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Telecommunication Management

Spring 2013 Meets: Mondays 10:40-1:40 (4th-6th periods); Weimer 1090 Instructor: A.J. Coffey, Ph.D. Office: 2042 Weimer Phone: 392.6522 Email: acoffey@jou.ufl.edu Office Hours: Mon. 3-4p, Tues. and Thurs. 1030-1230p Objectives: 1) To understand foundational theory of media management; 2) To be able to apply this theory effectively to solve industry and workplace problems; 3) To understand trends and issues affecting management of the electronic media industry; 4) To understand, interpret, and practice both qualitative and quantitative research methods common to management for use in scholarship and industry; 5) To be able to interpret secondary data (e.g. ratings, shares, industry reports) and to apply this information effectively and strategically; 6) To be able to think creatively and strategically in order to successfully manage and lead. Required Texts: Course Pack: RTV 6801 from Orange & Blue Textbooks on 13th St. Kramer, L. (2010) C-Scape. Harper Collins. (Available via amazon.com)

Recommended Texts: Gershon, R. (2008). Telecommunications management: Industry structures and planning strategies. Routledge. Küng, L. (2008). Strategic management in the media. Sage. Chan-Olmsted, S. (2006). Competitive strategy for media firms: Strategic and brand management in changing media markets. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. Sylvie, G., Wicks, J.L., Hollifield, C.A., Lacy, S., & Sohn, A.B. (2007). Media management: A casebook approach (4th ed.). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. Pringle, P. & Starr, M. (2006). Electronic media management (5th ed.). Elsevier: Focal Press. Albarran, A., Chan-Olmsted, S., & Wirth, M. (2006). Handbook of media management and economics. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. Hoskins, C., McFadyen, S., & Finn, A. (2004). Media economics: Applying economics to new and traditional media. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Christensen, C.M. (1997). The Innovator’s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail. Boston: Harvard Business School. Blanchard, K. & Johnson, S. (1982). The One Minute Manager. William Morrow. Other Recommended Reading: Multichannel News and Advertising Age, both of which offer free online subscriptions. Other well-known and useful trade publications include Television Week, Broadcasting and Cable, and Electronic Media. The Wall Street Journal and New York

ufl.arbitron.fcc.95 D+ 67-69.com/ http://www.95 E Below 60 Note: The grade ranges above are fixed.com http://www.95 C+ 77-79. (Please also turn in a hard copy on the day of class.95 C 74-76. (They can be found at http://www. as are Business Week.2 Times are recommended.95 B+ 87-89.com http://www.businessweek.95 D60-63. no rounding.95 D 64-66.com http://www.com http://www.comscore. All have frequent indepth articles on the media industry and managerial issues.) Please double-space all work and use APA style.broadcastingcable.gov http://www.dso.com/managing Grading A 94-100% A90-93.nielsen-netratings.95 B 84-86.com/ http://www.com http://www.tvweek.radioink. and The Economist.nielsenmedia. Academic Honesty Familiarize yourself with the University of Florida’s academic honesty policy.edu/sccr/ ) You should not be here unless you are prepared to do your . Web Sites: http://www.scarborough.95 B80-83. and must be submitted via the Assignment function (TurnItIn) on our course Sakai (E-Learning) site by this time..95 C70-73.com/ http://www. Evaluation Case Briefs Research Proposal Manager Critique Final Paper Final Presentation Participation and Preparation 30% 8% 15% 35% 5% 7% Written Work All written work is due at the time of class on the stated due date. Inc.

” (While this might be tolerated in other classrooms.counseling. “dual submission.  “Forgetting” to source material you use (same as above. o This can also include omitting quotation marks around verbatim content. “I didn’t realize that was plagiarism” is not an acceptable response. if found. i.aspx Disability Resources: . please see me.dso.edu If you have a disability that you believe will affect your performance in this class and/or need special accommodations. Additional information and services are available at: UF Disability Resource Center.)  Stealing and/or copying other students’ work. i. 392-1575 3190 Radio Road http://www. 392-8565 http://www. intentional or not)  Passing off others’ ideas as your own  Turning in the same assignment or paper for two courses. While you are responsible for reading and understanding UF’s policy in its entirety. The Dean of Students Office will provide documentation to the student who must then provide this documentation to the Instructor when requesting accommodation. examples of academic dishonesty include:  Using phrases or quotes from another source without proper attribution o For purposes of this class.ufl. it will not be tolerated here.edu/drc/ (Students requesting classroom accommodation must first register with the Dean of Students Office.ufl.e.) Academic and Personal Counseling: UF Counseling and Wellness Center Ph.edu/cwc/Counseling-Services. 392-2010 http://teachingcenter. and will not excuse you from academic dishonesty violations. Ignorance. five or more words (verbatim) from a source without proper attribution will be considered plagiarism. even if source is noted with in-text parenthetical citation. I will fail you (for the semester).e. You are responsible for knowing the definition of plagiarism and various kinds of academic dishonesty.ufl. If I discover that you have been academically dishonest in this class in any way. whether on a test or assignment  Bribery  Fabrication of material Support Services Academic Help: Additional services are available at: The Teaching Center The Reading and Writing Center SW Broward Hall.3 own original work.

McLean. Case study (in class): Case 2. N. International Journal on Media Management. (2004).) Tsourvakas. G. (You are welcome to read Ch. (1999).C. 276-292.” Strategic Communication Management. L.).M. Leadership styles in the top Greek media companies: Leading people with a mixed style. 9(2). and Walter R.. on next page) . 141-151).. (1996). Nord (Eds. International Journal on Media Management. 46-48 (handout).” In Stewart R. S.(Ch. A.4 Weekly Plan (subject to change) January 7 Introduction to Media Management CP: Bryman. (2004).” from Handbook for Media Management and Economics (pp. P. 34-39. pp. Structural changes in small media markets. Boston: McGraw-Hill. 1-2). 3 only). pp. 55-57. pp. pp. pp. 261-274. Readings from Competitive Strategy. (2010). R. 16(1). 161-180). B. G. Journal of Media Economics. Harvard Business Review. (2003). if you wish. excerpt.. Cynthia Hardy. D. Handbook of Organizational Studies. July). January 14 Structural Theory and Strategy CP: Chan-Olmsted. A. “Leadership in organizations. & Curphy. (1980).. R. Case study: Facebook (HBS) (cont’d. T. Y. Chambers. (from Media Economics. (2005). 17(4). George. P.. Zotos. “Issues in Strategic Management. Online (Sakai Resources): Küng. Howard. Why media managers are not interested in media management—and what we could do about it. Porter. & Mayer. Discover your authentic leadership. (2007. “Building trust in leadership. 41-59.1: Leading in a New Direction. Hughes.E. Mergers and acquisitions in the media industries: Were failures really unforeseeable? Journal of Media Economics. (2012. February). 2 first. Hoskins. (2007).. 77-86.L. Ginnett. & Dekoulou. 12. Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience. M. et al. (Ch. S. Theory of the Firm. Sims. 50-77..J. Peltier. Clegg.

N. 11 Branding CP: Chan-Olmsted. Work on research paper proposal. 37-57. & Jung. Feb. Schulze. 138-147. 8(4). Due: Research Paper Proposal (upload to Sakai Assignments). Read Online (Sakai Resources): Daidj. 27. January 21 No class meeting. The Bertelsmann AG: An exploratory case study on synergy management in a globally acting media organization. Jr. S. Read: C-Scape. (2005) “A Primer in Brand Management for Media Firms” (Ch. S. International Journal on Media Management. T. Jan. S.. The resource-based view and economics. on next page) . Feb. Case study: Netflix (HBS). 28 No class meeting. B. (2001). (Dr. pp. 125-224). & Thompson. 57-75 from Competitive Strategy for Media Firms). 1-121). 723-755. Intro & parts 1-2 (pp. (Martin Luther King. (cont’d..M. 4 Structural Theory and Strategy CP: Lockett. (2005). parts 1-2 and “co-opetition” article (assigned previous week). parts 3-4 (pp. Strategies in the media industry: Towards the development of coopetition practices? Journal of Media Business Studies.. A. Thielmann. Coffey @ NATPE) Online (Sakai site): Discussion of C-Scape. Stieprath. B. & Hess. Day). J.5 Online (Sakai site): Discussion of leadership readings (assigned previous week). 4. Journal of Management. (2011). 7(3/4). Read: C-Scape.

Using Twitter for promotion and branding: A content analysis of local television Twitter sites. G. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media. Journal of Advertising Research. (2010). Keller. 137-149. T-H. & Ferguson. Dimensions of news media brand personality. Neijens. L. 198-214. 13(3). (2009). 49(4). Does synergy work? An examination of crosspromotion effects. 58-70. Van Reijmersdal... 13.0 International Journal on Media Management. 55(2). 1(4). Newton.. A. Brand equity management in a multichannel. & Cleary. Spalding. 429-429... et. Journal of Interactive Marketing. 87(1). 73-79. Online Journal of Communication and Technologies. Baek. The Cartoon Network: Promotional Products and the Introduction of a New Cable TV Service. & Wang. 39(1). 49(3). 193-213. Kim. J-Y.. (2011). 3-19. (2007). & Berz. Y. Journal of Promotion Management. (2009). 8(1). 18 Promotion and Marketing CP: Tang. K. 117-134. 83-96. Media branding in a changing world: Challenges and opportunities 2. J. Cole.. DeGregorio. & Fayer. . Using social media for branding in publishing. B. S. T. Understanding attitudes toward and behaviors in response to product placement. H. Newton. 127-134. Sakai Resources: Coffey. A. (2010). multimedia retail environment. International Journal on Media Management. (2011). How rich-media video technology boosts branding goals. A. (2011). E. Optional (Sakai): Fletcher. Journal of Advertising Research.M.15(1/2). Lis. International Journal on Media Management. al (2009). X. Feb. S. The Athens exemplar: An Olympic promotion pays off for the ‘Networks of NBC. (2010). Journal of Advertising. C. 9(4). Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly.. (2002).6 Sakai (Resources): Chan-Olmsted. A new kind of advertising. J. Promotional practices of cable news networks: A comparative analysis of new and traditional spaces. & Smit. & Martin. E. 285-292. Greer. (2011). 161176. P. & Sung. F. D.’” Journal of Promotion Management.J. 24.

Harvard Business Review. (2003). European Journal of Marketing. Lakshman. Market segmentation: A review. Journal of Media Economics. Clegg. (2006). Handbook of Organizational Studies. November). (1987). S.. T. Mar.J. Nokia: It takes a village to design a phone for emerging markets. 20-27 (only). 293312. Sport and the transnationalizing media corporation.). and Wilson. & Ennis. M.J. Sakai Resources: “Market Analysis” (Ch.com. L. International Journal on Media Management. and Decision Making CP: Beane. D. 197-230). pp. arbitron.C.M. September 10). 225-251. Decision-Making in organizations. D. D. D. pp. & Berg. M. A leader’s framework for decision making. Media Measurement. International Journal on Media Management. & Boone. and Walter R. 11 Transnational Media Management CP: Andrews. 12-14. N.com. Doyle. 16(4). Managing subsidiary-headquarters relations from a knowledge perspective: Strategies for transnational media companies. Business Week. (Spring Break) Mar. 105-115. comscore. Snowden. 25 Market Analysis. D. Hickson. 4 No class. (2011). In-class exercise: Ratings analysis for TV (Nielsen) .. (2007. Miller.com Case study: The Fashion Channel (HBS). 8. Online reading: Explore media research websites: nielsenmedia.P. (1996). G. Cynthia Hardy.L. 8(3). pp. 21(5). Sakai Resources: Strube.13(4). Nord (Eds. (2007.7 Feb. Managing global expansion of media products and brands: A case study of For Him magazine. 235-251. In Stewart R.

10(3). (2006). Ethics and news making in the changing Indian mediascape. 18 The Media Labor Force. Journalism & Mass Communication Educator. The Public. S. S. International Journal on Media Management. (2011). Theoretical approaches to the management of the public service media firm. 3035.) Schein. Küng. Newsroom Mgmt. Do women lead differently? American Journalism Review (winter). Gershon. (2002). Exploring the link between culture and strategy in media organizations: The cases of the BBC and CNN. 61(3). 15(4). In-class exercise: Ratings analysis for radio (Arbitron) Possible guest speaker Mar. L. 21(4). (2000). Assessment of public service broadcasting: Economic and managerial performance criteria. & Johal. T. & Kanayama. The parity paradox: Reader response to minority newsroom staffing. The culture of media as viewed from an organizational perspective. 286-303. 254-266. (2003). Journal of Mass Media Ethics. J. Sakai Resources: Rao. (Selected excerpt. (2004). 171-172.. 45-61. R. 29-44. (2006). 105-117. J. Optional (Sakai): Adams. 241-258. (2002). and Public Broadcasting CP: Tjernström. 100-109. From the classroom to the newsroom: Professional development in broadcast journalism. T. 9(1). 4(2).8 Mar. E. 25: Organizational Culture CP: Schein. 2(2). International Journal on Media Management. Ricchiardi. & Cleary. Picard. Cleary. Case study: Managing Multicultural Teams (HBS). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.S. Organizational culture and leadership. Journal of Media Economics. N. . pp. (2003). International Journal on Media Management. 5(3). (2006). S. E. R. Mass Communication & Society. The Sony Corporation: A case study in transnational media management.

Marketing Science. just have it completed and read up on your type. 34-36. growing. 23(2). (2007. R. 207-218. 8 No class meeting. International Journal on Media Management. J. (2004). Nov. . (2007. G. 1) Focus. & Christensen. January).) Work on final papers.asp (Nothing to turn in. What to ask the person in the mirror. Kaplan. & Tellis. (2005. Tellis & Golder (1996). 1-11. G. Optional (Sakai): Golder. R. D. 65-75. Jan-Feb. (1995. The future of the media professions: Current issues in media management practice. (2011). Case study: Ringier—Building a Digital-Age Media Company (HBS) Apr.) Disruptive technologies: Catching the wave. Huff. C. (2012). and turning points in the product life cycle. International Journal on Media Management. Bartosova. gone: Cascades.J. pp.A. Managing authenticity: The paradox of great leadership. Innovation management and U. weekly newspaper web sites: An examination of newspaper managers and emerging technology. Sakai Resources: Adams. first to fail? Real causes of enduring market leadership. Myers-Briggs type assessment: http://www. Value creation and the future of news organizations: Why and how journalism must change to remain relevant in the twenty-first century. Coffey @ BEA.9 Apr. Due: Manager Critique (upload to Sakai Assignments). Growing. Harvard Business Review. 193-201. Harvard Business Review. C. Harvard Business Review. 10. P. 13. 37(2). Picard. diffusion.com/cgi-win/JTypes2. (2008). & Jones. First to market. CP: Goffee. J.1 Innovation and Value Creation CP: Bowers. American Way (In-flight magazine).humanmetrics. R. (Dr. pp. December). 64-73.) Online Discussion (in Sakai): Discussion of readings below. Sloan Management Review. Formalpress (selected excerpts).N.S.

Magazine.) “And the money comes rolling in. 53.L. 14). “How to Write a Great Business Plan. (1997).” Inc. Inc. (2002). 1-4. Oct. Dec. November). D. pp.and long-term effects of organizational change on newsroom employees.. 1-4. The art of the huddle: How to run a prompt.L.. maybe not): Employers and Facebook. How to meet angel investors. W. productive and painless morning meeting. pp. (2007. Shrihari. DeBare. 491-499. M. pp.. Sakai Resources: Chafkin. B. 20). Times of turmoil: Short. How to pitch to angel investors. C. Magazine. (1989). Environments and strategies of organization start-up: Effects on early survival. C. 79(3). D. 34(3). International Journal on Media Management.A. S. 40-42. Magazine. Administrative Science Quarterly. Apr. Thorson. Handout (HBS): Smith. & Mantrala. 1-3. 15 Entrepreneurship and Market Entry CP: Romanelli. W. The bricks that build clicks: Newsroom investments and newspaper online performance. (2010. Presented at AEJMC conference. Business Horizons.(2010). (2010. Sept. How to raise start-up capital in 2011.” Harvard Business Review. G. 107-128. (2011).. Magazine. Washington.P. E. Media entrepreneurship: Missionaries and merchants. Jan. Angel investors? (Inc. (2007). Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly. & Compaine. 661-680. 4). Inc. Inc. B. (2010.M. I. Brown. Brown. & Hollifield. IESE Insight. M. E. Sakai Resources: Tang. The economics of happiness: Giving your workers something to smile about.10 Buchanan. 369-387. pp.M. C. ./Feb. & Kidder. Inc. 1st qtr). (2009. (2010. You’ve been tagged! (Then again. L. 62-69. Handout: Frey. pp. 22 Managing Change CP: Daniels. 13. Y. A. Apr. article) Hoag. Handout: Sahlman.C.

11 Sakai Resources: Goodman. Journal of Change Management.2: Planning Convergence. Wed. 217-228. 4(3). Part II (handout). May 1 Research Presentations (3-5pm) Research presentations Due: Final paper . Case study: Case 5. & Truss. J. C. The medium and the message: Communicating effectively during a major change initiative.. (2004).