Week 1

Monday Breakfast Ripe Papaya Ham and Cheese Omelet Pan de sal Hot Chocolate Lunch Sinigang na Bangus Rice Ripe Mango Supper Lechong Kawali Adobong Kangkong Rice Watermelon

Tuesday Breakfast Champorado w/ dilis Hot Coffee Lunch Baked Macaroni Pineapple Supper Pork and Beans Rice Leche Flan

Wednesday Breakfast Longganisa Pancakes Hot Chocolate Lunch Beef Nilaga Rice Buko Pandan Salad Supper Escabeche Rice Mango Cake

Thursday Breakfast Chicken Arroz caldo Hot Coffee Lunch Pork Adobo Pinakbet Rice Pastillas de Leche Supper

Friday Breakfast Pork Tocino Putong Puti Hot Chocolate Lunch Munggo Rice Chocolate Cake Supper

Saturday Breakfast Daing Sinangag Hot Coffee Lunch Chicken Barbeque Buttered carrots Rice Kutsinta Supper Menudo Rice Palitaw

Sunday Breakfast Dilis, posit and itlog ensalada Garlic Fried Rice Hot Chocolate Lunch Halabos na Hipon Tortang Talong Rice Espasol Supper Bulalo Rice Sapin-sapin

Fried Tilapia Chicken Inasal Laing Buttered corn Rice and green peas Cassava Cake Rice Ube haleya

Brocolli and Onion Hot Chocolate Lunch Munggo Guisado Rice Yema Supper Paksiw na Salmonete Rice Samalamig Sunday Breakfast Ham Crispy French Toast Hot Coffee Lunch Chicken Binakol Rice Pomelo Fruit Supper Spaghetti with Meatballs Lemon Iced Tea .Week 2 Monday Breakfast Corned Beef Omelet Rice Hot Coffee Lunch Sauteed String Beans with Chicken Rice Tikoy Supper Beefsteak Mashed Potatoes Tupig Tuesday Breakfast Fried eggs and Tuyo Rice Hot Chocolate Lunch Sarciado Rice Ampaw Pinipig Supper Bicol Express Rice Suman Kamoteng Kahoy Wednesday Breakfast Longsilog Hot Coffee Lunch Baked Ziti Steamed Asparagus Rice Banana Chips Supper Togue Guisado Rice Peanut Brittle Thursday Breakfast Egg and Cheese Sandwich Hot Chocolate Lunch Beef Asado Rice Sampaloc Candy Supper Seafood Karekare Rice Orange Juice Friday Breakfast Spam Oatmeal with bananas Hot Coffee Lunch Pork Hamonado Fried Eggplant Gelatin Supper Chicken Pesto Pasta Pineapple Juice Saturday Breakfast Spanish Tortilla with Chorizo.

white beans and mushroom Ube Rolls Friday Breakfast Ham and Cheese Pita pocket Hot Coffee Lunch Beef Kebabs Rice Coconut Macaroons Supper Baked Grouper with Chunky Tomato Sauce Rice Buko Salad Saturday Breakfast Broccoli Cheddar Casserole Hot Chocolate Lunch Citrus Pork with Egg Noodles Lengua de Gato Supper Three-cheese Chicken Penne Florentine Grape Juice Mango Ice Cream Sunday Breakfast Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon Hot Coffee Lunch Chopsuey Rice Banana shake Maruya Supper Fish Tacos Melon Juice Food for the Gods .Week 3 Monday Breakfast Coconut pancakes with banana and chocolate sauce Hot Coffee Lunch Tuna noodle casserole Pomelo Juice Carrot Cake Supper Beef and Barley Stew with Mushrooms Rice Pineapple Juice Tuesday Breakfast Bacon and French Toast Hot Chocolate Lunch Chicken Puttanesca with Angel Hair pasta Turon with Chocolate Syrup Supper Hamburger with mushroom cream sauce Rice Kutsinta Wednesday Breakfast Ham and Cheese puff pie Hot Coffee Lunch Pan-Fried Trout with Tomato Basil Sauté Rice Maja Blanca Supper Dinuguan Puto Puti Raspberry Iced Tea Fruit Salad Thursday Breakfast Applesauce Sausage Waffles Hot Chocolate Lunch Cheeseburger Wraps Brazo de Mercedes Guava Juice Supper Pasta with grilled chicken.