NetHope Academy Learning Center

The NetHope Academy Learning Center is: • A single point of connection to NetHope training courses and resources made available to you by NetHope and NetHope partners. • A great resource for you to use to build your skills through training from Microsoft, Cisco, and other providers. • A great way for NetHope to track your completion of and your satisfaction with the training provided, so we can continuously improve our offerings. The following pages will explain the features of the home page and will show you how to search for and register for new courses. Quick Tip: Watch out for training courses
that require you to mark them complete yourself, once you have finished the course.  For courses where this applies:  A Mark Complete option will appear next to that item on your transcript.  Click the Mark Complete option for that item  Your transcript will now reflect that you have completed the course.

NetHope Academy Learning Center — The Home Page Pending Evaluations lists up to five courses from your transcript that have a “Pending Evaluation” status (click Evaluate to open the evaluation form). Please give your feedback on each course so we can improve our offerings! that you are required to complete and their due dates. . • Clicking on Manage or Launch allows you to access the course. quick to access your transcript (click View transcript). Your Inbox provides you with Training in Progress lists up to five courses from your transcript that have an “In Progress” status (click Launch to open the course). Assigned Training lists all courses Your Tasks lists tasks you have yet to complete. such as your selfevaluations.

See the next page for detailed instructions on searching and registering for a course not currently on your transcript. • Click on a subject in the Browse for Training section to locate training courses by topic. .NetHope Academy Learning Center — Browse for Training You can Search for courses by: • Entering a keyword in the search box.

OR B.NetHope Academy Learning Center — How to search for and register for a course not currently assigned to you 1. Enter a keyword in the Search box and then click the search icon or press Enter. Notice the Status is Registered. the Request button will not be visible. The Request window displays the course details. 2. On the Search window. launch the desired course by clicking Launch (under Options). 3. including the estimated time it will take to complete the course. Please note that if you have already registered for this course. Request and register for the course by clicking the Request button. From your transcript. select the desired training subject by clicking it. You can still take this course by locating /searching for it on your transcript and then clicking on Launch. 4. A. select a course by clicking it. The Search window displays with a list of courses available for this subject. Under the Browse for Training heading. Your transcript displays with the course you have just requested. 1a 2 3 1b 4 .