Directory of Early Childhood/Child Development Programs in MINNESOTA

College Name: Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College Mailing Address: 2101 14th Street Cloquet, MN 55720 Website:

Financial Aid Office: Amy 218-879-0780
EC/CD Department: Key EC/CD Contact: Kathleen Hedberg General Accreditation? Early Childhood Associate Degree Accreditation? Credit for Prior Learning?

Dave: 218-879-0816 218-879-0713 yes No Case by case basis

Certificates, Diplomas and or Degrees Offered
Description of Certificate, Diploma and/or Degree Offered Certificate: Infant Toddler Child Development Certificate: Preschool Child Development Certificate: School Age Development Certificate: Paraprofessional Educator Early Childhood Credit Hours 18 18 18 15-21 Total Credits Hours


Early Childhood Program Information
Requirements for Admissions into Early Childhood Degree Program Requirements to Enroll in EC/CD Classes outside of Degree Program College admission

Reading score on the Accuplacer of 78 or completion of RDG 0095. Efficient Reading II and a Sentence Skills score of 61 or completion of ENGL 0092 College Prep I or consent of instructor.

Yes Earmarked Courses for the CDA Credential? Not formal articulaton, but accepted by CDA Council Articulation Credit for the CDA Credential? Average # of EC/CD Courses Offered Each Term 4-5 (NOT SUMMER)? 1-4 Average number EC/CD Courses Offered Online Each Term? 0-1 (online) Average # of EC/CD Courses in Summer Term? 0 Average # of Courses offered in Spanish Each Term (NOT SUMMER) 4-5 Average # of EC/CD Courses Offered Per Term at Night (NOT SUMMER) 0 (online in summer) Average # of EC/CD Courses Offered Per Term on Saturday (NOT SUMMER)? 25 Average # of EC/CD Students Per Advisor? 2** # of T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Scholarships in FY 12-13? 0 Satellite Campuses with EC/CD Courses? $150 Tuition Cost Per Hour in 2013-2014? UMD 4-Year Schools With Whom EC/CD Articulation Agreements Are in Place? yes Immigration Status Verified For Admissions? All ECD courses are offered in 8 week sessions except How many courses do you offer in accelerated for some online course which run 16 weeks format? no Do you offer developmental courses with Early Childhood content? If yes, how many per semester? *Please note that when referring to “courses” above, this refers to distinct courses, not sections of courses. For example, if ECE 101 is offered four times during the semester, it is counted as one course, not four. **Includes only students who list this as their home college. 8/2013