AdapLed from maLerlals provlded by Lhe Safe 8ouLes Lo School naLlonal ÞarLnershlp

Amerlca 8lkes ! 1612 k SLreeL, nW SulLe 802, WashlngLon, uC 20006 ! (202) 223-3726 !

Lvent Log|st|cs Check||st

1hls evenL checkllsL can help you qulckly deLermlne wheLher you have key Lasks handled for your evenL.
1hls ls noL meanL Lo be a compleLe gulde Lo plannlng an evenL, buL raLher a llsL of key loglsLlcs perLalnlng
Lo hosLlng your Member of Congress and/or Lhe medla.

Lvent Log|st|cs
• Lvent t|me||nes deve|oped for the day of the event and for the weeks |ead|ng up to the event.
• Þerm|ss|ons ] perm|ts ] |nvo|vement obta|ned for s|te of event. lrom prlnclpal, clLy offlclals, eLc.
• Inv|tat|ons sent and attendance conf|rmed. lundlng agencles, local offlclals, and local buslness
leaders are key guesLs.
• A|| |og|st|cs |n p|ace. Þodlum for speakers, refreshmenLs, decoraLlons, eLc.
• A|| part|c|pants know the|r ro|es and ta|k|ng po|nts
• Informat|ona| packets prepared for e|ected off|c|a| and med|a
• Þhotographer and ] or v|deographer des|gnated

Member of Congress |og|st|cs

• Schedu|er contacted the week before and the day before to conf|rm the Member's attendance
• Schedu|er has contact |nformat|on (|nc|ud|ng ce|| phone) for someone at the event
• L|st of key |nd|v|dua|s for the Member to meet |s created. Lach lndlvldual prepared wlLh Lalklng
polnLs and background lnformaLlon
• Member ||a|son |dent|f|ed, and prepared to:
o Greet Member and make h|m or her comfortab|e
o 8r|ef Member on the event and |ts purpose
o Steer the Member to the |nd|v|dua|s you've |dent|f|ed to he|p ta|k about your pro[ect
o Coord|nate w|th the photographer to take photos of the Member at the event
o Þrov|de an |nformat|on packet and get contact |nformat|on for the Member's staff

Med|a Log|st|cs (on|y |f med|a w||| attend)

• Med|a ca||ed the day before the event as a rem|nder. Þress advlsory faxed/emalled agaln
• Spokesperson |dent|f|ed, and prepared w|th ta|k|ng po|nts
• Med|a s|gn-|n tab|e or check-|n area ava||ab|e
• Staff person ass|gned to greet med|a and steer them to the spokesperson and other |eaders

nave a great event!