KARACHI: Avanceon Limited (AVN) intends to issue 25.

17 million shares through listing of its shares on the Karachi and Lahore stock exchanges, according to Arif Habib (AHL) Research. It would be the third initial public offering of the year in the country‟s capital market. The number of shares is equal to 25percent of post-IPO paid-up capital. AVN is a leading provider of automation, control systems integration, proprietary energy management solutions and support services. The company is seeking interest from select groups of institutional and high net worth investors to participate in the book-building process, which will be followed by a general public offering, said the AHL research. The floor price for the transaction has been set at Rs14 per share and formal book-building will be conducted on 27-28 November, 2013, said Numair Ahmed, stock analyst at AHL Research in a report. The company is among the select group of „certified members‟ of Control System Integrators Association and listed on the control engineering magazine‟s system integrator hall of fame. Avanceon Limited is issuing 25,166,000 Ordinary Shares at face value of PKR 10/- each, whereby 18,874,500 Ordinary Shares (75% of the Issue) at the floor price of PKR 14/- are being issued through book building process to Institutional Investors and High-Net-Worth Individuals, and the remaining 6,291,500 Ordinary Shares (25% of the Issue) will be Issued to the General Public at or below the Strike Price.

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