Sadhe-Sati Nilanjan Samabhaasam Raviputram Yamagrajam Chayya martand Sambhootam tam namami Shaneshchram Saturn is the son

of Sun as per the ancient astrological texts.Astrological and relegious treastises have given various descriptions of Saturn.But according to me he is "Mr. NO NONSENSE" why because he shuns pomp and show and lays stress on hard work and pragmatism.He is the hard task master who does not tolerate any l axity from its students. He is dark in colour and emits blue radiations.Neelam ( Sapphire is his stone) and iron his metal.He is strict but often misunderstood a s cruel. He represents longetivity,determination,losses,accidents renunciation,, prosperity ,lunacy ,servants and death in a astrological chart.He also represent s oil,black colour,disease,lunacy ,toddy sellers,iron merchants,thieves,litigati ons and jailhouses.He is slim with deep set eyes.

Whenver a native comes under it's influence his circumstances become difficult(I f satrun is badly placed).Suddenly the native starts to lose his temper more oft en.There are financial losses.The children of the native become disintrested in studies and the native's martial life is marred by quarrels and misgivings.But t here is a reason for this.Saturn has been blessed by Lord Shiva to be the judgem ent maker and give punishment to dishonest and cruel natives.Saturn will make th e native go through various obstacles and when Saturn will leave the native the native will shine as gold.He will make him a better person just by serving diffi cult conditions on him.He makes a man of sterling character.Think can he be cons idered unauspicious.A Lawmaker is free from all emotions and same goes for Satur n.Think of how many people you have hurt.Think about how many times have you bee n dishonest.Think of how many times you have fallen prey to temptations that are immoral.Saturn will make you pay for all this and make you repent.As soon as yo u will start to change yourself he will start to help you.Saturn takes a person towards the higher goals in life.

When placed in the 3rd,6th and the 11th houses in a chart Saturn will give great benefits to the native.He will make him enjoy kingly comforts and at the same t ime add to his spiritual growth.He can confer riches and comforts that are beyon d the capacity of other planets.

Whenver you are under his seven and a half year cycle or the 2 and a half year d haiyya become humble.Pray to the God with strong devotion.Help others.Do not rus h into decisions.Think not once but twice.Be slow to make a promise but be quick to keep it.Engage in some form of charity.Help the needy.Try to conciously cont rol your temper and you will see a positive change occuring in your life.You wil l get divine expereinces and never be the same again.Saturn will make you like a shining jewel One of Saturns name is "mand" i.e slow moving.Become slow moving like him.Be cau tious,weigh options pragmatically and then make a decision.Saturn will take you to great heights. A good example is of Super star Amitabh Bachhan.Amitabh gave his first hit in Sa turn's major period.And for the next 19 years of Saturn's Mahadasha he scaled he ights that will be difficult to equal by anybody.Saturn is defenitely the strong est planet.

murder. 10)Shaneshchar.9)Rodrantko. 2)Procure an iron ring made from the horse shoe of a black horse. hard work and devotion .Rudraabhishek and the"Shani Yantra" if the above described remedies do not give the desired benefits.It is very important to understandSaturn's character and it's role in this Divine world.pain and disease.7)Yama.theft.Go fo r Yajana. These remedial measures are good enough if you do them yourself. I will also talk about the method for wearing the ring. One should not go on hearsay and try to int epret things logically.oil on a Saturday. Have faith. 3)Try wearing a Sapphire.4)Shani.It is generally associated with cr uelty.If Sun is the King of all planets Saturn is the J udgement inscense and wear it in the midd le finger of your right hand.I will be talking about Sapphire in a separate section in detail later on.It is the strongest force.5)Mand. 5)Do not purchase black clothes.This should be done on a Saturday.the main thing is your honesty .8)Sauri. 7)Chant the Mahamritunjaya mantra daily for 11 or 21 times. Also mix some black sesame seeds(til) with water.iron materials. I have already stated the conditions applying to the remedial measures.6)Pipplad.It makes one pay for one's wrong deeds .apply tilak.2)Konasth3)Vabhru.He is the hard task master.It's mention evokes fear in the hearts of even the most valourous.Although wearing a Shani Yantrais very effective but it is very difficult to consecrate it.First tie it on your right arm.If it does not harm you in 3 days or you don't get bad dreams then get a ring made in panchdhatu(Mixture of 5 metals) and wear it on a Saturday in your middle finger in a rising moon p eriod.Narbhavi(Good Has to happen) The Dreaded Sade Sathi-Saturn's 7 and a half year cycle Saturn-The most dreaded of all planets Perhaps the most maligned of all planets is Saturn or Shani.Wash it in pure water.The ten namesare: 1)Krishna.Remedies for The Seven and a Half Year cycle of Saturn: Lord Hanumana-Praying to him will lead to freedom from an adverse Saturn Afflict ion. 4)Water the Peepal tree(the fig tree) while chanting the 10 names of Saturn.Remedial measures are accessories.preferably Ganges water.Light a Ghee lamp(Dipak) in front of his i dol. 6)Worship Lord Hanuman on a Saturday . 1)Chant the mantra Om Sham Shaneschray namah for 108 times daily or chant the ma ntra for Saturn as described in the section Sacred chantings.

The breakup of days is given as follows: For the first 100 days It stays on the face :Result-Losses For the next 400 days It stays on the right arm.kind and pragmaticThe cycle is of 2700 days. For the next 300 days it stays on the forehead. .S aturn remains in each sign for normally two and a half years hence for three sig ns the years are added and the complete period comes to Seven and a half Years.Saturn exercises its inf uence on various parts of the body during these 2700 days.Happiness.Success in dealin g with Government agencies. For the next 400 days it stays on the left arm. For the next 200 days it stays on the eyes:Progress.F or example if a native is Gemini by birth then his/hers cycle will start when Sa turn will enter Taurus in the Zodiac and end when Saturn will leave Cancer.during this period Saturn irons out the defects in a human being making one more spiri tual.losses.Saturn performs exactly the same function.These seven and a half years are like going to the "university of hard knocks".Deat h of loved ones. For the next 600 days It stays on legs:Result-Journeys. For the next 200 days it stays on the lower half of the body:Bad results accrue from all sides.Results:Profits.:Result-Diseases.pain. The Seven and a half year cycle of saturn: This cycle starts in a man's life when Saturn enters by transit the 12th sign fr om the Moon after birth and lasts till he leaves the second sign from the moon.The phenomena that most people dread is the Seven and a half year cycle often referred to as Sade Sathi..Result-Gains in Profession.humble. For the next 500 days it stays on the stomach:Result-Good fortune.Krishna says in the Geeta that the fruit of all deeds done are obtained in this life itself . I will be explaining it in detail.