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Minutes of the Tanworth-in-Arden Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 19th September 2 1! at 19"!

hours at Tanworth #illage $all Public %orum District Councillor Atkinson and County Councillor Perry were present in the Public Forum, together with 5 members of the public. Mr ay !reening came to speak about the forthcoming "nformal #earing for the $and off Poolhead $ane which is currently being used as a %ra&eller site. #e re'uested that the Parish Council send a representati&e to this meeting. #e has spoken to the Planning (fficer who has confirmed that the more representati&es that attend the more weight it will carry. %he main point being raised appears to be concern o&er the children and their education) a stable base is needed to ensure that children are educated and this will help to reduce illiteracy in the gypsy community. %he Clerk will liaise with Councillor (*+rien upon his return from holiday to see if he is able to attend the hearing. Mr Powell spoke about a planning application ,-./,050.F1$ at (ld +oot +arn, !orcott #ill. %he application is for the demolition of 2 car garage.workshop and the erection of a detached , and a half story dwelling and two car garage with the creation of a new access. %he Parish Council put in an ob3ection to this application at the last meeting of the Planning Committee as they felt that it was inappropriate de&elopment in the !reenbelt and they felt that the application does not satisfy the re'uirement of the 4PPF as no special circumstances ha&e been demonstrated. Mr Powell said that the site was already de&eloped and he put forward his argument in fa&our of the application citing the &isual impact, affordable housing, young families, ecology reasons, support from neighbours and the fact that +romsgro&e DC recently appro&ed the application. 5enny +uckley of the 6arlswood and Forshaw #eath esidents* Association spoke about the community noticeboard that she has been trying to arrange for the past 2 years. 5enny said that the resident of the , st Cottage in 1mberslade oad 7ne8t to the hairdressers9 has agreed to allow the board on her wall pro&iding that there is Public $iability "nsurance in place. 5enny asked if the Parish Council would be prepared to accept the noticeboard as a gift from the esidents* Association so that it came under the umbrella of Parish Council insurance. %he Clerk confirmed that she had spoken to our insurers and they said that there would be no e8tra cost incurred to ha&e this noticeboard added to our co&er. Mr #all:Annison also spoke about the planning application ,-./,050.F1$ at (ld +oot +arn, !orcott #ill. #e suggested that members of the Parish Council may want to &isit the site. #e felt that the applicant should ha&e been notified if the Parish Council were going to discuss the application so that he could ha&e come along to make representation. #e stressed that the application is for one eco:friendly house for a young family. Councillor ;illmott said that the Parish Council is only a consultee and that the ultimate decision lies with <tratford District Council. %he Parish Council makes its decision based on the plans put before it. Mr #all:Annison asked for an e8planation on the reason why the Parish Council had ob3ected. Councillor =eogh confirmed that the Parish Council ob3ection was based on planning reasons. Councillor oss informed Mr #all:Annison that because the Parish Council had raised an ob3ection the decision of the planning application would be decided by the Planning Committee 7;est9 at <tratford District Council and it is there that the applicant needs to plead his case. &eport from County Councillor Perry Councillor Perry said that he hopes to arrange a meeting between %om oss, <imon (sborne and 6d Do8ey to discuss arrangements since the departure of PC<( Martin. Councillor Perry was unable to make the Community Forum meeting and asked if speeding along +road $ane had been raised. #e reported that during speed checks, PC<( Martin had not found any ma3or problems. Currently he could not 3ustify bidding for the money to apply for the flashing signs. 5enny +uckley informed Councillor Perry that the Community <peedwatch will be carrying out speed checks in that area and will inform Councillor Perry of the outcome. %here is a > hour Fire Fighters strike on ;ednesday 25th <eptember. !eorge Mathieu is the Police Community Ambassador for the Arden area. %here are some community computers a&ailable 7including laptops9. "f any community group is interested, contact Ali Maine at the Communities %eam at ;CC. 5enny +uckley e8pressed her disappointment as the new flashing signs on %he Common as the sign is not at the entrance to the -/mph ?one. Councillor Perry said that he would pass on these comments.

Minutes of the %anworth:in:Arden Parish Council meeting held on %hursday ,@th <eptember 2/,' 2 1!

&eport from (istrict Councillor At)inson At the last meeting, Councillor Cunningham asked Councillor Atkinson if <tratford District Council were in negotiation with +irmingham City Council. Councillor Atkinson confirmed that up until yesterday no negotiations were occurring. Councillor Atkinson confirmed that he had not got all the answers yet regarding the land at !orcott #ill 7;inyates %riangle9 but the site identified is not in %anworth Parish Council but Mappleborough !reen Parish Council. Councillor Atkinson said that there had been a large reaction about the application for the Car +oot <ale. Councillor Atkinson had ob3ected on the grounds of it being a +ad 4eighbour <ite. %he District Council had recently sent out a Press elease about a crackdown on parking on &erges and pa&ements. Councillor Atkinson suggested that the new Police Community Ambassador is in&ited to attend a Parish Council meeting. ;ith regard to recycling, under the <ustainable Communities Act <ection 0, the !o&ernment gi&es new powers to increase uni&ersal benefit and therefore Cllr Atkinson is trying to see what can be done re using edditch instead of ha&ing to go to <tratford. Councillor Atkinson is still trying to get <olihull remo&ed from our postal addresses. #e said that ;est Midlands is redundant in addresses and it is the postcode which is the most crucial part of the postal address. Councillor Atkinson pledged to keep plugging away at this matter. Councillor ;illmott said that he recently went to +urton Farm ecycling Centre with some paint to be told that he needed to take it to $eamington. Councillor ;illmott re'uested that paint is taken at the +urton Farm site. 5enny +uckley thanked Councillor Atkinson for chasing up the recycling issue. <he said that she is currently speaking to (llie <cholefield at <DC to see what can be done about energy sa&ing light bulbs and cooking oil. 5enny +uckley commented that she accepted Councillor Atkinson*s comments about +irmingham City Council and <tratford District Council not being in talks about gi&ing land away to build houses, but she pointed out that these concerns came from press reports. Councillor Atkinson reassured Mrs +uckley that his information was correct up until yesterday and not to belie&e e&erything you read in the press.

%he Public Forum closed at 2/./5pm

Minutes of the %anworth:in:Arden Parish Council meeting held on %hursday ,@th <eptember 2/,' 2 1!

Minutes of the Tanworth-in-Arden Parish Council Meeting
held on Thursday 19th September 2 1! at 19"! hours at Tanworth #illage $all PresentA Councillor ;illmott 7Chairman9, Councillor 5ones, Councillor ;aters, Councillor ;illiams, Councillor <tanton, Councillor oss, Councillor =eogh and Councillor "nstone "n AttendanceA 5ulie ;hite BClerk to the Council 1!*1+*1 9 : Apologies for absence B Councillor (*+rien, Councillor Cunningham, Councillor Fit?patrick, Councillor (akley 1!*1+*11 : (eclarations of Personal or Pre,udicial -nterest B none 1!*1+*111 B To Confirm and sign the Minutes of. i/ The Parish Council Meeting of 10th August 2 1!1 "t was proposed by Councillor <tanton and seconded by Councillor ;illiams that the minutes of the Full Council meeting on August ,5th were a true and accurate record. All those present at that meeting were in fa&our. ii/ The 23traordinary Parish Council Meeting of August 22nd 2 1! "t was proposed by Councillor oss and seconded by Councillor 5ones that the minutes of the 68traordinary Meeting on August 22nd were a true and accurate record. All those present at that meeting were in fa&our 1!*1+*112 - Matters arising from the minutes not otherwise dealt with B none 1!*1+*11!- Matters raised in the Public %orum i. ;ith reference to the "nformal #earing the Clerk will consult with Councillor (*+rien. Councillor =eogh will see if she can find some old papers which used medical and schooling reasons as the main argument. ii. ;ith reference to the planning application at !orcott #ill, the Chairman confirmed that Parish Council comments were based on planning reasons. iii. ;ith reference to the gift of the noticeboard from the esidents* Association, this had been discussed pre&iously and Councillor 5ones proposed that we accept the gift from the esidents and place it under our Public $iability "nsurance. Councillor <tanton seconded. All in fa&our. 1!*1+*11+ - To 4ote -tems of Correspondence &ecei5ed B %he correspondence list was recei&ed and noted. %he following items were highlighted by %he ClerkA 6"12 B Pat <aunders. %he Clerk reported that she had spoken to Mrs <aunders, Chair of !o&ernors at %anworth <chool, who had confirmed that the Parish Council no longer had a representati&e on the <chool of !o&ernors. <he did say that one of the !o&ernors could be Cattached* to the Parish Council if desired and would come along to Parish Council and gi&e reports. 4o decision was taken on this matter. 6"+ B PC<( Martin %he PC<(*s bicycle and helmet ha&e been returned to the Parish and are currently in the Parish (ffice. 6"72 B ;CC "n&itation to (pen 6&ening with ;CC Chairman on 2,st <eptember. 6"110 BC % Confirmation of repair.replacement of the 2 gates at 6arlswood $akes 6"117 BFocal "mage %he Clerk showed the artwork for the new sign at Malthouse $eisure Park. %he Park keepers ha&e since informed %he Clerk that they do not want their home or mobile numbers displayed on the sign. %he Clerk suggested that a cheap mobile phone was obtained and that phone could potentially be left with either of the park keepers or Cllr ;illmott or Cllr (*+rien. Councillor =eogh and 5enny +uckley both said that they may ha&e a spare mobile phone at home which could be used for this purpose. 6"129 1 8CC esponse re strimmer training. %o be discussed further at ne8t meeting of the %rust" 1!*1+*110 - %inance i9 Councillor ;illmott proposed that we adopt the minutes of the Finance Committee from ,st August 2/,-. <econded by Councillor <tanton. All in fa&our. ii9 Chairman*s reportA %he Chairman asked members to start thinking about the precept for ne8t year. iii9 "tems for paymentA "t was proposed by Councillor ;illmott and seconded by Councillor <tanton that the payments were taken en bloc. All in fa&our. 1!*1+*116 1 Planning

Minutes of the %anworth:in:Arden Parish Council meeting held on %hursday ,@th <eptember 2/,' 2 1!

i9 Councillor ;illmott proposed that we adopt the minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting from , st August 2/,-, seconded by Councillor <tanton. All in fa&our. ii9 Chairman*s eport B As Councillor (*+rien was not present there was no report. iii9 %he following decisions were notedA Planning 4umber ,-./,00D.F1$ First Floor rear e8tension 7retrospecti&e9 Address Alpine $odge, Poolhead $ane (ecision Permission with conditions &eason For the a&oidance of doubt %o pre&ent o&erlooking and loss of pri&acy to neighbouring amenity %he (ak, <tratford oad Permission Conditions worthy of note • De&elopment is permitted in accordance with specified drawings • First floor gallery.sun room window on 4; side of de&elopment permitted shall remain obscure gla?ed

,-./,0/E.FA G Fariation of Condition2 of planning permission ,2./2@2@.F1$ for demolition of part of e8isting building and erection of new e8tension etc.

• • • • • •

De&elopment shall be begun before e8piration of - years from date of original permission De&elopment carried out in accordance with specified drawings only <hall not commence until scheme for pro&ision of onsite renewable sources are sufficient as specified Applicant to implement appro&ed tra&el plan De&elopment shall retain pro&isions for disabled people Materials used in construction of e8ternal surfaces shall be same type, colour and te8ture as e8isting De&elopment shall be begun before e8piration of - years from date of permission 4o de&elopment until details of specified windows ha&e been appro&ed 4o de&elopment until samples of materials to be used ha&e been appro&ed 4o de&elopment until large scale drawings ha&e been appro&ed ooflights appro&ed shall be conser&ation type Parapets shall be same colour and te8ture of e8isting dwelling De&elopment carried out in accordance with specified drawings

,-./,>5@.F1$ and ,-./,>0/.$+C Proposed erection of orangery to rear and first floor e8tension to rear

%he (ld #ouse, %he !reen

Permission with Conditions

Details submitted with application re windows were not acceptable %o ensure e8ternal appearance of de&elopment %o preser&e character of building

• • • • • • •

Minutes of the %anworth:in:Arden Parish Council meeting held on %hursday ,@th <eptember 2/,' 2 1!

i&9 %o consider the following planning applicationsA Application 4umber 1!* 1796*%9: &espond by 2Eth <ept Address +utterfield Farm, 1mberslade oad %he Piggery, <mall $ane Dairy Cottage Proposal 6rection of raised chicken coop with access deck and balustrade around oak tree Proposed erection of agricultural building for the storage of #ay Con&ersion of e8isting cottage in to two dwellings with single storey e8tension, new roof additions and impro&ed site access Comment 4o epresentation

1!* 227;*%9: 1!* 1907*%9:

-/th <eptember Eth (ctober

4o epresentation <b,ection B %he Parish Council ob3ects to sub: di&ision as it is opposed to any new building in the !reenbelt as it constitutes inappropriate de&elopment and is contrary to !reenbelt legislation. 4o &ery special circumstances ha&e been demonstrated. <b,ection B%his is inappropriate de&elopment and is contrary to !reenbelt legislation. 4o &ery special circumstances ha&e been demonstrated. A similar application was refused pre&iously under application ,/./,D0@.$D6. 4o epresentation 4o epresentation

1!* 1062*%9:

Eth (ctober

$and Fronting ;ood 6nd $ane

(ne, %hree bedroomed dwelling

1!* 2!!!*TP< 1!* 229!*%9:

Dth (ctober Dth (ctober

5 Arden $eys Alderhanger Farm

%,A (akA ,5H crown reduction Proposed garden room to the side

1!*1+*11; - &eport from meeting with (a5e 4ash 1 Policy Manager at Stratford (istrict Council 1 Councillor oss ga&e a report on a recent meeting between himself, Councillor Cunningham, District Councillor (akley and Da&e 4ash the man responsible for deli&ering <tratford*s new Core <trategy. #e said that the meeting was friendly in tone but the main point to come out was that the District Council had no plans to change the way new houses would be allocated between $ocal <er&ice Fillages 7$<Fs9 to take account of either !reen +elt or Conser&ation Area considerations. ;hen 'uestioned on the omission of these factors in drawing up the methodology used, Mr 4ash said that <DC had taken legal ad&ice and the policy was thought well founded. Councillor oss asked when residents would be told the boundaries of each of the $<Fs and he was informed by Mr 4ash that the Council has no intention of publishing any actual boundariesA the public will probably ne&er know the geographical e8tent of ;ood 6nd, %anworth, 6arlswood or any of the other $<Fs. $ooking forward to the possibility of %anworth preparing a 4eighbourhood De&elopment Plan Mr 4ash was asked what happened if the community was to come up with a proposal for up to the e'ui&alent ,25 houses but these fell outside of the $<F boundaries : would they count towards the allocationI Mr 4ash said these houses would be in addition to those which had to be built to meet our 'uota. #e was then asked if, rather than specify a certain number of houses to build, <DC could look at the organic growth of the area o&er the past 2/ years and assume that future growth would be similar in number. #e was not prepared to accept this instead of the formal allocation as set out in the draft Core <trategy. Councillor oss then reported that he twice asked Da&e 4ash if the result of all this was that !reenbelt is afforded more protection without the Core <trategy than it would with and both times Mr 4ash agreed that, in terms of the !reenbelt protection, %anworth and similar $<Fs would be better off without the Core <trategy. Mr 4ash asserted that the Core <trategy had already been re&ised and the !reenbelt and Conser&ation parts of it had to be balanced by the need to take into account the re'uirement for new houses. Asked about District

Minutes of the %anworth:in:Arden Parish Council meeting held on %hursday ,@th <eptember 2/,' 2 1!

Councillor !eorge Atkinson assertion to the Parish Council that the number of houses allocated by <DC were only Jnotional.K Da&e 4ash contradicted this saying that the 'uoted number of re'uired new houses for each $<F was not notional but was a real figure. Councillor oss said he understood that, after the current period of consultation on the Core <trategy is completed including the highly contro&ersial suggestion that there should a new settlement of >,D// dwellings in the !aydon.$ighthorne #eath area, there will be a further brief consultation period when local people can make their case regarding the unfairness of the $<F proposals. At <tratford District Full Council meeting in (ctober a full update will be gi&en on the current situation regarding the Core <trategy and whether or not there will be a legal challenge o&er the new town proposals. "n conclusion Councillor oss told the Parish Council that he belie&ed that if the si8 $<Fs in the District that were wholly or partly in !reenbelt were not successful in challenging the methodology used for the designation of the $<Fs during the ne8t consultation period then we may well ha&e to consider, alone or in concert with others, spending some money to take the matter further. "t would be disastrous for the future of !reen +elt if the new $ocal Plan that resulted from the Core <trategy allowed the need to build new houses to o&erride the protection of !reenbelt. %he public had been repeatedly assured by national and local politicians that there had been no change in the protection afforded !reenbeltA it appeared that was untrue. 1!*1+*117 1 To Consider the &ecommendation of the %inance = >eneral Purpose Committee 4ot to -nstall CCT# in Malthouse :ane :eisure Par) 1 "t was proposed by Councillor ;illmott and seconded by Councillor <tanton that the recommendation from the Finance and !eneral Purpose Committee is accepted and due to the financial constraints on the Parish Council at the current time CC%F will not be installed but the Park =eepers are to be asked to keep a log of any anti:social beha&iour and this will be re&iewed in appro8imately 0 months. All in fa&our. 1!*1+*119- To Consider the &esponse to our :etter to Chris Saint &e. The Core Strategy 1 As there has still not been a reply from Chris <aint this item was deferred. 1!*1+*12 1 To Appro5e Sending Agendas and Minutes 2lectronically 1 %he Clerk showed members an e8change of e:mails between Councillor Cunningham and Alison #odge at ;A$C where Councillor Cunningham had argued a number of points about the legality of sending Agendas and Minutes electronically. Councillor ;illmott proposed that in future all agendas and minutes will be sent electronically to members who are happy to accept them. %hose that prefer to recei&e paper copies should inform the Clerk. <econded by Councillor oss. All in fa&our. 1!*1+*121- 8or) around the Parish • %he post bo8 ad3acent to ,>, %he Common needs replacing. %he Clerk to write to oyal Mail Dyers $ane B broken edges and pot holes. • %he Falley oad sign is still down at 6arlswood Crossroads. • %he sign for %he $imes blocks the &iew and concern was raised that the lack of &isibility may cause an accident. • <ign for $eafy $ane has still not been put back up. • Double yellow lines are still to be reinstated along %he Causeway. • %he 2/mph sign on Ficarage #ill is obscured by the hedge. 1!*1+*122 1 -tems for %uture Agenda 1 none 1!*1+*12! - To resol5e to e3clude the Press and the public in accordance with the Public ?odies @Admission to Meetings/ Act 196 in respect of the following item "t was proposed by Councillor ;illmott and seconded by Councillor oss that the public and press were e8cluded from the meeting. All in fa&our. 1!*1+*12+- Staffing &eport 9pdate 1 following the report from the <taffing <ub:Committee and the subse'uent meetings to implement the recommendations, Councillor 5ones read out an update. All members agreed the way forward. 1!*1+*120 - To note dateA place and time of ne3t Meeting. ;"! pm 1 Thursday 1;th <ctober 2 1! at 2arlswood #illage $all %he meeting closed at 2,.2/ hours.

Minutes of the %anworth:in:Arden Parish Council meeting held on %hursday ,@th <eptember 2/,' 2 1!



Minutes of the %anworth:in:Arden Parish Council meeting held on %hursday ,@th <eptember 2/,' 2 1!