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How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009

~ Table of Contents ~
Foreword – “Warning - This Isn’t Your Average Relationship Report!” ……3 For Guys Eyes Only 1. The Secret You Need to Know about Women …………………………… 4
Step One – Find Out What She Wants
Conversation, Affirmation, and Congratulation (C.A.C.) Why C.A.C. Works

Step Two – Become Her Perfect Man Step Three – Show Her Who is In Control
Acknowledge, Accept, Counter, Wait, and Reconnect Examples of Acknowledge, Accept, Counter, Wait, and Reconnect in Action

Step Four – Tears are as Necessary as Laughter What If You Lose Her

2. The Guy You Need to Be ………………………………………………16
The Five Characteristics You Must Possess

For Girls’ Eyes Only
1. You Don’t Know What You Think You Know about Men …………… 21
Man Repellant 101
The Girl Nobody Else Wants The Chameleon Negative Nellie Ice Queen Boring Betty

2. How to Be the Woman of His Dreams …………………………………24
Confidence and Submission (C&S) The Perfect Date
Confidence Excellent social interaction Stay positive Be interesting Work your sex appeal


How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009
Defer to him and submit

Epilogue – “What Comes Next?” ……………………………………………29


How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009

Foreword – “Warning – This is Not Your Average Relationship Report!”
There is no shortage of relationship advice on the internet. One quick search on Google will bring up thousands of results. So, how do you know which sites to listen to? How can you determine which “relationship expert” to follow? Why should you listen to what we have to say? You need to find someone who will tell you the truth without attempting to stay politically correct. There are highly qualified doctors and certified counselors that would love to spout a bunch of meaningless “psychobabble” at you. One thing is for sure – you’ve heard it all before from people who were far more famous: Oprah, Dr. Phil, and John Gray to name a few. They are afraid to tell you anything that would offend your sensitive sensibilities, for fear of marring their pristine reputations. Is that the type of advice you should be taking? No, what you are looking for is fresh material that is honestly given by people who have benefited from that same tried and true advice. It may not be what everyone wants to hear, but it’s real. The reason why no one else is telling you this information is because the truth is hard to hear. No woman wants to read that a man won’t fall madly in love with you if you don’t have sex with him. No man wants to hear that unless you man up and learn how to effectively communicate with your partner, she won’t stick around for long. What you now have to decide for yourself is whether or not you are ready to hear it!


How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009 Even bigger than that, though, men and women don’t want to hear the honest truth about themselves. We are so accustomed to whiney psychologists telling us that “women are complicated” and “men are just misunderstood”. Well, we’re here to tell you that is a crock of bull. We aren’t all that complicated or misunderstood. It’s just that no one has had the guts to reveal the genuine facts about the two sexes. When is someone going to come forward and say what needs to be said? How long do we have to wait before we finally hear the nitty-gritty about what it is that the opposite sex really wants from us? Guess what? The wait is over. It’s not going to take us long to tell you what you need to know. We’ve taken out all the fluff and filler and brought you nothing but important content. In the next twelve pages, you will discover how to make the object of your affection fall for you and never look at anyone else again! What are you waiting for?


How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009



How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009

1. The Secret You Need to Know about Women
First things first. We’re about to shoot it straight. Every guy knows deep down that women have a ton of power over us. They are the fairer sex, right? They have what we want, and they know it. That knowledge is what gives them control over us. It’s the reason why we go to work every day to support them, buy nice clothes to attract them, and give them expensive gifts to keep them happy. The first step in assuring that you gain the affection of the woman that you seek and make sure that she doesn’t ever feel the need to look at another man again is to regain this control. The moment you lose your control over the relationship is the moment you invite some other guy to come along and take it from you. The secret is that you have to know how to do it skillfully enough that a woman will submit to you willingly. In fact, if done correctly, a woman will be pleased as punch to be under your control. Are you curious yet? Good. That means that you are ready to learn! Step One: Find Out What She Wants There is one thing that women have over us without a doubt. They are much better at accepting someone they are interested in and all of their physical faults. They are capable of being wooed by his personality above all else. Men, on the other hand, are visually-stimulated creatures. Don’t get us wrong, so are women, but on a lesser level. Initially, that may be what they are looking for, but in the


How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009 end, what a man offers upstairs is more important to them. Now, you need to use this to your advantage. You still want to present yourself in the best light possible. Get a great haircut, wear your best dark-washed jeans and a nice shirt, and make sure your shoes are clean and stylish. Take a really good shower, use deodorant, and splash a very conservative amount of cologne on the sides of your neck and your chest. This will give you a leg up, and it will make a woman feel justified in giving you a moment of her precious time. You look like you give a damn about yourself, and she won’t be embarrassed to be seen talking to you. The next thing to concentrate on is what we like to call Conversation, Affirmation, and Congratulation, or C.A.C. It is essential to getting a woman to find you completely irresistible. She will want to spend more and more time with you. Conversation, Affirmation, and Congratulation (C.A.C.) After introducing yourself and asking if you can speak with her for a moment, ask the woman her name. Ask her where she is from, and what she does for a living. 1. Throw in a compliment or two, telling her that you noticed her from across the room or that her hair is totally distracting because of how gorgeous it is. Don’t worry about being too complimentary – women are suckers for a great compliment. It is the number one complaint that they usually have with the men in their lives, not being told how beautiful or wonderful they are anymore. The key to the first part of the C.A.C. strategy is allowing the woman to talk about herself. You are doing research here. Take plenty of mental notes on what she likes, what she dislikes, and what she’s into. You’ll be using it later.


How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009 2. Every time the woman tells you something about herself, a choice that she’s made, or an accomplishment that she has recently completed, you should affirm her choice. Tell her that it’s a great idea, and give her reasons why she’s right, whether you agree or not. Women love to feel affirmed and appreciated, and you’re giving her everything she wants. During this phase, your target will be smiling and nodding. She will be thinking, “Wow. This guy really gets me!” 3. Once you’ve told the woman how impressed you are with all of her life decisions, begin to congratulate her for all that she’s got going for her. Do not concentrate on trying to impress her with all of your own accolades. If you do, you’ll end up going on a tangent, and you will lose her attention. The more she talks, the more she will find herself liking you. Tell her how proud you are of her, and express that you don’t know many people who have the courage/dedication/knowledge/know-how to do what she’s done. If she starts to ask you questions about yourself, answer them, casting yourself in a positive light, but limit the talk about yourself to two or three minutes. Remember, it’s all about her. Why C.A.C. Works In order to understand why this process works, you have to know an essential fact about women that the feminist movement will never admit. Women have a fragile self-esteem. Their opinions of themselves are always swinging back and forth, and their pride is constantly hanging by a string. They rely on other people’s praise and admiration to validate their self-worth. This is why they never make a decision without first consulting a dozen of their friends to see what they think first. When you tap into this phenomenon, it is easy to get a woman to begin to adore you. Try it and see!


How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009 Step Two: Become Her Perfect Man This is where you use all of those mental notes you took while asking the woman about herself. If she told you about her love of sports, invite her out to a sports bar to watch the big game. Tell her about your favorite teams. If she told you that she loves to cook, sign the two of you up for some cooking lessons at the local college. Engulf yourself in her interests and support her in all of her hobbies. Become her dream man. Always remember to compliment her often. Introduce her to a few of your own hobbies that are related to her interests. Show her a couple of things that you excel at to show off your own manly abilities. Women are attracted to a man who can prove himself, no matter what it might be. If she is into scholarly pursuits, and you know a lot about literature, show off this trait while the two of you are at dinner one night. The key is to showing off is allowing her to participate and still feel appreciated while you’re doing it. Step Three: Show Her Who is in Control Now that you have become her ideal man in every possible way, don’t think that you’ve got it made. Someone can still step in and steal her away from you. There will always be someone out there who is more handsome, funnier, a better dresser, or makes more money than you. How do you ensure that her eye will never wander, and she will only think about you? It’s all about psychology. The truth is that a woman wants a man who she is just a tiny bit afraid of. Not physically. We don’t condone that at all. What we are saying is that a woman wants to know that if she was to step out of line, her man would be dominant enough to put her back in her place. That’s right. You read that correctly, but what does that mean exactly?


How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009 Most women will start to test the boundaries of their control after the first two or three weeks of dating a man exclusively. Suddenly, she will stop calling and see if you call her first. You’ll ask her out, and she will say no, when she’s never done that before. If you don’t know what the deal is, you will be completely lost. You’ll begin to wonder if her feelings have changed. In actuality, this is the prime time to show her who is really in control of this relationship. She may think that she wants to win these little mind games, but deep down, she wants you to win them. She’s testing you. We’re about to show you how to pass her test with flying colors! To master this very important step, you will need to perfect the Acknowledge, Accept, Counter, Wait and Reconnect move. This five step process will put you in your rightful place of control every time, and this will be the real glue that will hold your relationship together! Pay special attention to this section. Acknowledge, Accept, Counter, Wait, and Reconnect 1. Contact your girlfriend and address the issue at hand. Acknowledge her current actions and make it clear that you are aware of what is going on. Don’t speak to her in a mean or abusive way. Speak casually, but seriously. Never threaten or berate her. Make sure that she knows that you still care about her. 2. Accept that what she has done, or what she plans on doing, is just fine. Explain that you can’t change her behavior, her thoughts, or her actions, and that you would never even try to. Tell her that you understand, and you agree with her decisions. 3. Counter her action with something that will shock her. Be aware that she will react negatively at first. She may laugh sarcastically, or gasp in surprise. Never do anything that will permanently damage the 11

How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009 relationship or her feelings towards you. Do not back down, no matter what how she reacts. 4. Wait it out. Follow through with your counter action, and stand your ground. Never be the first to call her back after one of these encounters. This is essential to your success! She may act like she is angry with you, and she may not call for days. That’s fine. If you absolutely cannot keep yourself from calling her, be sure that you wait a minimum of seven days. When you do call her, do not address the altercation. If she brings it up, laugh it off and say, “Are you still talking about that? Girl, that’s old news. I’m not mad about that.” Make sure that you say that. Don’t ask her if she is mad; you let her know that you aren’t angry about it. Proceed to act like it never happened. You have already made your point. Now she knows that if she acts a certain way, you will respond in a certain way. This is what you should do anytime she pulls another power play. Sooner or later, she will get the point that it is not worth playing these games with you. 5. Make a special effort to reconnect. Don’t go against anything you said or did while you were in the middle of this mental tug-of-war. For example, if you were arguing about who would make the decision on where to go on your dates, and she was complaining that you always choose, don’t reconnect by letting her choose the date. Stand your ground, but find something romantic and fun to do with her. In order for this tactic to work, you must reconnect in a big way. Do something exciting, and tell her how much you love being with her. If you do this right, she can’t think of you as a jerk that won’t compromise. She will just realize that she can’t walk all over you, and she will reluctantly accept your advances. The more you kiss up and cater to her during this vital time, the more points you collect towards the next time this happens. 12

How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009 Example of Acknowledge, Accept, Counter, Wait, and Reconnect in Action Power Play Move: Your girlfriend wants you to go to a movie with her on Friday night. She knows that you want to see the football game instead. Her argument is that you can always record your game and see it once you get home. You would much rather see it live. She tells you that if you choose to see the game, she will be majorly pissed. Acknowledge: You call her, and you tell her that you know she wants you to see the movie on Friday. You say, “Look, I know that seeing this movie is important to you. Watching the game is important to me. I know you’re going to be angry if I don’t go with you, and I’m cool with that.” Accept: “I know you’re going to be angry. I don’t want to make you upset, but I understand if you are. I can’t expect to be able to change your feelings about this.” Counter: “Like I said, watching the game is important to me. I don’t mind if you go see the movie with a friend without me. I’m going to watch the game.” Your girlfriend laughs sarcastically, as if she can’t believe that you would just defy her like this. You stay silent. She asks, “Are you serious? So, you’re really not going to go with me?” You repeat, “I’m going to watch the game. I hope you enjoy the movie. Let me know how it is when you get back.” She angrily spits, “Fine!” You hang up the phone. Wait: Friday night passes. You watch the game. She doesn’t call you. Five days pass, and she still hasn’t called. Finally, on the sixth day, she leaves a message on your answering machine. It says, “I can’t believe you’re acting like this. If it’s that serious, then fine. I just called to say goodbye.” 13

How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009 Reconnect: Since she took the initiative to call you back (despite her negative comments, it means that she was thinking about you), you call her and say, “Hey, baby! It was good to hear from you. I was thinking you had gotten too busy for me! Look, I have two tickets to that play you’ve been wanting to see this weekend. I was thinking we could go on Saturday night and have dinner at your favorite restaurant. What do you say?” “Oh, so now you want to hang out?” She responds, icily. “I always want to hang out with you. So, do you want to go to the play?” Stay lighthearted and upbeat. Don’t mention last Friday. Don’t ask her about the movie. Keep things current, and continue to ask about going out during the coming weekend. If she says no, you will have to go back to replaying the Acknowledge, Accept, Counter, Wait, and Reconnect steps all over again. She is trying to play hardball. If you really want to establish yourself as the one in control in this relationship, it will take dedication and patience. Always attempt to reconnect in a big way, really putting her on a pedestal. Notice that, during this hypothetical reconnection phase, we didn’t ask her to go to the play on Friday night. We have already established that if a game is playing on Friday, you are not going to budge on what you will be doing that night. Step Four: Tears are as Necessary as Laughter One thing that most women know about men is that we are totally helpless against the tears of the woman we love. There is just something about seeing our lady break down in tears that affects us down to the core. We aren’t used to responding to tears, and as soon as we are confronted with them, we back down and concede the battle. Can we just tell you that in life and relationships, tears are as necessary as laughter? You can’t allow a woman to use this unfair tactic against you. This isn’t to say that if you legitimately do something that sincerely hurt her deeply enough to draw tears that you shouldn’t respond in a sensitive way. We’re talking about 14

How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009 those times when you know that she is blowing a situation out of proportion, and you find that she begins to cry just to tug on your heart strings. The proper response when a woman begins to cry for no justifiable reason is to say, “I can’t speak to you when you’re like this. Call me later, when you feel better, okay?” Depending on whether you are on the phone or if you are speaking in person, you need to hang up the phone or remove yourself from the area. Don’t act as though you are angry or upset with her. Speak calmly, and just state the facts. You can’t speak with her when she is like this, and you would like her to call you later when she is feeling better. Soon, she will learn that crying only causes you to walk away, and it doesn’t get the reaction she is looking for. You will notice that she will stop using tears as a weapon against you in the future. This is called the “Walk Away Technique”. You don’t do this same move if she is calmly expressing her distress or hurt feelings to you. If she is mature enough to talk about things without crying, then you need to learn how to be a good listener and have a grown-up discussion about how she is feeling. The “Walk Away Technique” should only be used when tears are unfairly used against you. What If You Lose Her? At this point, many men will ask the following questions: “Okay, so what if I do everything you say, and I lose her? What if I don’t call back for seven days, and she ends up dating another guy? What if she gets so mad when I walk away that she breaks up with me for good?” These are very good questions. They are also questions based on fear and desperation. In response, we’d like to ask you a very important question of our own. Do you want to be in a relationship where your girlfriend, and later on possibly your wife, does not respect you enough to allow you to be in control? If 15

How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009 the answer to that question is yes, then you definitely should not follow our advice. This report is not for you. It’s true. There will be some women who do not respond well to these strategies. There will be some very headstrong women who will object to you acting this way and asserting yourself. You have to ask yourself if you are okay with being with a woman like that. If you are fine with giving her control over your relationship, then carry on the way you were. For the rest of you follow our tips, and you will be completely irresistible. Your woman will be head over heels in love with you, and she won’t ever have to look elsewhere for another man who is strong enough to take control of the relationship. The choice is yours.


How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009

2. The Guy You Need to Be
Now that you have gone over some of our tips on how to ascertain control over your relationship, you may be thinking that in order to make your girlfriend fall madly in love with you, you have to be sort of a jerk. That can be true, in some respects. However, you notice that after we advise you to stand your ground on important matters that you believe in, we also follow it up with the “Reconnect Phase”. This phase stresses how important it is to put your girlfriend on a pedestal and treat her to wonderful things. It’s not about being a jerk. It’s about respecting yourself enough to make her give you that same respect. If you don’t have respect in a relationship, what exactly do you have? It’s all about establishing a healthy balance, and showing your woman how to be a woman who is treasured and taken care of. When you are courting a woman, there are five essential characteristics that you have to have if you want to be the strong, confident lover that you see on romance novels and in the movies. Every leading man that women daydream about has all of these qualities, and now they are listed here for you, too. The Five Characteristics You Must Possess     17 Kind Caring Strong Demanding

How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009  Proud Kind – You must first show your woman that you are capable of being kind and loving. This is what you do when you are complimenting her, congratulating her on her good life decisions, and taking her out to places that you know that she will enjoy. The general idea is to demonstrate to her that you are a good listener, and that you take your job of making her happy very seriously. Caring – In order to be able to stand your ground during your inevitable disagreements to come, you have to first establish the fact that you care about her. You have to show her that she is important to you. Remember her birthday and send her flowers. Call her when she’s least expecting it, just to tell her that you were thinking of her. Tell her how happy she makes you. These words will be the ones that she will be reciting over and over in her head whenever you have to perform the “Wait Phase”, while she is questioning your feelings for her. Make sure she has plenty of good memories to think about. Strong – A woman wants a man that knows that he is a man. She wants someone who makes her feel protected and secure. You need to show her that you will stand up for yourself when the need arises, and in the same light, you will stand up for her. Demanding – At first, a woman will rebel against the system and do a lot of arguing and complaining when she sees that you are not willing to compromise on certain issues. She isn’t used to a man being that demanding of her. You have to demand that she be mature enough to deal with not always getting her way. When you are a stronger man, you are demanding for her to become an even stronger woman. If she doesn’t pass the test, she is the one losing out, not you! Proud – A man who is proud of himself takes good care of himself. He keeps himself clean and presentable. He carries himself in a different way than 18

How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009 someone who doesn’t have a very high view of themselves. You show it in everything that you do when you are confident and self-assured. A proud man will not let anyone walk all over him. He knows that he has a lot to offer. This is why women flock to celebrities and movie stars. You can lie to yourself and think that it’s all about the money if you want to. The real reason is because these men convey their worth with every breath they take, every step they make. Women sense this and are extremely attracted to it. That is how the “groupie” came to be. In conclusion, men, forget everything you’ve ever heard or read before. Women aren’t always after the “bad guys”, and the nice guys don’t “always get the end of the stick”. Quit telling yourself that! That’s a fallacy that has been carried over for years and years. The real fact is that women are after a man who knows how to take control, and they are naturally repelled by weak men who come off as needy and desperate. Once you realize this, you will be that much closer to having the relationship of your dreams.


How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009



How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009

1. You Don’t Know What You Think You Know About Men
Women tend to have this opinion that they know all there is to know about the opposite sex. Ask any woman, and she’ll most likely tell you that all men care about is sex, sports, money, alcohol, and sleeping. If we are so easy to dissect, then why is it that those same women are always complaining when something doesn’t go the way they thought it would? “Why didn’t he call me back?” “What does it mean when he says we shouldn’t see each other? We were fine last night!” “Why doesn’t he tell me he love me?” If women really knew the secret to what attracts men and what keeps them loyal in relationships, they would spend less time worrying and more time enjoying their male counterparts! Do you want to be a woman who men flock to, compete for, and work hard to keep? You do? Well, read on. Man Repellant 101 Before we get into how you can become the smoking hot chick that every man wishes he could claim as his own, we’d like to give you information on what works in the exact opposite way. There are certain things that you can do to assure 21

How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009 that the man you just went on your first date with will never call you again. In fact, he will aggressively avoid you, and he’ll stop frequenting any public places that he knows you will likely be found. Many women unknowingly do precisely the wrong things when they meet a man that they find intriguing. They send off the opposite signals than what they are intending, and we don’t want you to be one of those women! You’ll want to be especially careful that you don’t do any of the following things if you desire a chance to really get to know that available bachelor you just met. 1. The Girl Nobody Else Wants – Everyone gets first date jitters. We all have felt so nervous that we begin to ramble on about subjects we know we should shy away from, desperately trying to fill the awkward silence. What you don’t want to do is begin to spill your guts about every guy who has wronged you in the recent past. While you may think that you are gaining his sympathy, what you are actually doing is telling him that several men have realized you were someone they didn’t want to be with. Naturally, he will begin to wonder why he is sitting across from you, as well. Soon, he’ll join their ranks. 2. The Chameleon – This one is tricky. While guys want you to seem interested in some of the same things that we enjoy, we don’t want to become painfully obvious that this is your typical M.O. First, you start to tell us how an ex-boyfriend loved football, and then recite all of your favorite teams. Next you mention how a previous friend of yours was really into mountain biking, and that you own a fantastic bike with killer maneuvering capabilities. When you get around to asking us what it is we like, we can predict that when we tell you we love to play guitar you will be taking lessons next week. It comes across as desperate and disingenuous. 22

How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009 3. Negative Nelly - One thing that men universally hate is a woman who is constantly complaining. If the traffic was bad on your way to your date, it’s raining outside, you overslept, and your food is awful, keep it to yourself. Coming off like you are the classic pessimist, always finding the bad in every situation, will make us disappear faster than David Copperfield. We can envision what a life with you would be like, and it isn’t pretty. 4. Ice Queen – The reason why a man will do anything for a woman is strongly based on the sexual attraction that he is feeling for her. Make no mistake; if a man is paying a lot of attention to you and is devoting his time to making you happy, he is thinking about what it would be like to sleep with you. Telling a man that you are practicing celibacy, you haven’t slept with anyone in months, or that you are a born-again virgin may score you points at church, but unless you are dating someone particularly religious, you can probably bet that the man will be discouraged from pursuing you much further. 5. Boring Betty – Sex, or the possibility of having sex, can only go so far. If you are on a date with a man and you have nothing to contribute to the conversation all night, you may get lucky and get asked for another date (depending on your hotness factor). However, after two or three dates of dull dialogue, a man’s attention will begin to wander. A woman who is completely clueless as to how to hold a decent conversation and interact socially with her date is a drag, and sooner or later, the guy is going to free himself of his burden.


How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009

2. How to Be the Woman of His Dreams
In order to get a man to fall completely in love to a point where he can’t imagine his life without you, you’ll have to become his ideal woman. Once you’ve gone through the following essential steps to woo your man, he will be putty in your hands. The secret to making a man succumb to his desire for you is to be an expert at balancing two things – confidence and submission. Confidence and Submission (C&S) There is no single trait sexier in a woman than confidence. A winning smile and outgoing personality ups a woman’s attraction quotient by 100%. When a woman knows that she is attractive and well-put together, it doesn’t matter if she has several physical faults. Everyone has one fault or another. This is why you do not have to be a drop-dead gorgeous model in order to find the man you want and snag him for your own. A man will overlook the fact that a woman may have a large nose when she carries herself as though she is the belle of the ball. If you know how to play up your best characteristics, we will gladly take notice of those and give you extra credit for them. Confidence should come from many different reasons, not just physical beauty. Knowing that you have a successful job, your own place to stay and form of transportation, and that you have been fully self-sufficient for years should bring you pride. Your sense of self-worth should be high due to your ability to sing better than anyone else you know, balance a checkbook like nobody’s business, or 24

How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009 write poetry like Emily Dickinson. Many facets of your life and what makes you who you are should instill a deep sense of confidence within you. All of this shines through when you first meet someone. At the same time, very few men want to date a ball-busting tomboy feminist who constantly competes with her boyfriend to figure out who wears the pants in the relationship. Men want a confident and capable woman who knows her value, yet chooses to be strong enough to submit to her man. You read that correctly. A woman must know how to balance being confident in all of her many accomplishments while at the same time acting demure and accommodating to her partner. We want a woman who is professional and competent enough to go off to work with us in the morning, bring home the bacon in the evening, and fry it up and serve it to us on a platter at night. If you can master this technique, you will be miles above the rest of the women of the world who are constantly trying to prove something to themselves by asserting their authority over us, only to their own detriment. If you willingly give over control to a man, he will ultimately choose to give you everything you have every desired in the relationship. This may not be what most women want to hear, but the happiest married women of the world will tell you that it is true. They have perfected the technique of letting the man think that he controls the relationship, when in actuality, she is pulling the strings from behind the scenes. The Perfect Date It’s your first date with a new guy. What should you do in order to make sure that this wonderful new beau calls you afterwards to schedule date number two? There are six elements that you must incorporate into your dating behavior if you are to ensure success.


How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009  Confidence – Show up with a wide and bright smile. Lean in and hug your date, and if it is your first time meeting him, introduce yourself assertively. During the initial “getting to know each other” phase, as you are telling him about yourself, always speak positively and upbeat. Bring up things that you do well, or any recent accomplishments that you have made in your professional, personal, or creative life.  Excellent social interaction – Demonstrate that you are a people person by asking plenty of questions about your date. Don’t monopolize the conversation talking only about yourself and your own life. Laugh easily and often. There is no sweeter sound to a man trying to impress a woman than her easy-going laughter.  Stay positive – Avoid any negative aspects of your life when you begin to reveal things about yourself. Find something to compliment during your date – whether it be the décor of the restaurant he chose, the quality of the food, the fantastic plot line of the movie the two of you watched, etc. Use lots of enthusiastic adjectives, like “wonderful”, “great”, “incredible”, and “awesome”. Thank your date for bringing you to the location he chose. If you have something that you’d like to vent or complain about (like having a bad day at work), save it for your girlfriend’s phone call later. Keep everything positive. This is not the time, place, nor the person to unload on.  Be interesting – If you’re not great at improvising conversation topics, do some homework and prepare before your date. Go online and browse the latest news stories. Discover little known facts that you can bring up during awkward moments. Always have at least three off-the-cuff subjects that you can talk at length about at anytime.


How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009  Work your sex appeal – Men need very little encouragement to make them feel like you might be interested in them sexually. A little flirtation can go a long way. Wear something feminine and sexy without being too revealing or sleazy. Take the time to wear make-up to accentuate your eyes and lips. Purposefully touch your date while you are talking or during a hearty laugh – rest your hand on his forearm or playfully shove his shoulder if he makes a naughty joke. Tilt your head to the side and give him a shy smile while he is talking to show him that you are enjoying his conversation. If your goal is to score subsequent dates, you don’t want to worry about acting platonic. Give him subtle cues that you like him in that way. The most skillful women know how to flirt! Tell him how impressive he is, and praise him for the accomplishments he tells you about.  Defer to him and submit – You want to establish with your date that even though you have proven your confidence through calling attention to your many accomplishments, you are humble enough to let him be the leader in this relationship. If you are out to dinner, ask him to order for you. Tell him that you’d love for him to choose the best meal that he thinks you would enjoy. If you’re not comfortable with handing over that much control, add that you love dishes with shrimp or chicken, or whatever type of food you enjoy, to give him a hint at what to choose for you. Do the same thing if he asks you what movie you would like to see. Be sure that it is clear that you would love for him to choose, because he would do a good job, not because you are indecisive. You don’t want to get into the back and forth volley of, “Well, what do you want to do?”, “I don’t know. What do you want to do?” If you can bring yourself to work these characteristics into your personality whenever you date a man, you will find that the supply of eligible bachelors will seem endless! Other, less enlightened, women will wonder how you manage to 27

How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009 always attract the men to you that they find irresistible. You may decide to reveal your secrets to them, and you may not. Who needs the competition? Once you’ve gotten a man to begin dating you exclusively and commit himself to you, which won’t be difficult if you keep this behavior up, you can begin to assert some of your control over the relationship. Instead of demanding that your man do something you’d like him to do, simply suggest it to him. Tell him how his doing those things would make you so happy. Let him think that he is not obligated to do the things you want him to do. The trick is to make him think that he is surprising you by doing what you asked him to do in the first place. Always commend him for a job well done, and act shocked that he actually followed through on your request. You are on your way to a fantastic and fulfilling relationship!


How To Be Your Lover’s First Choice? 2009

Epilogue – “What Comes Next?”
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