The Harmonic Concordance

Many of you are starting to hear about the special planetary alignment starting on November 8 (see front page of the Web Site). In fact, if you type the wor s !armonic "oncor ance in your search engines you#ll see the barrage of information floo ing the internet an if you aren#t familiar with all that astrological gibberish, much of it will slip right over your hea ($%ay, I am familiar with the gibberish an I still got lost). I must confess, I feel there is alrea y way too much hype aroun the event, which ten s to prevent any rational interpretation from emerging. &hough there are powerful energies happening that ay, be aware that astrological patterns usually signal the start of a long cycle so if you are e'pecting firewor%s( you#re li%ely going to be isappointe . &he name !armonic "oncor ance (given by astrologer )ohn Mirehiel) is relate to the !armonic "onvergence of the late 8*#s. Many of you may remember the "onvergence as a time when we were to have entere a new era of spiritual enlightenment lasting +, years. &he "onvergence was erive from calculations base on the Mayan "alen ar rather than astrological alignments. &he #!armonic "oncor ance# is being reporte as a similar spiritual revolution because the planetary positions provi e a powerful alignment of energies that has not been seen for thousan s of years. It#s fun astrological fo er to see the s%ies unfol with esigns that symboli-e hope an won er an this one is certainly not a visual isappointment. (." users may print the chart on the front page of the website by opening the lin% an right/clic%ing on the picture, then select #print#. 0ou may want to have a visual while I go through the escriptions). 1111&he 2unar 3clipse1111 4 2unar 3clipse is efine as a perfect alignment of the Sun, 3arth an Moon in such a way that the Sha ow of the earth covers the moon, thus the name5672unar 3clipse. &he eclipse occurs on November 8 at 89 egrees of &aurus (,:8;p .S& or 8:8,p 3S&) It shoul n#t be har for our frien s in 3urope an <own =n er to fin the eclipse times in their cities) an is the %ic%off time for this !armonic "oncor ance. &his eclipse is a full moon at 89 egrees of &aurus. &aurus is about our earthy concerns. It raws attention to our physical bo y, our resources, our esires an our security. 4ll eclipses repeat themselves every 8> years, so if you wante to get a sense of the effects of this eclipse we woul point you in the irection of November 8>8?. @eep in min that it was not part of the Aran &rine 4lignment that#s happening this November but it can help to note the tone of that perio of time. !ere are a few things that I foun . Began wins reelection by a lan sli e Aeral ine Cerraro becomes the first woman Dice .resi ent running mate In ira Aan hi is assassinate . !uman Immuno eficiency Dirus, or !ID, is i entifie as the cause of 4I<S. &hose events suggest that the &aurus eclipse brought about significant changes, changes that were to be felt for a very long time (&aurus is fi'e earth suggesting that changes un er its influence are permanent or lasting). Eut in those ays, most of the planets were aligne in a straight line going from Scorpio to "apricorn, with little cooperation or support between them. Cor this upcoming eclipse, the planets are sprea much more evenly an the aspects between them are consi ere much more benevolent. In ivi ually, the 3clipse will fall somewhere specific in your natal chart so if you %now where 89 egrees of &aurus is in your chart you will have some i ea of the precise focus for you. Since this eclipse is in &aurus, it will support us in strengthening any area of our life that feels wea%ene or unsupporte . Curthermore, it will enhance esires for material security, an physical repair. If you have been avoi ing certain health issues, this moon will help you fin the strength to correct the problem in whatever way is supportive to you. &he Sha ow si e of &aurus is blin fanaticism (&hin% !itler). &aurus can ma%e us intolerant of people or things that are ifferent than us, so be aware of your ten ency to secure safety at the cost of being ruthlessly against everything you thin% is a threat. 2oo% at your Dalues (a nice &aurus wor ) an be sure you are honoring your highest ones. Since it is a Cull Moon 3clipse, we can e'pect it to act as a magnet, rawing towar s us anything we set as an intention. Eeing in &aurus assures us that it will be tangible, real an able to be e'perience . 4s with all eclipses, you shoul thin% about what you woul li%e to ma%e ifferent in your life an hol that as an intention that has alrea y happene . Seeing your esires as if they have alrea y been grante has

a strong impact on any visuali-ation. It allows you to be grateful now, an gratitu e is the %ey in establishing a happy e'istence here in this reality. 1111&he meaning of the <egree1111 Many people use what are calle #Sabian Symbols# to i entify the meaning of specific egrees in astrology. Cor e'ample, the eclipse is at 89 egrees of &aurus so one loo%s in a boo% of Sabian Symbols to grab it#s meaning. In this case, we loo% up 8F egrees of &aurus (it#s the rule to go to the following egree when loo%ing up the egrees). I use #4n 4strological Man ala# by <ane Bu hyar an here is what it says, #8F egrees of &aurus is567 4 symbolic battle between swor s an torches.# Bu hyar goes on to e'plain that the #spiritual light within the greater Soul must struggle against the ego/will that only %nows how to use the powers of this material an intellectual worl (Bu hyar, 8>F;).# In my opinion, this means that the egree for the eclipse is reflecting a symbolic battle between the past an the present( a personal battle that challenges our i eals an as%s us to she beliefs an i eas that are no longer wor%ing for us. It#s wor e as #a battle between swor s an torches#. Swor s are the symbol of the min an torches are the symbol of spirituality. So in essence we are being as%e to use what we %now to be the higher truth (torches) to confront the illusions of the material reality (swor s). &here is some truth to the concern that more wars are possible, however, the !armonic "oncor ance chart is showing evi ence of a global awa%ening, not a global catastrophe. If it ma%es you nervous, rela'. It#s easy to get nervous about &aurus Cull Moons, because they ma%e us aware of our security nee s. 0ou may be hyper/sensitive at first, but you will settle own an root into the comfort of the cycle. 1111&he Aran Se'tile, Star of <avi or Mer%abah1111 It has many names but the si' pointe star has been revere for centuries as a powerful symbol of light. It is rawn by ta%ing two triangles an inverting one of them so that they push into each other ma%ing a star. It is a great visual of the merging of the masculine an feminine energies. $n the ay of the eclipse, we have 9 harmonious planetary alignments that, when connecte by a line, ma%es this symbol (see the chart on the front page of the web site). In astrological terms it is calle a Aran Se'tile or + Aran &rines (each ma%ing one of the triangles in the Star of <avi ). &hese Star of <avi aspects o occur about every +* years. In that respect, they are rare but not unhear of. It#s the eclipse that is giving this alignment its energy. "ombinations of this magnitu e haven#t been foun for thousan s of years. 1111&he Cirst Aran &rine1111 &he + Aran &rines are in the elements of Water an 3arth, both feminine elements. 2et#s ta%e each one an loo% at them separately. Cirst we have the Sun, Saturn an Mars ma%ing a strong lin% to each other. &he Sun is in the water sign of Scorpio, Mars is in the water sign of .isces an Saturn is in the water sign of "ancer each less than , egrees apart (by orb). &hat#s our first Aran &rine an it#s telling us that we (&he Sun) are having our passions (Mars) supporte into manifestation (Saturn). In other wor s, if you can esire it, you can have it. &hese planets are in the feeling sign of Water further supporting us in trusting our instinctual feminine si e. 1111&he Secon Aran &rine1111 &his is compose of )upiter in Dirgo, &he Moon in &aurus , an "hiron in "apricorn, which inclu es all the earth signs. "hiron is the rogue comet that is circling between Saturn an =ranus acting as a bri ge between our physical reality (Saturn) an spiritual enlightenment (=ranus). Many people believe that the iscovery of "hiron implies that we can now ta%e an evolutionary leap from the mun ane to the spiritual. "hiron#s role in this &rine is crucial. $ur subconscious urges (the Moon) are being supporte to e'pan into the spiritual ()upiter) to provi e the healing that we nee to ta%e our ne't step ("hiron). In other wor s, the nee s that you may not even %now you have are being provi e for so that you can be prepare to move forwar in your life. 1111&he .ower of &he Ceminine111 In most of our cultures, the feminine aspect is represse . 0ou can easily tell by noting the role of women within each culture or government. 2ong ago, Ao ess/base religions were abolishe an feelings an

intuition were not honore as important components in the evelopment of society. Metaphorically, these Aran &rines suggest that we are entering a time when the feminine aspects such as compassion an tolerance can be revere as riving forces. &he astrological components we are highlighting uring this eclipse shoul show us a growing interest in the power of the feminine, feelings an intuition. Alobal issues li%e starvation, helping the less fortunate an acts of %in ness towar s our neighboring countries coul magnify. We shoul see more acts of peace an less acts of war, health care reform an concern for the el erly an homeless. We will li%ely see an emergence of more powerful positions for women, especially in politics. $n a personal level, we may see an emergence of alternative health recognition where we are more insistent on trying preventive an alternative health care before allowing tra itional, intrusive techniGues to ominate. We shoul notice a esire for more personal connections with neighbors an more openness to cultures an people that are ifferent than our own. Belationships of all %in s will li%ely have more meaning an be recogni-e regar less of gen er. 2i%e any change in climate, there is often a swing towar some catastrophe that puts us bac% on trac% of what#s important. 4re we fe up with what#s going on or o we nee more events to push us towar s changeH &hose are the Guestions we may be face with as a worl . 1111$ther ti bits111 Since the !armonic "oncor ance chart involves none of the outer planets (=ranus, Neptune an .luto) there is a strong in ication that the changes we feel will be very personal an specific to each of us. Bather than the outer global events affecting us, we as in ivi uals, will be ma%ing the impact. =ranus will be Moving <irect for the first time in months, signaling the en of its retrogra e Iourney in 4Guarius an the beginning of its increase in power. =ranus is the planet of su en enlightenment an change through free om of thought. Now that it is no longer in the path of its retrogra e motion, Mars is at full strength in .isces. &his shoul prove useful in provi ing the fuel to ma%e a positive change for something that you believe in. In the "hart of the =nite States, great changes are showing. Saturn sits on the Sun of the =nite States chart an a %in of maturity is being evelope . Saturn often fin s our wea%ness an , with great force, encourages us to buil the strength necessary for change. Aeorge Eush an the =nite States have the Sun at the same egree an therefore have the same Saturnian lessons. )upiter fin s its way to the top of the =nite States# chart signifying hope for an economic recovery. &he =nite States may o something to change public opinion as Denus sweeps by its Sagittarius ascen ant, assisting in a process of positive change. &here are a few battles left, but by the en of the year a turning point is very li%ely, a turning point that in icates some real relief. 4s with all big astrological events, there is a shift in our awareness. &his oesn56Jt happen in one ay, but over a vast collection of ays. &o un erstan specifically how these alignments will affect you will vary base on your specific natal chart as I can only offer you the general energies. 0ou may want to contact your local astrologer for their ta%e on the effect of this cycle as it pertains to your life. Bemember, nothing matters more than this moment, the future is not real an the past is an illusion. 3mbrace what#s aroun you an believe that you are more than any thing you can thin% or see. In .eace, Mar%