t was cool there. There is a reason we as human "eings face different trials in our lives. >ou learn to take care of yourself and not depend on others to do things for you. "ecause it5s a ! minutes without talking anyone. An especially important advantage of living alone is also the fact that you learn independence and responsi"ility "ecause you must remem"er a"out paying "ills on time or a"out doing your own shopping for your own necessities. &t was a different side of me. 2e all face situations. "ut & think that5s not true.1 To live alone can have "oth advantages and disadvantages and it isn<t the "est decision for everyone. choosing. 2hen one lives alone he=she can dictate his=her life as he=she sees fit. &t speaks volumes to "e such a short order of words. ?uite possi"ly there is a master plan for all of us. There can "e many advantages to living alone. & heard that phrase somewhere. Others do share the same burden. a "lissful air can "e feel. & was left alone at the 6apanese garden. at place at the "ack of the *A&T4. and events in our lives that are not to our liking. %ne does not have to consider another person<s preferences when it comes to food. nor entertainment. &n my situation. both men. & didn<t coin that phrase. there5s no noise hat you could hear from there. )eing defeated and "roken "y this test of life is not an option & consider or give place to. chores.Descriptive composition Alone . 8o. aside from some cars. & am not to /uestion why@. circumstances. young. &t5s also a /uiet place there. or understanding. I do find some solace and comfort in knowing that I am not alone or indifferent in my struggle. & am "ut to do or die. and old alike. women.