Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

Teachers Manual Upper primary – English Std - VIII Term – I CONTENTS Sl No 1. 2. 3. 4. '. 6. %. Content Formative Activities and Objectives Guidelines Time Schedule ist o! Activities !rom Te"t #oo$ Additional Activities (")ected evels o! earnin* #lue +rint and Sam)le ,uestion +a)er !age No 66 68 69 %& %6 9% 98




+E%$NIN, %$E% +istening -la) and earn .Additional Activit/031 2ord #all . Additional Activit/0%1 Spea-ing 4iscuss in Grou)s 5ole 6 +la/ the 4ialo*ue 4iscuss and Share 4ramati7ation 89 4ebate

O'(ECTIVES 0 to listen care!ull/ 0 to sho3 involvement 0 to ma$e in!erences and connections 0 to )artici)ate and !ollo3 *uidelines 0 to ma$e a3are o! the learnin* content in the *ame 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 to 3or$ 3ith others and share attention and res)onsibilit/ to sho3 involvement to e")ress one:s vie3 to sho3 enthusiasm to learn the s$ills related to role )la/ to connect learnin* 3ith the role )la/ to listen care!ull/ and res)ond to others vie3 o! oothers to hold the !ocused attention o! the listeners

$eading S$im and Scan 5eadin* -om)rehension .riting 2rite !e3 lines on *iven to)ic 2rite an in!ormal letter -reative 3ritin* 6 3rite a short )ara*ra)h 2rite a dialo*ue 4iar/ 3ritin*; <ind0ma))in* +roject 2or$; Scra)boo$ 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 to develo) inde)endent silent readin* s$ill to understand the te"t to develo) e"tensive readin* to read and understand other:s need li$eness and e")eriences to e"hibit interest in sel! 0 e")ression to attem)t to 3rite a com)lete stor/ to e")ress creativit/ to )resent attractivel/ to conve/ one:s )ur)ose=ideas to sho3 involvement and e!!ort to sho3 understandin* o! 3or$ done to )resent in a neat and tid/ manner to dis)la/ innovation in desi*n=)resentation o! materials to have clarit/ in )resentation to use a))ro)riate conce)ts and details )resented



Sl No >. 2. 3. 4. '. 6. %. 8. 9. >&. >>. >2. >3.

.$ITIN, 4escribe the thou*hts and !eelin*s <atch the !ollo3in* Fill in the blan$s -om)lete the sentence -hoose the correct ans3er Fill in the Grid State true or !alse +ic$ out the *erunds @nderline the in!initives -ombine the !ollo3in* )airs Summari7in* = se?uencin* Adenti!/ the )hrases Tennis Game 6 )hrases and clauses 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

O'(ECTIVES to develo) clarit/ in )resentation to *ive relevant ans3er to the ?uestion as$ed to use correct vocabular/ to 3rite ori*inal sentences to 3ritte co*entl/ to *ive accurate and com)lete ans3er to e"hibit lo*ical reasonin* to sho3 involvement to sho3 understandin* and res)ond


IN&IVI&U%+ %CTIVIT1 • • • • • • As$ the students to have a se)arate note boo$ !or (n*lish. Select a to)ic !it !or the student level. +rovide necessar/ in!ormation. As$ the students to 3rite in their note boo$. Give time to )resent. +rior in!ormation to be *iven to brin* necessar/ materials . i! needed1

!%I$ – .O$2 • • • An a )air one should be above avera*e. Give them the to)ic 3ith necessar/ in!ormation. An!orm them o! their role in the )air and the 3a/ to )resent.

SM%++ ,$OU! 3 +%$,E ,$OU! %CTIVITI1 • • • • • • 4ivide the class into small *rou)s. (nsure that each *rou) has all levels o! students. -hoose a student in the *rou) to act as a *rou) leader. Anstruct them their role in the *rou). Give the to)ic and allo3 them to discuss amon* themselves. An!orm them the 3a/ to e"ecute the 3or$

Eo. Dou can:t be that A 2oman o! coura*e ivin* amicabl/ +hrases and -lauses Eo men are !orei*n Bul/ @nit 6AA A AA AAA AC Au*ust0@nit0AAA A AA AAA . 4 TIME SC5E&U+E Std6 VIII Su/7ect 6 English Term I Month 3 Unit Bune0 @nit 6A . Other *rou)s have to listen and *ive comments 5(<(4AA <(AS@5(S The teacher ma/ choose an/ number o! activities and )ractise an/ number o! times accordin* to the need. The *rou) leader has to )resent their ideas be!ore the lar*e *rou).• • • • The teacher has to observe the students. (ncoura*e ever/ student to come out 3ith his=her o3n ideas.eeA AA AAA AC +rose %rea The 3ooden #o3l Tenses Topic Grammar +oem Su))lementar/ 5eader +rose Grammar +oem Su))lementar/ 5eader +rose Grammar +oem 69 </ *randmother:s house A mother:s da/ *i!t The )o3er o! lau*hter The *erund and in!initives Dou can:t be that.

AC Su))lementar/ 5eader Sorr/. best !riend 70 .

Fill in the table 3. base and su!!i" to !orm a 3ord 3.)ic$ out 3ords !rom the stor/1 2. Add a suitable )re!i" or su!!i" to the root 3ords TENSES >. S/llabi!ication. Tic$ the correct sentence '. 2hat do A understand !rom the stor/G 3. 4o /ou share a bond 3ith an/one li$e Anbu do 3ith his *rand!atherG Cocabular/ >. Fo3 can A su))ort the old )eo)le in m/ li!eG 2. -om)lete the !ollo3in* 71 2ind o. +ic$ out the 3ords 2. 5earran*e the *iven )re!i". activity Grou) Activit/= Andividual Activit/ O/7ectives To enable 0 )artici)ation 0 enhance )eer communication 0 )resent a re)ort !age No %8 #%)/* !age No +et us remem/er +ic$ out the 3ords and %% )hrases <atch the !ollo3in* %8 %9 %9 8& 8> 8> 82 84 8' 86 Grammar . >.8 +IST O# %CTIVITIES #$OM T5E TE9T 'OO2 Unit : %rea A +rose The 2ooden #o3l #%)a* et us understand 4iscuss in *rou)s and )resent a re)ort. <a$e meanin*!ul sentence 4. -ross out the incorrect verb !orm to com)lete the sentences 6.

+et us e<pand 86 A small stor/ outline 0 @se the ri*ht tense !orm o! the verbs an*ua*e Functions 5eadin* aloud a )ara*ra)h !rom the Andividual activit/ )rose 5ole )la/ .dialo*ue1 Grou) activit/ 2rite a !e3 lines 3ith 3ho have /ou Andividual activit/ !elt sa!e and cared !orG 5eadin* s$ill 8% To develo) 0 S)ea$in* s$ill 8% 0 inter action (nable to 92 0 e")ress vie3s 0 thin$ and associate ideas 0 lan*ua*e !luenc/ +oem </ *randmother:s house Su))lementar/ 5eader A <other:s da/ *i!t -hoose the correct ans3er 9> +et us understand 9% >. -om)osition 98 com)letin* the letter 72 . 2or$ in small *rou)s Fill in the s)ace 3ith lines !rom the stor/.

2hat 3ere the chan*es in the villa*eG 3. activity Grou) activit/ O/7ectives To create 0 interest 0 team 3or$ 0 creativit/ 0 )artici)ation 0 . 2. Good 3a/s to settle ?uarrels 2ind o.Unit : %rea @nit AA )rose The )o3er o! lau*hter #%)a* 4iscuss and Share >.e")ress his vie3s1 )ur)ose=relevance 0 lan*ua*e !luenc/ 0 s)ea$in* s$ill !ag e No >&6 >&% >&9 #%)/* !age No >&& >&2 >&4 >&% >&8 Ans3er in 3ords and )hrases 4o and see0 Grid Fun 3ith 3ords 6)re!i" et us recall0True=False >&9 Grammar The Gerund 0 +ic$ out the *erunds com)lete the sentence <atch the !ollo3in* An!initives 0 @nderline the in!initives 0 0 0 0 73 >&9 >>& >>& >>& >>> >>> >>> >>2 +ic$ out -ombine )air o! sentences !ill in 3ith in!initives com)lete the sentence . Dour im)ressions about the headman.

2hat do /ou li$e to beG 2. Sometimes /ou !eel that /ou can:t e")lain a dee) thou*ht or dream.3ith in!initives The )artici)le 0@nderline the )artici)les +ic$ out the verbs 2ord )la/ -ombine 3ords Tr/ this as 3ell Boin the )airs o! sentences to*ether usin* )artici)les +oem Dou can:t be that. Eo Dou can:t be that et us understand 3or$ in *rou)s >. 2h/G -reative 2ritin* 3rite a short )ara*ra)h 0 /ou had the coura*e to stand alone and live b/ 3hat /ou $no3 to be true G Grou) Activit/ (nable to 0e")ress one:s vie3s 0interact 3ith others 0)artici)ate >>8 A))reciation ?uestions >>3 >>4 >>4 >>' >>% Su))lementar/ reader A 3oman o! coura*e Andividual activit/ 0creativit/ 0se?uence 0connectivit/ 0 lan*ua*e 9 st/le 0content 0)resentation +resentation o! s$ills in small *rou)s >2' 2or$ in )airs )re)ositional )hrases an*ua*e enrichment 5eadin* com)rehension Summari7in* 0 se?uencin* ets us remember -hoose the correct ans3er >22 >24 et us understand 4ramati7ation Grou) activit/ >2' 74 .

ivin* Amicabl/ 4r.5ole +la/1 Grou) activit/ Coice 9 )osture 0ones involvement 03or$ 3ith others 9 share 0attention and res)onsibilit/ 0 75 >39 Tr/ this dialo*ue 3ritin* +air 3or$ Anterest in connectin* >39 learnin* 3ith the role . Halam:s un!or*ettable e")erience at the 5ames3aram (lementar/ School +air 3or$=Andividual activit/ To assess 0clarit/ o! thou*ht 0usa*e o! 3ords 0se?uencin* 0 lin*uistic s$ills 0e")ression To assess their understandin* ca)acit/ To stimulate their 0 ima*inative s$ill 0 aesthetic sense >33 Tic$ the correct s/non/ms <atch the Anton/ms Fill in 3ith correct 3ords=)hrases >3> >3> >32 >33 >3' 5ead 9 (njo/ 5ainbo3 Activit/ +air 3or$ Andividual Activit/ 5ead and (njo/ .@nit AAA +rose.5ainbo31 >3' Grammar +hrases = -lauses Fill @)s 0 +hrases Adenti!/ the )hrases Fill in 3ith subordinate clauses <atch the )hrases 3ith suitable clauses et us do 6 Adenti!/ the subordinate -lause >36 >36 >3% >38 >38 an*ua*e Functions -om)lete the dialo*ue.

best !riend.etc thin$s lo*icall/=se?uentiall/ to e")ress ones vie3s to listen care!ull/ to others vie3s to e")ress 3ith clarit/ >39 @nderstandin* the )oem >4> 0 +oem Eo men are !orei*n 4iscuss 9 Share Grou) activit/ 0 0 0 >42 Su))lementar/ 5eader Sorr/. et us do 0 +ic$ out the lines and )hrases !rom the stor/ that conve/ the !eelin*s o! the character >49 >'& 76 .0 )la/ 02illin*ness to 3or$ on scri)t=)ro)s= bac$ dro)s.

the activityI S-illI Type o.a1 Grou) Activit/ One )eriod O/7ectivesI (nable the students to develo) • • • S)ea$in* S$ill (")ression Fluenc/ !rocedure6 4ivide the class into *rou)s. %ssessmentI 2ind o." UnitI Name o. %ssessment !arameters6 • • • • • (")ression #od/ an*ua*e an*ua*e Fluenc/ I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s Audibilit/. %ctivityI &urationI A +rose . A!ter discussion ever/ team sends a sin*le student to )la/ the role o! a character !rom the stor/.The 2ooden #o3l1 5ole +la/ S)ea$in* FA .= %&&ITION%+ %CTIVITIES %CTIVIT1 6. Antonation I 2 <ar$s +ronunciation I 2 <ar$s 77 .

%CTIVIT1 6. %ssessmentI 2ind o.4 UnitI A 78 . the activityI S-illI Type o.b1 Andividual >' minutes Complete the meaning .rom the 7um/led >ords given in the ta/le They are shu..led and 7um/led > 2 3 4 ' Eever For*et oved au*h 2ea$ " emermbre " e3e) " *storn " hetad " a3/las %ssessment !arameter6 Every correct ans>er gets " mar%CTIVIT16 .0 UnitI %reaI Name o. %ctivityI &urationI I Earrated -a)ablit/ (a*erl/ Scared Fastened A +rose Cocabular/ 2ord )u77le 2ritin* FA .or the listed >ords t0 0 d a0il0 0/ c0r0o0sl/ 0 r 6 * 6t 6 n0 d moved ? 6 i 6 $ 0 / II #ind the opposites .

4ivide the class into t3o *rou)s. -all a child !rom the !irst *rou) to call out a 3ord. s/llabi!ication1 !rocedure6+re)are a list o! 3ords. beau 6 ti 6 !ul .S/llabi!ication1 -la) and earn istenin* FA .%reaI TopicI Name o. each *rou) has some 3ords. the %ctivityI S-illI Type o. %ssessmentI 2ind o.8 UnitI Name o. activityI &urationI Cocabular/ .a1 Grou) Activit/ 2& minutes O/7ectives6(nable the students 0 to listen to the 3ord and res)ond 0 to understand the conce)t . e*. A child !rom the second *rou) 3ill cla) to sho3 the number o! s/llables.three cla)s1 %ssessment !arameters6• • • • • istenin* Abilit/ to s/llabi!/ Team 2or$ Anteraction +artici)ation I 2 <ar$ I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s %ctivity6. the %ctivity6 A +oetr/ .</ *randmother:s house1 +roject 2or$ 79 .

%ctivityI +re)are /our 0Famil/ Tree -ollectin* An!ormation FA . !rocedure6As$ the student to collect )hotos or names o! their !amil/ members 3ith some descri)tion. %ssessmentI 2ind o.a1 Andividual O/7ectives6• • -ollectin* An!ormation.= UnitI %reaI A Su))lementar/ 5eader 80 . (*.Topic I S-illI Type o. +resentation. Grand!ather 0 Hind %ssessment !arameters6• • • • Follo3s *uidelines 3ith reasonable accurac/I 2 <ar$s -om)letion o! 3or$ 3ithin time (!!ort and involvement Eeatness in )resentation I 2 <ar$s I 2 J 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s %CTIVIT16.

... to a $no3n )lace 2.. Selvi '.. to a ne3 nei*hbour hood d... her *randma b... around us b...... Sin*in* and dancin* b.. 5ose c. the annual da/ d. a..... A)sara too$ her mother to... a..... 3atchin* movies d. A)sara and Selvi enjo/ed... a ma*ic sho3 4. the teacher d. ever/3here c. %ctivityI &urationI Choose the correct option >. to her relatives house c...b1 Andividual >' minutes A)sara had just shi!ted 3ith her )arents....Topic I Name o. in the heart and mind 81 . to a !ar o!! )lace b. learnin* and )la/in* 3.. the s)orts da/ c.... A)sara reali7ed the beaut/ lies. a... a cultural sho3 b. %ssessmentI 2ind o..... the %ctivityI Type o. a........ a... The school 3as )lannin* !or..... A <other:s 4a/ Gi!t -hoose the correct o)tion FA ... <rs.. dra3in* and )aintin* c.

%CTIVIT16. %ctivityI S-ill6 Type o.? UnitI Name o. %ssessmentI 2ind o.d. %ctivityI O/7ectives6(nable the student to 0 develo) interest in readin* 0 use a))ro)riate re!erence 0 read boo$s 3ith involvement !rocedure6Teacher ma/ su**est boo$s !or readin* as )er levels o! understandin* and to)ic a))ro)riate %ssessment !arameter6• • • • • @nderstandin* Se?uencin* Earratin* an*ua*e Fluenc/ Accurac/ I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s %CTIVIT16.@ UnitI %reaI TopicI AA Cocabular/ -om)ound 2ords 82 A 9 AA ("tended 5eadin* .a1 Andividual = +air 3or$ . 5e!erence=Ee3s)a)er=#oo$ 5eadin*1 5eadin* FA . in nature Assessment )arameterK (ach correct res)onse *ets one mar$.

2ater!alls1 %ssessment !arameters • • • • • Anvolvement (!!ort Follo3 Guidelines I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s A3areness o! learnin* content I 2 <ar$s Grou) 3or$ I 2 <ar$s %CTIVIT16. %ssessmentI &urationI 2ord #all Thin$in* Grou) FA . %ctivityI Type o. The *rou) havin* the matchin* 3ord .A UnitI %reaI AA +oetr/ 83 .3ater1. A student !rom one *rou) reads the 3ord and the other *rou) 3ith the matchin* 3ord reads it out.a1 2& <initues O/7ectivesI Adenti!/ -om)ound 2ord !rocedure6 S)lit the com)ound 3ords and 3rite in se)arate 3ords.!alls1 should read out to !orm the com)ound 3ord . (ach *rou) is *iven !our cards.Name o. the %ctivity6 S-illI 2ind o. e*I A student !rom one *rou) should read the 3ord . 4ivide the class into *rou)s.

Dou can:t be that1 +ic$ out the rh/min* 3ords istenin* Andividual FA0 # O/7ectivesI Adenti!/ sounds and 3ords. %ctivityI Type o. the %ctivityI S-illI 2ind o. Eo. !rocedure 6 The teacher as$s the students to )ic$ out the rh/min* 3ords.Dou can:t be that.Dou can:t be that. %ssessment .Dou can:t be that1 5ecite the )oem 5ecitation 84 . the %ctivityI AA +oetr/ . %ssessment parameters6 For ever/ correct ans3er a3ard one mar$.B UnitI %reaI TopicI Name o. %CTIVIT16. Eo.TopicI Name o.

%ssessmentI Type o.b1 Andividual O/7ectives and !arameters6.S-illI Type o. 0 abilit/ to ?uote !rom memor/ %ssessment parameters6 A3ard mar$ !or accurac/. %CTIVIT1-"C UnitI Name o.enthusiastic recital . %ctivityI 5eadin* FA. the %ctivityI TopicI S-illI 2ind o.a1 &urationI The to)ic ma/ be *iven t3o da/s be!ore .)ause and intonation. %ssessmentI AA 5e!er and 5ead An ideal 3oman o! coura*e in /our district or nation 5eadin* Andividual = +air 2or$ FA. %ssessment6 2ind o.)resentation and assessment can be done in one )eriod1 O/7ectivesI 85 .

librar/. the %ctivityI S-illI AAA +rose . AET(5E(T or an/ other source to *et in!ormation re*ardin* the *iven to)ic and )resent it in the class room.(nable the students to . 0 develo) librar/ re!erencin* s$ills.. ivin* Amicabl/1 Eational eaders Assi*nment 2ritin* S$ill 86 . The need to educate 3omen. !rocedure6 As$ the students to re!er enc/clo)edia. %ssessment !arameters6 • • • • • Eature o! the e!!ort ta$en A))ro)riate use o! re!erence I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s -lear ac$no3led*ement o! re!erence material I 2 <ar$s Hno3led*e o! ho3 to list re!erences made 5elevance to content I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s Su**ested to)icsI0 >. Am)ortance o! readin* *ood boo$s. 0 develo) interest in readin*. 2.. 3. 0 develo) s$ill in e"tended readin*. An interestin* boo$ that A read. %CTIVIT1-"" UnitI %reaI Topic 6 Name o.

Eot to e"ceed 3ord limit !rocedure6 • • • • The class 3ill be divided into *rou)s . date o! birth. the %ctivity I AAA Grammar . 4escri)tions such as 6 #irth )lace. FA . !amil/ members. involvement in !reedom stru**le and conclusion etc have to be collected b/ the student.+hrases 9 -lauses1 Tennis .*ame1 87 . education.a1 Grou) L +eriod Anclude details 3here needed.2ind o.6=81. Throu*h !lash cards the students 3ill )ic$ the name o! a Eational eader. %ctivityI &urationI O/7ectives6 • • • To be clear in e")ression. The students 3ill be *iven t3o da/s to com)lete the activit/ and submit the 3rite u) alon* 3ith the )icture o! the leader %ssessment !arameters6 • • • • • !ollo3s *uidelines com)letion involvement 9 e!!ort understandin* o! 3or$ neatness in )resentation I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s %CTIVIT1-"0 UnitI %rea I Topic6 Name o. %ssessmentI 2ind o.

The )erson 3ho ans3ers this 3ill )ic$ the ne"t card %. 88 . A student !rom *rou) > 3ill )ic$ a card and read the = content o! the card aloud '. activityI &uration I O/7ectives6 • • • Subject $no3led*e Thin$in*=@nderstandin* FA. 3ith >& )hrases 9 >& clauses in each bo"1 3ill be )laced in !ront o! the *rou)s 4. Note6 The same *ame could be )la/ed to learn )resent and )ast tense !orm or de*rees o! adjectives. This 3ill *o on till all the cards are read out %ssessment !arameters6 A3ard mar$s !or each correct res)onse. %ssessmentI 2ind o. Grou).b1 Grou) activit/ >&=>' <inutes . T3o bo"es .uic$ and s)ontaneit/ in res)onse Alertness and listenin* !rocedure6 >. A )erson !rom the other *rou) 3ill sa/ aloud )hrases=clauses (".S-illI Type o. 6 b/ 3or$in* hard Grou). The class 3ill be divided into t3o *rou)s 2. M+hraseN 6.2. The teacher 3ill be the re!eree 3.>.

a1 Grou) activit/ 4& <inutes %CTIVIT16. 4. The class 3ill be divided into 6=8 *rou)s 2. the teacher 3ill assess the students individuall/ %ssessment !arameters6 • • • • Abilit/ to recall -larit/ 5h/me 9 rh/thm +artici)ation I 4 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s AAA +oetr/ . The leader o! each *rou) 3ill be as$ed to )ic$ a !lash card !or their turn o! recitation 3.Eo men are !orei*n1 <emor/ Activit/ 5ecitation FA.%CTIVIT16."8 UnitI %rea6 Name o. the/ 3ill recite the )oem individuall/ . As )er their turn. the %ctivity6 S-ill6 Type o. activity &uration6 O/7ectives6 To develo) their abilit/ to recall !rocedure6 >. %ssessment 2ind o."4 UnitI %rea6 Name o. As it is recited. the %ctivity Topic6 S-ill 6 AAA +oetr/ Scra) #oo$ +re)aration 2ar and )eace -ollectin* An!ormation 89 . (ach student recite one stan7a=the 3hole *rou) recite to*ether '.

%ssessment !arameters6 • • • • • Anterest in content (!!orts ta$en +resentation ("tension o! learnin* Aesthetic Sense I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s 90 . @se s$etch )ens to su**est or comment in bubble bo"es. Sheets > 9 8 . cover1 The remainin* 6 sheets 3ill be divided as !ollo3s a1 2 sheets 6 )aste )ictures on im)act o! 3ar or conse?uences b1 2 Sheets 0 )aste )ictures o! 3ar c1 2 Sheets 6 )aste )ictures sho3in* )eace!ul co0e"istence.*lue 4.Type o. activity6 &uration6 O/7ectives6 5ichness in content Ta$es e!!ort to create +roduces innovative desi*n 5elevance to content FA .-olour S$etch )ens1 !rocedure6 >.+ictures=related to 3ar and )eace 3. %ssessment6 2ind o. 4.a1 Andividual = +air= Small Grou) 4& <inutes .The students should be instructed the )revious da/ to brin* >. 4ecorate the cover )a*e 3ith the to)ic. -hart )a)er 2. The students 3ill be as$ed to cut the chart to 8 )ieces and ma$e a boo$let 2. 3.

%ssessment6 2ind o. <iriam !elt sh/ to tal$ to <anju 3.%CTIVIT16-"= UnitI %rea6 Topic6 Name o.Sorr/. As da/s 3ent b/ both the *irls became ver/ close !riend 4. For e*K 5e0 arran*e the jumbled sentences >. One da/.b1 Andividual=)air 3or$ >& <inutes . the %ctivity S-ill6 Type o. 5amu and her thirteen /ear old dau*hter. activity6 &uration O/7ectivesI To enhance their understandin* !rocedureI Some sentences 3ill be 3ritten on the board to be co)ied in the note boo$. <anju !elt terribl/ lonel/ '. Anitiall/. <anju had to just arrived in <umbai %ssessment parametersI • • • • • Hno3led*e o! content @nderstandin* o! ste)s Accurac/ o! 3or$ done Eeatness in )resentation Abilit/ to re!lect 9 learn I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s 91 AAA Su))lementar/ 5eader . <iriam to <anju:s house 2. Five minutes to recall and com)lete the *iven 3or$ .#est Friend1 5earran*e the jumbled sentences Se?uencin* Sentences @nderstandin* FA. #ai brou*ht her /oun* dau*hter.

AAA Su))lementar/ 5eader .#est Friend1 <ind <a))in* @nderstandin* 9 2ritin* FA. the %ctivity6 S-ill6 Type o.Sorr/.%CTIVIT1-"? UnitI %rea6 Name o. %ssessment6 2ind o. recall 9 s/nthesi7e 0to *enerate ne3 ideas !rocedure6 As$ the students to )re)are a mind 6 ma) on the content understood. activity6 &uration O/7ectives I To enable the students 0to re)resent lin$ed ideas 9 conce)ts 0to anal/7e.a1 Andividual=Grou) Activit/ 2& <inutes %ssessment !arameters6 • • • • A))ro)riate usa*e o! conce)ts -larit/ in )resentation (vocative desi*n I 3 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$ 5eveals a learnin* association 3ith I 3 <ar$s 3hat has been )resented E9%M!+E 92 . com)rehend.

B S! "R# $% Miriam – Bai (s daughter Mother *aid Miriam + salary . the %ctivity S-ill Type o.UI&E+INES TO–CON&UCT %CTIVITIES Manju Miriam Name o. 93 I 5ole +la/ became )riends I istenin* 9 S)ea$in* shared so much.a1 -ind o. IGrou) activit/ I4& <inutes .Unit – III %rea Supplementary $eader Topic6 SorryD 'est #riend Renu’s daughter Mother advised and consoled Manju and Miriam Manju – 13 years old Manju – terribly lonely Manju &as shoc'ed – change in attitude SORRY. activity &uration O/7ectives I A))ro)riate bod/ lan*ua*e Folds attention o! listeners. %ssessment IFA.ENE$%+ .

As$ the students to enact the s$it %ssessment !arameters 6 • • • • S)ea$in* s$ill (")ression Fluenc/ 9 audibilit/ Anvolvement I 2 <ar$s I 3 <ar$s I 3 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s 5ole to be assi*ned +re)aration o! scri)t .b1 2ind o. %ssessmentI FA.<other. the %ctivityI 4ictation S-illI istenin* 9 2ritin* Type o. activity I Andividual activit/ &urationI >& <inutes O/7ectives I To learn to discriminate the sound 94 .3ith the hel) o! the *rou) members1 Fave a rehearsal (". !rocedure6 +rior )re)aration I .Father. An!orm the students to listen care!ull/ to the conversation and be read/ to ans3er the ?uestions )ut !orth 2.i1 . Name o.ii1 .Accurac/ in 3ords and e")ression.iii1 An class I >. Grand son. @nit A 6 +rose The 2ooden #o3l -haracters 6 Grand !ather.

loud )ronunciation o! the 3ord = )hrase=sentence b/ the teacher. the %ctivity I Grou) 4iscussion S-ill I Type o. 3. +ro)er. !rocedure6 >.a1 Grou) activit/ One )eriod O/7ectives I • • earn to e")ress one:s vie3 earn to listen care!ull/ to others vie3s 95 . +rior in!ormation re*ardin* the area !or dictation to be *iven. %ssessment I 2ind o.To !ocus the students attention on listenin* To learn )ro)er=correct )ronunciation To stren*then their vocabular/. EoteI +eer *rou) assessment = correction could be done • • 2ords=+hrases=Sentences=SA=<emor/ lines could be tested throu*h dictation. %ctivity I &uration I S)ea$in* FA. 2. A! sentences 6 4='= sentences1 %ssessment !arameters6 For correct s)ellin* a3ard mar$s. S/non/ms = anton/ms=sin*ular=)lural=tenses could also be tested Name o. 2ord limit 6 >& to >' 3ords onl/ .

istens to )ro)er )ronunciation and intonation. s)ecial use o! 3ords. 96 $eading6 . Summari7es the stor/. (njo/s readin* )oem. Shares jo$es. Earrates somethin* = )erson. 2& min1 4. 4iscussion amon* *rou) members . @nderstands selected )assa*e. A))reciates )oem. The to)ic to be *iven 3. (")resses thou*hts in com)lete sentence. )u77les. A))reciates rh/me.• • -lear learnin* 6 based bene!it !or all members earn to co 6 o)erate 3ith the members !rocedure6 >. 4ivide the class into small *rou)s 2. +resentation b/ the re)resentatives !rom each *rou) %ssessment !arameters6 -ourtes/ in all e"chan*es 3ithin the *rou) • Anvolvement and interest • -ontent = to)ic based discussion = )resentation • -larit/ in )resentation I 2 <ar$s I 2 <ar$s I 3 <ar$s I 3 <ar$s ? +istening6 Spea-ing6 • • • • • • • • • E9!ECTE& +EVE+ O# +E%$NIN.

Anter)rets data.3"> O 31 . earns s/non/ms o! 3ords.unction6 @ '+UE !$INT MO&E+ EUESTIONS !%!E$ ST&-VIII )?C – Mar-s* Summative %ssessment Section – % Voca/ulary – ) CB Mar-s* >. -hoose the best s/non/m !rom the o)tions *iven belo3 !or the 3ords underlined = italici7ed 97 .rammar6 Voca/ulary 6 +anguage .riting6 • • • • • • • • • • • • 5eads !or interest. earns to 3rites )ara*ra)h. 2rites a summar/. earns the s)ellin* and homo)hones and s/llabi!ication. earns to use clause and )hrase. -larit/ in )resentation. 2rites creativel/. 2rites correct ans3er. earns to e")ress his=her vie3 . earns *erunds and in!initives. continuous )er!ect tense.• . earns to use sim)le.

i1 .ii1 ....iii1 3ailed ........3"> O 31 SECTION – ' ...ii1 a1 3aitin* b1 )lou*hin* .$%MM% $ – CB M%$2S 4.iii1 /oun* soldiers 3ere $illed ..ii1 tillin* the soil 3hile a child .... ....visit1 4elhi a month a*o iii1 The/ .One da/ A sa3 a bird 3ith . Fill in the blan$s 3ith the correct tense !orms o! the verbs *iven in brac$ets i1 The sun ...ii1 enemies in the 3ar.3"> O 31 The $in* ..iii1 a1 screened b1 lau*hed c1 cried loudl/ d1 called 2..i1 !leec/ !eathers..i1 de!eated his .iii1 a1 3on b1 sorr/ c1 distress d1 ?uiet d1 brothers a1 nei*h bours a1 ne3 b1 stran*ers c1 rotten c1 !riends d1 old b1 !resh 3..i1 a1 thic$ b1 hard c1 so!t d1 3ool/ c1 di**in* d1 destro/in* ..rise1 in the (ast .meet1 the +resident /esterda/ 98 .. . .... <an/ ..>"3O31 ii1 2e . An old man 3as . S/llabi!/ an/ 3 o! the !ollo3in* a1 sorro3 b1 3onder!ul c1 *rand!ather d1 ca)able . -hoose the best anton/m !rom the o)tions *iven belo3 !or the 3ords underlined = italici7ed .

..3">O31 .. to err.... 2hat made Anbu:s *rand!ather unha))/ in -oimbatoreG c... 2hat ha))ened 3hen Halama:s !ather came out o! the mos?ues a!ter )ra/ersG 99 .. to )rotect.. 2ho 3as the stran*er o! the villa*eG d. the tra!!ic rules is a must At is im)ortant ....the correct participle to the given 3 " > O 3 A #ro$en 2ounded 4ancin* # doll !urniture do* SECTION C !rose – )CA – Mar-s* 6.. -om)lete the sentences choosin* the suitable in!initive !rom the bo" *iven belo3 . the environment . 2hat 3as the s)ecial bond that Anbu and his *rand!ather sharedG b. is human ...3">O31 i1 ii1 iii1 .'. Ans3er an/ 3 o! the !ollo3in* in about 2 or sentences each a..... 2hat did the headman as$ his astrolo*erG e.. to obe/1 +in....

6 to % sentences1 >"'O' a1 2rite in /our o3n 3ords 3h/ Anbu started ma$in* a 3ooden bo3l b1 2hat 3ere the chan*es that too$ )lace in the villa*eG c1 2rite short notes on 4r. to .uote !rom memor/ the lines !rom P#eneath . 2ho is the PA mentioned in the )oemG iii1 P #eneath all uni!orms. bod/ breathes: 2hat is the P@niro!mN re!ered to hereG >&....uote !rom memor/ the !irst !ive lines !rom the )oem MDou can:t be that . .. .. !rom the )oem PEo <en Are Forei*n:.. . 5ead the *iven lines and ans3er the ?uestions *iven belo3.uote !rom memor/ an/ one o! the !ollo3in* . ..%.. A am not *oin* to be an airline )ilot.1 or b.3">O3 i1 The house 3ithdre3 into silence. Ans3er an/ one o! the !ollo3in* in about 6 or % lines. Eame the )oem and the )oet..>"'O'1 a.. SECTION & !oetry – )"4... 3inter starved:.. a sin*le....Mar-s* 8.. Ans3er an/ one o! the !ollo3in* in about 8& 3ords .Halam:s un!or*ettable e")eriences at the 5ames3aram (lementar/ School.... 9.>Q'O'1 i1 -om)are and contrast the e")eriences o! Hamala Surra/ah in her *rand mother:s house be!ore and a!ter here death 100 .. ii1 A told them 3hen A *ro3 u)..

. on her !irst da/ o! school a1 brother b1 !ather c1 !riend d1 mother ii1 -atherine came to Andia and met .... -om)lete the mind ma) *iven belo3 . a1 Eehru b1 Andra Gandhi c1 <ahathma Gandhi d1 Eetaji b1 <anju 3as ...6">=2O31 Mother advised and consoled ++++++++++++ and Miriam Renu’s daughter ++++++++++++++++ – 13 years old 101 .ii1 iii1 2hat 3ere the )ersons the )oet didn:t 3ant to beG 2hat ha))ens to the earth durin* 3ar accordin* to Bames Hir$u)G SECTION E Supplementary $eader – )"" mar-s* >>.......... -hoose the correct ans3er !rom the o)tions *iven belo3 i1 3">O3 A)sara 3as accom)anied b/ her ........... /ears old a1 t3elve b1 seven c1 ei*ht d1 thirteen >2..

.......... 4ear. ..'">O'1 The da/ o! tea )art/ 0 A)sara:s mother to the room o! <rs 5ose 000 ha))iness 0000 selvis mother 0000 accident victim 00000 lost her le*s 0000 beaut/ lies in the 3a/ 3e !ace challen*es >4.. 2rite a letter to /our !riend e")ressin* /our inabilit/ to attend his=her birthda/ )art/.Manju – terribly ++++++++++++++ Manju &as shoc'ed – change in +++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++ ++++++ Mother *aid Miriam ++++++++++ Manju – Miriam shared so much................... 4ate........ '">O' +lace......... became +++++++++++ SORRY............... Dours !riendl/ 102 .... ............. B S! "R# $% >3..... invitation A .. . /our .. 4evelo) the *iven hints into a readable )ara*ra)h o! about 8& 3ords ........ Fo)e this letter !inds all /our !amil/ members in *ood health and cheer.... .............

oo$ at the )icture and ans3er the ?uestions *iven belo3.>6. 103 . Give a suitable title. .'Q> O '1 i1 2hat do /ou observe in the above )ictureG ii1 2hat do /ou !ind behind the *rassG ii1 iii1 iv1 4o /ou love nature G 2h/G <ention t3o 3a/s to )reserve nature.

3. A 6 on* Ans3er.>.31 .>1 .3.>1 -'.3..>1 -3..uestion 9 Ans3er ..'1 -2.0 -hoice .>1 .3.uestion c1 +ara*ra)h .>1 .3.>1 .'1 .uote !rom <emor/ b1 A))reciation .>1 -3.>1 .3.3.'1 .. Short1 b1 .>.>1 .'+UE !$INT #O$ ST%N&%$& VIII S No > Cocabular/ A a1S/non/ms 9 Anton/ms b1 -om)ound 2ords=+re!i" c1 <a$e sentences G5A<<A5 # a1 Fill u) b1<ulti)le -hoice .3.>1 -2.uestions c1Trans!ormation +rose a1 .*1 +oetr/ 4 a1 .>1 .hints develo)in*1 etter 2ritin* F .>1 .3.3.uestions 104 .!ormal=in!ormal1 +icture -om)rehension=Translation +roverb 9 <eanin* 4ialo*ue 3ritin* = inter)retation o! non0 verbal data Total • Sections 2no>ledge 4CF CSA SA A CSA Understanding 4@F SA A CSA %pplication3S-ill 44F SA A Total .uestion 9 Ans3er .>1 .>1 >8 6 6 >& 6 8 6 9 3 3 3 3 6& >3 8 9 9 2 3 4 ' 6 % 8 9 CSA 6 Cer/ Short Ans3er. SA 6 Short Ans3er. -.uestions Su))lementar/ 5eader ( a1<ulti)le choice ?uestion b14ra3 mind ma) c1+ara*ra)h .>.>..

105 .