Minutes of the Tanworth-in-Arden Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 15th August 2013 at 19.30 hours at arlswood !

illage "all Pu#lic $oru% District Councillor Atkinson and District Councillor Oakley were present in the Public Forum, together with Jenny Buckley. &e'ort fro% County Councillor Perry Councillor Perry sent his apologies but asked the Clerk to mention that the !mph electronic signs are now in place on "he Common. #e also reported that a "ra$$ic %egulation Order is being issued on &eptember 'th $or the double yellow lines in the (eyhole in )althouse *ane. Pro+iding there are no ob,ections in the week consultation period $ollowing that, an instruction will be gi+en to go ahead to the contractor. &e'ort fro% (istrict Councillor At)inson Councillor Atkinson re$erred to the pre+ious minutes and wished to comment on a $ew points. #e $elt that Councillor Oakley was not -uite correct in saying that the .o+ernment/s year scheme which sees the temporary rela0ation o$ Permitted De+elopment %ights will be an 1o$$icer dri+en/ process as it has now been agreed that there is an obligation to consult with neighbours. Councillor Atkinson said it is known that he was opposed to a !2 guideline $igure when ,udging e0tensions to buildings within the .reen Belt in &trat$ord District whilst Councillor Oakley was in $a+our o$ retaining the !2. Councillor Atkinson highlighted a $ew occasions when his $ellow 3ard )ember Councillor Oakley had supported planning applications which were in e0cess o$ !2 and against o$$icers/ recommendations, despite maintaining he was against any remo+al o$ the guideline as proposed in the new Core &trategy. 3ith re$erence to the Core &trategy, Councillor Atkinson $elt that the statement re$erring to the so4called 3inyates "riangle which lies within &trat$ord District Council/s .reen Belt being trans$erred to %edditch is not correct as the land will remain within &trat$ord District Council/s control. Councillor Atkinson said that only the Boundary Commissioners can amend local authority boundaries. Councillor Atkinson $elt that as $ar as he can interpret there are no dramatic changes in the Core &trategy compared to the February 5!65 dra$t and said that he would be interested in a comparati+e analysis o$ the changes $rom Councillor Oakley i$ he $eels that there are many changes. &o $ar as the threat to .reen Belt is concerned Councillor %oss pointed out that, although Councillor Atkinson had said that nothing had changed in the Core &trategy, it is clear that .reen Belt +illages like "anworth and 7arlswood 8and a new location called 3ood 7nd9 will ha+e to take their share o$ new housing in the District. :p to '! in the case o$ the $irst two and up to 5' at ;3ood 7nd< could be built o+er the ne0t 6' years. Councillor %oss asked why Councillor Atkinson seemed happy to allow this intrusion in the .reen Belt. 3as it now a case o$ 1anything goes/= Did Councillor Atkinson ha+e any ;red lines< beyond which he was not prepared to accept de+elopment in the .reen Belt= Councillor Atkinson responded that a $igure o$ 5'4'! houses per *ocal &er+ice >illage may be mentioned but this is a 1notional/ $igure. #e stated that he cannot see any material changes in the Core &trategy and i$ one looks at page ?6 o$ the Core &trategy there is still protection there. Councillor %oss pointed out that, although it does say in this section that there is continued protection $or the .reen Belt, in another section it says -uite the opposite about the need to disperse new houses. "here$ore, in $uture, a planning o$$icer will be le$t with the task o$ balancing one section o$ the Core &trategy against the other. Councillor %oss asked i$ Councillor Atkinson denied that, when the Core &trategy becomes the adopted *ocal Plan, o$$icers will be able to -uote the need to disperse housing in the adopted plan as a ,usti$ication $or agreeing de+elopments that would currently be re$used= Councillor Cunningham said that he agreed with Councillor %oss and there are other serious issues to consider. At the moment our +illages are washed o+er by the .reen Belt but i$ the Core &trategy is adopted this will be swept away and *&>s will lose their .reenbelt status. Also it was recently reported in a local newspaper that Birmingham/s Council leader &ir Albert Bore said that !,!!! homes will ha+e to be built on .reen$ield and .reen Belt land in &utton Cold$ield and across the city border in 3orcestershire, &ta$$ordshire and 3arwickshire. Councillor Cunningham asked Councillor Atkinson to comment on whether &DC are in negotiation with Birmingham City Council. Councillor Atkinson said that he would take this away and get a de$initi+e answer and report back. #e added that he does not belie+e that the .reenbelt will +anish.

)inutes o$ the "anworth4in4Arden Parish Council meeting held on "hursday 6'th August 5!6 * 2013

&e'ort fro% (istrict +a)ley Councillor Councillor Oakley clari$ied his comments about PD%s now being 1o$$icer dri+en/. #e had used this term because $or these three years, only planning o$$icers will see applications $or e0tensions. @$ the immediate neighbours do not ob,ect there will be no means o$ escalating the application to be decided at a Planning Committee as there will be no need to consult either Parish Councils or 3ard )embers. &o $ar as +oting $or the Core &trategy as a whole, Councillor Oakley said he had been in a considerable dilemmaA i$ he had +oted against the Core &trategy the District might ha+e ended up with no policy at all and there would ha+e been no protection $rom de+elopers. Councillor Oakley said that there are interesting -uestions to be debated because Birmingham is hoping $or a trade4o$$ o$ land. "he Public Forum closed at B.!'pm

)inutes o$ the "anworth4in4Arden Parish Council meeting held on "hursday 6'th August 5!6 * 2013

Minutes of the Tanworth-in-Arden Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 15th August 2013 at 19.30 hours at arlswood !illage "all PresentA Councillor 3illmott 8Chairman9, Councillor O/Brien, Councillor Jones, Councillor Oakley, Councillor Cunningham, Councillor 3aters, Councillor 3illiams, Councillor &tanton and Councillor %oss @n AttendanceA Julie 3hite CClerk to the Council "he Chairman welcomed new Councillor Janet 3illiams to the Parish Council. 13,1-,0./ 4 A'ologies for a#sence C Councillor FitDpatrick, Councillor (eogh and Councillor @nstone 13,1-,0.0 4 (eclarations of Personal or Pre1udicial 2nterest C none 13,1-,0.. C To Confir% and sign the Minutes of3 i4 The Parish Council Meeting of 5uly 1.th 20136 Councillor O1Brien said that the $ollowing had been said at the meeting and asked $or it to be included in the minutesA Mrs Buckley stated that during the consultation there had been 17 responses in favour of the removal of the 30% rule and 27 responses in favour of retaining the 30% rule. ouncillor !tkinson confirmed this. Councillor &tanton con$irmed that she had sent in her apologies $or not attending the meeting the $ollowing morning and asked $or this to be recorded. 3ith these amendments, Councillor Cunningham proposed that the minutes were a true and accurate record. &econded by Councillor Oakley. All those present at the last meeting were in $a+our. @t was resol+ed that the minutes accepted and Councillor 3illmott duly signed them. ii4 The 7'ecial Meeting of August 1st 2013 Councillor &tanton proposed that the minutes were a true and accurate record o$ the meeting. Councillor Oakley seconded the proposal. All those present were in $a+our. 13,1-,0.9 - Matters arising fro% the %inutes not otherwise dealt with C none 13,1-,090- Matters raised in the Pu#lic $oru% 6 none 13,1-,091 - To 8ote 2te%s of Corres'ondence &ecei9ed C "he correspondence list was recei+ed and noted. "he $ollowing items were highlighted by "he ClerkA /.- C #arry &tebbing 3orkshop 4 Euote $or sign $or the >illage .reen. "he Clerk was asked to con$irm with our &olicitor that there is no reason not to erect this sign and pro+iding the &olicitor raises no issues, the Clerk is to go ahead and order it. /.65F C First %esponders C "he Clerk asked members when they would like the First %esponders to a meeting, but asked them to bear in mind that ne0t month the First %esponders would be attending the A.) o$ the 7arlswood and Forshaw #eath %esidents/ Association. @t was agreed that a decision on their attendance would be de$erred until a$ter they had attended the %esidents/ A.). /.1.- C %ay "unstall C Euote $or cleaning up bench on the >illage .reen. "he Clerk was asked to accept this -uote and ask )r "unstall to proceed with the work. /.192 6 @)@ C Euote $or cleaning the war memorial on the >illage .reen. "he price was considered too high and Councillor 3aters said that she would pass an alternati+e number on to "he Clerk. /.200 C 3CC C %e-uest $or details o$ co$$ee mornings, lunch clubs etc. /.201 C 7arlswood G Forshaw #eath %esidents/ Association C re-uest $or items $or newsletter. 13,1-,092 - $inance i9 Councillor 3illmott proposed that we adopt the minutes o$ the Finance Committee $rom F th July 5!6 . &econded by Councillor &tanton. All in $a+our. ii9 Chairman/s reportA A lot was discussed. iii9 @tems $or paymentA @t was proposed by Councillor &tanton and seconded by Councillor Cunningham that the payments were taken en bloc. All in $a+our. . 13,1-,093 6 Planning i9 Councillor Jones proposed that we adopt the minutes o$ the Planning Committee )eeting $rom F th July 5!6 ,

)inutes o$ the "anworth4in4Arden Parish Council meeting held on "hursday 6'th August 5!6 * 2013

seconded by Councillor %oss. All in $a+our. ii9 Chairman/s %eportA no report. iii9 "he $ollowing decisions were notedA Planning 8u%#er 6 H!6FF5H"PO 6 H!!I!'H*BC 6 H!!!I5HF:* Address 65 Arden *eys Forshaw Park Farm Oakhurst, &trat$ord %oad (ecision Consent Consent .ranted with Conditions %e$usal

Councillor O/Brien to liaise with the Clerk to discuss the best way to keep a record o$ pertinent planning application re$usals $rom &DC. i+9 "o consider the $ollowing planning applicationsA A''lication 8u%#er 13,01/59,$:; Address "he Flower (nott, 3arings .reen *ane &t )ary )agdalene Church 6 &henstone Cottage, Bates *ane Pro'osal %eplacement o$ garage and summerhouse with new HF bay timer $ramed garage Co%%ents Jo %epresentation 4 "he Parish Council considers this application to be an unattracti+e and undesired de+elopment. &upport. "hese old trees need regular pollarding to keep them in bounds.


*6 C *66 *ime C repollard back to trunk


Proposed single storey e0tension to rear, two storey e0tension to the side and replacement detached garage. Change o$ use o$ land $rom agricultural to a mi0ed use o$ agriculture and the use $or markets andHor car boot sales on &undays and Bank #oliday )ondays $or up to 5B days per calendar year. Proposed erection o$ orangery to rear and $irst $loor e0tension to rear. %eplacement doors and windows to the rear.

Ob,ection C"his de+elopment would be o+erbearing and would a$$ect the openness and character o$ the Conser+ation area. @t is not in keeping with the "anworth Conser+ation area in style or siDe. Ob,ection C "he Clerk to check on the policing o$ these car boot sales. "he Clerk will liaise with Cllr O/Brien o+er PC comments. Concern o+er tra$$ic nuisance was highlighted.


*and At Bransons Cross

13,01-/0,;<C 13,01-59,$:;

"he Old #ouse, "he .reen

#a+ing considered the comments $rom the Conser+ation O$$icer, the Parish Council make. Jo %epresentation.

13,1-,09- - :'date on the Core 7trategy Councillor Oakley con$irmed that there is an open consultation on the Core &trategy but it is only on 5 items which don/t a$$ect our Parish. "he germane point is that the Chie$ 70ecuti+e, Paul *ankester is sharing $iles to do with the land trans$er at "he 3inyates "riangle. Councillor Cunningham reported that &DC has announced a new &trategic *and A+ailability Assessment $or 7arlswood and "anworth. 13,1-,095 6 To (iscuss :nderta)ing a "ousing 8eeds 7ur9ey Discussion took place o+er undertaking a #ousing Jeeds &ur+ey. Councillor Oakley e0plained that it is about ha+ing something on paper which shows the wishes o$ the people o$ this area. "he Clerk had pre+iously circulated a copy

)inutes o$ the "anworth4in4Arden Parish Council meeting held on "hursday 6'th August 5!6 * 2013

o$ the sur+ey $orm which is used by 3arwickshire %ural Community Council who would conduct the #ousing Jeeds &ur+ey $or us i$ re-uired. @t was $elt that perhaps a #ousing Jeeds &ur+ey wasn/t the way $orward, but more a sur+ey as a means o$ gathering statistical e+idence using a $orm which the Parish Council create themsel+es. @t was agreed that this would be put on the ne0t Planning Agenda $or $urther discussion. All in $a+our 13,1-,09/ - To (iscuss an +ffice (isaster &eco9ery Plan Councillor Cunningham con$irmed that a disaster reco+ery plan is needed in the o$$ice. #e con$irmed that it $ormed part o$ his recommendations which would be co+ered in @tem 6B. 13,1-,090 6 To (iscuss the !ictorian 7treet ;a%' on (octors "ill Councillor %oss reported that the street lamp on Doctors #ill is at an angle. @t was agreed that the Clerk should contact County #ighways &treet *ighting Department at 3arwickshire County Council and ask them to sur+ey the lamp and let us know what they suggest. @$ they recommend re4siting they are to be asked $or an idea o$ costs. All in $a+our. 13,1-,09. 6 To Consider =ranting (is'ensation to Councillor >illia%s 2n &es'ect of all (ealings with the 1.50 2nclosure Award Trust @t was proposed by Councillor O/Brien and &econded by Councillor Oakley that Councillor 3illiams is gi+en dispensation in dealing with matters o$ the 6B'? @nclosure Award "rust $or a period o$ two years. All in $a+our. 13,1-,099 - Any 2te%s for Co%%unity $oru% 6 Councillor Oakley con$irmed that @nspector Chistie will be present at the ne0t community $orum on 65th &eptember at #enley Community *ibrary. Also Da+e Jash will be speaking about *&>/s and the Core &trategy at K. !pm. Councillor Oakley also asked as many people as possible to +ote on line. 13,1-,100- >or) around the Parish • &igns are dirty C "he Clerk to liaise with &treetscene to see what they recommend $or cleaning them. • "he double yellow lines ha+e not been reinstated along "he Causeway. 13,1-,101 6 2te%s for $uture Agenda 6 %ural Fairshare Petition "he Chairman then ad,ourned the meeting to allow a meeting o$ the "anworth @n Arden 6B'? @nclosure Award "rust to take place. Proposed by Councillor 3illmott and seconded by Councillor Jones. All in $a+our. "he meeting resumed at 56.F'. "he Clerk was no longer present and the remainder o$ the meeting was minuted by Councillor 3illmott. 13,1-,102 - &esolution to ?clude Me%#ers of the Press and Pu#lic due to ite%s of a Confidential 8ature to #e (iscussed @t was proposed by Councillor 3illmott and seconded by Councillor Cunningham to e0clude any members o$ the press and public $rom the meeting. All in $a+our. 13,1-,103 - To &ecei9e the &e'ort fro% the 7taffing 7u# Co%%ittee and Consider The &eco%%endations Contained >ithin The &e'ort A$ter discussion, it was agreed that the Chairman would call an 70traordinary )eeting on "hursday 55 nd August to gi+e members more time to go through the report. All in $a+our. 13,1-,10- - To note date@ 'lace and ti%e of ne?t Meeting3 0.30'% 6 Thursday 19th 7e'te%#er 2013 at Tanworth !illage "all "he meeting closed at 55.!! hours.



)inutes o$ the "anworth4in4Arden Parish Council meeting held on "hursday 6'th August 5!6 * 2013