Male Community Support Group Training to Strengthen the Referral Mechanism

“If I could change one thing about the world, it would be that children and young people are involved in all decisions that affect their lives. There would be no discrimination because we know our rights.

Prepared BY Arbab M Nadeem Submitted to ARC



I have taken efforts in this project. However, it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of them. I am highly indebted to (American Refuges committee) for their guidance and constant supervision as well as for providing necessary information regarding the programme & also for their support in completing the trainings. I would like to express my gratitude towards my parents & employees of (Tameer-e-khalaq) for their kind co-operation and encouragement which help me in completion of these trainings I would like to express my special gratitude and thanks to miss Rabia Zakir for giving me such attention and time. My thanks and appreciations also go to my colleague in developing the training Manual/pre & post Test/training materials and people who have willingly helped me out with their abilities.

.10 Human Rights & Principle of Islam ………………………………………………………10 Introduction types and Understanding Basic Concept of GBV…………….8 .13 Cause and Contributors Factor of GBV ………………………………………………..3 Community Support Group training to Strenghten Referrel Machansiam with in Community Table of Contents……………………………………………………………………………………3 Background of the Training……………………………………………………………………4 Methodology…………………………………………………………………………………………..……. Prevention and response strategies and GATHER ………………………………..25 . Introduction of Gender & Sex ……………………………………………………………….5 Introduction………………………………………………………………………………………….. Use of Force .4 Program Schedule or Training Agenda………………………………………………….13.11 Survivors and Perpetratotrs ……………………………………………………………….…Conclusion 22/Pre & Post Test Evaluation 23 /Feed Back ..Consent ………………………………………………………………..9 Power..7 Training Objectives………………………………………………………………………………...15 Referral system in the community and Multi-Sectoral Frame work……...19 ………………….

group discussion. Each participant was provided with training methodology/ along with the required stationery. Lectures were delivered with an entertaining approach which included role play.4 Date: Timing: Venue: Facilitator: Supportive Staff: Participants: 17-18/04/2013 9am to 01pm SUKHAB 4 Arbab Nadeem Master Trainer Mr.MANSOOR AHMED FOURTEEN (14) A Note about the design of the report: This report aim to document the Gender based Violence training for Community Support Group to Strengthen the Referral Mechanism with in Community in their respective location. . energizers and ice breakers. Second aim of this training was to prepare CSG training to strengthen referral mechanism with in community and work for their community more actively. Group activities formed a major part of the training and participants were divided into randomly chosen groups so that each member of a group could participate questionnaires were asked orally and provided print copies just to mark YES Or NO to all participants to measure the effectiveness of the training. Activities were planned to bring innovation and take active participation in community while keeping in view the curriculum and textbooks. Background to the training: The facilitator successfully taught all components of Gender Based Violence. practical pictorial. Methodology: The components of the training were designed to engage the participants in thought provoking activities and encouraged Community Support Group to have maximum participation in two days training. demonstration. Pre training and post . Feedback on the training was also taken from participants at the end of the training. Results from the feedback and reflections from both the participants and the master trainer will follow later on in the report.

Consent Discussion / Role plays -do- TEA-BREAK can be working tea Discussion -do- . Community Support Group training to Strenghten Referrel Machansiam with in Community PROGRAM SCHEDULE or TRAINING AGENDA OF TWO DAYS TIME SESSION Training Strategies Facilitator 9:00 to 9: 20 Welcome and Introduction Activity on Play cards Expectations/Objectives Mr. group discussion and lecture methodology. demonstration. practical. Use of Force.Arbab Nadeem 9:20 to 9:40 Pre –test Individual activity -do- 9:40 to 10:30 Introduction of Gender and Sex Group work/ presentation -do- 10:30 to 11:00 15 minutes 11:15 to 11:50 Power. role play.5 Note: As most of the participants were illiterate so the Facilitator tried his best to use pictorial.

6 Islamic Principle and Human Rights 11:50 to 12:50 Introduction. Arbab Nadeem 9:20 to 10:30 Causes and Contributing Factors of GBV Groups work /presentation -do- . Types and understanding basic concept of GBV Play cards /group work -do- 12:50 to 1:30 Survivors and Perpetrators Role play/ play cards -do- 1 hour break Day Two Time LUNCH/ PRAYER Session Training strategies Facilitator 9:00 to 09:20 Review of first Day Question/Answers /Discussion Mr.

by my self. After that. HIV/AIDS Awareness. Saranan and Surkhab districts. Pakistan providing health care programs to approximately 110. ARC Pakistan is one of the lead agencies in Balochistan. The health care programs are designed in a culturally appropriate manner and aim to increase access to comprehensive.7 10:30 to 11:30 15 Minutes Prevention and response strategies and GATHER Role play /discussion -do- TEA-BREAK 11:45 to 12:45 Multi-Sectoral Frame work Group work /presentation -do- 12:45 to 1:00 Post test and Evaluation Forms__Close Individual activity -do- Introduction It was the great immense event to activate our potential skills inside the community in the shape of comprehensive knowledge on GBV and strengthen the referral mechanism with in community. ARC has been providing health care services to the Afghan refugees since establishing operations in Pakistan in 2002. In the preliminary session the training was in progress with recitation of holy Quran. through Primary Health Care and comprehensive Reproductive Health Care including Emergency Obstetrics. trainer Mr.000 Afghan Refugees in Mohammad Khail. In the opening sitting participants was highly appeared shown interest to start the training. Adolescent RH and Gender Based Violence. Province. . integrated health care. Arbab Nadeem explained to participants the ARC and Tameel-e Khalq is a humanitarian organization. The RH program aims to decrease infant and maternal mortality/morbidity.

the development of people and the fostering of charity and justice in the world. if feel emergency go out side of session No corner or mini meetings Respect of each other views Discussion according to topic Avoid political discussion Every individual should take active participation Training objectives While ongoing training that was very important to illustrate and share training objectives to participants. attitudes the responsive atmosphere was produced.8 The fundamental motivating force in all activities of ARC is the alleviation of human suffering. ARC assists persons on the basis of need. Mobilize the Community Support Group at the grassroots level to change the attitudes and behaviors that effect GBV . telling the participants write one weak and strong habits of their personality. The objective of this activity was to build self-confidence and break hesitation of all participants. The facilitators shared the objective were:- 1. so by the help of all participants some NORMS/ROLES were made which were following:-       Mobiles should on silence mood. The introduction session was started from the activity of Names. race or nationality. After that Mr. ARC dedicated to preventing Gender-based violence in their community by the help of COMMUNITY SUPPORT GROUPS. not creed. When all participants become recognize each other behaviors. Arbab Nadeem told to all participants that every activity has role for respect.

privileges. Understand the different meanings of the English words “sex” and “gender” 2. societal norms. Build the capability of Community Support Group clergy and others to understand the impact of Gender-based violence 3. men and women that determines roles. limitations. community support group have their own ideas about sex and gender. .9 2. opportunities. Advocate for the change within existing community structures 5. some of them were have some basic knowledge about this topic due to continues presence of ARC and their Implementing partner Tameer-e Khalq who active roles play streamline education about gender and sex. and expectations  Gender definitions can change In this session all participants have some knowledge about Gender and sex but cannot differentiate the roles. Explore social and cultural expectations for males and females. Reinforce the meaning of gender Sex       Refers to the physical/biological differences between males and females Determined by biology Does not change (without surgical intervention) Gender Refers to the social differences between males and females Determined by social factors—history. responsibilities. Motivate them to initiate change within their own environment to uphold women’s and child rights and priorities 4. and needs in the settings for prevention and response to GBV . Identify Strengths.planning: by the end of training CSG will understand how to Strengthen Referral Mechanism in the Respective places. tradition. gaps. Participants were given an opportunity to tell massive diversity of both subjects by giving play cards to write even one obsession about above topic. culture. Introduction of Gender & Sex Learning Objectives 1. religion “Gender” in any given society involves the socialization for boys and girls. and illustrate the difference between those based on sex and those based on gender 3.

3. to continue building participant understanding carefully. step-by-step. Identify the relationship between abuse of power and GBV. Understand the meaning of “informed consent” and its relationship to GBV. 2. Roles play on use of power and inform consent . ROLE PLAYS ON USE OF FORCE AND DESCRIMINATION. but they are introduced and discussed one by one. which may or may not include physical force. Consent Overview This session explores the meaning of three important concepts behind the term “gender based violence.” The three concepts are combined in this session. Understand that the term “violence” in the context of GBV means using some type of force. Learning Objectives 1.10 All participants were given their thoughts and information writing in play cards after receiving all information facilitator put all cards in white board and ask from participants that gender is totally differ from sex where all common people uses as same . Power. Two case examples are used for group discussion to reinforce learning about these concepts. Use of Force.

what could be the positive change. men. why it happens.” Discussion in session. are concerned purely with the sectors of GBV regards to motivate the community support group about social concerns as been faced by communities. In this session trainer putted some questions from participants that the violence has no stagnant shape and evils have different faces. The second session criteria was totally change. If lives become without violence. Topic-Understanding the gender-based violence These objectives were of the session. imagine a life free of violence for women and girls. trainer told to participants that you have to feel some thing like you are in the worst condition and put your self in present . which is another basic concept or principle that will lead participants to a clear understanding of the meaning of “gender-based violence. families and the communities.11 Human Rights and principle of Islam Overview All acts of GBV are violations of fundamental human rights. The objectives of this topic were:  Bring knowledge among participants that why Gender based violence occurrence Strengthen the understanding of gender-based violence. This session briefly explores human rights and the principle of Islam in the context of GBV. Trainer wanted to feel them to crate better relationship in their house hold and community. and its impact on women.

12 realities and be a part of future intrusions. After this activity trainer put light on women’s life in the shadow of Islam and Quran . All participants were involved in the collective activity to build bridge of opportunities for Gender mainstreaming. After stories telling all participants had given observations and told to facilitator the following images that what the conditions of character of stories were: Facing poverty  Unemployment  Lack of opportunities  Lass attention towards women’s and girls  Illiteracy  inequality Then the trainer asked participants to share how they imagined the future hopes. participants feed back were following:     Community was getting education The opportunities of employment were provided Equal rights were given to both sexes Respect for women Power to make decisions The objective of this activity to encouraged the participants to build channels for pushing to help Gender imparities. Facilitator shared some verses from the Quran and Hadiths regarding women status and rights in Islam. that Islam in one of the unique and first religion in the world who honor and had given equal rights to women. At the end of this session tea Brake was given to participants. Then the Here and There activity started to understand for making techniques. Both men and women considered in Islam equal. The objective of this session was to involve participants directly `sensitize on the worst condition of their communities women’s and girls. The visualization activity brought participants very responsive and feels to make the present situation and future interventions.he briefly shared the history. Before stories telling trainer explained to participants that get comfortable. . close their eyes and imagine. what trainer is telling and listen carefully and all should concentrate on facilitator words. how could community construct Bridge to meet futures hopes.

.Arbab Nadeem had shown them some pictures to illustrate different Types of GBV. which are not physical or cannot be noticed easily. as well as an array of contributing factors that may be present.13 Types of GBV Facilitator told to all participants many types of GBV. Learning Objectives 1. To understand the difference between a “survivor” and a “victim” and the importance of using these words and choosing which to use and when. This session identifies these two persons as the Perpetrator and the Survivor. we are celebrating their strength and supporting their continuing recovery. 2. That was Physical     Survivors and Perpetrators Emotional Psychological Harmful Tradition practices Economic Overview At least two people are involved in any act of GBV: the person who commits the act and the person to whom it is committed.” Causes and Contributing Factors Overview This session illustrates the root cases of all forms of GBV. This does not mean that they are less damaging or serious. If we call them survivors. The words we use with survivors make an important impression if we call them victims we reinforce their powerlessness and weakness. To understand the meaning of the term “perpetrator. Mr.

Alcohol/drug abuse is a contributing factor—but all drunks/drug addicts do not beat their wives or rape women. Boredom. War. Poverty is a contributing factor. cultural. programs Collapse of traditional society and family supports Religious. but all soldiers do not rape civilian women. To increase knowledge of the root causes of all forms of GBV. 2. activities. To increase awareness of potential contributing factors and risks that may be present in individual settings. and opportunities afforded to an individual according to gender. and/or family beliefs and practices Design of services and facilities in the refugee camps General lawlessness Lack of laws against forms of gender-based violence Lack of police protection Legal justice system/laws silently condones gender violence Loss of male power/role in family and community. responsibilities. Contributing Factors:              Causes: The root causes of all forms of GBV lie in a society’s attitudes towards and practices of gender discrimination—the roles. lack of services. seeking to assert power Political motive. displacement. but all poor women are not victimized by forced prostitution or sexual exploitation. weapon of war.14 Learning Objectives 1. privileges. for power/control/fear/ethnic cleansing . and the presence of armed combatants are all contributing factors. limitations.

15     Society attitudes of disrespect or disregard towards women and privileged status of men Lack of belief in equality of human rights for all Cultural/social norms of gender inequality Lack of value of women and/or women’s work Day 2 The learning in progress the day two started with the name of Allah . . Multi-sectoral Coordination for prevention and response The objective of this session was  Participants will be able to describe multi-sectoral prevention and response to GBV.Mr.More over facilitator put light that some time response need immediate action and some time slow strategies implemented in the process to provide services to victim or survival. that is very important to know “the victim or survival gives response and His/her need prevention . further that facilitator asked from participants. what are main causes and contributor factors the violence occurrence. what we have to do. but moving together where service providers can understand the need and demands of victim/survivals. Feed back of Day One Facilitator revised day one that GBV is the important and danger event to reduce or demolish from our society. Arbab Nadeem well come to all participants for day two and asked some related Question and reviewed from Day one topics. She made a contributing Tree and asked Question from participants what are the root causes and contributing factors of and GB violence. Facilitator illustrated and diverts intuition for all participants that Response and Prevention are the two opposite direction process. Facilitator explained that activities for Response and for Prevention must be developed simultaneously. clearly and briefly. Session 1V Interagency.

That means that prevention activities will result in more survivors coming forward and asking for help.16 1. Our efforts will backfire because survivors will stop reporting if they perceive that the help they need is not available.  Response services must be in place and ready to help an increasing number of survivors. actors  All actors agree to and abide by a set of Guiding Principles  It is team oriented  It is well coordinated  It requires training and capacity building with an array of actors and stakeholders  It supports full refugee involvement in the process of planning and implementation Key Discussion Points Was:  Prevention involves community awareness raising in the community and in humanitarian aid organizations  Increased awareness will hopefully lead to behavior change. we will be doing more harm than good. Group Work .  If survivors come forward for help and help is unavailable or uncoordinated or of poor quality. Summarize the training and discussions from this session  Prevention and Response Plan addressed  Outcomes/consequences  Causes/contributing factors  It involves all sectors.

Providing a solution support group and key influential group o Empower both male and female Long Term Prevention Advocacy        Defending .17 Out comes from participants        Community and religious leaders should involve in this process Female has right to give share in property Establish groups for females in community Provide proper education in community level for male and female in equal basis Closed coordination with doctors or lower staff To eliminate valwar cultural Proper training for understanding psychological problems. Prevention strategies  Ensure Gender balance in the leadership structure  Provide human rights education and gender awareness training to o Community level. police .Attention .Exposure Communication . Decision making Selling an idea.Influence Sensitizing . Lobbying Attractive .Change Persuasion .

Session V Reporting Mechanism and Referral System The objective of this session was            Understanding the importance of referral system To increases participants understanding on report format To uniform reporting mechanism To coordinate with multi-sectoral To consolidate information of victim survivals List important survivor details that should be noted in case write-ups List survivor details that should not be noted in case write-ups Explain the importance of confidentiality Give examples of when it is appropriate to break confidentiality Explain ways to address issues of confidentiality with survivor Identify elements of a standard Intake form .18 Facilitator demanded to all community support group that they should make or draft Advocacy Plan to motivate the refugee sitting to boost-up the positive relation with all youth and community members to provide direct assistance to victim or survival.

most important. any changes in the environment that may affect the incidence of sexual and gender-based violence. that all situation can handle to made common. Highlight how might records be used on behalf of survivors or might be used against survivors taking clues from Points of Discussion.19  Facilitator further move and asked to all participants for Brain storming. More facilitator says it is important that all of this information in Case write-up be complete enough so that another caseworker will understand and be able to work with survivor at a later time. to measure the scope of the problem. Facilitator explained the importance of case write ups and its significance as one of the tools for record keeping in case of GBV for few minutes. A common report form will facilitate referrals and co-ordination and. will ensure that the victim/survivor is not interviewed repeatedly. Compiling and sharing (non-identifying) data about GBV incidents is a valuable tool for breaking down denial and generating public awareness and action address the problems. To make all participants should understand reporting format and how to report as a victim records. Referral System in the community Trainer Mr. Participants views on that Question was a common reporting system will help create or enhance reliable statistical records that allow actors. Highlighted knowing about the existing referral system in the community is crucial for the GBV prevention Group in order to help the survivor effectively. he asked participants what is the importance of case write ups? What important details are noted in case write ups? What do you think are important survivor? Details to note in case write ups for the purpose of record keeping. Arbab Nadeem had given details to participants the importance in handling the GBV cases. . Multi-Sectoral approaches have the basic techniques that can motivate the whole society in the shape of high Referral system + Reporting + confidentially +Coordination. and the protection impact of interventions.

ARC (GBV programme } Health {BHU} [LABOUR ROOM} {PROVIDING PSYCO-SOCIAL SUPPORT} Implementer Partner (Tameer-e-Khalaq) These Services will fully dedicate to help their community Victim and survivors. Referral mechanism of CSG Respond to GBV Cases . The referral mechanism was shared with all MALE Community Support Group.20 The trainer told the various referral systems and told to participants about existing ARC services their community.

Civil hospital Advance Psycho-therapy police Court Darr-ul-Aman/ Ehdi Shelter Homes Activities of All Stakeholders .21  Those Survivors (victim) who need direct Prevention and Response from GBV Responders to reduce violence from perpetrators. Public health education .Health treats injuries.  This referral mechanism plays a vital role to coordinate all Multi-sectoral Actors for making ensure a safety Plan to provide dynamics prevention and Response to survivors. Syaban. 1. Primary stakeholders Health Psycho-social Legal (ILAC) Security LMO LHV Centre coordinator Psycho -Health Councilor Recreational Activities Legal Councilor CM Police Shelter home Judiciary Secondary Stakeholders GBV Master Trainers Self Help Group BMC. Multi-Sectoral Sectors In all activities the Community Support Group and coordinated office would be main concern and must be responsible for making sure the survivors Empathy-RespectConfidentiality-Knowledge & Responsibility.

Concluding the training At the conclusion of training the Mr.22 1. Arbab Nadeem told to all participants that as Community Support Group for prevention of GBV they have been assigned a very important responsibility. They have to begin with most heinous traditional practices like volvar. If he is reluctant to go. Legal environment that supports survivals and punish perpetrator. offer to accompany him. child marriage etc and then to general GBV act in the family and community level. 2. Consultant and master trainer thanks to the all Community support Group for their regular presence and their Quest to help the deprived community. Share with him better ways of expressing emotions or dealing with conflict. They will not only try to bring a social change by creating an awareness regarding various aspects and harmful effects of GBV on the family and the community but help the survivor. Community awareness about GBV and changing attitudes /behaviors. find an appropriate time and talk with him about it. 3. Make it clear to him that his violent behavior is his responsibility and that it is unacceptable. After these expressions Lunch had served to all participants. As role models they have to transform themselves first and initiate a change from their own homes and families. Do not ignore the problem. Arbab Nadeem told to all participants that. Security ensure protection form daggers identify and removes security risks Sharing the referral System Mr. . Legal provide legal assistance. Psychological regular counseling. If they know a man who is a perpetrator or violent towards women. Ignoring it means you accept it. Encourage him to use the services in the community that can help him. Thanks.

23 Training Pre & Post test ARC PROJECT Pre and Post Test for CSGs Objective: Methodology: To Evaluate the result of the CSGs Training That was verbal/Written test. 2: POWER. USE OF FORCE AND CONSENT 3: ISLAMIC PRINCIPLES & HUMAN RIGHTS 4: TYPES & UNDERSTADING BASIC CONCEPT OF GBV 5: SURVIVORS & PERPETRITATORS 6: HARMFUL CULTRULAL PRACTICE 7: REFERREL MACHANISM IN COMMUNITY Pre Test S# 1 2 3 4 5 Questions Do you think GBV Exists in your community? Do you think violence can create problem in your community? In your opinion violence is a solution of any problem? Do you think walvar is a harmful traditional practice? Do you think males and females having equal rights in Islam? Yes 4 06 13 5 3 No 11 9 2 10 12 #of Correct Answer 04 6 2 5 3 . The participants having knowledge were briefly mentioned in this Format. No of Participants Target Group: CSGs 14 Location: SURKHAB 4 Date: April 17/18 2013 Time 09:00 AM 01:00LT Topics Addressed 1: INTRODUCTION of GENDER & SEX. questions were given and asked from the participants. Workshop #.03.

psychological. force? Do you think GB violence can cause medical. and social consequences? Do you Think if a person is facing GB violence can give health treatments? In your opinion can survivors be treated or give response in confidentiality by case writing? Overall Evaluation 14 14 0 13 13 13 13 14 14 13 0 0 14 1 1 1 1 0 0 1 #of Correct Answer 14 14 14 13 13 13 13 14 14 13 Pre-test 45 Post-test 139 .24 6 7 8 9 10 Do you think the women’s are facing more violence then men? Do you think violence is abuse of power. force? Do you think GB violence can cause medical. and social consequences? Do you Think if a person is facing GB violence can give health treatments? In your opinion can survivors be treated or give response in confidentiality by case writing? 09 9 7 10 3 05 5 8 5 10 6 10 7 10 4 S# Questions Post Test Yes No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Do you think GBV Exists in your community? Do you think violence can create problem in your community? In your opinion violence is a solution of any problem? Do you think walvar is a harmful traditional practice? Do you think males and females having equal rights in Islam? Do you think the women’s are facing more violence then men? Do you think violence is abuse of power. psychological.

 He has massive knowledge about Q2.  4: that was very useful to known that how we look the walval and how we take the walvar.25 Comment/ remarks (if any) Some participants were having some knowledge about GBV due to presence of ARC and tamer-e-khalaq org in community Name and Signature………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……….  The trainer was very cultural and was giving respect to our threaten  6:Understading the types of GBV  7:we learn about how to protect survivor  8:yes referral mechanism is the best tool to control GBV in refugees community Note: around most of participants gave same remarks like. What is your feedback about training and trainer? . Especially different meaning of GENDER & SEX  2: we learned about dagger of harmful cultural practice.  The training was very useful and we demanding these kind of informative training should sustain in our community  We learned a lot from him we are very satisfied from his training techniques. Feed Back of participants: Q1 Was the training Useful or helpful?  1: Yes we learned new.  5:that training increases my understanding that GBV is a serious problem . school of thoughts.  3: It was helpful to me that I learn a lot about males and females rights.

According to Topic we asked the different Question from him and He was given satisfactory answer He used participatory methodology during delivery of whole training. NOTE.26    Islam and pushtoons history He was using simple language during training and we did not face any query or problem.ALL IMPORTANT TRAINING RELATED MATERIALS ARE ATTACH WITH REPORTS .