Resume Writing for Education Majors




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Summary of Qualifications

To obtain a third grade teaching position at King Elementary School in the Green Bay School District  Extensive teaching experience at a variety of age levels &
mixed age classrooms  Competent using classroom technology to meet the current needs of students  Experienced teaching in a responsive classroom environment  Received numerous promotions while in the sales field at three Fortune 500 companies

• Choose professional fonts (Verdana, Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial) • Completely spell all words, other than the state or middle initial • Use # for apartment number • Do not use labels “Address” or “Phone” if only using one of each • Use a professional email and remove hyperlink • Tailor to a position and company • 3-5 bullets tailored to each position applying to in order to highlight experiences • Most commonly used when students/alumni have extensive experience in their field

Tips and Reminders


Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Minor in Spanish University of Wisconsin-River Falls, December 2014

Teaching Experience

Additional Sections

Biology Student Teacher, Meyer Middle School River Falls, WI – Spring 2012  Created and taught a two-week unit to 7th grade students, explaining major concepts of climate including meteorology, landforms and weather patterns  Adapted lessons to accommodate ELL and students with learning disabilities  Assisted cooperating teacher with rubric development to grade final class projects on organization, overall understanding, spelling, and grammar  Developed a week-long unit centered around the human body culminating with a field trip to the BodyWorks® Exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota Awards & Honors Technology Experience International Study Certifications / Licenses Professional Development OR Continued Education (See next page for more examples)

• Bold major line • Include minors and emphases • UWRF abbreviation can be used if involved in campus organizations, activities or jobs • GPA (3.0 or above recommended) • List most current college degrees or highest level degree first • Do not include high school • Tailor section headings to highlight specific experience (Ex: Accounting Experience) • List most relevant positions first • Position title, Organization, City, State, Date • Skill phrases (bullets) should be used to describe experiences

• Optional sections • Skill phrases in these sections are optional

• • • •

Consistent spacing, formatting and fonts Proper spelling and grammar Margins may be decreased to 0.5 to create more space Single spacing – Also, ensure line spacing options are set to zero (Home – Paragraph – Line Spacing Options – Spacing before and after = zero) • Font sizes: name (18-22); headings (12-14); content (11-12)

Do NOT Include

• References or “References available upon request” at the bottom of your resume • Hobbies or interests • Photos • Color

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Suggested Resume Headings
Most individuals are surprised to learn that there are many different ways to organize information you include on a resume. Ideally, your resume should be organized to highlight relevant teaching experiences, activities, and education. Below is a sampling of appropriate resume headings.

• • • • Objective Job Objective Career Objective Professional Objective

Summary of Qualifications: • Career Profile • Areas of Expertise • Career Highlights • Professional Skills • Summary of Qualifications • Experience Summary • Experience Highlights • Achievements • Career Achievements Education: • Education • Educational Preparation • Relevant Coursework • Credentials • Educational Highlights • Course Highlights • International Study or Travel Abroad • Continuing Education Awards & Honors: • Honors and Distinctions • Special Honors • College Distinctions • Honors and Awards Relevant Experience: • Teaching Experience • Early Childhood Experience • Child Care Experience • Elementary Education Experience • Secondary Education Experience • Research Experience • Professional Background • Tutoring Experience

• • • • • • • •

International Teaching Experience Coaching Experience Experience with Children Youth Involvement Related Experience Volunteer Experience Leadership Military Experience

Other Related Experience: • International Experience • Travel Abroad • Computer Skills • Laboratory Skills • Language Competencies • Presentations • Publications • Conferences Attended • Licenses & Certifications • Thesis or Dissertation Activities & Memberships: • Civic Activities • Professional Activities • Community Activities • College Activities • Membership • Professional Organizations • Professional Memberships • Professional Affiliations • Campus Involvement • Professional Development • Campus and Community Involvement • Campus Leadership Experience Technical: • Computer Skills • Language Skills • Multi-Media Skills • Information Technology Expertise


Writing Effective Skills Phrases
A skill phrase is a bulleted statement describing the skill you gained and duties performed while in a certain position. Effective skill phrases are the most important part of your resume. There are several different formats for writing them, but in general, we recommend that skill phrases: 1.) Begin with an action verb (see next page for extensive list) 2.) Highlight a specific and unique skill or experience 3.) Quantify the result, if possible It is important that you try to include “buzzwords” related to the industry and position to which you are applying. Skill phrases are typically one to two lines.

What You Did
Begin your skill phrase by describing your tasks and/or duties. You will begin with an action verb and simply describe what your task was.

How You Did It

Skills Used or Gained

+ + + + + +

Add descriptions to “What You Did.” Explaining how you completed a project or worked with a group of five, will display a clearer picture to the employer.

+ + + + + +

This is a very important part of the formula. When you pair the skill you used along with what you did, you are communicating much more information to the reader.

• Designed and


morning meeting activities and classroom management strategies with parents to discuss children’s academic performance and behavior at the Plum City Care Center,

based on Responsive Classroom philosophies

• Conducted weekly

phone conferences

and create an improvement plan

• Initiated and

coordinated an “Adopt a Grandparent” program
• Co-wrote and received

which brought in more than 140 elderly people to visit with children in the school used as a crosscurricular year-long project

to build a school garden

a grant

• Taught weekly guided

reading lessons,

which aided students to develop skills

such as scanning, reading for detail, and using context clues


Applying Online
Educators are utilizing online application systems more frequently, including WECAN in Wisconsin and EdPost in Minnesota. It is imperative to maintain professionalism when submitting application materials and answering online questions. Some hiring officials consider the answers to online questions more important than an applicant’s resume and cover letter. Through these two online systems, you can apply for posted positions, and districts can also use them to search for qualified candidates. • • EdPost - WECAN -

Optimizing Your Resume for Applicant Tracking Systems
Applicant tracking systems are used by organizations to manage the flood of applications they receive. The ATS will read your resume then rank and score your qualifications vs. the job description. Only applicants who receive high scores will get a call for an interview. Follow these tips to greatly increase the likelihood your resume will rise to the top of the list.
Adapted from Quintessential Careers;;; Jobvite; Careerealism; University of Montana, industry expert interviews.

Top 5 Tips 1. Do not use templates! Use a standard Word document, and save in .doc format: File/Save As/Word 97-2003. Not all ATS systems can read .docx, PDF, RTF, and JPG formats. 2. Use simple formatting. Do not use headers (including for contact information), footers, borders, lines, symbols (bullet points are fine) or shading. 3. Customize each resume for the specific position being sought using language from the job description. Incorporate relevant, targeted keywords and phrases. Be specific (i.e., "Adobe Photoshop" instead of "imageediting software"). 4. Use keywords and phrases in context. Incorporate them into descriptive achievement-oriented bullet points; do not just include them as a list of skills or competencies 5. Edit carefully: The ATS will not recognize misspelled words. And, if your resume survives the ATS screen, it will next be reviewed by human beings so it must be Eror error-free

Use simply formatted text of a reasonable size (11 point font or above), and standard fonts (Arial, Georgia, Tahoma, Calibri, and Verdana are safe choices) Contains only your name on the top line, with no degrees or certifications after it Uses the full version terms in addition to abbreviations and acronyms [i.e., Certified Public Accountant (CPA)] Use that exact job title on the resume. List dates to the right of the information. Consider including section headers in ALL CAPS to make it easy for the applicant tracking system to categorize the information. If working towards a required certification, include it on the resume, however, sure you include a phrase such as "Pursuing (name of credential)." Check your email - some applicant tracking systems automated responses may be diverted to your spam folder. If given the choice, upload your resume rather than cutting & pasting sections into text boxes. When it is eventually forwarded to a human, it will look much more attractive. Be mindful of special characters and accents. Some words and phrases can be misinterpreted by an applicant tracking system -- for example, accented words. The word "résumé" itself is not ATS-friendly. The ATS does not recognize the accented letters. Instead, it reads it as "r?sum?." ATS will not penalize you for length. However, since it may also be read by a person, keeping it to two pages is smart. If you have a 2-page resume, put your name and Page 2 in a header so the ATS can’t “see” it. Use single column format (no tables, multiple columns, or text boxes) 4

Don’t include any special characters, accented words, or punctuation in your name, such as ( ) , / Don't list your credentials (MBA, CPA, etc.) next to your name. Include on a separate line. Don't include skills you don't possess on the resume as an attempt to "trick" the applicant tracking system into selecting you. Anything on your resume needs to be substantiated in an interview, or increasingly in a skills-based test before you interview. Don't mix different fonts and sizes in your resume. Keeping your name larger does not seem to be too much of a problem. Don’t feel the need to create a completely stripped down document. In the old days we would save documents in .txt format with absolutely no formatting before submitting online. Because your resume will eventually be seen by a human being, keeping some simple formatting such as bold, caps and bullet points will help to keep your resume attractive.

Action Verbs
Management Acquired Administered Analyzed Anticipated Assigned Attained Authorized Bolstered Brought Chaired Charged Chartered Conducted Consolidated Contracted Controlled Coordinated Decided Delegated Developed Directed Drove Enforced Evaluated Executed Gained Governed Handled Headed Hired Improved Inaugurated Increased Launched Led Ordered Organized Oversaw Planned Prioritized Produced Proposed Ran Recommended Relied Reviewed Scheduled Strategized Strengthened Supervised Communication Addressed Advertised Appealed Arbitrated Arranged Authored Collaborated Composed Consulted Convinced Cooperated Correlated Corresponded Debated Defined Developed Directed Displayed Documented Drafted Edited Enlisted Expressed Formulated Influenced Interpreted Lectured Mediated Moderated Modified Narrated Negotiated Offered Persuaded Presented Promoted Publicized Published Read Reasoned Reconciled Recruited Related Reported Responded Spoke Stressed Talked Translated Wrote Research Ascertained Clarified Collected Critiqued Detected Diagnosed Discovered Evaluated Examined Experimented Explored Extracted Identified Inspected Interpreted Interviewed Investigated Judged Located Organized Perceived Proved Queried Questioned Reviewed Studied Substantiated Summarized Surveyed Synthesized Systematized Tested Verified Technical Analytical Applied Assembled Built calculated Compared Computed Constructed Designed Devised Engineered Fabricated Fixed Gathered Installed Lifted Made Maintained Manipulated Modeled Operated Overhauled Programmed Received Remodeled Repaired Solved Sustained Upgraded Utilized Teaching Adapted Advised Bolstered Briefed Clarified Coached Communicated Coordinated Cultivated Demystified Developed Enabled Encouraged Enlightened Evaluated Explained Facilitated Guided Informed Instructed Learned Mentored Observed Persuaded Rationalized Read Set goals Stimulated Supported Taught Trained Tutored Financial Administered Allocated Analyzed Appraised Audited Augmented Balanced Budgeted Calculated Computed Decreased Developed Estimated Exceeded Financed Forecasted Funded Indicated Managed Marketed Met Minimized Planned Predicted Projected Purchased Raised Researched Creative Abstracted Acted Conceived Conceptualized Converted Created Customized Designed Developed Directed Drew Established Fashioned Founded Illustrated Imagined Improvised Initiated Instituted Integrated Introduced Invented Originated Performed Planned Revamped Revitalized Shaped Symbolized Theorized Visualized Helping Advocated Aided Answered Assessed Assisted Attended Cared Clarified Coached Comforted Conserved Contributed Counseled Demonstrated Diagnosed Educated Empathized Ensured Expedited Facilitated Familiarized Fostered Gave Guided Helped Listened Motivated Participated Protected Provided Referred Rehabilitated Represented Supplied Supported Implemented Indexed Inspected Inventoried Logged Mapped Memorized Monitored Operated Organized Perfected Prepared Processed Purchased Ranked Recorded Retrieved Scanned Screened Specified Streamlined Systematized Tabulated Validated

More Verbs for Accomplishments Achieved Completed Delivered Eliminated Excelled Expanded Improved Mastered Maximized Obtained Clerical or Detail Overcame Pioneered Oriented Approved Practiced Arranged Reduced Catalogued Resolved Centralized Restored Checked Spearheaded Classified Specialized Collected Succeeded Compiled Transformed Copied Won Discriminated Dispatched Dissected Executed Followed Generated


Extensive Experience

First-Year Student

Robert Klee
5555 Riverview Avenue South, Woodbury, MN 55555 (555) 555-1234,

Summary of Qualifications__________________________________________________________
   

7487 Riverland Terrace ■ River Falls, WI 54022 ■ (715) 425-1578 ■

Keith Baemmert

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Minor in Spanish University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF), May 2017

Related Experience
Tutor, Meyer Middle School, River Falls, WI September 2013 - Present  Worked in partnership with Meyer Middle School and America Reads to provide tutoring to13 students in the areas of reading, comprehension, and vocabulary  Provided written feedback to parents and teachers regarding the academic and social development of students


Elementary Education Certification University of Wisconsin-River Falls, GPA: 3.9 Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence (72), Regular Education (777)

Extensive teaching experience with ages K-6, as well as experience in mixed age classrooms Competent using classroom technology (virtual classrooms, digital storytelling, and synchronous learning) to meet the current needs of students Experienced teaching in a responsive classroom environment Received numerous promotions while in the sales field for successfully building and maintaining client relationships utilizing strong communication skills while at three Fortune 500 companies

December 2013

Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism, History Minor University of Wisconsin-River Falls

May 2000

Teaching Experience_________________________________________________________________

Day Camp Counselor, North East Family YMCA, White Bear Lake, MN

May 2013

 Organized small group, hands-on activities for 14 children to encourage participation
and learning

 Planned and facilitated daily crafts for children ages 4-15 to promote art appreciation
Sports Coach, Ramsey Community Education, Ramsey, MN, Summers 2011, 2012  Instructed students of all ages on official athletic rules and ethics to encourage the development of players  Facilitated various athletic team-building activities for groups of 14 to increase motivation of team members  Provided coaching for six players to increase skill level of a variety of sports  Guided a class of 30 middle school girls through multiple cheerleading sessions in a confident manner  Choreographed cheers and dances on a weekly basis  Positively communicated constructive criticism during practice to improve overall student performance

Additional Experience
Sales Associate, Shopko, River Falls, WI Face Painter, Como Zoo, St. Paul, MN November 2010 - Present May 2009 - July 2010

Grade 5 Student Teacher, Starr Elementary, New Richmond, WI Fall 2013  Created and taught month-long novel unit allowing students to improve vocabulary and comprehension skills through a variety of learning activities  Taught science units to three classes of 5th grade students, featuring a variety of science experiments, which allowed the students to experience learning in a hands-on manner  Planned units in social studies, math, and reading while taking on the responsibility of grading and completing duties of a classroom teacher  Utilized constructivist techniques allowing students to work and interact cooperatively  Communicated student progress and educational concerns to parents through weekly phone calls and individualized email updates Grade 2-3 Pre-Student Teacher, North Elementary School, St. Paul, MN Spring 2013  Developed a hands-on science experiment which allowed students to understand the effect of temperature on air pressure  Taught a reading lesson to students, which allowed for connections between personal experiences and characters in a story  Observed and taught in a mixed-age classroom environment Grade 6 Pre-Student Teacher, Como Park Elementary School, St. Paul, MN Spring 2013  Created a lesson for students to collaborate and understand the legislative system by relating content directly to personal experiences

Related Youth Experience___________________________________________________________

Campus Involvement
Member, Tomorrow’s Educators Member, Shared Governance Committee September 2013 - Present September 2013 - Present

Business Development Consultant, Oracle Corporation, Minneapolis, MN Sales Manager, Thomson Reuters, Eagan, MN Sales Coordinator, Deluxe Corporation, Shoreview, MN

Coach, Math Masters Program, Westside Elementary School, River Falls, WI 2012-Present  Helped prepare students for year-end Math Masters competition  Developed math activities to challenge high-achieving students  Assisted students on how to use teamwork to solve challenging math problems Substitute Teacher, St. Bridget’s Elementary School, River Falls, WI November 2012  Taught a variety of grade levels during a short-term substitute teaching position Volunteer, After-School Program, St. Bridget’s Elementary School, River Falls, WI, 2012  Supervised 25 students in Pre-K through 4th grade during after school program  Implemented engaging activities for all students

Additional Work Experience________________________________________________________

2008-2010 2004-2008 2001-2004


Elementary Education

895 Smithland Street, River Falls, WI 54022, (715) 749-1458,

Page 2

OBJECTIVE To obtain a third grade teaching position at King Elementary School in the Green Bay School District EDUCATION
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Minor in Early Childhood University of Wisconsin-River Falls GPA: 3.6, Dean’s List December 2013 •


Teaching Assistant, UWRF Upward Bound Program Summer 2013 • Collaborated with teacher to develop lessons, study guides and activities to teach basic Spanish vocabulary and Latin American History to a group of 26 high school students Enhanced knowledge of culturally diverse students by interacting daily with students from Arlington High School

Early Childhood-Middle Childhood (71) Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence (72) Regular Education (777) Fluent in German and Spanish-oral and written First-Aid/CPR

Attendee, Gangs: Current Issues, St. Paul, MN October 2012 • Learned about characteristics that are typically associated with gang activity, the history and current trends of major gangs in the Twin Cities area, and techniques for dealing with gang activity or suspected gang membership

TEACHING EXPERIENCE Title 1 Teacher, E.P. Rock Elementary School, Hudson, WI Fall 2013 • Assessed needs, designed programs and provided supplementary readings for qualifying students grades one through four • Co-facilitated three week-long reading academy interventions for third, fourth and fifth grades enhancing student reading skills by 25% • Conceptualized and coordinated three training sessions to equip parents with essential tools to support their student in the Reading Academy support program Worked extensively with Orton Gillingham phonics instruction as well as Early Success and Read Naturally literacy programs
• Spring 2013 5th Grade Student Teacher, Westside Elementary School, River Falls, WI • Adapted Basal text into an interactive, cross-curricular unit based on the travels of an imaginary hiker along the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia • Stimulated student interest with hands-on activities and artifacts, such as creating topographical maps from clay mountains and handling samples of different types of coal • Instructed science units on heat and digestion that provided an understanding of the different systems of the human body as an introduction to the human anatomy unit Utilized Investigations Math program, not previously used in the classroom, to increase understanding and create a constructivist atmosphere • Fall 2012 4th - 6th Grade Pre-Student Teacher, Anderson Elementary School, Bayport, MN • Assisted with an integrated unit on Japan in which students studied geography, and practiced unique aspects of the culture through role-playing to better understand and appreciate other cultures, • Taught weekly guided reading lessons which aided students in developing skills such as scanning, reading for detail, skimming, and using context clues to increase reading comprehension by 30% • Co-produced class play “Blame It On the Wolf,” which strengthened the children’s memorization skills, oral expression and comfort with public speaking Taught hands-on experiments, projects and technology to view the moon and weather •

President, Friends of Big Brothers Big Sisters of UWRF 2011-2012 • Created a bi-monthly program containing educational and social activities for a group of 40 economically and socially disadvantaged fourth and fifth graders from River Falls elementary schools

Childcare Provider, McArt Family, Maplewood, MN May-August 2011 Childcare Provider, Neal Family, Plymouth, MN May 2010-August 2011 • Created interactive and educational activities for three children between the ages of three and eight, in the areas of reading, physical education, music and art • Supervised neighborhood play groups of 10-15 children, which included providing interactive activities for children and hands-on supervision Prepared four children for daily routine while multi-tasking in a fast-paced environment Managed time appropriately to ensure children arrived to extracurricular activities in a timely manner • •

Volunteer Reader, Read Across America Volunteer, Outreach to Teach Volunteer, Big Brothers Big Sisters

January 2013-Present March-December 2012 April 2011-July 2012


Secondary Education

111 East Avenue, River Falls, WI 54022, (555) 555-1234,



    Teaching experience spans the developmental continuum grades Pre-K-Secondary Implemented the latest mathematics, science, and technology information by participating in Cray Academy and “Physics for Teachers” Communicated effectively with students, parents, school staff, and administration through a variety of communication avenues to ensure all parties were informed of student progress and success

Swimming Instruction, Klaas-Jonas Pool, Ellsworth, WI – Summers 2008 – 2012  Conducted lessons enabling approximately 24 children per year, ages six-18, to develop proper swimming techniques and learn water safety procedures  Evaluated students’ progress based on Red Cross Standards and offered individual instruction to those who needed additional help Facilitated meetings with parents to discuss safety concerns, review expectations of children, and answer questions

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education-Broad Field Science University of Wisconsin-River Falls, May 2013 Cumulative GPA 3.45, Dean’s List Education Certifications: Early Adolescence-Adolescence (73), Broadfield Science (601), in Wisconsin General Science Grades 5-8 (8710.4750), in Minnesota Additional Certifications: Lifeguard, Water Safety Instructor, CPR/First Aid

8th Grade Reading Teacher, St. Bridget’s Parish School, River Falls, WI, May 2011  Developed and graded assignments designed to check student understanding of communism, freedom, and views on government as espoused by George Orwell

Biology Student Teacher, Meyer Middle School, River Falls, WI – Spring 2013  Created and taught a two-week unit to 7th grade students, explaining major concepts of climate including meteorology, landforms and weather patterns  Adapted lessons to accommodate ELL and students with learning disabilities  Assisted cooperating teacher with rubric development to grade final class projects on organization of essays, overall topic understanding, spelling, and grammar Developed a week-long unit centered around the human body culminating with a field trip to the BodyWorks® Exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota  Chemistry Student Teacher, Sibley East High School, St. Paul, MN – Spring 2013  Facilitated lab experiences for 62 students on a weekly basis including set-up and take-down of equipment, proper laboratory procedures, and lab safety  Organized the implantation of Infinite Campus Parent Portal for assigning and collecting work from students, increasing overall student grades an average of 6% Interacted with parents on a weekly basis to offer feedback on student’s progress Team taught four lessons with cooperating teacher on the periodic table, molar mass calculations, states of matter, and pH calculations   Biology Pre-Student Teacher, Baldwin High School, Baldwin, WI – Fall 2012  Designed an interactive lesson plan introducing students to parasitic worms and effects on the environment, specifically examining the tapeworm Monitored 32 students on a field trip to conduct ion tests at a nearby lake Assisted students with paper chromatography, pH, and mineral percentages to determine whether lake water is acceptable for drinking  

Presenter, University of Minnesota Ag Awareness Week, St. Paul, MN, May 2011  Designed unique lessons to teach major historical concepts from the book “Animal Farm” to 15 eighth grade students  Worked with other presenters to help approximately 500 Twin Cities elementary students understand where local food comes from and basic concepts related to agriculture

Teaching Assistant, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, St. Paul, MN, Fall 2010  Supervised 114 college students during weekly laboratory exercises dealing with concepts related to animal science and proper care of farm animals  Assisted students with written assignments designed to test understanding of knowledge gained in laboratory experiences and provided appropriate written feedback after grading tests and quizzes to enhance knowledge

Annual Presenter, Vernon County Farm and Home Safety Day Camp, 2007 – 2011 Co-presented to 20 groups of approximately 20 fourth-graders annually; to teach a 13-minute safety program


Volunteer Swim Coach, River Falls High School Swim Team, Spring 2010 – Present Participant, UWRF Intramural Sports, 2010-Present Member, Early Year Enthusiasts, UWRF, 2010-2013 Secretary, Biology Club, UWRF 2010-2011 Student, International Traveling Classroom, Seven European Countries, Spring 2011


Secondary Education

25 800 AVENUE · RIVER FALLS, WI 54022 · (555) 698-1657


Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education-Broad Field Social Studies Emphasis in Psychology University of Wisconsin-River Falls, May 2013 Major GPA: 3.9, Dean’s List, Senior Merit


Upward Bound Tutor, Heritage Academy Magnet School, Minneapolis, MN, May 2012

• Provided encouragement and opportunities for students in pursuit of higher education by assisting with coursework and acting as a mentor • Formed personal relationships with students of different diversities and cultural backgrounds

9th Grade Student Teacher, River Falls High School, River Falls, WI Spring 2013
• • • • • Developed lessons for two sections of Psychology aimed to introduce psychological concepts and principles related to the brain, sensation and perception, and states of consciousness Designed 80-minute lesson plans that utilized a variety of instructional strategies, such as interactive labs, supplemental readings, and media presentations to promote critical thinking and comprehension Collaborated with the cooperating teacher to select supplemental materials and activities that would meet state standards and district expectations for a course designed to prepare collegebound students Introduced students to college-level summative assessments which prepared students for the Advanced Placement Exam, as well as, the transition to college coursework Communicated expectations of the course and the student’s current and potential performance to parents in efforts to promote parent involvement in student achievement

Field Trip Leader, Get Ready, UWRF/Johnson High School, St. Paul, MN


• Guided interactions between UWRF and Johnson High School students where diversity was celebrated; planned personalized campus visit experience to fit the needs of Johnson High School juniors • Collected data on student interests and academic needs regarding college choices, finances, and career decisions • Organized educational activities to highlight and illustrate the positive aspects of college life • Addressed concerns regarding a college education and motivated students to research careers


8th Grade Student Teacher, New Richmond Middle School, New Richmond, WI
• • • • •

Fall 2012

Taught four sections of American History including curriculum on the European exploration of the world and the development of America’s 13 colonies Adapted lesson plans to incorporate students with exceptionalities, individualized educational programs, and 504 plans to promote inclusion in the classroom Highlighted different historical perspectives and asked students to formulate and support a position aimed to encourage students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills Cooperated with teachers, school counselor, special services, and sign language interpreter to create an environment that generated academic achievement and personal success for students Guided learning by providing students with a one-sentence summary of the day’s lesson and asked daily review questions to reinforce objectives

6th Grade Pre-Student Teacher, Meyer Middle School, River Falls, WI
• • •

Spring 2012

Constructed a lesson for a 90-minute block to educate students about Canadian provinces Tutored students on a variety of subjects to improve individual skills and knowledge Assessed students’ knowledge by aiding cooperating teacher with homework checks

Classroom Observer, Saint Croix Central Middle School, Hammond, WI Fall 2011 • Assisted students with homework to ensure material was understood • Directed students to maintain focus and motivation to assist in classroom management
Classroom Observer, Washington Technology-Magnet Middle School, Saint Paul, MN Fall 2011
• • Assisted students in mathematics to improve skills and content knowledge Supported teacher by attending to students and answering individual questions during lessons


Member, Psi Chi, University of Wisconsin-River Falls Volunteer, Forensics, River Falls High School, River Falls, WI Secretary, Psi Chi, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

2010-Present 2012-2013 2010-2012

School Counseling

1495 Highway 64 • New Richmond, WI 54017 • 715.222.5219 •

Agriculture Education
Education Teaching Experience


Cory Ostmoe

8455 East Tree Avenue, #9, New Richmond, WI 54017 | 336-669-1456 |

Masters of Science in Education, School Counseling University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF), May 2013 2011-2012 Outstanding Counseling Student Bachelor of Science in Psychology Minor in Broad Field Social Studies University of Wisconsin-River Falls, May 2010

Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education, Minor in Dairy Science University of Wisconsin River Falls, May 2013

Practicum Student, Mahtomedi High School, Mahtomedi, MN, April 2013 – May 2013 • Presented information on depression and suicide signs to 180 9th & 10th grade students: distributed and scored a depression screening to identify students who may be at risk for depression • Connected with students and parents to discuss post-secondary plans by providing information on career and college planning resources • Participated in student’s Individualized Education Plans and 504 Accommodation Plans meetings; support students through academic, personal/social and career development • Utilized multiple facets of Naviance to promote college and career readiness to students and parents by assisting with college planning, preparation and enrollment Practicum Student, St. Croix Central Middle School, Hammond, WI, February 2012 – April 2012 • Developed and implemented a three week tobacco prevention curriculum for 5th grade students utilizing interactive activities involving refusal role play and demonstrations • Led an eight session group for six 5th grade girls to develop dialogue between students, address current issues and build self-esteem • Supported staff and students during a school crisis intervention by creating informational handouts on grief and guidelines for teachers and staff to use in discussions with students and families • Coordinated a school-wide diversity week involving a variety of activities and learning experiences to inform and teach tolerance while developing a multicultural competent school climate Practicum Student, Riverview Westside School of Excellence, St. Paul, MN, January 2012 – February 2012 • Taught dual immersion classroom lessons including Steps to Respect and Get Ready curriculum • Met with students for individual counseling to develop academic, career, and personal/social skills, goals and plans • Supervised six 8th grade students delivering the morning news announcements and helped develop the student’s public speaking, confidence and teamwork skills • Participated in a Family Solution Team with teachers, administration and families to create a support system and intervention plan for “high risk” students to advance academic, personal and social development

Agri-Science Student Teacher, Thorp High School, Thorp, WI, Spring 2013  Developed a semester-long dairy management course which included hands-on experiences inside the classroom, as well as observation and activities at local dairy farms  Observed classroom management, and adapted some techniques to enhance personal teaching style  Assisted as a co-advisor for the FFA chapter chaperoning conferences, aiding with event planning and scheduling the school concession stand to earn funds for the organization  Facilitated student growth through work with the Wisconsin Association of FFA and National FFA organization; strengthened and encouraged student problem solving skills with the help of the FFA Agri-Science Program

Teacher Assistance, Agricultural Education Department, September 2011-Spring 2012  Established a foundation of lifelong parliamentary procedure use by undergraduate students  Promoted public speaking during student parliamentary procedure demonstrations; increased student confidence through guided practice of parliamentary procedure  Evaluated students from the other groups in “Leadership and Group Dynamics” course during final demonstration, & assigned a grade based on demonstration

Field Experience Observation, 2009-2011  Observed experienced teachers at school districts from around the region and state including: Eastern Heights Elementary, Spring Valley High School, Cashton High School, and Fort Atkinson High School

Agricultural Experience

Dairy Nutrition Intern/Operations Assistant, Western WI Nutrition, Ellsworth, WI, June 2010-May 2011  Analyzed grain samples prior to unloading to ensure quality of products sold to customers  Demonstrated quality customer service while loading customer orders and creating formulated feed mixes for clients

Marketing Service Internship/ Regional Assistant, Accelerated Genetics, Baraboo, WI, 2010-2011  Used constant artificial insemination techniques to service dairy/beef cattle in Wisconsin and Illinois  Utilized professional selling techniques while working for Membership Service Representatives  Practiced hands-on skills including: observing basic semen collection, processing, and storage techniques, proper tail chalking techniques, as well as reproduction management on large dairies


AmeriCorps VISTA, University of Wisconsin-Extension, Baldwin, WI, June 2010 – August 2010 • Implemented monthly educational sessions for Latino/Hispanic immigrants that focused on introduction to American foods, healthier food options, and how to stretch your food dollar

Agricultural Professional Development

• Student/Parent Facilitator, College Transitions Program, April 2009 – Present • Certified Facilitator, Strengthening Families 10-14 Program, August 2007 – Present • Resident Counselor, Positive Alternatives, February 2009 – May 2009

Founder & President, National & Wisconsin Farmers Union, 2010-2012  Founding member and first President of the Collegiate Farmers Union Local at UW-River Falls  Served on both State Rules & Regulations and Policy committees at WFU State Convention  Attended NFU Fly-In and Collegiate Conference in Washington DC, lobbied congress on behalf of agriculture professionals

Honors & Activities

• • • American School Counseling Association Member, February 2012 – Present Minnesota School Counseling Association Member, October 2010 – Present Wisconsin School Counseling Association Member, October 2010 – Present

UW-River Falls: College of Agricultural and Food Sciences (CAFES) Student Advisory Council President, Agricultural Education Society, Dairy Club, Delta Theta Sigma (President)

FFA: American FFA Degree, WI FFA Gold in Dairy Production-Placement(4th), WI FFA Gold in Dairy Production-Entre (18th), WI FFA Star in Agricultural Placement Finalist

Additional Experiences & Awards: ATA National Debate Contest, Washington Leadership Conference, Badger Boys State, James W. Crowley Leadership in Dairy Award


Communicative Disorders

School Psychology

Whitney Schultz
8566 Violet Road | Lakeville, MN 55044 | 987-777-3456 |

Tanya Jacobson

547 Greenberg Street, #4B - Rochester, MN 55901 - (521) 555-0933 -

Education Specialist in School Psychology, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, May 2013 Masters of Education in School Psychology, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, May 2012 Minnesota License in Special Education-Deaf/Hard of Hearing, University of Minnesota, June 1997 Bachelor of Science in Communicative Disorders, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, December 1995

Bachelor of Science in Communicative Disorders, Spanish Minor University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF), May 2013 Dean’s List, GPA: 3.98

Bloomington Public School District School Psychology Practicum Student
 Administered mental health and cognitive assessments within a multidisciplinary team to provide evaluation and consultation services for students grades K-12 in accordance with due process guidelines  Participated in weekly child study team meetings and Professional Learning Communities  Observed students in the instructional setting as part of Functional Behavior Assessments, consulted on student Behavior Intervention Plans and collected Response to Intervention data

Study Abroad: University of Finis Terrae, Santiago, Chile, Winter 2010 • Studied Hispanic language and culture through coursework and cultural integration to broaden perspective

January 2013 – May 2013 Bloomington, MN

Communicative Disorders and Professional Experience

Anoka Hennepin Public School District School Psychology Practicum Student
 Consulted with faculty on implementation of student interventions to decrease target behaviors  Collaboratively developed and presented an in-service to district School Psychologists on the PREPaRE Crisis Prevention and Intervention model for schools  Facilitated student groups centered on increasing social skills and school success strategies  Acted as principal investigator on research project involving a pilot program at Anoka High School aimed to increase student academic success through consistent student-centered meeting interventions  Designed and presented a one-day workshop to increase student awareness on behaviors associated with low self-esteem: participants included girls enrolled in the school district’s Teen Pregnancy Program

August 2012 – December 2012 Anoka, MN

South Washington County Public School District Teacher for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing August 2011 - June 2012 Cottage Grove, MN
 Consulted with school administration, related services and support staff regarding appropriate accommodations for students, as well as served as a liaison between school and family to ensure equal access under the laws (IDEA, 504)  Collaborated with other professionals to implement appropriate accommodations for students with multiple disabilities, increasing student access to the curriculum as well as social and recreational opportunities that benefit learning and growth  Used a home-school collaboration model to provide advocacy and support to students and their families on topics related to improving learning opportunities at home and in the educational setting, locate resources in the community and navigate the transition from high school to post-secondary options

AVID Tutor, Cottage Grove Middle School Cottage Grove, MN, September 2011-Present • Facilitated critical thinking and inquiry among students by modeling, managing behavior, and asking probing questions which answered students’ questions and clarified points of confusion in subject areas

Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District Teacher for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

2007 – 2011 Little Canada, MN

Personal Care Attendant, Forever Care Services Plymouth, MN, May-September 2010 • Utilized facilitative communication techniques to improve client’s language and social interactions • Assisted client with daily activities living to promote and maintain independence at home and in the community Taught exercises for physical fitness, literacy and communication to improve wellbeing of client •

 Provided Early Childhood Family Education services to families and students age B-3 in their home  Supported mainstream teachers in creating differentiated learning environments so all learners could thrive  Facilitated student referral and re-evaluation teams, led meetings with faculty and parents, prepared Individual Education Plans and managed student case files

PREPaRE Crisis Prevention and Intervention, Training Workshops I & II Member, National Association of School Psychologists, 2010 – Present

Field Research Asst., Marathon Agricultural & Environmental Consulting Las Cruces, NM, June-July 2007 • Oversaw the progress and organization of experiments by performing field work and regulating irrigation Collected and arranged data using computer software programs to analyze results •

Campus and Community Involvement

Volunteer, Norris Square Senior Living Home, Cottage Grove, MN, June 2010-Present Volunteer, The Lutheran Home, River Falls, WI, September 2011 Volunteer, Better Speech and Hearing Month, Community Education, River Falls, May 2011 Participant, Spanish Conversation Table, UWRF, February-May 2011


Vice President & Public Relations Officer National Student Speech Language Hearing Association, September 2009-Present • Improved public image of the organization by volunteering at various association and community outreach events throughout the year and presented professional composure • Attended Wisconsin Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Association professional and student conventions and other related conferences to become educated on current research and applications in the field • Improved interpersonal and leadership skills by networking with various community and professional organizations to plan and organize fundraising, educational, and volunteer opportunities Created and implemented agenda, conducted meetings, and encouraged participation among members •


66 South Ridge Street * Edina, MN 55436 * (556) 259-9475 *

Ms. Julia Pattenson Principal Relationship: Principal at Cooperating School Sam Davey Elementary School 555 Pine Avenue South Eau Claire, WI 54703 (715) 555-1236 Mr. Solomon Jacobson 3rd Grade Teacher Relationship: Cooperating Teacher Sam Davey Elementary School 555 Pine Avenue South Eau Claire, WI 54703 (715) 555-1236 Ms. Cynthia Stewart Reading Teacher Relationship: Co-worker Twin Bluffs Middle School 2120 Twin Bluff Road Red Wing, MN 55066 651-385-4555 Mr. Brian Pintens 6-8th Grade Teacher Relationship: Co-worker Twin Bluffs Middle School 2120 Twin Bluff Road Red Wing, MN 55066 651-385-4555

66 South Ridge Street * Edina, MN 55436 * (556) 259-9475 *

Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) University of Wisconsin-River Falls, December 2013 Bachelor of Arts, Spanish Education K-12, Minor in TESOL University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (UWEC), May 1997 GPA: 3.89, Summa Cum Laude with University Honors

TESOL Practicum, Sam Davey Elementary School, Eau Claire, WI, Fall 2013
• Attended two weeks of professional development meetings and trainings with the HOPE Academy staff prior to the beginning of the school year • Observed, assessed, and scored the W-APT placement tests for students in grades K-3 • Assisted teachers in K-3 classrooms by helping students with reading and writing assignments • Planned and taught several lessons that followed the HOPE Academy lesson plan format

ESL/Spanish Teacher, Grades 6-8, Park Middle School, Hickory, NC, July 1997 – September 1999
• Taught emergency English skills to entering and beginning non-native students, in addition to developing and expanding non-native English speakers • Collaborated with classroom teachers to provide content support in social studies, science, math, and language arts by pre-teaching vocabulary and assisting 40 students with homework and projects • Team-taught 7th grade language arts course addressing the needs of English Language Learners in the mainstream classroom by coordinating content and language instruction with the content area teacher • Monitored ESL students’ progress through classroom testing, portfolios, and observation in order to accurately place students at the appropriate level of English instruction • Administered, graded, and interpreted English proficiency tests for 40 – 50 students each year • Designed 9-week exploratory Spanish units for 6th and 7th grade rotation courses that coincided with the grade level Social Studies themes by focusing on Spain and ancient South American civilizations • Implemented a year-long 8th grade Spanish option with matriculation to the high school program • Chaperoned overnight field trips to the Outer Banks of North Carolina • Assisted yearbook advisor with student committee supervision, editing, and distribution

ESL Teacher/Intern, Grades 5-12, Mondovi School District, Mondovi, WI, August – November 1997
• Planned and implemented lessons for middle school and high school English Language Learners including a field trip to the Chippewa Valley Museum where students viewed American culture through historic displays • Provided bilingual content support to teachers by pre-teaching vocabulary and assisting with homework • Encouraged communication between non-English speaking parents and the school by translating at parent-teacher conferences, writing letters in Spanish, and conveying family concerns to teachers

Substitute Teacher/Volunteer, Red Wing Public Schools, Red Wing, MN, 2003 – 2012 Spanish Interpreter Aide, Sunshine Corner Preschool, Red Wing, MN, 2003 Tutor, DeLong Middle School, North High School and UWEC, Eau Claire WI, 1994 – 1996

UWEC Study Abroad Program, University of Valladolid – Spain, January – July 1994 International High School Exchange Student, Peru, June – July 1991

Member - Kappa Delta Pi (Education Honor Society) Member - Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish Honor Society)