Sahara explorer

Day I Kairouan
Great mosque

Short break in front of the Sidi Oqba mosque in Kairuan, the oldest mosquein Northern Africa. Place very symbolic for tunisian Muslims.


On the way a lot of exotic scenes from the province:, camels, donkeys, olive trees, prickly pears etc.

Mountain Oasis

Chebika is believed to be the most beautiful of all tunisian mountain oasis. On the way climbing up to Atlas Mountains you will pass trough the ruins of the Berbers’ village destroyed by heavy rain.


Thamerza is another mountain oasis famous for its spectacular canyon and waterfall..

Canyon and waterfall

Shott el Gharsa
Off road

Off road trough Paris –Dakar rally route located on Shott el Gharsa salt lake. An unforgettable experience.

Camel mountain
Salt lake landscape

Short break at so called “Ong Jmel” mountain which resembles sitting camel. The mountain was used a scenery for many films e.g. “The English Patient”. Breathtaking views of Shott el Gahrsa salt lake. If the weather is sunny enough you can observe mirage.

Dunes riding Very exciting ride through the dunes, a chance to make incredible pictures..

„Star Wars”

Famous decorations in the middle of the desert used in “Star Wars” saga. In the film The scenes from “Mos Espa” and “Mos Eisley” towns were shot there.


Visiting oasis by carriage. Observing irrigation system and specific oasis vegetation. Short show including climbing palm tree and drinking palm tree juice. Next check in the hote and dinner. Hotel offersa air-conditioned rooms, free wifi service, swimming pool and thermal baths.

Day II
Chott El Jerid – Salt lake desert roses

Shott el Jerid salt lake which is the biggest salt Lake in Northern Africa. Time to buy desert roses, dates or souvenirs....

Dunes Sanctuary Very photogenic dunes.Sometimes it is possible to take a photo with live scorpion.

Camel riding Sahara landscape

In Douz, the desert “capital” of Tunisia you will see endless sand fields (Grand Erg Oriental). Additional attractions include camel/, quad/buggy riding, an/or paramotors flight.



Cave house

In Matmata visiting underground caveman house, stop at the view point, enjoying „moon landscape” and lunch.

El Jem Amphitheater El jem is very well preserved Roman amphitheatre (UNESCO cultural heritage list)...

* For the day length difference between summer and winter Thamerza oasis is visited only in summer time: April-September
In winter season Nov-March the tour is in whole by 4x4 vehicles (no coach)

Included in price
     English speaking guide Transportation (coach,4x4) Pickup from your hotel Accommodation (DBL or SGL air conditioned rooms ) Meals: day I (L,D) , : day II (B,L)

Not included (optional) costs (per person)
Visiting el jem Amphiteatre El Jem photo permission Drinks during lunches and dinner Camel riding Visiting oasis (carriage riding) (buggy, paramotors etc) 10 DT 1DT/camera (2 DT – 4DT)/meal 22 DT 8 DT (10DT-50 DT)

 Free : in the bus only in high season June-September , in hotel all the year.

To take with you
 Proper shoes (could be sandals or sneakers but NOT slippers)  Clothes From April to October there is no need to take any worm clothes. During other periods warm clothes protecting from wind and rain should be taken.  Airtight bag to protect camera from sand in case of desert storm. Camel drover trip Carter (in oasis)

Suggested tips (per person)
1 DT 1 DT 2 DT 2 DT

4x4 driver (usually 10DT per vehicle) Coach driver or in case if all the trip goes by 4x4 (no coach) 5 DT for 4x4 driver

Safety rules
 During trip with four wheel drive you MUST FASTEN SAFETY BELTS ALL THE TIME even if during not off-road parts of the trip.  To protect from sunstroke, water should be drunk frequently and the head should be protected by sun hat.. .  There is a tiny change of finding scorpions at large on the way.. Keep away from lifting stones , as the scorpions usually hide themselves under the stones or in other naturally shaded places sahel_voyages_sousse GSM (reservations) (+216) 26 444 001 Fixed telephone (+216) 73 220 531

Why to go just with US
Experience We operate more than 10 years organizing tours in Sahara desert. Guides We select very carefully the experienced guides who can speak good English

Sightseeing focus You will visit as much as possible in two days (much more than in standard programmes. It is one of the reasons we leave earlier and come back later than most of the other companies). We DO NOT visit any shops, factories etc.

Wise Itinerary Our tour goes opposite direction to standard one. So even in high season you will avoid crowds of the other tourists and quite often we are the only tour at the spot.

Flexibility . At your wish instead of coming back to your hotel in northern Tunisia we can drop you off in Matmata, Douz or Gabes so you can continiue your forward trip e.g. to Jerba easily Small groups In winter season November-March we organize tours in very small groups . We start from 4 persons only with standard price and all the tour goes by 4x4

Single friendly. Unlike other companies we DO NOT charge more for single room occupation. So if you travel on your own you can easily save at least 15TND.

Free wifi internet in coach and hotel. (In hotel all over the year while in coach only in high season June-September)

Free multimedia presentation consisting of professional pictures from the most interesting places visited during the trip to download when you come back home.

Free Swimming pool and thermal bath in Sahara hotel so you can relax in water even in winter time


GSM (reservations) (+216) 26 444 001 Fixed telephone (+216) 73 220 531